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rhys-daarling · 27 minutes ago
Gwynriel- Bandaging his wounds
As Azriel walked into the training room, he was shocked to see Gwyn standing at the window. Her head snapped to him.
Her eyes widened as they took him in, her mouth parting.
He cursed himself. He did not want anyone to see him. Especially like this.
“What- what happened. How-“ she took a step towards him, and his shadows danced out to meet her.
His mission today had been... violent. His wounds still healing, his skin so sensitive he had foregon a shirt.
Gwyn swallowed.
“It’s fine.” A whisper, and he watched her mark every wound on his skin.
“I can help-” she took another step forward.
“I’ll be fine by myself- it’ll be healed by morning” a clear lie, and he winced as he lifted his arm.
“That’s not- you aren’t okay- what, how did this.. ?” Her words were fumbling as she came to stand in front of him.
“It’s fine. I’ll be fine. Stop worrying about me” his shadows swirled, and Azriel shifted under the attention of her bright eyes.
“Stop being stubborn. Let me bandage them up” he shook his head, unused to all the fussing.
As if the house was listening, a hamper of bandages and ointment appeared.
“See! Even the house thinks you need help” she grinned in victory. Azriel looked at her, seeing the stubbornness in her eyes.
He nodded his head, resigned. She smiled smugly.
He squinted at her.
“Only because the house will lock me out if I refuse”
“Whatever you say” she rolled her eyes, grinning. She grabbed a cloth and bowl of water, coming to stand right in front of him, nodding her head in the direction of the settee.
He stared blankly back. A silent challenge, to see who would fold first. He was being stubborn on principle, he knew.
She rolled her eyes.
“You have to sit. You’re too tall and I can’t reach” she shook her head slightly, finding his antics amusing.
She scoffed “ excuse me”
“I trained you” he gave her a pointed stare. “You have better balance than almost anyone. You can tiptoe just fine”
“You’re too big for me” he smiled at the blush that formed in her cheeks, he raised his eyebrows.
“You are too TALL for me” she amended. Azriel noted the way she scanned the breadth of his shoulders, her blush deeping. He smiled wider.
“I can’t tiptoe and hold a bowl and treat you. So sit” she grabbed his arms then. Her hand barely wrapping around the front of the bicep.
Azriel tensed his muscles slightly. Liking the way her pale hand contrasted his skin, how warm the point where they touched felt.
He was awarded by her intake of breath.
Gwyn swallowed once and pushed him backwards, he relented, letting himself be moved.
Sitting down, he stared up at her as she stood in front of his widened legs.
She leaned in close, his shadows dancing out to meet her.
“Tell your shadows to stop distracting me” she laughed.
“They’re stubborn and won’t listen. Like someone else I know” a pointed glance at her. She squinted at him, but did not halt her movements.
Azriel closed his eyes as she bought the cloth to him, her other hand coming to rest gently on his shoulder. The movement s soothing, and he lamented, felt good.
“What happened” her gaze stayed on the cloth, but Azriel looked at her.
“Nothing to worry about. Nothing that requires all this fuss”
“You deserve to be fussed over. And this isn’t nothing”
She sat beside him, and began to clean and wipe the cuts and bruises on his side.
“Just a mission that went a bit wrong” he said bitterly, angry at himself. “It’s my fault”
She scoffed and shook her head
“Is something wrong?” He bristled, hating seeing her mood change from the laughter mere moments ago
She bit her lip, and tensed her jaw, but said nothing. Angry, Az realised. She was angry.
The air had shifted, tense, around them as she continued to wipe his chest.
A shadow danced out to her, dancing and wrapping around her until the corner of Gwyn’s mouth lifted.
“I think it’s ridiculous. I think you’re ridiculous. I think you set these ridiculous standards for yourself, and you almost kill yourself in the process trying to reach them”
Azriel looked at her, shocked at how much of him she had observed. How much of him she saw.
