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youaremysunshinekt2 months ago
Janeway for: I'll give you thirty seconds to cease fire and retreat. Else, you'll turn into my latest trophy from this Godforsaken quadrant, you bloody alien fecker. 馃槖
Or in other words: Run, bitch!!! Run for dear life and call for your mommy while you're at it!!!
I don't like bullies, I don't like threats and I don't like you, fecker!!!
Prime big dick energy featuring Tom who's like: Ooh, oh. I'd run if I were you, fella! That woman's no joke. 馃槀
Tumblr media
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ceo-of-daichi10 months ago
Tumblr media
Dick for the day
Tumblr media
More like Long Schlong of the Second with the rate you send em sharon
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fiction-queen-blog2 years ago
I am very much in love with Avatar Kyoshi.
I love her so much and nobody can stop me. Even as a child watching the few scenes she had. I was already gay for her before I knew what gay meant.
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sevenfists2 years ago
Also large and strong boyfriend who also loves to bottom and get cuddled and pampered is just such a wonderous juxtaposition.
IT鈥橲 TRUE mostly I just want them both to be allowed to be complex and nuanced people with interesting inner lives who have a variety of types of sex and are both vulnerable and take care of each other, you know? Let鈥檚 have Sid rawing Geno in the hot tub and then Geno bends him over the side and rims him until Sid cries.
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kenisle2 years ago
spongebob squarepants鈥檚 naming scheme was really not that innovative like y鈥檃ll will watch a kids show named that but i pull out the 鈥榙ummysnake thicccheeks鈥 and everyone throws a hissy. you know?
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ceo-of-daichi10 months ago
When I tell u I gasped when I saw that schlong , it was not expecting it to just appear on my dash 馃樄馃樄馃樄馃樄
Like I am still wheezing
Alsosjsiskksks i鈥檓 actually dying, the fact that my blog is the least likely to contain a massive schlong and yet... the past few days its been flooded with them thanks to Kate馃槶馃槀 I love it so much always makes me laugh!!
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mixial4 months ago
heat || gorou
Tumblr media
pairing: gorou x f!reader
genre: smut
wordcount: 2.9k
synopsis: When y/n arrives back at the base of the resistance she is received by the leader and the right-hand man of Gorou. Urgently and worried they tell her that her partner Gorou has been incapable of being on the field the past five days鈥 he has gone into heat and this would be the first time that y/n helps him out.
tags: Gorou in heat, dom!Gorou, sub!reader, doggy style, breeding kink, knotting, overstimulation, creampie, biting, mentions of Kokomi, slight lore spoilers (nothing major about the new quests), usage of safe word, very knowledgeable reader, (barely) ass fingering, oral (reader receiving), lil bit of praise kink, belly bulge, big dick gorou, horny reader.
a/n: I don鈥檛 know whether Gorou could be categorized as a hybrid, but for now I did so. Hope y鈥檃ll dont mind lol ALSO I鈥檝e never written this type of smut with a character going into heat so idk if its accurate LMAO I JUST WROTE WHATEVER CAME TO MIND JSFHOUDHF
Tagging these two cuz they鈥檙e absolute sweethearts and write super well <3 @valb3rry鈥 and @hoodhookage鈥 :3 hope you guys like this ! if anyone wants to be tagged in any of my upcoming posts send me a dm and I鈥檒l make sure to do so :D
Tumblr media
Finally arriving back at the Sangonomiya Resistance base after having gone undercover in Inazuma City for nearly a month, I couldn鈥檛 wait to let my body fall into the comfortable bed that I shared with my partner. However, upon arrival at the entrance of the base I saw Kokomi standing at the entrance, talking with the right hand man of Gorou who seemed to be in a worried state. It was very rare for the leader of the Resistance to actually be out and about around the base since she was practically the biggest enemy to the Shogun. Anxious with her presence at the base I fastened my pace and as soon as they heard the crunching of the earth beneath my feet, their heads flicked towards me with widened eyes.聽
鈥測/n! We need your help, it鈥檚 about Gorou!鈥 the right-hand man spoke as he firmly gripped my shoulders while softly shaking me back and forth. 鈥淟et go of the lady, she must be tired, I鈥檒l handle it from here, you go do your usual tasks, okay?鈥 Kokomi suggested as she urged the man to go do his thing by tilting her head towards a certain direction. The man nodded his head firmly and after bidding his formal goodbye to me and Kokomi, Kokomi grabbed me by my hand and led me towards the small 鈥榟ouse鈥 which I and Gorou used.
Placing her hands on my cheeks Kokomi immediately made me blush out of nervousness. Why wouldn鈥檛 she tell me what was going on? 鈥淵our partner鈥 Gorou,鈥 she began as she closed in on me to whisper into my ear, 鈥淗e has gone into heat five days ago and he hasn鈥檛 been able to do anything ever since鈥 he really needs you right now.鈥 Upon finally hearing what the issue was I finally understood why Kokomi came here, but also felt incredibly embarrassed upon realizing that the leader of the Resistance knew that Gorou practically needed to dick me down. He is the general to the troops of the Resistance so it was indeed quite vital that he needs to be on field as soon as possible.聽
鈥淚 assume you know what to do鈥 right? You can update me on all the details of your undercover mission when all is solved with Gorou, we just need him on the field as soon as possible with the heightened tensions with the Vision Hunt Decree,鈥 She asked as she gave my upper arm a firm grip, a slight blush covering her fair skinned cheeks. Awkwardly coughing I nodded, and at that she nodded her head at me before leaving me standing in front of the door that would lead me closer to Gorou who was now in heat.聽
Placing my hand on the door knob, I couldn鈥檛 help but feel quite nervous to help Gorou with his issue. He and I have had a few times where we had intercourse, but with our situation (being on constant alert for the Vision Hunt Decree) it didn鈥檛 leave us opportunities to do anything besides quickies. Prior to this I had also never helped him through his heat, he always seemed to have gone through it without needing any of my help even though I offered it. It didn鈥檛 bother me in any way to have him not want my help, after all he鈥檚 the one who needs to want it. Placing my forehead against the damp wooden front door I released a nervous shuddered sigh as I finally turned the doorknob, mentally preparing myself for whatever sight might be in front of me once I open the door to our bedroom.聽
Kicking off my wet boots and hanging my coat on the coat rack I nervously held in my breath to try and hear if Gorou could be heard from where I was. At first, all I could hear was silence for a good minute, but suddenly I heard a long drawn out moan followed by a desperate cry of my name. Frozen in my tracks, I stared at the bedroom door that was one step away, and felt my hands get clammy realizing that Gorou being in heat was no joke at all. I had no idea what I鈥檇 be in for once I enter the room聽 since he never really bothered to tell me what happens when he enters that phase. Being the undercover agent of the Resistance I have always been interested in reading any kind of book and books about hybrid people were no exception.聽
I have read that when hybrids go into heat they tend to become a lot more touchy with you, they will intently rub their scent on you so that no one else would dare come close. They become a lot more restless as well, something that could turn into a fatal mistake on the field. The most shocking and embarrassing thing that my eyes scanned over however was that hybrids who go into heat tend to be a lot rougher when it comes to intercourse and they won鈥檛 stop until they鈥檙e fully satisfied. It would be a lie to say that I never imagined helping Gorou in his heat. Due to our scarce time together it would most probably give me the opportunity to indulge in my fantasies that have been kept at bay for a very long time. Having read that book I always wondered how Gorou managed to go through his heats the previous times, but I never bothered to ask him again after he repeatedly told me that it was okay.聽
Taking a deep breath I placed my hand on the door handle of our bedroom door and pushed it down before slowly pushing the door open with my other hand. As the door was opened a few inches, I saw Gorou humping the bed while his face was buried in a pillow, desperately trying to muffle his moans of pleasure. The sight was incredibly erotic, and my core was just as entranced by the sight that my eyes were eating up. I felt my core pulse, and I quickly pressed my legs together trying to keep some form of composure. Observing him humping the bed, I could see small glimpses of his cock covered in his slick, his movements making incredibly lewd sounds that managed to reach my core as well.聽
Not being able to keep staring at him any longer, I quickly slipped into our bedroom and locked the door behind me before leaning against it. As the sound of the door locking resonated throughout the rather small bedroom Gorou immediately snapped his head towards my direction. His eyes widened in shock as he quickly grabbed the pillow his face was buried in before covering his nether region, 鈥淵/n! I- I- you shouldn鈥檛 be here鈥 not when I鈥檓 like this!鈥 Biting my bottom lip, the sight of Gorou being all embarrassed while he was completely naked with a wrinkly pillow on his lap did way more to my body than I expected. It almost felt like I was going into heat myself just seeing him like that. Perhaps he was emitting some kind of smell that arouses anyone around them in their heat鈥 something I read as well in a book a while ago.
