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What if the grabber was whipping the reader with his belt and she accidentally moans
Well heya Anon! This is a fucking nice thought, one that I like so much, that I decided to take a little me time and write out a response for it. Hope you dig this little filthy drabble of my answer! This is the kinda thing that tickled my brain juuuust so and gave me some nice little inspo. I hope you dig it!
You Should Have Stayed Downstairs.
Rating. Explicit. Length 1.4K. The Grabber X AFAB! Reader. Warnings: Punishment. Man Handling. Belting. Spanking. Vaginal Fingering. Orgasm Denial. Ruined Orgasm. Dirty Talk. Use Of “Bad Girl.” Use Of "Sir."
Tumblr media
It was too easy, far too good to be true and you should have known that when you woke up from your nap to find the door open. You rubbed your eyes in disbelief and got up so slowly, approached the door with much trepidation, you thought you might still be dreaming or seeing things but no the door was open. You looked up the stairs, you wondered if you should.
When you reached the top of the stairs you were greeted with the sight of him in that chair, legs spread, shirtless and a belt in his grip in one hand. You are speechless, he motions for you to come closer and you hesitate, he doesn’t give you another chance, standing, one step forward, his hand closes on your wrist and he pulls. “Get over here!” 
You stumble and yelp and that is how you find yourself in deep shit.
And now, as you are currently bent over his lap, the thick leather belt in his hand folded over twice, coming down onto your ass you think that no, you probably shouldn’t have come up here. The first hit stung so much, even through the layer of your shorts and underwear, you cry out and he doesn’t let you catch your breath before another hit lands. The next hurts more, he hits basically the same spot as the first time, another hit and another and he varies the location. He hits the swell of your ass and then the backs of your thighs. The snap of the leather and the strength of the smacks has you biting your bottom lip to attempt to muffle your sounds, your hands grip the bottom two legs of the chair in reach as you try to take the abuse he gives. 
Another hit lands on the thickest part of your ass and you can’t stop it as you release a clear and unmistakable moan. 
He pauses then. 
“What was that?” The tone of his voice makes you shiver and grip the chair legs harder as you say much too quickly, “Nothing!”
He speaks again. Two words. Followed by the two hardest hits yet, they both land and they steal your breath, those two words are, of course, “Don’t. Lie.” 
You knew that if you weren’t honest this would get infinitely worse. So you did the only thing you could do, the thing he wanted, you were honest. “I-I moaned?” 
The ending of it pitched up like a question and he hit you again. “Is that an answer or a question?”
“Ahn! A-an answer!” You admitted and he hit once more, the pain was overwhelming and you had to bite your tongue to prevent another moan from spilling out. “Then say it like one.”
“It wa-was a moan, Sir.” He hadn’t told you to call him that but it felt right in the moment, you didn’t even realise you had said it until it left your lips. You feel him shift under you, adjust, “Sir, hmm? I didn’t even need to tell you to use that.” 
His hand came down and you flinched. He rubbed soothingly over your surely already bruised ass. “Maybe you aren’t such a bad girl after all. I might be able to teach and rehabilitate you yet.”
Him calling you that, bad girl, it did something to you, made it feel like pure heat was running through your entire body, your veins alight with pure arousal, it made you squirm in his lap, your thighs pressing together. You no longer felt his hand, he raised the belt once more and your whole body tensed and when the hit landed you moaned out, “God yessss, teach me.” 
You could hardly register what you said before you felt him yanking down your shorts and underwear. The cool air on your burning backside was nice and you heard a low whistle before he commented in an impressed tone, “Marks already.” 
Your shorts and underwear were pulled all the way down until they bunched around your ankles and his hand dragged the edge of the belt up the length of your left leg. “You want me to teach you?”
You swallow hard and nod shakily and he says, “It won’t be easy.” 
“S’ okay, I’m willing.” It doesn’t even sound like your voice right now with how out of breath you were. You pour on further, in for a penny in for a pound as you ask, “Please?”
He hums, “Only because you asked so nicely.” And his hand was between your thighs. His fingers swiped up and dipped in and you shivered. “Oh I knew it. Fucking drenched.” 
“What am I gonna do with you?” He sighed as two of his fingers slid inside and curled once making your toes mirror his fingers as they curl in your shoes. 
“What-whateverrrr you want.” You pant as his fingers begin to thrust in and out. 
He scoffed with a laugh, “Obviously.” 
True, you can’t go anywhere, you are stuck here with him. You move, you rock with them, you grind down on his thigh, the friction of his pants on your aching clit feels like heaven. “Not good enough? You still need more-” 
His thumb rubbed your clit in firm circles and your mind went blank as pleasure jolted up your spine. You were much too excited, in a few short minutes you felt that familiar build, your hands hurt from gripping the legs of the chair and your eyes flutter closed. You are nearly there, so fucking close, you are right there and just when you think you might tip over his hand ripped away and instead you are hit where it really hurts. 
A slap of his belt, hitting you from hole to clit and you scream from how hard the hit is and how much it hurts. Your legs jerk from the pain and you squirm hard, one hand on your back ensuring you stay on his lap and he smacks again. “Take it.”
You yelp from pain and another hit lands and another and your flesh burns, it hurts so much but then something else unexpected happens. “Hold still.”
Both ends of the belt are taken in his hands and he holds it tightly against you and moves it back and forth, your hips move involuntarily grinding on the now soaked leather. There is an edge of pain but mostly pleasure that is soaking into your very bones as you grind, it makes your head tip back and you moan unapologetically and he says softly, “Good?”
“So-so good-” You keep rocking and moving, the familiar pulling inside of you surprises you and you gasp out, “So good I-I might just, ah! I mean I think I’ll-”
He understood just what you meant. He almost purred to you, “Good girl, chase it, c’mon.”
You do so, you move and rock and you feel it building, that edge from a few moments ago, even with the pain he had laid down it didn’t stop you. The pleasure rises and you feel like you are so closer, clit throbbing, threatening to toss you off the edge into bliss and you tell him, “M’ there-”
The belt lifts and he hits you square on the clit and the unthinkable happens. You cum. Well to be more accurate you ruin. The hit, the rush of pain, it pushes you over the edge and the stimulation totally stops. He wrenches your thighs apart and prevents you from grinding on his thigh to get even the smallest bit of stimulation that might salvage a fraction of your orgasm. He watched with a sick grin that you can’t see behind the mask as you drip and your hole clenches useless and empty, your clit dancing between your soaked folds as it searches hopelessly against the open air for anything to rub against. 
You sob. You cry as the loss of pleasure takes hold and the ruin rushes through your system, the potential promise of pleasure lost. You are crying so hard, your ass hot, your whole body shaking as you ask, “Wh-why?”
His hand rubs over your cheek as he leans down and says, “Because you were bad honey. This is supposed to be a punishment.”
Another firm smack between your legs this time with his bare hand and you sob even harder, the tears burn, you feel like you can’t swallow, throat is raw and he says with a tone of finality. “Bad girls don’t get to cum.” 
A sigh and he says, “Maybe if you take the rest of what I have planned with no complaints we can talk about you earning your way back into my good graces and get my trust back.” 
Your body slumps on his lap, resigned, your reply came quietly, “Yes Sir.”
What other choice did you have?
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Danny Johnson edging Reader while making Reader look in a full length mirror, with a knife at Reader's neck, making them say humiliating things like "thank you" after every edge
Welp this was so fucking good, so fucking wonderful and correct that I just had to do it and so here we are! I did this in one go, let’s not waste time and get into this Danny Johnson filth!
Rating. Explicit. Length 2K. Danny Johnson X GN! AFAB! Reader. No Specified Pronouns. Warnings: Stalking. Obsessive Behaviour. Breaking And Entering. Masturbation. Begging. Fear Play. Degradation. Fingering. Orgasm Denial. Edging. Knife Play. Threat Of Violence. Slapping. Dirty Talk. Mocking. Crying Reader. Unfairness. DUB CON.
Over The Edge. 
Tumblr media
You should be asleep right now. 
You’d had a hard day, got take-out on the way home, ate in front of the tv and after a few shows your eyes were far too heavy to continue. You then retreated to your bathroom. A trail of your clothing left in your wake, a problem for you tomorrow, you shower, scrub and clean yourself under the stream of hot water. With your skin still damp you make your way to your bedroom, dying to crawl under the smooth sheets totally naked and let sleep take you. 
You step inside, your foot kicks back to close the door behind you and you stumble forward in the dark to your bed. You make it and you reach out, one hand on your bed and the other reaching out to your nightstand, you find your lamp and turn it on. 
When you do you are greeted with something that makes your heart stop. 
You weren’t alone in your room. 
He was back. Again. 
Dressed in all black and that ghostly white mask with the permanent scream and the soulless empty eyes staring back at you, laying on his side on your bed, looking far too comfortable. As if he owned the place and belonged here as opposed to the intrusive, breaking and entering, asshole that he was.
You couldn’t leave. Couldn’t get away, he would catch you, he always catches you. Where would you go where he wouldn’t find you? More than that though, even if you could get away and outrun him, you were still naked. 
“Evening sweetheart.” 
He said easily with a nod and a small wave, he was leaning his head on his other hand. You can’t see his eyes but you feel them running over your body. 
“Looove the outfit. You wear it just for me?” He asked it in that awful, far too friendly tone of his. You don’t bother to cover yourself. He’d seen it all before. Had his hands all over you. It didn’t matter and if you did try to maintain some sense of modesty he would just mock you for the pathetic attempt. 
You sigh, “What are you doing here?” 
His fingers were dragging up your comforter, getting closer to your hand still on the bed, a small shrug, “Was bored. Missing my favourite toy. It’s been a while since I visited, figured I should swing by, make sure you aren’t forgetting all about me.” 
“Can’t have that.” You deadpan as start to make a move to stand up straight and his hand locks around your wrist. His grip is strong and he holds you there, looking up at you he says seriously, “No. I can’t.” 
Again. You should be asleep.
But he had other plans. 
You put up a good fight but it never lasts. He is so much stronger, so determined, he never stops until he gets what he wants. 
So you are in the low light of your bedroom. He set up your floor length mirror while you were in the shower earlier and pulled you until you were in front of it.
He had you sitting on the edge of the bed, he was behind you, his legs spread, your legs over his, his knees helping pin your thighs open, spreading you obscenely. He had that large hunting knife out, holding it to your throat, his other hand was between your legs, smooth leather clad fingers were touching you. Your hands were on either side of you, fisted in the comforter and not daring to move them with him holding that sharp steel against your neck, you didn’t have a death wish after all.
Soon as he got that steel to that very vulnerable part of you the fighting stopped, you allowed him to do what he wished, let him spread you open and touch you. 
He’d been at this for a while. 
Your skin was still damp but it was no longer from the shower, it was with sweat. You were trembling slightly. Your breathing was laboured as two of his fingers were swirling over your clit firmly, the pleasure was intense, your thighs flexed as you were approaching the edge for what had to be the fifth time tonight. 
You feel the cool plastic of that mask brush the side of your face, he had his head over your shoulder, chin resting there, watching your every move in the mirror. Every part of you was on display like this. Every curve, shudder and twitch was able to be seen and not just by him but by you too. 
He refused to let you close your eyes, when you started to he would tap your throat with the blade and he’d deliver a small slap right on your cunt. The threat to your life and the pain between your thighs would jolt you back to yourself and force your eyes to continue to take in the scene. 
He reprimanded you as he did it, two words punctuating the action. “Pay. Attention.”
You whimpered in response and he mocked the sound you made before letting out a small laugh, “I’m working really hard here to wreck you and you better fucking appericate it.” 
You nodded shakily as you breathed out, “Okay, okay, I ammm-”
“Gooood.” He practically purred it into your ear as the edge crept ever closer all due to his deft fingers still moving between your thighs. 
He was so glad he picked you. This was so fucking fun, you were so fun. He loved sneaking in and playing with and doing whatever he wanted with you a few times a month. No pattern to it, he liked to keep you on your toes and never let you truly get comfortable. He got off on you being so afraid, not sure whenever he’d stop by and play with you for as long as he liked. 
He loved breaking you. Making you bend to his will, made him feel powerful, especially because you always ended up enjoying it, always gave in. 
He knew you did because he would still watch you many nights without coming inside and playing with you. He would see you strip yourself bare, watch as you touched yourself, could hear you moan and cry out for him. He knew you liked him, knew what you did together got you off but you hated that fact and hated him at the same time. 
He loved putting you through the emotional wringer just as much as the physical one. 
“M’ close!” 
He grinned behind the mask, his fingers kept pace as he asked, “Yeah? Real close?” 
A furious nod from you as you rode the edge, “Fuck! Yes, yes, please?” 
“Awe, you wanna cum?” His tone was teasing, much too playful, you gave another nod and begged further, “Yes! I-I’ve wanted to thi-this whole time! Please, please, please-”
He hummed like he was considering it, you were so fucking close and you thought that maybe this was it, he might let you cum. You were a few seconds from tipping over and his hand pulled away making you cry out in frustration. “No!” 
He loved seeing this part. You squirming in his lap, shifting uncomfortably, watching the pain on your face from the unsatisfied ache as you throbbed, the promise of what was going to be an amazing orgasm slipping out of your grasp. His arm wrapped around your middle, pulling you closer still, holding you as the side of hush mask nuzzled into your cheek, sing-songing out, “What do you say?” 
You feel the sharp and cold edge of the knife biting into your throat ever so slightly and you take a deep breath before releasing it and saying, “Thank you.” 
“Good job.”
He let you breathe for only a moment before his arm let you go and his hand was back between your legs. He resumed touching and he pushed you further. Make you talk about yourself. Describe yourself. How you looked, how you felt, made you call yourself what you were for moaning, leaking and clearly enjoying it so much. 
“What are you?” He asked and you responded, not sounding as reluctant as you should, almost as if you really believed it, as if it makes it all feel better for you. “A whore.”
“A what?” He asked again and you groan as his fingers work, soaked and smooth leather sliding over your clit and you curse before biting back, “A whore, a whore, I’m a fucking whore, okay?!”
“Ooo touchy, touchy! That any way to talk to the man who is holding your life in his hands?” His tone was still light but with a harder edge to it that had you immediately apologising. 
“Shit, sorry, sorry, I’m just-God, M’ real-ly fucking desperate.” 
“Oh yeah I know you are, that’s obvious, someone in fucking space could see that.” He pinches your clit roughly and it makes you jerk in his grip with a sharp whine. 
“Please! Just, I need it! Need it so, so-ohhh fucking bad!” You are begging openly, inner thighs are sticky, you are getting close again, panting as you debase yourself hoping it will sway him. “I’m so close again, just-it won’t take much! Take me over, please?!” 
Ah there it is. You gave him a perfect in. Worded it just so. He acted like he was considering it again, “Hmmm…You’ve been really good tonight and it’s been so long for you, right?”
“Soooo long.” You confirm with a gasp and he says, “You beg so well. How can I say no to that face?”
He sounded like he was smiling behind that mask as he said. “Really.”
Was he serious? Did he mean it? You couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t stopping you warned him you were on the edge, so close, about to cum and he didn’t stop.  
You are chanting out, “Yes.” Over and over, writhing and ready and then finally you tell him, “I-I’m cummi-”
His hand smacks hard between your thighs, fingers and palm hit strong and true, covering the space from clit to hole and your legs jerk as you cry out in pain.
His hand is off of you and the pain sinks in harder, the pleasure fades, he ruined your orgasm. He took you right over the edge and then hurt you and stopped all the stimulation making it so you felt none of the hard earned and well deserved ecstasy you should have. 
Your hands immediately want to fly between your legs and rub, try to salvage some of your orgasm, give yourself some pleasure but his knife is still at your throat. Your hands tug at the comforter futility as you groan, your eyes water, the sudden pain and loss of pleasure makes you tear up. 
“Ohhh, there you go, poooor thinggg. Let it out, you can cry, it’s a lot, I know.” His hand comes up and strokes the side of your face affectionately and you let go. You cry, shoulders shaking and you ask him why? You sputter out that he said he’d let you cum. 
“Awe but I did hon. I let you cum-” You cut him off, voice shaking as you say, “I couldn’t feh-el it! You-you stopped touch-ing me when I went over!”
He laughs as he pats your cheek, his glove was still wet, he smears some of your wetness on your face, it's cooled and sticky and smells strongly of your arousal and desperation. He then says, “I did what you asked! You told me to take you over and so I did. It’s not my fault, a ruined orgasm is still an orgasm, you should learn from this to be more specific.” 
He was awful, a bastard, a total son of a bitch. You didn’t have the energy to cuss him out, you were tired, you just wanted to sleep. You wanted him gone, out of your house, desperate to wrap up in the blankets and try to get some rest before work tomorrow.
