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cloudslou · a month ago
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asoftersideofbrutality · 3 months ago
So I'm kind of leaning towards the wrestling au being right in the beginning of their careers, like still in the academy and just starting to get in the indie circuit.
This is all being informed by my own experience in a wrestling academy & the indie circuit. Tumblr isn't letting me put this under a read more so imma only focus on the core 5 rn, but feel free to shoot me asks of other characters to see what their role would be!
Welcome to Mordhaus, School of Professional Wrestling. Some of the hopefuls here partake in death matches. Graduates often sign with the Crystal Mountain Wrestling promotion if they're lucky.
Some members include Nathan Explosion, a natural who often acts as leader and coach to some of the newer students. If only his promos didn't suck he might have a chance at graduation. He just needs to find his voice. He tends towards heel but is a capable babyface.
Pickles is one of the oldest students and technical graduate. He's a high flier and leans into being a heel, if he could just pick a gimmick. He started very punk rock and later gained notoriety in midwest indie wrestling with a flamboyant glam rock gimmick. He's the most experienced and tries to help people find their wrestling identity even though he has trouble figuring out his own.
Skwisgaar flew in from Sweden to train with the best, bc frankly professional wrestling isn't a thing where he's from. He has natural talent and is already working the indie circuit. His gimmick is very a very flashy, sexyman full of himself type heel, and boy is he good at getting heat. They say the best gimmicks are just bigger versions of yourself, and Skwisgaar embodies this. He often needs to be reminded that he's not above working ring crew and shaking hands.
William Murderface traveled all the way to Mordhaus from Alabama to pursue his dream of being the most hardcore death match wrestler. But first he needs to learn how to wrestle. He's never afraid to try something dangerous (which gets him hurt, a lot) and is always eager to bother the more experienced wrestlers and "kick their asses". (They let him go over because it's the right thing to do.) He's a bit of a know-it-all and has encyclopedic knowledge on professionals in the big leagues, indie circuits, moves, and general wrestling history. If only he actually worked out and applied himself he might be pretty good. Even when he tries to be a babyface he gets heat, which pisses him off.
Toki Wartooth is the newest recruit, and technically is too young to be here, but due to certain circumstances he was allowed to join. A runaway from Norway, he has the athleticism but lacks training, so he came to Mordhaus. His dream is to be signed to Crystal Mountain Wrestling and be on TV. His promos are awkward and he doesn't quite know who he is yet, but he's getting there.
I have more ideas for the other characters but here's a start!
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gryfon-spanish-werewolf · 10 months ago
7. What story/headcanons do you feel the proudest of?
15. What is the fanfic you’ve written that you’re most proud of? 
16. What fanfic tropes do you avoid writing for?
17. What fanfic tropes do you gravitate to writing for? 
20. What feedback makes you the happiest to hear?
21. Is there an idea you’ve always wanted to write, but haven’t yet? 
36. What fanfic of yours has the symbolism you’re proudest of? 
39. What area of writing do you feel strongest in?
Fanfic Writer Asks
7) In terms of headcanons (which I wouldn’t say I make often) I think I’m most proud of how I unabashedly use magic in a lot of my stories. Elsa’s magic, Troll magic, Other-magic - if I think something is neat then I kind of just roll with it!
Elsa’s ice magic, in canon has a LOT of uses, but I like pushing the boundaries. Ice-GPS? Check. Icepack for that burn? Check (though who hasn’t xD). Troll magic used for time travel? Check. Troll magic used for Dream-traversal?? Check. Physical embodiment of a strong emotion via magic? Check. Physical, evil appearance of an emotion incarnate via ice magic and troll magic and the POWER OF LOVE? Where’s my BINGO sheet? Cuz check that too.
15) OOF wow, that’s a hard one. I hate to say it but it MIGHT be one that’s not published and is currently sitting on my GDrive >_>;; I’m really proud of my Frozen!StarWars crossover
But of the ones that are published? Either A Banisher’s Dilemma or Great Knight Annatorias, The Abysswalker. I got to be super nerdy and meta on the second one^^
16) I avoid writing smut, I’ve never really been game for it. I’m always amazed that other people can write it, but I never really want to. I also tend to avoid angst, especially if it’s for no other reason than JUST angst. It has it’s place, but I don’t like using it just to get a reaction. (Some of you are already pointing fingers at Spirit - I know I KNOW xD It was a one off, I swear!)
17) I immediately gravitate towards anything SOFT. I love slice of life, I love characters bonding with each other, I love when they have CONVERSATIONS, especially about hard things that they can work through together! I also love “Firsts’”! First meeting, first hug, first confession, first kiss, first hand-hold, first date, first anniversary, etc etc. I love confessions and conversations. On the flip side I really love established relationships? Whatever they are: familial, friends, romantic or marital. There’s something really nice about a a pair or a group already being together. I have no idea where that all fits under your standard trope lists, but those are mine!
20) I absolutely scream if anyone ever quotes my stuff back to me saying stuff like “I really liked this line/paragraph/part because...” and then says why. I lose my mind. I also love when people say “This made me feel X” because I’m just ever so curious about how writing affects people!
Edit bc I forgot: I’ve had one (1) person make me fan art once as “feedback” for a story and I was on cloud 9 for like, shit, a month?? I still think about that person. I legit hope they are living their best life.
21) I wouldn’t say I “always” wanted to write this since I’m WAY too impatient to wait on ideas most of the time BUT I have had this au sitting in my WIPs folder for nearly 6 YEARS and it’s about how the King and Queen of Arendelle are secretly part of a vampire hunting guild. They kill a vampire that snuck into the castle one night but not before it infects their daughter and heir to the throne, Elsa (who’s like, 6 or 8). Even though they’re oathbound to kill vampires, they can’t kill their daughter. The castle is closed similar to post-Accident Frozen 1.
Jumping to modern times, Anna is a history student exploring the mountains of Norway with her classmate, Hans, and a guide, Kristoff, and they are heading for the ruins of Arendelle castle for a research project. Rumors say that despite wars, invasions, thrill seekers, and treasure hunters, a lot of people that go into that foggy area of the fjord waters and forest end up lost and never found. The few that make it out tell tales of strange chills and the feeling of eyes at their backs. Locals know that the headstones of the last living Royals (who died at sea) are still tended to, though no one knows by whom. Anna gets separated from the group and encounters a sleeping Elsa in the castle before sundown. Afraid for the stranger’s safety (it’s winter, it’s cold, and it’s going to be night soon), Anna attempts to wake Elsa, to no avail. Realizing she’s sort of stuck herself, Anna builds a fire and awaits morning (and her own rescue), unknowing that in the last rays of sunlight her “companion” is about to wake. For the worse.
Unrelated to fanfic, I HAVE always wanted to write a story about a girl named Rain (as such for her birth during a terrible storm) that misfortune is heaped upon by the bucketful, so much so that everyone believes she’s cursed, except for her tutor. I want her name have a double meaning that she both slumps and shines under, since rain may bring destruction, but also growth and healing.
36) A Banisher’s Dilemma, hands down. I did SO MUCH RESEARCH for that fic AND I was in a Bible New Testament class at the same time, so I just SHOVED a whole bunch of Christian history, themes, imagery, and references in there. It’s not the only symbolism however, as I mixed plenty of other global and cultural references in there as well. Hard not to, since Anna is literally jet-setting to a new location nearly every chapter.
39) Surprising maybe no one: light humor! My writing is often funny, mostly because I like to make myself laugh :D If I’m not having fun, than what’s the point!? Most often it’s shown off in my one shots or short fiction, but even re-reading some of my longer chapter fics still has me laughing at the same jokes I wrote many years ago.
If not humor than portraying strong emotions. I’ve received too many (generous and loving <3) comments about how pinpoint accurate or visceral my portrayal of joy or sorrow, grief or fear, or love and happiness are to deny it. And that’s much less of a boast and more a humble acknowledgement of people who have written very thoughtful responses to my work, and it would be irresponsible to imply that their words over the years were false in any way.
Thanks for the ask! These are a lot of really good questions!
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prince-liest · a year ago
I get all twitchy everytime I read chapter 95, that's the most we've seen of the Commission in a single chapter. They're meta-ing about Shigaraki? Hng, knowing Shig and Kei have paralleling backstories I'm just- wow, Hawks grew up around these grouchy assholes. How much do you wanna say we get 2.0 of All Might's retirement with them? Let me take these words. 'You fool. We lost Hawks' quirk and for what?' 'The world now knows of (insert any war crime hawks committed here)' (1/6)
'The Wing Hero as we knew him is gone. The people of this country know it, the villains know it too.' This is what we get for always relying on one man.' *side-eyes everything hawks did solo* I wonder if we could paint a picture on what the hc is like, some of these guys are reoccurring characters. One of them was pushing hawks in horikoshi's anime ep debut sketch. Getting handsy there. You can't pull that with any other hero. (2/6)
Something sounds off to me when they say they gotta prove they can do more than taking in the villains the heroes defeat? It's like, the wrong kind of ambition. What are you gonna do to get yourself some more credit just cuz your not satisfied with the fact that the villains are being stopped. Nah, you wanna go ahead be the ones to do it. So they send Hawks. Now logically 'course they can't do anything, heroes are the only ones licensed to fight them. (3/6) 
Investigations make sense, making plans behind the scenes. But like, can't you make charities or organizations or literally anything to help rehabilitate villains or maybe stop them from going down that path? Like, public lectures more 'be nice to each other' policies sorry that sounds lame. But your civilians! (4/6)
Public safety, can't you have a say in non-hero related matters and take a look at your justice system so people like Twice don't end up with a bad record over an accident that wasn't even their fault? Smh, they didn't even do much for the investigations. You got two men on that, Tsukauchi and Gran Torino are the only officially named people on it. Congrats, you caught Kurogiri then traumatized Mic and Aizawa. Who actually deserves the credit??? And with Hawks???? (5/6)
He did everything himself. And now it ended up a total flop. Well boo hoo, the hc can't take anything from that are they gonna dump the failure on them??? Oh people riot, children were in danger! Ah, it's U.A's fault, their students. Sorry for the spam, if u wanna answer I hope this could go under the cut. and um am I just totally wrong bc I saw it praised somewhere how willing they are to make changes :D and I'm just here like 😒 Bruh, where? (6/6)
I think one of the big things about the Hero Public Safety Commission that characterizes why it has inevitably turned to some form of corruption or another is that hero popularity is a big part of the ranking system, and subsequently how heroes and the HPSC earn money. Maybe I’ve listened to too many of my dad’s ‘America is a capitalist nightmare and I miss Soviet Kazakhstan’ speeches, but honestly, people generally aren’t evil. They’re just greedy, and it always comes back to money and power.
