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wrooom · 7 months ago
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Ferrari 599XX Evo - Silverstone 
"Thanks very much for viewing :-)"
By Ed Weatherby in Aylesbury Vale, UK
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livesunique · a year ago
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Claydon House, Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire, England 
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slytherinmochi · 2 years ago
‘I have become that resident who demands recycling bins for all to use because the UK recycling scheme is complete shit. When did I become an adult? When did I begin advocating for the building?!?!?’
— things I asked myself as I complained for the hundredth time to get a new recycling bin. They think a standard 140 litre capacity bin is somehow sufficient for a residential building of flats. Wtf mate.
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race-week · 10 months ago
Silverstone Corners
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Abbey (Turn 1) Silverstone’s flat-out first turn was named after the ancient Luffield Abbey, the remains of which were found near to where the corner is.
Farm (Turn 2) Farm used to be the name of the short blast between Abbey and Bridge Bend, but today it is a lazy left hander and the point where cars feedback onto the track from the pits. The origins of its name are simple: the straight used to pass close to the nearby farm.
Village (Turn 3) One of the corners introduced in 2010 following Silverstone’s redevelopment, the right hander is named after Silverstone Village which lies north of the circuit. Over a Grand Prix weekend the population of Silverstone Village increases from 2,000 to over 120,000, many of whom camp nearby.
The Loop (Turn 4) The only corner at Silverstone that is named for its shape, the left-hand hairpin known as The Loop is tackled at around 90km/h making it comfortably the slowest corner on an otherwise high-speed track.
Aintree (Turn 5) Famous for hosting the Grand National horse race, Aintree also hosted the British Grand Prix. In tribute the left hander leading onto the Wellington Straight now bears the venue’s name.
Wellington Straight Formally known as the National Straight, the rundown to Brooklands was renamed in 2010 when it became part of Silverstone’s new Grand Prix layout. It’s now known as the Wellington Straight, taking its name from the Wellington bombers from World War Two. Fittingly the straight is formed from one of the old runways (Silverstone is an old RAF base.)
Brooklands (Turn 6) In the days of pre-war motor racing Brooklands was Britain’s number-one venue, so it’s rather fitting that one of the corners at the modern day ‘home of British motorsport’ should be named in the famous old track’s honour.
Luffield (Turn 7) Like Abbey, the long right hander was named after Luffield Chapel. Luffield was originally two distinct corners, titled Luffield 1 and Luffield 2, how imaginative.
Woodcote (Turn 8) The Royal Automobile Club had a big say in naming many of the circuit’s original corners. Woodcote, the sweeping right hander which used to end the lap is named after Woodcote Park, an RAC-owned club in Surrey.
Copse (Turn 9) Nestled in the English countryside, Silverstone is surrounded by luscious green fields and small pockets of dense woodland, knowns as copses. The quick Copse corner, which was the circuit’s first turn for nearly 60 years, passes especially close to Chapel Copse and Cheese Copse, hence its name.
Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel (Turns 10 - 14) Approached at around 300 km/h, Silverstone’s fastest and most iconic sequence of corners. The opening section, Maggotts, was named not for the larvae but for nearby Maggot Moor. Becketts and Chapel Curve, meanwhile, take their names from the medieval chapel of St Thomas Beckett, which was built in memory of the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury and once stood near to the corners. The chapel buildings were demolished in 1943 to make way for Silverstone airfield.
Hangar Straight Speaking of the airfield, Silverstone’s use as a Royal Air Force base meant that it was once home to several large hangars. Two of the largest stood next to what became the circuit’s back straight, which today is run at 325 km/h.
Stowe (Turn 15) Situated at the end of Hangar Straight, the rapid right hander has always been a challenge for drivers, despite several changes over the years. Like so many other corners at Silverstone, it takes its name from a nearby landmark: Stowe School, which lies just south of the circuit.
Vale (Turn 16) Built on an airfield, Silverstone is more or less flat, which is possibly why the most undulating piece of track - found between Stowe and Club - was named Vale (another word for valley). However, some say the name is simply a reflection of the fact that the section sits within the district of Aylesbury Vale.
Club (Turns 17/18) Like Woodcote, Club, now the track’s final corner, was named in honour of the RAC’s famous clubhouse in Pall Mall, London. Incidentally the iconic gold trophy awarded to winners of the British Grand Prix is the RAC Cup and is the oldest prize awarded in F1 racing. Unlike other trophies, the winner doesn’t get to keep it - it’s returned soon after the podium celebrations.
Hamilton Straight Named after 7 Time Formula One World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton, the pit straight is the only part of Silverstone Circuit to be named after an individual. The cars will likely be travelling down the Hamilton Straight at a minimum of 310km/h
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wiff-waff · 10 months ago
MK to LB, done it a thousand times, still as tranquil and unspoilt as ever.