鈥淕orou, you鈥檝e been like this nearly a week and our comrades desperately need you on the field, I don鈥檛 think this time you鈥檒l be fine without me,鈥 I mumbled under my breath, still kind of nervous to help him with his issue. 鈥淚鈥 I don鈥檛 know why this time it鈥檚 so hard for me to handle on my own鈥 if you really want to help me I won鈥檛 stop you, but do know that I won鈥檛 be like I usually am,鈥 He responded, making me nod. I know. I read all of that in a book about your sort. Gulping loudly I made my way to the bed and noticed how there was a small towel with a generous amount of release on it. Gorou noticed me looking at it and he quickly grabbed it before throwing it into the laundry basket that stood in the corner of our room.聽
Not wanting to make him feel anymore embarrassed I hooked my thumbs into my underwear and pants and slid them down my legs, releasing a gasp as I felt the cold air hit my wet core. 鈥淲hat do you want me to do鈥 babe?鈥 I asked as I quickly unbuttoned my blouse before letting it slide down my shoulders, soon making it hit the carpeted floor. Gorou eyed me from head to toe, and I noticed how the embarrassed expression he wore not too long ago shifted into one of lust and want within half a second. Before I could process what was happening I felt Gorou鈥檚 hands harshly gripping onto my waist, my right cheek pressed against the mattress while my ass was up in the air.聽
鈥淵ou remember our safe word right?鈥 Gorou asked with a snarl, making my cheeks heat up intensely at how his behavior did a one-eighty so fast. 鈥淵-yes, black, it鈥檚 black,鈥 I mumbled into the mattress, gasping as I suddenly felt Gorou push his tongue into my pussy after he shifted his hands to the front of my thighs, prying them open. Feeling his tongue thrust into my core, my legs quickly started shaking at the euphoric sensation. 鈥淪hit Gorou, you鈥檙e making me feel so good,鈥 I gasped out as I desperately pushed my pussy into his face more, leading to him pressing his tongue into me even deeper.聽
While he had eaten me out multiple times, his tongue never felt as long as it did now. Something that must鈥檝e had to do with him being in heat. As I felt his tongue licking upwards, my whole body started shaking in his hold. I felt his left arm slip away from my thigh and shift to my left ass cheek. Suddenly he slapped my ass harshly making me shoot up the bed, my hands immediately shooting to my mouth to muffle my moans. Just as I was about to say something, I felt him insert his thumb into my ass making me roll my eyes to the back of my head. His other hand that was around my right thigh was now rubbing languid circles into my clit while his mouth separated from my pussy making me whine.聽
鈥淚鈥檝e wanted to do this with you for so long, I didn鈥檛 want you to see me like this just yet,鈥 He growled out as he desperately slid his cock between my ass cheeks after removing his left thumb. 鈥淵ou know I wouldn鈥檛 h-have had issues with helping y-you,鈥 I stuttered as his thrusts against my hips made me shift up the bed bit by bit. 鈥淚 know鈥 but I didn鈥檛 know whether I鈥檇 be able to control myself, I still don鈥檛 if I have to be honest,鈥 He grunted out as he finally made me cum from his fingers against my clit, making me fall flat against the bed as I lost strength in my legs. 鈥淲hat if I wanted you to l-lose control?鈥 I gasped out as I pressed my forehead against my forearm, trying to catch my breath from the intense orgasm from his fingers alone.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 say something you鈥檒l regret puppy,鈥 He warned as I felt him place his hands on my waist before raising my hips up again, his cock nestling itself between my ass cheeks once again. 鈥淚 won鈥檛鈥 I want this, fill me with all of your cum, give me your knot, please,鈥 I taunted, pulling out my knowledge about the mating process of his sort. While I and Gorou had no plans to have any kids yet, I did realize that he had a breeding kink although without the actual breeding. He and I always made sure we did it safely to make sure we wouldn鈥檛 have kids when we weren鈥檛 ready, especially with the situation we were in now. Always having made sure that I was on the pill whenever we did it and taking the morning after pill, we never ran into issues.
Without a word, I felt his right hand leave my ass cheek. Soon I felt the tip of his cock slide between my folds before he roughly rubbed it into my clit, making my body twitch in his hold. 鈥淚鈥檓 not done with you until you鈥檙e absolutely spilling with my come,鈥 He snarled before he positioned his tip at my entrance and then pushed it all the way in. Gasping I reached my right arm behind me, wiggling my fingers around, wanting him to hold onto me. As I felt his hand interlock with mine I started thrusting myself onto his cock, moans of pleasure spilling from between my lips without any intention to hold back.聽
Every time Gorou pushed his cock into me I felt his tip brush against my incredibly sensitive spot, making tears well up in my eyes from how good it felt. With every thrust, he tugged onto my hand, shifting me in a rather uncomfortable position, however, with his cock constantly prodding at my spot that uncomfortableness was soon overridden. 鈥淕orou! Gorou! Fuck give me your cum,鈥 I blurted out as I felt my orgasm approaching fast. 鈥淚 will puppy, don鈥檛 worry,鈥 He responded as he let go of my hand and hovered his torso over my body before grabbing both of my hands and pinning them above my head.聽
鈥淟et me hear how good you feel, let me hear all of your moans,鈥 Gorou ordered, each word followed by a thrust that perfectly dragged against my walls before his perfect tip hit my sensitive spot all over again. 鈥淣nnghh! Gorou, gimme your knot, I want it now, give me it, please!鈥 I begged as tears of pleasure were now staining the mattress below me. Gorou tightened his grip on my hands and thrusted up into me at a harsher and faster pace, making me shift up the bed, my head hitting our interlocked hands each time.聽
Suddenly I felt his cock enlarge within me, making me widen my eyes in shock. I knew that them knotting would mean that their cock would enlarge until they came, however, the increase of size within me was something I didn鈥檛 expect. As he thrusted into me with his now larger cock, I felt the tip of his cock prod at my lower stomach, making my lower stomach touch the mattress with each thrust. 鈥淔u-fuck Gorou, it鈥檚 too much, t-too much!鈥 I blabbered out. Contrary to my words however, my hips desperately tried to meet with his at each thrust. I definitely want him to do this to me multiple times. 鈥淚 know you can take it, take my knot like the good puppy you are,鈥 he whispered into my ear as his left hand let go of my hand to hold my chin and make me look up at him.
He locked our lips into a hungry kiss, our tongues clashing against each other, while with each thrust of his delicious cock a moan of mine slipped into his mouth. Pulling away from the kiss, his mouth shifted to the juncture between my neck and left shoulder. With one more thrust I started gushing on his cock, a wanton moan escaping from between my lips, my eyes rolling to the back of my head at the intense release. While I had already reached my release, Gorou had not and his thrusts grew even more rough and fast, making me wail into the mattress from overstimulation. At one particular hard thrust I suddenly felt him sink his teeth into my shoulder making me groan in pleasure and pain. 鈥淎m sorry, fuck, sorry baby,鈥 He apologized repeatedly as he licked up the wound.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 o-okay, just keep g-going,鈥 I muttered as I wrapped my left hand around his head, urging him to do whatever he wanted to do. Once again he sank his teeth into my shoulder and after a few more thrusts I felt his knot explode into me, our mixed release spurting out of me due to the overwhelming amount of his release. As his cum spurted into me I felt his soft tail wrap around my waist making me smile softly. As he licked at my shoulder, I surprisingly felt it heal up again, making me release a relieved sigh. 鈥淭hank you, thank you so much baby,鈥 Gorou thanked as his body slumped against mine, his sweaty chest sticking to my sweaty back. 鈥淣o problem, babe, I鈥檓 glad I could help,鈥 I responded, breathing heavily as I felt our combined release still seeping out of me.