“You don’t even realise.” She carried on, but stood up “How-how much everything you do means to everyone. How much you mean to everyone”
“That’s not..” Azriel fumbled. Looking down to Gwyn’s hand on his chest, above his heart.
“You seem to think no one would care. That you’re dispensable, and that it’s okay if you die. It’s not”
Her eyes were wide, her chest heaving as she spoke, they were so close, their lips inches apart.
Azriel stood slowly, his wings coming out slightly, wrapping slightly around Gwyn’s shaking form.
“ You saved me.” Her hand still on his chest, she refused to meet his gaze. “That day, you saved me, and if you hadn’t.” She swallowed, slowly raising her chin to meet his gaze.
“You matter, Azriel. And not just then. Here in this room” she gestured around. “You help us all”
They stared at each other, Azriel, unable to to form a sentence, his mind reeling at her words. His wings still wrapped slightly around them, they both seemed content to stand there.
“So” she broke the spell at last, turning slightly to grab a salve from the basket.
“Next time you do something dangerous and reckless and almost kill yourself”
With gentle filters, she applied the slave to the cut on his chest, Azriel followed the movement with his eyes.
“Try to remember that you’re not dispensable. And at the very least, let someone bandage you up” she finshed with the salve, and grabbed a bandage, wrapping it across his chest.
“ It’s a deal” Azriel whispered into the strip of space between them, Gwyn’s head looking up to him
“The next time I almost accidentally almost kill myself” he gave a small smile, to which Gwyn returned
“ I’ll come to you, and let you bandage me up”
“Without being so stubborn” she quipped, raising an eyebrow
Azriel gave a small laugh and nodded
“Without being so stubborn” he agreed.
“Deal” she said, dropping her hand from his chest at last and turning to walk away.
“Gwyn” Azriel called out, she turned to him. “ thank you, for the fussing”
“Get used to it” she said softy, eyes bright and warm, and turned once more to leave.
Azriel watched her go, as one of his shadows trailed after her, assured when it informed him she’d reached her room.
He looked down at his chest, remembering how warm she had felt, how insistent she had been at making sure he was okay.
Odd as it may seem, Azriel kind of hoped he’d injure himself again soon.
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acourtofmidnight · an hour ago
And that’s why the Night Court had risen to such powerful heights. Because they put pride and hierarchies aside in the name of bettering themselves, and each other. In utilising strengths, not punishing weaknesses.
Teaser for Chapter 9 of Fireflies! Between re-reading ACOSF and applying for summer jobs, I’ve had a busy week but imma try my absolute damndest to have this out sometime tomorrow. These next two chapters contain scenes that essentially inspired the entire fic, so I can’t wait to share them with you :)
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rhyssescups · 3 hours ago
The Golden Fae Bridge(s)
“How Lucien withstood it, I didn’t know. Not that he’d shown any interest in bridging that gap between them”. (ACOFAS - Chapter 5)
“Elain looked up at Azriel, their eyes meeting, his hand still lingering on the hilt of the blade. I saw the painting in my mind: the lovely fawn, blooming spring vibrant behind her. Standing before Death, shadows and terrors lurking over his shoulder. Light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two. The only bridge of connection … that knife.” (ACOWAR - Chapter 69)
One of these pairings is connected, the other...not so much. 👀
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lemonlei · 4 hours ago
Valkyrie Training
𝕍𝕒𝕝𝕜𝕪𝕣𝕚𝕖 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝟙𝟘𝟙: 𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝟚
Goood Morning!!! I hope day 1 went well for everyone! Since we are just starting, today will be a chill day! Here’s the good stuff:
•Stretch: Do your usual stretches to stretch your, most likely, sore muscles!
•Abs: 10 sit ups, 10 Russian twists, and a 20 second plank!
•Cardio: Go for a 1 mile run or walk to finish off the day strong after your ab work! You can also do a 10-15 minute workout on the Maxi Climb doing small, medium, or both steps instead!