If you make a system where attaining money and power is prioritized, particularly in a way that prioritizes things like popularity contests and incident resolution rates, you’re going to end up with an organization that is not going to be spectacularly incentivized to, say, lower the heroes’ incident resolution rates by lowering the number of incidents. It's likely not even be deliberate - rather, it’s just an ingrained attitude of This Is How This Works.
On top of that, there’s a pretty strong attitude among many societies that criminals and villains don’t “deserve” kind treatment due to their actions, which often gets in the way of taking actions that lower crime rates.
Studies show that providing free basic housing to the homeless reduces taxpayer dollars spent on the homeless because basic housing costs less than the ER visits homeless people make when they don’t have a shelter and get sick (which taxes then cover because a homeless person obviously cannot). 
Countries like Denmark and Norway that have prison systems with significantly more lenience, freedom, family contact, and life coaching for prisoners have much lower recidivism rates than countries like the US that don’t. (There are likely other factors such as cultural homogeneity in play,  but this is a big one.)
Despite these things being known, the reaction to ‘let’s provide housing for the homeless’ or ‘let’s be more supportive of our prisoners’ is very often indignity and offense, because ‘why should my hard work go to hand-outs to those people who don’t work hard at all’ - so between all of these things, I’m very unsurprised that the HPSC is not particularly prioritizing rehabilitation.
(That said, I emphatically disagree with the people who believe that offering rehabilitation to Twice was selfish of Hawks. You can’t be so anti-social that you’re harming people without a care for those around you unless they’re your friends and then say it’s all society’s fault that you fell through the cracks.)
All of that aside, I think a lot of people are speculating that the raid failing is going to be dumped on Hawks’s head and he’s going to be cast aside by the HPSC, and to be perfectly honest I disagree and am not entirely sure where that came from. Hawks is over a decade’s worth of investment and the Commission’s golden child. Sure, he’s also an abused child soldier, but they’re not going to dump him to the wayside when an incredibly difficult solo-mission he did with zero support risks failure due to things entirely outside of his control. If he loses his wings, it’s likely he won’t be able to be a hero anymore, but given that Endeavor and some others noted knowledge that he was behind the intel they got for the raid, I see it as much more likely that he’s going to go down as a hero and a martyr with most of his darker deeds unpublicized - and martyrdom in particular is largely in-touch with the themes of his arc so far.
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linnlarsnhansn · a year ago
how was your experience at folk school in norway? i am going to one this year and i am incredibly nervous but excited at the same time. was it easy to make friends? also, which folk did u end up going to?
thank you so much for asking - because I love talking about my year in Norway!!I had an amazing experience at folk high school. What I loved the most was being in a little “bubble” in a totally new place. It was the most relaxing year of my life, because I didn’t have any homework nor did I have any activities outside of school. And yet I was rarely bored, because since I went to a drama class we often had extra rehearsal in the evenings and the school arranged lots of fun happenings. I think what many people say is the best part about folk high school is the friends you make, but that was not my experience. It may sound sad to say, but I didn’t really make any “close friends”, as in ppl who have sleep overs and braid each others hair and then stay in touch every day for the rest of their lives. And I don’t say this to scare you, I just feel like I have to be honest. And since those kind of friends is the expectations many have, I wanna be the one to tell everyone that you can have a good experience even if you don’t find your bffs there. My class was the best I’ve ever had and in the classroom we talked about everything, so that really helped me too.I also really loved being in Norway. It was so interesting to every day learn new stuff about Norwegian culture. And I saw my own language gradually changing into more and more of a mix between swedish and Norwegian. And you know for me there was lots of stuff, like say the Christmas dinner, that was just another Christmas dinner for everyone else, but for me it was something super exciting and new. This was also the first time living away from my parents, so I had to learn some new skills, like laundry, and although I was homesick a lot, it was a good practice in independence. I went to Solborg folkehøgskole. Lots of things about it was great and bc of my year there it will always feel like a very warm and welcome second home, but I don’t feel like I can “recommend” it with out acknowledging that the school was also quite homophobic (not the students, just the school). It was a christian profile, which I don’t mind, but a quite conservative one, and it’s owned by a company (and this goes for lots of norwegian folk high schools) that has very questionable view on some things like same sex marriage and abortion. Which school are you going to?okay sorry for going on for so long, I hope this was helpful in some way?? I just also want to say that I understand your feelings completely. I was so fcking scared the first day (I even cried a little when my parents left and I had to go into the dining hall alone lol), but I’ll never regret going. It was a totally unique experience and something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I really wish the best for you too, I’m sure you’ll have a great year. And feel free to message me again if you have any more questions!
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todokanu · a year ago
was watching a youtube video on travelling in iceland, and it inspired me a lot to continue saving as much as i can to travel. also, it just hit me that i never wrote down the bucket list i made in my mind a few years ago... so here it is for my own reference, so that i can come back here to look at it again whenever i feel like this stupid pain isn’t worth going through for the money 
(money? what money? /laughs bitterly/ i’m getting a fucking 70% paycut until december this year, saving isn’t even possible bc every single cent counts now. student loans continue to run even amidst the covid-19 pandemic, amidst other expenses like rent, petrol etc.)
anyways. a list of places I want to travel at least once in this fucking miserable life:
1. japan (tokyo, osaka, hokkaido... etc.) i want to stay in a ryokan for one night at least, and get the full experience of a traditional japanese ryokan. the yukatas, onsen, sleeping on futons... and see them tatami mats if the ryokan i visit still uses them.
2. switzerland For extreme sports. Back when shinee’s one fine day was released, I watched taemin travel to switzerland to do extreme sports, and that really kickstarted everything for me. it felt as if doing all those extreme sports activities was a way for taemin to be reborn anew, that he was no longer the baby maknae of the group. i wanted that, the whole rite of passage where you are no longer your old self, and doing all these activities was a sign of you taking one step further into your future, and you are in control of what you want to do in life. it felt amazing even through my computer screen watching taemin achieve all that. 
Parachuting, snowboarding, skiing... yeah. I want to do that all one day. Okay fine maybe I don’t have to snowboard or ski in switzerland, but i definitely want to try parachuting in switzerland one day. I bet the view from above is to die for.
Oh, speaking of views, I want to visit the Swiss Alps too one day. Time to train my stupid self for hiking and leading a healthier lifestyle. 
3.  iceland I just watched Allan Wu’s travel guide on the Ring Road trip on youtube, and I am even more inspired to visit Iceland one day. Probably gonna go here as soon as I can, idk when all of nature’s beauty is gonna disappear bc of humankind’s horrible habits in destroying what’s left of mother nature. Before this, I wanted to visit Iceland mostly bc of the Northern Lights, but yeah, I think I’d love to do a road trip around Iceland during summer too now. 
4. norway idk, it seems like such a peaceful and quiet place to visit. i saw a picture of some place in norway once, and it gave me them iceland vibes. maybe i can road trip around iceland, and watch the northern lights in norway. 
5. taiwan (mostly tai-zhong & tainan tbh) not... really interested in taipei’s cityscape tbh.... except for the food (and promise of books/BL manga LMAO). I’m more interested in the suburb beauty taizhong & tainan have to offer. lush greenery & hills (i bet they look amazing during fall), and there’s that monastery somewhere in taizhong or tainan i don’t remember :/ but yeah, i really want to see more of the countryside. 
6. new zealand nice countryside hilly views. the greenery, the autumn colours. yeah. i’d love that.
7. europe. ok fine i’ll put amsterdam down on this list bc me and my friend made a pact to visit amsterdam in 2022. but let’s see if that’s possible now lol.
8. europe. germany... austria... italy... the art musuems! the buildings and culture and architecture! definitely something different (southeast)asian architecture. I’ve seen my friend who went to germany to study & work go plenty of places for hiking with lovely scenery. hope i can go too one day.
