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OMG!!! I love this request! Coming right up!!

You had been skipping the last class of the day because you just couldn’t take it anymore. The way the other students talked about you, how “nappy” your hair is, how “dirty” your skin is. They just made you feel like…they made you feel like you didn’t belong. A blue jay landed on the bench and a musical laugh left you,

“Well hello there, are you sad too?” You asked, smiling softly as the bird tweeted back.

Todoroki was more than a little worried. Momo had just informed him of what’s been happening and he genuinely hope you weren’t going…hurt yourself.

He made his way to the park after checking Ground beta, the roof and your dorm.

“Blue Jay?” He called, spotting your kinky curly hair and blue dress. You turned around and smiled softly at him, avoiding eye contact.

“Hey..Shoto..” You murmured and the next thing you know, you were pilled into a tight hug.

“Don’t ever let them tell you that you’re not beautiful. Because you are. Your skin is beautifully brown, your eyes are like brown tourmaline, your lips, your nose, you are beautiful.”

You definitely teared up. Maybe even cried. But that didn’t matter, because he held you as long as you needed him to. And maybe even longer than that.

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Rabbit Tracks
by ShadowedSword13

The infamous underground informant, only known as ‘Rabbit’ has a small file. A dozen or so sightings. A handful of short reports provided by heroes or students that have come in contact with him. Some of these contacts are friendly. Others are pointedly not. There’s not much to go on for tracking him down, but it’s a start.

Follow-up to my other Villain/VigilanteIzuku! Story- Down the Rabbit Hole.
One is not required before the other, so order doesn’t matter! (Yet?)

Words: 2049, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of The Rabbitverse

Read Here:

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DekuShield Week Day 3!



Hello everyone!

Oh, how I remember the good ol’ days when I first saw the DekuShield Week post, and I followed the DekuShield Week Tumblr.

Now look where we are; day three- his/her heartbeat.

So anyways, ignoring my strangeness, hope you enjoy!

(Also, I didn’t quite know what this prompt was supposed to be, so I just pulled a le-ootaku and wrote the first things that came to mind)


Prompt 3- His/Her Heartbeat

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

Izuku trembled beneath his skin. He would make this the best day of her life, he was adamant about that.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

Even the encouragement and support of Iida, Uraraka, and the rest of his classmates couldn’t help his sensation of… adrenaline? Sweat dotted his forehead, but he wiped it off with his sleeve.

Don’t look so unprofessional! He cursed, you’re going to look stupid!

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba…

And there she was, in all her glory.

Drop-dead; stunning.

Melissa walked towards Izuku, a smile on her face- oh, goodness. How he adored that smile.


Izuku grinned, “always.”

He took her by the hand and walked with her down the sidewalk. He knew just the spot, but he wouldn’t tell Melissa- Heavens no.

Minutes later, and this was the spot.

“Deku, why’d you bring me here?” Wondered Melissa, Izuku merely smiled.

“This was where we first met,” he explained, gazing at the roses and greenery neatly done around them. A grand elevation of steps was placed in front of them. “When I came here with All Might, you were on your pogo stick and leaped into his arms.”

“Oh! I remember that!” Beamed Melissa, her eyes sparkling. “But…”

Izuku glanced at her. “But?”

“But why come here now?”

Izuku smiled.

“Melissa Shield.”

He got down on one knee and pulled out a small, black box. Melissa visibly froze. This was the day he would make his goal come true.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

“Will you marry me?”







“Izuku Midoriya.” Began Melissa, her voice trembling.

“This is the best day of my life…”



Did she say yes? Did she say no? Yes, obviously!

So, I probably didn’t do what I was supposed to do (as in, the fanfic prompt), but I’m honestly too tired to try any harder at this point.

But honestly? I actually kinda liked writing this one, it was pretty fun! I could just imagine Deku being all flustered and just… being a Deku…

Well, that was that for today! Hope you guys liked it!

Also, remember to give feedback (if there’s any needed), because I want to make my writing go beyond Plus Ultra for all of you!

Okay, enough of me, have a great day, everyone!

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Walls |Hitoshi Shinso x reader

A/N: this actually took so long to write????? For no reason??? It’s based of those HC’s I did awhile back about Shinso trying to get closer to a reader who is afraid to be vulnerable. Anyway hope y’all will like this little ditty 💕


You were angry that you were placed in class C, you’d worked your ass off and didn’t even end up in B. But, at least you got into U.A., you could at least be grateful for that.

