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Gwyn, tied to a chair: You'll never make me talk.
Acotar 5 villain, pulling out a knife: Oh I have ways of making you talk.
Villain: *cuts into a cake*
Gwyn: Can I... have some cake, please?
Villain: Cake is for talkers.
*a while later*
Gwyn, over a mouthful of cake, gesturing wildly: And then he was like "since there’s no chance in hell any of you will finish the course, we didn’t bother to get a prize". And I was like "bitch, we're gonna prove you wrong", and then we proved his ass wrong, you know?
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faiurytale · 2 days ago
All those little moments between Gwyn and Azriel during training, or even the fact that the two of them have private training sessions, assume a total new meaning the moment you realize Gwyn is not in Azriel’s group, she’s in Cassian’s.
That means that when Azriel turns around because she hears Gwyn squealing, smile at her when he first join them, or when he drifts closer to her when she explains the ribbon and then keep paying attention even as he turns back around, is because he’s purposely paying attention to her. It’s not his task to do so, because that one would be focusing on his trainees, and Gwyn is not one of them.
Gwyn asking Azriel to go dagger handling together and alone has much more importance when you realize she could have easily asked Nesta and Cassian to teach her, who’s yk, the one whose actual task is to teach her. But she chose Azriel.
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lightitup-1989 · a day ago
Nesta: I have come up with a three-step plan to get Azriel to marry you.
Gwyn: Okay, I'm listening.
Nesta: Step one, get him to play Truth or Dare.
Gwyn: Oh god, stop.
Nesta: Step Two, wait until he picks dare.
Gwyn: Nesta, no.
Nesta: Step three, dare him to marry you.
Emerie: [shouting from the other room] it could work!
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broodybatboy · a day ago
Cassian: What are you and Emerie arguing about?
Nesta: We have a bet going about what Azriel is like in bed. Emerie thinks he’s really romantic, but I think he’s kinky.
Gwyn: He’s actually both.
Nesta: *stares*
Emerie: *stares*
Cassian: *nods approvingly*
Gwyn: I mean... how would I know? I don’t know what Az is like in bed... but I would assume he’s both.
Cassian: She's right. He's both.
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prythianroses · 2 days ago
Cassian and Nesta meet at the same time Azriel and Elain meet. While Cass and Ness argue, Azriel and Elain are similarly quiet and help calm each other down.
Cassian and Nesta kiss and confess their feelings for each other on the same day Azriel gives Elain Truth-Teller.
Cassian and Nesta mate on the same night that Azriel and Elain almost kiss/let their feelings be known to each other (out loud).
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm seeing some interesting parallels between these two couples.
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nessiandaily · 2 days ago
nesta & the bat bois
Tumblr media
art: hancorinne_ [instagram]
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twincovesgame · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy #BiVisibilityDay! Please enjoy younger Azriel having a moment of bi panic to celebrate 💜
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meher-sumedha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Azriel : *standing in the doorway* I KNOW RIGHT. *literally brings in popcorn and stands beside the villain*
Villain : Wait what the hell
Azriel : Want some?
Villain : Ehh why not
Villain : *immediately dies and falls on the floor*
Gwyn : *looking down at the villain* aww, why'd you kill him, we were having so much fun. Oh well.
Azriel : You were talking about that guy whose ass you kicked
Gwyn : Ohh yeah, u should have seen his face......
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moodymelanist · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Nesta Archeron has been thirsting for revenge against Tomas Mandray since a fatal encounter in November 1940. When he suddenly reappears decades later, she finally has the perfect opportunity to make him pay for what he's done. Her only problem? She and her friends aren't powerful enough to take Tomas and his lackeys down on their own...
Cassian Valladares is the deadliest vampire hunter Windhaven has seen in a generation. When Nesta approaches him with a plan to kill her ex-fiancé, he's initially hesitant -- he wants nothing to do with leeches, especially one who almost got him killed. But as the bodies start piling up, Cassian and his brothers are forced to reconsider...
Will Nesta and Cassian be able to put aside their differences long enough to work together? Or will they find themselves consumed by something else entirely?
Warnings: Major Character Death, Violence, Eventual Smut
Moodboard by @terrible-and-proud
Teaser One
Teaser Two
Chapter One: Cassian
Chapter Two: Nesta
Chapter Three: Cassian
Chapter Four: Nesta
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
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Cassian: So is this thing between Az and Gwyn supposed to be a secret?
Nesta: Hardly. The only people who don't know Az and Gwyn are mates are Az and Gwyn.
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faiurytale · 16 hours ago
“Gwynriel wouldn’t be a thing without the bonus chapter” and why is it b*llshit
Or, in other words, a list of ALL the gwynriel moments in ACOSF, minus the bonus chapter.