9. the U.S (california, new york... yosemite... i think you can see a trend here lmao) to see my good pals!! amy and austyn and bluu!!!!!!!! i miss these lovely peeps. good times.
i don’t know where else. people keep telling me, go bali/bangkok/south korea!! but honestly. i’m not rly interested in those places. i don’t want to spend money just to go there for like, shopping or whatever. i can do that here in msia lololol. I want to go to places where i get vast breathtaking views... like... the vastness of this world makes me feel like i belong to a bigger picture in this universe that i can’t see or feel when i’m just struggling to get by in the big city, you know? i feel like iceland, norway and taiwan can give me that. japan is a dream since young, used to be spurred on by watching lots of anime, but now i just love the serenity i might get from onsens & ryokans, and the excitement of travelling to a place i’ve always seen on tv. (i know, japan has its own set of problems. but i’m going there as a tourist lol, not to migrate there and drown myself in or take on whatever political problems are swimming in the undercurrent of the country) 
i hope i’ll get to go to a place where i can camp out and go stargazing (milky way!!) one day. pretty sure i can do that here in msia too. but yeah, i should start from where i am. i’ve never gone camping before, nor proper hiking. my stamina’s gone to shit ever since i started working bc i’m too drained to exercise. that’s not good. i’ve never really been fit all my life. i should start training and getting fit, so that when i hike the hills & mountains i can do it without wanting to die on a cliff lmao. maybe i should google for stargazing groups in msia, join them and learn how ppl camp in the wilderness. 
mosquitoes are a staple for sure. insect repellant will be there to help me. but i’m more curious about how people take a dump and pee when there’s no bathroom in sight. do they seriously do it by the roadside? i hope not :( i have to force myself to get out of my comfort zone of having a clean bathroom and amenities. otherwise road trips will be hard on me.
here’s to hoping things will get better. @ self, hang in there. one day i will be okay again. i hope so.
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mbti-notes · 2 years ago
Hello! I must say that your blog has helped me A lot in my journey of self-improvement! I have a problem with myself,I need reflections on. I'm an INFJ that has PTSD (lifelong abuse) and borderline. I'm a third culture kid and have been aching for stability for years. And most of the countries I've lived in don't have mental health resources so I have been walking on egg shells and put my mental health on hold. For 2 years I lived in my parents home country while my family still lived in asia-p1
[con’t: After that I realized that I could not make it my country, I couldn’t study what I wanted in university or work because of the language. I came to the conclusion that sooner or later I needed to establish my life somewhere so last year I decided to go to the country where I spent most of my life in (Norway). Because of my PTSD most of my life is repressed, but after living there for almost a year it has been extremely triggering. It was dark, cold and I was completely alone, and it made me fall into depressive thoughts, worsened my Mental health. And because of my poor mental health I had very hard time taking care of myself. I was also struggling economically, and combining this with my childhood triggers it became a nightmare. I was in a waiting list for ages, and when I got help from the psychologist to get help with my ptsd and borderline, she told me that the constant moving have affected me and I need to find stability in a country, she told me to think about itThe problem is that no matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t get better. Instead I find myself very anxious and having panic attacks bc I feel like I need things decided. The thing is that I have realized that planning things inside my head is one thing and reality is completely different. Something else I’ve realized is that I need to have people in my life, it helps me to cope. I have also high expectations from my family to finish my studies but its hard in the mental space I am in]
I’m not sure if there was another message at the end that I didn’t receive since it ended somewhat abruptly, but I get the picture. Yes, third culture kids often suffer from a feeling of having no roots and thus no real home, which of course is made much worse by existing in an abusive home that has never made them feel welcome. Roots are important because they provide stability and a sense of security, it’s something you can rely on and go back to in times of need. Unfortunately, since your parents didn’t help establish roots for you, you are now tasked with doing that for yourself as an adult. INFJs need a “social home” to belong to, a place with people who provide moral and emotional support, and your mental health issues are directly attributable to the fact that you’ve never had that kind of social support in your life. You understand the crux of the problem, which is good.
I’m a little bit dismayed that your psychologist simply asked you to “think about it” because it’s technically their job to help you think through problems by teaching you strategies rather than just send you home to do it yourself - if you could solve the problem yourself, you would have done so already. To be fair, psychologists are human too, and they can get overwhelmed when a new client comes in and immediately unloads a whole boatload of complicated problems that need sorting out.
You say that the more you think about it, the worse it gets. The reason for that is your “thinking” isn’t real thinking, it’s merely rumination, which means that you just go over the problem again and again without getting anywhere and it makes you feel worse for never accomplishing anything (see the article on rumination). Proper thinking is systematic, critical, strategic, goal-oriented, and targeted to solving problems effectively and efficiently. It seems that you lack the skill to think in such a way (Ti loop), so your thinking is unproductive. 
You’ve raised a lot of problems in a short description. They all need solving, it’s true, but you have to prioritize them, which you haven’t done. You should make a list of all the major problems in your life that need solving. Then you should order those problems from most urgent to least important. If you can’t solve one problem without first tackling another, then that other problem needs to be moved up the priority list. Then you should tackle them in order, be systematic. 
Next: For each problem, you have to 1) identify the exact cause of the problem, then 2) brainstorm possible solutions, then 3) identify which solution is the most effective one, i.e., the one that is feasible and tackles the root cause(s). If you have trouble with identifying the cause of the problem, brainstorming solutions, or judging/deciding which idea is the best solution, then you research and ask for advice from those who are more knowledgeable and experienced than you. When you’re able to clarify your problems, you’ll have a better idea of who to ask, and the people you ask for advice will have a better time helping because they have a better idea of what you need.
According to the description, I’d say your most immediate and urgent problem is finishing your studies, though that’s not the most important problem in the grand scheme of your life. If the main obstacle in finishing your studies is that your mental health suffers from lack of social support, then the first problem you should tackle is the social support. Brainstorm solutions. Maybe you need to see a counselor to process your feelings regularly and keep you on track. Maybe you can join a student support group. Maybe you can join a depression or anxiety support group. Maybe you can call a free mental health hotline or write to a mental health forum to talk out your feelings. Maybe you can join clubs or activities to make friends. If there are people you trust, maybe you can do more to develop those relationships and lean on them a bit more instead of trying to go it alone. You can meet new people by asking friends to introduce you to their other friends.
Tackle the social support problem first since it will help you with everything else. Then your studies should improve. If you have to slow down and take fewer courses because you need more time to care for your mental health, then do it. Once your studies are finished, you’ll be in a better position to make a living. Then you’ll be more free to move around and look for a place to settle down and make your home. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself by thinking about ALL the problems ALL the time. Draw a linear mental map that lays out your strategy for addressing the problems systematically, one by one, then you can focus all your attention on the problem at hand instead of always getting too far ahead of yourself and feeling drowned in anxiety about the future. In other words, when you know your general direction, you can focus on what you need to do today to move in that direction (healthy Ni). 
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Tagged by the gorgeous @empressjiaer
The rules are:
1. Tag the person who tagged you
2. Answer the questions
3. Tag 10 people
* How tall are you?
5′3 so idk if i’m short or average 
* What color and style is your hair?
black but dark brown how bc i dyed it like 7 months ago and super long about up to my tailbone
* What color are your eyes?
* Do you wear glasses?
* Do you war braces?
aslo no
* What’s your fashion sense?
it depends tbh most days its just jeans and a t-shirt but sometimes I go more grungey and other times I dress up more hippieish. but on the occasion I get dressed up (but i always wear pants bc i hate skirts and dresses lol)
* Full name?
Courtney Madison lol not putting my last name
* When were you born?
December 23, 1999
* Where are you from and where do you live now?
born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and still live here :)
* What school did you go to?
one in Queens, NY
* What kind of student are you?
i mostly kept to my friends but also socialized with other people. i did my homework sometimes but also slacked off and joked in class
* Do you like school?
I liked certain classes/teachers and seeing my friends. that’s about it
* Favorite subject?
History & English but in my final 2 years in hs i loved my ASL class & my sports class
* Favorite TV show?
man I have a lot: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Sherlock, Buzzfeed Unsolved, SKAM (i love that show more than anything) & I would say Shameless but i literally hate the whole show except for one character, Mickey Milkovich
* Favorite movie?
my ult is The Breakfast Club but i have a soft spot for a lot more like The Princess Bride (that i’m convinced shaped my humor) 
* Favorite books?
it changed in the past year but it’s currently Call Me By Your Name, both the book and the movie are amazing
* Favorite pastime?
youtube honestly, i spend most of my time on there
* Do you have any regrets?
honestly who doesn’t
* Would you ever like to be married?
I would love to tbh, ever since I was little I dreamed about my wedding day lmaoo
* Would you like to have kids?
* How many?
a big fat 0
* Do you like shopping?
yea but I also hate spending money so I don’t buy something unless i really want it
* What countries have you visited?
England, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Mexico, Dominican Republic & Italy
* Scariest nightmare you have ever had?
i honestly don’t remember my dreams or nightmares but I do remember one night my mom woke me up and said i was like really crying and whimpering but I don’t even remember what it was about 
* Any enemies?
believe me i’m not that social
* Any significant other?
* Do you believe in miracles?
* How are you?
i’m good, feeling better now since it’s getting warmer out & the sun stays out longer :) 
tagging my loves: @focusonjb @maddiekira @sevenpeaches @selectivelysalty
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estperpetua · 2 years ago
the sana discourse in skam italia is doing my head in
around 5.7% of norwegians are muslim, according to statistics from 2016.
oslo counts 623,966 people, with 52,688 muslims as of 2013. that’s roughly 8% of the population. 
overall, 30% of the population in oslo is not norwegian.
in 2017, norway's immigrant population made up 16.8% of the country's total population. 
as of 2016, 2.3% of the population in italy is muslim. 
of those, only 7,92% live in lazio (where rome is). 
there are 120,000 muslims in rome, over a population of around 2.8 million people. that equates to roughly 4% of the population. that includes italian muslims.
approximately 9.5% of the population in Rome consists of non-Italians.