You sat at the back of the class on the first day, arms crossed. You just wanted to get through the school day and go home and take a much needed nap.

As you were trying not to completely space out, you felt someone touch your arm.

“Uhm, excuse you?” You ask, tuning to the person sitting next to you. He had wild purple hair and dark circles under his eyes. He had plucked a white hair off your school jacket and was inspecting it.

“My bad. I should’ve just asked, but I couldn’t help but notice the hair on your uniform, do you have a cat?”

“Uh, N-No..” you say, this dude was kind of weirding you out, he seemed alright though. “There was a stray I think, on the walk here… I really like cats so I stopped to pet it for awhile.” You looked down, trying to hide. You hated talking to new people.

“White cat I’m assuming?” He asked, flicking the hair away.

“Uh yeah, with a black spot over its eye. Really fluffy.”

“Ah, I know her, she’s belongs to this sweet old lady who lives near the park.” He laughed a little, recalling memories of the cat.

He held his hand out, “I’m Hitoshi Shinso, what’s your name?”

“[Name] [Last Name]… are you aquatinted with all the neighborhood cats?” You asked, shaking his hand.

“Most of them, it’s nice to know I’ll be sitting next to another cat person.” He smiled.

“Yeah, it is.”

After that you and Shinso seemed to get along better and better everyday, not to the point where you’d consider him a close friends but you shared notes and swapped lunches occasionally.

As time passed you found yourself thinking about Shinso more, and wanting to hang out with him outside of school. You were laying in bed, hugging a pillow while thinking about him with a goofy smile on your face when realization hit you like a truck.

You liked him.

You mentally cursed yourself, you were not going to open that can of worms ever. You didn’t have time for crushes, you didn’t need to get your heart broken right now.

Little did you know he thought about you often too, he found himself wondering about and wanting to know you more, because when he sat down and thought about it he really didn’t know you that well.

He was scratching a cats chin and oddly it reminded him of you, the cat leaned into his hand and he felt a small smile stretch across his face.

“So cute… just like a friend of mine.” He sighed, realizing he was beginning to like you.

But the more he pulled the more you resisted, and shut him out. You didn’t care what you had to do, you were not about the let him tear your walls down.

“So.. what do you like to do after school?” He asked, propping his elbow up on the desk and leaning on his hand.

“The usual. What about you?” You said blankly.

“I like to go on long walks and say hi to all the cats around here.” He said.

“Sounds fun.”

“Uh, you should join me sometime, I think-“

“I would prefer not to.” You growl.

He was confused, just a couple days ago you would be passing notes to him in class and now you’d barley talk to him.

“Is everything.. okay, [Last Name]?” He asked, leaning closer. You moved your chair away from him.

“Everything is fine.”

The silence and awkward tension only grew, he couldn’t concentrate on school, what was making you act like this? His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the bell chiming for lunch.

“Would you like to eat lunch with me?” He offered, scratching the back of his neck.

“No, I eat in the classroom… alone.”

“How about I eat with you then?” He said, pulling his chair up to your desk.

“Fine, I guess.” You sigh, looking away from him. He was trying to break in, and doing a damn good job at it. You couldn’t stand how well he could work you and how much you wanted to know him.

“So, tell me about yourself.” He yawned, laying his head on your desk.

“I think I already have. If you can’t remember that’s your problem.” You said rather harshly. You hated being so rude to him, but you had to do what you had to do to protect yourself.

“No. I would remember every detail if you told me about yourself.” He laughed softly, his laugh was cute, too cute.

“Well.. what do you wanna know?” You weren’t going to tell him much besides maybe your favourite food and basic stuff like that.

“I wanna know, [Name] and everything that goes on in your pretty little head… let me into your world.” He said, leaning closer. You backed away.

“That was weird. Don’t say stuff like that.” You sigh. “I just remembered I have somewelse to be right now.” You stood up and packed your bags quickly.

“What? But lunch is almost-“

“I know.”

“[Last Name], wait.”

“What is it now?” You groan.

“Uh, I was..” he cleared his throat, “I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the movies with me after school and then grab a slice of pizza?”

You froze like a deer in headlights, you wanted so badly to say ‘yes’ to him but your jaw was stuck shut. Your body began to shake and a few tears fell down your cheeks.

“[Last Name]? A-Are you okay?” He asked, reaching out his hand to put it on your shoulder. Before you could think you were moving, running away from the almost impossible situation, running past everything, your mind filled with noise and static.

