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Birthday Bumps - Jungkook
Tumblr media
Summary: it's his birthday and you decide to make it special. Giving him the gift that he asked you months ago.
Warnings: Basically edging. Consent is sexy. Unprotected sex (don't do it people). Dom Jungkook. Sub oc. Crying in pleasure? A little bit of dirty talk. Orgasm control. Squirting. Fluff in the end:)
Words: 4.2k 
Notes: my first fic hehe. Please show some love:)
The need to see you or touch you or kiss you was making jungkook go crazy. He hasn't seen much of you since he kissed you in the morning, but now, thinking of the things he might or can do to you is making his dick ache.
Opening the door, the dim lights coming from the bedroom catches his eye instantly since the whole apartment was blacked out. It must be the new lamp you bought on your study table to work late at night without disturbing his sleep.
Although he had no problems with you working in full lighting but you insisted because 'you work so hard all day, its not your fault I get ideas for the projects at night baby'.
That's what you said while scribbling what seemed like a diamond choker sketch. You were good at what you did but he believed you should take breaks too. He has noticed the symptoms of bags under your eyes which you try to hide from him. It's not that he feels you might look unattractive or something but he is worried.
The chain of thoughts he is having is broken by soft pads of foot coming towards him, he notices a shadow in the light on the wall against the door, but his eyes flicker automatically to you when you appear in-
You're wearing a short, silk, maroon-colored robe, long enough to hide his favorite place to shove his face in but short enough to make him salivate.
He takes a step forward making you take a step back, keeping eye contact he closes the door behind him, making you gulp. He notices you biting your inner lip, a nervous trait you have.
The pain his dick felt when he entered the apartment is nothing to what he feels now. He needs to control himself because if he gives in you might not be able to sit without wincing every second the next day.
"Hi baby." the low rasp makes you feel a shiver and you flinch when you realize the room has ended and you are trapped between him and the closet door.
"Hey" you breathe shakily when his shoe-clad feet touch your bare ones, realizing how less the distance is between you two.
Its been three years since your marriage and he never fails to make you nervous when up close. His musky plus vanilla like scent, the boyish yet so mature facial features, his big eyes that look too dangerous as of now, the big muscles on his shoulders and back that you always dig your nails in while he pounds you into any possible surface.
And when you feel how hard he is, a whimper leaves your lips and you get shivers at the thought of what you might be getting into by what you're going to gift him.  
"Is this my birthday present, princess?" he asks in a whisper next to your ear and you clutch the material of the shirt he is wearing to compose yourself but then he licks the skin behind your ear, and your knees buckle.
You shake your head and he pulls his head back to meet your eyes, he tilts his head in a questionable way that says 'then?'
You take put your hand on his jawline, carresing it and smiling when he kisses your wrist. "I want you to edge me, kook." you whisper.
At this he visibly pauses then slowly meets your eyes, jaw clenched and you could actually see his eyes darken. Your breath hitches when his hand grazes the robe over your left thigh shifting it to the side, tracing soft circles on the flesh.
"Don't mess with me, Y/N." he says leaning in.
"I'm not." You barely whisper before he squeezes the flesh of your ass making you moan with your eyes shut. He curses at the lack of the usual silk under your robe and drops his forehead on your shoulder, sighing.
"Fuck." He chuckles breathily with no visible humor, sending shivers down your spine. The way he breathes heavily makes your breathing uneven too and you could almost hear your heartbeat in your ears.
His other free hand comes up to your face, grazing your cheek, while both of your hands are still clutching his shirt.
You try to rub your thighs together very subtly to relieve some kind of tension but him being very observant, puts his knee in between your legs rubbing the place you wanted the most.
"Kook-" you let out a breathy moan which turns into a bit louder one when he flexes his thigh muscle. "Did you really think I'll even let you do as much as rub yourself?" Chuckling, he grabs you by your jaw and turns it towards his face.
"Only I can make you come baby." you didn't realize when you started rubbing yourself on his thigh but when he pulled back you whined like a kid whose candy fell down.
His grip on your face becomes lighter and he takes a step back looking at your disheveled form. You can swear you saw a tiny smirk but it suddenly turns into a serious expression.
"Baby, do you really want this? I mean I don't want you to do it for my sake, you know I wouldn't want you hurt."
Your eyes soften when you realize he stepped back to give you an open space to think this decision out. You offer him your hand and he looks at it narrowing his eyes with a pout.
Chuckling at his sudden baby behaviour you step forward and grab his hand to put it on the cheek. His eyes never leaving yours, he smiles but doesn't say anything waiting for you.
"Yes baby, I want this. I've wanted this for awhile and I've been researching and people say it feels awesome." You raise an eyebrow at him and point an assuring finger at him.
He watches you but is still hesitant so you continue. "I've been wanting to ask about this for quite some time but I thought why not your birthday? Actually, in a way, it's my selfish desire but we can name it as a gift." You wink at him and he laughs.
When he comes down from his laughter, you smile at him and there's a silence, a comfortable one.
You step up to him and put a hand on his neck while he watches you, you stand on your toes to reach him and before you kiss him he snakes a hand in your hair and asks in a whisper, "Are you sure you trust me with this?"
"Yes, I trust you kook"
And that was all he needed to let go, he kissed you so deliciously that you felt yourself melting. Standing on your toes didn't help you with the sticky feeling in between your thighs that came back as soon as his tongue slipped in.
You let out a moan when he nibbles on your lip, at the sound of your whimper he tightens his grasp on your hair and you gasp. Picking you up with his hands on the back of your thighs, he leads the both of you towards the bed and places you on it, lips never parting, he lays you down slowly as if he has all the time in the world meanwhile you can say you might die of anticipation and excitement.
Pulling back he smirks when he sees how you followed his lips as if not wanting him to stop kissing you. Your legs dangling from the bed, and him in between them, hovering above you, he feels and seem so huge and intimidating, you feel yourself release a gush of arousal at the way he eyes you.
He bends a little putting one knee on the bed between your thighs, and parting your legs for better access. You breathe heavily and feel heat cover your skin when he traces your thigh with his thumb and forefinger, so delicately, and you clench around nothing.
"So pretty." He exhales as he pulls the knot of your robe open, the material falling apart to reveal you, a very bare you. And you feel heat reach your ears making you shiver. As if in a trance, he traces his hand all over your body purposely missing the parts you want him to touch.
He lifts his eyes to make eye contact and at the same time squeezes the flesh on your waist making you gasp.
"Simple rules baby, don't come until I say so and tell me if you want to pause. Use the safe word if you feel you can't continue. Red yellow green, remember? "
You nod, panting hard, and the way he squeezes you in different places makes you feel the warmth in his hand. A moan is ripped out of you when he slaps your inner thigh soothing it later by rubbing the spot gently.
"Words." He grits the statement through his teeth while his hand travels up to your breasts and flick your nipple making you arch your back. You feel like you would crumble at the kind of persona he has right now.
Its not like he has never been rough with you, he has. But the way he looks at you right now, while only he knows what he is planning to do to you, makes you shiver because the fire in his eyes and the way he licks his lips now and then,  tells you that you might get destroyed, not that you wont like it.
"Y-Yes. I remember."
You see him smirk at your obedience, muttering a 'good girl' before he places an open mouthed kiss to both your nipples getting up. He takes your hand in his and places it over your pussy making you confused but still complying with whatever he tells you to do.
"Rub yourself baby, I need you to practise some discipline before I get my hands on you. Short and slow circles. And don't come." He says as he holds your wrist with one hand and takes his other hand to demonstrate the instructions. He parts your folds tracing your clit and you feel your body jump when he starts tracing circles, short and slow, and it feels so feathery you whine in frustration.
"Like this baby, okay?" you nod at his command and start complying by his instructions as soon as he gets up. He walks to your shared closet nonchalantly while you whine and twitch on the bed with your hands rubbing you just where you want but not with the pressure you need.
You try to resist but the urge to come is so much that you dont realise when your finger slipped in and you let out a high pitched moan. Not noticing that your husband came back while you kept fucking yourself with your finger.
You sense a burning stare on your skin and when you open your eyes you see him, hooded eyes, dark but disappointed.
Sensing him there you stop your fingers, involuntarily letting out a whine. He crouches down where his eyes are on the level to your cunt. "Why'd you stop baby? Keep going."
You dont do anything cause you know he doesnt like you disobeying him. He might be edging you for the first time but you know full well how pissed off he gets when you disobey him in bed.
"Here let me help." at this you panic because why is he-
Your thoughts are cut off when he inserts two of his fingers with your middle finger still inside you, stretching your pussy with a delicious burn that makes you mewl.
"Thats it. Thats it. You're so warm." he says in a breathy tone making you clench around him.
When he curls his fingers, he reaches your spot perfectly and your eyes roll back with a loud moan. You feel your orgasm reaching the threshold and you clench around his fingers, making him smirk.
'Gonna come princess?' Chuckling he bends down to lick at your clit in figure eights making your legs shake at the overstimulation. "Fuck- kook. D-Don't stop, pleasee. Fuc-"
He pulls his fingers out at the exact moment you knew you would combust with two or more thrusts of his fingers. Your body curls and falls downs the bed due to aftermath of the denial.
"Why? No please-" you cry out feeling a tear slip out of your eye. He hovers over you and grips your jaw tightly making you face him with big teary eyes. "Couldn't follow simple instructions, huh? Are you that dumb baby?" He coos mockingly, making shivers travel down your spine.
"I- I'm sorry" you shake in his hold due to the cut off and feel the heat of your climax simmer down.
"Oh are you?" He mocks you when you nod your head, leaning in he turns your head sideways to lick down the skin of your neck and you let out a groan.
"You're about to be sorry, you brat." He whispers in your ear and bites your earlobe making you groan and shiver.
He pulls back suddenly and flips you over. Knowing the drill you arch your back presenting yourself with your ass in the air and head down on the pillows. He smirks at the obedience you're showing palming your ass cheek with one hand and his bulge with the other.
You gulp at the possibility of him spanking you, nervousness and anxiety making you wetter, his fingers tap you twice on your thigh and you part your legs giving him better access.
You feel the bed dip behind you and when you turn back to see him, you groan shamelessly at the sight of his naked torso. The sharply carved abs makes your hole clench which he notices and chuckles darkly.
"I got an impatient little slut, don't I?"
Knowing better than to not respond you let out a little 'yes' and he scoffs. Bending down completely to face your exposed cunt, he separates your knees further until your folds can almost rub against the bed sheets. Suddenly you feel a puff of hot air on your pussy and you know you're done for.
He doesn't give any warnings and straight away dives in licking at your entrance.
You gasp in the pillow and fist the bed sheets to calm yourself but he plunges his tongue inside you making you sob. You try to get up in order to breathe but he gets up before you and shoves your face back down, keeping in mind that its on its side, not making you choke.
While he makes sure you keep your face down, he keeps rubbing your slit and  gathers some of your wetness, parting your folds and pressing his middle finger on your clit. Hard.
Keeping the pressure he starts rubbing it sideways and due to your earlier cutoff, you feel the heat trying to explode faster.
"Kook- I'm gonna cum please"
"No you're not, hold it in baby" he says through gritted teeth and keeps going.
"Fuck. I cant-"
"Hold it in"
"Jungkook! Please." You scream in fear of coming when he rubs you faster and you don't know how you would handle it if he cuts you off at this point. Just when you thought he might let you come, he pulls his hand away and you thrash around stomping your feet like a child making him coo.
"My poor baby" he pouts mockingly and you turn your head glaring at him with teary eyes. He smiles and wipes your tears with his thumb, "Just a little longer baby, I promise I will make you come so hard, you will feel it for days."
His promise makes you whine and a series of 'please and fuck me' tumbles out of your mouth. He flips your body to completely on your back to hover above you, kissing you with his one hand grabbing your waist and the other near your head not making him lose balance, your grab his hair almost too harshly when you hear him groan.