•Stretch: Cool down with some light stretching!
I hope you are all enjoying the challenge so far! I know it seems like a little bit right now, but I don’t want to rush into the tough workouts just yet! If you are new and would like to join in on the challenge, feel free to do so! The first post I made with the idea is pinned on my page! Happy training!
P.S. If you feel like the workouts are not enough and it feels like you aren’t working anything or aren’t working enough, do an extra set or two of the workout! Remember though, we are just starting and you don’t want to over exert yourself! Love ya!✨
Tumblr media
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echotzzz · 4 hours ago
Elain shall wed for love and beauty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“No one ever does. No one ever looked—not really.”
Tumblr media
“What can I get you, Elain?” “Sunshine.”
Tumblr media
“See what he can do. If anyone can sense if something is amiss, it’s a mate.”
Tumblr media
“The mating bond. It is a bridge between souls.”
Tumblr media
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zeethemess · 5 hours ago
it annoys me to no end that the only positive posts i see about elain is in relation to her being mates to lucien (like headcanons about how she would be in a relationship with him/ the mother of his children)
and i know i talk about elriel a lot (so i may sound hypocritical) but i’m also an ELAIN stan (because she’s a unique heroine and has so much potential to just RUIN me in her book) and a big reason i ship elriel is because she wants him + they have a lot of chemistry.
anywayz stan elain as her own person and not in relation to a male!!!!! xoxo
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hopefullyanauthor · 8 hours ago
Ya'll today I planted some things and as I was pressing dirt around a little plant I thought, "I can see why Elain Archeron likes this."
I think I would get along well with Elain.
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yazthebookish · 9 hours ago
Besides the Illyrian conflict and Azriel's hatred towards his people, what other conflicts do you think we'll get in Azriel's book? I keep seeing people comment that a Azriel and Gwyn book wouldn't amount to much because they wouldn't fill any of the plotholes.
Hello anon,
Unfortunately, I don't think Sarah will fill all plotholes in every book she'll write. The Nessian book could've gotten two books but even in two books she'd fill in a decent amount of plotholes and not all plotholes (not to mention there's a likely chance more plotholes might be created as the books move on).
I think for Azriel/Gwyn's book, Sarah could come up with anything we might not expect (you should learn by now to not underestimate her) but here are some of my predictions based on how ACOSF ended because and I always repeat this, Sarah said by the end of the book it would be obvious who the next book is about.
• Illyria will likely be one of the main plotlines for Azriel because of two reasons: 1. It's been heavily implied that Azriel's hatred towards his people is an issue and I don't think an Azriel story would be resolved without dealing with Illyria and his personal history with them // 2. Ramiel is important! It's been mentioned in the book at two instances that there are secrets under Ramiel that the Illyrians had not bothered to look at + ages ago, an ancient enemy (likely Koschei) was desperate to reach the stone at the top of Ramiel for some reason (that will likely tie in the Koschei/dread trove plot).
• Someone theorized that it's possible that Koschei is the one that created Shadowsingers and that could be why he is targeting Azriel. I can't remember exactly what was said but I haven't thought of that and it's interesting.
• If Illyria is involved, the Valkyries will be connected to it because of Emerie and to support the Illyrian females and build a powerful female unit (Cassian emphasized multiple times on the slow change in Illyria in ACOSF, I don't think this will be dismissed) and because at the end of the book it's hinted that the Illyrians will be pissed about Emerie and Gwyn winning the Blood Rite and becoming Carynthians. Since Cassian and Azriel are involved with the Valkyries, they will all be connected to this future conflict (not to mention Mor will be joining them). Balthazar, a random illyrian was introduced briefly, another hint the story is heading towards Illyria because there has to be a new Illyrian character that had shown to be different from the other males and have already met some of the characters (there had been a brief partnership between them in the Blood Rite).
• Illyria also connects Azriel's past. His half-brothers are likely alive and his mother is alive. His past is one of the most important plotlines. There is a lot of mystery and secrets surrounding his past.