He speaks again, “Let’s do another edge. Make sure you are niiiice and needy before I go.” 
His hand slides between your legs once more, gloved fingers touch down on your oversensitive clit and you sobbed in a fashion that was almost as hard as he was.
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A love letter from Billy Loomis to his final (person) who got away and left town before he could reveal himself and complete his plan for them? -murderousxcoffee
Ooo Coffee this PROMPT! My Lord is it a good one! I took a good amount of time to think on this one, hope you love it. Billy Loomis SFW love letter.
Hey sweetheart. 
Hope you’ve been doing well. Oh how am I doing? Well I’ll be honest, I’m not doing the best. Still in shock, you packed up and left town so quickly. 
You didn’t even tell me you were leaving. Why is that? Don’t you trust me? 
It’s okay, I mean with everything going on back in Woodsboro I get it. It hurts but I still get it. Things have calmed down significantly since you left. Barely anyone has died. I’m not the only one who misses you. 
I miss you the most though. Do you miss me? I like to think so. Thinking about you a lot, it seems like you are always on my mind. 
Stu keeps asking about you. Wanted me to mention that he says hi and hopes you’ll reconsider and come back. I agree with him, you should come back.
I had some pretty big plans that went out the window when you left, a really good surprise that would have totally blown you away. It’d be a real shame to let it go to waste. It won’t be the exact same but I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to make it happen for you. 
Do you want a hint on what it could be? I’ll give you a really good one. Here it is.
It’s what you deserve. 
You settling into the new place okay? Sure seems like it. You look really comfortable. You might have been wondering just how I got you this letter and I’ll admit it wasn’t easy but we both know that when I get an idea in my head I just can’t let it go. 
I can’t let you go.
In case it wasn’t clear by the fact you have and are reading this letter right now I'm in town. Think of this as a heads up to clear your evening because I’m planning on coming by. I think we are going to have a lot of fun. Make up for some lost time. Can't wait to see you.
Lots of love, Billy.
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OH HELL YEAH. So poly ghostface obvs. You're at a college party w billy and stu. And some dude comes up to hit on you. Its whatever, people do it all the time since you're hot. But this guy. This guy is super hot. Like a total hunk, looking like that blond police officer from Bates Hotel level hot. Hot in a way that would be considered conventionally more so than Billy and Stu even. and he's making you laugh and touching your shoulder. And Billy just seethes. Like insecurity hits him in a way it never hit him before with other guys who hit on you (and Stu too). And they get hella possessive. After an awkward way of staking their claim in front of the guy (who only looks amused at best, pissing billy off more). Dialogue dialogue whatever, cause im a whore for dialogue and banter lmao. Then when you get home, SuperDom!Posessive!Billy comes out (and omfg super!dom!posessive stu if he's insecure as well) and the sex that ensues is just fucking nuts.
SUNNY! Precious and sweet light of my LIFE! This is a fucking GOLDEN prompt! I had so much fun and literally worked on this littel number on and off for WEEKS! I am very happy with it, very proud, hope you love it! I hope everyone else loves it toooo! So! Let’s not dilly dally and let’s get into it! I hope this scratches that itch and gives you just what you were looking for!
Rating. Explicit. Length. 5k. Billy and Stu X FEM! AFAB! Reader. She/Her Pronouns. Poly!Ghostface. Warnings: Jealousy. Banter. Established Relationship. Apologies To People Named Shawn. Possessiveness. Threats. Mentions Of Violence. Biting. Making Out. Grinding. Mentions Of Knife Play. Thigh Riding. Nipple Play. Riding. Vaginal Fingering. Vaginal Sex. Choking. Cunnlinigus. Blow Job. Throat Fucking. Gagging. Praise. Sweet Talk. Reassurance. Creampie. Facial. Threesome. A-Frame.
Green Isn’t Your Color.
Tumblr media
They had been the ones who wanted to go out to the party in the first place.
You would have been fine with pizza and a movie or two with the boys but Stu had heard about some party that was happening and got in Billy’s ear about it and hell it was Friday, so fuck it, why not go out and have a good time?
There was something to be said for the process of getting ready to go out. Helps get you into the mood, listening to some music, pre-gaming a little, getting into a nice outfit, fucking around with your make-up, it’s nice. Nothing quite gets you in the mood to go out like having a drink, getting cute and having those two boys of yours complimenting and hyping you up.
And why shouldn't they?
You're fucking hot.
It was a good time, a decent party. You were doing what you usually did, just mingling, hanging out and listening to the music, drink in hand and unwinding from the week and enjoying yourself, feeling the stress melting away. You were hoping you might run into a friend or two but other than your boys who you showed up with there hasn’t been anyone else you know.
You standing by yourself might be what drew him to you, all on your own, leaning against the wall and nursing your drink. You feel him next to you before you actually get a good look at him. You turn your head and holy shit, he was hot.
Like unfairly, almost unbelievably hot.
You weren’t unhappy with Billy and Stu, not by a long shot and you were extremely into them but you had eyes, you could see and were comfortable enough and secure enough in your relationship with them to admit that this guy was very fucking attractive.
“Hey.” A simple enough opening and greeting but you imagine when a dude looks like this he doesn’t need to impress on the intro. You give an equally simple greeting in kind and that prompts him to ask, “What are you doing over here all by yourself?”
Cliche’ but you don’t mind, “Not much, just hanging out for the moment, taking it easy, you know?”
He let out a small hum and took a sip from his drink before saying, “Mmm yeah looks like you’ve had a hard week.”
Did you? I mean yeah you had a rough week but was it showing that clearly?
“That obvious?” You ask and he laughs a little, “Oh yeah, could see how tense you were from across the room.”
“It isn’t that bad!” You laugh and he says, “Yes it is! Looks like you need a lot more than a party and a stiff drink.”
A small scoff and a roll of your eyes that was still unmistakably playful. “And what would you prescribe then, doctor?”
He leaned in closer and teased, “I might be able to help you out with something else that’s pretty stiff.” And the way he said it, the expression, you were not expecting it, you laughed.
The conversation continued, he was obviously flirting with you and you weren’t exactly brushing him off. You’d be lying if you said the attention from someone so hot wasn’t nice. He was funny too, making you laugh, getting a tad touchy but you didn’t mind.
You might have minded if you knew who was watching.
Stu was passing near enough, on his way to the kitchen to get another drink when he spotted you. He was going to come over and check in with you before he noticed the guy and how close he is to you and the clear interest he is showing and it made him stop short.
He only watched for about two seconds before going to get Billy. As soon as Stu had gotten him and he lays his eyes on the guy being so cosy with you and how you were laughing too hard for his liking at something he said and the most infuriating of all this guy, this very obviously hot man, has his fucking hands on you.
What kind of guy does he think he is exactly? Just going around touching randos at parties, no, no, that wasn’t the issue, well it was, but not his main one. The issue was the fact that it was YOU. He didn’t share with anyone but Stu so obviously he had to put a stop to this.
Before Stu could even say anything Billy was already making his way over to where you were and Stu rushed to follow.
You didn’t even see them come up. To be fair you were a little busy still almost hiccuping with laughter and rather distracted by this new guy’s eyes so when they are all of a sudden on either side of you with Stu having an arm around your shoulders and Billy has slipped around your waist, it surprised you.
“Woah! Uh hey guys-” You laugh at the sudden closeness from both of them so quickly, “What’s up?”
A brief glance at both of them told you that they were less than impressed. Tight smiles but something much harder behind their eyes, you’d seen that look before, especially on Billy, jealousy and anger.
Billy started, “Oh not much babe, just wanted to check in with our favourite girl-” And Stu finished, “-Yeah we missed you.”
“Oooh I bet.” You nudged Stu, “Been a whole, what? Thirty minutes?” You teased and he said, “Thirty-two actually-”
Your new ‘friend’ cut Stu off as he said, “But who’s counting?”
Him speaking pulled both of their attention off of you and back onto him. He looked so unbothered, casually sipping his drink as he was still far too close to you for their comfort. “So who is your new friend?” Billy asked, undeniably harder edge on that last word.
You actually didn’t know and said as such, he offered his name and his hand out, “ How rude of me! I'm sorry. Can’t believe I didn’t give it yet, I’m Shawn.”
Billy and Stu share a momentary look over your head, asshole name for an asshole guy, figures, both attested too enthusiastically previously that they have never met a good guy named Shawn.
You go to take his hand, just to be polite more than anything, I mean why wouldn’t you? It’s only a handshake for fucks sake, but before you can, Billy, less than casual as he holds your hand.
Shawn let’s out a small scoff as he says almost too quiet for them to hear, “Wow.” But he seemed to not let it bother him, pulling his hand away as he picked up where he left off before the boys rolled up. “So anyway, like I was saying-”
And THAT bothered Billy even more. He didn’t bother asking them for their names or including them in the conversation. Categorically ignoring them and focusing on you.
Not like they WANTED to talk to this fucking asshole but that wasn’t the point! It was rude to ignore them.
It was annoying the shit out of him. Billy was doing a piss poor job at hiding it too, holding your hand much harder than necessary, he catches himself and loosens his grip and he and Stu just continue to vye for your attention. You were used to it usually but they were laying it on extra thick, almost felt a little suffocating.
This guy was still being flirty with you too. Even with them both right here in front of him and wrapped around you. Could he not take a hint? “So! Shawn, is it? What are you doing here?”
He looked over to Stu and said in a tone like it was painfully obvious, “At the party? Uh, having fun, or rather, trying to.”
A roll of his eyes and a gesture of his hand, “I mean what are you taking? Your major?” Stu fired back and Shawn responded, “I’m Pre-med.”
Oh God. Course he wanted to go that route. The guy screamed over confident dickhead, Billy would bet money on him pursuing surgery. He had surgeon jock written all over him.
“No way, that must be so much work.” You said and Billy chimed in, “Yeah, must not be that serious about it though if you are out at a party. Shouldn’t you be I dunno, studying or something?”
He doesn’t even look at Billy, doesn’t seem to feel threatened in the slightest or needs to respond to him in any fashion. He is keeping his eyes on you as he says, “Anyway, seems like you are clearly occupied for tonight but if you ever want to meet up.”
Then his hand is out and he attempts to give you a card with his name and number on it. Stu snatches it before you can take it and Billy says, “Don’t hold your breath.”
He laughs with a roll of his eyes and says, “Whatever, man. Bye.” He gives you this all too confident wave and wink combo that makes the boy's collective blood boil as your new ‘friend’ leaves.
You squirm out of their shared grip as you say, “Okay! So what the fuck was that all about?” Turning around to look at both of them leaning against the wall.
“What? Are we supposed to just be okay with Mr. Perfect-Hunky-Future-Doctor touching and hitting on you right in front of us?”
Billy agreed with Stu who was looking over the card with a critcal gaze before tearing it up. Billy was running a hand through his hair, something he did regularly when he was frustrated, “Yeah I’m not gonna stand idly by while a guy like that thinks he can do whatever the fuck he wants.”
“Thinks he can do-” You sigh, a shake of your head at the realisation, “Oh my fucking God. You two are so jealous!”
They shared that brief look that you’d come to know as one that told you that you were right but they didn’t want to acknowledge that so instead, the brunette said, “Shut up, as if.” with a scoff.
“Seriously…” Stu said softly, a beat before he couldn’t help it and ended up saying, “But for real who wears a shirt that tight?”
Billy jumped right back in as he said “Right?! And that hair! Can’t you just picture him fussing over it in the mirror before coming here? Like how long do you think it took him to get it just right-”
You laughed at how petty they were, genuinely entertained as you cut in, hands up as you said, “Girls, girls! You’re both VERY pretty, okay?”
That made them stop, another shared look and Stu tried to pivot the subject, “Do you need another drink?” You checked and you did, passing Stu your cup and another friend of yours came by and asked you something, totally distracting you from your little moment of grilling the boys.
After that the night progressed onto other things but you didn’t linger at the party as long as usual which still didn’t raise any red flags. They might have been a little closer than usual, one of them always close or almost hanging off of you, ample praise about how good you looked that night whispered in your ear. How good the outfit hugged your curves and that they loved when you had your hair like this and, you DID look good so the compliments didn’t feel out of place, especially since they usually weren’t shy with them when it came to you.
You thought that they were fine. That they had honestly had fun and forgotten all about that guy and gotten over him. The trip back to the apartment was normal and smooth, you were, however, totally wrong.
You unlock the door and come inside, flicking on the light with one hand, dropping your keys into the bowl by the door with the other. A thought lingering on your mind about scaring up some food, it still wasn’t that late. You hear the door close and can hear them right behind you as you are taking off your shoes, you begin to vocalise that thought, "So do you guys want to eat or-" but a hand gripping your shoulder puts a stop to that.
You looked over your shoulder, Billy's hand was on you and as soon as your eyes landed on his face you knew that no, he wasn't over what happened back at the party.
A hard swallow and you can’t help yourself as you attempt to break the tension, “That a no on the food then?”
You hear Stu laugh lightly, busy kicking his own shoes off and Billy responds to you, “I’m not really hungry.”
Billy then turns you around to face him, pulling you close, his mouth crashing into yours, and if the way he was kissing you could have fooled you, he seemed extremely hungry. Hands didn’t stay in one place, touching you so sure and confidently, strong, possessive.
You quickly return his affection and feel another set of wandering hands on you, feel that other warm body leaning into you, hot breath on the side of your face and neck, “Took everything we had to not drag you outta that party the second that fucker left.”
Stu’s hands ran from your hips, up your sides, tracing the curves of your chest. “Hated stumbling across you and seeing him so close to you, almost as close as we are to you right now-”
Stu was even closer, felt so warm against your back and Billy pulled back, he was breathing much harder now, “Can’t believe he had his fucking hands on you.”
Billy’s hands were settled on your hips, one of his legs slotted between yours, pulling you closer, making you press down on his thigh and your breath catches in your throat from the sudden friction.
Stu had started to kiss over your neck, going right along and ranting with Billy as he responded, “God, right? And that name too-”
Billy groaned with a roll of his eyes, “Ughhh, seriously, fucking Shawn.”
Your hips jerked forward, underwear already dampening, the slide of it against you provided such a fantastic tease that left you wanting more. Combine that with Stu biting the side of your throat, long tongue licked over to soothe it and you were on your way to soaking your panties.
You knew just what this was, how they were talking made it abundantly clear. They were jealous, feeling a little insecure and felt the need to reclaim you.
Remind you and to be perfectly honest, themselves, that they were the best you had ever had and some shitty wanna be doctor, no matter how hot he was, could not and would not ever measure up. Not like he’d ever have the chance to.
Was it kind of childish and juvenile?
A little. But fuck, you weren’t about to complain when it felt like this or when they get this passionate about it.
It feels nice to feel needed.
You were a little caught up in how good it felt at that moment as well as how quickly it was progressing to be giving what they were saying that much attention. You caught some words here and there as you ground on Billy’s thigh, his hands on your ass to help guide you and as Stu was sucking a hickey into your neck, hands up your shirt and palming your tits but ultimately didn’t absorb much. Both bitching and moaning about fucking Shawn this and fucking Shawn that, you were angling your hips to better grind your clit when Billy said,
“He’s fucking dead if I ever see him again.”
That pulled you back upon hearing those words. You were moving now, being led to the bedroom by them and you couldn’t stop the word, that question falling from your lips, “Yeah?”
“Yeah. A guy like that can’t learn, needs to be shown that he can’t just get away with touching things that don’t belong to him.” God, that kind of talk from anyone else would be infuriating but when it came to them you loved the possessiveness they could display.
It felt so good to be theirs.
You were pushed back onto the bed suddenly, Billy getting onto the bed with you, starting to work on removing your clothes as Stu said, “A guy like that doesn’t deserve to have hands.”
You really loved when Stu let this side out. You were used to Billy getting jealous easier, Stu was just harder to rattle in that way but it seems that this guy really bothered him.
Your top was removed, more flesh exposed and Billy let out a soft groan at the site, hand smoothing up your side, cupping one of your tits, thumb rubbing over your nipple through your bra. The sensation made you arch up into him as you asked, “No?”
“Fuck no. You let a guy like that run around, who knows what he will do?” The tone Stu said it in, you swear you could feel yourself getting wetter.
Then both sets of hands on you, Stu also on the bed, stripping you of your remaining clothing, you arch your hips to help as he tugs your bottoms off, throwing them aside.
Billy had leaned down, kissing you again as he was now getting your bra off, Stu was running his hands down your thighs, touch was light and teasing as he said, “This fucking body of yours. Almost can’t blame the guy for coming onto you so hard and wanting a piece.”