Now that you focus, he is also panting and probably going crazy with his dick trapped inside. You decide to selfishly use that against him.
"Please lemme taste you, please." Jungkook looks at you and sees how your innocent eyes peer up at him but he knows the intention behind them. He scoffs at your poor attempt at hiding your true motive but when he denies you with a shake of his head, you let your eyes fill with frustration once again and a small 'fuck you' comes out.
He laughs at this mocking you and you feel so hot you think you might explode. Humiliation makes you wet and turned on but when he has denied you for almost- you dont even have a count but it doesnt help when you cant come.
"Fine. Tell me what you want baby" he looks you in the eye with a smile and you feel your eyes water. "Please, fuck me?" you whisper as he wipes your tears with his thumb, gives you a peck on your cheek, smiles, and nods.
Getting up he pulls his cock out with a deep groan making you clench your walls. Red. Angry. Veiny and leaking. You stare at it while he strokes it letting out sticky sounds and precum that you wanna lick so bad.
"Like what you see baby?"
"Yes," you whisper which turns into a moan when he uses the same hand stroking his cock to plunge two fingers in and gather your slick. He watches you throw your head back on the pillow, smirking. Pulling his hand out he uses your slick to lube up his cock and you watch intently, when he hovers again. You shiver when his tip touches your entrance, shutting your eyes you exhale a breath.
"Open your eyes," he says holding your jaw tightly and you obey like a pet.
"Watch how I fuck you."
Saying this he enters you slowly and your eyes roll back in your skull. You both groan making eye contact while you hold onto his shoulders for dear life.
He stills inside you to let you adjust but you clench around him, making him moan. You plead with tears in your eyes, "Please move, pleasepleasepleas-"
Your statement gets cut off by a scream you let out when he pulls back and plunges his cock inside you. Your mouth opens up in a silent scream and your eyebrows furrow with pleasure. A sweaty and growling Jungkook hovers above you, his hair all wet and glowy skin, pulling back a little he kneels with his cock still buried in you. Fingers holding onto your waist leaving marks.
You feel yourself getting dizzy and your ears start ringing. He holds your ankle on the left side of his waist and pulls your leg up his shoulder making him go deeper. And when he hits The Spot, you know you're done.
"Fuck please baby please, make me come, let me come please" you cry
"Hold it in baby. You asked me to fuck you, not let you come. I am just giving you what you wanted. fuck!" He growls and your eyes widen at his words, you start crying out of desperation.
"No plea-"
"You're getting so tight, fuck yes! Wanna come around me? Wanna make a mess?" he grits it out and you nod sobbing as you feel your body tightening.
"Not yet"
"Jungkook I cant please."
"Fuck you're so warm, gonna make me come." He growls thrusting in you while you cry trying to hold in the heat threatening to explode. You grab at the sheets trying to control yourself.
"Go on come for me. Come on." He finally says when he sees you shaking and twitching uncontrollably. You let go of the control when he brings his thumb to your mouth and you let it in sucking at it mindlessly, gagging on it when he pushes it deeper.
"Such a slut for me" he smirks pulling the thumb out and brings it to your clit, his cock still drilling your cunt. You scream and lift your hips chasing your high. But he slams you down unhooking your leg and putting it around his waist.
He bends down to get close to you. You're twitching and crying and holding onto the pillows under your head, knuckles white. He pauses and you feel the fear of denial crawl on your face again.
You open your eyes in panic and you see him looking at you with so much love your heart clenches but you cry out shaking your head at the lack of movement, "please Jungkook let me come I cant-"
He shushes you putting a finger on your lip, you watch with wide glossy eyes.
Saying this he hammers into you making you scream and clench so much he feels himself melting into you. You dig your nails into his back and he growls in the crook of your neck.
"Fuck baby! That's it that's it that's it, comingcoming ah-" you let out a scream when you feel the heat pass through you. You thrash in his arms digging your feet into the mattress trying to lift your hips but his weight over makes you feel like a shaking leaf under a rock.
He is still fucking you through your high making you whine. You hear his growls in your ears as you shake with overstimulation.
"K-kook" you let out a strangled moan when you feel too sensitive and he mumbles "one more" in your ear.
You shake you head, "I cant. Too sensitive."
"You can. You will. Come on." He pulls up and starts to rub your clit. You thrash around feeling a very intense amount of pressure down there and before you know it you squirt around him. Pushing him out. You scream and thrash while he pushes two of his fingers inside.
"Fuck. You're so hot." He watches you absentmindedly shake and he lets you calm down a bit before entering you again.
He knows he wont last longer, warmth and tightness pulling him into the climax while you whine in his hold. "Close. I am very close baby" he whispers in your ear and when he bites your earlobe,  you clench around him making him lose it.
"Oh shit. Fuckfuckfuck-" He slams his hand on the pillow under you to squeeze it growling out curses. You moan when you feel him spurt inside you, three big thrusts. So warm and delicious. You bite his shoulder due to the amount of emotions you feel right now.
There's silence in the room, with only your heavy breathing audible. After a while, when you feel the mixture of his body weight and the wetness beneath you becoming a little bit uncomfortable, you tickle his sides tiredly making him giggle and pull up a little. "You're so heavy" you say chuckling.
"You're so pretty," he says making eye contact with you and your cheeks heat up. You divert your gaze towards the lamp that has been shedding its light on you since the start of the 'workout'.
He giggles at how shy you get even after years of marriage. "Really? Getting shy when I call you pretty? Baby, you were literally begging me to fuck you like minutes ago. 'Pleasepleaseplease' you're so cute-"
You smack his chest pouting, making him laugh and you watch him in awe. His laugh is so pretty you fall deeper in love every time he laughs. You don't realise when you started to cry but when he looks at you, you sniff and before he could say something, you pull him down into a kiss.
It's not a tongue-and-teeth-clashing-urgent-kiss. It's just you and him kissing out of so many feelings at the same time that you couldn't describe it in words. You cry in his arms due to the overwhelming post-sex emotions. And he pats your head cuddling you and calming you down.
"I love you angel" he says in your hair
"I love you too" you sniff in his chest. You never realized when you changed your positions but you were crying in his chest resting your body over his huge sweaty one with his caressing you.
Afterwards, you try and stumble towards the washroom when he gets off to clean up a bit, but your muscled husband runs up to your side and carried you while he scolds you for not asking him to help.
He helps you get cleaned up after you peed. Wiping your thighs and your folds with extra care knowing you were sensitive, peppering kisses on your face, arms, and thighs in the meantime.
Helping you get up he tucks you under the duvet, in fresh clothing after making sure you're hydrated, switching off the lights, he sees you making grabby hands so he  promises to cuddle you after throwing the dirty sheets in the laundry bag.
He kisses your temple and gathers the sheets. Coming back he makes sure no light is switched on so that you don't accidentally wake up due to it, you're deep in sleep when he gets in bed beside you. Tucking your hair behind your ears he kisses your forehead and smiles at the tiny snores your tired body let out, cuddling you he makes sure you don't get uncomfortable with his weight but also stays near for body warmth.
Smiling he drifts off to sleep with you in his arms. This is his world. You are his world.
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your yoongi | myg
pairing: yoongi x reader warnings: yoongi’s a little tipsy, lots of lovey-dovey fluff, and smut (18+ only, minors dni) word count: 2.9k note: i’m baaaack again~ inspired by some tweet (can’t remember from where) i saw that described yoongi as someone who would love the cowgirl position eeek. also inspired by yoongi looking extra pretty these days with his long hair :’)
Yoongi's drunk.
Well, maybe not. He loves a crisp shot of soju or cold pint of beer as much as anyone, but he's almost never drunk. He doesn't like to lose his measured restraint, his careful self-control. It's not that he has an image to maintain, exactly—he just likes to cover all his bases, keep himself in check, and not be completely embarrassed the next day when he wakes up hungover with a distinct memory of vomiting all over your shoes. (The pair you didn't mind throwing away; you'd walk around barefoot for the rest of your days if it meant you could have Yoongi.)
So when he finally comes home, scarlet red in the face and eyes half-lidded, you know he's had either a particularly good or particularly bad night. You hope it's not the latter as you walk over to help him out of his shoes, in nothing but your most revealing pajama shorts (it's laundry day) and a sports bra you're wearing as a top.
"C'mere," he mumbles, voice low and throaty as you bend down to untie his laces. He pulls you up before you get a chance to pull his sneakers off, kicking his feet out of them himself as he hungrily works his mouth against yours.
You sigh softly, giving in. Good night, it seems. Bad nights have Yoongi going straight to your bed in stony silence. He tastes like peach soju, like IPAs, like greasy bar snacks.
It's not long before he's deepening the kiss, pushing you up against the wall—gently, he still manages to be careful with you even in this state—and pinning your hips down with his narrow ones. You feel his erection stirring already, poking up against you while you loop your arms around his neck.
Another thing about drunk Yoongi: He's horny as all hell, and with all his inhibitions out the window, he's not even a little bit shy about what he wants.
When you first started dating, both of you found it hard to indicate when you wanted to have sex. You had less trouble initiating, but Yoongi wasn't exactly prone to openly expressing his desires and needs. He needed to be coaxed, and you needed to read him carefully. You knew now to look for the little signs: his fingers lingering a little too long around your waist or on your shoulder, the vague, barely detectable hint of wistfulness in his eyes as they flitted over your chest or ass.
This Yoongi, though? The one who isn't waiting a second before kneading your ass through your shorts and moving his fingers toward where you ache for him the most? You don't have to read him at all. Shy Yoongi is nowhere to be found.
His lips are so soft, his tongue gently easing you open and sliding over yours. Even after so many years, he manages to make you feel like a fourteen-year-old getting her first kiss. He has electricity crackling in your head, pumping in your veins. He brings his hands up to run his thumbs along your cheekbone—you jolt a little at the feel of his fingers, slightly chilled from the brutal wind outside, gently caressing your face.
He pulls back. He looks just as dazed and dizzy as you feel, but with mild concern darkening his eyes. "Are you okay? Too cold?" He looks down at your skimpy outfit and laughs. "Nothing to wear?"
"Shut up." You roll your eyes, but you admire the view the same way you did all those years ago when you first ran into him at some house party. It would be months before he made a move—Yoongi needed time to warm up to people, needed constant exposure and presence to get comfortable around you. But even then, that first night, you remember thinking how pretty he was. Milk-white skin, delicate features, disarming eyes, a smile that felt like a reward.
He's smiling at you now, though it's not the toothy grin he flashes when he's laughing at you for accidentally putting ice cream in the fridge or ranting about capitalism. He looks up at you through half-lidded eyes, slowly running a tongue between his lips. You shudder, for an entirely different reason.
"I take it you've sobered up," you murmur, staring at his perfectly pink pout.
"Not enough," he says, his voice taking on the low, rumbling cadence that sets a fire blazing in your center. 
That's it, you think, taking his narrow wrist in your hand and tugging him to the bedroom. He wriggles his arm out of your grip and wraps himself around you, attaching his lips to your neck on the way.
"You're ridiculous," you laugh as the two of you shuffle the remaining four feet to your bed.
He wastes no time, yanking off his shirt in one fluid motion before his fingers are teasing at the clasp of your bra. You simply admire him for a second. So pretty. So beautiful, his unmarked skin stretching smoothly over bone and muscle, his hair falling in delicate strands around his face and curling around his ears and neck. 
God, how did you get so lucky? Which king did you save in a past life for this king to be standing over you now, looking at you like you're the prize? You can't help it—you well up with tears as he takes your face in his hands and kisses you again, while you work furiously to undo the button on his jeans.
"Hold on," he mumbles against your mouth, detaching with his brows wrinkled. "Are you crying?"