Gwyn had been distracted today—one eye on the other side of the ring. Cassian could only assume she was watching his brother, who had given Gwyn a small smile of greeting upon arrival. Gwyn hadn’t returned it. Cassian cursed himself for a fool. He should have asked her if she’d be comfortable with Azriel here. Perhaps he should have asked all the priestesses about including another male, but especially Gwyn—whom Azriel had found that day in Sangravah.
She’d said nothing about it during the lesson. Only glanced every now and then toward Az, who remained dutifully focused on his charges. Cassian couldn’t read the expression on her face.
Gwyn let out a high-pitched noise that was nothing but pure excitement. Azriel, on the other side of the ring with the rest of the priestesses, half-turned at the sound, brows high.
“Done,” Gwyn declared, the white ribbon fluttering in the wind where it hung from the beam. Behind them, a few of the priestesses working with Azriel had turned to see what the ribbon business was about. The shadowsinger crossed his arms, angling his head, but remained in his half of the ring.
But Cassian made a contemplative noise, gesturing to the other half of the ring. “Az told me you also started preliminary work with the steel blades while we were gone.” He nodded to Gwyn and Emerie, the former glancing toward Azriel, who watched in silence. “So show me what you learned. Cut the ribbon in two.”
“We slice the ribbon in two,” Emerie asked Gwyn warily, “and our training is complete?”
Gwyn again glanced to Azriel, who drifted closer. She said, “I’m not entirely sure.”
“You’re oldest,” Gwyn said, nudging Emerie toward the ribbon. Emerie groused, but stepped up to the dangling ribbon, grudgingly taking the sword Cassian extended. Azriel murmured over a shoulder to the priestesses under his charge as they watched. They instantly began moving again. But Azriel’s attention remained on the ribbon.
(Important to notice what a very different reaction he had when Gwyn was the one cutting the ribbon. (See chapter 60 below.))
Nesta was leafing through a tome of military history in the library—that had one paragraph on Valkyrie ambush strategies—when Gwyn appeared. “Tell me you found their secret to cutting the ribbon.”
“You and that ribbon,” Nesta muttered, shutting the tome. Of all of them, Gwyn had become the most relentless about succeeding.
I find it very telling that Nesta is the one acknowledging Gwyn’s little obsession with the ribbon, considering what she then tells Azriel on chapter 60. 👀
Azriel had winnowed her and Cassian here after training, but hadn’t lingered. Apparently, Gwyn wanted him to go over dagger handling, so he’d left them with a promise to return in an hour.
Having private training sessions already. I see I see.
They fell silent again as Gwyn shifted her feet, angling the blade. The wind waggled the ribbon again, as if taunting her.
Cassian glanced over at Az, but his attention was fixed on the young priestess, admiration and quiet encouragement shining from his face.
Azriel went wholly still, as if he, too, had felt the shift. As if he, too, were aware that far larger forces peered into that training ring as Gwyn moved.
Azriel clapped his hands, and all the females straightened. “You’ll work in groups of three.”
Gwyn asked Az, her teal eyes bright, “What do we get if we finish the course?”
Az’s shadows danced around him. “Since there’s no chance in hell any of you will finish the course, we didn’t bother to get a prize.”
Boos sounded. Gwyn lifted her chin in challenge. “We look forward to proving you wrong.”
This scene singlehandedly ended the “lightsinger” theory, too bad antis pretend it doesn’t exist. His shadows normally dance around Gwyn, whether she sings or not.
Gwyn threw Azriel a withering stare as she strode past him. “See you tomorrow, Shadowsinger,” she tossed over a shoulder.
Az stared after her, brows high with amusement. When he turned back, Nesta grinned. “You have no idea what you just started,” she said. Az angled his head, hazel eyes narrowing as Gwyn reached the archway.
“Remember how Gwyn was with the ribbon?” Nesta winked and clapped the shadowsinger on the shoulder. “You’re the new ribbon, Az.”
The three of them made it to the third stage only once in the next two weeks. Roslin, Ananke, and Deirdre were close on their heels, propelling Gwyn to push her group harder. She wanted to be the first. Wanted Nesta and Emerie and her to be the ones who wiped the smirks from Azriel’s and Cassian’s faces. Especially Azriel’s.
“Especially Azriel” you say? Interesting.
And when Gwyn reached the finish line, bloody and panting and grinning so wildly her teal eyes glowed like a sunlit sea, she only extended her battered hand to Azriel. “Well?”
“You already have your prize,” Azriel said simply. “You just passed the Blood Rite Qualifier. Congratulations.”
To notice how she immediately went to Azriel 👀
“There are plenty of other unspeakable things that could be happening to her,” Cassian said, voice thickening. “To Emerie and Gwyn.”