His hand was between your legs, fingers tracing over the obvious wet patch, finally giving you some more direct contact and it makes you moan into Billy's mouth, kissing him even hungrier than before.
“Almost.” Stu repeated and you squirm your hips, grinding down onto Stu’s hand as you nip at the brunettes bottom lip before pulling back. “You both are way too overdressed.”
They agreed.
You helped them, unable to keep your hands off, assisting to tug shirts off and undo belts in between kisses, and that is when you start to return the favour.
Starting to praise them in return. Feeling up Billy through the last remaining clothing he had on, pulling back to lay more affection down the line of his jaw as you tell him how good he tastes. It makes him pull you closer to him with a moan and makes him finally get rid of your panties, exposing your soaked cunt to the cool air of your bedroom before sliding his fingers inside of you. Another rock of your hips, desperate for more friction, and when Stu’s mouth closes around one of your nipples you are gasping out how much you love his tongue.
After a few more minutes of wandering hands and mouths, hushed exchanges of each other’s names and more you find yourself being positioned to finally get filled, you were aching for it at this point.
You were in Billy’s lap, his back was to the headboard and your back was to his chest, his hands on your waist as he helped you down, sliding into your dripping hole with ease. The stretch had you inhaling sharply, eyes falling closed from the pleasure washing over you, seated fully inside of you a shared moan was released from both you and him, you adjusted so your legs were over his solid thighs.
You stayed there for a moment. Simply enjoying the feeling of having him stuffed inside of you. But so soon that wasn’t enough, you shifted your hips and heard him inhale sharply, fingers dig harder into your flesh and he ease out halfway only to buck up into you again.
“Fuck.” You heard Stu groan out and your eyes open again, looking right in front of you to see him sitting up on his knees, hard cock in his hand, gripping himself as he takes in the view before of him of you and Billy entangled together and you slowly starting to be fucked by your shared partner.
You reach out to him, “Knock that off and get over here.”
Like he would ever turn that down.
He does so, coming forward, starting to kiss you and your hand pushes him out of the way, your hand replacing his as you slowly start to stroke his hard cock, a twist of your wrist making him moan again. His tongue invades your mouth and you match him with equal heat and enthusiasm as Billy sets the pace, fucking up into you from below, steady and sure and already causing jolts of pleasure to radiate up from your core.
"You take it so well, babe."
Was it possible for your skin to catch on fire from this? Because you were worried it might if they kept this up and so thoroughly engulfed you in them.
You had Stu making the most delicious sounds, fucking into your fist, he was leaking a decent amount of pre-cum and you took care to spread it along his shaft as lube and he was the one to break the kiss. Before you could question him or compliment how lovely he sounded when he moaned like that for you he was dropping down between yours and Billy’s spread legs.
One of his hands on your inner thigh he leaned in, a kiss right on your clit that had you groaning out his name, dragging it out and that is the moment Billy’s hand came to your throat and gripped.
Were they trying to kill you?
"Ooh, there you go. Just like that, baby."
Billy encouraged with one hand on your hip and the other on your throat, squeezing as he rocked up into you over and over, angling just so that he hit that spot that made your thighs tremble and breath stutter. Stu’s tongue lolled out of his mouth and licked over your clit and that first stroke made your back arch with a strangled moan.
“Shit, you sound incredible.” Billy grunted out, another hard thrust up into you and you find the strength to buck down onto him as you managed to reply, “You-You’re one to talk, fuck!”
You didn’t need to see his face to know that got him smiling.
Stu was doing everything he could to ruin you completely. Licking over that sensitive bud with ease and precision that amplified the pleasure already present from how Billy was fucking you, his hand squeezed your thigh and it drew your eyes down to him. Your hand found his short hair and you threaded into it as best you could, a tug as you pulled him closer, drew him in deeper and he moaned against you, the vibrations adding to the feeling and making you moan even louder.
“I wish that fucking dick could see you right now.” Billy breathed into your ear, another brutal thrust into you causing you to moan his name in question. “If he could then he’d know, God, he’d know he couldn’t compete.”
It was true. No matter how hot he was, no way could he handle you like they could. Stu had pulled away, his thumb taking the place of his tongue, swirling over your clit as he interjected, “Yeah, we all know that you need two of us to satisfy you, no way a single guy could keep up with you.”
All of it is becoming too much, you were getting so close, gasping out your response, “No, no way he cooould. You two are the besssst.”
“Yeah? We’re the best you’ve ever fucking had, right?” Stu asked and you nod, an incoherent moan crossing your lips as his tongue ran over you again.
It was a struggle to keep your legs open between all of this, thank God for Stu assisting with that and making it possible. Billy was fucking into you much harder, pressing down on your pulse point with his thumb, hand over your throat still, hushed dirty talk whispered in your ear, “You are allll ours. No one else's.”
It was so true. No one else even came close to touching them, every single other person paled in comparison. Fell short by far. The emotion and pleasure overcomes and you babble out your own reassurances, to help soothe them and to simply make it as clear as possible. “Yes, yes, M’ all yours. But you-”
Your other hand comes back, rests on the back of Billy’s neck and you look over your shoulder as you say definitively, “-you are both all mine too.”
Billy’s grip got considerably tighter upon hearing that. Another indulgent moan of your name. He loved to hear you say those kinds of things about him and Stu.
You don’t stop there though. Emboldened by how amazing it all feels you continue, “I fucking love you. Christ, Billy, Stuuu, no one comes even close-”
Again, speaking of close, you were just about there.
You stir your hips, it makes him thrust up into you uncontrollably, makes Stu suck your clit harder, you can’t look away from the blonde currently locked onto your clit as he is grinding onto the mattress below, he was so fucking hot.
“-no one, oooh right there, don’t stop! Nooo one makes me feel this good.”
You are fully and completely owned by them and vice versa. Stu pulls back, “You gotta let me inside her, I’m fucking dyin’ here man.”
“Give me a taste and you got it.” Stu leaned up, hand on his face and pulled him in, a hot and sloppy kiss over your shoulder with tongue as they both savoured the taste of your cunt passed between the two of them.
When they pulled away you heard Billy praising you further on how "-sweet you taste."
The change in position happens so fast it could make your head spin.
Edge unfortunately lost but the new position stretches some different parts, provides a new angle and makes you squirm in delight. It wouldn’t take long to get it back.
You are pushed and shoved face down ass up, Stu now behind you, hands on your hips, sliding inside of you with a loud groan of your name as Billy’s hand is on your head, guiding your head down for your mouth to envelope him.
"Oh so good for us, no way would you do this shit for him. Right?"
You shake your head, "Never."
Then you welcomed him into your mouth with ease, taste yourself on him and suck greedily. Your eyes fall closed as you try to handle Stu’s sudden and rough pace, combined with Billy fucking into your waiting and willing mouth. You moan around Billy’s weighty cock on your tongue, your hand wraps around the base of his shaft and you force him deeper, Stu fucking harder into you, aiding in you choking on him.
You knew how much they appreciated this. They both knew you were all theirs but hearing it in plain English put all of those nagging insecurities that cropped up tonight at the party to bed.
You were trying to balance breathing, moaning, sucking dick and fucking back onto Stu’s thick cock all at once when his hand smooths down your back as Billy says. “If only there was SOME way to show that you were ours even when we weren’t around. Make it totally fucking clear to dickheads like Shawn to steer clear.”
Stu’s hand came down onto your ass, watching the way your flesh rippled and felt how you clenched around him and gagged on Billy. He enjoyed the myriad of reactions he and his partner in crime could pull out of you with a single action.
He offered up a solution to the problem Billy proposed. He leaned down and said into your ear, “Maybe we should carve our fucking names into you so everyone knows you’re ours, hmm?”
You had the perfect response.
Sliding the cock out of your mouth as you said, “Maybe you should.”
Could you be more perfect for them?
It somehow got even more intense after that. Simply cannot hold back another moment, the need to mark you too much to take.
This whole session they were so in control, commanding, hands gripping you with a certain kind of ownership and force that could make you weak in the knees, the way they talked and praised increasing the pleasure you experienced, so thoroughly happy to be all wrapped up in them, eating up every ounce of their affection.
Pace increased, rougher, wandering hands, they focused up, fingers found your clit, tight circles and that sweet spot inside abused until you finally cum with a loud and wet moan around the cock in your mouth. Stu follows soon behind, hands on your hips as he is buried completely inside of you as he unloads, painting your walls as you clench around him, draining him.
Billy pulls out, his hand quickly jerks himself and cums on your face as you struggle to catch your breath. A weak moan as your eyes flutter closed, you lick the cum that has landed onto your lips, feeling deliciously satiated by how the evening has played out.
Stu pulls out, he spreads you and takes in the view of his cum spilling out of your hole and down your thighs.
You allow yourself to lower onto the bed, desperate to relax a little and lay down, the events of the day and intense sex ession finally catching up to you. A sigh as you roll over and look up at them, “You feeling better? Satisfied?”
Billy laughed, hand letting himself go, wiping the remnants of cum onto your chest, “Not even close.” Stu was laughing too, playful smack onto your ass as he said, “No way, just getting started.”
“Yeah, we are trying to show that asshole up, think we’d just stop at ONE round?”
Ooof. You should have figured that you wouldn’t get off that easy. You had a long night ahead. But you were reassured. “Don’t worry, we’ll give you a break though.”
“Yeah, I dunno about you but I’m thinking about what she was talking about earlier. I’m feeling hungry.” Stu admitted and you asked, “Pizza?”
“Pizza it is.”
You lay back a sigh as you try to relax a little before they start up again, feel Billy get up as he picks up his phone to call in your usual order before your favourite place closes. Stu shifted and you thought he might curl up with you, a welcome thing but instead you feel his hand between your legs again, “Bet I can get you off again before it shows up.”
You would be fucking stupid to complain about such an offer, not like you could stop him anyway.
"I'd like to see you try."
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bisexual-horror-fan · 4 months ago
Okay okay okay. Pply ghostface TBABTO college road trip. Like the blank between the final chapter and the epilogue. The soft moments, the spicy moments, the e m o t i o n a l moments. Dialogue that makes you FEEEEEL. Pls I beg
AY! AY! SO! Sunny, dearest, darlingest, beloved Sunny! I am SO happy you asked for this! So like I mentioned earlier today is the two year anniversary of Two Boys Are Better Than One! I wanted to do a fic to help celebrate it right and this request is fucking perfect for it. This basically elaborates on the section in the Epilogue of TBABTO where our favourite triad takes a road trip off to college. It isn’t all spicy because I made it clear in said epilogue that stuff is on hold pretty hard while the boys heal up but there is some deff spicy stuff in here don’t worry! Either way, I love this, I hope you all do too! I think it’s got some good feelings, some good softness and overall great roadtrip vibes. Let’s get into it!
Rating. Explicit. Length. 5.1K. (I went in.) Billy Loomis X Stu Macher X FEM! AFAB! Reader. She/Her Pronouns. TBABTO! Verse. Poly!Ghostface. Warnings: Softness. Fluff. Exhibitionism. So Much Exposition. General Road Trip Fuckery. Dumb Conversations. Emotions. Making Out. Grinding. Masturbation. Voyeurism. Dirty Talk. Mentions Of Rimming. Somnophilla. Picture Taking.
Hitting The Road.
Tumblr media
The drive kicked off with excited farefare.
The car had been packed well, all the important and vital personal effects stuffed in the trunk, tetris’d in just so to fit as much as possible without damaging anything. Billy claimed all his time playing that stupid block moving game made him exceptionally skilled at packing and while you and Stu scoffed he DID manage to get everything you all needed in the car. It earned a kiss on the cheek from both you and Stu before all piling in.
There is a truck that will meet you at your new apartment soon after you arrive with the remainder of your belongings, it was a long drive, a couple of days and you didn’t want to drive the moving truck yourselves. Mostly due to how fucking batshit your summer ended up being, you planned a solid roadtrip with some good stops to make up for some of the lost time and the regular car made this way easier.
This was also your first big outing since getting back together, not to mention the road trip to college even without all that is a big deal, one that should be rightfully honoured and appreciated.
You had missed your boys terribly and you were going to savour this.
You had barely made it outside the city limits and were already excitedly talking. Billy was driving the first shift, you were sitting next to him up front and Stu is in the back, leaning between the seats. You were all talking classes and what you were taking. You look over your shoulder to see what Stu is holding and you snatch it out of his hands. “Ooo class schedule? Let’s see.”
He lets you look it over and you start skimming, you spot the film studies class and look at him, turning the page around and pointing to it, “Really?”
“What?! Billy took it too!” Stu said pointing to the man next to you and Billy looks over at you. His one hand lifting off the steering wheel as he said, “What? I wanted us to have a class together and I needed an elective and it fit in with my other classes.”
You gaped at him, holding the paper to your chest, “You are both taking it? I can’t believe you are taking it without me!” You sounded hurt but it was all an act, just joking around.
“Listen you weren’t around when we were picking classes for obvious reasons! Maybe you can swap in?” Stu offered and you rolled your eyes, “I’m fucking with you, I’m all good, besides we talk movies enough as it is.”
You went on to say, “And knowing you two I will probably end up ‘helping’ with your homework anyway.”
“Like you are gonna say no to more movie dates.” Billy teased and you sing-songed out, “Guilty. You do know that any movies you are assigned you have to actually, you know, watch them? Not just fuck with them on in the background.”
“Damn it. She’s got a point.” Stu sighed and you continued on, “All the more reason I shouldn’t take it. I can see us now trying to watch something and having to fight you both off to actually take in the material assigned.”
You look further on the sheet in your hands and see Stu is taking a photography class, that piques your interest and leads you to ask with one word, “Photography?”
Stu leaned forward against your seat as he said, “Always kinda been into it, want to get more into it, seems really interesting.”
Honestly it weirdly fit him. You can totally see Stu around campus with a camera taking pictures of whatever strikes his fancy. “You already got a camera?”
“Yeah I just felt a bit, I dunno, weird about it? So I didn’t show you guys yet.” He admitted and you scoffed, “Stu, c’mon, if you are into it and want to do it seriously we are supportive, right Billy?”
“Totally.” He nodded, “Besides like I would ever say no to you taking some personal pictures as a gift sometime. You could help him out with that babe, right?” Billy’s hand gripped your thigh and you smiled at the contact and the implication. Stu chimed in, “Mmm yeah I think she’d make for a really interesting subject.”
You needed a distraction. You had agreed that the three of you shouldn’t do anything much physically while the boys were still healing with their stitches, and didn't want to risk a single thing going wrong again since you’d just come so close to losing them.
“You should take some pictures on our trip, Stu, get some practice in.” You half turned in your seat to get a better look at him, “You think?”
“Yeah! Capture some memories so we never forget it and all that sappy shit.” You reached into over and plucked out the folded sheet sticking out of Billy’s pocket. “Now what are you taking?”
You start picking through and see the first thing of interest, “Criminology?” You snort. “You gonna start murdering on the sly once you get ideas on how to better get away with it?”
“Never say never.” He teases.
On the drive goes and a few hours in you need to stop for gas and while that is happening, naturally, snacks.
You are standing in an aisle lined with treats of the salty and sweet variety, almost a little too cold from the air conditioner blasting, debating over what to get. You are listening as Stu defends the merits of cool ranch doritos to your shared and unconvinced boyfriend.
“Why do you want them so bad?” He asked, arms crossed and Stu said, “It's suuuuch a summer chip, also why do you care? I’m buying.”
“Because I have to kiss you with fucking dorito breath.” Billy grumbled and you laughed. “Well what is your go-to snack?" You asked and he plucked up a bag and said, “Hot cheetos, duh.”
Stu made a face, “Ugh you would.”
“Well sorry for having taste.” Billy fired back. “How about we ask her for a tie breaker?”
They both turned to you and you looked back and forth between them before shrugging and saying, “C’mon you should know me better by now, I prefer options, I say both.”
“Atta girl.” Stu said with a smile as you picked up a box of milk duds and some licorice and shoved them into his arms.
Billy seemed distatified by your answer but not much he could do so he simply said, “You would, you are so indecisive.”
“That indecisiveness means I am with both of you because I couldn’t pick just one. So I wouldn’t be dissing it the way you are right now, Loomis.” You tease and he rolls his eyes, a fond smile as he says, “Yes ma’am.”
Drinks and snacks procured and paid for you are back in the car.
You are driving for a bit. Billy is in the back and Stu is up front with you.
He had fishsed his camera out of the trunk when you were stopped and he is fucking around with the settings. You are messing with the radio when Stu turns to you suddenly and takes a picture of you with one hand on the wheel and one on the radio dial and you laugh it off, batting your hand weakly in an attempt to get him to stop. “C’mon-”
“No, no you encouraged this! You asked for this!” He laughed, still holding the camera up for another picture and you throw up a middle finger covering your face with it as he takes another picture.