• Mor joining the Valkyries puts her at close proximity with Azriel. With both developing feelings to other two characters (Gwyn and Emerie) this will finally gives us the closure scene between Azriel and Mor so both can finally move on and put the past behind. It's either that Mor will notice Azriel's attraction to Gwyn or vice versa. (This also sets up Mor and Emerie's arc in a future book/novella).
• Gwyn's family history connects her to the Spring Court and the Autumn Court. She might be connected to the Vanserras and this ties the Autumn Court plotline in Azriel's book. This also connects Eris because we are yet to find out what actually happened between him and Mor, though I doubt it will be revealed in Azriel's book but it will set it up. How ACOSF ended and Cassian wondering about what terrors Beron inflicted on Eris, what happened in the Forest with Mor and he seems to think that Eris is not the bad guy he pretends to be.
• Gwyn's identity could be instrumental in bringing down Beron if it is revealed she is daughter/granddaughter of Eris, or the granddaughter of Beron and if Eris thought Gwyn's mother who might be his sister or daughter (as weird as that sounds), it may prompt him to rid of Beron fast in revenge. Whatever happens with the Autumn Court family will be messy.
• Romance is also a plotline and the romance will tie to the healing journey of both Azriel and Gwyn. As someone that has been yearning for his own mate and lover, it will an important part of Azriel's character development to move past the self-loath and learn to accept who he is and accept his insecurities. I think Gwyn, as we saw in his POV chapter, would bring out more of Azriel and they both compliment each other. As all these events take place, it's going to be beautiful to see love blossoming between those two.
Remember, unlike TOG, ACOTAR is more heavy on the romance and Sarah said each book will focus on a couple. The romance will be the focal point while everything else is happening.
I will attach my summary of ACOSF ending's to pick up on the most important points from it.
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rubymaedoo · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Credits to katjaz_art on ig
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foxybananaaaz · 10 hours ago
(This is for the "give me a character" thing): Cassian, Azriel, and Nesta!
Another multiple? OKAY LETS DO IT!
Tumblr media
How I Feel About this Character
I love him. He is a cinnamon roll. A sweet, caring, DEADLY, strong cinnamon roll.
All the People I Ship this Character with Romantically
Who else, but Nesta? Hopped on THAT ship the second they laid eyes on each other.
My NON-Romantic OTP for this Character
Azriel. I just love their friendship okay? And they can be friends and be equals in rank. There is no worry of overstepping or crossing lines.
My Unpopular Opinion About this Character
I’m pissed at him for not apologizing for the “unlovable” comment to Nesta. I’m pissed at him for not apologizing for the “shackled” comment to Nesta. I’m salty he didn’t say he loved her back. These may be popular though?
One Thing I Wish Would Happen to this Character in Canon
Him and Nesta to have an actual healthy conversation that doesn’t lead to (albeit super hot) sex.
How I Feel About this Character
She and I are one in the same. I love her. She is the fictional character I can see myself in the most. So while I don’t agree with her most of the time, I still love her.
All the People I Ship this Character with Romantically
Cassian. From the moment they met!
My NON-Romantic OTP for this Character
Gwyn and Emerie. Love love that friendship!
My Unpopular Opinion About this Character
I think her actions of not feeding her family, while incredibly wrong, are justified in her own way. She still should have fought to keep her family alive, but it was never her job, nor was it Feyre’s or even Elains. People are hating on her for this, when their father deserves the hate.
One Thing I Wish Would Happen to this Character in Canon
That she can finally come to love herself. She is on her way there, but not yet at the finish line.
How I Feel About this Character
Not gonna lie, all the drama surrounding him has soured Azriel in my mind. I want to like him, but it is very very difficult to do so. And they way he is willing to just kill Lucien? Nope. Sorry.
