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psychoticful · 19 hours ago
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“Missing White Woman Syndrome. When upper class, attractive white ladies go missing, they get tons of media coverage. Doesn't happen for other victims. When white women receive disproportionately high attention, a clear message is being sent. White ladies deserve to be rescued. The rest of us can fend for ourselves.” You (S03E03)
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doujadiablo · 2 days ago
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Cops know there are no consequences for their actions. We will have this problem until there are.
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teababe27 · 2 days ago
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Making a new post because the other one lost some traction.
Help a Black LGBT family move!!
Hi everyone, we're almost halfway through the month and fundraising has stalled at about $2000 out of the goal of $6000!! We hope to get this family in a new home by the end of the month, so we need these funds ASAP!!
As a reminder, I'm raising funds to help a Black queer nonbinary parent and their 2 young children move into permanent housing after being displaced to a hotel to escape domestic violence almost 2 years ago. 2 years of living in one room, without space for kids to play, for mom to relax on their own, to breathe.
Money will go towards moving costs (out-of-state to Kentucky), rent, application fees, deposits, and furniture/other household items!
Just $5 from 500 people would get this family to permanent safety. Boosting and sharing is free!
Venmo: @amanda-darer (write “housing” in the reason section)
Cashapp: $teababe27 (write “housing” in the reason section)
Facebook fundraiser:
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bloendram · 8 hours ago
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zaashton · a day ago
When will we change?
It’s okay to listen
It’s okay to question our way of living
Racial inequality hides in plain sight
We breathe the same air. Let’s fight the same fight
Let’s work together
Let’s go the distance
Let’s show compassion
Let’s show persistence
We are in control of our own existence
Build or destroy we all know the difference
We’ve waited patiently to have this conversation
We’re no longer waiting
In the name of justice we raise our voices
We learn, we grow, we make our choices
Let’s choose respect
- A poem by Sir Lewis Hamilton & George The Poet
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japharii · a day ago
Tumblr media
#NoDejahVu - I became an activist in 2016 because my 14-year-old cousin committed suicide due to bullying. I became my family's spokesman when my cousin was too stricken with grief to field the influx of support, and undercover opportunist. There is currently an 11-year-old being bullied in Suffolk. Her mother has deactivated her social media due to being overwhelmed. Blacklivesmatter757 now represents this little girl and her family. Due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact us directly. This applies to concerned citizens, activists, and media. There is a school board meeting today at 5pm. - And a parade for her Saturday. Details will be posted soon. For any questions, comments, or concerns please e.mail or text 757.771.3670 - Thank you for your support. 🙏🏾 #BLM757 #NoDejahVu #DontPanic #BeardLord #Activist #ActivistAF #GodsSon #Selfie #Explore #ExplorePage #BLM757 #Beard #Beards #BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter757 #BlackHistory #Selfies #Juneteenth #FYP #Motivation #BLM #Moon #BreakingNews #StopBullying #AntiBullying (at Suffolk, Virginia)
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tiktoks-repost · 20 hours ago
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seymour-butz-stuff · 8 days ago
Remember when Republicants screamed bloody murder about someone returning fire during BLM protests?
Tumblr media
Turns out police were driving around in unmarked vehicles randomly shooting people and Jaleel returned fire after being shot by them.
Imagine you’re standing on the side of the street or walking down the street and suddenly a minivan drives by with the side door pulled open and starts firing rounds at you.
No identification on the vehicle. No verbal identification by the police. Just racist cops being racist thugs and hurting/maiming/killing as many citizens as they can - then acting like snowflakes after a citizen responds with appropriate force to their murderous intent.
Details about the police involved here:
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mysharona1987 · a day ago
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narrowtriangle33-blog · 2 days ago
If you're not a Black person and you bring up often crime and welfare when it comes to discussion about Black people that does not involve those things..
Then you are racist, you should change your ways.
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hashbrownteamcobrakai · 5 months ago
PSA to my white friends and followers: In the wake of a phenomenally important guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin Trial, I'd like to remind you all that the fallout of this case will likely mean more police violence against our Black friends and neighbors, not less. Looking at the statistics in the weeks leading up to this verdict shows that this is already the case. Police in this country are angry that society is beginning to hold them accountable for their abusive actions, and they are looking for revenge. So if you see a cop interacting with a BIPOC, DO NOT walk away. Video record if you can (and as long as it doesn't further jeopardize the safety of the BIPOC involved), but absolutely do not walk away. It is critical that we do our part and look out for people, and make cops think twice about abusing their powers of authority and near-immunity to murder citizens people.
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bryceslahela · 5 months ago
now that george floyd’s murderer is behind bars, let’s help support the people who helped with the guilty verdict as well as george’s family. the fight is hardly over.
darnella’s fund - darnella was the young woman who filmed george’s last moments.
gianna’s fund - george’s daughter who has now been left without a father.
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doujadiablo · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
They’d flush $20,000 dollars down the drain, rather then have a shred of humanity.
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