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bisexual-horror-fan · 4 months ago
A Serious Announcement.
Hi! Oh boy, time for the ultra rare, actually hyper serious post by Triple X Bexxx! SO! I love this blog, I love writing, I LOVE what I do here! Seriously, it has been such a postive force in my life, has brought me so much joy and impacted my life massively. I feel my mental health has improved in big ways having this community, friends and creative outlet. It has actually changed my life.
All of this being said!
As much as I love my work and writing for all you lovely people I ask for one, little, tiny thing when it comes to asking for requests from me. And the one, itty, bitty thing is to read my-
Who/What I Write For.
If you were to read it you would know very important info like the characters I write for and the fact that if they are NOT on that list that I DO NOT write for them. Like Myers, or Jason, or Tommy or Bubba for instance.
And also other important information like that I do not write for things like non-con, underage, beastiality, incest OR, my absolute biggest fucking no, that is in big block letters: Mommy Kink. I even put behind it in bold DO NOT ASK.
I love you guys, I love this space and the normally very nice and sweet area I have created. But I also have to firm on this. I literally ask for one thing and one thing only and that is to have my rules and list read before requesting and two people violated that one right after the other and it really fucked me up. I am not calling those people out directly or publishing their asks because I am upset enough as it is and I don't want to hurt these people.
I still need to care for me and look after me.
The barest minimum of showing me basic respect is reading my lists and rules before asking for writing from me that I do FOR FREE and for the love of it.
Thank you so much for your time and thank you so much for reading, I hope you review my lists and rules and am so looking forward to requests that are within my boundaries.
And in conclusion if you think this is too harsh or out of line, allow me to say from the bottom of my heart, I do not fucking care.
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scottdainty · 9 months ago
Fucking head fuck again with a problem I have no one to speak to about. Don't really want to put it on here but the chances of people I know seeing it are very slim. On the off chance the person in this rant reads this, I am not blaming you at all, I am just in need of a fucking rant.
Every sunday is a heartache. Everytime he knows he has to get ready or if I say he has to go home, pretty much anything to do with him having to leave this house to go home he will CRY. There seems to be nothing I can do and it is frustrating me because he must feel so bad and what use am I as a parent if I can't help him with that yet? I have come up with a way to deal with it which I've only thought of since applying for the bhf job. I'd be working Saturdays if I got it which means I'd love the day with him. I'd have him Saturday night, all of Sunday and drop him off at school pm Monday where I think he'd no longer cry because he's meeting his mama at school. This is the only way I can see it being dealt with for his sake. To stop him being sad, to stop him crying, to stop his heartache, my heartache and my parents feeling shit about it also. I don't want to go to mediation or court if I can avoid it as I don't want him to have parents who have to go through bullshit like that. Let's hope she's fine with this new arrangement when I discuss it with her possibly within the next 2 weeks. I am sick of being nice and holding back, his feelings and emotions need to be sorted so that he's not feeling any negative impact from anything in his life especially at just short of 4 years old. Fuck me. I don't know if his mother sees this side of him and of she doesn't then I hope she never does because it's very heartbreaking. I hate telling her he cries but I feel I fucking must tell her because it's unfair on him for me not to, right? I don't know. I don't say it to her to make her feel bad or guilty, something she used to accuse me of a lot. If I wanted her or anyone to feel bad or guilty then I will go out of my way to do that.
Jesus, heads a wreck over this. I can't stand my boy being sad. Would this affect him in the future or would it be something he learns to understand and accept? I really wish I could have someone to speak to about this who could give me proper guidance or something.
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dannosteve223 · 4 years ago
What is happening on spn
*Warning, this answer contains spoilers for the new episode of SPN, “Tombstone” (air date 26 Nov)*
Well, now that I think about it I’m actually not sure how closely you follow SPN my friend, if at all, but here’s the summary (rant warning):
Cas came back from the dead and reunited with his basically adopted son Jack the nephilim, who is learning how to hunt (and doing so adorably well) from uncle Sammy and Dean, and so they all join up to make Team Free Will 2.0 and go on a hunt that revolves around cowboys, and Dean is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE dork about cowboys, my darling nerd, and he’s no longer suicidal bc his boyfriend/best friend Cas is alive again and he gets to work a case about COWBOYS CAS COWBOYS!!!!!! and it’s going okay but then Jack tries to apprehend the bad guy and ends up killing an innocent bystander so he goes back to thinking he is a monster like Dean said he was earlier in the season but now Dean-o, fresh off his cowboy high and in the company of his BHF (Best Husband Friend) Cas, does The Thing and tells Jack (formerly “that thing”, “that monster”, “the ticking time bomb” according to sad-my-darling-Cas-is-dead Dean a few eps back), that no, Jack IS NOT a monster, he just made a mistake and boy let me tell you Dean of all people telling Jack that makes me cry bc he used to hate Jack and also Dean himself has caused the deaths of so many people and reacted exactly like Jack did so ANGST and PARALLELS and AFGDSJSJSBSJ
TL;DR: Dean 180’d on his view of Jack and Cas is back and being a father to Jack and a fondly exasperatedly boyfriend to Dean and Jack still thinks he’s a monster but he is SUCH A GOOD LIL BEAN AND I AM EMOTIONALLLLL
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
So after seeing some less than savory shit in the tags here is your big fat fucking reminder that I am polyamorous and it is a big part of who I am! I write so much polyam stuff because I want to see more content for people like me, I have a lot to say on it and it is important to me. SO! If you are a person who doesn't support polyamorous people or think that we are not deserving of love and respect, that our kinds or relationships aren't valid or that they are wrong, inherently more abusive or WHATEVER, that you can leave.