鈥淵ou know鈥 I kind of like it like this, you going all feral on me,鈥 I spoke as I started scratching the back of his left ear with my left hand, hearing low growls from inside his throat. 鈥淢aybe I should have let you help me earlier indeed,鈥 He mumbled as he sucked a mark into the back of my neck.聽
鈥淏y the way鈥 I can feel you all hard again inside me,鈥 I commented as I felt the tip of his cock softly prodding at my sensitive spot again. 鈥淗eh鈥 Yeah, this heat mostly lasts two weeks in total鈥 you sure you can hold on?鈥 Gorou asked as he pulled out of me, before turning me onto my back. Gorou鈥檚 hands trailed upwards my body, before placing them on my breasts and giving them a soft squeeze. 鈥淥f course my love, I already told you, give me all the knots you can offer me,鈥 I teased as I grabbed his cock before positioning it at my entrance. Pushing his cock into me slowly he placed his forehead against mine while his right hand rested at the front of my throat, 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be the death of me y/n.鈥
Tumblr media
Yeah... gorou brainrot is peaking as well. I want him to go absolutely feral on me. RIP MY PUSSY PLEASE :D聽During the progression of the new archon quest a few scenes had wild ideas going through my mind: 鈥淕orou, I want you to breed the absolute shit out of me and fill me with ur cum to the brim.鈥澛
That scene where he fucking snarled/growled in the quest???? MMY PUSSY THROBBED AND I WANTED TO SNARL/GROWL RIGHT BACK AT HIM 馃槫
@鈥榠ng those who interacted with my post about this smut, I couldn鈥檛 tag some of you guys for some reason so sorry 馃ズ: @karasunowos @g3neralgorou @awesomemoonslayer @sororulis @kazuhalover1 @i1x4 @premiyagi @ashengrottoswhore @battlexangel @amiwired
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roach-works7 months ago
Please Hear Me Out About Wasps:
content warning: wasps.
Tumblr media
it鈥檚 spring in the northern hemisphere, and it鈥檚 time for pollinators and other ecologically important insects to gear up for another busy season!
that includes wasps.
you have probably been taught to be scared of wasps, and to kill them whenever possible. i would really like to ask you, personally, to disregard your training, because wasps are actually as important to the environment as bees, and significantly better for your home and garden than honeybees, since they don鈥檛 just pollinate, they also eat pests like spiders and some even clean up trash like flies.
they鈥檙e also remarkably easy to get along with if you don鈥檛 try to kill them, which makes them better roommates than most humans i鈥檝e had to live with.
most wasps have really big and really good eyes. when they hover all around you, they鈥檙e not threatening you, they鈥檙e just taking a good look at you, like a tourist meandering around a monument or a guy lost in a parking garage. there鈥檚 good evidence that wasps can learn to differentiate between human faces, which means they can learn to like you back!
just keep doing your thing slowly and smoothly, and if your curious wasp lands on you, hold still for awhile until she wanders off. if you have long, loose hair, consider (slowly) tying it back so your tourist doesn鈥檛 get stuck. if you鈥檙e eating something, consider moving the crumbs out to arms鈥 reach, to give her a snack option that doesn鈥檛 include 鈥榣and on your hands or face鈥 which tends to feel kind of itchy.
wasps do sting more freely than honeybees, since they have smooth stingers, but they have no reason to sting if they have no reason to be scared. a wasp in exploration mode is alert but not aggressive. i鈥檝e only ever been stung by wasps while rescuing them from drowning, which is a situation none of us are at our best in.
do not, under any circumstances, kill a wasp with your hands or kill a wasp near somewhere you鈥檙e going to be for awhile. even if you hate wasps: wasps can smell a dead wasp, and the social species will track the smell of dead wasp right to you, and avenge their fallen sister. this situation will get worse the more wasps you kill. again, they can probably learn to recognize you, especially if you continue to hang around the dead wasp zone. you are no longer a random landmark; you are now the local kaiju, and if you have seen pacific rim you know that things do not end well for kaiju.
instead of killing wasps, consider that wasp species not only pollinate many flowers, they also eat garden pests like beetles and aphids and flies and caterpillars, and clean up all sorts of trash like dropped fruit and dead bugs. they鈥檙e just as useful to gardeners as bees and spiders, and they deserve the same respect.
please reblog this post to spread awareness of the importance of not being a dick to a really valuable and important insect! honeybees are basically the panda of bugs: they get all the press because they鈥檙e fuzzy and adorable and economically exploitable, but environmentally, they don鈥檛 make much of a difference. it鈥檚 high time we learn to appreciate the full range of insects that share this world with us.
thank you and i appreciate you (and the wasps will too).
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couldbeyouraphrodite3 months ago
Here are my some of my favourite panels from Nightwing #83!!
pt. 2
that no one asked for, but i'm gonna do them anyway.
11. Clark asks Dick for a favor.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This really shows how much Clark trusts Dick, he knows he isn't the kid he was when they first met. Clark truly sees him as a friend, and not just a "he's my friend's kid" figure.
With that note, asking Dick to help out with Jon is a big deal. Jon Kent is now supposedly the main Superman on Earth.
Seeing as Tom Taylor is also the current writer for Superman: Son of Kal-el (check it out, definitely worth reading), I'm willing to bet that Nightwing will also be making an appearance in that series. And I absolutely can't wait for it!
Especially since Damian (Dick's youngest brother, the current(?) Robin) is Jon's bestfriend, I would love to see how Jon will interact with another one of the Batbros. The oldest brother vs. youngest brother parallels is definitely something I'm interested in seeing.
12. DickBabs kiss.
Tumblr media
Oh, yeah. It's all coming together now.
I'm a sucker for kisses where one of them starts rambling and the other just shuts them up by kissing them (which is exactly what happened here).
Look at him smiling after the kiss. He's so happy.
I also love that Babs' is bringing back the nicknames LMAO.
Both Dick and Babs are drawn and coloured really well in this Nightwing run with Bruno Redondo on the art and Adriano Lucas on the colours.
This artstyle + them kissing + this angle? Perfect.
13. The Alfred Pennyworth Foundation.
Tumblr media
I love how it panned out to all the different people involved in this story as Dick made his big speech.
Barbara listening intently to what he's saying on the screen.
Little Haley probably has no idea what's going on, but she's getting pets while watching her dad on TV, so she doesn't mind.
Meili Lin and Melinda Zucco watching him together. Meili solidifies her liking towards Dick and Melinda slightly smiling as she realises what her mother said.
Dick proudly announcing the name of his foundation. The foundation that was made possible by the man who left him all that money in the first place. The Alfred Pennyworth Foundation.
14. Batfamily showing their support for their eldest brother.
Tumblr media
I love that we finally got canon confirmation that the Batfamily does in fact, have a group chat.
Steph keeping it short and simple.
Tim being the genuine, proud younger brother he is.
Jason trying to be subtle about his pride, trying to add a snarky, humorous comment to mask the true intentions behind his text.
i'm convinced he's damn proud of dick, he just won't say it to his face to maintain his front.
Damian being slightly awkward in showing his pride (he and Jason have that in common). He was probably on the verge of tears when Dick announced the foundation.
i can totally imagine him typing something and deleting it over and over again because he's unsure what to say before finally settling on "Not that it's a competition, but you win."
Neither Jason or Damian are the type to ever say "I'm proud of you, Dick" to his face so they settle for dry humor and sarcasm.
Cass going all out with the emojis. It makes sense for her, being who she is. Her main means of communication was literally everything else besides language so her spamming emojis is totally in character.
But where's Bruce's respond, you ask?
Right here.
15. Bruce thanks Dick.
Tumblr media
Bruce said less than 15 words, but somehow, that's enough for Batman to show how much something means to him.
Such a sweet moment, realising his eldest son had his father figure in mind when he arranged all this. It must've bloomed Bruce's heart.
i 100% believe Bruce is crying behind his cowl.
Close up of the Alfred and Bruce panel.
Tumblr media
<- part 1
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neozhoen12 days ago
Better than a date?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: CEO!J.jh X reader. Genre: smut(mdni), established relationship. Warning: Smut smut,dirty talk,fingering,oral(recieving),size/bulge kink,orgasm denial and yeah it's just smut. Word count: 1.5k word.
A/N : Gosh! I don't know If I have implemented the things rightly or not but I hope y'all like it<33 feel free to leave a feedback. Interractions are appreciated. Have a nice day or night or whenever you're reading this<3
Tumblr media
"All set to go",you admired yourself as your reflection in the mirror screamed your beauty louder than anything else in this whole wide world. You gently moved your hands around your hair,bouncing it a little to make sure that they were not completely flat and they were perfectly done and then you proceeded to pat down your velvet red corset which hugged your curves so beautifully.