All the People I Ship this Character with Romantically
Gwyn. But he needs to get his shit together first. I swear he better get his shit together before looking at her with romance.
My NON-Romantic OTP for this Character
Rhys. Rhys is the one who will care about him, but also give him the kick in the ass and put him in his place. At least I hope he does.
My Unpopular Opinion About this Character
He would NOT win in a fight against Lucien. I don’t care what you say. He may be skilled in fighting, but Lucien is infinitely more powerful with FIRE AND DAY in his veins.
One Thing I Wish Would Happen to this Character in Canon
I want him to get his shit together. I want to get to a place where I can like him completely again.
Give Me a Character
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Tumblr media
Lady Whistledown’s VELARIS PAPERS
Issue 389, article 2
Dearest Citizens,
As the crisp, brutal winter season is settling in our lands, this author has noticed that our High Lord has spent a noticeable amount of time away these past weeks. After a fifty year absence, what matter of urgency requiring him to depart must he possibly be dealing with?
Rest assured, beloved citizens, no threat is heading our way. Indeed, this author’s sources are confident that Rhysand’s absence can be explained by the presence of a mysterious guest at his sumptuous Hewn City residence. Bets are open regarding the identity of the newcomer. I know who my money is on, especially since a certain highly anticipated Spring Court wedding was crashed by none other than our dear High Lord Rhysand!
My foreign correspondent tells me that no less than six gowns, three tunics, and one pair of trousers were casualties of whatever ruckus occurred. That, plus a section of Tamlin’s precious gardens and about thirty chairs. High Lord, care to comment?
Meanwhile, General Cassian and our resident Shadowsinger Azriel were spotted wrestling on the southernmost bridge over the Sidra.
Please remember, boys, that we only just repaired it last year after a—ah, training exercise, nearly obliterated the several thousand-year old stone masonry. Perhaps hot tempers should be taken to the cooler climates of the Illyrian Steppes, if not for your High Lord’s peace of mind, then for that of the city’s stone masons and architectural preservation committee?
Or, if you’re hell-bent on fighting in the square, you could at least do us all a favour and take your shirts off first. Just a suggestion for our handsome Illyrians.
Ever yours,
Lady Whistledown
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nikethestatue · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Drunk and In Love
Elriel Month - Day 11
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naturallystupidforyou · 11 hours ago
Hi can you please write about mating bond click into place for Azriel, but reader is oblivious, and the whole inner circle tries to set them up? Thank you <3
°。°。゜。°。 azriel x reader
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉   the inner circle setting up reader and az
of course, you found it odd that you always ended up alone with azriel
how the high lord would ask for your assistance with something only for you to arrive and find his spymaster
he hardly spoke to you at first
you took no offense. though, you wished he had. so, you tried, whittling away at his armor before it finally gave out  
once your assignment was done, the meetings between you and azriel hadn’t stopped
morrigan would invite you to the small cafe. she would never show, claiming court trouble. the one waiting for you would be azriel
the same could be said with cassian. you know there had to have been someone holding the closet door shut!
feyre would be more discreet. she’d ask for you both to attend one of her classes. accidentally, she’d pair you to work with the younger kids. covered in paint, she’d refuse to let you leave without cleaning up
for the longest time, you couldn’t understand why
what was it about azriel that you felt drawn to him? that felt the need to be near him? why did his shadows curl around you like a second skin?
amren would be the one to tell
she hadn’t known it was meant to be a secret
by now, she’d seen you on several dates arranged by the others
“when will you accept the bond?” she asked. you only narrowed your eyes. “what bond?”
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gwynrielsupremacy · 11 hours ago
Time to rest your weary head - Part 10 :)
Hello my friends!!! Seems like we're heading towards the end of this not-so-short fic right now. We still got a few more chapters to go, though, so don't despair just yet! <3 thank you once again for all your amazing support. Remember to reblog it if you really like it, or share it with your friends :) it really means a lot to me!