Your tendency to burst into tears at unpredictable moments is a bottomless well of amusement for Yoongi, who hardly ever cries. You've cried at passing puppies on the sidewalk, half-deflated balloons hanging off random tree branches, and once even at an air purifier commercial. He once confessed to you that he found it so funny because you're so rarely emotional otherwise—in fact, he found you quite difficult to decipher. So it was extra unexpected when you wore your heart on your sleeve for once, your tears being the only obvious manifestation of your thoughts.
He pouts as he wipes at your tears, fighting to hide a grin from view. "Aigo," he coos. "Why? What is it?"
"Y-You're just so beautiful,” you hiccup, hiding your face in your hands.
He laughs out loud, then, shoulders shaking. "You—oh my god." He sits down on the bed beside you, the mattress dipping rightward so that you fall naturally into Yoongi's side. He pulls you into his chest, sighing. You take comfort in his touch running up and down your arm, the warmth of his bare skin. "You are so much more beautiful, you know that?"
Past all the glittering lights, layers of makeup, and flashy outfits, this is your Yoongi. Laid bare, literally and figuratively, he's your perfect other half. 
"Plus," Yoongi says, and you can hear him struggling not to laugh, "I've seen you cry about a lot of things, but that has by far got to be the corniest thing you've ever cried about."
You push him away, trying not to smile, and wipe at your face. "Forget it. I take it back. Can't stand to look at you."
He laughs breathlessly, easily tackling and pinning you down to the mattress. "You don't." He kicks off his jeans before kissing along your jawline, your throat, your collarbone, drawing soft sighs of contentment. His hands pin your arms on either side of your head—you feel trapped in the best way.
Who could have imagined this, that night at some random celebrity's house party, that you—a friend of a friend, a plus one, an outsider by any measure—would be the one to catch Min Yoongi's eye? You didn't even expect to see him there, despite the rumors that he was tight with the host, having heard how studiously he avoided these unpredictable and loud and messy social gatherings. 
And yet, a few beers, awkward conversations, and chance encounters had led to this. To Yoongi bringing his leg up between your legs while suckling blooming marks over your chest, dancing around your nipples but never quite reaching them, and the slight friction from his knee against your crotch having you whining out loud for more.
"P-Please," you gasp as Yoongi releases one of your wrists to circle a thumb around your right nipple. "I need you."
"I can tell," Yoongi chuckles. He's an angelic vision above you, his soft skin reflecting the dim bedside light as he flicks his too-long hair back and leans down again. "Always so ready for me."
Yoongi had once told you, late at night when neither of you could sleep, that he had feared he'd never find love. While he never worried too deeply about finding a significant other, he found dating impractical, if not totally impossible. He didn't want to date fans, didn't want to date another celebrity, and he definitely didn't want to leave a significant other hanging while he pursued his music. It felt like a lost cause no matter which way he looked at it.
Then, he'd said, slowly intertwining his fingers with yours beneath the sheets, he'd realized most of those doubts had stemmed from a lack of self-love, self-worth. That whoever was right for him would make up for his shortcomings and wait for him when needed, and that love would come when he was ready for it.
He hadn't gone so far as saying it out loud, but by then you could easily read between his lines and hear the words he didn't say. You were it for him, your Yoongi.
Your shy Yoongi, your Yoongi who pretends to be dry and unconcerned but is really the most patient and sweetest man you've ever known. Your Yoongi who will do little things like tuck the sheets back over you in the morning and wipe your shoes clean and push your hair back over your shoulder while you eat. 
Your Yoongi, whose mouth is quickly descending toward the apex of your thighs while his fingers tease at the waist of your shorts. You lift your hips so he can pull them off—once you're naked and squirming below him, he licks up your core without warning.
You let out a broken moan, the long-denied touch finally soothing your nerve endings. He chuckles a little at the sound before beginning to eat you out in earnest, his tongue and lips doing things so skilled and sinful that you're struggling to breathe.
Yoongi's not one to talk much in the bedroom, and it's just as well because you think you'll die if he removes his face from you for one second. He moves up slightly to gently suck at your bud, his fingers teasing along your folds, and you think you might die right then and there.
"Yooooongi," you keen as he finally sheathes his index and middle fingers inside of you. His fingers are thin, delicate, but you feel so full with them inside you, the friction of his pumping motions driving you insane. 
"Yeah?" he mumbles against your clit, his fingers moving faster. He scissors them, curls them inside of you. Your eyes roll back in your head as he expertly strokes against your g-spot, over and over, and you feel yourself rapidly reaching your peak.
"Fuck.... I'm about to.... oh!”
You let out a cry as your body convulses without warning, the pleasure ripping through you like a thousand bullets, your back bowing off the bed. Yoongi patiently works you through it, removing his mouth from your bud but continuing the gentle pumping until you squirm from the overstimulation.
"God," you pant, throwing your arm over your face. "You're going to kill me."
He exhales in amusement before climbing on top of the bed. Your lip twitches when you see just how rock-hard he is, his erection straining against the cotton of his briefs. "Come here."
You realized after the first few nights with him that he likes being face-to-face with you while making love to you. Most guys didn't even bother to really look at you, just laser-focused on getting you off as quickly as possible so they could get the release they wanted. But Yoongi wants to make sure you're enjoying this. Your pleasure is his.
You help him pry off his underwear, trying not to salivate at the sight that greets you. God, even his dick is unfairly pretty. You gently lower your head and run your tongue over his leaking tip. He grunts in pleasure, throwing his head back against the headboard, gripping at the sheets.
"Get up here," he mumbles, running his hands—his gorgeous, veined, slender artist's hands—over his thighs.
You happily oblige. Yoongi's favorite position, because he can watch you fall apart, have you use him like a fucktoy. You straddle him, the drip of your warm arousal making him jump with anticipation, before you lift yourself up just enough to sink down onto him.
Perfection. There's a slight burn, as there always is, from the intrusion of Yoongi's sheer girth, but your body quickly adjusts to accommodate his size. You grip onto the headboard, head falling forward against his shoulder and breathing heavily, while you wait for the tingling pain and sensitivity to subside.
"All good?" Yoongi whispers, splaying his fingers over your hips. He presses a quick kiss to your temple, and your heart bursts.
You would give Yoongi the moon if he asked. You'd give him the stars, the ocean, every grain of sand. He's right—you are hopelessly corny. But only because it's him, looking flushed and lovely beneath you, his eyes blown out and chest heaving up and down in anticipation of your next move. No one else could make you feel like this. You can't even conceive of a person who makes you feel more whole than Min Yoongi.
You lift yourself up slowly before pushing back down again, eliciting guttural groans from both of you. Yoongi throws his head back, his pale skin glistening with sweat and flushed pink, his hands kneading at your thighs as you bounce up and down. The heat pools in your lower belly again, the sensitivity dissolving into pure need.
It's the way he's looking at you, his eyes wide like he can't quite believe the sight in front of him, that has you inching close to release again. He simply admires you the way you admire him, his hands sliding from thighs to waist, coming up to massage your nipples before settling back down at your waist again. You shudder as the heat rushes to your core all over again, the coil inside you tightening, aching for release.
He tilts his head back, tongue sliding over his bottom lip while he observes you through half-lidded eyes, and you swear you could come at that alone. Your thighs burn—noticing your movements slowing, Yoongi doesn't waste a second before holding you down by your hips and thrusting up into you. 
You choke out a moan. "God," you whimper, leaning back onto your hands. "I'm close."
Yoongi's thumb goes for the kill, landing on your clit, and he lets out a groan when he feels you pulse around him. "Come," he says. 
That single word, rasping and emerging from deep in his chest, is enough to have you whining with pleasure. "Yoongi," you cry out, your body spasming for a second time as the pure euphoria rushes through you. "Yoongi."
"Shhh," he murmurs, kissing gently along your collarbone. You feel his cock still rock-hard and throbbing inside of you, aching for its own relief, but here he is. Attending to you. Putting you first, as always.
Your thighs recovering, you start to bounce up and down on his cock again, sliding just enough so that only his tip stays inside before thrusting down. Yoongi massages your ass, bucking beneath you and making small grunting noises that you swear are the soundtrack to heaven.
You could die hearing those noises from him, knowing it's you who unravels him like this.
"Yoongi," you pant as he fucks up into you, "are you close?"
"Fuck," he mumbles into your shoulder. “I’m—fuck."
He comes quietly, letting out a barely audible gasp as his cum shoots out. You feel his warmth spreading inside of you, ropes of white and your arousal making a mess where your bodies meet.
"Oh, my god." He chuckles, his mouth pressed against your neck. "I've been neglecting you, haven't I?"
"Maybe a little," you say, teasingly. You know he can't help it that he gets lost in his work, that he's overwhelmed by the desire to commit to his craft. He could spend a month straight in the studio, probably without sleeping, if you weren't around to make sure he ate and got some sunlight.
And while you have felt a bit lonely, the way Yoongi looks at you and guards you like a jewel is incomparable. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but there could never be anyone else for you. No amount of quality time with anyone else could surpass Yoongi. 
"I'm sorry." He kisses you again, and you relish in the pure, familiar feel of his warm lips against yours. He pulls back, mouth slightly open as if stunned but eyes locked firmly on yours.
Your Yoongi. Your perfect, lovely Yoongi.
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parkdatjimin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This is part of the series Hooked. You don't have to read the whole series but it might make more sense if you read the previous part Rumor Has It.
Pairings: nerd!jimin x fem!reader
Genre: college!au, mutual pining, pwp, fluff, eventual fwb 2 lovers, some angst
Warnings: toxic family dynamics, mentions of divorced parents, daddy issues (not the sexy kind), explicit sexual content, dom!reader, sub!jimin, body worship, biting / marking, so much kissing, 69 👀, oral (m and f), cock riding, unprotected penetrative sex (wrap it up), actually it's kinda soft?, creampie, soft Jiminie (yes he is a warning), this one is emotional buckle up bc we're coming close to the end...
Wc: 8.3K
a/n: If you'd like to be added to the series, leave a comment, reblog, or dm! You're already added if you're on my permanent taglist ❤️ please have your age range (18+) on your blog somewhere in order to be tagged, thanks!!
Feel free to send an ask addressed to one of the Hooked! characters if you'd like to talk to them ^^
"You're staring."
Of course, you are. He's lovely to stare at, especially his forehead. God damn. Bangs slicked back with a single strand of hair falling into his eyes, shoulders wrapped in a leather jacket, and chapstick shimmering on his full, kissable lips.
Jimin's new friendship with Tae was unexpected, for you as much as for himself. Not that Jimin can't go out and make friends, but he's always been a little socially awkward. That combined with his overall shyness certainly hasn't helped him make a lot of friends in the past. When you thought about the ideal kind of friend Jimin would want to hang out with, someone like Tae was definitely not who came to mind. However, his friendship with Tae has not only immensely improved Jimin's confidence, but it hasn't been too bad for you either.
"You look good today."
"Don't get used to it," he tells you, but his cute pout can't be hidden.
He's flattered and relieved you like his updo so much. Tae wasn't wrong when he said girls dig the bad boy vibe. You've just always liked his good boy, sweater vest, preppy look so much, Jimin never thought of trying anything different. Plus he likes that look, feels the most like his honest self when he wears his sweater vests. But, you know, trying something new every now and then isn't a bad thing it seems. Especially if you're gonna have this kind of reaction.
You curl your arm under your chin while leaning on the table, shrugging your shoulders with a flirty bite of your lip.
"What are you studying?" You're supposed to be studying too, but that flew out the window a long time ago.
"My Chem professor is out this week so there's no class. But there's a quiz due Sunday night that's not optional," he says, flipping a page and copying down some more notes.
"What's it about?"
Jimin lifts his gaze to you. "The quiz?"
"Yeah," you reply in a sultry tone and reach your hand across the table to tap his textbook, "talk Chemistry to me."
He smiles at your antics, fondness in his eyes. "You want me to talk about functional groups?"
"What are functional groups?"
"They're a substituent or moiety in a molecule that causes the molecule's characteristic chemical reactions."
"Fuck me, that's so hot."