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Stopped canal-side at Tesco to stock up on essential items and some.
We've only ever done the next stretch southerly once before when we first set off on our travels so from now on in it's nearly new. YAY.
Through Grove lock and the landscape opens up before your very eyes, roaming cattle one side, golden cornfields the other, to the left stunning vistas of the far away Dunstable Downs and Chilterns and to the right the Vale of Aylesbury, somewhere!
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No chance of getting the speed up as the locks bar your way every 20 minutes or so as we begin the steep ascent to the summit at Tring but the cavernous double chambers hold no fear for this slickly oiled machine, David does the donkey work and I steer.
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Marsworth junction down to Aylesbury and the joy of 17 single locks. Next time.
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lostprofile · a year ago
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THE GRAND MANNER, or The Ideal Individualiz’d
Joshua Reynolds single-handedly forced English painting out of its backwater and into the mainstream of European art. His advocacy of the Grand Manner—an idealized a blend of High Renaissance and Classical Roman style—was perfectly suited to express the values of timelessness, dignity, authority, and elegance associated with aristocratic ideology.
The Grand Manner registers the social rank of female subjects through the idealization and generalization of such outward signs as luxurious, fashionable costume, elaborate hairstyle, refined pallor, graceful pose and generalized beauty. The style’s classicizing component associates the aristocratic subjects with the timeless prestige of classical antiquity, equipping them with attributes, settings, and/or mythological guises. This incipient neo-classicism coincides with British neo-imperialism.
The figures depicted in Reynolds’ portraits function as semi-allegorical figurations of aristocratic values expressed by surface traits and external qualities. Their function, however, is not limited to the allegorical demonstration of class. In certain cases, the portrait includes a personal or particularized dimension that reveals aspects of the sitter’s individual “nature.” This dimension is not present in every Reynolds portrait. Certain sitters seemingly prefer to remain in the state of generality, while others seemingly have no personality to display.
The particularities expressed might recapitulate the aristocratic qualities conveyed by the allegorical component. For example, the Marchioness of Salisbury’s cold glance over the shoulder differs in tone from other portraits and this individualized detail maintains the appropriate distance between classes. Reynolds uses an equally efficient visual strategy for establishing a social hierarchy in the portraits of Miss Campbell, the Countess of Harrington and Lady Finch. Instead of issuing a direct, disdainful warning, these aloof fix their gazes above or beyond the viewer, never noticing his presence.
Other sitters retain the aristocratic self-image, but temper or mitigate its severity by means of individualization. Although the costume and elegant proportions of Lady Halliday and Vicountess Crosbie establish their immutable nobility, they reject the stately, measured progress through the land exemplified by Mrs Matthews. Instead, the bound through their ancestral parks and spring upon unsuspecting viewers like. free spirits. Similarly, in Mrs Lloyd’s outdoor portrait, her impulsive inscription of her name on a tree relaxes decorum while underscoring her dominion over the landscape at the same time.
Miss Sarah Campbell, 1778, New Haven, Yale Center for British Art; Lady Talbot as Minerva, 1782, London, Tate British; Diana Sackville, Viscountess Crosbie, 1777, San Marino, Huntington Library; Mrs Crofts, 1776, Memphis, Dixon Art Gallery; Mrs Richard Bennett Lloyd, 1775/76, Present Location Unknown; Lady Jane Halliday, 1779, Aylesbury Vale, Waddesdon Manor; Lady Frances Finch, 1781/82, Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria; Mary Amelia, Marchioness of Salisbury, 1780, Hatfield, Hatfield Hall; Jane Fleming, Countess of Harrington, 1778, San Marino, Huntington Library; Mrs Elisha Matthews, 1777, Houston, Museum of Fine Arts.
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microbioticplus · 9 months ago
Probiotics for Constipation
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Microbiotic plus is one of the prominent probiotic for constipation supplement companies,  based at Uni-Vite Healthcare Ltd, 12 The Vale, Southern Road, AYLESBURY, Bucks, HP19 9EW, UK. We have several probiotic products available at reasonable prices which not only can improve overall digestive health, but also assist in relieving constipation. If you are thinking to get it, then you can contact us at (+44)01296 630900.
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amandaadavis · 10 months ago
The Emirates FA Cup - Football news & results - Eurosport
Fa cup football today - Summary - FA Cup - England - Results, fixtures, tables and news - Soccerway
Anstey Nomads. Ardley United. Arlesey Town. Ascot United. Ashford Town Middlesex. Ashford United. Ashington AFC. Ashton Athletic. Ashton United. Aston Villa. Athersley Recreation. Atherton Collieries. Aylesbury United. Aylesbury Vale Dynamos. Badshot Lea. Baffins Milton Rovers. Baldock Town. Bamber Bridge. Banbury United. Fa cup football today Athletic.