*click* you opened the door to your luxurious room as you entered the living room facing your boyfriend,"I'm ready!Let's go!",you notified your boyfriend who was sitting on the couch,scrolling on his phone.
Jaehyun's jaw dropped at your beauty as though he had seen a goddess,his nostrills were almost blocked with the sweet fragrance of your scent and not to mention your voice.Your voice sounded like honey to him but he had to calm his racing mind down because it was your date night after all. Finally,you both were going out on this date which you both were planning for a while now. Him being a busy businessman,he could barely make time for you so you both decided to go on this sumptuous date at one of the most exorbitant hotels in your town.
Everything was done-deal and you thought of so many things to do tonight but what jaehyun was about to do was totally not one of them.
You understood it when he closed the main door of the house and dragged you by your arm inside your shared room. He pulled you towards the mirror as he stood beside you, wearing that grey limited addition suit which you had bought him specially for this day.
You looked so small against him,so petty and so pretty.
You stood there in total confusion as you were totally unknown to whatever the fuck was going on inside that crazy-ass man's head. He took his suit off and hung it on the hanger and came back to you only to press his lips harshly against yours.Ruining your lipstick and Sucking on your lower lips,you easily gave in and deepened it.
He slowly grinded his grown bulge onto your clothed core alerting you about the upcoming storm which was about to take you down in short.
Pulling away the kiss,he looked deeply at your swollen lips as he turned you around,facing your back and zipped down your dress, without any kind of warning. You winced at the sudden action.
You had no idea what the fuck was going on but all you knew was that you were enjoying it.
As soon as he wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled your ass to meet his boner,he started to leave sloppy kisses on your neck and trailled down your of his hands slowly creeped up on your hair,grabbing a fistful of them and yanked you behind by pulling them.
Now his lips were centimetres away from your earlobs as he nibbled,"Are you ready to take in my huge cock inside you?".
His hot breath falling upon your bare shoulders were no less than open manipulation.
"Yes,daddy,please I want your big cock inside me",you begged pathetically as if you were hypnotized.
He walked you to the bed in that position before throwing you on the bed. You swiftly rolled around to face him as he hovered over you in a blink.
His tall and huge being was towering over your small existence and thinking in this way made his dick get even stronger. He attached his lips onto yours again and you both swirled your tongues against one another as if you were having a small tongue war inside your attached mouths.
His free hand grabbed one of your boobs now that half of your corset was fallen from your body,he pushed your bra down to have your bare breast in his hands so that he could squeez it the way he wanted to,the way he liked to. He moulded your breast like bread doughs and it felt so good that you started to moan inside his mouth.
A smirk was forming up on his face knowing what effect he had on you. Then he moved his hands downwards from your boobs, slowly towards your core which was dripping by then due to all the frictions that were occuring between it and Jaehyun's huge cock.
He slid his hand under your dress and pushed your panty aside for his fingers to make way into your pussy. He gradually inserted two fingers inside you,thrusting them in and out so well while still making out with you.
You both were moaning and groaning against each other.
He suddenly pulled out from the kiss,"Now I gotta kiss your other lip",he asserted before ascending down to your pussy.
He pushed your dress above your waist and yanked your panty down only to see your bare pussy dripping tasty juices which seemed to be only for him. He hummed teasingly and in a snap his head dived down,lips kissing your core so deliciously,making your lewd moans turn so fucking loud.
He slid his tongue inside your vagina and swirled it over your clit at times,hitting your sweet spot.You clenched your hands on the bedsheets in pleasure.
He suddenly pulled away from your core and spit inside it and then resumed doing his continuous torture on your sensitive bud.
Soon after that,he used his thumb to rub your clit roughly as his tongue was already fucking you so good. You kept moaning loud and louder. Soon you started to feel the twist and turns inside your stomach.
"j-jae,I'm c-close",you said to him in between your unstoppable moans.
"Are you forreal?",he teased vibrating your core with his deep husky voice which pushed you even closer to your high,"Y-yes, please let me cum?",you cried out in frustration.
"Nope",he pulled away from your pussy,"Cum on my dick Instead,babygirl".
He slowly unbuttoned his shirt while eyeing your naked body and you messed up makeup. He loves seeing you in this state because of him.
In a moment,he jerked his pant as well as his boxers down revealing large and fat cock that you loved so much,standing proudly,waiting to fuck your inside-out.
Jaehyun took both of your legs and tossed them over his shoulders pinning the tip of his dick at the entrance to your messy core.
"Hurry p-please fuck me now,I really want you to fill me up",you begged again making him proud of himself.
He cupped your face with one hand and then without any warning,he thrusted inside you. A very rough beginning.
You almost screamed in pain considering his fat cock.tears started rolling down your cheeks as your loud moans filled the whole room. Jaehyun started pounding in you in a very fast pace. your hands roamed around helplessly to find a support to hold onto. "Your boobs look so tasty when they bounce like this",he grunted.
"You feel so good please..harder Jae-",this was the moment when Jaehyun lost all his sanity and started going rougher on you.
He could see his bulge reaching your belly which turned him on even more.
"Fuck baby,does it feel better now? You love it when I fuck you so deep that my cock hits your belly?","Yess yesss m-daddy you feel so good". Your stomach was now against twisting and turning around Jaehyun's cock, jaehyun took the cue when he felt you clenching against him.
"Jae-", You whimpered in your high pitched tone,
"It's okay cum on my dick baby",taking his permission you finally let go of yourself. Not even taking another second before you showered his cock with you sticky cum as you moaned the loudest for the night.
On the other hand, jaehyun increased his pace since he was chasing his high this time. A few more thrusts and then there he was. Finally letting out a very loud groan as he pounded deep inside you coating your walls with his thick white cream.
You both were breathlessly catching onto the oxygen in your room.
"jae-what about our date night?",you asked breathlessly when you realized that it was already past 10 pm,
"What about a honeymoon instead?", He asked you, "well, only married people go on honeymoons,boomer!",you spat back at him giggling a little,running your hand through his pitch black locks as he lied on your chest,dick still burried deep inside you,
"I know that and that's exactly what I'm asking you",he whispered under his breath,smiling to himself.
Tumblr media
漏neozhoen's . All rights reserved.
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frogtanii7 months ago
Tumblr media
cold, cold, cold.
the outside air was frigid, piercing her skin through her short dress as she walked quickly through the streets, her heels clicking against the dirty concrete.
a loud chime from her phone alerted her to the fact she was nearing her destination, her steps growing quicker at the idea of a warm place to sleep (and maybe a warm body to go along with it). the building swiftly came into view 鈥 a bit trashier than she would鈥檝e liked if she鈥檚 being honest but it was better than being on the streets (barely).
it didn鈥檛 take long for her to find the apartment number she was looking for, number 423, just a few doors shy of being the 鈥渨eed number.鈥 she rolled her eyes at the thought of him explaining that to her after their fourth round the last time she saw him. he was honestly a little pathetic (read: extremely pathetic) but at least he had his own place and a big dick. she鈥檇 done much worse for much less.
fixing her hair in the reflection of the window, she finally deemed herself appropriate enough to knock on the door. she was really hoping he was home, because otherwise, this could be extremely awkward.
suddenly, the door swung open widely, exposing the man she had been waiting for, clad in nothing but spongebob boxers with an entire pot of ramen in his hand. she fought the urge to roll her eyes at him, instead plastering on a fake smile and batting her eyelashes at him.
鈥渙h hi! long time no see! can i come in?鈥 without waiting for a response, she pushed past him, completely ignoring the shocked look on his face as she roamed around his incredibly tiny shoebox apartment, being extra careful to avoid the plate in the corner that looked like it was growing something.
once he broke out of his stupor, he ran a hand through his bleached hair while trailing behind her. 鈥渦h, not that i鈥檓 not glad to see you but what are you doing here? i haven鈥檛 heard from you in months.鈥 he called her name softly, his brown eyes filled with too much emotion, too much fondness that it made her stomach turn.
