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#B.B. Warfield
In the infinite wisdom of the Lord of all the earth, each event falls with exact precision into its proper place in the unfolding of His divine plan. Nothing, however small, however strange, occurs without His ordering, or without its particular fitness for its place in the working out of His purpose; and the end of all shall be the manifestation of His glory, and the accumulation of His praise.
B.B. Warfield
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glori-acristo · 4 years ago
Não há, portanto, nenhuma heresia tão grande, nem heresia que consiga arrancar a religião pela raiz, como a heresia que pensa em Deus de acordo com a analogia da força natural e esquece que Ele é uma Pessoa.
O que é Fatalismo? - Benjamin B. Warfield
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jondenden · 2 months ago
There is one only and true God, but in the unity of the Godhead there are three coeternal and coequal Persons, the same in substance but distinct in subsistence.
B.B. Warfield
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semperreformanda · 8 months ago
The fundamental thought is the universal government of God, providence. All that comes to you is under his controlling hand. The secondary thought is the favor of God to those that love him. If he governs all, then nothing but good can befall those to whom he would do good. . . . He will so govern all things that we shall reap only good from all that befalls us.
B.B. Warfield (Faith and Life)
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revelation19 · a year ago
So I don’t think I mentioned it on here, but last year I undertook the challenge to read 100 books in a year. I figured I’d drop the list of books that I read here. Almost all of them were good books that I’d encourage you to read. It’s a pretty wide range of topics. Some Sci-Fi, some Fantasy, some History, some Politics, some Economics, some Philosophy, some Theology, etc. 
-Starship Troopers — Robert Heinlein
-Foundation — Isaac Asimov
-Herman Bavinck on Preaching and Preachers— James Eglinton
-Foundation and Empire — Isaac Asimov
-Second Foundation — Isaac Asimov
-Left, Right, & the Prospects for Liberty — Murray N. Rothbard
-Democracy: The God That Failed — Hans Herman Hoppe
-The Forever War — Joe Halderman
-Forever Free — Joe Halderman
-Wolverine, Volume 3: Wolverine’s Revenge — Jason Aaron
-Slaughterhouse-Five — Kurt Vonnegut
-A Separate War — Joe Halderman
-Foundation’s Edge — Isaac Asimov
-The Prince — Niccolò Machiavelli
-Nemesis — Isaac Asimov
-Citizen of the Galaxy — Robert Heinlein
-Hatching Twitter: A True Sotry of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal — Nick Bilton
-Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep — Phillip K. Dick
-The Religious Life of Theological Students — B.B. Warfield
-Out of the Silent Planet — C.S. Lewis
-The Great Divorce — C.S. Lewis
-Behold a Pale Horse — William Milton Cooper
-Confessions of an Economic Hitman — John Perkins
-The Abolition of Man — C.S. Lewis
-Geerhardus Vos: Reformed Biblical Theologian , Confessional Presbyterian — Danny Olinger
-Foundation and Earth — Isaac Asimov
-Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God — Jonathan Edwards
-A River in Darkness: One Man’s Escape from North Korea — Masaji Ishikawa
-Annihilation — Jeff Vandermeer
-Authority — Jeff Vandermeer
-Acceptance — Jeff Vandermeer
-Commentary on 1 Corinthians — John Calvin
-Education, Christianity, and the State — J. Gresham Machen
-Machinery of Freedom: Guide to Radical Capitalism — David Friedman
-The Federal Reserve Conspiracy — Anthony Sutton
-A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy — Miyamoto Musashi
-Apology — Plato
-Odd and the Frost Giants — Neil Gaiman
-The Universe in a Nutshell — Stephen Hawking
-Prelude to Foundation — Isaac Asimov
-Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il — Michael Malice
-America before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization — Graham Hancock
-The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics — Michael Malice
-The Enchiridion — Epictetus
-The Punisher MAX, Vol 1: In the Beginning — Garth Ennis
-The Machieavellians: Defenders of Freedom — James Burnham
-End the Fed — Ron Paul
-Serenity: Those Left Behind — Joss Whedon
-Ego and Hubris: The Michael Malice Story — Harvey Pekar
-The Art of War — Sun Tzu
-A Renegade History of the United States — Thaddeus Russell
-The Prose Edda — Snorri Sturluson
-My Hero Academia, #1 — Kohei Horikoshi
-My Hero Academia, #2 — Kohei Horikoshi
-Tokyo Ghoul, Tome 1 — Sui Ishida
-Selections from the Table Talk of Martin Luther — Martin Luther
-Animal Farm — George Orwell
-Pointiac: The Life and Legacy of the Famous Native American Chief — Charles River Editors
-Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Project that Brought Nazi Scientists to America — Annie Jacobsen
-Neuromancer — William Gibson
-The Last Wish — Andrzej Sapkowski
-Sword of Destiny — Andrzej Sapkowski
-Better Days and Other Stories — Joss Whedon
-The Stranger — Albert Camus
-Christianity and Liberalism — J. Gresham Machen
-Count Zero — William Gibson
-Blood of Elves — Andrzej Sapkowski
-Tokyo Ghoul 2 — Sui Ishida
-The World That Couldn’t Be — Clifford Simak
-The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays — Richard Ebeling
-Anarchy — Errico Malatesta
-Anarchism and Other Essays — Emma Goldman
-No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority — Lysander Spooner
-Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind — Noam Chomsky
-The Time of Contempt — Andrzej Sapkowski
-The Communist Manifesto — Karl Marx
-Mona Lisa Overdrive — William Gibson
-The Metamorphosis — Franz Kafka
-The Enchiridion on Faith, Hope, and Love — Augustine
-The Structure of Scientific Revolutions — Thomas Kuhn
-The Dunwich Horror — H.P. Lovecraft
-The Machine Stops — E.M. Forster
-Rip Van Winkle — Washington Irving
-The Screwtape Letters — C.S. Lewis
-Self-Reliance — Ralph Waldo Emmerson
-Perspectives on Pentecost — Richard B. Gaffin Jr.