8.2% of the italy’s population is made up of immigrants.
now. i was, and still am, incredibly annoyed by all the issues with the casting in skam italia. i wish the production could clarify whether they genuinely couldn’t find a muslim actress to play sana or--whatever else might have happened there. i also wonder why they seemingly cut the role of mahdi, although the director said that racism is going to be a key point in one of the next seasons (i’m pretty sure i read that somewhere). did they not find a muslim actress? did they not find a black actress? did they want the actress to have some kind of physical resemblance to og sana?
i’d suggest, as usual, to seek the opinion of italian muslims and italian people of colour about the casting. me, personally? i am white, and yet i was really pissed. it would be inaccurate and discriminatory to say that there wouldn’t be any young muslim woman in italy ready to feature in a ‘liberal’ tv show featuring a lgbt m/m couple. would she receive backlash? probably. but so did iman. so i really wish production could clarify what the hell happened there - where there no muslim actresses? not even actresses of colour?
(one thing to be said is that italian tv does not feature much diversity, not in terms of lgbt+ representation, not in terms of people of colour.)
i can’t, can’t stand the ‘if you don’t like it, don’t watch it’ discourse. people are allowed to be critical of productions they like. i am critical of this side of the show, and yet i intend to enjoy the hell of it because it’s probably the first italian production to focus on a gay couple, and in the current environment? we need that. we truly need that.
in regards to the diversity in terms of extras and side characters: rome =/= other italian cities, or smaller towns. personally, i know nothing of the area of rome skam italia is set in, so i can’t stay how many people of colour live there, how many go to liceo classico, etc. in general, italy is less racially diverse than other countries. in my high school there were probably... less than 10 people of colour over 800 students. that is likely to be different in rome, but probably nowhere near any american high school statistics.
tl;dr. you are allowed to be critical of the things you love. i agree that sana should have been played by a muslim actress, and i hope they really tried to find one and couldn’t. REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT. what’s also important is to recognise that cultural, social, economic backgrounds apply to different countries. 
(not even getting into the whole ‘more white gays representation’ side of things am*ricans seem to love bc just that just pisses me off)
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thuviel · 2 years ago
15, 21 and 29 for that 'not from US' ask meme. :-)
15. a saying, joke, or hermetic meme that only people from your country will get?
Oh no but there are so many!
Tumblr media
This is an image that literally 90% of all norwegians over the age of 13 will instantly resonate with lol. So in norway we have two written languages, bokmål and nynorsk. Nynorsk was contructed from the combination of a whole bunch of dialects to create a “proper” norwegian language that wasn’t danish (bc norway was owned by denmark at the time so lots of people spoke danish). So bc of that kids have to learn both languages in school, and the 90% that write bokmål absolutely hate learning nynorsk (I really liked it tbh but I’m the minority lol), so it’s become custom to um.. modify the nynorsk dictionaries as seen above ^^’ The altered title changes it from “Nynorsk dictionary” to “Vomit norwegian murder dictionary” bc the language is so hated by students lol
This whole post of norwegian sayings is also great but my fave is probably
Tumblr media
It’s really just a random saying that probably happened just bc the words rhyme, it doesn’t really have any meaning which is why I like it lol xD The original phrase is “Ha det på badet, din gamle sjokolade”
21. if you could send two things from your country into space, what would they be?
Hmmmmm probably a brunost and an ostehøvel. It’s a brown cheese that is kinda sweet, it’s a kind of whey cheese anyway, it’s very norwegian. And the other one is a cheese cutter which we invented :p
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
29. does your region/city have a beef with another place in your country?
Oh yes! So I live in Fredrikstad, and we have an eternal rivalry with our neighbouring town, Sarpsborg. To make a long story short, the swedes kept burning down old Sarpsborg so many times that they decided to leave and build a new city further inland in 1567. This became Fredrikstad, the best preserved fortress town in northern europe. After the war calmed down a lot of the citizens were like great we can go back to Sarpsborg again, but a bunch of others thought why would we do that this new town is obviously much better. The town split into two factions, the ones who thought Sarpsborg was best and returned there, and the ones who thought Fredrikstad was the best town and stayed there. And this feud is totally still alive, mention Sarpsborg to anyone in Fredrikstad and they will instantly wrinkle their nose lol. We have so many jokes and sayings about Sarpsborg, the staple one being “Det årnær sæ i Fredriksta, det nøtternte i Særp” which means something like “It will turn out alright in Fredrikstad, but it’s no use in Sarpsborg”. And of course all the sports games between the two towns have maximum rivalry, it’s quite entertaining ^^
Thanks for asking, I hope you like lots of history lol xD
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linos-teeth · 2 years ago
i got tagged
in the 50 questions and the about me tag by @chngbok ty browse!! these are a lot of questions and idk who i want to bother with them (unless you wanna be bothered then consider yourself tagged) but in case you wanna know some random stuff abt me there’s a lot of that under the cut!
what takes too much of your time?
currently, fic writing for sure
what makes your day better?
uhhh ideas, music, skz (except lino bc he literally just makes me cry)
what is the best thing that happened to you today?
lino in the victory song dance practice? (wow there's a theme already)
what fictional place would you like to go to?
hmmmmm the arbor wilds, the crossroads, the forge, h-047c, watford
are you good at giving advice?
do you have any mental illness?
uhhhh not theoretically (as in not diagnosed oops)
have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?
luckily not
what musician inspired you the most?
boy i rly can't say, usually it's writers or games that inspire me and music not so much?
have you fallen in love?
most likely yeah
what’s your dream date?
idk man surprise me like...going out exploring and doing things i haven't done before that don't include any drugs or stuff also movies are good
what do others notice about you?
my hair (it's long)
what is an annoying habit that you have?
biting my uh...the skin next to my nails? and my lips? i guess?
do you still talk to your first love?
ha nah
how many ex’s do you have?
how many songs are in your playlist?
i have 685 deezer faves
what instruments do you play?
piano, idk if recorder counts, used to play the oboe but...not any more
who do you have the most pictures of?
myself XD, my da/me chars, also random idol pictures for reaction memes
where would you like to go before you die?
uhhhhh a lot of places like...there's a lot of cities in europe i still wanna see and i wanna go back to paris and london and i also would love to visit like 294503 national parks in the us also maybe a desert (bc stars) and somewhere far north (for northern lights)
what’s your zodiac?
do you relate to it?
what is happiness to you?
just like...a content feeling? like...idk words for it but when you just stop and go like fuck this is rly good i'm rly comfy rn and not sad??? like just being good in your own skin?
are you going through anything right now?
not more than usual
what’s the worst decision you’ve ever made?
i made a few sucky time management decision throughout my uni time and still am so i guess that
what’s your favorite store?
what's a store
what’s your opinion on abortion?
i don't rly think i get to say much abt it while i'm not in a position where i can talk yknow? you should be allowed to but i imagine it's tough as shit too
do you keep a bucket list?
do you have a favorite album?
A FEW there's wildness by snow patrol and mania by fob and wild world by bastille and miroh (that's currently tho that shit changes a lot)
what do you want for your birthday?
my birthday isn't happening for a while and what i want i kinda need before so xD for my birthday i wish i could be with my family but i won't be able to :/
what are most people’s first impression of you?
uhhhhh awk i guess which is right, also rly smart and like...organised which is wrong
what age to you seem according to most people?
apparently like 16, i always get asked when i finish school
where do you keep your phone while sleeping?
on my bed next to my pillow, stuffed under some plushies
what word do you say the most?
idk honestly i don't talk much probably some expletive
what’s the oldest age would you date?
idk man i'm not rly attracted to ppl much older than me never have been if it ever happened they'd prolly be like 2 years younger oops that's like the norm with crushes
what’s the youngest age would you date?
oh uh see above i guess like...currently i'm 23 so like? not younger than 20?
what job/career do most people say sould suit you?
they don't rly say anything abt that xD
what’s your favorite music genre?
uhhh rock? alt stuff? i love some folk and some pop too and i'm a slut for lofi
if you would live in any country in the world, where would it be?
here tbh
what’s your current favorite song?
u h h probably still chronosaurus! doesn't look like it's leaving that spot any time soon oops
how long have you have this blog for?
a bit over a month now?
what are you excited for?
how pathetic is it if i say my summer course? idk just...smth new i guess i'm looking forward to it (not to being away from games and photoshop)
are you a better talker or a listener?
what is the last productive thing you did?
i finished vacuuming the house today
what do you want for Christmas?
s h r u g
what classes do you get the best grades in?
language stuff, music
on a scale of 1-10 how are you feeling right now?
a 4? maybe?
what can you see yourself doing in 10 years?
idk man i wanna go into speech therapy so?? that? or research even? but i gotta get into the masters first rip
when did you first get your heartbreak?
oh dear. probably kindergarten when my crush was an absolute ass (so far, 80% of them have been there's a theme) i was pathetic
at what age do you want to get married?
idk man i guess in like 100 years when someone finally decides they rly want to put up with this mess
what career did you want to have as a child?
florist, author, actress
what do you crave right now?
hugs? and drawing skill
1. How tall are you?
i'm jisung-sized
2. What color are your eyes?
3. What color and style is your hair?
uhhhh dark blonde would be the accurate desc prolly? it's like...blondebrowngoldish and too long and i usually braid it and i have a super messy fringe
4. Do you wear glasses?
5. Do you have braces?
luckily not!