鈥渋 missed you! why can鈥檛 that be a reason to visit you?鈥 she deflected, sauntering over to him, making sure to swing her hips in a way she knew he鈥檇 like. it clearly worked, if the way his eyes darkened and his tongue came out to lick his plush lips was anything to go by.
his big hands found their way to her waist, gripping gently as he brought his face down to hers for a kiss. her immediate reaction was fast and sloppy but he took control, slowing it down significantly until it was a languid dance of lips and tongues, a little too intimate for her tastes.
pulling away, she wiped her mouth before taking his hand and pulling him towards his bedroom, making sure her eyes were half lidded and sexy. he put down his pot of ramen so quickly, she had to keep herself from laughing out loud.
god, men were so easy.
all she had to do was bat her eyelashes, flash a little bit of her cleavage and they were putty in her hands. just as long as they didn鈥檛 get too close and mushy, they were perfect pawns, perfect objects for her to use at her discretion.
it was really unfortunate that she鈥檇 lost her biggest set of pieces yet but it was no matter. she鈥檇 get them back.
one way or another.
Tumblr media
鈩 poker face
one way or another
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What Barbatos and Diavolo do when you Cum
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@love-lost-insecure-blog you can find Mammon on this post and anon, and Asmodeus is on this post!
Pairing: Barbatos x Female!Reader, Diavolo x Female!Reader
Genre: Smut
Tumblr media
Barbatos had one gloved hand clamped over your lips, silencing any noise that threatened to escape and possibly alert anyone nearby of your predicament. After all, it would be rather unsightly and awkward should the Demon Lord catch his butler fucking the exchange student over his royal throne no less.
Not only that, but you had so graciously accepted the offer to help the butler prepare for the evening and earn a little extra cash. Now, here you were being fucked over the arm of Lord Diavolo's throne.
"Don't stop polishing on my account, little bunny," The butler teased, lips brushing seductively against your ear as he dipped his other hand into your cunt to rub your swollen clit, "Lord Diavolo has an appearance to make this afternoon. A throne anything less than spotless would be an utter embarrassment, don't you think?"
A muffled 'yes sir' fell from your lips as you lifted your shaking hands to finish the job.
"Come on pretty girl, you're not completely useless, right?" He sneered, lips brushing against the shell of your ear as you struggled to rub a dark spot off of the gold in front of you, "You want to cum like a good girl for me? You're going to cum all over my cock like the dirty little human you are, just make a bigger mess for me to clean up, right?"
You gasp and whimper against his hand, nodding tearfully as his fingers sped up causing you to struggle and writhe against his chest until you let go and the slick from your orgasm dribbled down your legs and stained the rouge carpet and the fine material of the butler's slacks.
Barbatos knew you couldn't help it, but that didn't mean you were exempt from punishment.
"Messy girl," He hissed, the slap of his hips against your ass only becoming louder and harsher, "You just made mess all over Diavolo's spotless carpet... I guess I'll have to punish you, won't I?"
Tumblr media
Diavolo didn't know if it was the way your precious little boobies bounced or the way your little hands would try to push back against his thighs or how after you came around him you would go nearly boneless in his arms and cry about how sensitive you were.
Maybe it was just the little cries you made while speared on his length that had gotten him addicted, maybe it was the fucked out look he'd catch in the mirror after one too many orgasms, he wasn't sure.
All the Demon Lord knew was that the moment your abused cunt forced his dick out and squirted all over the bed, he was more hooked than he'd ever been before.
He wanted to hear your breath hitch, feel you squirming away from him as he kept rubbing and spanking your weeping hole.
You twitched as he reinserted himself, but at this point you were too fucked out to do anything about it. You could only whine and beg him to slow down, tears welling in your eyes from sensitivity.
"Look at you, my beautiful cock-hungry little girl." He grasped your face and forced you to look at yourself in the mirror. The way your cunt drooled onto the bed as he thrust slowly against your cervix, the pink tissue of your pussy stretched terribly far to accommodate his girth.
"You're so pretty..." Diavolo leans down to nibble on your shoulder, "I'm so lucky to have such a sweet baby girl aren't I? I think you deserve a little reward..."
One big tanned hand slid down your stuffed abdomen and began to play with your folds. You squealed and grabbed his hand, pushing it away from you with whatever remained of your strength but to no avail.
"Darling, don't do that, don't push me away. I know you want more and I only want to give it to you, understand? I love you so much, my precious dove so let me make you feel so so good."
Tumblr media
Lucifer and Beel
Mammon, Simeon, and Solomon
Leviathan, Satan, and Asmodeus
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fineanddandy3 months ago
Summary: Walking in on Bucky in a familiar suit gives you ideas鈥hen the actual owner joins in鈥
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x black!reader x Steve Rogers
Warnings: threesome, pure smut, oral (male rec), sharing/swapping, graphic language, unprotected sex, fem/male masturbation, exchange of bodily fluids, it鈥檚 nasty okay? 18+
A/N: this was supposed to be a Bucky fic. But due to some people *cough cough* it became a Stucky fic. All inspired off this edit I found on Pinterest.
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 quiet on the compound. A little too quiet鈥ou know Bucky鈥檚 around here somewhere and if he鈥檚 this quiet, he鈥檚 definitely up to something. Creeping up on his door you poke your head in to see him in a familiar suit that doesn鈥檛 belong to him. But it sure fit him just right. Propping yourself against the entry, you cross your arms checking out Bucky checking himself out in the mirror, looking down at his body with a dangerous grin. Cute, even he knows he looks good as fuck in Steve鈥檚 stealth suit.
鈥淜new you were up to something.鈥 Bucky jerks alert spotting you smirking in the reflection of his mirror. 鈥淲ay too quiet鈥ay too suspicious.鈥
鈥淪teve let me borrow it.鈥 He spills oddly fast with big scared eyes but you roll yours with a nonchalant scoff.
鈥淏ucky I鈥檓 not gonna tell.鈥 You shrug walking into the room, your happy eyes giving him another look over, saying, 鈥渂esides I think you look so fuckin hot.鈥
Hearing that Bucky relaxes with a devious grin, running his hands down the arms as he turns to face you silently humming checkin out his ass. 鈥淵eah I figured it would. Just had to find out.鈥
Mm for him to be feeling himself in the suit made him even hotter to you. His silent but deadly confidence exuding off his skin. You really couldn鈥檛 take your eyes off him, sitting on the foot of his bed and leaning back on your hands. Oh you鈥檙e getting some ideas watching his big hands brush down his fit pecs, over that perfectly stitched star and the stripes covering his rock hard abs, grabbing the utility belt as he proudly stands in front of you. Like good ol Cap. Your core tingles, locking your playful gaze with his smoldering smoky blue stare. Spreading your legs wider with your growing grin. The corner of Bucky鈥檚 lips reaching beyond his left ear exhaling a hard sigh through his nostrils.
鈥淪o鈥hat鈥ou the new Cap?鈥 Your brow twitches in intrigue as your teeth pinch your stretched bottom lip, lifting your chin at the soldier in cosplay. Bucky cocks his head to the side, assessing the scene before him. Checkin you all laid out on his bed like that has got him thinking maybe he should play along.
鈥淢mm if you want me to be鈥︹ His cool metal fingers run through his long soft hair with that charming smile that really makes you swoon. You could have some fun with this.
Story with you and Bucky is鈥ometimes y鈥檃ll like to fuck around, more so when no one鈥檚 around and either of you are a little bored and a little horny. And since the place is usually empty, the romps are fun, chaotic and noisy. That鈥檚 why you came round, nothing else to do so let鈥檚 do Buck. The treat is busting him like this is鈥nd it鈥檚 turning you on so much.
Softly lifting your barefoot off the floor you tease, 鈥測ou鈥檙e too鈥ad to be the sweetie Steve Rogers, Buck鈥︹ and rest your toes directly on his stiff dick he proudly displays just for you. 鈥淭oo鈥ly to be goodie two shoes Cap鈥︹
Sinisterly chuckling to himself he slowly rolls his shoulders, sighing away a moan when you start to stroke him with the ball of your foot. Seeing him getting all worked up works you up, parting your lips to take a refreshing breath. Bucky so hot against the rough material behind your toes. He licks his pink lips and takes a menacing step towards you, bending your knee a bit.
鈥淚s that a challenge? Don鈥檛 think I can be a good ol boy like Steve?鈥 He works to steady his paced pants; the arch of your foot pressing harder as you rub up and down his length. Another careful step takes an enticed groan from your anxious body. Your knee bending more but you don鈥檛 stop feeling up on him, huffing a chuckle when his lids flutter close. Your weighted breaths match his, your slit so warm and fuckin excited.