You found your way outside to a large tree, you sunk down behind it, finally letting yourself cry for the first time since you were 13. You’ve always bottled up everything, and you were finally letting it out.

“[Last Name]?” You heard his voice coming closer, you didn’t care, if anyone was going to see you at your worst you wanted it to be him.

He knelt down infront of you and you dove into his arms, holding onto him tightly.

“I-I’m so Sorry, I- I didn’t mean- I-…” you sniffle, struggling to find the right words.

“Hey, it’s okay. Feeling can be overwhelming.” He calmly comforted.

“I would love to go to the movies with you.” You cry, clinging onto him more.

“That’s what I was hoping you’d say.” He chuckled softly, giving you a firm squeeze.

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previous chapter here
first chapter here


Umm, okay, actually terrifying, U.A.! I thought technology hadn’t advanced too much in the time of quirks, but it looks like the robot revolution is looming close.



Okay, legit super troubling if this is true. Did U.A. have a protocol for this or…have kids died at the Sports Festival before? I’m guessing they have.


Oh. Oof, this joke hits hard. Wowwww. I’m not here to censor but, really? Very inappropriate and tasteless imo. Probably hits harder for an American audience than a Japanese one, but still.

This is a disturbing chapter, ya’ll.


Ah, and to go with my favorite Midoriya we have my favorite Bakugou!

Keep reading

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You know if we really think about it bnha is really just the world further in the future.. A mutation in humans,to us ,in a different universe . Far into the future. Especially after what aizawa said about the olympics before the quirks become the norm.

So maybe lets say time travel. And soulmates au.

One is from today and another is from there.

Imagine something like the movie, your name.

And the write on your skin soulmate au.

You write them questions and and reference but they just dont get it. You ask them of the new favorite songs that just came out but they say how old school you are. You tell where you live but they say they dont know where that is. They ask of your quirk but that isn’t something that has happened yet. At first you thought it was different universe or dimension not knowing it was different times instead.

Then the first quirk appeared in china, and mutations starts spreading. You tell them and they start to connect the dots. Theyre scared, cause this means that youll never meet your soulmate. Since theyre to far away. And far too gone.

Years comes by with no word from the other. They think the other is dead and they start to continue to live. Then one day a familiar mark appears while they were on theyre way home. It was the doodle the other would always draw on theyre arm when they had nothing to do.

Entering the building, you find the other greeting you and the moment your eyes meet all the doodles and words youve written on your body appears one by one and forming a red string that connects with the other.

And all you can say is,


“Your pretty late.”

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Halloween Night

Bakudeku & kirikami (and others)


It was 2 weeks until Halloween and Class 1A was going to celebrate it at the dorms, but they needed something to spice things up to make things more interesting.

During lunch the girls were discussing what they could do. They had already discussed that they were going to do a Halloween party though there’s nothing they could really do.

*With the boys*

Todoroki: “Are they really still going on about that Halloween party thing. I don’t see the point in Halloween”

Izuku: “Aww come on Todoroki, Halloween is fun! You get to dress up as anything you want.”

Todoroki: “Oh, so can I dress up as my dignity to live.”

Izuku: “No Todoroki.”

Iida: “No Todoroki, Halloween is when you dress up as something spooky or some character from a movie or a hero!” Iida explains will doing his robot hands.

Todoroki: “Oh, then I’m going to dress up as All Might. Midoriya can you take a photo of me in a All Might suit on Halloween.”

Izuku: “Hm? Yeah sure but, why?”

Todoroki: “I’m going to send it to my father.”

Izuku: “Um, Todoroki I don’t think that’s a good ide-”

Deku got interrupted by Mina yelling.

Mina: “THATS IT!”

Everyone in the cafeteria turned to Mina.

Uraraka: “Mina don’t yell it out!”

Mina: “Oh yeah that’s right- SORRY GUYS!”

Monoma: “Ha! Of course it’s a Class 1A student that’s making a scene! HAHAH-”


Kendo: “I turn around for a second, Sorry about him again.” And with the Kendo takes (Knocked out) Monoma away.

Izuku: ‘Awkward much.’

Mina comes over to Deku’s table.

Mina: “I’ll tell you guys at class hehe.” And with that she makes her way to Bakugou’s table.

Izuku: “Hm, I wonder what her idea is.”

Iida: “As long as Mr.Aizawa is ok with it, it’s going to be fine.”

*Later In Class*

Everyone was in class now. Mr.Aizawa was asleep so they had some time to explain what’s going on.