6. What’s your fashion sense?
casual and basic with a dash of experimental and sometimes a bit cutesy
7. Full name?
Tumblr media
8. When were you born?
long, long ago, too long ago
9. Where are you from and where do you live
10. What school(s) do you go to?
no more school for me, i'm going to university
11. What kind of student are you?
the one that kinda gets by far too well for procrastinating so badly (all i have to say in my defense is that i'm anxious as shit abt everything)
12. Do you like school?
i used to!! like...the last 3 and first 3 years were chill
13. Fav subject?
music, history, english, latin
14. Fav TV shows?
i rly only watch b99 but i would be careful calling it my favorite since like...3 eps ago
15. Fav books?
my current fave is less by andrew sean greer (aka it was my fave last autumn and i've read like 3 since and they weren't super great)
16. Fav pastimes?
uhhh writing gaming music and lately, giffing too!
17. Do you have any regrets?
a couple
18. Dream job?
i mean i do still wish i could just smth artsy like be an author or an illustrator but i'm bad at writing and literally cannot draw at all so
19. Would you ever like to be married?
yes absolutely
20. Would you like to have children?
kinda yeah?
21. If so, how many?
22. Do you like shopping?
only for a limited amount of time
23. What countries have you visited?
denmark, norway, france, the uk, spain, italy, austria, slovakia, we also drove through switzerland like twice
24. Scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?
uhhhhhh basically all of the end of the world/war scenario dreams i've had?
25. Any enemies?
does myself count
26. Do you have a significant other?
27. Do you get along with your family?
yeah? we're not super close but we don't hate each other
28. Do you believe in miracles?
29. How are you?
not terrible
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angellhardy · 2 years ago
30 questions challenge!
Rules: Tag the person who tagged you, answer the questions, tag people, who ever and how many you like!
Tagged by: The amazing @into-the-blue-and-sunny-morn ! Thank you love! This is so cool!
How tall are you? 1.73m i think? 
What colour and style is your hair? long and dirty blonde, kinda wavy
What colour are your eyes? i think its like a blueish grey? but sometimes the look green 
Do you wear glasses? nope
Do you wear braces? used to years ago but not anymore (thank god)
What is your fashion style? I dont really have one. Somedays I like to like really chic and expensive and other days I want to look like some artsy girl or like i’m in a rock band lol
Full name? Jennifer....thats it
When were you born? 1999 (i just wanna go backkk, back to 1999)
Where are you from and where do you live? the wonderful germany 
What school do you go to? i dooont 
What kind of student are you? i was a generally a good one but i skipped a lot of french 
Do you like school? nah it ruined my mental health 
What are your favourite school subjects? english bc i was good at it and pe bc i like sports 
Favourite tv shows? b99, friends, jane the virgin, got, money heist, parks and rec, the office, modern family, that 70s show and so on (honestly there are too many but mostly funny stuff) 
Favourite books? I loved gone girl! And call me by your name broke me but in a good way 
Favourite pastime? i mostly play on my phone while netflix is playing in the backround and maybe do a bit of self care 
Any regrets? could have been better in school but its alright 
Dream job? idk i just want a job that i dont hate lol 
Would you like to get married? Y E S i would do it right now if i could
Would you like to have kids? yeah  as soon as possible
How many? 2 and then i want to adopt another one 
Do you like shopping? yeah *sigh* 
What countries have you visited? sweden, austria, france, england, italy, denmark, norway
Scariest nightmare you’ve ever had? I dont really have scary dreams? at least not very bad ones so i dont remember one right now lol
Do you have any ememies? dont think so 
Do you have a SO? Yes and I’ve been with him for soon 3 years 
Do you believe in miracles? yes of course!
I tag: @secretsweetscollectionblog @icangiveyoutheirnames @rogersfalsettos
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rogermeaddows · 2 years ago
30 questions challenge
Rules: Tag the person who tagged you, answer the questions, tag 20 people
I was tagged by @joemazzhello who’s a real sweetheart!! thank u!!
1. How tall are you?: I’m quite tall, 175cm (5′9!)
2. What color and style is your hair?: i’m dirt blonde, but i have highlights rn so blonde. it’s cropped rather short at the moment, like lucy boynton length actually! (chopped it off in september after coming home from my road trip. yikes)
3. What color are your eyes?: blue!
4. Do you wear glasses?: at times yes, mostly when i’m driving cause i can’t see shit that’s far away lmao
5. Do you wear braces?: nope!
6. What is your fashion style?: oh god it differs a bit, usually i veer more towards vintage/hipster/grungy looks, but sometimes i’m like !! chic preppy looks!! yay! but alas I’m definitely curvy/on the chubbier side so I can’t always wear the style I prefer
7. Full name: alexandra daniéla
8. When were you born?: 24th of june, 1995!
9. Where are you from and where do you live now?: i’m from sweden! 
10. What school do you go to?: wouldn’t you like to know?
11. What kind of student are you?: well I don’t know actually, I’m starting my first course at uni tomorrow. but I have a reputation of being a procrastinator who gets good grades bullshitting the day before... i’m tryna work on that though.
12. Do you like school?: i’ll get back to you on this one..
13. What are your favorite school subjects?: well when I was in school before my favourite subjects were english, swedish, history - and weirdly enough religion! religion fascinates me even though I consider myself agnostic.
14. Favorite TV shows: friends. outlander... uh, yeah - pretty much. I enjoy watching new girl as well but I don’t follow it and I haven’t watched it all the way through yet
15. Favorite movies? bohemian rhapsody (no really???), pride and prejudice (’05), i gotta add undrafted bc right now that’s a go-to feel-good movie tbh! 
16. Favorite books?: harry potter, lord of the rings, pride and prejudice, a really good swedish book called ‘jehovasjävlar’ which translates to... well, it’s not very nice. but it’s a story about a boy who’s a jehovahs witness, who decides to leave - and his struggles with keeping in touch with family who’s still religious. a true story that’s very gripping. a good read!
17. Favorite pastime: oh boy, reading I guess - listening to music and singing! going on walks and stuff like that!
18. Do you have any regrets?: to quote our lord and saviour, freddie mercury: and bad mistakes, i’ve made a few!!!
19. Dream job: i’m currently trying to be a lawyer which is mainly my dream job, i used to want to be a writer but i realised i am not good enough at writing for that haha
20. Would you like to get married someday?: I don’t know, I think so!
21. Would you like to have kids someday?: I’m not entirely sure. I’ve always leaned towards ‘no’ though. Growing up in a broken home with an unsafe childhood, I really never want to put anyone else through it unless I am 110% sure that my partner and I can still co-parent even if we’re not together. I’m also crippled with multiple other fears of having children.
22: How many?: If against all odds I decide I want to have children I’d probably get two. Being an only child was quite lonely!
23: Do you like shopping?: unfortunately, yes.
24: What countries have you visited?:
sweden (obviously)
and idk if countries i’ve visited as a flight attendant count... i don’t think so, seeing as I was hardly there for more than an hour at a time!
25. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?: i had sleep paralysis once. scariest fucking shit ever. big ol’ black shadow and a bunch of crows attacking me whilst I was lying in bed completely aware of everything but I couldn’t move an inch.
26. Do you have any enemies?: oh, sure - I mean none that I know of but I’m definitely opinionated so I’m sure there are plenty of people who dislike me.
27. Do you have a s/o?: nah, not right now!
28. Do you believe in miracles?: i’m not entirely sure... maybe?
I really don’t know that many people on here, I’ll tag @bchcmian if she wants to do it! and you! if you haven’t been tagged yet and want to do it, you can say I tagged you! lots of love x
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mathildahilda · 2 years ago
30 question challenge
- tag the person who tagged you
- answer the questions tag 20 people
i was tagged by @rosegoldquintis
How tall are you? 5′5
What color and style is your hair? Ginger and shoulderblade length (that’s a thing right?)
What color are your eyes? Blue
Do you wear glasses? Nope
Do you wear braces? Nope
What’s your fashion sense? Shirts and jeans all day every day and the occasional sweater on top, and on days I can’t be bothered it’s all sweats 
Full name?  Mathilda
Where are you born? Sweden
Where are you from and where do you live now? Sweden born and raised and in the county of Värmland. I moved away from there to attend school further up in Sweden, but now I’ve moved back and away from home again
What school do you go to? I just started university
What kind of student are you? Procastinator deluxe and does everything in a panic
Do you like school? So far so good
Favorite school subjects? Right now it’s all lectures and little else, but my favorite subjects were English and history
Favorite tv shows? Supernatural, Castle Rock & Outlander
Favorite movie? The Green Mile
Favorite books? Call me by your name - André Aciman, Simon vs. the homosapiens agenda - Becky Albertalli
Favorite pastime? Writing and videogames
Do you have any regrets? Oh, soooo many
Dream job? Nurse or writer, but nurse is no. 1
Would you ever like to be married? Yep
Would you like to have kids? Yep
How many? 2 or 3
Do you like shopping? Depends on if I’m shopping for just my everyday use or shopping for an actual event, so in that case; no and yes
What countries have you visited? Norway, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Greece & Germany
Scariest nightmare? Very good question that I don’t have an answer that I can remember for
Any enemies? Maybe not an enemy, but I know a girl that it not very happy about having had to spend 3 years at school with me
Do you have a significant other? Nope
Do you get along with your family? Yep, apart from an inmarried uncle I get along pretty well with everyone
Do you believe in miracles? Sometimes
How are you? As of writing this? Hungry & a headache bc I’ve slept like 5 hours, but other than that I’m good!