Chapter List is right here and I'm tagging my dear readers @katiebellf @madie2200 and @starbornsinger thank you for all your enthusiastic comments, girls! Obrigada!!
Also, I highly recommend you listen to Max Richter's re-imagining of Vivaldi's 4 Seasons from the start (this is the concert I imagine them going), which inspired me to write this scene :) I'll add the link below
It started soft. A melody that resembled cherry blossoms and spring breeze, which made Gwyn imagine waterfalls cascading through verdant hills, the sound of birds when the sun had just risen. It took a while for her to discern whether that music was indeed coming from the Orchestra below them or if it emanated from within her.
She was still looking into his eyes, and for a moment, she could see it clearly. Both of them, sitting side by side in an open field as she felt the green grass beneath her fingers. His eyes half-closed as he leaned back against a willow tree, his hands wrapped around hers. The way she laughed back at him, as if they were the only left in this world and now it was all theirs. Like they had all the time in the world to be together, and couldn’t be happier to do so. He’d open his eyes and stare at her, deep into her soul, that breath-taking face right in front of her, just like it was now-
It was only when the sound abruptly ended she startled, finally tearing her eyes away from his; feeling, a second later, he do the same thing. And the music that came along was just as mellow as the previous one was cheerful. She closed her eyes, and let that sound fulfill her; let it occupy every inch of her, glowing faintly, a quiet flame igniting her heart. It was like loneliness, and sadness, and sorrow, and dread, and every bit of pain she ever felt. Even when the rhythm changed, she still didn’t open her eyes – she let the music be the conduit of her feelings. Let it encapsulate her, bringing up the emotions as it went along.
It was the most wholesome experience she ever had.
A single tear had just flown across her cheek when she felt a soft breeze whispering in her ear. She opened her eyes to meet with a single tendril of shadow reaching towards her, gently caressing her now wet cheek, and contained a quiet gasp. The room was dark, but it didn’t stop her from marveling at Azriel’s shadows while they darkened and expanded, spreading across the floor, above their heads, all around them. She smiled as they encircled her feet, her arms, softly hovering them both.
When she turned to Azriel, her heart skipped a beat. His eyes were closed and his head was slightly tilted to the side, his majestic wings splayed behind him. The melody in the background seemed to be made for him; for his darkness and guilt and loneliness. Not for the anger she saw when she met his eyes, the ones that made people run scared, but what was hidden underneath it; pure, undiluted sadness. The same hollow she saw when she looked at the mirror on her worst days: when she felt empty inside. Her heart shattered at that sight.
That was what made Gwyn shift her gaze to his hand, mere centimeters from hers. She stretched her fingers and brushed that scarred skin, before turning her stare to the stage. She didn’t wait for his reaction as she repeated the movement, reaching towards his fingers. And this time they moved ever so slightly to interlock with hers.
That single touch felt like lightning through her body. Yet she didn’t flinch; instead, her hand now rested atop of his, and she swore the whole room could hear her heart as he turned his hand upward, intertwining their fingers.
His thumb stroked her hand, and it was only when she gave his a gentle squeeze she let herself meet his stare. She saw the shadows dancing in his eyes, and that marvelous melody turned to background noise, complementing their interaction as if meant only for the two of them. She felt like saying all the things she never had; all the thank you’s and I understand you’s and I trust you’s she only felt when around him. It was all too much, all at once, but Gwyn wasn’t afraid.
No, she could never be afraid of him. Her mate.
They kept holding hands until the end of the evening.
About two hours later, they left the theater. They haven’t said a word since the musicians started playing, and instead let their touches speak for both of them. Azriel used his shadows to cocoon them while they passed through the leaving crowd. Meanwhile, she still kept savoring the feeling of his hands against hers, a million thoughts rushing through her mind as they made their way out.
When they both reached the street, he turned to her. Waiting. So she said the only think she could think of:
“This was amazing, Azriel. Truly.”
His answering smile made her soft. “I’m glad you liked it.”