His giggle is the most precious sound you've ever heard. "___, what's gotten into you?"
"I'm just really horny like all the time. It's such an inconvenience," you reply with a sigh, head sliding down your arm to land on the table in disparity. "Ever since we made us exclusive, I just can't wait to get my hands on you. I want you so bad, baby."
Jimin closes his book with a soft slam. "Then what am I still doing here?" You perk up immediately. "My darling needs me."
It doesn't matter what way his textbooks land in his backpack as long as they don't fall out, right? You quickly help him load his books into his bag, throwing it over your shoulder and taking his hand without care for who sees.
All the way there, he watches the back of your head and listens to your excited giggling, committing them to his permanent memory. He doesn't know how long this will last, this wonderful, magical relationship he has with you. Okay yes, he wishes you were inclined to something more…romantic. But he also can't forget the little moments you've hinted hope that you feel something deeper for him.
When you interlock with his fingers while he's inside you. When you kiss him in public. When you call him baby casually, as if it's second nature to express affection regardless of who's listening. When you wear his clothes. When you sleep on his chest.
It's not ridiculous to believe you could harbor legitimate feelings for him, even if you don't realize it yourself. Jimin sees it. He sees it in the way you look at him like he's the only thing you want in the entire world.
Like now.
Pulling him into your dorm room, you drop his bag by the door and your flannel on top of it. Your eyes stay locked on his until he kisses you, eyelids fluttering shut as his tongue urges your lips open. Your hands cup his cheeks while his hands are frantic to get started undressing.
While you appreciate the black leather Tae let him borrow, there's nothing like Jimin stripping down naked for you, fumbling to remove his clothes and kiss you simultaneously. His teeth knock against yours a few times but it only makes you giggle.
"We've got time, my prince," you assure him with gentle fingers through his hair, "no one's gonna steal me from you."
"But you said you want me," he whispers in a low voice, lifting the edge of your tank top to reveal your cute tummy, "so bad, remember?"
You gladly remove the fabric and toss it aside, along with your bottoms and panties. "I do want you, baby. But I also want to be with you," you sing and feel across his firm, bare chest. "Now that I've got my hands on you, we can take as much time as we want."
Shuffling feet lead him backwards as you advance, towards the bed, until the back of his knees hit the mattress and he falls into his back. You follow with a gleeful smile, falling onto his chest and landing with all your weight.
It's a giggly crash, a happy collision, one that Jimin doesn't mind especially when you start crawling over him, straddling your legs on either side and trapping him on the mattress. As soon as you're satisfied with your place on his waist, you start kissing down his skin, following the natural curve of his shoulder to his collarbones and then down the center of his sternum. It's firm beneath your kiss, rising and falling as Jimin loses himself in the sensation of your mouth on his body.
Every kiss tells Jimin it doesn't matter what he wears on the outside because you're entranced with what's underneath. You crave his skin, his warmth, his flesh more so than any sweater vest or biker jacket. While those things are nice, they don't mean nearly as much as his naked trust. Jimin himself, who he is as a person, means more than all that stuff anyway. When you said you want him, what you meant was you want him.
Like you said, you take your time, not missing a single inch as you kiss down the front of his body. Eventually making your way to where he desperately needs you the most.
"___," he stutters your name when you lightly suck at the tip, "you're going too slow. I think I might explode."
"Let me admire you, baby. You deserve some extra care and attention. Your body is tired, I can tell."
You're not wrong. Jimin has been pushing himself past his normal limits lately. With classes and tests and new friends and studying making sure he's got time to fuck you almost on the daily. It's just a lot to juggle. He's nervous he may forget something and screw everything up.
"Let's take your mind off things for a second, hm? Close your eyes, baby. Wanna take care of you."
He does as he's asked, releasing a deep exhale and letting his body melt into the bed as best he can. It's difficult because he tends to carry stress in multiple places, but you'll work all that away soon enough.
It's not just an excuse to touch him all over, because let's be honest, you were gonna do that anyway.
Starting at his feet, you slide your hands over his ankles, applying just enough pressure to work through the muscles. Your lips are gentle on his calves and knees, trailing to the inside of his thigh while he shutters at the sensitiveness.
His breath hitches when your teeth sink into the flesh there, gently nibbling until he lets out a small whimper of your name.
You look up at him from between his legs, gazing at his still shut eyes and parted lips. Jimin may not be considered the most handsome boy on campus but that's because people are stupid and have poor eyesight. You've got 20/20 vision and a working brain. That's why you're licking up the thick side of Jimin's cock and not someone else. That's why you're the one Jimin is whining for and not some other random psych major.
That's all he gets for now, just enough stimulation to make goosebumps appear on his arms and make his nipples firm. Now you can start your way back up his torso, kissing his cute belly button on the way and massaging his arms as you go. Jimin's entire body ascends when you start muttering praises into his skin, commanding his stress go far away, but when your lips land back on his, he's brought back to reality.
God, he loves your kisses. More so every day.
His hands on your waist are in no rush anymore. They knead the tender flesh of your hips, slowly working their way to your ass where he can grip and control the pressure of your core on his crotch. The smallest of details you allow him to control.
This is what Jimin loves the most, he thinks. Your naked body grinding on top of him, kissing him firmly, tasting his tongue, soft hands massaging his shoulders. He could lay here forever, feeling the pleasure build in his gut each time you rock your hips back and forth, taking your sweet time with his kisses.
If he could just be inside you. He doesn't need to fuck you, he just wants to feel your walls around him. Making him warm and squeezing every few minutes to combat the growing heat with a chill shiver down his spine. Limbs all tangled together and eyes shut in sleepy heaven. If there's a name for that, it's what he wants first.
"Would you like me to suck you off now, pretty baby?"
That's a close second.
"Yes, please."
"But I want to feel your mouth on me too," you whisper against his lips.
He immediately tries to sit up. "Oh darling, let me first--"
You push him back down with a hand on his chest. "Mmm not like that, baby. I don't wanna take turns."
"But how..." you watch the realization hit him, slowly pulling his eyes wide open and his chest filling with a gasp. He gulps, hips shifting underneath you while he tries to contain his excitement. "Really?"
"Why not? Unless," you trace a finger down the center of his chest, slowly rolling your hips forward and pouting, "you don't want to."
"I want to!" he assures you, suddenly grabbing your hand and bringing it to his lips for a soft peck.
Your smile returns full force. That's just like your little prince, always eager to try new things and please in any potential way. That sex drive of his is gonna get him in trouble one day, but for now you'll just enjoy it to it's full extent.
With little difficulty, you flip around so you're facing Jimin's dick, carefully shimming your way back until your pussy is directly above his face. He lets out shaky breath, definitely excited but also hella nervous. The last time he ate you out was a while ago and he didn't have the distraction of your lips around his cock. The last thing he wants is for you to choke on his cock and not receive equal pleasure in return.
"Who should, umm, start? I can--" Jimin's generous offer is rejected when your tongue kitten licks the precum off the tip of his leaking cock, a hand holding it at the bass.
He hisses in a breath, fingers digging into the flesh of your ass as he holds it above his face.
"Go ahead," you spur him on, "return the favor."
Jimin doesn't hesitate to do so. You feel him pull at your hips, your legs naturally pushing apart to bring you lower so his tongue can reach your slit.
"Gently," you remind him when he starts harshly lapping at the wetness between your folds. "No rush, remember."
As per your request, Jimin slowly pulls you back down onto his tongue, giving your clit an open mouth kiss and lightly sucking the sensitive bundle of nerves. Your back wants to arch, wants to grind your hips further onto his tongue but you can't let your precious good boy go without doing your part.
Slow to begin, you start with a few light pumps with your hand while you try to even out your breathing. Jimin falls into a fairly easy rhythm and that helps you find one as well.
When you're ready, you take him in, letting his cock hit the back of your throat and you hear him openly whine. The vibrations are like a sudden shot against your core, causing your whole body to tense and your throat to swallow.
Damn you should have done this sooner. The chain of reactions doesn't end, every little thing you do to him makes him do things to you. Every time he slurps up your arousal, it only proves to turn you on even more, until you're moaning around his cock.
The pace doesn't stay slow for long. You should have predicted Jimin couldn't keep up. While he may look like a bad boy in his slick back hair and leather jacket, he's just a soft boy.
"Ahh-h fuck," he curses, trying his best to eat you out while his body starts trembling. "I don't wanna cum yet. Shit, ___, please."
"Please what, baby? Use your big boy words."
You can't even see his face, but you can imagine it. A scrunched nose, messy chin, and dazed over eyes. He desperately wants to make you cum on his face but he can't get past the feeling of your throat around his cock.
He whimpers, unsurprisingly, winning you over in a matter of moments without any big boy words at all. Crawling your way around to see him face to face, Jimin is spent, breathing heavy and mouth shimmering with your arousal. You smile and give him a grateful kiss.
"You did good, baby."
He doesn't believe that. He couldn't even make it to completion, couldn't even edge you before he thought he was going to empty inside your mouth. You're so much better at holding back than he is, and yeah some of that comes with experience, but Jimin suspects your will as his dom is just naturally stronger than his will as your sub.
He can call you that...right?
You slowly grind your hips against him, drawing pretty patterns across his collarbones and teasing him with a smile.
"You wanna be top or bottom, my prince?"
Not only have you praised him with kisses from head to toe, sucked him to a near mind-blowing orgasm, but now you're offering him the choice of being top or bottom? Jimin feels a little more than spoiled.
You're looking at him as if...could he be imagining things again? Or is it just the sex talking? You haven't made it crystal clear how you feel and your expression right now is only making him more confused.
But has he really been honest with you? To be fair, he hasn't directly stated his feelings either. He's always just agreed to whatever you wanted, with the occasional suggestions like being exclusive and hanging out before you two fuck. But saying that...he hasn't said it directly to your face yet.
Maybe he should. Maybe you're feeling the same way but are too nervous to say it first.
"Can I stay on the bottom?" he asks timidly.
You peck his lips. "Of course, baby."
This whole fuck buddies thing isn't going to be okay forever, not when he's harboring such strong feelings for you. He thought he could go on for longer, at least to the end of the semester but clearly he was wrong.
Because when he fills you to the brim and your eyes tear up at the feeling, majestically stretched and clenching around his cock greedily, the words sit in the back of his throat. And when you lean down to kiss him, tugging his bottom lip between your teeth and rolling your hips to stimulate your clit, the words sit on the tip of his tongue. And when you repeatedly whisper his name like it's a confession, fucking yourself on his cock until your pussy is crying and your heartbeat is in perfect time with his own, he can't hold it in any longer.
"___, d-darling..."
"What is it, baby?"
"I... I love..."
"I'm gonna cum," you exclaim, gasping for breath between a desperate kiss, mind fuzzy and focus solely on your and Jimin's impending pleasure. "Cum with me, please. Are you close, baby?"
"Yes! I-I'm close," he nods, lifting his hips to meet yours.
He holds you in place, taking over the rhythm and control while your body collapses onto his chest, allowing him to bring you both to the final moment.
He cums deep inside you at the exact moment your orgasm rips through every part of your body, riveting tremors and uncontrollable muscle spasms in your thighs and back rock you through and through. Jimin feels you hang onto him for dear life. He wraps his arms around your waist, fucking you through the shared high until it all settles at last.
He just holds you there for a moment. Breathing. Listening to his rapid heartbeat.
When he opens his eyes to see the ceiling of his dorm room drab and colorless, he knows he failed to get the words out.
You carefully roll off and to his side, landing on your back and wiping the sweat from your hair line.
"Wow," you offer a breathless chuckle and roll towards him, "that was amazing."
When he looks at you, the smallest pinch of hope returns to his headspace. You're gazing at him with the loveliest eyes, completely enthralled with all he is and everything he means to you.
The question being: what does he mean to you exactly? Because there's no way Jimin can know for sure unless he hears it from you directly. He can't pretend to read your facial expressions or act as if he understands your intentions when he doesn't.