He pulls the camera back and checks out the picture and says, “Jokes on you, that is a great look for you.”
“Why don’t you take some pics of Billy boy?” You ask and he says, “Great idea-”
He turns and Billy sighs but smiles as he is reclined against the seats and lets it happen, knowing it is easier this way then trying to fight both you and Stu on this.
He snaps it and looks it over, a wide grin as he says proudly, “Oh that came out fucking great.”
“Lemme see.” You asked, leaning a little closer, eyes still forward for the time being.
The road at this stretch is mostly empty, it’s safe enough, Stu turns the camera so you can see and you sneak a peek at the picture he took and fuck.
It did look good.
It reminded you of the pictures you’d taken so far, the ones you framed and gifted them, the first holiday season you shared and the ones you had kept for yourself. The ones you couldn’t bring yourself to burn during the break up.
The same ones you framed were wrapped carefully and lovingly packed away in your boxes, ready to be placed carefully in your new apartartment you were going to share with them.
This was real. This was happening. You were going off to college, to all live together.
Decorate it together, cook together, share your lives, this is a big next step.
You did it, they got away with it thanks to you, you were all here and present and working towards your shared future together. Your eyes broke away, back on the road ahead as you said with a soft smile, “Looks great Stu.”
“Yeah? Thanks babe.” He leaned over and placed a kiss on your cheek before setting back in his seat.
Even with the AC in the car you felt warm, happy.
You thought then about how Stu was going to take a lot more pictures to commemorate this next phase of your life and the thought of framing some from this very trip and hanging them on your walls has you feeling so much.
Fuck, you love them.
Another few hours of driving and casual conversation and music on the radio you stop by a park for lunch. Get out to stretch your legs, end up going for a walk. You get some hot dogs from one vendor and ice cream from another. You are walking alongside Billy as you happily were having spoonfuls of rich creamy cool delight, he asked, “You not sick of ice cream yet?”
“Nope.” You said easily, popping the “P” as you did. You looked up and said saccharinely sweet as you offered up a spoonful, “Not when I am having it with you.”
“Gag.” said Stu around a mouthful of hot dog and it made Billy nearly snort and choke on the bite he had taken that you’d held out.
You all continue to joke around and this feels so fucking nice.
The kind of date you missed while you were all broken up.
Soon you all sit near a pond, finishing up your lunch when some ducks swum up, “Ooh cute, look at them.” Stu is breaking off a piece of his hot dog bun and said, “I want to feed them.”
Billy says, “I think bread is bad for ducks.”
Prompting Stu to say, “What?”
“I think I’ve read that bread is bad for ducks.” Billy affirmed with a nod and Stu said, “I think that’s stupid.”
Billy leaned over, a playful shove of his shoulder making Stu fall onto his side as he says, “I think you are stupid.”
You are finishing the last bite of your ice cream as you said, “You are both so mature. What did you get on the SATs again?”
“Not important. Just let me feed the cute ducks some bread Billy!” He whined before saying, “If ducks don’t eat bread what DO they eat?”
“Vegetables, I hear frozen peas are good.” You piped up and Stu threw an arm over his eyes overdramatically, “You too?! Why are you both so against me?”
You can’t help but laugh at how right this feels, how cute and teasing it all is.
After lunch and back in the car you are driving.
It’s getting late and Billy passes out.
He wakes up to you and Stu singing along to something coming from the car speaker. He is sleepy and out of it but soon he recognizes it from that ridiculous camp horror movie you showed him and Stu months back, what was it called? Oh that’s right, Dead And Breakfast. He could clearly see that dumbass zombie cowboy narrator in his head, playing that guitar and half-rapping, half-country-crooning and it had him rolling his eyes.
You and Stu were clearly very into it and his voice still thick with sleep, he rubs at his eyes and asks, “What are you doing?”
“Ayy, he’s awake!” Stu said with a clap and you turned down the music as you told him, “We’re singing our song, duh.”
Billy woke up more at that, sitting up as he said firmly, “That is NOT our song.”
You laughed and asked, “Oh God. Dare I ask, do we NEED a song?”
“Nooo, Billy is right we do but this? It isn’t our song.” Billy clapped him on the shoulder as he said, “Thank you!”
Stu grinned so wide it nearly split his face as he said, “But it should be.”
Billy groaned flopping back against the seats, he should have known better that Stu would not take this opportunity to fuck with him,
You and Stu laughed hard before he said, “Okay, okay so what would be our song, seriously?”
You looked thoughtful for a moment before deadpanning, “Breakfast At Tiffanys.” That had Stu groaning and Billy laughing, well aware of how much he hated that song. He leaned forward as he asked, “Oooh how does that one go again, babe?”
And you said, “Oh yeah, like this-”
A deep breath before belting out, “-and I said what about breakfast at Tiffan-” which had Stu’s hand coming over your mouth effectively stopping you. So you took the chance to lick his palm and he looked over at you, “C’mon. I’ve had my tongue inside your asshole and you think licking my palm is gonna bug me?”
“The man has a point.” Billy admitted and Stu said, “Anyway, it should be One Week by The Barenaked Ladies-”
The brunette threw is hands up, “You and the fucking Barenaked Ladies! That sums up our relationship and is the height of romance to you? One Week?!”
“Well we DID all just experience a very emotionally tumultuous time and a big break-up, I think it fits more than some songs.” Stu finally pulled his hand away from your mouth and you asked, “Do you and Stu have a song just for you both?”
They both shared a look that communicated something, you had no idea what but something before they both said, “We aren’t at liberty to say.”
“What?! After all we said about no secrets?! I cannot believe you two!” You made a sound of mock disgust before they both jumped to defend themselves, talking over each other and you said, “Forget it, if you don’t want to share I’ll drop it.”
“Thank you.” They both said and you sighed, “Anyway clearly our song should be Dick In A Box-”
And that is what made Billy break down and Stu almost cry laughing.
Soon after that you find yourselves pulling into a hotel to spend the first night. A nice place, Stu pays with no issue and you all make your way up with the bags you’d packed and get inside. The room is decently sized, the view is nice and it hits that you’ve never stayed in a hotel with them before.
This is exciting. Stu breaks away first and runs to the bed, flings himself onto it and you follow behind him. “This is gonna be so much fun!”
“Hell yeah it is!” Stu confirmed, fists up in the air and Billy looks you both over with a smile.
Room service happens for dinner that night. You all took showers and got into comfier clothing, watched tv and relaxed and took it easy. You glanced over at Billy as you said, “You know this is our first sleepover since everything went down.”
“You’re right. It’s a big occasion. Anything special you want to do?” Stu said, “Oooo they have a pool here! Swimming?”
“We don’t have swimsuits.” You said and he fired back, “Skinny dipping.”
He says it like it is the most obvious thing in the world and you say, “It’s a public pool Stu!”
“Oh pshhh, live a little!” You then say, “You still don’t have your stitches out, so it’s like a double no.”
He sighs, “Pay per view porn is a close second I suppose.” Billy snatches the remote back, “You’re not blue balling us. She's doing that enough as it is.”
You stick your tongue out playfully at him and Billy flipped you off in return, leading Stu to take that as another picture oppertunity.
You end up watching a movie, have some more food, more talking, a pillow fight and Stu taking some more pictures. You liked the one he got of you and Billy wrapped up in hotel robes and reclined on the bed, one of his arms around your shoulders and a towel still around your head.
Billy had taken some of Stu in return, claiming, “You can’t be the only one behind the camera.”
It is so fucking fun.
You all fall asleep curled up in the king sized bed hours later, far too tired after the long day of driving to even think about much else than sleep. You still had a long day tomorrow too.
You ended up having a hot, hot, hot dream.
A dream of getting to finally be with them physically again. Billy kissing you, Stu’s hands trailing up your sides, pulling you down onto him, filling you over and over. Writhing bodies, moans and praise, so much pleasure it is stupid. Heat fills you as they touch and take, fingers skimming over the most sensitive parts of you, it builds, climbs up and up and you wake up nearly on the edge, panting softly and slicked with sweat.
You wake up wet with your hand in your panties, clit throbbing against your fingers, you look over to see your two boys still asleep next to you. Eyes drag down and fuck, yeah it is early morning. You get quite the eyeful, the outline of their dicks painfully clear in the little they wore to bed.
The urge hits at once and you can’t help yourself. Even though your brain is screaming it is a bad idea, you said you’d wait, what if you got caught? You couldn’t hold back, no way. You bite your bottom lip, you want to reach out and touch and taste just like you had done in your dream. Fill your mouth with them and choke yourself on them.
Instead you decide to take care of yourself. You carefully touch as you are next to them, watching them sleep as you rub your clit slowly in soft circles, thinking about that dream you had and all you could do together.
This felt way too good, too hot, doing something this bad and this risky. You rubbed your clit harder, fingers dragged down and dipped into yourself, you bit back a moan as you fingered yourself, curling them just so inside yourself until you clenched down. Your other hand came down, rubbing your clit as your other hand fingered yourself. You were getting far too into it, holding back moans and breathing way too hard.
They looked so good, so peaceful, the emotion of being here in such a vulnerable position, safe in bed with them was getting to you.
You needed to stop before you got caught, you already were wanting to pull them closer and touch them which would go badly, no way could you stop once you got started.
You pull your hands away, slick with your arousal and you make yourself tear away and go to the bathroom. You close the door most of the way and sit on the edge of the tub, can see yourself in the mirror, hands back between your legs, panties shoved out of the way, rubbing and touching, back arching and you give in.
Can let loose a little more, some soft moans slip out, “Billy, fuck! Stu, oh my God-” you breathe out as you continue. You are able to touch yourself much more vigorously like this too, no risk of jostling the bed so much you might wake them.
The images from your dream flit through your mind, the pleasure builds, your legs tense, you pant and soon in a few short minutes you are cumming on your own fingers with a choked off cry of a mix of their names. It hadn’t taken long thanks to your dream and the touching you had done in your sleep. It felt incredible, almost floating on the high of it, hands slow and eventually stopped, pulled away and you sigh. Your hand comes up and you look at your hand, pull your fingers apart, the strings of your slick breaking apart between them before you hum and bring your hand up and sucked them clean. The tang of your own arousal thick on your tongue before you get up on shaky legs and fix your panties back into place. You leave the bathroom, still slightly out of breath and find them both awake in bed.
You flop into bed beside them sighing out, “Good morning.”
“Mornin’.” Billy returned and Stu hummed in acknowledgment. You looked them over and there was no sign that they had overheard or caught on to what you were doing. You leaned over, a kiss pressed to Billy’s mouth which he quickly tried to deepen, causing you to pull away, “Nooo, we said we’d be good.”
They both groaned and Stu said, “Yeahhhh, okay, okay-”
“I know, I know you miss this quality product-” You said with a gesture to yourself and they both laughed, Billy quietly repeating, “Quality product?”
“Yes, I said what I said-” Stu sighed with a smile, “I wish you wouldn’t have.”
You had just cum but you’d be lying if you didn’t want more. You offered up, “A little compromise maybe?”
And they initially were very excited by the prospect you proposed, the early morning make out session in the big hotel bed with wandering hands was great.
Strong hands and so equal, you starting off kissing Billy before you broke away and Stu took over and you leaned in and ran your tongue up the long expanse of his throat and yes it was very fucking nice.
To start.
It was less great when you all had to break apart, the boys still wanting and painfully hard and you trying to play off how wet and wanting you were.
You all dress, pack up, check out and get breakfast next door. All sit and share plates with eggs and hashbrowns and toast covered in butter and jam. You get back on the road, another long day of driving ahead.
At some point near lunchtime you fell asleep in the backseat. When you woke up slightly sore you were confused where you were. Turns out the boys took a detour to some shitty tourist trap, claiming to be the world’s biggest something or other. You get some more pictures, and end up in the gift shop. You all decide on what to buy and it leads Stu to say, “Awe our first glassware as a throuple.”
“They are shot glasses, Stu.” Billy deadpanned and you said, “I’m counting it! First drink the new place has to be from these!”
Back in the car there is more driving until lunch.
It’s a gorgeous day out. Billy has his head in your lap, you are playing with his hair as Stu buys the food. You both talk about what else you need for the place, “I think we should get a rug for the living room. I’m worried the couch is gonna scuff the floor up.”
“Why do you think that will happen?” he asked looking up at you, “I dunno based off how often we fuck on the couch and how agressive a certain someone can get with it-” you tug on his hair lightly earning a quiet, “Ow-”
“-I feel it won’t stay in one place and might move across the floor and cause some damage.” He had to admit you made a good point. “Yeahhh a rug might be a good idea. You opposed to rug burn on your knees?”
“Have I ever been?” You asked with a smile as Stu came back out with the food.
Lunch was fucking great. Enjoying the weather and each other’s company and once it was done, there was yet again, more driving. Billy is up front with you, one hand on your thigh, he had been teasing you a little.
“C’mon, you are fine, you’re all healed up. I bet you I can get you off one handed while I’m driving.”
Dear God did you want to take him up on that but you could see it all playing out in front of you if you gave in. You’d end up on the side of the road stuffed from both ends and you had to fight to give in. It is so fucking hard.
That afternoon the travelling is catching up, all a little talked out, long comfortable stretches of silence that feel so good. It’s great just getting to be in each other’s presence like this.
You drive a long time, have a late dinner and afterwards find yourselves pulling off the road, in a field, laying back shoulder to shoulder and looking up at the night sky together.
You are between them, holding a hand from each of them, you feel close to them, physically and emotionally as you lay in the soft grass and feel the cool breeze.
It starts to overcome and while the trip has been amazing, so fun and jokey, teasing, lots of hot and heavy moments, close calls but not a lot of the heavier stuff.
Right now you are feeling it.
“I missed you both so fucking much.” You said softly. It made them both look over to you. Holding their hands tighter. “We missed you too honey.”
“Seriously, it…It was so hard being apart and while everything all worked out okay I gotta be honesty I was so fucking scared. The whole time we were doing it and when you were both in the hospital.”
You sit up and take a deep breath. Unable to look at them, “I’m still kind of scared to be honest. It…This feels so good, this trip has been amazing and I’m dying for us to live together and do this next step but I’m still scared because it feels too fucking good to be true.”
You feel close to breaking down when you feel both of their arms slip around you. “It is real.”
“Yeah. We’re here. We did it, s’ true.” Stu sighed with his nose pressed to your hair. “I get it though. It’s hard to believe sometimes. I won’t lie, I keep on hanging off you and Stu because I just have to touch you to remind myself that it IS real and you are both here.”
Stu let out a wet sounding laugh. “Oh thank fucking God it isn’t just me.”
You all stay there longer than you should. Talking about your relationship, the summer you lost to being apart and to the exciting year up ahead. The picture you got together in the field with the timer set, you sitting stretched acaross their laps is your favorite of the entire trip.
You are so close, another few hours tomorrow and you will be at the new apartment. Everyone was too beat, you couldn’t finish the drive tonight. You needed another night in a hotel and you found one easily enough.
Driving all day and napping on and off in the car made you feel like you needed a shower. The boys graciously let you go first and you feel so much better afterwards. You get a terrible idea and come out of the bathroom naked, both of them are looking over the tv guide and it took a minute for Stu to look up, lightly smacked Billy in the centre of his chest and got him to look too.
You greeted them casually and easily and pretended to not notice how affected they were. You dug through Stu’s suitcase and stole one of his shirts and slipped it on before getting into bed. They were still watching you and you smiled wide, “You gonna go shower orrr?”
“Uh yeah, totally. Billy?” Stu got up, “Yeah right behind you-” and you let them both go with a laugh. “Be careful you two!”
They share a shower and are extremely careful as you asked, making sure not to disturb each other’s healing injuries or aggravate the stitches. They both shared the spacious hotel shower. Deep kissing, wandering hands, both insanely hard as they breathlessly talk about you between meetings of their mouths. “Wanna fucking wreck her so bad-”
“Same, God, why’d we agree to this shit again?” Stu groaned as Billy nipped at his collar bone, grinding against his hip and he said, “Because we put her through hell and it’s the fucking least we can do, it’s not that much longer.”
“Shit, I know you’re right but it’s so fucking hard, man.” Billy laughed into his neck as his hand slipped between their bodies, gripping Stu’s shaft as he said, “Yeah I can feel it, I know.” Stu ignored his joke but still exhaled harder through his nose in mild acknowlegment of it.
“Think we can talk her into helping us out?” Stu asked and he said, “I fucking doubt it but the idea is tempting me enough to try it.”