鈥淢m I know you can be a good boy鈥︹ you gasp when his dick throbs, 鈥渂ut be like Steve鈥?鈥 Trailing off you deliberately shake your head, moaning a little louder as he closes in on you, grabbing your ankle and tossing it off him.
鈥淗mm,鈥 his deep timbre echoes lowly in his broad chest dipping down between your wide open legs, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥鈥檓 feeling very,鈥 distracting you with a small kiss on the bridge of your nose Bucky pulls your damp cotton shorts to the side to tease your lips with his middle finger, 鈥溾oble and righteous. Can鈥檛 do that disgraceful thing you love so much.鈥 He purrs barely grazing your needy lips with his scruffy ones, pushing harder at your entrance just to hear you whine,
鈥淏ut Bucky鈥︹ lapping at his disgraceful lips, wishing he鈥檇 kiss you already if he鈥檚 going to be teasing your pussy like this.
鈥淣o, no sweetheart,鈥 the tip of his nose nuzzles yours as he shakes his head pinching your clit, 鈥渋t鈥檚 Captain to you. And that鈥檚 how you鈥檒l address me in this suit, understand?鈥
Groaning and squirming beneath him Bucky pinches you harder, waiting for you to correct yourself with a small sadistic laugh. Still millimeters away from your noisy mouth, tongue moistening your dry lips, and he still won鈥檛 taste you.
You loudly gasp out, 鈥淵es Captain!鈥 His fingers go back to gentler touch, finally kissing you so tenderly you strain your neck to push harder but he inches away. That鈥檚 not his thing. His metal fingers stroke and play in your hair, getting a kick out of you silently begging for more.
鈥淥h鈥攐h baby.鈥 You fret with a pout still patting for his curly lips. 鈥淗arder鈥︹ A small whimper parts from your sad lips and Bucky just laughs at you growing wetter the more he plays between your pounding walls. His crotch so hot you can feel it beating down on your thigh. You wish he鈥檇 rest it near your folds; you just want him to be close.
鈥淵our Cap is a gentleman, remember?鈥 Another sweet kiss releases an infatuated sigh, slithering over his bed. His fluid touch along with the faint fragrance of Steve winds you the fuck up, 鈥淭ell Captain what you want sweetheart.鈥
鈥淥ooh Cap. I want鈥w shit,鈥 you gulp and choke on nothing, 鈥淚 want you to fuck the shit out of me.鈥
Bucky snatches his hand away from your dripping folds and shoves those pussy ridden fingers deep over your tongue.
鈥淪uch a foul mouth. You know Cap doesn鈥檛 like bad language.鈥 Bucky grunts into the back his hand that鈥檚 being roughly sucked clean of your wetness, his mouth watering along with yours. 鈥淐an鈥檛 give you what you want if you don鈥檛 know how to act.鈥
鈥淢mmmmsorry Captain.鈥 The words vibrate around his pruning skin, your folds throbbing around nothing. She鈥檚 enthusiastic to suck his fat ass cock deep inside. It鈥檚 been a while she really missed him.
Bucky grumbles gracing your aching jaw, 鈥淕onna have to keep my fingers down your throat since you don鈥檛 know how to act.鈥
His cool hand against your blazing skin gives you the chills as it soothes down your body, going for the buckle of the pants and taking his sweet time unsheathing himself just to torture you some more. Bucking your hips, huffing and whining behind his thick fingers fixed securely between your jaws, you call out to 鈥渉im,鈥 trying to get a peek of his meaty cock tumbling out but your view is distorted by his big chest.
鈥淥h. Oh Buck!鈥擨 mean鈥擟aptain! Captain鈥︹ Drool starts to fall from the corners of your lips and down your chin your docile pleas all jumbled up behind his capable fingers. Bucky just about rips your shorts off so ready to knock it out. You鈥檙e so much fun鈥lways coming up with scandalous shit on the fly鈥our smile damn near sinister when you saw him. It鈥檚 been too long since he鈥檚 realigned your spine. Stretched you out. Basked in your warmth. Tightening his grip on your lower jaw, he positions to ram his cock through your sensitive textured walls, slowly stroking and cupping the mushroom tip with little growls, relishing in your breathless mewls beating his intoxicated grin. Bucky鈥檚 eager breaths sound so good you gush, arching your back up with a muted gasp the moment you feel his head pushing through your folds.
鈥淢mm鈥issed her鈥︹ His jaw goes slack, eyes lazily closing, moaning an aww budging his way in, 鈥淢issed you鈥︹ He murmurs next straightening his dropped expression with a thirsty smile, knees weakening as he snakes his way deeper and deeper.
鈥淥oooh fuuuuck鈥︹ Fisting the covers you wail with glee, focusing on the sweet burn of Bucky stretching you out. It鈥檚 your favorite part.
鈥淪uch a dirty girl.鈥 A stern yank is your punishment as he picks up the pace. 鈥淔uckin filthy mouth.鈥 He鈥檚 gunning straight for your spot, fucking into you with that sick Bucky smirk you absolutely love. 鈥淥bey your Captain or be punished.鈥
Fucking you so hard you鈥檙e bouncing off his thrusting hips. But will he punish you like Bucky or鈥
鈥淯ugghh fuck!鈥 You can鈥檛 help it; he feels so insanely good inside you, all you can scream is, 鈥淔uuuuck Captain!鈥
鈥淵ou rang?鈥 Steve鈥檚 velvety crooning voice enters the room but you鈥檙e so in tune with Bucky鈥檚 punishing strokes you barely react. 鈥淚 actually don鈥檛 mind cursing in the bedroom. If anything, a woman screaming fuck is like鈥 round of applause.鈥
His muted steps head for you guys entwined on the bed. Cutting your eyes away from the dark ones you鈥檝e been gazing into you meet his radiant baby blues staring at you getting pummeled by his buddy. Also in one of his suits, Steve takes a seat.
鈥淲ell good afternoon Steve.鈥 Bucky greets him in between grunts and clapping skin, licking at his drooling bottom lip.
鈥淏uck.鈥 He clips soothing a comforting hand over your sweaty forehead. 鈥淭his what you needed the suit for today?鈥
Usually such a stark contrast between these two, in this moment you can鈥檛 tell who looks more dire: Bucky, who is tearing your pussy up or Steve, who is getting more and more enthralled with each desperate sigh Bucky smacks out of your heaving breast. Steve pushes the hem of your t-shirt up over your braless tits, sighing an innocent grin as he starts to fiddle with your nipples a little.
鈥淧erhaps.鈥 Bucky huffs a chuckle, adjusting his grip on your tongue. 鈥淩eally, I just got lucky.鈥
Steve brushes away a tear forming on your lashes. 鈥淗mm when you told me you鈥檇 been fucking YN, I definitely didn鈥檛 picture it being like this.鈥 You yelp from a mighty pound as Bucky stills, grinding his hips round in a circle. Steve鈥檚 gaze scans down your shaky body. 鈥淒o you think I can be so lucky?鈥
Removing his sticky salty fingers from your tired open mouth Bucky stands and says, 鈥渙nly one way to find out. Just ask her.鈥 He winks, resting his hands on your bent knees to push them back towards you and the bed. Nervous eyes darting between the two men in Captain America uniforms. An angel and a devil. Mildly whining and gasping, you never thought you鈥檇 ever be shared between homies. Besides, you have a good thing with Bucky so Steve was on your 鈥渘ot even if you鈥檙e wasted鈥 list. But now he鈥檚 here, preparing to ask with such real intentions,
鈥淲hat do you think, YN? Hmm?鈥 His timid fingers inch over your dry lips with his charming smirk, 鈥渘eed a break from mean ol Bucky?鈥
Your breath audibly catches once he kisses you, carefully slipping a fragile tongue over your lips to moisten them. A kiss so soft and pleasant you sink into the mattress with a delighted moan. That鈥檚 the only yes he needs.