He rolls towards you on his side. You rest a hand on his cheek and smile at him, tracing the lines by his eyes and the outline of his lips with soft fingers, just...looking at him.
"Can I tell you something now?"
"You can tell me anything," you cluelessly assure him. "Is something wrong?"
Your expression has fallen a bit now, obviously concerned about whatever it is he wants to say. Jimin gulps down his nerves and watches you with sincere, unblinking eyes.
"I'm in love with you."
Time doesn't move and neither do you for the next what feels like eternity.
And then your eyelids flutter and you take a deep breath. Your hand remains on his cheek, although your fingers have stopped affectionately painting his wrinkles.
"Oh?" He mimics your small response. "Just oh? Is there anything else? Won't you tell me how you feel about me now? Do I even have a chance?"
"Jimin, I..."
Ring ring~~
An unexpected call makes you jump nearly out of your skin, causing you to jerk your hand away from his face and your knees to curl into your chest.
"Go ahead," Jimin says when he sees your startled response and backs away so you have some extra space, "answer it."
Shakily, you climb out of bed and collect your phone from your pants pocket.
"It's my dad," you startle after a moment, as if you can hardly believe it yourself. "Sorry, one sec."
"Of course."
You answer the call, turning away to speak into the receiver in a more serious voice.
"Hey…actually I'm kinda busy…" you sigh, "...okay, is it that important?"
It must be, considering the expression on your face. Zoned out eyes and fingers clenching around your phone. It's probably rude to be listening, but it's hard not too when you're pacing across the floor in front of him, making his heart weigh down with concern.
Jimin grabs his underwear and slacks from the ground and slips them on.
"….yeah I remember…really? Wow, that's amazing."
He isn't sure what the news is but he certainly doesn't believe it's amazing. You seem to be growing more and more annoyed every moment.
"I'm happy for you, dad, but I'm kinda in the middle of something–"
Your dad must have cut you off. With eyes rolling to the back of your head, you let him ramble about whatever it is he called you about, tapping your foot and silently sighing until he's done.
Jimin isn't sure what your dad says next but it clearly was not what you were expecting. All of a sudden, your back straightens and you glance in his direction, nervous eyes bouncing around the room before they inevitably land on the floor.
"Umm, can I get back to you on that? Okay….yeah, sure congratulations…talk to you later, bye."
The call ends quickly, but the tension in the air is still just as thick. A large, heavy blanket settles on both of you. Jimin's is made of confusion and concern while yours is stitched with stress and…something else, Jimin isn't sure.
"I'm sorry, something came up and I need to make a few phone calls."
You're asking him to leave? Just like that? In the middle of his confession? What did your dad say to suddenly bring your mood crashing down like this?
Are you shaking?
"___, is everything okay?"
"Fine," you reply shortly. "I'll text you later, okay?"
No, not okay. This is so very much not okay! You are obviously not okay. He shouldn't leave right now, especially not right now. These are the times he can finally be strong for you. You who never wants to lean on anyone and always has to be the one holding everything else up, this is when he's supposed to support you, but he can't do that if you send him away. Why are you sending him away?
He gently reaches for your hand but you fold your arms across your chest, trying to play off the gesture as casual and not intentionally turning him away, but he gets the message. It hits him like a shotgun to the heart.
"Okay." Jimin grabs Tae's leather jacket and his backpack off the floor. "Are you gonna be alright, don't you want me to stay and, maybe, just be here with you?"
"I'll be fine," you gratefully reject his offer and usher him out the door.
He turns around just as you start to shut the door, catches a breath to say something else, but you've already shut him out before the door even closes.
He stares at the wood, wondering what to do next. As your friend it's not right to leave you alone at a time like this, not to mention he's in love with you.
He's dumbstruck about what to do. But luckily, he's got a friend who just might have an answer.
"I have no idea what to do."
"Tae, come on," Jimin stresses the seriousness of the situation with two hands shaking his friend's shoulders. "You have to help me. ___ is really upset about this."
"About what?" the model asks, shoving Jimin's hands away and smoothing the wrinkles in the jacket sleeves.
"I don't know, something to do with her dad."
"Ooo, yeah see you don't wanna get involved in that shit," Tae hisses. "Daddy issues are no joke, man, it's better to just wait and let her come to you when she wants a hug."
He gives his friend a pat on the arm and makes his way across the cafeteria, straight for the pudding cups. Because pudding cups are yummy and he wants a pudding cup. Ooo, they have chocolate today!
"But if I don't do something, she may never come to me. I don't exactly hold any kind of responsibility for her happiness as her fuck buddy," Jimin continues to fret, following Tae down the dessert line and absentmindedly gathering a pudding cup for himself.
Tae hums in thought. "If you don't hold responsibility for her happiness, then why are you trying so hard to restore it?"
Both boys make their way back to their table and plop in their seats. Jimin only grabbed one pudding cup but somehow they ended up with…twelve. Tae opens the first one and throws it back like a tequila shot.
"Because ___ deserves to be happy," Jimin says, poking at his pudding with his spoon. "What do you think I should do?"
"I don't know man, I'm not exactly a woman expert."
"At least you're officially dating your girl, so you must have some advice, right?"
Because when it comes down to it, Jimin doesn't have anyone else to go to. The internet is either too vague or it's too hard to determine good advice from advertising. He would confide in you about his concerns except his concerns are about you.
Tae swallows another pudding cup and shrugs. "That doesn't make me a female mind reader."
"You gotta help me, Tae, please," Jimin urges him for the thousandth time. "I think something is really bothering her but I don't know what to do. Should I ask her about it? Act like it's not a big deal? I know I'm not her boyfriend but I can't help it. I just want to be there for her so badly but it's like she won't--"
"Hey, man I get it," Tae finally relates, putting aside his afternoon snack and focusing on Jimin's furrowed brow and worried eyes. "I feel the same way about Dalia. It's hard to know where and when women want you to intervene, and to be honest, I don't have an answer for you, bro. I wish I did, but I don't."
Jimin sighs in defeat and slumps in his chair.
"But! I have some friends who might."
Crowds aren't really Jimin's thing. Can you even call four people a crowd?
When they all look like they could kill him with a single punch…yes. Four is a crowd. At least they're outside and some witnesses are walking by every few minutes.
Tae walks up to the intimidating crew like it's nothing.
Each boy turns around and holds some kind of gang sign in the air, sticks their tongues out, and copies Tae's obnoxious, "Yahhhh!"
Jimin is slow to approach, hovering back a safe ten feet or so while Tae receives slaps on the back and punches to the arm as a welcome.
"Bros, I gotta intro you to the newest member of Tae's Tigers."
"Not our group name," the mint haired one rolls his eyes.
"We'll talk about it later," Tae disregards his comment with a wave and instead calls Jimin to come closer. "This is JM."
"Umm, it's Jimin…"
"JM!" One of the guys shouts with his hands up. "Wassup? Welcome to the group. Yahhhh!"
"A-Actually, my full name is Park Jimin..."
"Bro," the mint haired dude speaks up again, "is that your jacket?"
Tae nods. "Bastard didn't have one so I let him borrow mine. It's a little big but it'll do until we find one in JM's size."
All the boys agree, nodding and muttering in unison. They stand back, examining Jimin from head to toe and ticking their tongues in deep, profound contemplation.
"Flames," one of them comments and suddenly it's an open discussion of what JM's gang leather motorcycle jacket should look like.
It doesn't take long for the boys to add the detail of pink flames to JM's imaginary wardrobe. Tae, of course, was the one to suggest they be bedazzled over the shoulder and include silver and purple accents. Everyone agrees.
"I-I'm not really looking for fashion advice," Jimin tries to get their attention back on track.
"Of course, you're not," the taller one of the group throws a presumptuous arm around Jimin's shoulder. "It's girl trouble, isn't it?"
"How did you know?"
"Isn't it always girl trouble?"
"I guess," Jimin answers slowly. "I'm sorry, who are you?"
Tae slaps his own forehead. "Wow, great job, self. You forgot to intro them." The group laughs at his mistake, ending with a unified sigh and then he finally gets around to names.
"This is Suga, JK, and Jinnie." Each of the boys wave at the mention of their name. Except Suga. He just nods and stuff his hands into his pockets.
The one with his arm around Jimin's shoulder currently is Jinnie.
"Listen, bro, all you gotta do is be on call. When she wants you, she'll call you. All girls just want a guy who's gonna be at their beck and call."
"You've clearly never had a girlfriend before," JK rolls his eyes and scoffs. "Girls don't call you. They expect you. If you want any doll to see you as a man, you gotta take charge when it counts. Be there before she even calls you."
"Pffttt," Tae spits, shoving JK by the chest, "what kind of advice is that? You don't intrude when a girl don't want you to intrude. If I did that, Dalia would break my neck."
"Tae gotta point," Jinnie says with a shrug, pulling Jimin closer by the shoulder. "My dude don't wanna overstep his boundaries."
"Umm, well I kinda already did," Jimin shyly confesses.
All the boys look at him together, waiting for further explanation with silent stares.
"You see, this girl -- her name is ___ by the way -- we're friends with benefits and I kinda told her I'm in love with her, so...yeah."
There's a hiccup of silence. And then suddenly Jimin is bombarded in a cloud of applause, cheers, and heavy sighs of respect. Each boy gives him a tough pat on the back, nodding in affirmation and encouragement.
"This bro is one of the brave ones."
"You're gonna go far, kid."
"My dude got guts. If she don't respect that, she ain't worth it."
"It's always best to say what you feel, JM."
While the support feels rather unorthodox, it does build Jimin's confidence in his decision to confess. He's been battling with it since the words came out in bed with you, but hearing these random four guys confirm his actions with words and pats on the back helps him stand up straighter.
"What she say?"
"P-Pardon?" Jimin stutters.
"This ___ doll," JK specifies, "what she say when you confessed?"
"Oh. That." Jimin clears his throat and pulls at the sleeves of his Tae's jacket just to fidget with something. "Well, she didn't really say anything. She got a phone call and asked me to leave."
A collective choir of somber "ohhh" doesn't help Jimin's uncomfortableness about the situation.
"That's tough," Suga shares his condolences.
"Tough," the rest of the boys echo.
Despite just meeting these guys, Jimin already feels like he's a part of their group, which has never happened before. It's...odd to be on the inside. It feels nice.
A voice calls from across the road. Jimin turns to see the owner of the voice, his whole body immediately tensing when he recognizes that beanie, those long legs, and those broad shoulders.
Jinnie is quick to welcome the newest boy. "Yahhhh! Where you been, Joon!"
"Ah man," he sighs, catching his breath when he finally catches up, "you would not believe the shit my professor dropped on us this week. I was--" he stops when he catches sight of Jimin standing in the midst of all his friends.
JK notices their staring contest. "Oh shit, sorry, man. This is JM."
"Yeah, I know Jimin," Joon admits, standing straight and wiping sweaty hands on his jeans.
Tae scoffs in disbelief, "Wait a sec bro, you knew JM but didn't introduce him to the gang? Why not, JM is so dope!"
"Yeah, bro, why didn't you tell us you knew him?" JK chuckles, nudging the older's shoulder.
The two opposing boys avoid eyes contact. Or rather, Jimin keeps his eyes on the ground so he doesn't have to look at Namjoon.
There goes his chance at a solid friend group.
"I just never got around to it," Namjoon finally says with a shrug. "Didn't think we would want him to hang around the group. He's not really like us, you know."
"What are you talking about?" Jinnie scowls. He looks down at Jimin's small stature, nice slacks, and studious demeanor, and then looks at his taller height, broad shoulders, ripped jeans, leather jacket, and messy hair. "We're literally twins."
Maybe it's because he's known Jimin longer, but Tae doesn't miss the way Jimin seems to shrink away from Namjoon, avoiding conflict and shuffling steps backward, nervous and small.