When they slip out of the bathroom the light from the tv is the only thing illuminating the room, you are dead asleep and they both look at each other and then out at the hotel balcony.
They sit out there, looking through the open door to you, asleep, shirt half up, both talk to each other, whisper filth of what they could do to you while you were like this and so vulnerable while they jerk off in the cool evening air. “Could spread her legs and you could hold her down.”
“I could eat her out till she’s on the edge without her waking up, I miss the fucking taste of her-”
It doesn’t last long and they both get into bed with you around a half hour later with the taste of each other on their tongues and pass out promptly wrapped up with you.
You all sleep in a bit later than you meant to but you all clearly needed it. After another quick breakfast you hit the road, ready as ever to face whatever was in store in this next chapter of your lives.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
hey bex!! <3 i was just wondering if you were still taking requests for the love letters? if not that's okay too, i don't want to swamp you with anything if you're too busy! (but if you can (and want to) could i please request one? it can be from anyone you'd feel like! I'm not sure who would write one to me i feel like you'd know best!!) thank you so much either way! 💐💕
Oooo so glad you trusted me with this! I decided to go with Ghostface, Danny Johnson from Dead By Daylight in particular and hope you dig this SFW stalkerish love letter.
To my dearest newest obsession. 
How are you? I like to think I know but there is only so much assumption and fantasising a man can do while stalking before getting curious about what’ actually rolling around in that head of yours.
I’ve been watching you for a long while now. Oh how long is a while? Ahhh who keeps track?
Other than me. Very extensively in the journal I’ve started keeping just for you of course. You are that special. I’ve learnt your schedule and have been paying such close and personalised attention.
Have you noticed?
The few little things around your place that have gone missing that I’ve taken as personal mementos. Or the small things I do to make your life a bit easier? It’s not like I am doing them for the recognition but you have to admit that it’s really nice to feel needed.
And even if you haven’t woken up to that fact yet you do need me. Desperately. 
But don’t worry, I will make sure that you are painfully aware of it all too soon. I’ve decided that you are ready to meet me.
I know, try to contain your excitement but it’s true! I was thinking your place, under the cover of night, saw your meal plan and what you were initially gonna make for dinner is just fine for me. 
See you soon sweetheart.
Love, Ghostface. 
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bisexual-horror-fan · 6 months ago
Waitwait are requests closed or open ;;
I-If they’re open could I get a poly!ghostface x fem!reader smut please 😳 At least one of the boys has to be sub at one point omg (i don’t care how long it takes to write, take your time 👉👈🥺)
OH MY GOD HI! SO! So sorry this took so long to get to but I loved this prompt to fucking much I reallly wanted to take my time on it make it good. I love this shit so fucking much. I got the best idea for this and hope you all fucking dig this. Let’s not dally, I don’t wanna ramble, let’s fucking go!
Rating. Explicit. Length. 5.2K. Billy Loomis and Stu Macher X FEM! AFAB! Reader. She/Her Pronouns. Poly!Ghostface. Warnings: Masturbation. Toy Use. Voyeurism. Amature Porn. Threesome. Anal Sex. Vaginal Sex. Dirty Talk. Taunting. Teasing. Oral Sex. Blow Job. Throat Fucking. Edging. Orgasm Denial. Cream Pie. A-Frame. Billy Being A Total Cock Slut. Stu Being Mean. It’s Kinda Deserved. Degradation. Riding. Vaginal Fingering. Cunnlingus. Face Sitting. Cum Play. Cum Eating. Multiple Orgasms. Overstimulation. Praise.
It’d Be A Total Waste.
Tumblr media
What was wrong with him having some secrets?
He was open about what was important, didn’t lie about anything major or cheat. So what if he had a few small things just for himself? It wasn’t like he was embarrassed or anything, that’d be absurd. He just wanted this thing to be just that, for him and him alone and there wasn’t any shame in that.
It was something he didn’t crave all the time but when the mood struck and the stars aligned and he could do it, he indulged himself.
You had something to do in town, some errands to run that would eat up a few hours of your afternoon and Stu had something similar going on while Billy had, not a damn thing to do.
You both left him behind with promises of having dinner later on and he watched you both go.
He loved being with you both but sometimes having the place to himself was so needed, so nice to really let go and relax. He didn’t jump into it right away, the more relaxed he was the better it would be when he got to it.
He figured he would have a good solid hour to hour and a half before you both got home and now was as good a time as any. He had a ritual that went along with it, he had a shower, cleaned himself up really well and then got into bed, his hair and skin still slightly damp. He had everything laid out on the nightstand after he had retrieved them from their usual hiding spot.
The anticipation already had him half hard. He palmed himself and settled further into the soft bed as he did so.
He wasn't a stranger to jerking off, obviously, still found the time for it a few times per week, but you and Stu kept him pretty happy and those sessions were just quick little things. Private moments stolen in the shower or whatever, nothing to write home about, so getting the opportunity for a dedicated longer session like this was something he was going to really soak up.
He started to slowly stroke himself, just to warm up, a tease of things to come more than anything.
Soon he was reaching for the lube, pouring some onto his fingers before setting it back down, leaving the cap open, he was sure he was going to need more. Hand came back and two fingers traced over his hole, pressure even and sliding over himself with ease from the lube. Fingers slide over again and again before slowly starting to dip inside, first one, working in with no issue. He'd done this plenty of times and knew just how to pace himself, another finger joins the first soon and that is when he reaches for his phone with the other hand. The feeling makes him exhale, something about this was just so fulfilling, it satisfied a deeper part of himself, he hadn’t even really gotten into it yet but this was just the opener after all.
He knew how he could make this even better. A few taps on the screen revealed that favoured folder hidden on his phone, he scrolled and considered as the two fingers from his other hand rocked inside of himself again, he saw just the perfect one and selected it. Propping it up in view, volume on and he began to move his hand with more purpose.
“Oh my God-” The sound of you gasping out filling the space of the bedroom, it sounded wet and thick with arousal as it left your mouth, he took in the view of the video, a harder thrust of his fingers and it made his breath catch.
While he liked to keep this to himself he still loved to partake in the amature videos the three of you had taken together to heighten it.
This particular video was one he had taken while you and Stu were taking turns blowing him. The pair of you on your knees and totally bare, you had just pulled back, eyes hazy with lust, spit running down your chin from the rough treatment of him fucking your mouth. When you slid him out you were looking up into the camera and Stu’s hand closed around Billy’s cock, starting to touch him, leaning in, tongue smoothing under the head before his lips closed around it. Billy hears himself curse in the video and he grinds himself against the smooth bed sheets remembering the feeling and he feels he is there and ready for more.
His fingers leave himself and he sighs at the loss before reaching for the first toy he had selected, more lube poured, slicking it up as he listens to the sweet sounds of Stu sloppily sucking his cock and you praising him. “Fuck, you taste too good.”
He had that toy teasing himself now, threatening to slip inside, listening to this little gasp you let out when your hand fell between your legs.
He loved this part.
His eyes flick back to his phone screen. Seeing Stu’s eyes closed, focused on the task at hand and you right next to him, eyes still looking up into the camera, “I don’t care how much it hurts my knees I could be down here all day.”
Christ that got him. More than that, it pushed him to finally start to inch that toy into himself and it made his head roll to the side and groan into the pillow he was resting on. He took care while working it in, fucking in and out shallowly, taking more every few thrusts but he got greedier, wanted more.
He fucked into himself quicker, eyes locked on his phone, listening and the savoring the pleasure washing over him. Shit, this was just what he needed.
“How the fuck do you not even gag on it, Stu?” You asked, breathless as you touched yourself and Stu pulled back, strings of spit connecting his mouth and Billy’s cock and he laughed, “Yearsss of practice.”
He was obscenely good at it, the amount of history they had certainly helped, the fact Stu could swallow him down like the dick in his mouth was more important than air did too.
“Sure it isn’t just because you are a massive whore?” You teased and Stu playfully responded, “Well I thought that went without saying.”
He watched as you leaned in and ran your tongue up his length, soft and sweet before sliding him as deep as you could into your mouth. He was obsessed with the differences between how you and Stu used your mouths on him.
Stu would be almost verosically hungry to take him in, all moans against his shaft, sloppy and intense, confident in his movements, fuck himself deeply, heavy use of tongue, naturally. And you would approach it with equal passion but slower, more methodical, would focus on specific parts that would make his thighs tense and want to slow down and luxuriate in the moments he was on your tongue for as long as possible.
In that video you were hollowing your cheeks and Stu was fondling your tits, encouraging you all the while, fingers buried in your cunt as you worked. “Yeah, there you go babe. You’re realllly getting to him.”
He dragged it out, watching you bob up and down and Billy cursed under his breath as he twisted that toy into himself harder.
You were really getting to him. You both were. It was as if Stu was talking directly to him at this moment. The arousal was truly burning now, skin flushed and dick hard from how he kept rutting against the sheets as he was bucking back to meet the toy. He’d been at this for a while and was feeling good, really loosened up and so relaxed, thoroughly enjoying himself.
It wasn’t enough however, not anymore, it was time to step it up.
He slid the current one out with a groan much louder than he intended to let out but fuck it, he was home alone and he had to admit, expressing himself vocally during this made it better, the sensations sharper and pleasure deeper. He set the current one aside before picking up the main event, his favourite, much longer than the first, defined ridges and deliciously thick, would fill him and give him that stretch he really craved. He picked up the lube again, sure to really pour the lube on thick, slicked the toy up especially well, better too much than not enough, right?
He changed his position, he needed more room for this, on his knees, legs spread wider, resting on one forearm, cheek resting on that arm as his other hand came back and lined it up just so. He was onto another video now, another favourite, pov video of him fucking you while you were sucking Stu off, you looked amazing, that night was truly something special and watching it always made times like these all the better.
He takes his time working it in, enjoying every bit he is able to fit inside, the more he does the more impossible it becomes to be quiet. He is allowing himself to pant and gasp, to moan and shift on the sheets at the stretch and soon he had enough inside he is fucking himself at a steady pace with a good rhythm to it.
He is still watching that video, you attempt to keep up as Stu fucks your mouth, moaning incorhently around his shaft that you are getting close and his breath stuttered, his hand slides down his body, hand wraps around himself and he groans again at the feeling. He is so hard and hot in his own palm, his thumb swipes over the slit, he is leaking pre-cum heavily by now and then he angles just right and hits home on that spot inside of himself perfectly and it makes his whole body tense.
If he didn’t slow down he would be cumming soon and it felt so insanely good he wanted to drag it out just a little longer. Who knows the next time he’d get this chance? He slowed both his hands down and breathed deeply, focusing on relaxing into the feeling as if sinking into a warm bath as opposed to racing towards a finish line.
After all, what was the rush?
You were unlocking the front door as Stu was asking, “So you got all the way down there and they were closed?”
You pushed open the door as you responded, “Yeah! Said online they were open but I got down there they were closed, such a piss off. What about you?”
Stu didn’t respond. Very unlike him. You turned and questioned, “Stu-?”
But he shh’d you.
You ask, “What?” He shh’d you again, “Listen. You hear that?”
You did and listened intently and heard it. Unmistakable, moaning and the sound of the bed moving.
You both kick your shoes off and head for the bedroom to see the source of it, curious what the source of it was.
He hadn’t even closed the door. It was like he wanted to get caught. You both push the door open further and take in the sight. He’s so lost in it he didn’t hear you both come home, clearly. No way he’d be fucking himself like that and moaning so loudly if he knew you were both home and in the doorway watching him.
But what a view.
Something you wish you could come home to all the time. Billy basically face down ass up, cheek to the sheets, watching his phone, they can’t see exactly but the audio is loud and clearly a video the three of you recorded together, one hand stroking his cock, the other hand pushing and pulling a rather thick looking dildo in and out of himself. He was sweating, trembling, moaning, leaking a lot of pre-cum and looking like he was getting pretty close. Stu nudges you and you look at him but it wasn’t necessary, you both knew what you needed to do here.
He is so focused. Breathing so hard, he’d worked himself up more than enough, he was going to cum spectacularly so soon, another minute and he’d need to change the sheets, he is unable to stay still as he is climbing to that peak. Almost, so fucking close-
“Well what do we have here!”
He practically jumped out of his skin at the sudden sound of Stu’s voice as well as the shift on the mattress of you and Stu dropping onto the bed. He let go of his cock right away and almost dropped that toy, his heart pounding even harder somehow as he cursed, “Shit!”
You and Stu laughed at his reaction, his shocked expression and how he couldn’t do anything to cover himself up, it is so clear what he was doing, he couldn’t meet your gaze either.
“You seem to be having a good afternoon.” You teased and Stu hummed in agreement, “Yeah sure seems like!”
His hand came down onto Billy’s shoulder and he ran it down his back, he barely suppressed a shiver at the feeling and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. He looked so flustered, tense and flushed skin, not talking, almost as if he wasn’t sure what to say or what he could say. Gorgeous, you wanted him like this much more often.
"Wha-what are you doing home already?" He asked and you snickered, "Yeah you clearly weren't expecting us back so soon, huh?"
His mind was running wild, he felt kind of stupid, he shouldn’t have wasted so much time, he never thought he’d be caught with his literal pants down by the both of you. He was trying to keep his breathing even but it was hard.
“You think he does this all the time when we aren’t home?” You asked, they could see right through him. Stu nodded, “Oh totally. I mean look at this.”
Stu got up from his comfortable position he had fallen into on the bed on his side, instead he sat up on his knees, hands on Billy he moved him,he tried to stop him, “Hey! What are you doing?!”
And Stu ignored him, simply pulling him a bit higher onto the bed before pushing him down onto his stomach, another grunt of protest leaving the brunette. He knocked his hand out of the way and gripped the suction cup base of the dildo, twisting it a little. The jolt of pleasure that caused Billy to almost fist the sheets as Stu said “Like look at the size of this thing!”
You had to give it up, it was rather impressive, you wonder where he got his hands on it, how long he’s had it, where he hid it. Stu started to move it, slowly pulling it out and sliding it back in, Billy stifled a moan and shifted under him but not much, he was clearly trying to restrain himself.
Stu pressed on, “Wow, him using a toy this big? Clearly this isn't his first rodeo. Hole is swallowing it up soooo easy.”
You watched with great interest as Stu slid it back and forth, watching the toy sink in and pull out, the muted reactions and almost gasps that Billy was suppressing providing the soundtrack to this debauched little scene your afternoon had turned into. You were so fucking into it, could feel yourself getting wet as you taunted, “You are so right. And the man calls ME a whore.”
Billy’s face was burning in shame and pleasure as he took a deep breath and grit out, “Cuz you are one.”
You and Stu laughed, he thrust the toy harder and Billy moaned, low and long and he knew that no matter what he said, how intense or with how much vitriol it didn’t matter when he had a sizable dildo stuffed in him that his longtime boyfriend was controlling.
You and Stu were both talking about him as if he wasn’t even here, Stu starting to fuck him with this dildo and your hands were getting into the mix, beginning to touch his body and he wanted to squirm away but the want, no, the need to cum, was much greater than any embarassment he felt at that moment from being caught.
“We might be the whores normally but today? It’s allll him, right?” You tease and Stu agrees, Billy is going to try and refute this but Stu was able to stop his sentences in their tracks before they truly started, and was able to make him break apart with moans.
It was hard to argue he wasn’t a whore when you both stumbled onto him like this, when he was stuffed full and his erection that was pressed between his body and bed was leaking this much pre-cum.
You were running your hands over his back and Stu was messing with different angles and he needed to cum so bad he would do just about anything.
Almost sensing this Stu backs off and Billy is barely able to hold back from whining at how the stimulation stopped. “He must really want it. He’s a total mess, wonder how long he was holding back before we got home.”
“Who knows? I had no idea he could have such self control.” You had your hand stroking down his side, fingers teased down his hip, coming so close to where he wanted it, he arched to give you better access to him and you pulled your hand away instead.
“If he really wants it-” You start, “-then he can do it.” Stu finishes and you both are sitting back on the edge of the bed, hands off.
He looks at both of you over his shoulder, eyes flicking between your face and his and Stu gives him a look that says, “Well?”
Billy’s head drops back onto the mattress with a resigned sigh. He grumbles out, “Okay, okay-”
He was too far gone.
He was going to cum no matter what, even if he had to do it himself with you both watching. He takes over, on his side, hands back in position and he starts again, much slower than before.
Tentative, much less confident, he is all too aware of you both watching him, he can’t stop himself from glancing over to you both over and over but it makes him falter, hands shaking just a little as he tries to work himself like he did before. But whenever he looks over he sees you and Stu watching intently, smiles and whispers to each other behind your hands, he felt so totally on display. It was throwing him off. He does this for a few minutes and get’s a little more into it but not by much, not like how he was earlier.