The shadows deepened around Azriel, his Siphons gleaming like cobalt fire. “You—we—trained them well, Cassian. Trust in that. It’s all we can do.”
Let me know if I missed any!
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yazthebookish · 19 hours ago
“I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this house going forward.“
Some mentioned this clip and I found it.
And who else besides Cassian and Nesta that live in that House/Library?😏
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decadantstudent · 2 days ago
Rhys is that kind of a boyfriend that pretends to not know his girlfriend in public so he can flirt with her as a stranger yk with those corny ass jokes.
Feyre will tell him to stfu but secretly loves it
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nikethestatue · a day ago
The First Dinner
One of my favorite Elriel scenes, which technically isnt even an Elriel scene, is the initial meeting between the sisters and the brothers. I don’t know whether SJM meant to do this, or whether she is subconsciously following what she set up in that scene, but I’ve been thinking about it and it’s a microcosm of all relationships and events to come.
Let’s take a look:
Specifically, we have Cassian and Nesta, who are very much at each other’s throats, verbally sparring from the get-go, being very open and obvious in both, their disdain and their attraction to each other.
Moving forward, essentially, that’s the basis of their relationship--verbal sparring, which eventually led to physical sparring, and which united both of them. Their love was never a secret, even during their separation, it was always obvious that they harbor strong feelings for each other and will eventually get together. Which they did.
Feyre and Rhys are all but confirmed as a couple during that visit--they feel comfortable enough to share a bedroom, and it only grows from there.
The relationship, or rather, mutual dislike between Rhys and Nesta is also set up.
Now, Elain and Azriel, are, true to form, a lot more quiet--quiet about their attraction, quiet with their words, though the words that they exchange are surprising, because Elain is able to crack the shall of Azriel’s guarded character with but a few words. He is described as appearing self-conscious and begins to sprout poetry--both actions that sort of go against his usual behavior, but all done in response to Elain, the desire to perhaps impress her, or at the very least, make her comfortable.
Now, on to Elain. My favorite part of the entire scene is by far her clutching a fork, ready to defend herself and Nesta against Cassian, of all people. Elain, who everyone assumes is weak and helpless is the one who is wielding a ‘weapon’. As always, it seems that no one understands Elain--Feyre compares her to a dog (just like Nesta did later) in the same episode--but it’s the girl in a pink dress who likes flowers, who is willing to lunge to protect her sister. And what happens later?--it’s the girl who was too shy to wear pants that went and did defend her sister, actually STABBING someone. That little fork back during the first dinner was her Truth Teller. Doesn’t matter what weapon she has, to protect her family, she’d use whatever she has--fork, bare feet or legendary daggers.
It seems that going forward, we’ll be seeing much more of that--her willingness to find the Dead Trove objects without much hesitation is testament to that. She is actually a lot braver than what people assume about her. 
And just like they were quiet and shy during the first dinner, Elain and Azriel’s attraction and affection has been quiet too, hidden from view, hidden from everyone. It’s been about looking out the windows and exchanging glances and touching fingers and giving each other thoughtful gifts. 
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onceupona-chaos · a day ago
"By the end of the book, you'll know who the next one will be about..."
I saw the painting in my mind: the lovely fawn, blooming spring vibrant behind her. Standing before Death, shadows and terrors lurking over his shoulder. Light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two.
Azriel = Death, shadows and darkness
She plucked another figurine from the mantel: a rose carved from a dark sort of wood. She held it in her palm, its solid weight surprising, and traced a finger over one of the petals. “He made this one for Elain. Since it was winter and she missed the flowers.
Her gaze shifted to the carved wooden rose she’d placed upon the mantel, half-hidden in the shadows.
...she pulled the small, carved rose from her pocket and set it upon the gravestone. A permanent marker of the beauty and good he’d tried to bring into the world.
Elain = blooming spring
Her sister’s delicate scent of jasmine and honey lingered in the red- stoned hall like a promise of spring, a sparkling river that she followed to the open doors of the chamber.
And in the last chapter...
Spring bloomed fully around Velaris, (..)
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alwayssara · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“If you’re a fawn, I’m a fawn.”
- Azriel
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em---r · a day ago
Tumblr media
I don't believe I've seen this artwork posted to tumblr yet so I thought I'd share this super cute gwynriel piece!
Artist: shadow.simper on Instagram
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meher-sumedha · a day ago
Gwynriel : *intense making out in the training ring*
Nesta : *eyes open wide, watching with utmost intensity*
Cassian : *sighs* Do we really have to sit here and see them? Aren't we like violating there privacy or something-
Nesta : Shut up it's free porn. *continues watching them intensely*
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