Barnoldswick Town. Barnstaple Town. Barton Rovers. Barton Town Old Boys. Basford United. Basildon United. Basingstoke Town. Bath City. Beaconsfield Fa cup football today. Beckenham Town. Bedfont Sports. Bedford Town. Bedworth United.
Belper Town. Bemerton Heath Harleq. Bewdley Town. Biggleswade Website. Biggleswade United. Billericay Town. Billingham Town. Birmingham City. Bishop Auckland. Bishop's Cleeve. Bishop's Stortford. Foktball Rovers. Blyth Spartans. Tpday Town. Bognor Regis Town.
Boldmere St. Bolton Wanderers. Boreham Wood. Boston Town. Boston United. Bottesford Town. Fa cup football today FC.
Bovey Tracey. Brackley Town. Bracknell Town. Bradford Park Avenue. Bradford City. Bradford Town. Braintree Town. Brantham Athletic. Brentwood Town. Bridgwater Town. Bridlington Town. Brighouse Town. Brightlingsea Regent. Bristol City. Bristol Manor Farm. Bristol Rovers. Broadbridge Heath. Broadfields United. Bromsgrove Sporting. Buckland Athletic. Burgess Hill Town. Burton Albion. Burton Park Wanderers. Bury Town. Cadbury Heath.
Goday Town. Camberley Town. Cambridge City. Cambridge United. Cammell Laird. Canterbury City. Canvey Island. Cardiff City. Carlisle United. Carlton Town. Carshalton Athletic. CB Hounslow United. Chalfont St Peter. Charlton Athletic. Charnock Richard. Chatham Town. Chelmsford City. Chelmsley Town. Cheltenham Tocay. Cheltenham Town. Chertsey Town. Chesham United. Chichester City.
Ca Town. Chipping Sodbury Town. Cinderford Town. Cirencester Town. City fa cup football today Liverpool. Clanfield Cleethorpes Town. Clevedon Town. Coalville Town. Cogenhoe United. Coggeshall Town. Colchester United. Coleshill Town. Colliers Wood United.
Over here Heath. Concord Rangers. Congleton Town. Corby Town. Corsham Town. Coventry City. Coventry Sphinx.
FA Cup Football
Coventry United. Cowes Sports. Crawley Down Gatwick. Crawley Green. Crawley Town. Cray Valley PM. Cray Wanderers. Crewe Alexandra. Crook Town AFC. Crowborough Athletic. Crystal Palace.
Curzon Ashton. You can check out the full details in the fixture list below. You can watch matches with a BT Sport monthly pass without signing up fa cup football today a contract. Regular subscribers can also stream matches via the BT Cuo website or BT Sport app footall a variety of devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Check out the Premier League ca for a full list of games coming up on TV next weekend.
Our editorial is always independent learn learn more here. Stay on the ball Our Football newsletter: news, views and previews of this week's games on TV Thanks for signing up! Championship table How they stand Free Bets No Expiry. Sky Bet In-Play. Deposit Limits. International break a good reset for "tired" Chelsea, admits Tuchel.
Highlights - Everton Man City. Catch up Log in. Fa cup football today Goals and best moments De Da seals City's semi-final spot!
Gundogan's diving header finally breaks Everton's resistance.
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wrooom · 8 months ago
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Ferrari FXX-K Evo - Silverstone 
"Thanks very much for viewing. Have a great weekend :-)"
By Ed Weatherby in Aylesbury Vale, UK
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livesunique · 2 years ago
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Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire, England
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the-busy-ghost · 5 years ago
London is always so full of Scots, it's both comforting and terrifying
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ariesrelish92 · 10 days ago
Aqua Vale Swimming & Fitness Centre
The Stables experience is based on two hours from the time of reservation. The Glasshouse experience is based on two hours from the time of reservation. Whether you want to perfect your yoga poses, blast calories with an indoor cycle or tone muscles in a Body Pump session, we’ve got the right class for you. A fun and sociable exercise class to help you tone up, shape up and burn fat from your tummy, hips, thighs and bottom. Advance booking is no longer required, and we've increased capacities where safely possible.
Grab your laptop and snag a seat in the lobby – it feels more like a chic co-working space than a hotel.
Echelon Fitness might not be a household name in the UK, but the Tennessee-based company has been pioneering smart exercise equipment to rival the likes of Peloton and SoulCycle since 2017.
He brings a unique style of core and strength training with his barre classes and has recently started to compete in triathlon.
We offer the best in fitness facilities including a studio that hosts various classes including Les Mills sessions, free weights, over 60 pieces of cardio-vascular & resistance equipment and a bespoke sauna & steam room.
Our outstanding concierge team are also on hand to help you enjoy the culture of our amazing city and local area.
