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theshitpostcalligrapher · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
req’d by @sophia-epistemia
nooooooo i’m using it to play viddy gaem
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luminousinthedark · 11 months ago
I may be looking too deep into this, but after watching Marinette and Adrien getting stuck behind automatic doors and having a few laughs, it occurred to me that this could be taken as symbolism to their current friendship status. 
Tumblr media
Automatic sliding doors are simple; easy to get through. Everyone can do it. Why is it so hard for them to pass by, other than being a comedic scene from the special?
Tumblr media
It’s because they’re stuck in a limbo. Their friendship isn’t progressing into something more because Marinette is trying too hard to be good enough. Waves of failed attempts to confess, impress, and making elaborate plans to grab Adrien’s attention, showing him her affections that she likes him as more than a friend but being unsuccessful.
Tumblr media
Even though she does have his attention, more often than not, she just needs to tell him without backtracking and slamming into that barrier face first to repeat the process all over again.  
Tumblr media
She jumps the gun and puts her all into letting Adrien know how she feels, full throttle; while being super anxious, overthinking, tense, and ready to sprint headlong into something that would be easy to get through, if she just took a step back and breathed. To just go with the flow and let it happen.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Adrien is there watching her attempts, being polite and concerned for her when she slips up, ready to catch her without thinking. We’ve seen in the show that when she calms down and doesn’t let her worries plague her, (the what-ifs and what could happens) that the doors to success of what she wants to achieve open and let her move forward. But if she keeps up with this constant cycle...
Tumblr media
...they might both get stuck in an endless loop of opportunities opening and closing on them. 
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tennlevi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tired college student goro akechi orders a drink from frostbucks. except this visit goes a *bit* different than usual 👀
day 4 of shuake week 2021, featuring the prompt coffee! (akechi’s full rant for the third page under the cut!)
“a catchy gore oh?” you have to be the most insufferable barista i’ve ever met. how did you exponentially fuck up the spelling of my name? i know that frostbucks is notorious for misspelling the names of their loyal clients, but damn! i suppose i was mistaken to believe that you would have some semblance of sanity in this godforsaken world. and here i was thinking that i finally found a tolerable barista to be around. do you have any idea how important it is to me that i find someone that i can tolerate? it’s incredibly significant. you see, i was a cursed child. my father discarded me and my childhood was a living hell. and do you know what that means? it means that i’ve seen plenty of bullshit in this trivial life of mine. yet somehow, this mistake somehow manages to take first place in being the biggest piece of shit i’ve ever seen. how do you fuck up my name that badly? you’ve spelled my name correctly on every visit prior to today, so what prompted you to pull this stunt off? you’ve left me sorely disappointed, kurusu. do better.
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godsofhumanity · 4 months ago
Apollo: Hmmm.
Artemis: Hmmm?
Apollo: Hmm. Hm.
Artemis: Hmmm.
Apollo and Artemis: *nodding at each other*
Ares: Did they understand each other?
Athena: They share the same braincell. Of course they understood each other.
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I like the idea of Zuko and Sokka taking turns holding the chaotic parent card
Like Sokka will just turn up at Izumi’s school and be like, “hey, wanna play hookie?” They go to temples and matinees and to the zoo (and sometimes they just go shopping or out for lunch). And a completely unaware Zuko gets a notice from the school that the princess has once again not come back to class after lunch break. Little does he know that Sokka is teaching her lessons about spirituality/history/the arts/biology (and how to match a belt with a bag/the perfect amount of chili oil to put on sea prunes) while they’re out. He knows that Sokka misses her while she’s away, though, so he never mentions it.
I’m also imagining Zuko and Izumi looking for Sokka and thinking he’d most likely be in his office (aka his invention room which is basically just full of half-baked ideas and potential disaster/injury if you don’t know what you’re messing with) so they first try finding him there. Sokka has explicitly told both Izumi and Zuko to not mess with anything in his office for this reason. They soon realize that Sokka isn’t there and they’re just leaving to look for him elsewhere when Izumi spots a little gold sphere on his desk with a button on the side and a note beside it that says “priority.” Naturally, she starts reaching out for it but then looks up at her dad, expecting him to tell her not to touch it. Zuko, however, is equally intrigued. “Don’t tell daddy I said this, but sometimes it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.” Turns out that Sokka was trying to make a glitter smoke bomb to use at Izumi’s birthday party so he could make a fun disappearing act for her and all her friends, but it was still very much in development. Zuko and Izumi were covered in glittery black soot for days.
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with-both-my-hearts · 2 months ago
I can definitely see why Pearl and Grian are friends. They have joint custody of the brain cell of the group and are also absolute gremlins.
