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#BROTP: Frozen Cast

I might actually try finding gifs for this later, but Anna says something immediately after Elsa flees the castle in the first movie that’s really easy to overlook.

The Duke of Weaseltown: she nearly killed me!

Hans: you slipped on ice.

Duke: her ice!

Anna: it was an accident. She was scared. She didn’t mean it. She didn’t mean any of this.

In just a few words, Anna completely dismantled the lie Elsa grew up believing – that she had lost control of her powers and harmed Anna.

But that wasn’t what happened at all.

She slipped on ice.

It was an accident.

She was scared.

Anna doesn’t even remember being hit, but in those three sentences she breaks Elsa’s past, present, and future ‘evidence’ of her own monstrosity and sees straight to the heart of what’s true.

I used to think it was kind of odd that we never saw Elsa try to apologize to Anna or tell her what happened when she was little. I appreciated it, because there was no need – and Anna would have told her that, so best not to include it at all. There was never anything to forgive, because Anna understood the whole picture. Elsa only needed forgiveness from herself.

Anna asks her in Frozen 2, “when will you see yourself the way I do?” And of course that’s kind of Elsa’s arc, but the seeds of it were planted in the first movie, when Elsa was only able to heal because she saw the truth of the matter the way Anna did as soon as she had the context that was erased from her mind as a kid.

Which kind of makes me think about how Grand Pabbie assured Elsa he would leave the fun. She won’t remember you hurting her, he’s saying, she won’t hate you. And none of them realized that she never ever would have. He prevented something that was never possible and that nearly destroyed everything.

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me: I don’t like it much when voice actors costume themselves as their animated characters, it’s often awkward and I’m uncomfortable with the visual of it 

Idina Menzel: *dresses as Elsa in James Corden’s crosswalk musical and literally climbs on the hood of a car as she sings*

Kristen Bell: *dresses as Anna in Weezer’s Lost In The Woods clip and acts like she’s in a 80′s cross-fading montage*

me: I have decided to stan

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This is just my headcanon but, the reason Josh hashtagged Santino in the group recording picture is because Santino was recording with them but was the one taking the picture, chosing to not be in the pic to keep Hans a surprise for the fans. Josh still wanted him to be recognized in the photo, though, hence the hashtag

That’s such a hopeful and well thought headcanon.


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