Namjoon scoffs defensively, "Sorry, I just didn't think we wanted a nerd in our gang."
"A nerd?"
Everyone's eyes turn to Jimin.
Fuck, he's breaking up a friend group now. Jimin feels his chest imploding and taking all his built up courage and crushing it under the weight of his own stupidity. He lifts his head to speak, about to excuse himself from the conversation, but then something crazy happens.
"Yo, Joon. JM is a part of the group now, but if you got an issue with that, then you need to get your priorities straight and come back later."
"What?" Namjoon straight up laughs. "Are you guys fucking serious? He doesn't ride at all, how can he be part of our gang if he doesn't even ride?"
"He rides with me," Tae says matter-of-factly.
"Yeah, and he's riding with me later," Suga informs him, as if it's common knowledge previously discussed.
"That's fucking ridiculous."
Jinnie gently steps forward, subtly pushing Jimin behind himself. "Why don't you take some time, Joon, come back later when you wanna hang out with all of us. Including JM, yeah?"
Namjoon appears speechless at this point. He moves his lips as if to make some kind of dispute but no sound comes out. He just ends up scoffing and walking away.
"You didn't have to do that," Jimin says.
JK shakes his head and waves a lack wrist through the air. "Joon has been a jerk in the past. He's a little superficial and needed someone to stand up to him anyway."
"Still..." Jimin feels a little bad for breaking up a friend's group. Hopefully, Joon comes back. When he does, he and Jimin can put all this behind them and everyone can be friends. If that's possible.
"Oh!!" Tae suddenly exclaims, grabbing Jimin's arm and shaking it excitedly. "I know something that always makes Dalia smile when she's frustrated."
"Not sex," Suga reminds him.
"No, not sex," Tae rolls his eyes. "This is something way, way better. JM, you in?"
He's down to try anything if it means making you smile again.
Knock knock~
Jimin checks the hand drawn tickets one more time. It's a stupidly, cheesy idea but it might work if he's lucky. Despite your exterior, you have a soft spot for cliché things like this and he knows it.
On the tickets, he's attempted calligraphy to invite you on a day off campus. Just the two of you. A day to take your mind off whatever it is you're stressed about, to do whatever you want to do and go wherever you want to go. His treat. It's actually striking two birds with one stone because this way he can ask you out on a legit date off campus and it not be as awkward as he was dreading.
But when you answer the door, he notices a few things that totally ruin everything he had planned.
The first is the pale color of your face, indicating you haven't eaten anything since yesterday.
The second are the dark, swollen bags under your eyes, indicating you were crying last night and consequently didn't get much sleep.
The last is a packed suitcase sitting in your room behind you.
"Is that a suitcase?"
"Yeah, I was actually just about to text you," you reply, putting your phone into your back pocket. "I'm going home over the weekend. I'll be back late Sunday night."
His ticket idea won't work then.
"Can I ask what for?" he asks cautiously. "Does it have to do with your dad calling you yesterday?"
You run across your forehead and sigh. Do you have a headache? Should he get you some pain relievers? There's some at the medic hall; it'll take him ten minutes tops.
"Yeah he's, uhh, he's getting remarried and the wedding is tomorrow so…"
"Oh wow," Jimin isn't sure how to respond to that, it's definitely not what he was expecting. "Short notice."
"It's nothing new," you force a chuckle.
"I guess congratulations are in order."
You just shrug.
So, this is what you've been wrestling with. You're less than stoked about your dad getting remarried. Jimin assumes for valid reasons he just isn't aware of, and he doesn't need to be aware of them to support you in this emotionally heavy time. You're clearly distressed about this, not wishing to attend the wedding but going anyway. He wishes to go with you, to be there to support you, to hold your hand, to be there when you get home, to hold you in bed while you process it all.
"How are you feeling?"
You shake your head at his question and it looks like you're gonna shrug it off, let it dissolve into the background with all the other questions he's asked which you avoided answering. But then...
"I hate him. So I shouldn't even care but I do. It's a really odd feeling that I'm not sure how to approach if I'm honest."
"I'm sorry, ___."
"It's not your problem or family, so please don't worry about it," you assure him. "I'm alright, just gotta get through hell for one weekend and then I can come back and forget all about him. Again."
Forget hand drawn tickets. Forget unanswered confessions. Forget new friends groups. Forget everything else. You are of first and foremost importance right now. Nothing else. Jimin couldn't possibly be concerned with anything else while you're standing so small and discouraged in front of him. He wants to understand you so badly, understand what he can do to help you through this.
"Listen, you don't have to answer this and if I'm crossing a boundary I shouldn't, just say so," he speaks empathetically, "but…why do you hate your dad so much?"
"He cheated on my mom when I was little," you answer plainly, as if it doesn't bother you anymore but clearly it must to some degree. "They tried to stay together despite it for my sake, but the moment I was old enough, he ripped our family apart. I guess I don't hate him…hate is a strong word. I just…can't forgive him."
And now things make sense, suddenly, like a light switch going off in his head and illuminating all those times you acted possessive but then refused to label anything. Why you were so back and forth about the level of commitment, the boundaries, everything.
Jimin feels it all full force, erupting in his chest like a starburst and making sense of so many things since he met you. But even more than realization, is the idea that he can somehow earn your unconditional trust. There's hope now that he understands.
"I wish there was something I could do to make this weekend easier for you," he says while you pull your suitcase out of the room and lock your dorm door.
You look at him with soft eyes, hesitant to speak, but eventually the words on your tongue and the weight in your heart win over your better judgment. Thank god they do.
"Can you kiss me goodbye?"
A kiss. You want his kiss of all things.
"Yeah, I can do that."
He cups your face, thumb gently brushing over your lips before he invades your space with the rest of his body. His other arm wraps around your waist, pulling you closer to feel the warmth of his clothes seeping through the layer of cold on your skin.
You close your eyes and let him have his way. The lightest brush of his lips on your lips makes you hold your breath, and then he's pressing into you, firm but gentle so as not to break you. His grip around you tightens every so subtly. He doesn't want to let you go. Not now, not when you're going somewhere where you're going to be unhappy, even if for a single weekend.
His kiss is slow, lips moving against yours with no sound except your timed breathing. He pours his heart into this kiss, every bit he can send with you, so you have even a little something to hold onto when you don't wanna be there anymore. You feel it, grip his shirt and hang on even when the kiss is over.
Jimin leans his forehead against yours, noses brushing and eyes still closed softly.
"I'll be right here when you get back. I'm not going anywhere, I promise."
"Thank you."
Then he takes the handle of your suitcase and begins pulling it behind him, offering his other hand for you to hold.
"Let me walk you to the bus stop?"
"Yeah," you take his hand and interlock your fingers naturally, "that'd be nice."
Jimin has never run so fast in his entire life. If he's lucky, everyone will still be there.
[JM] on my way! dont leave yet!
[JK] we're waiting bro don worry
[Jinnie] excited to hear about this grand plan
[Tae] yooooo we gon need fireworks or what! i know a guy
[Suga] its me. im the guy.
A few minutes later, Jimin bursts through the cafeteria doors, breathing like he just ran a marathon and sweating profusely despite the chilling weather outside.
The boys all stand and call out in unison from across the cafeteria, "JM! Yahhhh!"
"Yah!" he calls back, not quite as enthusiastic or loud but he's working on it.
Jimin makes his way to their table, slamming his hands down in equal parts exhaustion and determination.
"Are you guys doing anything tomorrow night?"
"Sunday? Nothing pressing, what's up?" Tae responds in an eager yet casual tone.
"I need some help with something."
The boys exchange a few looks, smiles growing until they overtake every face at the table.
"We are so in! What we doing?"
Exhausted. Exhausted and utterly emotionally drained, that's all you feel. The wedding was fine but it took so much out of you to see your dad again, let alone to watch him remarry for the second time. There's no use in it. He wants you there for the special moments to make himself appear like he still gives a damn about you and then acts like you don't exist the other 360 days of the year.
Maybe one day you'll learn to deal with it better, but for now you let it go, disregard his disregard for you and focus on getting back to campus in one piece.
It hasn't been that long if you count days. But you're counting by the minute and it's been 4,320 of those. That's 4,319 minutes too many.
The bus pulls into the bus stop and you thank the driver on your way off with your suitcase, stepping onto the solid gravel and looking up to the see the stars shrouded by heavy clouds. Not a single star in sight.
It makes you even more tired.
There's a shiver of something instinctual crawling up your spine. You sense someone is watching you.
When you whip around, there he is standing just a few yards away, dressed in his nice sweater vest (the purple one) and slacks. He takes a shaky breath when you catch his gaze. It's been almost three days since you looked into those eyes. Even from this distance, they shine brighter than any star that might be up there.
He's here. Just like he promised he would be.
Your feet lead you in his direction, suitcase abandoned in the background while Jimin's seemingly magnetic pull takes you through the grass. With every step, your pace gets faster, until you're jogging to reach him. In the next moment, you crash into his body and throw your arms around his waist.
Fuck, if you could only bury yourself completely in his chest and the world couldn't see you anymore.
He only stumbles a little bit at the collision, blinking away the surprise and embracing you warmly, hiding you in his chest with a hand on the back of your head.
Jimin's hugs make everything okay again.
"I wasn't sure if you'd want me to pick you up or not," he mutters into your hair, "so I'll leave if you tell me to, but I just needed to make sure you got back okay and you're not hurt or anything."
"No," you shake your head, snuggling your face deeper into his sweater vest, "don't go."
"I won't."
It's like a wave of endorphins when he nuzzles his nose into the crook of your neck, scooping you into his arms and holding you seemingly suspended off the ground, only your toes touching the grass. His breath on your skin is like a drug but it's his words that steal your attention.
"I did something."
"Suspicious," you giggle.
"I did something good, I mean. Well, I hope it's good."
"Suspicion is growing."
He pulls away from the hug enough to see your face, brushing your hair behind your ear when he smiles.
"Do you wanna see it? You're not too tired?"
You shake your head. "I feel better already, just being back with you. But, actually there is something I need to talk to you about."
"First, follow me." He takes your hand and starts in the direction of South Campus. "We can drop your suitcase off on the way."
It's peaceful to listen to Jimin ramble about what he did while you were gone. He cooked new recipes with Jinnie, who apparently likes to cook. He rode on Tae's motorcycle again and didn't scream this time. He learned how to punch from JK, although he's still a little cautious because it really hurt his hand. He hung out with Suga and did basically nothing, which was really nice in it's own way. And they all helped him with the surprise you're on the way to see.
But whether he discovered Atlantis or binged all the seasons of Friends for the umpth time, you couldn't care less. You’re just enjoying walking with him, hand in hand, across campus and listening to his voice in the dead of night. He could be saying anything and you would agree wholeheartedly.
When you reach South Campus, Jimin stops at the bottom of a familiar, steep, grassy hill.
"Up there," he points to the top.
While you know it's unlikely there's a random couple making out in the gazebo you know is at the top, just one look at that damn hill and your knees are openly weeping.
"Jimin, there's something I really need to talk to you about first."
"Tell me at the top."
"Baby, I don't think I can even make that climb right now..."
He kneels in front of you. "Hop on."
"Oh no, I can't."
"Yes, you can," he insists, "because you really need to see what's at the top. Come on, what's one piggyback ride gonna hurt?"
His argument holds no water, but you still can't argue against it. Well, against him. You fall forward over his back, wrapping your arms around his shoulders while his hands scoop beneath your thighs.
He climbs one step at a time, slowly and carefully so as not to rattle you too much. He only stops every so often to bounce you on his back, to make sure you're secure and comfortable. You feel perfectly safe like this, the pounding of his heart through his back like a bass in your chest.
When he reaches the top, he places you down and rushes to click a little switch on the side of the gazebo that's attached to golden and white fairy lights all interconnected among the beams and pillars of the structure. You gasp at the sight.