Stu’s voice broke the relative silence, other than Billy’s heavy breathing and the wet sound of the toy sliding in and out of course.
“C’mon, you were doing it way differently when you didn’t know we were watching.” Stu teased and you joined in, “Yeah, it’s like you aren’t even trying now. Do you really want to cum? Cuz it doesn’t seem like it.”
He did. He really did, he groaned out in frustration, “Ye-yeah I want to-”
“Well if we let you do it at this rate we’ll be here all afternoon.”
Before Billy can begin to protest you and Stu are moving in again, pushing his hands out of the way. “Can’t do shit himself, he needs us to help him out.” You say as Stu’s hand is on the toy again.
He pulls the toy out and Billy cannot hold back the hold moan that escapes, almost pained at being so empty, his cock is throbbing from the neglect.
“It’s almost cute how useless he is like this.” Stu coos as he tosses it aside, clean up can happen later, you lean down, hands on his wrists and you kiss him deeply before he can attempt a biting retort, you taste him and he moans into the kiss, his body is still so responsive and sensitive.
He should be fighting this but it feels so good.
You kiss harder and he returns the affection as your tongue slips into his mouth, his hips shift and he needs more than this, a lot more than this. Stu watches as you kiss him, he is starting to undress, he is so hard, been hard since he first laid eyes on Billy fucking himself stupid.
“We are gonna take full advantage of this, you know that right? It’d be a total fucking waste not to.”
You pull back with a smile, looking down at Billy under you, how he wasn’t able to stay still, breathing quick and still so hard, you replied, throwing a look over your shoulder to Stu, “Of course. I mean look at him, his eyes say it all, he is practically begging to get fucked.”
Stu is fully undressed and he is getting between Billy’s legs, snatching up that bottle of lube he pours a generous amount into his palm and slicks himself up, “He is so fucking spoiled, hmm? Can’t deny him anything or he’ll gonna throw a fucking tanturm.”
“You think so highly of me.” Billy said with a roll of his eyes and your hand came down, gripped his jaw, nails biting into his skin and you said, “Watch it Loomis.”
Stu is lined up, prodding at his opening and Billy’s head is thrown back, all potential venom forgotten yet again in favour of satisfying his needs. He felt so helpless, emotions felt all over the map, his eyes squeezed shut as he tried to buck down to take him. The blonde laughs at the reaction, “Yeah listen to her. Watch it. We can still change our minds annnny old time.”
"Yeah. You want us to make you actually beg?" You threaten and Billy bites his bottom lip with a shake of his head.
He slowly starts to move his hips, pushing forward and teasing him, prodding his hole over and over and you both watch in great amusement at Billy struggling below, wanting more but Stu wasn’t giving in and it frustrated him endlessly until he almost barked out, “Goddamnit Stu-”
And that was the moment he chose to slide inside. He was so lubed, so loose and ready and open that it happened with relative ease, Billy’s back arched with an ample moan that Stu shared. “Oh fuck-”
This feels just right. He can feel every single inch that is sliding in, almost every vein, he feels almost too much in this moment, the sensation is intense.
He loved this. He actually loved this. At this point fuck any semblence of shame or covering up, he needed this, all of it.
You were sliding your hand down your pants as you settled in to watch, you were going to enjoy this just as much as they were.
Stu stops once he bottoms out, rests fully inside and holds for a moment, both of them bask in the feeling. Stu in how hot and tight he feels around him and Billy at the stretch and the fullness of it. “You’d think he wouldn’t still feel good after using suuuch a monster of a toy but fuck no, he feels-” The blonde huffed out, as if he was struggling to find the right words.
Your fingers find your clit as you asked, “Feels?” And Stu grinds hard inside as he says, “-ugh, so good. Too good. Fuckin’ tight too.”
He blissfully begins to move, pace is easy as he fucks in and out and yeah, holding back is impossible. Billy isn’t sure what happens to him, he allows himself to actually let go, just does what feels good, bucks back onto him, moans and revels in the feeling, the openness and vulnerability.
He was always trying to be so damn in control but there was something real and visceral in this, in submitting, into letting himself be handled by you and Stu and giving himself up to what you wanted of him. He’d fucked you both into being mindless but getting fucked into that himself is so good he wonders why he fought sharing this for as long as he had.
Stu’s hands are digging into his hips as he rocks into him, allowing himself to moan and pant too, “God, I’ve fuckin’ dreamt about this, seeing Billy take it up the ass and love it as much as you do. Act like a good little slut.”
You had been touching yourself this whole time, watching it all play out, trying to read the emotion on Billy’s face but all you were getting was blissed out fuck toy and that was more than enough to fuel you as you got off on it all. Your fingers working in and out of yourself, curling into that spot just right as you responded, “Mmf, me too. Who knew he would look so fucking pretty during it too.”
Billy's cheeks, neck and chest were flushed from the pleasure and the praise. Stu looked over to you and motioned with his head for you to come closer, “You should get in on this. When are we gonna get him like this ever again?”
“Hopefully regularly but you make a good point.”
Just then you get an idea, a truly delicious idea and you slip your fingers out of yourself, you get on your knees and scoot closer, you lean in and motion for Stu to come in.
He did and you offered up your hand, he sucked on your fingers, cleaning up the mess of you, tongue rolling between your digits as he listened to the suggestion you whispered in his ear and when you pulled those same fingers out he was grinning as his pace slowed right down, “Oh fuck yeah.”
Soon you had Billy repositioned to your liking to make this happen.
Billy is in Stu’s lap, he has his hands on his hips and this is where you climb aboard, straddling him and you cannot wait for him. You’d be a-framed plenty, been overwhelmed from both sides and now you were about to give Billy a taste of his own medicine. You line him up and tease yourself for only a moment before you can’t resist, Billy makes a sound that is almost like a whimper and yeah you can’t wait.
He thought he was already feeling as good as he could, so full but then you sliding him inside, taking him to the base inside of yourself, it makes him push harder back onto Stu because of your weight on top of him and he is going to die.
You start to move, begin to ride him as you breathe out, “Holy shit-” and Stu starts to move too, rocking up into him and if it is possible to die from too much pleasure he is convinced he is going to.
You are soaked and feeling pretty damn good yourself, not giving him any quarter, riding him just how it feels best to you, Stu is letting out a litany of groans that nearly match Billy’s and it has you asking “God, how you doing, Stu?”
“He is clenching down on me so, so hard-” You rock your hips and Billy is too far gone. “-he isn’t gonna last.”
He wasn’t. He wear moaning incorherently and you and Stu were eating up every broken moan and failed sentence. "Shit-please, please! Don-stooop-" and "-need to ohh cum-" were the clearest anything he said got.
Took him less than two minutes of you riding and Stu fucking him for him to let go. The dam bursts and he cums inside with a strangled moan that was somewhere between a mix of Stu’s and your name. Body was tense and he was trembling from the strength of his orgasm, after all the build up and edging it was the best one he has had in months. He goes slack against Stu who was still buried in him, “Awe that looked like a fucking great one.”
You nodded, hand stroking over his face before pushing his sweaty hair back off of his forehead, “Mmhmm. Was it?”
His licks his lips, a shaky nod as the last of the aftershocks were leaving him, it was, he just did not have the words to try and communicate that yet.
“Good, good.” Stu placed a few sloppy kisses along the side of Billy’s throat and he squirms in his lap as he is still trying to catch his breath.
He feels boneless, totally satiated.
Stu caught your gaze, grin on his face again that you returned. He waited a moment, let Billy truly relax before he thrust up into him again, making his eyes fall open, gasping, body tensing nearly immediately. You and Stu laugh again, “Awe, Billy, c’mon. He hasn’t cum yet. You aren’t done.”
“Yeah and neither has she, you're gonna help her out.” Stu taunted and you agreed, another idea as you moved. You climbed off of Billy, hand going between your thighs as you motion to Stu and he gets the hint.
Another move and Billy is on his back. Stu between his legs, fucking into him and you are lowering yourself to straddling his face. “Wait-I just-” He tried to protest and Stu scoffs, an extra hard thrust that makes Billy whine.
He grips his hips harder as he thrusts into him, gritting out, “Shut. Up. I’ve eaten cum outta her countless times, you can fuckin’ handle some of your own, don’t be a fucking baby.”
He is overstimulated, with how Stu is pounding into him so soon after he came, he is too weak to do anything or fight it and he nods and you sit on his face. His hands come onto your ass to help support you as best he can, not like he has the strength to hold you up all himself right now as you start to grind your cum filled cunt on his tongue.
Your fingers thread into his hair as his tongue strokes up through your folds, he is going to try and focus as much as he can on this to help distract him from how overwhelming what Stu is doing is. You praise him as he tastes himself, “Gooood boy.”
Stu lets out a loud groan, “Fuck, he clenched again when you said that.”
The afternoon is far from over but when it does end, a long time later. When another orgasm was wrung from him and he was leaking Stu’s cum and his face was sticky with you, between you both, slick with sweat on the messy sheets he conceeds. He wearily admits that yes, okay, this was amazing and maybe he should have included both of you a hell of a lot sooner in on this. You and Stu both cover his face in kisses and praise him that he did so well and that you forgive him for hiding this.
"Thanks." He said with a roll of his eyes and you and Stu shared another look before you said, "You know you got a lot of lost time to make up for though, right?"
Well NOW he did.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 5 months ago
bex 💖 this post has been in my brain since you said it and i have been *waiting* for this day !! cam boy!bo, baby !! if you do this one, just go ham, do whatever you want !! and most of all thank you for your service ✌💖
Annabel! Holy fucking shit, I went uh, much harder on this than expected but what else is new? I always do this shit. But I mean COME ON! This kind of prompt fucking DESERVES something like this! I hope you love it, I worked really hard on it, super pleased with it. Get ready and buckle up for just 5K of straight up Bo Sincilar Camboy! AU! PWP! Let’s goooo!
Rating. Explicit. Length. 5K. Bo Sinclair X GN! Reader. No Pronouns Mentioned. Warnings: Cam Boy AU! PWP. Sex Worker Positive Fic. Exhibitionism. We Love And Support Sex Workers In This House And If You Can’t You Can Get The Fuck Out. Praise. Bo Being Bo. Masturbation. Sex Toys. Cock Ring. Denial. Begging. Needy Bo. Multiple Orgasms. Forced Orgasm. Overstimulation. Anal Fingering. Pre-mature Ejaculation.
Tip Me And See.
Tumblr media
How he got started into it wasn’t really important. Why he was still doing it should be obvious, the money was a big motivator, but let’s be real, he also loved the attention and the way it would stroke his ego.
He started out doing it casually, almost as a joke, he heard you could make some cash from it and figured why the fuck not? He wasn’t expecting to get such a rush from it, didn’t count on enjoying being watched by other people, even at the start when it was just a few people it made it feel so much better.
As the number of viewers climbed, so did his enjoyment for his little side gig. He found when he put in more effort he got more results, so perhaps some research, casual of course, he didn’t care THAT much, was done to make his little channel better.
Consistency is very important.
So he started having more regular streaming times where people could count on him being online, he openly engaged with the chat, especially people who came by regularly, made the place he streamed a little nicer.
Well of course when he wasn’t streaming in more "public" locations. At least what he let the general public believe to be more public than they actually were. He was careful, didn’t give any real info about where he was, but staging certain places to look more “risky” and “public” streams did big numbers, playing up the act was admittedly fun.
It was around this time that you found him. Cam shows weren't exactly your go-to choice of porn, you stumbled on him totally by accident but fucks sake how could you not stop and hang around when he looked and sounded like that? This almost smug and cocky kind of confidence that almost screamed, “Yes, I know I look this good.”
It wasn’t in a dickish or off putting way though, something weirdly almost approachable about him, attainable almost, could swear that his eyes clued you in to something deeper.
He was hot and you were horny and overthinking it, but hey, who really cares at the end of the day so long as you were getting off and you had to admit it, the orgasms you managed to have while watching his streams were so good that any real kind of thought wasn’t really an issue. Hard to think when you are feeling that much.
You were just a casual watcher at first, didn’t know his stream times and didn’t really tip, just if you were in the mood and went for a session and he happened to be online then great, and if not? Well if not then those sessions tended to be a lot shorter and a lot less satisfying.
That all took a hard turn when you came online to find him mid cam show one night, camera angled just so that he looked so big, almost looming over the camera, just so close to him.
His thighs spread wide, not a stitch of clothing on, that same confident and cocky kind of smirk, and best of all, a fleshlight, not just any fleshlight, a clear one that let you see it all. Let you watch how it swallowed up his thick cock and not miss a single moment. It was gripped tight in his right fist, hand rising and falling and hips bucking up a bit to meet in the middle, fucking into the soaked toy, his left hand resting on his inner thigh.
How can he look so casual doing this?
As if it wasn’t one of the hottest things you’d ever seen?
Just using that soaked hunk of silicone to get off, still talking with the chat and being so engaging, eyes crinkling at the sides as he smiled. The only thing other than the view giving it away would be his slightly laboured breathing and the wet squelch of him fucking that cock sleeve.
The one word you could think of to describe him was: Unashamed. Thoroughly and totally unashamed and fucking hell if it didn’t make you even more attracted to him.
That was the night you dropped some more real money on tipping him. It felt good to support him, felt weirdly kind of intimate, which sounds stupid almost but it did, it improved and increased the feelings and I mean you were an adult, you could spend money on whatever you wanted Goddamnit. And if you wanted to toss some cash and make it rain on the hot southern camboy that you had a crush on, that was your business, no one else's.
You were not his only fan and not the only one who regularly watched him, there was a little group who would make basically every stream of his and over the months you find yourself in that group too. The first time he said your name, okay, your screen name, it made your breath catch and your fingers falter, it felt good, really fucking good to hear him adress you.
So what if you were just a tiny bit addicted? You weren’t spending out of your means and it was his fault for being so fucking attractive and making you cum so hard so consistently.
Somewhere along the way, when he had a steady stream of money, a big audience and people regularly coming by, in addition to doing some more “personalised” streams. Those streams were something you’d been too cowardly to purchase yet, you don’t think you could handle so much close and focused attention from him without dying, he decided to start up a new regular thing to engage with his audience more.
He set up a PO box in a town a while out the way of Ambrose, he would come by and pick up packages and such when he had to go to that town on supply runs, typically about once a month. He had a lot of lovely fans who loved to spoil him and wanted to treat him to things he wanted or even better, things he could use on stream. That was how he got that gorgeous clear fleshlight you enjoyed so much, someone else sent it to him, and if his loyal viewers were going to be so kind as to spend their hard earned money on things they wanted to see him use he certainly wasn’t going to turn them down.
Tonight was going to be so good.
It was Friday, you had all weekend off, you had a good dinner, had an amazing shower and now you had settled into bed and were watching Bo’s current stream. He was doing something different. People expressed interest in actually seeing him open up the things they sent and he figured it was the least he could do, would be a nice way to hang out with the people who supported him without having to exert himself in any major way.
You loved the pornagraphic side of everything, naturally, but you liked this too. Seeing the less overtly sexual side, getting to listen to him talk and get to know “him” or at least the him that he was willing to show you, a bit better.
Mostly you could just listen to him talk forever, that voice did it for you and you considered all of this foreplay. The fact he wasn’t wearing much outside of that tight underwear that barely left anything to the imagination and a well fitting white t-shirt wasn’t hurting either.
He had gotten a few of the less sexy things on his wishlist and was having a good time so far, a decent group of people, not the usual numbers but it was early and he was still dressed. He knew once the show got going people would pour in, for now he was taking it easy.
“Thanks so much for that dalin’, V’ been wanting that forever.” You rested your cheek on your hand, reclined and relaxed as you watched your laptop screen, musing to yourself that he had to know what he did to all of you when he talked like that. He gushed more about how thoughtful it was and to quote him, how you all, “-spoil me so much, dunno what to say.”
It was times like this that remind you just how good he is at what he does, he has such a handle on this and you can’t help but eat it up.
He was picking up a new package, “Looks like this is the last one. I know! Already? Flies by so fast when I’m doin’ this, but y’all know what is up next…” he let the sentence trail off, implication more than obvious as he picked up his pocket knife again and used it to slice through the tape and open the package.
You did know what was up next and you seriously couldn’t wait for it. He read out the name of the person who sent this on and thanked them before it was even fully open but then when he did get it open, you watched his brows furrow slightly as he said, “Well what have we got here.”
He picked up the box inside the package and held it up, your eyes went wide with delight, it was a vibrator.
“Hope I got the right batteries for this.” He teased with that winning smile, turning the box over in his hands and reading the outside.
