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#BROTP: Frozen Family

List of Frozen AUs and What Ifs, from earliest to latest, based on when in the canon the alternation happens:

(Expressed in Years Before Elsa and Years After Elsa, under the assumption that Agnarr and Iduna had her at 24.)

(I am listing them for my own convenience, but you can add your own proposals - or clear up confusions, in case I did not credit you right.) 

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I have 3 ideas for Frozen fanfiction that I would like to explore. Which of those would you like to see most?

1) - Third Child AU

In light of Elsa’s struggles with controlling her powers, Iduna gives birth to a son, hoping he would free Elsa from the pressure of becoming queen.

2) - Hostage AU

Before Iduna can save Agnarr in the Enchanted Forest, he is taken hostage by some of her tribe members who use him to make the Arendellian soldiers leave their lands. (cause why should Iduna always have to be the one separated from her people)

3) - Frozen 2 for two

Agnarr and Iduna have just died. They find themselves in a dark room with the movie Frozen 2 playing.

@the-spastic-fantastic @fericita-s @agduna-central

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But the video Caissie just posted on IG melted my heart. 

I feel if Momma Elsa is not in scope for the franchise then watching Broadway’s Elsa sing Let it Go with her kid more than made up for that.

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Down here

If you wait long enough

You can cut the fog

With a sharp enough blade

Watch it bleed cold

Down here

If you’re just person shaped lumps

waiting in the dark

then you can taste how cold it gets

down here

There’s knives enough

for all the fog you can find

All the cold you can gather

if you wait long enough

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So… Apparently, it’s NBF day. And while I have bffs IRL, I also have them here. (And if it’s really not NBF day, then who cares, I’m doing this anyway, ‘cause she’s stellar.)

Shout-out to one of the sweetest, most talented ladies I have had the pleasure of meeting because of the Frozen fandom.

You are worth it. Worth ALL of the things! You are beautiful, inside and out, and you take the time to understand me. You check in on my when I’m feeling my worst, and we generally end up talking about silly, happy things. You’ve offered up your time, whenever I need it, to talk, rant, unload, etc, and you sincerely mean it.

You deserve all the love in the world, and I’m just happy that you were placed in my life so that I can share that love with you. :)

One thing I don’t like, however…

WHY YOU SO FAR AWAY?! I hate feeling so helpless when I know you need a hug, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Just know that if I could be there, I would be in a pinch!!

I love you, Krystol ( angrykittykj )!!!!!!

“You are my sunshine!”

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In Utero, I ate my twin

And my little triplet

I was born so strong

I shattered rattles with my tiny fists

But ever since

I hear them whisper

Deep down, dark things

Creeping, callow things

About who I should eat next

Devour whole, swallow down

So I have to lock them away

In recesses, frigid corners

Lest they creep forth, ever hungry

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I’m with you. No matter what you feel.

  • Excited by the upcoming sequel ? you have my screams and my bouncing. i’m totally jumping on that couch with you.
  • Mad about Disney doing it for the money ? i agree on your point. that’s actually what they always do.

but don’t forget : Disney isn’t only focusing on this. there are plenty other upcoming movies (the Incredibles 2, Wreck it Ralph 2) that are planned too.

So Relax. everybody has the right to hate it or totally love it. Just chill and stay the Frohana we always knew :)

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With a bag in each hand and a backpack on his back, Oliver wandered through the city. It seemed rather quiet right now, but he didn’t mind. As long as people eventually appeared, he would be happy. There were many cute little shops and restaurants that he passed by. He wanted to eventually check them all out, but for now, he just wanted to find an apartment with an open room.

Ahead, Oliver noticed some taller buildings and hoped with all of his might that one might have some apartments in them. As he walked, though, he found himself stopping at a shop. It was a quaint pottery shop that had winter themes, but the products for sale is not what he noticed. It was the girl behind the counter. Bag still in hand, he banged on the window with the few fingers he could use and waved at her. Immediately after, he plowed through the front door, dropped his bags, and opened his arms wide. “Elsa! I’ve finally found you!”

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