They're like a waterfall of lights, twisting up and around each pillar and intertwining with the woodwork to shine light on what's inside. On the floor is a massive blanket, held down by vases of flowers at the four corners and set with pillows and plastic containers of food.
Jimin comes to stand next to you again, gazing proudly at the scene he and his friends made.
"Before you left, you looked like you hadn't eaten much, and you probably didn't eat much in trip, right? Well, the café isn't open on Sundays but Tae got Dalia to make the fries. JK got us fruit, like, strawberries even though they're out of season and some others too, don't worry. Everyone else helped set it all up and kept watch on the time and gave their input to make sure it's perfect..."
You slowly look to his profile illuminated by the fairy lights, tears pricking at your eyes.
"...You deserve it after the hellish weekend you went through. I really proud of you by the way. Wish I was there, but I understand why I wasn't. Still, you were so brave to go, but I can't tell you how relieved I am to have you back in one piece. It was only like three days, but fuck I missed you so much."
He takes your hands in his and you're prompted to face him now with your whole body. He sighs, satisfied with what he's done for you. Before he never would have dared, but now that he's verbally confesses his feelings, it would be hypocritical not to express them in his actions. He wasn't lying when he said he's in love with you and he certainly wasn't trying to exaggerate or downplay anything. He loves you. Simple as that. And now that's he's shown you with his actions as well, he feels ready to hear whatever it is you need to say.
"Now," he smiles at you softly but nervously, "what did you need to talk to me about?"
You squeeze his hands back, never once breaking eye contact despite the tears building in them.
"I don't want to be fuck buddies anymore."
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|Greedy|↠ jinminkookxreader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary ↠ They can’t get enough of you, so why not share? Genre ↠ Smut||Fluff if you blink▸REPOST Pairing ↠ Jungkook x reader, jimin x reader, seokjin x reader TW ↠ Dom!jungkook, dom!jimin, dom!seokjin, sub!reader, established relationship, begging, consensual non-consent, degradation, fingering, punishment, nipple play, foursome, unprotected sex, protected sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, lots of cum, deep throat, sloppy seconds (thirds?), triple penetration, tea-bagging, double-vaginal penetration, face slapping, butt slapping, impreg/breeding kink, name-calling, spitting, aftercare kinda Word count ↠  5.5k   
 please don’t copy, steal, plagiarize, re-post, or otherwise use without permission
Tumblr media
As you stepped into your apartment at the end of a long day at work, you had nothing on your mind except to order some takeout, take a nice long bubble bath, and crawl into bed. Your boyfriend, Seokjin told you he’d be working late tonight, so you weren’t going to be able to enjoy his delicious cooking, unfortunately.
You took off your shoes and walked to the kitchen. As you reached to turn on the light switch, you felt one arm wrap tightly around your waist while the other covered your mouth. Panicking, you tried to scream, but the grip on your mouth was too tight. You tried to twist and kick back, but the person who had grabbed you lifted you easily off your feet and began to take you to your bedroom, his hand still covering your mouth.
Every cell in your body was alight with terror. You struggled as much as you could but you couldn’t get out of this man’s strong grip. Eventually, he entered your bedroom and threw you onto the bed like a ragdoll.
You looked up, seeing his face for the first time and it was someone you recognized. Park Jimin. Suddenly, everything clicked into place. Your pounding heart slowed down and you relaxed. It was finally happening.
When Seokjin had suggested a foursome with two of his closest friends, you were only too eager to agree and so were they. They seemed even more excited about the prospect than you were, if that was even possible. Seokjin had confessed that they’d always had a bit of a crush on you. The four of you talked it out and had a very serious discussion about how things were going to happen. You all talked about your kinks, boundaries, limits, safe words, and everything in between.
You had agreed to this. The plan was that one or more of them would sneak up on you when you didn’t expect it and grab you and start the scene. This was all planned out, except for when. Truthfully, the discussion had happened a while back now and you’d almost forgotten about it. He truly got you.
“Jimin?” You said breathlessly. You wondered where the others were. Jin and Jungkook were supposed to be here too.
“Keep your mouth shut and take your clothes off,” Jimin said promptly. Anticipating your question he answered you, “I wanted a bit of time alone with you before Jungkook and Jin-hyung got here. They both said that was okay,” he raised his eyebrows at you, seemingly to ask if you had any problem with that. He was giving you a chance to safeword out.
“Okay,” you nodded, as you pulled off your clothes, still on the bed. You made quick work of your skirt and blouse, tossing them onto the floor. In a perfect world, you’d be wearing your favourite red lace set right now, but as it was you were wearing a mismatched white sports bra and blue bikini briefs. Hey, you didn’t know this was going to happen tonight and you just wanted to be comfortable at work. You took them off and tossed them down too.
“Good girl,” Jimin said, his signature smirk lighting up his face. This man was pure walking sex and the worst part about it was that he knew it. “I like it when a slut knows how to follow orders.”
You bit your lip, trying to stop yourself from smiling. You loved how he was talking to you, those words from a man like that had your pussy gushing already.
Jimin didn’t miss a thing though and was quick to call you out. “Oh, you like being my obedient slut?”
“I do.”
“Well, show me how good you can be. Get on your front. Face down, ass up,” he instructed with the authority of a man who’d done this plenty of times. Jimin had a bit of a reputation for sleeping around but you knew he had the kindest, gentlest heart.
You did as you were told, burying your head in the bed. This position was always slightly embarrassing in front of someone new. You buried your face in the bed, not wanting to look at him as he came towards you.
You felt a slight dip in the bed as he climbed on behind you, examining you like a piece of meat. You felt like an object and you liked it. He put his fingers on your already soaked pussy, spreading your wetness around.
“Jesus, you’re this fucking drenched already?” He asked, pushing a finger into your cunt.
It seemed to be a rhetorical question so you didn’t bother to answer, instead relishing in the fact that something was inside you. You writhed a bit, trying to get his finger to hit your sweet spot, when he pulled it out of you as quick as he could.
“I’ve never met such a desperate slut,” he admonished you and you were almost chagrined. Almost.
“I’m sorry, Jimin,” you said, trying your best to look back at him from your position.
He rolled his eyes and sighed. “I should’ve known. Pathetic sluts like you are always so desperate to get something in their pussy.”
Jimin continued, spreading your wetness up and down with his fingers again. “Now tell me, which holes am I allowed to use?”
You’d talked about this extensively of course, but you appreciated that he was asking you again, giving you the chance to change your mind now that you were actually here.
“All of them,” you said, confidently.
“Perfect,” he said, giving your ass an approving smack. “I think I’m gonna start with that pretty mouth of yours. On your knees on the floor, slut. Now.”
You didn’t have to be told twice. Jimin had sat down on the edge of the bed, with his legs wide. You could see the bulge at his crotch. You got between his knees and began to undo his button, sliding his fly down, revealing a pair of black boxer briefs. You were somewhat surprised. Jimin had always struck you as a tighty whitey guy.
“What are you waiting for? I know how bad you want a cock inside you, doesn’t matter where. Now here’s your chance.”
You smiled and kissed the tip of Jimin’s pretty pink erection before proceeding to lick his shaft all the way from the base to the tip. Jimin groaned with obvious arousal and you felt positively giddy. You took him into your mouth properly and began to suck him off, taking him deeper and deeper until he was practically hitting the back of your throat. With your lack of a gag reflex, cock sucking was something you’d always been good at.
“Fuck,” Jimin said above, “That’s good. Jin told me about how good you were with your mouth but damn.”
You were pleased. His moans of pleasure had you dripping onto the hardwood. The fact that you were causing those moans only turned you on more. You wanted to pleasure him. Just as your jaw was getting sore, a certain hitch in his breath made you believe he was close. You redoubled your efforts, bobbing yourself on his cock so he’d cum in your mouth.
Jimin, however, had another idea. He grabbed you by the hair and abruptly pulled you off his cock. You glared up at him, annoyed, but he just smirked down at you.
“I know you’re a cum hungry whore, but not so fast. You haven’t earned it,” he said, while stroking his shaft. “I’m gonna finish all over your face. Make you look nice and pretty for when Jin and Jungkook arrive.”
He did exactly as he said, finishing on your face. His cum hit you right in between the eyebrows, like a perfect bulls-eye. Jimin used his slowly softening cock to spread it around your face, purposely messing up your makeup in the process.
Right on time, you heard people entering the room from the door behind you and you twisted around to see your gorgeous boyfriend, Seokjin, and his equally handsome friend, Jungkook. You could only imagine the mess you looked right now, naked, covered in Jimin’s cum and your own saliva. Your makeup was a mess and probably your hair too.
“Jimin-ah,” Jin said in mock irritation. “You’ve made such a mess of her already.”
“Just breaking her in a bit,” Jimin replied.
“I think she looks great,” Jungkook said, brightly. You made eye contact with him and both of you blushed slightly. You knew him the least, and he was also a few years younger than you so being in this state in front of him was particularly embarrassing.
“Have you been a good little whore for my friend, princess?” Jin asked you, eyeing the fluids on your face, neck, and chest.
“I think so,” you said, glancing over at Jimin.
“She’s been okay,” Jimin said, dismissively and you pouted at his words.
“Hey, none of that,” Jin admonished, as he gripped your chin tightly, forcing you to look up at him. “No pouting.”
“I bet I can get that pout off her face, hyung,” Jungkook said, mischievously. You looked at the bunny-faced boy. “I bet her pussy’s barely been touched. Jimin-hyung is selfish like that. Isn’t that right?”
You nodded, hoping to convey the pathetic desperation you felt. You looked over at Jimin and he scoffed.
Jungkook crouched down to your eye level and took one of your breasts in his hand, rolling the nipple between his fingers, “How about this?” Jungkook proposed, sweetly, “I’ll let you ride me, but you have to promise not to cum, okay? Can you be a good girl and do that?”
“I can,” you said, eagerly, looking up at him and then to Seokjin. There was comfort in having him here.
Jungkook got back up and laid down on the bed, pulling his cock out and giving it a few strokes. You climbed on top of him, taking his erection in your fingers and lining it up with your entrance, before fully sheathing himself inside of you.
Both of you moaned at the same time and slowly you began to bounce on his cock.
“Fuck yes,” Jungkook said, watching your tits bounce as you rode him faster and faster. He reached up to grab them, squeezing tightly as he did so. You slowed down and yelped in pain. Jungkook did it again, grabbing your nipples and pinching them this time. Again, you let out a shriek of pain and pleasure.
Jin walked over and stood beside the two of you, undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. He pulled you by the hair, forcing you to look up at him, “You’re so fucking loud,” he admonished, “Do I have to stick my cock in your mouth to get you to shut the fuck up?”
“I’m sorry,” you said to Jin, insincerely. Truly, the thought of taking Jin in your mouth while Jungkook was in your pussy gave you a heady rush.
“I bet that’s exactly what you want,” Jin said, as if reading your mind. He knew you too well at this point. “How about I make you lick my balls instead?”
You opened your mouth wide and stuck your tongue out, letting him place them on your tongue. You licked them as best you could, while looking up at him.
“I’m gonna need you to do better than that, slut,” Jin said, and you took the opportunity to take his balls in your mouth completely, still massaging them with your tongue. “That’s better. That shut you up didn’t it?”
You said nothing, because it wasn’t as though you could, you could barely even breathe. You just moaned with him in your mouth. A few seconds later, he removed himself so you could finally get a lungful of oxygen.
Jin let you take a few gulps of air before sticking his cock in your mouth, he pushed himself straight to the back of your throat, knowing you could take it. Jungkook was thrusting up underneath and having two cocks inside of you at once was an amazing feeling.
Just then you felt someone behind you, obviously Jimin. He pushed you down slightly, and you felt him spread your ass cheeks apart with his hands. “Guess I’ll use the one hole you have left,” he said, “Lucky me.”