The shit I write, even if it is NOT polyam is not FOR YOU! It just isn't and I would super appericate it if you could get out and never come back.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 4 months ago
Okay so, I do so much to keep this blog a happy, positive and inclusive space and strive to show and cultivate that on the daily.
But today?
I’m fucking pissed.
My good writing friend/mutual @knifewh0re got an ask last night alerting them to the fact that one of their fics was put on wattpad without their permission or knowledge and that SAME person did the same with my fic. They took my fic Sleepover and put it on their page and they also had a whole collection of stolen work, looks like it has been taken down now, thank GOD, but I am still pretty angry about this.
Whoever you are, I assume you are a fan of mine, right? I dunno who you are but I hope you are reading this and are aware of the fact that this shit sucks. It is fucking gross and not okay.
That you are aware of the fact that I am angry and genuinely upset with you.
I work hard as fuck on all of my stories, I pour so much time and effort and thought into them, put pieces of MYSELF in them and for someone to turn around and repost my shit without a single thought or care to me or the work I do is honestly disgusting.
Did you ever think maybe there are specific reasons that I haven’t put my shit on wattpad? No. Of course not.
Like if you ARE a fan of mine there are so many better ways to get more eyes on my stuff. Tumblr hates me and has me blacklisted so finding my blog is a challenge, my shit does not show up in the tags, so the ONLY WAY new eyes get on my stuff is via reblogs. You could recc, talk about or reblog my writing if you want to support me! And I heavily encourage this and would love that.
Not from you however, whoever you are who stole my shit, you aren’t welcome here anymore, I don’t know you and as a result can’t block you but yeah this shit I am doing here? It is not for you and I don’t want you here because I write for adults and clearly you aren’t because I thought we all learned why plagiarism is wrong in the FOURTH FUCKING GRADE.
In closing. This is a massive fucking reminder that I do NOT consent or want anyone else posting my shit on other sites.
And to my lovely supportive followers, fans and moots, if you ever see my writing somewhere that isn’t here on my tumblr blog or my Ao3 account here, that I didn’t post it there and I would be endlessly thankful if you could bring it to my attention/report it.
Thank you so much for your time and listening to me vent about all of this.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 5 months ago
As a bisexual person I am so fucking tired of the constant, "Ugh yeah, I hate being attracted to MEN! Gross, MEN are the worst-" like STOP. I get not everyone has had good relationships with men, I fucking get that and respect it, but at the same time shut up. You do not encapsulate the entire bisexual experience. I am bisexual and unapologetically LOVE men so fucking much.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 5 months ago
You know how I know that people who live in New York are fucking nuts? Because someone posted a picture of their apartment they pay 950 a month for with no kitchen, or private bathroom, which literally looks like a closet and some of the commenters were unironically saying, "I WISH-" and "YOU GOT THAT EXPOSED BRICK THO-"
Like...What?! Fucking-This apartment sucks. This should not be legal to rent as an apartment?! I cannot with people who are up New York's fucking ASS.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 months ago
Gotta love it when you post a new chapter and less than 24 hours after that you get a comment telling you to, "plz update"
How about, no. And furthermore, how about, I'm not rushing this story, it's massively important to me. And to finish off, how about you're GONNA fuckin' wait and you're GONNA fuckin' like it.
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bisexual-horror-fan · a year ago
I am so fucking tired. I hate that people at my job don't see why fucking with my schedule bugs me and fucks me up so much. They don't understand that my autism impacts everything I do, they think it's all fine cuz I'm "high functioning."
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bisexual-horror-fan · a year ago
This is so not slasher related in any way but I always see this going around and fucking let me tell you something right now, one of my biggest annoyances in media is seeing people going off about the Titanic and how “Jack could have fit on the door too-” NO!
No, listen here, it isn’t an issue of space, of them both being able to fit on the fucking door, the problem is it wouldn’t have been able to support both of their fucking weight and stay afloat. 
I see everyone go off about how “Jack didn’t have to die, Rose is selfish, she could just scoot over, what the fuck, bla bla bla-” but none of you have considered the fact that the combined weight of two adults would sink that fucking door and then they are both fucked and freeze to death in the ocean!
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bisexual-horror-fan · a year ago
Damn man when you get angry YOU GET FUCKING ANGRY!!! 😂😂🤣🤣
I am not an angry person. 
Like legit I AM NOT.
When something pisses me off, and makes me mad, binch you GUNNA hear about it!
Bex CAN and WILL rant and that is that on THAT!
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bisexual-horror-fan · a year ago
Bex has opinions. They are bad.
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