The real selling point, though, is what iFit has to offer through that screen. Ted Talks – As I explored the iFit menus, I was delighted to find that you can sweat it out while watching a whole library of Ted Talks. (As of this writing, there are about 60 in total.) I tuned in to “3 secrets of resilient people” to exercise my body and mind simultaneously. Your feet remain stationary on each pedal as you move forward , creating a midair oval that puts your lower body to work.
Your Free 7 Day Trial Includes:
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https://www.findalondonoffice.co.uk/london-locations/victoria/ – there are classes for muscle toning, aerobic fitness and dance. We really value you as our customer and put huge importance on offering great customer service. I would be very interested to hear any feedback or experiences you may have that may help improve things for other members. A virtual RPM - a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It's fun, low impact and you can burn up to 675 calories per session. You'll find a map of the location of the gym at Holloway campus and the exercise room at Aldgate campus below, including the full address. Enjoy any of our gym, swimming or group fitness classes with your pass, which will have you feeling loaded with energy and inspiration. Aqua Vale Swimming and Fitness Centre, right in the middle of Aylesbury, features everything water lovers among you could possibly want. As well as a competition-standard 25 metre main pool, there’s also a large Glass House Pool as well as a leisure pool, complete with lazy river for everyone to enjoy. Alongside our superb aquatic facilities, you can also enjoy our large, well-appointed gym, extensive group cycling and fitness programme. You can also enjoy our dance studio, while we also have two 3G artificial football pitches available for hire. Run on the treadmill or you may prefer some step aerobics or a few miles on one of our exercise cycles. Ideal for all user levels and abilities, and can be used with or without supervision. Each cardiovascular machine incorporates Active Wellness TV providing Freeview, including Sky Sports, through monitors up to 19 inches as well as full iPod compatibility so that you can plug your own headphones into the screen. Book a tour with our friendly Membership Team who will be happy to guide you around The Edge or take a look at our virtual tour right now. Check thetraining timetableeach term and during vacations to see when the room is open.
Montagu Arms Hotel Appoints Executive Chef
Here at Holiday Inn Southend, we have a fitness suite complete with a range of cardiovascular and resistance equipment, complimentary for our residents. This hugely popular area within the fitness industry will be enhanced even more with the introduction of the S-Drive and S-Force Performance Trainers. These trainers take HIIT training to the next level and will provide a new experience to our group training classes. With over 50 different sports for you to get involved with, Sport Liverpool has something for everyone! Our Athletics Union offers you the chance to get involved and really get behind Team Sport Liverpool so now is your chance to try something new! Packed with cardio and resistance equipment and free weights, you can unwind after a busy day in the capital at Strand Palace. “We now have more than 1,000 players and more than 60 teams so, to sign up with a professional and respected institution such as Burnley College is a massive boost. A COLLEGE has joined forces with a football club in what is described as "a massive boost for the community in the Ribble Valley". “As we emerge from the pandemic, it is vital we embrace this as an opportunity to get the nation fit and healthy, and to continue protecting and supporting our NHS by preventing illness and disease where we can. It also said it could save the NHS more than £300 million and provide an economic boost of over £4 billion in quality-adjusted life year gains. Get news and views from across Saddleworth straight to your inbox every week. We offer the best in fitness facilities including a studio that hosts various classes including Les Mills sessions, free weights, over 60 pieces of cardio-vascular & resistance equipment and a bespoke sauna & steam room. Leading sporting facilities and unbeatable value memberships for students, University staff and the public. Enjoy state-of-the-art gyms, Liverpool city centre's only full-sized swimming pool, over 40 classes a week and bookable group sport spaces. With expert staff always on hand to help and advise, there's no better place to get fit. The gym’s state-of-the-art machines and free weights area are perfect for those who want to get serious about their fitness, while the spacious studios offer a wide range of classes, from yoga and pilates to spin and boxfit. Overall, the NordicTrack FS14i FreeStride Trainer is a splurge for any home gym, but one that may be worth it in the long run – err, stride. The machine itself is top-notch when it comes to low-impact cardio, but if you can afford the monthly iFit membership to boot, there’s an awful lot to like about this premium elliptical. Your inner child will never get bored, and your inner gazelle will thank you later. When it comes to virtually exploring this planet, few cardio machines compare to the NordicTrack FS14i FreeStride Trainer, which brings the great outdoors right to your doorstep. This elliptical is just as easy on your joints as the previously reviewed NordicTrack E11.5 Elliptical Trainer, but its adjustable stride is far more dynamic, and the eye-catching 14-inch screen is tough to beat.
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wrooom · a year ago
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157 Gordon Keeble GK1 1T (1965) EUX 43 C 
"Gordon Keeble GK1/1T (1964-66) Engine 227 cu in (5395cc) V8 OHV Production 99 (+ 1)"
By Robert Knight in Aylesbury Vale, UK
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livesunique · 3 years ago
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Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, England
Derry Moore Photography
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