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I gotta say, I love the idea of Denki and Momo being buddies

Can you imagine how chaotic they’d be? He’d totally teach her all the hot new memes, and introduce her to all the cheap foods she never got to try before

They’d have so much fun together

And Denki would absolutely get Momo to make dumb objects for the punchlines of his dumb jokes

Like this one:

So one day, the class is hanging out in the common room

Denki is chilling on the couch next to Momo, when all of a sudden he gets a terrible idea and whispers it to her XD

Then he starts up the pineapple on pizza debate, and gets everyone to voice their opinion on it

After a few people say they hate it, Denki and Momo exchange a look

“I dunno, you guys…” Denki says, a mischievous grin spreading across his face, “I love a good pine-apple pizza, myself!”

And he holds up the toy pizza he asked Momo to make for him

It’s topped with pine-apple, all right… tiny pine trees and tiny apples 😂

The room explodes into a mixture of shouts, groans, giggles, and a booming “WHAT THE FRICK IS THAT ABOMINATION?!?” from Bakugou

Denki high-fives Momo, and he can’t stop snickering

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Originally posted by bnhasdaily

If There’s Light There’s Hope | Pt. 3

Bakugou x Fem!Reader (BNHA)

Summary: U.A. High School was your dream. You wanted to save people. You never expected how wild your journey would be and you certainly never expected a hot headed boy to play as large of a role as he would.
Warnings: Swearing

Pt. 2

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[ closed starter for @blareldur ]

It had been weeks since she last paid a visit. Hadn’t been a need for that up until this point, when she one more time found herself eyeing the trashy place up and down. The reasonable course of action was to hide her appearance as much as she could; covered in a black hood and sunglasses, even underneath the dark sky and the pale moon. No one could’ve noticed the number three hero strolling the darker streets of the city at a questionable time, although the quietness of the alley incessantly reminded her of what she had gotten herself into. Yet, the woman didn’t mind. She smoothly invaded the building through the back entrance; the pros not being her concern in the moment at hand at all.

Given the time, almost midnight, she had anticipated the members to be pacing around or at least working out their next course of action maybe in a more subtle manner. What she hadn’t expected was the silence that the building offered, the complete darkness indicating its vacany. You’ve got to be kidding me.❞ The woman muttered, since her arrival wasn’t exactly uninvited. She had fixed a specific time with the crusty leader, something they both had agreed to, and now the manchild was nowhere to be seen. In fact, none of the members were. He didn’t really gave Alina a reason to not be annoyed.

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trying to do research while forgetting you are not caught up

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Oh I see, I’m honestly the same way but um if its okay could I possibly get some HimiHito (Shinsou X Toga) being soft or GrayLu or MiraFreed? If not, still thank you and have a lovely timezone

Hi! Here it is, finally. I had a lot of fun! I’m not huge Toga fan, honestly, but from this moment on, i ship them out heavily.

I hope you like it! Maybe soon i will draw the other pairs💕


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Pairing: Obsessed!Dabi x Reader

Warnings: Yandere, Slight Smut, Coercion

Words: 2.6k

Inspiration: Baby Came Home by the Neighbourhood

Baby came home today,
Told me to stay away.
She told me her man was afraid,
Told me I better behave.
Baby just came back around,
Told me she’s leaving this town.
Said she needs time to explore,
She said I can’t love her no more.  

Thinking about her,
She’s gone all the time.
I think if you found her,
That even you would know-

-She’s mine.


It had been a while since he had last seen you. You were so beautiful, even from the other side of the room. From the way your smooth skin peaked out of your cleavage to the legs that danced so dangerously with that short skirt of yours, he could feel his desire peak at its limits again.

You were his baby.

Dabi had met you a while back ago when he had just started off as a villain. He was closed off and cold, not wanting to associate with anyone. His past trauma had caused his vision and morals to be skewed. When he had first met you, however, it seemed as if his thoughts became even more messed up all while he had fallen deeper and deeper into depravity.

You were but a pure, small kitten to him; something that even he was afraid he’d break, until he had fallen completely in love with you.

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Hot take: out of all the characters from all of the characters from MHA, All for One has the most wasted potential.

I didn’t think much about the implications of the dawn of quirks until last semester where I wanted to write a backstory for All for One because I saw others do and I wanted to put in my two-cents. It was originally going to be a two-shot, but something interesting happened.

Last semester I had a World Studies class where we watched Hotel Rwanda, a movie that took place during the Rwanda Genocide (totally would recommend). I straight up was walking weird right after that. It gave me a lot to think about, which lead straight back to the All for One backstory I wanted to write.

Humans never reacted nicely to things different than them, you think they would be any better if people develope superpowers?

The world would turn to shit! Religion? That would get thrown out the window real quick. Long-standing conflicts between nations? Basically giving them human weapons on a silver platter. Child soldiers if you wanna go dark.

How does this tie back into All for One?

He LIVED during that time. Where crazy racist and power-hungry individuals would be a dime a dozen. Where a mass genocide of superpower humans could accur because humans are notorious for being shit.

And let’s not forget that All for One didn’t have an random ass quirk, he had THE quirk. The ability to give and take quirks. I don’t think any of us really appresiate how powerful this quirk is because of how little screen time is dedicated to All for One, but his quirk can single-handly change the power dynamics for not only himself, but whoever he stands with.

So he would have crazy racists in one corner trying to kill him because of the potential of his quirk, and you would have power-hungry world leaders trying to use quirks to their own benefits. THAT WOULD FUCK ANYONE UP REGARDLESS OF AGE.

And that’s why I’m so sadden as to why he was relegated to being a one-dimentional super evil sugar daddy for Tomura. He would’ve worked a lot better as a multi-faceted morally gray character who was just a product of his time and it such a shame to have his character in the canon be so… flat.

TL;DR fuck the canon, imma go back to planning my fanfic where his is that  multi-faceted morally gray character who was just a product of his time. Thank you for reading my salt rant and Good Night.

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[ closed starter for @pearllescent ]

Most of the people she had met this morning had only shown her enthusiasm, a thing which she truly lacked in herself. Be it a housewarmning, a birthday, visit to nightclub or this Godforsaken summer camp, Alina didn’t know how to indulge. Only one thought ever occupied her mind and it was the ambition to become the number one; everything else felt unbelievably trivial. The number one hero. She never looked up to All Might or any other hero because her motivation was different. Different than them all.

The powerful scent of petrol invaded her senses when the school bus came to halt. The scent was like roses her to- God knows why she loved it so much. And then the line, made up of students to get inside in a proper manner, suggested by none other than the class rep himself. Not that it worked. She sighed, awaiting her turn, silently hoping to get the seat in the last row. But as always, she couldn’t find the will to push herself through most people until she was the last one standing along with a somewhat acquaintance- because she wouldn’t call her a friend. ❝Go, ahead ❞, she told the girl, a hint of smile gracing her features.

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Random ass BNHA writing prompts
by Anonymous

Honestly just a place for me to warm up using BNHA and a prompt generator. Everything here is subject to change and writing prompts/ships can be taken from comments.

Words: 974, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Genderbend Toshinori Yagi / All Might!! (/^▽^)/

I wanted to keep the designs as similar as possible when making a genderbend version of All Might/Toshinori Yagi, so when I drew her in hero form I took into consideration how All Mights design resembles what male superheroes in western comics are portrayed so I thought that the same could be said for his female counterpart where her design resembles how female superheroes are portrayed in western comics ^^

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