She looked around and contemplated the bustling street, filled with elegantly dressed Fae, taking their time in arriving home, enjoying the pleasant evening.
“Can I ask you something?” She didn’t take her eyes off the street, nor waited for his response as she continued. “I don’t want to leave just yet. Would you walk with me?”
Seeing the way his eyebrows quickly shot upward, she added: “Just to the next corner.”
“Gwyn, I would happily walk with you wherever you wanted to.”
They crossed the street, and she couldn’t stop admiring the shops and noises and the movement of the city around them. She felt like crying; she was actually doing it. With each step, she felt lighter. As if the world couldn’t stop her; and maybe it was Azriel’s solid presence next to her, his scarred fingers giving her comfort and courage, but she mustered the words she’d been meaning to ask since he invited her out.
“Why did you want to bring me tonight?” She turned to him, expectant, and could see the glint in his hazel eyes as he stared the road before them.
They have reached the corner now. In front of them, faelights casted an orange gloom as people talked loudly and singed in bars and cafes. Drunken happiness and music like a blessing from the Mother making the evening even more magical. He seemed to be thinking something similar as he finally darted his eyes away, his gaze meeting hers at last.
“I like seeing you happy.” But his eyes… those darkened eyes seemed to be saying so much more than that. “I like making you happy.” He continued.
And that feeling crept in again - the one that was different from their usual bantering and friendly conversation. She didn’t know if he could see her blushing, but she kept quiet as they both stared at each other under the moonlight. It felt like he had more to say, so she kept quiet.
“And I like being around you.” His tone was low and rough and suddenly she became muchmore aware of his closeness; of what was happening between them, of everything leading up to that moment, of the crowds around them, oblivion to their presence thanks to the shadows. It was all so amazing and new and different and strange and happy and overwhelming. A part of her whispered that was enough for today. It was too much.
So she swallowed, and offered him a small smile. And her voice was so soft she feared he wouldn’t hear her: “We should go.”
But she didn’t feel a trace of sorrow or disappointment coming from him. Instead, with a warm feeling spreading through her, she could see he would never put that kind of pressure towards her. Without even talking about it, she noticed by the way he smiled at her that he understood. So she squeezed his hand slightly. The one which not for a second she thought of letting go.
“Of course.”
It was late when they arrived at the House of Wind. And utterly quiet.
They paced in silence until they reached the hallway leading to their bedrooms, their hands still intertwined. At this point, it was like habit. It was like her hands were meant for holding his.
As they stopped by her door, she offered him a thankful smile. The air was thick around them.
“Az” She inhaled before continuing “I couldn’t thank you enough…”
“You don’t have to…”
“No, but I do.” She stumbled over her words. “You have no… That was… It meant a lot to me.”
You mean a lot to me.
“There were times…” She stared away from him, suddenly nervous to bring that up “There were times I never thought I would leave this place. The library. And now… Tonight... So thank you.”
She sighed, and when she returned to meet his eyes, they were shining with admiration. But he only stated, smiling: “It meant a lot to me as well.”
And she knew he was being genuine. He didn’t have to voice it; she could see by the way he looked at her. Not pity, but understanding filled his eyes. That she’d been through hell and back, and that she didn’t want it to stop her from living. Cauldron, he’d been through hell and back, too. And all their moments together… helped. Both of them. It was their own journeys to take, but they could still share a part of its burdens.
“So… Goodnight, Shadowsinger.” She chuckled, letting go of his hand at last.
She curled her fingers, giving in to that strange vacancy, the absence of touch.
“See you tomorrow, Gwyn.”
When she closed the door, she let out a long, long sigh. She could sense Azriel lingering for a moment, before heading to his room. As soon as she heard the door click, she threw herself in her bed, staring at the roof for what seemed like hours.
What a wonderful evening.
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yazthebookish · 12 hours ago
“He hadn't gotten that far with his planning, certainly not beyond the fantasies he pleasured himself to.”