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neverlandsky · 3 months ago
bucky owns all version of sam's funko pops, even the special edition ones and the limited ones because he thinks its funny to have multiple tiny bobble head sam on his desk at all times
(he also has a natasha one. she gave it to him for his birthday because shes gracing him with her "presence")
((scott once made the sam funko life-sized and sam came home to bucky, nat and scott dying of laughter because theres just a giant sam funko in the living room. sam just looked at them dead in the eye and walked out and came home 3 days later))
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whataboringstory · 9 months ago
I don’t think we talk about how much of a feral country boy Merlin was in season one (and the earlier seasons generally).
I haven’t rewatched the show since May so my memory is a little rusty but this boy shows up to Camelot- a place where he will literally be murdered if he flashes his sparkly eyes around- with so much damn confidence. It’s a little iconic and my anxiety-ridden ass is a little jealous. But like only a little because feral country boy was a bit of a mess.
He shows up to Camelot and on his first day, he tries to start a fight with a knight. A KNIGHT. Not only is he a knight but he’s also the PRINCE. It’s good and all standing up for the little guy and trying to get the knights to treat the servant better but this feral country boy straight up RIPS OFF HIS JACKET and just LAUCHES himself at a fucking KNIGHT who was THROWING KNIVES a second ago. Feral. Iconic. Lil country boy has no shame and no self-preservation.
Then the next day, feral bastard bumps into Prince Prat again and just sasses him so fucking hard. Who gave him the authority to hold that much sass in his feral body. Feral boy then gets into annother goddam fight.
Again, my memory’s shite so I’m skipping to season 1 episode 4 when Merlin accuses Bayard(?) of poisoning Arthur’s chalice. Feral boy is so confident in that scene. He STARES this KING down that he just accused being like “it’s alright, I’ll drink the poison and you’ll see that this bitch is a lying stinky bitch that just tried to poison my prince. RIP me I guess but at least I’m not a liar” and downs the glass while keeping DIRECT EYE CONTACT. Feral energy.
Skipping ahead again to season 2 episode 1 because my memory’s shite. Feral farm boy full on BODYSLAMS Cedric into the floor, wrestles with him then crawls under Arthur’s bed trying to fucking catch him while Arthur is looking on so confused about why he’s in love with this fucking idiot who is ready to throw hands 24/7.
Jump to season 2 episode 7. Guias is accused of sorcery, Uther sentenced him to death, Aridian (i cba to google how to spell his name, bitch doesnt deserve a correct spelling) goes on about purging the magic out of him with fire. Feral farm lad pops out and starts shouting about how arridian is a liar and charges towards him. He then has to be half tackled and dragged away by Arthur while looking like an angry mouse. Then once Arthur has him out of sight in the dungeons, Feral country boy tries to deck Arthur in the face. Valid reaction but fucking feral.
I know there’s gotta be countless more examples but thats all I can come up with today. I really wonder what he was like in Ealdor. He was probably bullied a lot by the other kids, because 1) he’s a little magic boy who can barely control himself at the start, so he probably acted pretty strange in order to keep the secret 2) He’s a bastard 3) He’s a sweetheart who’s so kind and lovely and that’s often seen as a weakness in men(which is total bull). So yeah, he probably didn’t have the best time. But he did have his friend Will, who was also feral and very angry and probs not the best influence, but he really needed will there.(I bet they caused so much trouble in the village and I live for that thought). I think having to deal with people picking on him growing up probably caused him to have to have that bravado and willingness to always stand up for himself/others and get into physical fights with arseholes. He holds so much confidence even though he comes from no high-valued background and has 0 power (0 non-magical power). I think his magic also made him a little cocky. He was a cocky little bitch. Love to see it.
We love feral farm boy
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anna-once-had-braincells · 9 months ago
Arthur, sweating : okay- i- uh I need to t- to tell you something
Merlin : you’re finally proposing
Arthur : how did you know?
Merlin : you dropped the ring 3 times during dinner today
Merlin : I even picked it up once.
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lynvaren · 22 days ago
I wanted to ask you about your take on 'shipping' gon and killua like romantically? your drawings are ambiguous enough (idk if thats the right word) but I was wondering whether you see them that way and what you think of the discourse of it's 'gross' or 'disgusting to ship 2 kids'. Thanks and I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way. Your art is awesome and always makes me happy (*^v^*)/
Hey! Ty for the question! This is like the longest running discourse huh... I'll do my best to share my perspective! Putting some of it under a cut because I accidentally wrote too much ^^;
I do see the ickiness of the phrase 'shipping two kids' when you put it like that, but I think that's because the word 'shipping' has this... umbrella connotation of like. HEAVY romance with adult and often sexual implications attached to it. Which is a huge red flag when u think abt kids that way?? and obviously you shouldn't??? and there’ll always be some nasty fans who do, but I think a lot of us see them the way we see most ships in kids' shows.