Bucky frowns. 鈥淗ey. I was pretending to be you.鈥
Steve releases you breathless but mockingly laughs at Buck, standing off the bed. 鈥淥h Buck鈥ou could never be me鈥ot even on an off day. Now鈥︹ Steve slightly nudges him away, 鈥渕ove to the side pal.鈥
You necessarily didn鈥檛 want Bucky to go. He鈥檚 too damn good. Familiar. But then there鈥檚 Steve staring at you like he鈥檚 going to eat you alive but kindly鈥ike with manners. You practically sob when Buck relieves your channel of his weight, a hand going for his thinking he鈥檚 leaving but Bucky鈥檚 backing away to get out the suit entirely. Steve stripping as well. Christ you鈥檇 never seen such a beautiful sight, rippling muscles and mischievous smirks and glances as they shed themselves.
鈥淎ww don鈥檛 worry baby. We鈥檒l get back to you in just a moment鈥ut in the meantime鈥︹ Bucky snaps a couple times at you and with a compliant exhale, you slip two fingers over your clit. Steve marvels at your reaction time, so turned on by the sight of your palpitating entrance oozing your wetness he has to touch himself.
鈥淎 fuckin vision.鈥 Seeing his big hand firmly gripping and pumping his thick ass dick really has you reeling, pumping your hole faster which in return makes Steve stroke faster rolling his head back with an airy sigh. Bucky aggressively snaps again, warning you to slow down, snatching Steve鈥檚 attention back to your pussy. Looking over to him you bite back sensitive whimper as you slow down your movements, squirming your hips side to side. Steve throbs at your silent interaction, at your folds getting even wetter under Bucky鈥檚 punishing glare.
鈥淢ay I?鈥 Asks Steve, so hard it started to hurt he鈥檚 dying to fuck that sopping wet hole.
鈥淕o ahead.鈥 He slightly shrugs walking over to you still rubbing circles round your fat clit. 鈥淚 want her throat anyway鈥︹ He muses climbing up on the bed, his sneaky smile never breaking, taking your hand and enclosing it around his dick still wet. As soon as you grip him, you start jerking him off but Steve steals your attention with his fat fingers playing in your essence. Shutting his eyes a shaky sigh sounds with a long lopsided grin.
鈥淢mm鈥oaked,鈥 his lids flutter back open, 鈥渏ust how I like it.鈥
Slamming his hands on your knees, Steve simultaneously pushes your legs back, spreading you wider so he can shove his dick between your hungry, drooling pussy lips. You two shout together but yours is cut short by Bucky鈥檚 dick filling your agape mouth. Your fingers squeeze the base of his dick out of shock but he loves that, growling out to the ceiling. Steve鈥檚 so deep his whole beefy body shudders with a low moan, throbbing against your wildly convulsing walls.
鈥淥ooh-hooo my god鈥uck鈥︹ he chokes and gasps, waiting a moment before he slowly drags himself out. 鈥淔uck it鈥檚 too much.鈥 But his hips move anyway, sinking further with a struggled groan, pausing for another moment. 鈥淭oo tight,鈥 another sigh, another timid but deep stroke, 鈥渢oo wet, fuck.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 fuckin magical鈥︹ Bucky moans in reply allowing you to take control since he鈥檚 taught you so damn well. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 that right baby?鈥 His thumb traces over your swollen bottom lip as you willingly nod slurping at his fat dickhead. Your tongue hanging out as he fucks your gagging throat, keeping your eyes locked on that crooked smirk. Always admires how hard you work to get him off he hums back his longing groans. 鈥淪o damn pretty with my cock in your mouth baby.鈥
鈥淔uckin beautiful,鈥 chimes in Steve with a pleasant moan, rolling his hips with precise strokes like he knew exactly where your spot is. Mesmerized with the way your pussy constantly spurts around his girth. All your aroused sounds stuck behind Bucky鈥檚 leaky dick. A hand still fisting the bedding that you swore you鈥檙e ripping apart. Completely stuffed by two incredibly strong but weaken noisy men using your body to get them off. Use me鈥hat鈥檚 the only thought in your fucked out brain. Every inch of you entirely numb, nerves buzzing, so sopping wet maybe you鈥檝e cum once or twice already you can鈥檛 tell anymore. Bucky feels so damn good. Fuck Steve even being inside you blows your damn mind he feels so good your walls bond to him, milking him, and the pressure stutters his motions with a low grunt.
鈥淯gh god you鈥檙e gonna make me cum beautiful.鈥 Which forever reason motivates Bucky to strum your clit for his best friend sending you both into hysterics. Your spine snapping up you damn near choke on a scream and on Bucky. Steve almost collapsing, losing his grip with a shout. Bucky just chuckles and throbs on the verge of coating your esophagus. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e an asshole.鈥 Steve breathes trying to regain focus because he can feel what Bucky鈥檚 announcing.
鈥淪he鈥檚 about to cum鈥,鈥 his voice breaks, chest drastically rising and falling climbing higher and higher still pushing you to break, 鈥渋n three鈥wo鈥teve wraps both thick arms around your thighs and pounds into your slit harder. Bucky releases you to feverishly pump his dick and just to hear you holler,
鈥淗oly shit! Oh my god! Oh Steve!鈥 Cumming so hard, your legs lock and cramp, walls flutter so much they push him out but Steve鈥檚 determined, fucking into even as you dissipate until he pulls out and finishes on your stomach and thighs with hard breaths, blinking to regain his sight. Bucky loves the way you moan his friend鈥檚 name so much he paints your quivering breasts with a bitten smile, huffing and panting curse words to himself.
鈥淪uch a good girl.鈥 He purrs down to you dragging a few fingertips in his cum for you to lick off. 鈥淧retty girl鈥o good for me aren鈥檛 you.鈥
Nodding with wide loving eyes, you whisper with a modest grin, 鈥測es Bucky.鈥 You nuzzle his palm, showing your appreciation.
鈥淪teve?鈥 He calls out to him never taking his eyes off your sweet exhausted face but doesn鈥檛 wait for him to answer. 鈥淭ell YN thank you.鈥 It鈥檚 his turn to have you all to himself which is well communicated in his lust blown gaze.
Laughing breathlessly Steve runs his hands over his face and ruffles his fluffy hair catching the hint.
鈥淭hank you beautiful. Maybe we can do this again sometime.鈥
But you guys don鈥檛 hear him, too caught up in each other as he gathers his shit to leave. Bucky caresses your cheek and softly kisses your forehead. The switch is flipped. As much as you love your beast you surely can鈥檛 get enough of your teddy bear.
鈥淵ou tired baby?鈥 A hefty tired sigh is your only response which makes him snicker. 鈥淐ome on.鈥 His pretty lips mumble over you damp skin, gathering you up in his big arms. 鈥淟et鈥檚 get you cleaned up鈥︹ Cradled he carries you to his bathroom and grumbles in your ear, 鈥淭hen you鈥檙e gonna cockwarm me for several hours to remind that pussy who you belong to.鈥
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j0succ7 months ago
Nat, what are your headcanons for what kinks the JJK boys might be into? You choose which ones!!! (but it would be nice if you included sukuna ok bye馃憠馃憟)
anon you do not know what you are unleashing
warnings: mentions of dom/sub relationships, sensory deprivation, gags, blindfolds, pet play, spanking, jealousy, marking, pegging, breeding, bondage, humiliation, toys, dacryphilia, dumbification, corruption kink, predator/prey, unhealthy dynamics, somnophilia, guns, knives, needleplay, medical play. there鈥檚 a lot here.聽
鈾 鈥-> below the cut: gojo, nanami, geto, toji, sukuna, mahito <鈥- 聽鈾
鈾 Gojo is one of those men who will try anything once, just to both say he has tried it and to see if he likes it. He hasn鈥檛 found something he hasn鈥檛 good at yet, and he sure as hell isn鈥檛 about to start with sex. He鈥檚 mostly a top; one of his absolute favourite things to do with you is to remind you of his strength. How powerful he is - he likes taking you against walls, holding you up with nothing but his own arms. He likes reminding you of what power he has over you. Big fan of you on your knees, looking up at him, pawing at him for attention. He likes overstimulating his partner until they don鈥檛 think they can come any more, and then they do. He also loves getting you to come without touching you; just seeing how utterly whipped you are for him. He also really likes sensory deprivation; gagging you, blindfolding you, tying your wrists together so you can鈥檛 touch him and all you can do is feel his hands sliding all over you. Has a bit of a kink for you dressing up cute; put on some cat ears, some frilly lingerie or a maid costume and he鈥檒l be ripping it off of you in moments. If you鈥檙e smaller than him, he鈥檚 got a size kink - interlacing your hands with yours and smirking about how small they are, how small they鈥檇 look wrapped around his cock. He鈥檚 also a big fan of marking; he has a jealous, possessive streak. He hates thinking of other people touching you - hates it when you come home and other people鈥檚 cursed energy clings to you, and wants to ensure that it鈥檚 covered only with his. You can get him to sub for you, but he鈥檒l be topping from the bottom, a bratty, cocky little monster as you peg him and he taunts you with聽鈥榗ome on, you can go harder!鈥.聽
- 鈾 -
鈾 Nanami鈥檚 kink is making you feel good.