Momo: “So as you know we’re going to have a Halloween Party in 2 weeks at the dorms.”

Bakugou: “Yes we already know that pony tail just hurry up and tell us.” Bakugou already was annoyed. And was earned with a glare from Jiro.

Kirishima: “Come on man, continue on please.”

Momo: “Of course! So we made an idea that we all should dress up as our class mates hero costume.”

Toru: “Yeah! So how it works is that we all write our names on a piece of paper that we put it in the hat then you just choose a random piece and that’s who you have to dress up as.”

Kaminari: “Wait so whatever’s name you get on the piece of paper, you have too dress up as them in there hero costume?”

Mina: “Exactly! But you can’t tell who it is, oh and NO Pro hero’s it’s only our class mates hehe.”

Todoroki: “Great I got to find a mother way too piss of endeavor.” (I can’t remember how to spell his name 0_0)

Mineta: “But how are we going to make them?”

Tsu: “Get creative.”

Bakugou: “Tch this is stupid, count me out losers.”

Kirishima: “Whaaat cone on man, what are you going to do huh sit in your room, and what sLeEp.”

Bakugou: “Non of your business shitty hair!”

Kaminari: “He’s like a grumpy old man.”

Bakugou: “I’ll kill you!”

Iida: “Bakugou enough!”

Bakugou: “Fuck off four eyes!”

Izuku: “Kacchan come on, at least stay there for like half an hour, then you can leave.”


Kaminari whispers to kirishima

Kaminari: “So obvious”

Kirishima: “I know right.”

'You the one to talk’ kirishima thinks to himself

Uraraka: “Ok! So we’ll do the hat thing at the dorms, ok?”

Everyone (except bakuhoe ofc): “Yeah!”

Mr.Aizawa: “You guys need to start taking quieter.” He groaned.

Mr.Aizawa: “Now get in your seats before I make you do 10 laps around the ovel.”

Everyone goes to there desks quickly

Mr.Aizawa: “Good, oh and about the party thing. You can to it but, no drinking, going outside, fight and try not to be too loud. Understood.”

Everyone: “Yes sir!”

*Later that day after school*

Momo: “Ok! Is everyone here?”

Jiro: “Looks like it.”

Toru: “Ok let’s get this started! We have already put all your names in here, including bakugou’s.”

Bakugou: “huh? Why am I doing it?”

Kaminari: “To get you involved grandpa.”


Kirishima: “oKaY that’s enough bakubro.”

Uraraka: “ Anywaaaay, let’s started. Who wants to go first?”

Sero: “….hm? Ok since no one is going first I will.”

Sero walks to Tsu who’s holding the hat and reaches his hand down into the hole of the hat to grab a random piece of paper.

Sero: “Oh god that’s going to be hard haha.”

Sooner or later everyone got a piece of paper.

Sero: “I kinda wanna know what Mineta got.”

Kaminari: “Imagain he got momo.”

(Idk how to spell her last name haha)

Kirishima: “Eww stop I’m imagining it now.”

Mina and Jiro: “Yuck!”

Jiro: “hey has anyone seen bakugou?”

Sero: “Yeah I mean, I think he has the shits because when he got his paper he seemed pissed.”

Mina: “Then why did he do it then? I mean if he didn’t do it we could of gotten shinsou.”

Jiro: “Nah not shinsou we’ve planned something, its a surprise though.”

Kirishima: “And I forced him to do it or else I would tell you know who about how he really feels.”

Kaminari: “Smart, though your guys have never told me about this important person bakugou has feelings for.”

Jiro: “That’s because you can’t hide shit.”

Kaminari: “Hey! Exuse me you can’t talk, remember when I told you that I peed myself and not to tell anyone. What did you do huh? You told everyone in class meanie!”

Jiro: “Bitch please, you know why I did that was because you almost told you know who I liked they! Stupid bitch.”

Mina: “Haha she got you there.”

While they were arguing Sero and Kirishima had a talk.

Sero: “How come bakugou didn’t threaten you about you crush?”

Kirishima: “I don’t know really, maybe because he knew kaminari will be a dumbass and think I just like him as a friend.”

Sero: “I know why don’t we ask momo if we could have a dance at the party, it will be good for all the people that hasn’t asked there crush out yet.”

Kirishima: “Yes! That’s a great idea, and it’s a good shot for you too.”

Kirishima nudged Sero making him face toward a surtain someone.

Sero: “Well see, let’s go tell momo.”

Kirishima: “Yeah!”

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