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queens-webhead · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
okay so i’m looking and I think we’ve established:
for their powers/colors right?
take a look at Pietro here
I am REACHING yes but idc LOOK AT HIM. Blue on the outer layer (hat/jacket), purple on the inner layer with the shirt, but in the middle of the shirt is blue again. Initially coming off as “good” on the outside with trying to play his part and all, we learn that he’s being controlled by, has been brought by, is made by or working with agnes or SOMETHING of that sort given the scene in the Agatha All Along segment (a BANGER btw so true queen) - so purple underneath that first outside layer of blue. But in the middle of the shirt at his core? Blue again.
he’s coming back to us babes!! idk what’s gonna happen but my bet is him turning from or being released from whatever it is agatha has with him and working with monica or for good in the end
so true king!!
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flypaw · 19 days ago
C!dream isn't hot, he's pathetic. Why call child abuse hot when you can call c!Niki and c!Wilbur hot when they stood up for each other at the festival. Actual hot girl shit -thespoonisvictory
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chixxly · 3 months ago
Bakugou and Deku are surely an old married couple.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tell me they don’t look like they have been dating for years.
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yumefanfare · 7 days ago
cats when they. tummy
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sajdd · 26 days ago
i find it very amusing when people actually like any analysis or headcanons i post because like, everyone out like OMG BANGER!!!! SO TRUE!!! MASSIVE BRAIN!! and im like hey guys i spent like 10 minutes trying to make this a comprehensible sentence. i have no idea what i am doing. help
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callizinc · 18 days ago
wait actually I have another one. people villainize c!sam way more than he deserves, and tommy and ghostbur dying in the prison wasnt his fault
Tumblr media
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peimingbf · 24 days ago
so true claudio txt posting!!!!!
txt got to me as of late...
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sageinacage · 12 days ago
also I was reading through your ler tag and was immediately smacked in the face by a ler mood like. you’re so right sksjsksksksjs
esp the tummy nibbles/kisses (/p)??? I swear that’s all I think about like my professors like “open up to page 546” and i’m like “haha tiquol go brrr”
I just wanna nibble along someone’s belly and place little raspberries over their skin and coo at them as they throw their head back and giggle freely and cling on to me trying not to push me away 🥺
this is so true like. tummy kisses/nibbles (/p) are my favorite thing ever for a reason; they're so tickly and flustering at the same time WAHHHH /pos
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kazuhasbunny · 9 days ago
btw, congrats on ayaka!
ice bridge 100
anyways here’s thoma leaks to celebrate
ehe tysm ! i actually want her for her charged attacks ... but i’m not dissapointed in any ways ! she is SO cute and pretty i’m fruitfully panicking over her,, AND SHE JINGLES WHEN SHE WALKS AAA *dies* ayaka u are . so amazing . wife <33
OH WOW what a banger thoma leak so true !!!!!!!
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neatotothethirddegree · 7 days ago
i think knife and pickel should kiss
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