Tags: Anyone anywhere who wants to do it!
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notexactlylegal · 2 years ago
30 questions challenge
- tag the person who tagged you
- answer the questions tag 20 people
i was tagged by @cashtonsicetea tysm i love answering questions about myself cause’ i’m a narcissist
1. How tall are you? 5’5
2. What colour and style is your hair? blonde-ish, light brown-ish. my hair doesn’t have a style, it’s a mess like me
3. What colour are your eyes? blue/green/grey
4. Do you wear glasses? nope
5. Do you wear braces? i did for almost three years and it sucked but it was soooo worth it
6. What’s your fashion sense? comfy but still good?? sale lol
7. Full name? Sanna M L Larsson
8. Where are you born? sweden
9. Where are you from and where do you live now? i live an hour away from gothenburg and i’ve lived here all my life but i moved out of my family home a year ago and i live now in a apartment with my bunny
10. What school do you go to? i finished school almost three years ago (bc i’m old af) and i now work in preschool
11. What kind of student are you? the worst
12. Do you like school? it’s funny bc when you’re in school everyone’s like ”enjoy it while it lasts!! work is hell!!” but that’s bullshit! as long as you work with something you love, you’ll be fine! i def prefer working over school!
13. Favourite school subjects? i’m honestly struggeling to come up with an answer... english??? does lunch break count??
14. Favourite tv shows? one tre hill, grey’s anatomy, friends, revenge, htgawm, tvd, b99, desperate housewives (i could go on and on)
15. Favourite movie? i’ve watched she’s the man a million times
16. Favourite books? harlan coben’s books about myron bolitar
17. Favourite pastime? social media, tv shows, texting my sister, listen to music
18. Do you have any regrets? don’t we all?
19. Dream job? i love my job but i would love to get paid just for like.. breathing??? living?? that’d be nice
20. Would you ever like to be married? depends on who asks.. luke hemmings yes
21. Would you like to have kids? yes
22. How many? two.. one for each hand
23. Do you like shopping? i online shop waaaay too much
24. What countries have you visited? cyprus, norway, denmark and germany
25. Scariest nightmare? can’t think of anyone.. but the most stressful dream must be when you’re dreaming that you’re late for work/school and wake up swEating
26. Any enemies? i fucking hope not, if so i’m screwed cause’ i’m not very intimidating
27. Do you have a significant other? lol nope
28. Do you get along with your family? yes i do, i’m v lucky with that
29. Do you believe in miracles? i somehow passed math so i am a miracle myself
30. How are you? i constantly feel like i have pms lmao
I tag:
- @rosegoldquintis @revealingmuke @calvumhood @babyhoneylive @bananashemmo literally anyone who sees this :)
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covid19updater · 5 months ago
COVID19 Updates: 03/24/2021
UK:  Whitty warns UK will 'definitely' be hit by Covid surge - Still 'bumps and twists' ahead LINK
Brazil:  BREAKING: Brazil reports 3,251 new coronavirus deaths, by far the biggest one-day increase on record
India:  NEW: India reports 47,239 new coronavirus cases, the biggest one-day increase since November
Poland: COVID update: Number in hospital rising rapidly, up nearly 6% in one day - New cases: 16,741 - Positivity rate: 23.1% (-6.6) - In hospital: 26,075 (+1,438) - In ICU: 2,512 (+91) - New deaths: 396
Czech Republic:  Czech Republic reports nearly 3,000 suspected cases of COVID-19 reinfection
UK:  Non-essential travel will be banned in England from next Monday, under new covid laws which may last until end of June.Britons trying to travel abroad w/o a reasonable excuse, face fines of up to £5K under the bill, which will come into force next week if approved by MPs;
Netherlands:  The Dutch government is to extend its lockdown measures by three weeks until 20 April due to rising numbers of Covid-19 infections and hospital admissions, PM Mark Rutte said. Curfew to be relaxed one hour though;
Poland:  Poland is to announce new restrictions for the next two weeks by Thursday at the latest, prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, as the country braces for what could be a second Easter spent under a strict lockdown;
Norway:  Norway is introducing new national measures to contain the pandemic, including a ban on the public serving of alcohol, and would postpone the introduction of a plan to reopen society, Health Minister Bent Høie has said;
RUMINT (China):  Sounds like the enthusiasm for getting the vax isn't that high in China's population...The Chinese government are offering shopping coupons up to $5 per person (30 yuan) if they go and take the shots.
Ukraine:  Ukraine registered a record daily high of 342 coronavirus-related deaths over the past 24 hrs.
Bulgaria:  Bulgaria reported 4,851 new cases of COVID over the past 24 hrs, its highest daily tally on record.
India:  India reported 275 new COVID deaths, the most this year.
Brazil:  60% of all ICU patients in São Paulo, Brazil  are now between the ages of 30-50 years old, reports @MattRiversCNN.
India:  NEW: India's health ministry says new coronavirus variant found in Maharashtra, where cases are surging. It says the variant could result in "immune escape and increased infectivity"
RUMINT (India):  RED ALERT .... RED ALERT ... RED ALERT. Ok, People THIS IS SERIOUS. The Indian mutation with E484Q is TERRIFYING.  I noted this because in my observations, changes TO an N or a Q are the most dangerous from prion-perspective, and this one change is a doozy! It also happens to be at the position ~500 in the string, which is the place where the original prion-genesis site was (Tetz) Now this: BNODesk: NEW: India's health ministry says new coronavirus variant found in Maharashtra, where cases are surging. It says the variant could result in "immune escape and increased infectivity"  YOU GUESSED IT, IT'S THE E484Q MUTATION! LINK
India:  After son Aaditya, Maharashtra Chief Minister's wife also tests positive for coronavirus LINK
Germany:  Chancellor Angela Merkel has called an unexpected meeting with state premiers today to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, according to government sources. This comes on the heels of their decision early Tuesday to extend and tighten lockdown measures.
Germany:  Germany's Transport Minister warns of supply shortages during Easter LINK
Sweden:  Sweden reports 7,649 new coronavirus cases, the biggest one-day increase since December
France:  Inquiry into death of Nantes student, 24, who had Astra Zeneca Covid jab  A source close to the investigation said that, following an autopsy, his death was found to be caused by an “internal haemorrhage caused by a blood clot”.
World:  British Medical Journal Raises Concerns Over Integrity Of mRNA Molecules Used In COVID-19 Vaccines After Leaked Documents Raises Questions LINK
France:  Roselyne Bachelot, French culture minister has been hospitalized this morning due to Covid.
Turkey:  Turkey... has lost control, to put it mildly. Last week this time, new cases were at 18,000. Today 30,000.
UK:  Leaked plans revealed UK Gov wants to start jabbing millions of under-18s from August LINK
UK:  UK'S PRIME MINISTER JOHNSON: THERE IS AN ISSUE ABOUT WHETHER WE SHOULD APPLY MORE STRINGENT MEASURES TO LORRY DRIVERS BRINGING GOODS INTO THE UK.  In December it was the French who wanted to stop vehicles entering from the UK for fears of the UK variant spreading in France. Today it's the Brits who are concerned about vehicles coming from France because of the South Africa variant...
NYC:  Nail Salon Workers and the COVID Pandemic: One Year Later LINK
Syria:  Syria is sending oxygen to Lebanon, where 1,000 patients are on respirators in the country’s hospitals and emergency supplies are close to running out, Reuters reports ministers from both countries as saying
Jordan:  Jordan’s biggest cemetery struggling, as  suffers surge in Covid-19 deaths over last 2 months. 50 people buried Tuesday at cemetery on outskirts of Amman, a day after record 109 deaths reported. Surge attributed to more transmissible UK covid variants;
India:  BREAKING—due to surging #COVID19 cases, India  has frozen all major exports of AstraZeneca #COVIDVaccine made by Serum Institute of India, world’s biggest vaccine-maker, to meet domestic demand as infections rise. This will also delay supplies to COVAX.
World:  They Had Mild Covid. Then Their Serious Symptoms Kicked In.A new study illuminates the complex array of neurological issues experienced by people months after their coronavirus infections. LINK
Brazil:  Brazil Is Looking Like The Worst Place On Earth For COVID-19 LINK
Canada:  Brazil #P1 variant surging in British Columbia . How much? 92% (140/152) of all #P1 in Canada  are in BC. BC  has over 2x the number of #P1 than entire USA  combined (61). BC  found more new #P1 (+30) yesterday **in 1 day than Florida has entire pandemic**. #COVID19
Brazil:  ‘Brazil is suffocating’: COVID surge creates severe oxygen crisis LINK
RUMINT (California):  The "it's almost over and life will be normal again" narrative seems to be bought in to by a lot folks around the Inland Empire. Simply anecdotal but at Kaiser yesterday in Riverside. Wow, first at 10:00 a.m. crowded like before C19, parking a real challenge at this time. For awhile it was nice but not now. Next going into the one building the outside 6 ft spacing stickers were gone. The security guard was checking why people were there and asking any covid symptoms (like someone isn't going to lie haha). Then everyone and there mother was crowding into elevators, distance not so much. Fun times waiting to see the ophthalmologist. Wait room and hall packed. One guy had his mask below his nose, made me want to pull it up, but I didn't. Then as the wait room thinned out went in and sat 6 ft from a guy waiting to see the same doctor and a little ole lady comes out of the dr office and says oh I can sit here, right next to me. So I said sure you can and got up and went to stand in the hall. GMAB. People were talking about covid. A women said she and her daughter had Covid in December, she lost taste and smell and had most back but not all (in March). Then she and others agreed IT'S GOTTA BE ALMOST OVER because of the vaccines (which she is planning on getting and another guy in the room) and because swimming pools and schools are opening up here so it must mean it's about over. (People just don’t get it...)
