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mahougirlmaddie a day ago
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Please read! The orphanage is in big trouble!! (0/100 or $345 for rent included)
Hello!! This is Maddie. I work as a fundraising organizer for an orphanage called God Provides in Uganda. Recently we had two children be hospitalized because of malnutrition, and we really want to make sure this doesn't happen again. However, donations have been dwindling, and we're in an emergency again, with no food. I had been using my own money this week to feed them, but I just don't have the money anymore :(
One of our major donors cut contact (not making fun of them just being factual) and that's taken a big hit on us. And, with my seizures and MS getting worse, it keeps becoming harder and harder to look for donors and find help. We're trying hard to become financially independent through several projects, but so far, we're just not there yet.
So, if you have anything to donate, please please do! Only a dollar can feed three children there. It means A LOT. Any leftover money will be put towards rent, since we also are having a hard time raising that. Thank you for everything. I know I always say this, but seriously, I get teary writing these posts, because I'm so worried for the kids and grateful for donations.
To learn more about our situation, and get proof, visit our carrd, or my mutual aid blog!!
the biggest help you can do is to reblog this post, and then message others about reblogging it!! That's been my tried and true method for finding help. There's a template for messages about this in the carrd.
Thank you so much, it means the world 馃槶
-Team God Provides, Emi, Mia, Simon, Lucas, Maddie, and of course, Yazid!!
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quickienewyork a day ago
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thebad---catholic 3 months ago
Anti-voting rhetoric will be the death of the left. Literally.
Not a single fucking Republican voted to protect roe. It was fucking overturned in the first place bc trump got three Supreme Court appointments.
Every fucking thing wrong in this country is almost certainly the result of Republicans being in power. In 2020, Texas cut half of the polling places in black neighborhoods, and doubled them in white ones, regardless of population. It was Republicans bitching about mail in voting, and constantly, constantly fearmonger about voter fraud. Literally, their platform is about making civil rights harder to practice.
Would you like to know why? It鈥檚 because Republican politicians know better than anyone that higher voter participation means higher republican loss.
But what do I see from the online left, champions of the oppressed?
鈥淰oting doesn鈥檛 do anything, the parties are the same, the system is rigged, etc, etc鈥
Don鈥檛 sit here and tell me you give a fuck about marginalized people if you aren鈥檛 ready to march your ass to the voting booth and vote out the party actively stripping their rights away.
Protest, donate, community build, unionize, and vote, vote, vote.
By the time direct action is the only option, it will be too fucking late.
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baiasaia a month ago
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happy summer to all
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pinktwingirl a month ago
One of the most common reasons I hear for people being against abortion is because 鈥渓ife is sacred.鈥
Really? Since when? When has life ever been sacred in this country?
If life is sacred, how come we don鈥檛 have universal healthcare?
If life is sacred, how come we don鈥檛 pass comprehensive gun laws so first graders don鈥檛 get gunned down in their classrooms?
If life is sacred, why don鈥檛 we offer paid maternal leave so mothers can actually take care of the babies that you are now forcing them to have?
If life is sacred, how come we don鈥檛 bat an eye when the police murder black kids?
If life is sacred, why do we have the highest maternal death rate in the developed world, which is only going to increase now that women are being forced to give birth?
If life is sacred, why is the death penalty even still a thing?
If life is sacred, why are we still encouraging violence against the LGBTQ+ community?
Life has literally never been sacred in this country. Maybe anti-choicers like to pretend that it is because it makes them feel righteous when in reality, they鈥檙e just misogynistic pieces of shit, but it鈥檚 not. And as long as psychotic, reactionary morons continue to steal power undemocratically and make decisions that the majority of us do not want, it never will be.
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origamihrts 6 months ago
TW!! DEATH + Negligent Officers
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muffinlevelchicanery 6 months ago
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mysharona1987 6 months ago
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Martin Luther King pictures in Color to remind you that the Civil Rights movement is not as聽鈥渁ncient鈥 as we鈥檙e taught in class
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doujadiablo 10 months ago
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They鈥檇 flush $20,000 dollars down the drain, rather then have a shred of humanity.
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seymour-butz-stuff 10 months ago
Remember when Republicants screamed bloody murder about someone returning fire during BLM protests?
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Turns out police were driving around in unmarked vehicles randomly shooting people and Jaleel returned fire after being shot by them.
Imagine you鈥檙e standing on the side of the street or walking down the street and suddenly a minivan drives by with the side door pulled open and starts firing rounds at you.
No identification on the vehicle. No verbal identification by the police. Just racist cops being racist thugs and hurting/maiming/killing as many citizens as they can - then acting like snowflakes after a citizen responds with appropriate force to their murderous intent.
Details about the police involved here:
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Since the news is covering this up... blow this shit up.
The United States has been found guilty of 5 cases of genocide by the UN as of October 23rd.
The UN International Tribunal of Human Rights Abuses Against Black, brown, and Indigenous Peoples had a 2 day hearing and found the United States guilty of 5 counts of genocide for Police Killings, Mass Incarceration, Prisoners of War, Environmental Racism, and Public Health Inequities.
After having heard the testimony of numerous victims of Police Racism, Mass Incarceration, Environmental Racism, Public Health Inequities and of Political Prisoners/Prisoners of War, together with the expert testimonies and graphic presentations, as well as the copious documentation submitted and admitted in the record, the Panel of Jurists find the U.S. and its subdivisions GUILTY of all five counts. We find grounds that Acts of Genocide have been committed.
Give acts of genocide against Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples.
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bringhimdown a year ago
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punk-rockrz 5 months ago
Dont ignore
Hi tumblr, im not seeing any mention of this over here right now so I'd like to help spread awareness here too since this really needs to be addressed.
About 2 to 3 days ago, police brutally killed latjor tuel, a black man suffering from mental illness and was having an episode when he was killed, and then proceeded to leave his body in the streets for 8 hours.
They're trying to justify killing him, but there was no reason for his death period, he was a man having an episode with his mental illness and all he was supposedly "armed" with was a STICK.
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Latjor tuel did not deserve to die like this at all, what the police did to him and the state they left him in is not justifiable whatsoever. This treatment of black people cannot go on.
PLEASE, donate to the families GFM if you can:
And help spread about this as much as possible by any means you can
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miggydiaz a year ago
PSA to my white friends and followers: In the wake of a phenomenally important guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin Trial, I'd like to remind you all that the fallout of this case will likely mean more police violence against our Black friends and neighbors, not less. Looking at the statistics in the weeks leading up to this verdict shows that this is already the case. Police in this country are angry that society is beginning to hold them accountable for their abusive actions, and they are looking for revenge. So if you see a cop interacting with a BIPOC, DO NOT walk away. Video record if you can (and as long as it doesn't further jeopardize the safety of the BIPOC involved), but absolutely do not walk away. It is critical that we do our part and look out for people, and make cops think twice about abusing their powers of authority and near-immunity to murder citizens people.
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