Your mind immediately went into overdrive imagining him using it, you hoped he would use it tonight, you wanted to see it so bad, and if how the chat blew up was any indication so did everyone else.
His eyes flick over the chat and laughs, “You all wanna see me use it that bad, hmm?” You adjust and your own hands fly to your keyboard, typing out a quick response of, “Yes, dear fucking God, yes, please Bo?”
He sets the box down, one hand coming to rest on the back of his neck as he rolled his shoulders, sighing out an “I dunno-” You knew just what he was after, everyone did, it was all part of the bit right?
You held off for the moment but the tips started to come in, the small message boxes attached all asking for the same thing. The summation of which was, “Use. It.”
“Well lemme ask who sent it, you wanna see me use it tonight?” and that lucky user, someone you recognized in that inner circle of regular watchers, tippers and fans, gave the go-ahead that they wanted the debut performance to be here with everyone as opposed to one of those private streams you knew they bought regularly.
God bless xXxSweet-Bird-69xXx.
Obviously he has no complaints about this, and says, “Well alright, the people have spoken.”
And after setting the notification that the real show was about to kick off to the people who subbed him but were not in the room yet, he talked to everyone for a few minutes more as he opened the package and took out his newest toy. It was pre-cleaned and charged, how considerate, no muss, no fuss, it would make this all run much smoother.
You then were treated to that all too wonderful view of him getting rid of what little he had on, that shirt taken off and then his underwear, releasing his already half hard cock. You had seen it so many times but you never got tired of it, his whole body was great but it was hard to look anywhere else when all of his clothing came off. Your eyes drifted over the long expanses of skin on display, strong hands, solid thighs, he looked so sturdy, like he could do some damage and you loved that.
He is making himself comfortable, sitting back, legs spread again, his hand came down, wrapped loosely around himself and you were listening more intently to what he was saying, “Hope everyone’s been havin’ an alright week and if not that I can help y’all unwind a little-”
You notice his grip tighten, slowly starting to jerk himself off, you watch as he gets harder and bite your bottom lip, deciding that you might be a bit too dressed yourself at this point. Your own shirt discarded and bottoms forgotten as you got yourself equally as comfortable to really enjoy this. “I really look forward to this, s’ much easier to get through my days knowin’ I get to come see everybody here.”
You smiled at that, you felt like he was being genuine, he certainly seemed to enjoy his work. Almost seemed to thrive as he talked and worked himself up to full hardness, enjoying the stream of compliments and you added on to that, “The filthy thoughts I have had about that dick…”
That started a stream of people agreeing and adding their own lewd comments and all it did was make him grin, a twist of his wrist as he said, “Everyone is real cock hungry tonight.”
He is right of course, you all were.
Could he blame you though? Of course not. He knew how good he looked doing this.
He finally picked that toy back up and that is when Sweet-Bird-69 clued him and everyone else on why they chose that particular toy, you could set it up to be activated by tips and let the audience pay to control it. They’d seen other cammers use it and recommend that exact one and it had Bo saying, “No shit, sounds like a good time, everybody in to spend some real money tonight?
It was unanimous, the chat became filled with variations on the word “YES!”, tons of punctuation and emojis encouraging this choice. “Alright, alright, we can.”
With some helpful instruction once again from Sweet-Bird-69 it was set up in two minutes and everyone was given access. There was a few tiers, a few bucks would make the toy run for ten seconds, for a few more for twenty and then forty and so on, the prices were honestly fairly reasonable all things considered, and with such a quickly growing crowd everyone could chip in a bit and you would have a hell of a show on your hands.
Speaking of hands you should get yours involved and soon especially when he does something else that makes your heart nearly stop. Some nights, like tonight, he would do something extra to spice up the stream, a particular goal to hit to make something happen, he’d already picked out tonight’s before getting on, he was going to use a cock ring and it wouldn’t come off until a certain goal was reached.
This meant that he wasn’t going to cum until that goal was hit.
The cock ring was gorgeous, black and made of buttery smooth and strong leather, well taken care of and also, tight, once it was on there was essentially no hope of cumming until it came off. And the best part about it?
Was that YOU sent it.
You worked up the nerve to when he first got his PO box and he’d used it a few times and you loved whever he did, it made you feel special. It made it hotter knowing he was wearing something you bought him, he would comment on it, seemed to really like it, you were glad you splurged and went with your gut and sent it to him.
You watch enraptured as always when he put it on. Hand back around his cock, a few strong and steady pumps to make sure he was totally hard and really ready before putting it on. You watched those strong fingers adjust it and close the metal snap tightly and you almost wanted to groan from the view, it looked so fucking good on him.
“Muuuuch better, amiright?” He asked and you sent a message with a tip, “Yes, yes, yes, so much better.”
He took notice and called you out, “Hey you. Course you are here, I swear I snap this on and you come a runnin’.”
Again, he wasn’t wrong at all.
Your hand finally began to travel lower as he told you, “Thanks again sweetheart.” and your hand made contact and you almost bucked your hips into your touch upon the nickname leaving his lips.
You had it so bad for him.
He had that toy in his hand again and once the go ahead was given the tips started to come in and it buzzed to life, eyebrows raised slightly as he tested it in the palm of his hand, he wasn’t sure exactly what he was testing. He hadn’t used a toy like this previously, nothing that was battery powered or with a running motor. Not to mention usually he liked to test out toys in private before using them on stream, liked being totally in control, knowing what to expect and having that edge but the people want what they want and he wasn’t about to deny them.
His gaze flicked back to the chat, half smile as he asked, “We all ready?”
Another stream of 'yes' poured in and he set to work.
He brought that buzzing toy down and ran it down the length of himself and he had breathed a hair harder, he tried to not to let it show, schooling his expression but that sensation was certainly something different.
His other hand was resting lower, palm cupping his full balls and fingers holding the base near that cock ring to hold himself up as his other hand dragged it around himself. The feeling of it is more of a tease than anything, he is enjoying it but he has this handled, he is still acting like his usual smug self, when asked how it felt he said, “S’ good so far-”
He was taking it really easy so far, it was still early after all, circling the head of his cock slowly and you moan at the sight of it. He is starting to leak pre-cum and fuck, you wished you could lick it up, you bet he tasted great.
You and everyone else were enjoying what was going on, but then, again, beloved Sweet-Bird-69, drops another exciting tidbit of info. That amazing piece of information is, “You know that toy is meant for internal use.”
Oh no fucking way.
He plays it cool however as he says, “You don’t say?”
Now he wasn’t a stranger to ass play, he’s fingered himself, hell even on stream and he’s used plugs before but never anything like this, this was new territory.
He wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. He wasn’t scared of this, if anything doing this on cam would make it better, make him bolder and urge him on further.
So he reaches for the bottle of lube and says, “Shoot, can’t disappoint all you lovely folks, now can I?”
You felt giddy. Positively alight with excitement and arousal as you were touching yourself, watching the scene unfold before you, watch as he pours a generous amount of lube on his fingers. You watch as he adjusts his position, one leg up and hand coming down, slick fingers passed over himself and he can’t help how his lips part or his head tips back.
You could watch this for hours. Taking in the view as his first finger breaches himself, sliding in with ease, the way his hand moves with practised ease, sliding in and out, deeper and deeper before a second slick finger joins the first inside himself and his gaze catches the camera again. You know he isn’t really but hell it feels like he is looking right at you and when he asks, breathy and quiet and pleasure laced, “You like that?”
It has you groaning and sucking on your own fingers, something about watching Bo finger himself always made you want to do the same. Your tongue rolls between your digits, desperate to get them wet and bury them inside of yourself already.
Once you have your fingers inside yourself he is pulling his out of himself, toy back in hand and you watch with bated breath, more lube spread, the tips are going off again making the toy in his hand do the same. He tightens his grip on it to keep a good handle of it, pressing it against himself makes his hips buck back involuntarily, and he tries to will himself to keep his composure. A small internal pep talk to keep it together, he can’t let himself lose it like this so early on, it is just pressed to the rim of his hole and the vibrations make him want to shudder.
He takes a deep breath and pushes it in, slow, steady and the chat is not letting up, yourself included, another tip, another twenty seconds of vibration time piled on. You had the briefest thought wondering how much time it was going to run for, the time stacks doesn’t it? If someone pays for some time and then another person pays before that time is done and so and so forth more and more time get’s added and it just keeps going.
Fuck, this is gonna be so good.
The view is amazing, the way he is splayed out, slipping that toy deeper into himself, cock is hard and leaking? God, so good. And how his face and neck flushed, almost down to his chest, body seems so tense, pleasure is clear on his face and you wished you could take a picture of him like this to have always.
His breathing is laboured, he knew he was in trouble, it felt so good. He isn’t even touching his dick for Christsake and it feels- he is struggling to even find the word for it but eventually in the haze of sensation he settles on the word intense.
He wonders if those watching notice but he tries not to think on it too hard, he breathes deeply and pushes deeper, even with it still vibrating he manages to keep his hands from shaking somehow as he keeps it up, begins to move it back and forth.
You are two fingers deep in yourself, eyes glued to the screen, drinking him up. He seems to be struggling, not to take the toy, but to handle how good it feels.
That usual confidence you had become accustomed to, that particular smirk, was very obviously absent.
You aren’t complaining but it is different and then, you see his hand twist and he seemingly finds that perfect spot inside of himself and he can’t stop the gasp that spills from his mouth. “Oh shit-”
It has you saying the same thing, you curl your fingers as you watch him as his eyes squeeze shut, thighs tense further somehow as his mouth hangs open, in two minutes he is already panting.
He's done for.
The chat is going fucking crazy at this point, yourself included. Heaps of dirty talk, praise and compliments and money a plenty. “This is so hot.”
“He is NEVER like this, I fucking love it.” and “He needs to take it up the ass more often.”
You agree with all of them, this is on another level. He is moaning openly, rocking back, almost like he can’t control himself. His hips and hand working in tandem, a litany of curses leaving him, sticky pre-cum staining the sheets and his stomach as he grinds onto the mattress as he works his hips. He is getting hit from both sides, from the toy thrusting in, hitting that sweet spot and then from grinding his shaft on the bed. He looks like the picture perfect image of a slut, you can feel yourself getting close as you indulge in your own hands and the sights and sounds of him.
He can't deal.
He cannot handle this, it feels unreal, the pleasure is different, so deep, distracting, all consuming, he can’t think straight, certainly can’t control his body. The pleasure keeps building, his cock is so hard it hurts, he needs to cum so badly but with the tight cock ring locked in place he won’t be able to till it’s off.
Problem is it isn’t coming off until that goal he set at the start of this is reached.
He looks up, tries hard to focus his eyes and check the money coming in and he isn’t there yet, close, but not close enough. He whines, he actually whines and you stare in near disbelief at that. He is a panting, moaning and trembling mess, he moves, rolls to better face the camera, still working himself, fucking into himself with that vibe, hard and wet cock resting against his stomach.
God, if you were there to run your fingers through his happy trail and grip his cock in your own fist and be the cause of him shooting his load all over himself you could die fucking happy.
Then you are pulled from your thoughts when he is speaking again, something that isn’t an incoherent string of curses and moans, he is…
No way, is he fucking begging?
“Mmmf shit! Please, please, fuc- cah-can’t take it. Need ta cum, help me out? Pleas-” his sentence breaks off with another moan and a similar sentence starts up, begs of please and how he needs it so bad he can’t think straight. You are loving it, as is the rest of the audience.
He looks so pretty like this, submissive and writhing around, begging and almost gasping for air, you want to do so much to him, wishing you could be there to take advantage of him. "Please, please, m' goin' crazy-"
For now? The best you can do is toss some more money at him and help him reach that goal so you can at least see him cum spectacularly. "S' too fucking good, how's it so fucking good?"
You contribute some more, not even close to the limit you set for tonight’s spending but hey, every bit helps and you are ready, close enough yourself, you want to see him cum, he seems to have suffered long enough.
Everyone else must be thinking the same thing because that goal is hit and he groans out loud in relief, “Shit, thank you, thank you, fuck, fuck, fuck-” his hand that isn’t holding the toy reaches down and unsnaps the cock ring, hand wraps around himself and he furiously jerks his cock, less than three strokes and he is cumming.
As are you.
Thighs tense and you gasp out his name, hand jerking as your orgasm takes hold, tearing through you so hard it steals your breath as you watch. Bo has his head thrown back, loud and long moan released as he does. He shakes as he paints his own chest and stomach, one wayward shot even reaches his chin, his hands trembling, hips stuttering as he cums.
He is panting, weak, boneless, he cannot remember the last time he came that hard or that fast. The whole thing front to back was less than five minutes once he got the toy in, any shame or embarrassment from cumming so early doesn’t have a chance to set in however. And not just because you are all praising the fuck out of how good this was, but mostly because that toy is still inside and still connected and there are still people paying.
The toy isn’t stopping.
He can barely move let alone remove the toy, it's still buzzing with that delicious pattern. And he shifts, starts to struggle a little but can’t get his arms working right to remove it, overstimulation is starting to set in and it makes his situation worse.
His hips buck, he is still hard, cum is cooling on his skin and he can’t do a damn thing about it. You watch in utter delight as he is panting out, “Goddamn-wait, sl-slow down y’all I need ahhh, need a minute!”
You could tell he was trying to sound more serious but with how much he was moaning it was hard to do that.
No one was listening. It was early, people had money to burn and were far too into this and entertained to stop it. You watch him continue to fight it for a few more minutes until something else of interest happens, even more interest than the current scene, not an easy feat but it happens.
Another goal is hit and the toy’s speed increases and his whole body is taut yet again, cursing and squirming and his eyes go wide, “No-nooo fuckin’ way-” you aren’t sure what he means until less than a minute later he is cumming again.
This load is smaller than the first but it is clear and unmistakable, especially from how he is gripping the sheets and grunting like that. He is cumming hands free and the mess shooting out over his hip and the bed and no one can believe it, least of all him.
Tonight is turning out better than you could have ever hoped.
He is dying.
He needs it to stop, get the toy out, make it all stop, it’s too much, overwhelming. He moves again on his side to try and get the toy out with fumbling fingers sticky with his cum and lube but then his eyes catch those numbers.
His eyes go wide.
Twice his normal viewership on a Friday night and three times the amount of tips after a normal full night of streaming and he was only half way through the time he planned.
Maybe he could push through and keep this going, maybe he can tolerate it, maybe he can get used to this.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
💌 Vincent Sinclair
Ahhh yes for the waxy boy! Another SFW love letter moment, enjoy it!
To my dearest muse, I’m writing to you because you are busy and away from me today. 
You know I hate not being able to have you in the workshop with me. Even just having you in the same space, even if you just sit on the mattress and work on your own projects it brings me immense comfort. Being able to glance over and see that you are within reach with only a few steps is really all I want. To do my work is a true joy but to do it with you here to help inspire me is more than a joy it is akin to a blessing. 
Nothing inspires me more as of late than you, even pieces that aren’t about you or dedicated to you, somehow bits of you always shine through. You drive me forward in life in general, give me such drive, I mean I thought I had creative passion before you came along but then you proved me wrong.
You are the only person who I like being proved wrong by. 
I actually find it harder to work when you aren’t around. At least on my traditional work. When you aren’t here I want to do things dedicated to you but capturing you in oils or wax always feels like my skills aren’t good enough. That no matter how much time or care or effort I put in they always fall short to the genuine article, to you. 
I live for that look of curiosity that so frequently turns to awe when you come over to check what I am doing or when you see something finished. You are so observant, recognize details that so many people can’t or rather won’t. You always see the bigger picture, look deeper beyond the surface level.
And that? That right there is why I love you. One of the many, many reasons. 
You better come back soon or I’ll just have to come find you and drag you back to my workshop myself. 
All my love, Vincent.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
I have fulfilled my duty to protect my friends. in return I ask for compensation of one super self indulgent Bo Sinclair letter. I know he been done but my Bo is different and we both know it! Cuz I'm special.
I love you my sweet and we truly do not deserve you.
Oooo Bug, lovely, sweetheart no YOU are the fucking best! And also duh, you are so fucking speical so of course your Bo is too! Hope you love this v NSFW Bo Sinclair love letter!
Hey sugar.
Where you hiding yourself lately?
Been too busy for ol’ Bo, eh? Terrible. What am I gonna do with you? 
Do I need to remind you why I’m your real number one? Drag you down under the shop and lock us up for a day or two until all you're saying is my name. 
Maybe that is just what you want. Playing hard to get so I pay attention to you? I wouldn’t put it past you. Tricky and conniving little thing. S’ part of why I love you so much. 
I love when you put up a fight, when you pretend you ain’t into it. Struggle and kick up a fuss until I start making you feel real good and you get weather an weaker until you just fuckin’ melt into me.