Oh, he鈥檚 a top alright - he鈥檚 one of those stern, caring dominants who loves heaping praise on you when you鈥檙e good, and punishes you as if it鈥檚 your own fault, acting as though he鈥檚 sorry to have to do it as he spanks you even though his cock is hard and straining by your cheek. He mostly likes your obedience; likes you to cockwarm him if he asks, with any of your holes - likes it if you run to do whatever he says. He loves tieing you up with his tie - he also loves shibari, though he clicks his tongue and admonishes you when you squirm. He鈥檒l take you out with a rope harness under your clothes to a fancy restaurant and his eyes will darken as you squirm and the ropes press against your most sensitive areas. If you want him to be a mean dom, though, he鈥檒l gladly provide - just expect to be absolutely smothered with gentle aftercare afterwards.聽
He鈥檚 got a bit of a hard-on for the idea of you being cute and domestic at home, waiting for him - wearing a frilly apron and nothing else, asking him how his day was, wearing a pretty night set and letting him slip inside of you while you鈥檙e half-asleep. He has a big breeding kink; he just wants you to know that you鈥檙e his, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Perhaps has a little bit of a thing for public sex, though he鈥檇 deny it if asked - still, on a train, he always presses himself very close to you so you feel the hardness in his crotch and one of his arms wraps around you, big hands dangerously close to your more intimate areas.聽
Also, call him聽鈥楽ir鈥. Secretly very into the power dynamic of you being helpless for him; try a sexy secretary roleplay with him and he may or may not absolutely lose it.聽
- 鈾 -
鈾 Geto can be nice, or can be mean - it depends entirely on what he thinks you deserve. If the two of you are on even footing, he鈥檚 a fairly traditional man. He likes you in fancy, elegant lingerie - he likes you with his cock in your mouth, deep-throating as far as it can go. He likes you in short skirts and no underwear, likes to watch his come trickle out of you when he鈥檚 fucked it as deep in you as he can go, likes to make you scream and moan out his name.
If he thinks you鈥檙e lower than him, or less than him, though--
That鈥檚 when he starts being mean. Orgasm control, a collar around your neck, a leash that digs into your soft skin when he makes you walk behind him like a dog. Degradation (and he鈥檚 very good at that); name-calling, leaving toys buzzing inside you and telling you you鈥檙e not allowed to come, gagging you - coming inside you and plugging you up so you don鈥檛 waste a drop, because you should feel lucky to get to have any of him inside of you. Very much likes using toys on you.
Spanking, pulling your hair, choking you. Fucking you silly. Dumbification, so all you can think about is him (it鈥檚 not like you had much in your pretty little brain to begin with, is it?). If Geto is going to be mean to you, Geto is going to be mean, and you are going to love every second of it.聽
- 鈾 -
鈾 Toji has a huge corruption kink. Taking someone innocent and wide-eyed and cute and just absolutely ruining them? Nothing gets him harder faster. He鈥檚 another with a size and a strength kink, too - no matter what size you are or how tall you are, he will push you around easily and you will have the breath knocked out of you because of how he hasn鈥檛 even broken a sweat.
Predator/Prey kink. Let him take you on a picnic and tell you to run; he loves the thrill of chasing you, of hunting you down - and probably, let鈥檚 be honest, eventually rutting into you like an animal with a hand pressed down over your mouth so you don鈥檛 alert any passers-by to the fact you are currently being fucked between the trees.聽
Likes ruining you. Pulling your hair, making your makeup run, making you drool and slur your words because of how fucked out you are. Ripping your clothes. His favourite place to come is always inside you, but he also likes seeing his come spread all over your chest, your face, your thighs. Likes petplay, too - only instead of being in it for the cute ears and tail, he鈥檚 in it to have you on all fours whimpering like a bitch in heat. Will spank you, and you will say聽鈥榯hank you鈥.聽
- 鈾 -
鈾 What isn鈥檛 Sukuna into, is more of the question here. Don鈥檛 even think for a second he鈥檒l do anything like聽鈥榮ub鈥 for you - what he requests from his聽鈥榩artner鈥 (though it鈥檚 not really an equal partnership) is nothing less than total control. Everything you do will now be managed by him; he鈥檒l decide what you wear (nothing), when you鈥檙e allowed out (never, you鈥檙e his now), and everything - down to how many breaths you should be taking in a minute. Will occasionally trip you up on his rules because he absolutely loves punishing you - spankings just seem to hit different when he has four arms to do them with.聽
Sukuna will accept nothing less than total power exchange. You belong to him now; and that means he can do anything he wants to you. Definitely into you being fucked silly, over-stimulated - size kink, belly bulges, the whole nine yards. He does have two dicks, and you can and will take them both at the same time. If he says聽鈥榡ump鈥, you don鈥檛 ask聽鈥榟ow high?鈥 - you just do it.聽
On your knees before him at all times. Always ready to serve him, whenever he wants, never mind if people are looking at you - he gets a thrill out of people eyeing you up because he knows only he gets to touch you. Yes to cockwarming. Yes to degradation. Yes to being his human pet. Yes to fearplay - seeing the worry in your eyes is enough to have him wanting to fuck you right there and then. Yes to somnophilia, being touched whenever he wants to touch you, calling him聽鈥楳aster鈥. Yes to a chastity belt. Yes to you being humiliated, degraded, spanked, bitten, branded, spat on, choked, fucked until you can鈥檛 remember what it鈥檚 like not having one of Sukuna鈥檚 cocks inside of you--
Another one with a corruption kink, though his is a little more . . . sacrilegious than most. He is your God, now, and you鈥檒l treat him as such - and that means serving him without hesitation. Knowing that you鈥檙e lucky to get a whit of his attention.聽
- 鈾 -
鈾 Mahito will sub and dom you with equal pleasure; he鈥檚 bouncing with curiousity to try absolutely everything that human sexual intercourse has to offer, and you鈥檙e his helpful little guide to that. He鈥檚 going to explore some of the weirder kinks with you, but his favourites always seem to come back to those uniquely human ones - there鈥檚 something, for instance, about medical play that gets him excited. All of those interesting new clinical words, getting a chance to study your body up close and personal, watching how you move and squirm and twitch with equal precision!聽
He鈥檚 a curse, and a curse born specifically of human hatred - he鈥檒l let himself be degraded, and absolutely love it, but he鈥檒l give back to you twice as hard and he鈥檒l think it鈥檚 cute if it makes you cry.聽
You鈥檙e his favourite toy, so he鈥檚 not going to fuck with your soul - but that doesn鈥檛 mean he won鈥檛 fuck with you in other, permanent ways. Mahito鈥檚 very interesting in exploring scarring and branding with you; very interested in kinks that other people might worry are dangerous. Wax play? Yes, he鈥檒l try it, but don鈥檛 be surprised if you get hurt! Needleplay? Ooh, he鈥檚 itching to see how you鈥檒l respond to it - and don鈥檛 worry, he鈥檒l let you do it to him too!
Big exhibitionism kink - for you, that is. He鈥檚 had to accept not many people can see him, but the idea of someone stumbling across you in public half-naked and watching your hole be pumped by an invisible cock? Very fun! Very good! Mahito鈥檒l try knife play, gunplay, fearplay - with him, you never know if you鈥檙e about to meet your expiry date, because he鈥檚 always smiling and laughing even when he鈥檚 deadly serious--
Oh, and being able to change his body at will? He definitely wants to explore that. Being able to make his own limbs into knives and guns and tentacles, give himself a dick that gets bigger and stretches you out more as he fucks you - there鈥檚 no way he鈥檚 not going to use that. He gets very interested in all of that human pornography (there鈥檚 so much of it) - and Mahito wants to watch it with you, and explore the things they do in those films with you - for your own good, I suggest keeping him away from hentai.聽
- 聽鈾 -
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