Germany:  Germany COVID update: Daily caseload at highest level since January, up 27% vs. last Wednesday - New cases: 20,773 - Positivity rate: 8.3% - In hospital: 12,709 (+306) - In ICU: 3,205 (+48) - New deaths: 204
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kosegruppaa · 3 years ago
hey, so this is gonna be weird but i have a couple of questions about norwegian education (i was reading something and it left me confused so) okay, first of all, if it's true that in primary school you guys don't get grades at all how do the teachers asses how much you know and if you're making progress. also does this mean you don't have tests at all or you do but you just aren't graded? does this mean that you don't have gpa until middle school? on what grounds do you then get into (pt1)
a middle school? you just choose whichever you like or? bc like in my country your grades determine in which school you can go (some are better than others and so on). moving onto my second question, people also talked about this last year during skam but i think i understood it wrong. it was about those finals you take at the end of each grade in high school. so is it really true that in the first two grades if you don’t get picked for them you don’t have to take any tests? (pt2)
how do you get your final grades for that year then? do just the people who took the tests get graded? does that mean that only the results of your final tests in 3rd year determine in which uni you get? also do you still take tests during the course of the year or are these at the end of the year tests the only ones you take? oh shit i only now realize how many questions i just asked you omg i’m so sorry. but i would really appreciate you answering bc i’ve been wondering about all of this.
hey! ill try to answer these as best as i can :) 
so yeah, it is true that we don’t get any grades at all in primary school (which are years 1-7 in norwegian school). that does not mean that we don’t get tested though! there are some standardised tests in reading and maths that everyone does, and of course the teachers do assignments and test throughout the year. the only difference is that when students get them back they will just get comments on what they did well and how to to better etc. 
so after year 7, you start ungdomsskolen (which is kinda like middle school, also translated to lower secondary school). this covers years 8-10. you don’t need grades to get into this school because it is decided by which school district you live in (just like with our primary schools). in year 8 students start getting graded, when they are like 12-13 years old. so in year 10 (which is the last obligatory school year in norway) the final grades you get from all your classes + two randomly selected examinations will be the grade average you use to apply for upper secondary/ high school. everyone can apply to whatever school they want to, as long as it is in the fylke (county, region ?? a countries administrative regions are not really translatable) where you live. there are some execptions though, so that if you live somewhere that doesn’t offer what you want you could apply outside your county too. 
so in upper secondary/high school, some classes are done after 1 year, some after 2 years and some only after the third year. so for your uni applications, the grade average will include all your final grades. so for the general studies programme, english finishes in year 11, which means that you english grade for that year will count towards your grade average. spanish (or french or german or whatever language the schools offer) ends after year 12, which means your spanish grade for that year will count towards your grade average. in your third year, obviously, all the final grades will count towards you grade average, so the end of third year will still be the most stressful for students. 
for the students i have in spanish for example: i will maybe do at least 5 different tests (can be everything from short grammar test, to writing session, to oral presentation, to a conversation about a prepared topic). i will assess all of these with both comments and give them a grade. at the end of the semester, i will give them a final grade based on all of these assessments. the rules around grading in norway works so that if a student has improved a lot in the last few months before the semester ends, the lower grades they got early on shouldn’t hold them back. the grade i assign that student at the end of the semester should represent their level at the end of the semester. 
examinations work outside this system. if my spanish students are randomly selected for an examination (and this only happens at the end of the year where the class is final for the students), i have no influence over that grade or how their test will look like (if it’s a written examination). students might be selected for an exam in year 11, for a class that ends after that year (but most aren’t). in year 12 all students are selected for one exam, and in year 13 all students do the norwegian written exam and at least 3 more, and these exams are both oral and written. 
the grades that you use to get into university are all your final grades for classes, as well as all you examination grades. so that means that the system is kinda unfair to some, because you might be really unlucky with what subjects you are chosen to do an examination in. but it also means that you don’t have to do exams in all your subjects, so students have time to prepare for the ones that they are selected for. 
in addition to testing students, the exams are there for schools to see if they are grading students correctly. to get a grade better or worse on an exam might not be unusual for a students due to stress, but if the general tendency of a school is that all students do better on exams than in their final grades for class, the schools have a clear indication that they are too strict with grading. 
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theasstour · 3 years ago
Just saw that you reposted a pic of a house in Trondheim? Are you from that place in particular? If so, I’m going abroad for a semester to study in Trondheim next uni year and wanted to know if you could give me the ins and outs of Trondheim and what the culture is over there. Anyway thanks even if you can’t answer my questions. xx.
HIYAA! OMG THATS AMAZING !! trondheim is absolutely lovely, honestly! the oldest city in norway! it’s a very small city as well, so you’ll know your way around it pretty easily. i recommend taking a walk through the city centre and just taking it in, bc it’s such an amazing place to just admire. also, if you’re studying at the uni there, pls go partying at studentersamfundet !! only students at the uni in town are allowed in, but i’ve snuck in twice (oops) and on a good night its crazy, son !! just pop by if you need any advice or have any other questions about norway :DD i’m at your service, love! x
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omgchickmik · 10 months ago
My story. 
one of my earliest memories was playing with my favorite toy horses. Big Girl, Joe, Jane and Jim. I was playing them with my sister and I think my grandma had gotten me them. There was just something about horses that I absolutely had to have. Growing up was spent in the pool, riding bikes with my best friend Niki, swimming at grandma and grandpa’s, tree house adventues with my sister Kristi and Niki and playing and playing with Barbies, Maple Town and of course horses. 
I was a bit of a stinker if I didn’t want to do something, I DID NOT WANT TO DO SOMETHING. Like dance. Fuck dance. So I would sneak over to grandma’s house (mom and dad would freak like you would wtf is my child!?) and I would be at grandma’s and be like grandma will tell you that dance sucks and I shouldn’t do it. Grandma and grandpa always had my back. 
The biggest best thing evvver was taking horse back riding lessons. I started when I was in pre school and it was the best thing evvver. I would watch any tv show, westerns, Mr. Ed anything that had horses in it just to watch horses. My sister took lessons with me but soon it was just me taking lessons. 
I remember the first time I fell off, I was cantering and froze when the trainer asked to slow the horse down. around and around i went faster and faster then the horse cut down the middle I fell but my leg was still in the striupp so i got dragged a little bit till the horse came to the trainer and stopped. My mom flipped. but i was like ok, i get back on now. That’s what jim from man from snowy river said. not shaken up at all. 
I wondered why there was a blimp in my mom taking me to lessons and my grandparents. Bc apparently after that my mom was like i am not taking you riding anymore and of course in came grandma and grandpa to take me to lessons. I remember i would blow kisses to them everytime i passed them by in the ring :). 
All i wanted was a horse. my mom said when i was 10 i could get one. so when i turned 10 and didnt have a horse of my own i was a bit upset. and durning this time my family decided to move to west palm beach, about an hour away from where i was. but all my best friends were there and grandma and grandpa i coulnd’t believe this shit! and no one asked me! sooo i hid, threw out checks i thought were going to the house, what a brat i was. and made a fuss when it came to moving. 
we did move and i found a best friend there, jackie, she had not 1 horse but 3!! the coolest person ever. we hung out all the time, playing barbies, horses, pretending to be horses, being tom boys, swimming having the best time. then i started taking riding lessons and the cooolest thing i started showing horses! my dream come true! and so was jackie! 
soon we got a call from her mom i wanna say who said go to this barn and try out this horse. so we did. his name is sinful and we became bessst friends. first we leased him and showed him then turning 11 my dad, grandpa and a neighbor built me a barn! and sinful came to stay at our house i had a horse!! We did all the compeitions and won so many as well. we did western, english, jumping but i would say our favorite was trail rides and trail rides with jackie. 
in middle school jackie and i had different classes and i didn’t have that many friends. i took to another favorite thing of mine. movies. i would watch, the lion king, twister and the cable guy. enter jim carrey. i wanted to be jim carrey., i would dress up like ace ventura nearly every friday for ace ventura fridays. i was not cool but jackie accepted this and contuned being my best friend.
in high school i took drama and was introduced agaikn to chorus something i did in elementary school. and the chorus kids took me in and introduced me to broadway. 
i thought broadway was trash but they took me to see rent and i reconsidered. i was then deciding i wanted to be maureen in rent and needed to go to nyc stat!
i got accepted into amda and as my parents tried to convince me not to go i went and made some incredible friends and actually learned how to dance. all the while i was there i was still missing sinful and horses. so when i came home to go to fau - i was not happy about - i made a point to get back into horses and started competing in the jumpers with alfonso. 
the coolest horse show is called wef. and i wanted more than anything to ride in wef. i got a job to pay for lessons and by the 4 years i finally got to show in jumpers at wef! while at fau i met some amazing people and roomed with one my best friends smisek who introduced me to alternative music and a person who just loves music and i wanted to love music as much as she did. 