S’ the best when I slow down then so you whine and beg me so pretty to keep going. You’re just too fuckin’ fun to play with. 
M’ leaving this letter in hopes you’ll remember the good times we’ve had and come find me orrrr that it’ll keep you in one place long enough that I can sneak up and get the drop on you. 
What’ll it be, what’ll it be.
Guess you’ll find out soon enough. 
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
f…. Freddy love letter please?
A member of the Freddy Fucker Fanclub
Bless you for asking this, literally thank you so fucking much! I had a good ass time with this! A mostly SFW Freddy Krueger love letter! Here we go!
Heya toots, how’s my favourite pin cushion doin’?
I’m alright, been better, been worse but mostly I been missin’ you. 
You are hard to get a hold of. It feels like you’ve been avoiding me. Been getting too cozy with those Stay Awake pills and your coffee brewer for my liking. Don’t you miss me? Or the fun we used to get up to? I know I do.
Me chasing you around, you screaming for your life, how scared you were trying to get away, clothes all ripped up, sweating and bleeding. You look so good like that. 
I think I might have had more fun doing it than you did. 
Do you need some different incentive to come back to ol Freddy? I think I know what might entice you back. 
It’s all about give and take, right? Can’t have allll pain with no pleasure and so far with us it’s been all pain, pain, pain. What if I promised some pleasure if you came back? 
You know those dreams you dare not speak about? Those truly indulgent, rich and decadent fantasies that permeate that precious brain of yours late at night? I have the power to fulfil every single one of them if I wanted to. 
I can only imagine the physical response reading THAT got from you. Did it make your breath catch and a certain part of you clench? I bet it did. 
So c’mon, stop playing these stupid games and give in. Fall asleep and back in my arms sweets, let me take care of you.
You can trust me, promise. 
Love, the man of your dreams.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
hi… can I have a love letter from Bo 🥺
(Ps ily)
Awe course you can! I hope you like it! This one is a liltle NSFW just for some gore. Hope you love it!
Hey darlin'.
You know how sometimes the weirdest lil things can make you crave somethin’?
I was dealin’ with someone who rolled through town unexpectedly. Didn’t go as good as planned cuz of that. I felt totally off and so soon as he started suspecin’ somethin’ I just said fuck it and went to work. 
Had him on the floor of the garage in a second, tire iron in hand and making his brain knock around his skull. He went from kickin’ fighting to beggin’ and crying real quick. Knocked a coupla a teeth loose on one real good hit, the sound was fuckin’ nasty and I got blood on my boots, after that I really went in an he didn’t last much longer. 
After I had dragged him out of there and left him with Vincent I was cleaning up. Hosing down the garage, watchin’ the blood wash down the drain and all this violence and nastiness got me thinkin’. Got me craving sweet and soft lil’ ol you. What we do, what I do, is necessary, I know that, s’ important work and it isn’t like I don’t get SOME enjoyment outta it but it can all get to be a little much at times. 
Getting to come back home to you is soothing, helps even me out some. Tangling up with you is the fuckin’ best, you know that?
Shit, guess what I am tryna say is I love ya and really appreciate you sugar. 
Anyway I know this ain’t really the kind of thing I normally’d do but what can I say? You're awfully inspiring. Hope you like this and if ya do I might do it more. 
See you at home later.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
about a Stu letter to accompany Billy's one 👀
Ooooo of fucking course you can have this! SFW Stu Macher love letter! Let's GO!
Were you trying to hurt me?
Sorry, that might be a harsh way to kick this off but it’s true. Were you trying to? I thought we were a lot closer than this, bunny. Sure as shit closer than you being able to run off out of town without a fucking word to me about it. Did the shit going on scare you that bad? I thought you were tougher than that.
I miss you by the way, I miss you a fuckton. 
I hope you know that you aren’t getting rid of me this easily. I was bitching about this to Billy and he was pretty upset about you leaving too and he told me that I shouldn’t take this lying down and fuck I realized he is totally right. 
So me and ol’ Billy boy might have ditched some responsibility and decided to leave Woodsboro behind for tonight in favour of visiting you in your new town.
You owe us, you owe me. I’m thinking dinner, you’re buying obviously. Consider it a way for you to help make it up to me. 
Don’t worry, I’ll show you a real good time. Make you feel like nothing changed and we are back in Woodsboro.
How are we gonna do that?
Well I can’t give everything away! A man's gotta have some secrets and mystery! Plus I wanna leave you in suspense and give you something to think about till tonight. 
Won’t be long now.
Can't wait to see inside that cute new place of yours instead of just the outside.
XO Stu.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
if billy and stus s/o had to leave for whatever reason (without them) for like a business trip or something they'd legit be like sad dogs (especially Stu)
"I miss them" "dude we dropped them off like an hour ago" "BUT I STILL MIS-"
Okay but fr tho.
I totally get the vibe the boys would be all like, "Hell yeah! Boyfriend time! Just guys being dudes!"
And talk up what they are gonna do without you there but first night you are gone they are all fucking sad and shit like "This sucks."
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
Bex! Darling! I'm here to ask for a Freddy smut with a gn!reader. Where he's making the reader forget about there bad day.
Feel free to ignore this!
HA! Me? Ignore this? An excuse for some Freddy fuckery? Not a chance. So I had a real fucking rough day myself today. An all timer pile of shit so I figured that I should tackle this one. Did it all in one sitting. I dunno about you Anon but when I’ve had an awful day I want to get fucked into oblivion and so that is what you are gonna get with Freddy here. Let’s not waste time. Here we fucking go, hope you enjoy this!
Rating. Explicit. Length. 1.6K. Freddy Krueger X GN! Reader. No Pronouns Specified. Warnings: Established Fuck Buddies. Fingering. Edging. Dumbification. Rough Sex. Spanking. Forced Orgasm. Multiple Orgasms. Overstimulation. Crying Reader. Creampie. Praise. Begging.
Tumblr media
It was a hard fucking day. 
The kind of bullshit day that just makes you want to scream, tear your hair out and break something. Work was ridiculous and endlessly frustrating. You came home exhausted, came in the door and kicked off your shoes and dropped your shit near the door, simply not caring and needing to get off your feet.
You don’t even have a shower, don’t get out of your work clothes, you just make your way to the living room and flop down on the couch. A big exhale of pure relief as you sag into the comfortable cushions below you. “Oh fuck yes.” 
You sighed and pulled out your phone and lost yourself in some mindless scrolling for a while to help unwind and decompress.
Worked a little too well.
You didn’t intend to but you fell asleep. 
When you had come home you were alone but whenever you’d fallen asleep as of late you certainly weren’t.
It started easily. Simply. He showed up out of seemingly thin air and initially it started with him trying to end your life, the usual song and dance but somewhere along the way it shifted and he became interested in you in a different way. You didn’t have anyone else and weren’t going to complain about how well you clicked sexually. He had some pretty wild abilities and could read you like a book. You hadn’t shared anything of that nature and yet he knew everything you liked, clearly he could see into your head and loved to exploit that. 
You realise you are dreaming when he makes himself known. You were still on your couch, unaware you’d slipped into unconsciousness and he leaned over the arm of the couch right into your line of sight as he said, “Someone’s asleep awfully early.”
You jumped nearly a foot, hand flying to your chest as you exclaimed, “Fucks sake Freddy!” 
He laughed loud and long and you exhaled hard as you sat up, scooting away and putting some space between you and him, “You’re such an asshole.”
“Awe whatsa matter toots? Somethin’ bugging you?” He asked in that classically condescending tone of his. 
You didn’t need this right now. You rolled your eyes as you leaned against the opposite arm of the couch, your arms crossing over your chest as you said flatly, “For your information Freddy, yeah I had a rough fucking day and I’m not in the mood for your particular brand of bullshit.”
Freddy tsk’d, “Touchy, touchy. That anyway to talk to your favorite fuck buddy?” 
He hopped over the arm of the couch, crouching on the cushion causing you to say, “Hey get your shoes off my fucking couch-”
It was his turn to roll his eyes as he actually complied, falling on his knees instead as he said, “Don’t get your fuckin’ panties in a twist. If you talk to me like that I might not help you out with your lil problem.”
 That got you to laugh. “You’re gonna help me out? How?”
He began his approach. Crawling across the couch, coming closer, gloved hand closing on your ankle and non-gloved hand sliding up your leg. He was looking at you like he was hungry and had a myriad of filth in mind for you and you said softly as his hands roamed high enough to meet your thighs, the realisation fully striking, “Oh.”
A lot of times Freddy loves to tease and taunt and be an unrelenting fucking bastard. Loved to edge you till you lose a couple dozen IQ points and you are begging for mercy. His blades slicing into sweat slicked flesh to spill your blood and smear it across your skin. He would lean into hurting you and putting you in the most uncomfortable poses while he had you, making you work for relief, nearly breaking you.
He could tell that you didn’t need that tonight.
He decided leaning in the other direction was best. 
Tonight wasn’t about degradation and pain and denial. No, tonight he was going to overwhelm you with praise and pleasure and force orgasm after orgasm out of you until you beg him to stop. 
It is how you end up face down ass up on your couch. Your work clothes only moved enough to allow him to do what he wanted. Pants pulled down and bunched around your knees, your shirt rolled up around your shoulders and him behind you. By this point he had fingered you open, ample lube slathered on you and him, leading to him lining up and sliding balls deep with a low groan of your name. The stretch is delicious and makes your eyes slide shut with a call of his name in kind. 
He had a bad habit of being able to get you so turned on so fucking quickly. You went from pissed and dour to moaning and writhing in no time flat. 
You were drooling on the cushion, your cheek resting on the soft fabric, moaning nigh incoherently after your third orgasm of the night. Nearly feeling sore, blissed out of your mind and well on your way to your fourth, you were near that point of begging for it to stop, desperate for him to ease up. 
“Fuh-Fre-Freddy-” You pant out. Your words were running together making you sound drunk on pleasure, on sensation, on him. “S’ shhooo good bu-but I-ahhh! I- cah-an’t-”
This is where his non-gloved hand comes down, a hard smack on your ass that steals your breath and makes your sentence stop short. His gloved hand moves, slides up your back, over your shoulder, and comes down, blades catch and he cradles your face carefully, pulling it up from the couch. Wet leash of your drool connecting your mouth and the fabric breaking as he jerks your head up. 
His body curls over yours, you feel his chest meet your back, hot and scarred flesh pressing against your sweaty skin. His hips flush against your ass, a hard grind deep inside of you, right into that sweet spot making you sob again.
His gloved hand squishes your cheeks as his mouth is up against your ear, “Ah, ah, ah sweetheart. Stop that. No fuckin’ talking.”
His hips pull back before driving forward again. His thrusts were shallow now, thick length dragging against your swollen insides and the blunt head of his cock battering that overly sensitive bundle of nerves inside of you over and over again. You cry harder, tears feel hot as they run down your cheeks, bottom lip quivering as you sniff.
The pleasure spikes and builds quicker. Hiccuping breaths and whimpers fall from your mouth, you sound ridiculous and wrecked, especially with him squeezing your face like this. “M’ tryin' to be nice here. I'm tryna fuck you hard so your brain turns off and you forget all that nastiness that went down today."
How generous of him, how kind, you think briefly, he wasn't done though as he said, "And if you’re talkin’ then your thinkin’ and that just won’t do.” 
His tongue lathes over the shell of your ear before he bites down on the lobe and the jolt of pain cuts through the pleasure and adds to it. His non-gloved hand slides over your hip and comes between your legs to play with you and ruin you even more. You try to struggle, buck away from his hand, eyes squeezing shut as you moan out, “Oh God-”
A bite of your lip as his body presses harder on yours, keeping you pinned under him, the blades of his glove threaten to break the skin of your cheeks. His other hand continues it’s quest and finds its place, positioned perfectly to tease you even more. 
“No, wai-wait! Sto-stop-” You beg and he tuts again. The pace stays the same but they increase in intensity. “You’re still not shutting up? C’mon you know better than this!” 
The pleasure was rising, you were going to be riding the edge shortly and he could tell. Your body tensing, trembling, unable to control yourself. “Just give in. Listen to Freddy, I know just what you need after a day like today. So stop being stubborn and just give in.”
You were close, so fucking close you could taste it and you whine out something that could be argued of being a warning of your impending orgasm and he laughs. Head tipping forward, his cheek pressed to yours as he purrs out, “Hurry up, I’m waitin’ for you, cum again and I’ll fill ya up.”
Him saying that, the admission of his own closeness, the promise of cumming inside is what makes you tip over and cry out as you finally cum for the fourth time this afternoon. Your whole body is taut, alive with pleasure and so spent you aren’t sure how it’s possible to be so tired while asleep and dreaming.
It drags on almost painfully between his unrelenting hips and hand and when finally you go slack under him, gasping for air, eyes unfocused and weak moans spilling out he nips at your ear again. His pace was uneven, he was close. “Get ready gorgeous, M’ almost there.”
Less than a minute later he is the one cumming, panting into your ear with a low groan of your name and a string of curses as he throbs and spills into you. The heat and fullness makes you let out a small sound of satisfied pleasure.
A few more small thrusts as he draws it out before seating himself inside you fully with a sigh. You stay like that for a moment, sweat covered and panting, your mind wonderfully blank until he breaks the silence. 
You can hear the sadistic grin on his face as he takes in the sight of you as he says tauntingly, victoriously, “See? Cock goes in-”
Another rough thrust of his still hard dick that makes your body jerk under him as he finishes his thought, “-mind goes out.” 
You laugh weakly. He was right. You did need this. You felt good, loose, happy, bullshit and the pain of the day forgotten all thanks to your supernatural fuck buddy.
Mission fucking accomplished.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
I am a huge Sinclaor simp, all of them equally, you feel free to pick one maybe if you want
- 🔪
Ayyy Anon sorry this took a few days to get to but hey it's here now! I went with Lester cuz he needs more love and attention. Hope you dig it! Soft and SFW love letter from the raccoon trash man himself.
Hiya sweetcheeks! 
Shit, wait, or is doin’ this traditionally better? Should I write ‘Dearest’ or somethin’? Naw how I talk usually is better I think-
I remember you sayin’ you liked the idea of getting love letters, and ya know I love talkin’ sweet to you. Love letters make sense in a way, Iunno why I didn’t do it sooner honestly. A love letter is just sweet talk but written down so stead of remembering it you can read it over an over again! How great is that? 
Hopefully this is just gonna be the first of many, I wanna give you so many that it could fill a whole shoebox, which I know! Paper is so dang thin even if you fold em up it’s gonna take a while, I got my work cut out for me. 
Also sorry if this gets all crumbled, I’m writing it on my lunch and I know it’s gonna end up in my pocket so I don’t forget it out here near the pit. 
I’m rambling, I should get to the good stuff tho. 
I love ya. Like so much, I know you know that but this is the whole point of a letter, right? I love having you in Ambrose, the day that you came into town was one of the best ever cept that seems like every day you are here just keeps getting better? God, is that corny? Shit, don’t care if it is, s’ how I feel. 
Oh ya know what gets to me the worst tho? Early in the morning, when you are in one of my only clean shirts and smiling all sleepy and soft makes my heart go nuts. And the way you look at me and say my name and how soft your hands are- I could fill pages and pages but I gotta get back to work or Bo will have my ass. 
This won’t be the only one tho! I promise, gonna write you so many more. 
Love, Lester.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
uuuuuuuuuum vincent sinclair love letter?
Of course you can! I hope you like the direction I took with it! A SFW, but slightly stalker-y, Vincent Sinclair love letter!
I wasn’t sure how to start this. I wasn’t sure I should write this at all but the urge is far too great, I have too much to say and I’m afraid if I keep it inside that I might explode. 
I’ve been a fan of yours for a while. 
I stumbled across your work by accident. 
Do you remember that sketch book you thought you lost but mysteriously showed up back on your doorstep? That was me. 
I found it when you forgot it at the museum and I was going to just find out who it belonged to and return it but curiosity got the better of me and I looked and your work, your art, struck me. Your line work and colour choices, the style you employ and the flow of it, the energy to it.
Something about it drew me in, I flipped through all of it, I am sorry but I couldn’t stop myself. 
It inspired me. I might have recreated some of your work myself but it doesn’t have the same feeling or I want to say, bounce to it? The feeling is hard to describe but I think it could be classified as comfort or warmth. 
I felt a little guilt for hanging onto it for so long so I gave it back. Especially because there are still some blank pages in the back, you need to fill out. 
The real reason I am writing this is in hopes that you might want to work together sometime? You know where to find me. If anything else I thank you for hearing me out. 
Love, your biggest fan, Vincent Sinclair.
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