I wouldn't have been happy if these are the only thoughts Azriel had of [if we insert Gwyn here] with no other lines that describe other feelings of love.
There's nothing shameful about having sexual thoughts about someone you're attracted to, it's pretty normal. But when it comes to a character's POV, especially since it's a character we're looking through their perspective for the first time, you'd.. expect more? Any indication that they are in love with the other person.
In this case, nope. I think this is what Sarah wanted to highlight for us is that despite seeing Azriel from other POVs seeming like he is drawn to Elain but we never got his POV until now and nothing in his POV shows feelings deeper than sexual attraction and admiration. This is what @aelingalathyniusrailme mentioned in her post too about this quote specifically.
[..]not beyond the fantasies he pleasured himself to.
This quote calls back to the earlier quote in his scene with Elain where he mentions that he had only allowed these thoughts at night and how he pleasured himself.
His feelings for Elain weren't as deep as his feelings for Mor. Not to say that his feelings for Elain aren't genuine but they're superficial and stem from a place of loneliness and desperation. At one point, he confessed his love to Mor but she had put a stop to it. In his POV, the word Love wasn't even thought of. If he as some say, in love with Elain, and he saw that she does reciprocate some feelings, we would've gotten a hint of how deeply he feels for her but we haven't.
After the confrontation with Rhysand this is how the night at the Riverside Manor ends for Azriel:
Until he felt nothing. Was again nothing at all.  
Then he flew to the House of Wind, knowing that if he slept in the riverside manor, he'd do something he regretted. He'd been so vigilant about keeping away from Elain as much as possible, and had stayed up here to avoid her, and tonight...tonight had proved he 'd been right to do so.  
He knows Rhys is right. He knows it was right to keep a distance from Elain. He knew he would've done something he REGRETTED. Remember, these are Azriel's thoughts and not someone else's POV. There is no indication that he would defy Rhys, nothing along the lines of “I will find a way to be with her”, “He can't keep me away from her for long”, once he left the house and started to think that he knew he would've regretted it. That's how the scene at the Riverside Manor ends before Gwyn's scene happens.
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afatefulmeeting · 12 hours ago
I can’t believe I really went into ACOSF believing I would find the Elriel set up for the next book and I ended up with THAT point of view.
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adventuring-lady · 12 hours ago
Elriel Fic - Sneak Peek
*waves* Hello! So I am pretty new to the fandom. I’m only on chapter 33 in the second book, but I already have developed an obsession for our bat boys. I am in the progress of working on an Elriel fic and this is the small bit I have come up so far.
I will also include the summary for the fic. Any feedback on what you think or if this is something you might want to read further would mean a lot! I’d love to know how many would want to read my story, as I’m new to the fandom and don’t know yet how many people like to read ACOTAR fanfiction.
Summary: Before leaving for a mission, Azriel unintentionally imparts Elain a gift - shadows, a means for them to communicate while he is gone. While a sheer accident, and somewhat embarrassing, it might be just the thing to turn their pinning for each other into something more.
“Mother’s tits!” Cassian groaned. He tilted his head back and glared at the sky, as though it would remedy his plight. “Three weeks away from Nesta. My heart cannot handle the distance.”
Azriel, quiet as he strapped all his weapons on his person, hiding some in his boots, sleeves and in the sheaths on his leggings, barely even glanced at Cassian. “Your heart or your cock?”
It wasn’t as much of a retort as it was masked to be.
Cassian blinked and looked down. His eyes darted between his chest and crotch a few times before looking at his brother. “Both,” he said honestly.
Azriel wasn’t expecting an answer, nor was he surprised by it either. “Try not to take care of your needs anywhere near me. I do not, and neither does the entire camp, need to hear that. All of Velaris hears enough of it.” He paused, then barked out a laugh at the sheer truth behind his next words. “Daily.”
Tagging @kingandfireheart for your thoughts?
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