so we went to some shows together and saw eric hucthinson. during this time my sister was making a album of her own and performing something i never thought one could just do. and while at amda i started making up songs for people but didn’t think anything of it. till i saw eric and he was funny and also made up songs. so smiske and i went to open mics and as a grad present my dad got me a keyboard that i took to nyc. 
moving back to nyc i went to auditions for theater but didn’t care and came home and said i was going to pursue a career in songwriting and they were actually excited, which surprised me. 
i went to see eric play and asked him after hwo to get a start as a songwriter and he suggested, playing open mics. so i did. 
i met a boy who turned out to be  a shit and wrote songs about him, then met a very nice producer and he recorded and helped me put together my songs. and i finally had something to offer and started playing out. 
my mom says you never know if you dont ask. so i asked this one artist if i could open for them. they said yes. then i wrote to eric asking the same thing. then i saw him in person randomly at a bar and talked to him and after that he wrote me back saying to look out for dates. i did. and then he reached out to me to open for him.
i did a fucking great job on that show! and he asked me to open for him again. during this time i was working at a riding barn in the bronx and had to yell to talk to students and compete with all the other trainers talking, so my voice was upset. needless to say at the next show my voice bombed and cracked in multiple spots and i felt like a complete failiure. 
i went home and decieded to change my voice teacher and found ron. and i decided to leave my teaching job and try to get a job at soulcycle. 
while working at soulcycle i was working with ron on finding my voice. i got signed to this silly college label and released my first full length album with dave and did a kickstarter to help get a little bit more money to finish it. 
playing a show for one of the pre kickstarter shows i met brian. i wasn;t that into him at first, as his friends introduced him as a douche. but when he came to another show, brought people and hung out at karaoke later i began to get into him. 
we started dating and then we fell in love! 
i got to open for dweezil zappa bc my dad had entered me into this submission to open for him. after soundcheck he asked if i would be interested in joining his band and going on tour. i thought he was crazy. but he was serisous. 
he sent me about 40 songs to learn and i went to la to rehearse, ron and i worked over time. i got to go on my first tour! it was so cool! i had a bottom bunk and would make sure i prioritixed my voice when it came to the tour and go lots of sleep. we played amazing places like red rocks and also got to to europe for the first time and went to finland and even norway! the band is incredible and made me feel so good and happy to be with them. i wanted to be able to pursue my own music so i didn’t continue in their band but i hope one day they ask me to sing with them again. 
back in nyc i was at soulcycle and they were kind of poops to me. but i started a musical sketch team called misc. filled with amazing funny peoeple and we make up funny sketches with music and my good friend pete plays all the music for us! but that started bc the magnet theater would never let me into their musucial improv teams so i created my own. 
brian and i got married on a rooftop in bk and it was amazing! so perfect! we did so many of the crafts and all of the flowers. we got this cute dog finn and cat hiccup!
i then thought it would be fun to move down to nc to be and spend time with my family and sinful! so we moved here last oct and have been since. its been fun to have a yard, dishwasher, dryer and washer! I now teach my own spin classes and i get to see sinful everyday and try to make him the happiest pony ever! finn loves going to the barn too! and it’s been fun spending time with my nephews and niece. i hope i help them feel better about somethings like school they don’t really like. i also helped kim move out of mom and dads house and into her own and aj into his apt which was so cute. and now i am finally learning and developing the business side of my music and all my little side hustles. i feel really happy and grateful. 
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hi!! I was wondering if you could do some flower shop headcanons for Suga, Kuroo, Daichi, and Tsukki… but with a twist. the haikyuu character would be in another country with their team and would go to the shop to get some flowers for their team (idk :P). the character would meet their s/o but bc their are in another country (ex: norway) they don't speak the same language. what would the situation be like? I apologize for this being v blunt, the idea just popped into my head. thank you so much!!
I dont think you meant ‘blunt’ as that’s not what I would use to describe this request lol I’d say this request was VERY well thought out! But that’s a good thing! Makes it easier for me to see the big picture about what you’re wanting! Thanks for requesting! - Admin Satori
Sugawara Koushi:
This angel walked into the flower shop so he could maybe bring some pressed flowers back home to his family. Specifically his mother who was very interested in the country her baby boy would be traveling to!
As soon as he sees you behind the counter, sprucing up some beautiful tiger lilies, he’s floored!
“Excuse me, miss? Could you please assist me with picking out some flowers?”
You give him an odd look and ask him what it was he was saying in your language
Suga is immediately embarrassed, remembering that he wasn’t back home, that he was in a foreign land and his Japanese wasn’t immediately understood
Good thing he is a very good student, and he came prepared!
“I’m sorry… I’m still a little inexperienced with this language.. Could you help me?”
How could you not help such a beautiful angel? Of course you walk over to his side of the flower shop and walk around with him, talking to him in your language about what each flower meant and why you liked it personally
He’s not very good at translating what you’re saying into what he should understand, but he gets the gist of what you’re saying, and he continues to listen very actively even though he’s unsure!
He’s a good observer, so he notices your attention being brought back to the same bouquet of those tiger lilies
Requests to purchase a few tiger lilies and a couple other flowers from your favorite list
Almost as soon as you’ve handed him the flowers, he’s giving you 2 of the tiger lilies with a gentle smile on his lips
“You looked really happy when you were talking about them, so I wanted to see you smile once more before I go.”
What a cute, simple answer from a complete stranger about giving you flowers… Then he’s gone before you could ask for his name or number - damn
Kuroo Tetsurou:
As a science based brain, Kuroo appreciated seeing genetics in their most basic form - flowers
Loves going into nice smelling flower shops and looking at the slight difference of colors in each of the same flower bouquets
You greet him in your language and he’s taken aback by what a beauty you are! What an amazing compliment the flowers gave to your aura!
“Hello there, um… Do you have any kinds of… um… pea plants, maybe? Pea flowers?”
You don’t understand what he’s trying to say, he’s asked the same question in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Russian and yet you still don’t understand.
He’s embarrassed that he came to a foreign country without knowing the language as well as his other ones, but he makes do by using his phone to translate his words into your language
“This is going to be kind of awkward for now, but I’ll learn your language as fast as possible!”
When your eyes brighten at his brilliant idea of using his phone, he smiles warmly, he already loved your smile
You repeat into the phone that he doesn’t really have to learn your language if he’s only going to be in your country for a short time, but that you appreciated his thoughtfulness
“Do you have any plans later?”
Straight forward. Knows that as soon as his team is done here, that he’d never see you again by chance!
You’re surprised by his confidence, but give him your number regardless, now excited for what this foreign man has planned for you!
He invites you to his next big match and when you actually show up, he’s feeling nothing but confidence and 100% in his zone!
When his team leaves your country, he’s immediately texting you in your language, sending you pictures of his hometown and slowly integrating himself into your digital world!
Sawamura Daichi:
He ran into the flower shop thinking he’d seen his rambunctious second and first years duck into the shop to make havoc!
His heart starts beating a mile a second at the sight of a literal angel handling the counter of the flower shop, decides he should thank his second and first years for getting him into the flower shop
“Excuse me,”
Realizes he doesn’t really have a reason to be in the flower shop, so when you give him a curious look, his cheeks heat in a blush
You smile and ask him if he needs any help looking for a particular flower
“I don’t understa- Oh!”
Silly Dadchi suddenly remembers that he’s in a different country completely! Of course you’d be speaking that country’s language!
At his small blush, you blush a bit too, realizing you were a little behind in brushing up on other languages - it’d make this whole conversation a lot easier!
Since he’s made an embarrassment of himself, he decides to make it easier by actually buying something - maybe he could give them to Kiyoko or Yachi… or keep one of them to remember the beauty he met in another country
“Uhm… Thank you! I’m sorry we couldn’t actually talk… You seem like a really lovely person…”
You still don’t understand what he’s saying, but you like the sound of his voice, it’s deep but gentle, calm, reliable
You give him a soft smile and walk with him to the entrance of the flower shop, handing him the flowers he purchased
Deciding to do something forward, you lean up on your toes and press a kiss to his cheek, giggling shyly when he stared down at you with wide, surprised eyes
The rest of his stay in that country consists of him going back to the flower shop and talking to you - neither of you knowing what the other was saying, but enjoying each others company and voices nonetheless
Tsukishima Kei:
String bean went into the flower shop because he was dared to buy flowers to give to Kiyoko. He knew it wasn’t going to go over well, so he just wanted to get it over with
Immediately sees you behind the counter, but doesn’t make a huge show over his new interest
In face he’s so against showing his new interest, that you have to be the one to go up to him and offer your advice on any flower purchases
“How hospitable…. What is the meaning of this flower?”
You don’t really understand what he’s asking, but you are really good at reading body language, and you can tell he’s very uncomfortable in such a frilly store
He follows you around the store as you talk to him about each flower, giving short summaries about what each is and what they mean
“You talk really fast, you know? Not very good customer service….”
He’s teasing of course, knowing you can’t really understand what he’s saying to you, but having a little laugh at your expense on his own
Finally you turn to him and let him know if he had any questions to let you know! Then you go back and sit behind the counter as his confused gaze follows you
Thinking maybe you were working on something else important, he leaves it alone and continues to look around the shop, thinking white daisies would suit his manager just fine before he’s walking back to you with his decision
You comment about the daisies and how cute you thought they were - they definitely fitted his personality in some ways as far as you could tell
“Even though you don’t know what I’m saying, I really appreciate you helping me…”
You only smile at him and finish his purchase before handing him the flowers
He leaves the shop. He leaves the country only a few weeks later. And you were on his mind the entire time.
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