-Wanted: 7 Fearless Engineers! — Orlin Tremaine
-Norse Mythology — Neil Gaiman
-The Whole Armor of God: How Christ’s Victory Strengthens Us for Spiritual Warfare — Iain Duguid
-Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival — Dave Canterbury
-God With Us: Divine Condescension and the Attributes of God — K. Scott Oliphint
-Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West — Cormac McCarthy
-Why I Believe in God — Cornelius Van Til
-Paul at Athens — Cornelius Van Til
-Astrphysics for People in a Hurry — Neil DeGrasse Tyson
-Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion — Thomas E. Woods Jr.
-City of Glass — Paul Auster
-The Articles of Confederation — Continental Congress
-The Temptation of Our Lord — John Bale
-Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan — Scott Horton
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Let us, then, cultivate an attitude of courage as over against the investigations of the day. None should be more zealous in them then we. None should be more quick to discern truth in every field, more hospitable to receive it, more loyal to follow it wherever it leads.
B.B. Warfield
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craigtowens · a year ago
Why should you turn from God when you turn to your books, or feel that you must turn from your books in order to turn to God? If learning and devotion are as antagonistic as that, then the intellectual life is in itself accursed and there can be no question of a religious life for a student, even of theology.
B.B. Warfield
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mamilton · 9 months ago
February 16: “The Saving Christ,” by B.B. Warfield
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glori-acristo · 4 years ago
“Para o estóico, de fato”, diz o Dr. Bigg, “Deus era a Lei Natural, e Seu outro nome era Destino.
O que é Fatalismo? - Benjamin B. Warfield
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jondenden · 2 months ago
Our faith itself, though it be the bond of our union with Christ through which we receive all His blessings, is not our savior. We have but one Savior; and that one Savior is Jesus Christ our Lord. Nothing that we are and nothing that we can do enters in the slightest measure into the ground of our acceptance with God. Jesus did it all.
B.B. Warfield
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letmeillustrate · 11 months ago
The Old Testament may be likened to a chamber richly furnished but dimly lighted; the introduction of light brings into it nothing which was not in it before; but it brings out into clearer view much of what is in it but was only dimly or even not at all perceived before. The mystery of the Trinity is not revealed in the Old Testament; but the mystery of the Trinity underlies the Old Testament revelation, and here and there almost comes into view. Thus the Old Testament revelation of God is not corrected by the fuller revelation that follows it, but only perfected, extended and enlarged.
B.B. Warfield, “The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity,” in Biblical Doctrines, The Works of Benjamin B. Warfield, vol. 2 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1932; reprint, Grand Rapids: Baker, 2003), 141-42.
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revelation19 · 2 years ago
We must not, then, as Christians, assume an attitude of antagonism toward the truths of reason, or the truths of philosophy, or the truths of science, or the truths of history, or the truths of criticism. As children of the light, we must be careful to keep ourselves open to every ray of light. Let us, then, cultivate an attitude of courage as over against the investigations of the day. None should be more zealous in them than we. None should be more quick to discern truth in every field, more hospitable to receive it, more loyal to follow it, whither soever it leads.
B.B. Warfield
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alistairradley · 3 years ago
He who begins by seeking God within himself may end up confusing himself with God.
B.B. Warfield
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It give expression not merely to our sense that we have received salvation from Him, but also to our appreciation of what it cost Him to procure this salvation for us. It is the name specifically of the Christ of the cross. Whenever we pronounce it, the cross is placarded before our eyes and our hearts are filled with loving remembrance of not only that Christ has given us salvation, but that He paid a mighty price for it.
B.B. Warfield
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