Because BECAUSE the thing is, we see romance all the time in children's media. Kids have crushes. Kids get into stupid relationships at 13 where all they do is peck each other on the lips awkwardly and pass notes to each other in class and hang out on ‘dates’ at each other's houses to watch TV. And it's totally normal! So when people say 'ew shut up gon and killua are only friends, stop thinking abt them like that, they're children' you have to wonder where that's coming from. Bc would they be saying the same thing about a boy and a girl of the same age?
To bring up specific examples: think about aang from atla (is a 12 yo with an enormous crush for a majority of the series, and gets together with her in the end) and sam and danny from danny phantom (are 14 yo), and these are shows with like. An actual on-screen KISS at the end. Nobody bats an eye at that, and not to be dramatic but the double standards are showing. It's implying that 'queerness' is what's vile and adult but like. Queer adults were once queer children, right? Gon and killua are 12 at the beginning, and nearing 14 at the end, so the discourse of 😡don’t ship 2 kids!🤬 stops being valid when you think about it in a larger perspective, in relation to similar media. Like sure, you’re welcome to see them in a strictly platonic way, but if the ONLY REASON ur not ok with a wholly harmless, innocent romance is because they’re children, and harass other fans abt it, then to me it sounds like a load of bull to cover up ur homophobia.
(also whenever I say ‘you’ i mean an abstract third person, not YOU you anon, if that’s not clear hjghfdgs 💖)
As for hxh specifically, it’s my personal take that the subtext is deliberate. Togashi would have to be pretty ignorant of his own writing if it weren’t; killua is so heavily coded as developing a very romantic, very boyfriend crush on gon and considering togashi’s history with queer rep it wouldn’t be far-fetched for anyone to call it intentional. And who are any of us to take that away from queer fans who see themselves in these characters? 
And as for me, using the word ‘ship’ makes me feel weird (which is totally a silly personal thing) but I think my feelings on killugon can be summed up by this exchange—
Tumblr media
—which is a very underrated moment imo and explains killua’s feelings perfectly. They go from talking about dates to killua thinking to himself that he’d rather just stay with gon forever, and like... to me that’s IT. He doesn’t care about dating or romance when he can just be with gon. No dating experience with anyone else will be AS MEANINGFUL TO HIM as being with gon. Tell me if that isn’t the sweetest and gayest thing you’ve ever heard. 
So it’s my personal opinion that, all things considered, what gon and killua have transcends any platonic or romantic connotation; it’s more like a ‘you’re IT for me’ in whatever way you choose to see it. Do I think killua has a big fat crush on gon?? yeah. Do I think anyone seeing their friendship as ONLY a friendship is valid? also yeah. 
The only thing is that justifying them being strictly bff bros because 'they can’t be more bc they’re children ew’ isn’t gonna fly. Bc if you take it to mean anything more than an innocent depiction of young love then you're the one making it weird. As long as we’re not sick in imagining gross things then what’s wrong in just wanting them to hold hands? 
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hunxi-after-hours · 2 months ago
Hi! I hope you're having a wonderful day! I've seen that you've seen Word of Honor and I was wondering if there was anything fun lost in translation with the ghost people aliases that you think is worth sharing? The "Tragicomic" Xi Sang Gui is who prompts my question in particular because as far as I know, tragicomedy would actually be 悲喜剧 beixiju (same xi, though...) so it got me curious, but all of the aliases are fair game
ahahaha friends it's impossible to ask me if "anything fun has been lost in translation" because 1) the answer is always going to be yes, and 2) I don't watch these shows with English subs, so I legitimately have no idea how things have been translated
but specifically w/r/t "tragicomic" as a translation for 喜丧, that's like... a surprisingly good translation? not necessarily in terms of accuracy, but certainly in terms of brevity
you're right in that the words 'tragedy' and 'comedy' in Chinese are 悲剧 bei ju and 喜剧 xi ju (悲 bei / "sorrow, sadness," 喜 xi / 'joy, delight,' 剧 ju / 'work of fiction, theater'), but in contrast, 喜 xi and 丧 sang are part of the binomes 喜事 xi shi / 'joyous event' and 丧事 sang shi / 'sorrowful event,' which refer to marriages and funerals, respectively
so 喜丧鬼 Xisang Gui isn't actually the ghost of tragicomedy--she's the ghost of weddings and funerals
pursued further, the direct juxtaposition of '喜' and '丧' evokes two specific crossovers:
'joyous funeral' - some funerals (often for people who passed away over the age of 80) are called 喜丧 'joyous funerals' because, well, the person lived long, lived well, and died happy, at which point, the funeral isn't that sad since it's the natural ending of a happy story
'funereal marriage' - this isn't a Thing the way 喜丧 as joyous funerals is a thing, but it is Very Difficult for me to look at this interpretation, look at Cao Weining and Gu Xiang, and look back and not see it
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