You felt him spread the warm lube on your asshole, and then push one finger in, pumping it a few times. He removed it and you heard him rip open a condom packet, and roll it over his hard erection. He put the tip of his cock right on your rear entrance and he pushed in slowly, giving you time to adjust to his thickness. Once he was all the way in he stilled inside you, “You love having three cocks inside of you, don’t you, you dirty whore?”
You moaned with Seokjin’s cock in your mouth, your eyes rolling back. Jimin began pounding into your ass while Jungkook was doing the same to your pussy. Seokjin was straight up fucking your throat. The gagging sounds you were making were obscene. You truly felt like you were their little fucktoy, to be used as they pleased.
As they continued hammering away at all your holes, you felt your orgasm rushing up on you. You couldn’t have stopped it if you tried. You came all over Jungkook’s cock, shrieking around Seokjin’s and getting pounded by Jimin’s.
As soon as you came, Seokjin pulled himself out of your mouth, and gave you a smack across your face.
“Didn’t Jungkook tell you not to cum, you pathetic fucking slut?”
Before you could answer, Seokjin slapped you across the face again, while Jimin slapped your ass.
“Useless whore can’t even follow simple instructions,” Jimin said while pulling out of you.
“Get off Jungkook’s dick and clean up your mess, slut. Lick all your filthy cum off of it,” Jin said, harshly and you complied without complaint. You got up off of Jungkook on your shaky knees and moved back, then leaned down and began cleaning up his cock with your tongue, your face burning slightly with embarrassment.
“That’s right,” Jungkook said, with a mischievous smile on his face, as he watched you licking him up. You were meticulous in your duty, licking every morsel of cum off of him. Once you were done, you sat up and looked around at the men shyly.
“Good girl,” Jungkook said, and you blushed at the praise. “But you still need to be punished. I think since you wanted to cum so badly, you should cum over and over again.”
Right when he said that, Jimin grabbed you and pushed you down on your back on the bed, holding your arms down so you couldn’t use them. Jungkook then grabbed your thighs and forced them apart, holding them open. Evidently, they had discussed this particular punishment in advance, since Jin appeared holding what you recognized as your own vibrator.
“No!” You protested, struggling against the strength of the two handsome men who were holding you down, but it was no use.
“Disobedient whores get punished,” Jimin said, simply. He grabbed both of your wrists in one hand, holding them together over your head. With this free hand, he reached down and gave your pussy a harsh smack.
You screamed and tried to bring your legs together, but Jungkook easily kept them apart, keeping your wet cunt exposed for all of them. Jimin gave your pussy another smack, and then another, until you were sobbing out an apology.
“I’m s-sorry,” you said, with tears running down your temples and into your hair, “I’m so sorry, please stop.”
Jimin pinched your clitoris between this thumb and his forefinger, “Who the fuck said you were allowed to tell us to stop? Hmm? Don’t you know you’re our fucktoy? We decide when this is over.” That wasn’t technically true, of course, you could safeword out anytime but what he was saying had you gushing.
“Yes, you’re r-right, I’m sorry,” you cried, and Jimin let go of your clit, finally giving you some relief.
Jungkook was still holding your legs apart. He was staring at your drenched pussy when he had an idea.
“Instead, how about Jimin-hyung and I fuck this pussy together?” He asked, his eyebrows raised.
You felt a mixture of fear and arousal at the thought of it. Could you take them both? Jungkook’s cock was thinner, but it was long, whereas Jimin’s was shorter but thick. The thought of them both pounding your pussy excited you like crazy.
You looked up at Jin, wondering if he’d protest but he just smiled instead.
“Go ahead. That’s what whores are for. We’re not done here until we’ve properly abused all your holes. They can both take your pussy and then later I can fill that dirty cunt until it’s leaking out all of our cum.”
You shiver at his words, eyeing him sensually but also making sure to give him your soft and obedient eyes he loved so much. A soft hand brushes over your cheek, your attention quickly turns to Jimin who demands your attention while biting his lower lip. “I’m going to need you to sit on Jungkook’s cock facing the opposite wall and then I want you to lay back onto his chest while he sits back on the pillows. Do you think your pretty pussy can take the stretch? Hm?”
Wanting nothing more than to please them all, you nod without hesitation and do exactly as he’s asked without missing a beat. Jungkook had been eagerly waiting the entire time, eyes glazed over and sense heightened from the smell of sex in the air. As he makes himself comfortable, you feel exposed while Jimin and Jin run their hand over their cocks slowly. You can tell they’re hurting, their red and weeping tips making you hungry.
Jungkook’s hands on your hips draw your attention and looking back at him you see his eyes are totally focused on your ass and nothing else. You get into place and straddle him all the while looking right into Jimin’s eyes. “Like this?,” you tease earning a low warning growl from him. You turn away from his intimidating glare letting Jungkook line himself up to your slit before pulling you down. He doesn’t wait until you’ve caught your breath, already on his second stroke when Jimin makes his appearance.
“Now lay back.” Jimin pushes on your chest softly and Jungkook’s hand supports your back. Soft kisses are placed over your shoulder from the man whose length is still buried deep inside of you, and you adjust your legs so they are not stretching in an uncomfortable way. Jungkook’s lips distract you, nosing along your jawline and ear lobe distracting from the fact that Jimin is crawling up the bed between your thighs. When he presses the head of his cock onto your clit you jolt. You start to wonder if you really could do this, if your body was able to take two men at once. “I think I’m going to need help,” you whimper, alerting Jin. He locks eyes with Jimin and with unsaid words Jimin already knows what to do. He licks two of his fingers and brings them down to the hood of your pussy where he begins to rub it in slow circles. At the same time Jungkook moves once again and the squelching sounds you hear in this position are embarrassing. You’re so lost in the feeling that when Jimin slips in a finger to join Jungkook’s dick you squeal.
“Hush, whore. I know you can take this. Right? You want to be our good girl, don't you?”
The truth was you wanted nothing more than to be used like the horny little bitch you were, and if that meant being stretched by two cocks, so be it. You feel his finger finesse your opening, your arousal making it easy for him to slip in an entire finger. Jin’s cock was quite large and girthy so this wasn’t too bad. But when he slips in another you have to bite your lip to hold back your cry. You can feel this like nothing else, your tears slipping down and lip bleeding from the new feeling. The men immediately detect this, rushing to ease your pain. Jimin kisses you slow and deep while Jungkook massages your nipples. Just when you think you’re about to throw in the towel you hear Jin’s voice low and gravelly voice in your ear.
“If you can do this for me, I’d be so pleased with you. I can already tell your cunt wants it. Look how your body responds, how your nipples pebble and cum coats Jungkook’s dick. I bet you could take three cocks, couldn’t you, princess?”
It’s all you need, his praises urging you to widen your legs and relax your hole. Jimin senses this, his second finger now fully fitting inside of you. The burn is insane, but you’re so turned on by the fact that your boyfriend loves it you can’t help but to want to please him. “That’s a good girl,” Jungkook whispers along the shell of your ear, his tongue and teeth biting the flesh while his hips begin their torturous rhythm once again. You can feel Jimin’s thick fingers rub against you while you’re being thrust into and suddenly it’s not enough.
“P-please. I need more. I want more. Fuck me like your dirty cocksleeve. PLEASE!”
A wicked grin appears on Jimin’s face and not needing more permission, he puts the head of his cock at your entrance and leans forward. One hand holding him up, he kisses you deep, shoving his tongue so far inside your mouth you almost gag. In this exact moment, Jimin pushes the head down and slides it into you at a slow, excruciating pace. The feeling is too much and even Jungkook groans behind you. Jimin swallows your cries as he feels himself getting deeper and deeper.
You pull away from his kiss, a guttural cry escaping you. You have never felt so full and it aches just as much as it feels incredible. The three of you are motionless for at least two minutes until Jimin’s tongue on your neck brings you back to reality. He makes a move to pull back and the three of you moan.
“Fuck, baby. You’re doing so good.” Jin rewards you with his words, his cock so thick in his hand he could cum at just the sound of your voice. He’s holding on to his last thread of sanity while watching his best girl get ruined by his two friends. He’s never seen anything sexier in his life. The palm of his hand is soaked and he chuckles under his breath at how easily he’s coming undone. He doesn’t remember the last time he lost his composure so quickly.
Jimin and Jungkook have already gathered their stride. You’re sandwiched between them, a pathetic sobbing mess with drool falling out of your mouth, the feel of two cocks destroying your needy pussy. It amazes you how quickly you’ve adjusted and are taking them both without so much as a complaint. “That’s a good girl, so sloppy...f-fuck…”
Jimin is losing his mind, your fucked out face making him want to go faster. Jungkook behind you lays with his eyes closed, his hands busy on your breasts. He barely had to move, his older friend’s hips doing the work for him. You feel amazing on his body, your hands reaching up and back, fingers buried in his locks while begging him to fuck you. He was in heaven.
“Jimin, I bet this baby would love it if you spit on her mouth. She’s already drooling all over my chest. Let’s give her a taste of her own medicine.”
Before Jimin even demands it, you open your mouth, tongue hanging out like a filthy prostitute. You loved every minute of it. Jimin isn’t so kind when he sees your shamelessness. His hand comes up to squeeze your jaw and it actually makes you panic for a moment. When you check to see if you’ve upset him, his eyes make you cower in fear. He leans right up to your face and opens his mouth, his tongue against your bottom lip as his spit falls freely into your own. The warm liquid seeps down your tongue and into your throat. When you go to swallow, he sharply thrusts and you choke.
“See that, Kook? This bitch doesn't play nice. I think she needs to be taught a lesson.” Jimin’s hips start an unforgiving pace, while Jungkook holds your head back by the hair. The tug feels good against your scalp as do the countless sensations you’re being assaulted with. A bite on your shoulder has you reeling, your legs shaking with the way your orgasm is so close. They never said whether or not you could cum and you become hesitant to release.
“Can I...can I c-cummm? Please?” You’re begging now, unashamed and desperate. “No.” comes the voice of your boyfriend from somewhere in the room. At this point you don’t even know where he is or what he’s doing but you can’t focus on that now. You almost yell back and demand to cum, wanting to complain that he’s being unfair because honestly you really weren’t going to be able to hold it back even if you tried. And then you do, the force of it so powerful it rocks your body. You shake uncontrollably while the men above and below you follow right behind, and you feel it. You can feel every ounce of semen filling you, the gush unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.
If you thought Seokjin would give you any kind of reprieve after the assault on your pussy at the hands of his younger friends, you were wrong. You had barely had a chance to get your bearings together when your boyfriend commands the boys to remove themselves from you and leave. It was only you and him now. As you lie on the bed, face flushed and sweaty, he makes his way up the bed and between your legs. He sits back and watches you catch your breath admiring the way your breasts move up and down with the action. You’ve never looked more stunning. He can see the semen leaking out of your holes, the image making him even more hungry than before. Watching you get fucked by his friends had been pleasurable and erotic, but when you all came together, he almost lost his own control. Swiping a finger over your swollen and sensitive cunt, he brings the dirty finger up to his mouth and kitten licks over the cum.
“You’ve done such a wonderful job, baby. I am so very proud of you. Do you know what would make me even prouder?”
Barely able to talk, you watch him silently, the last of your strength stolen from you with the orgasm you had moments ago. It was obvious what he meant, the tent in his pants and lust in his eyes giving you all the proof. “Jin, I don’t think I ca-”
“You can, and you will. Now open up this greedy hole. This is my pussy and although I was nice enough to share it, I get to ruin it last. You’re going to be the best girl for me, I just know it. Let Jinnie push his cum deep inside of you...feel my cock bulging from your stomach...you’d love it, being my dirty bitch...wouldn’t you, baby?”
Whatever argument you thought you would present was completely overridden by the determined look in his eyes. Before you can protest, he turns you on your belly and lifts your hips up off the mattress. The position he places you in causes the cum inside of you to leak out drawing a sharp hiss from Jin. “Fuck, this looks even better. Let me fill you up more, baby. I wonder...if you got pregnant...who do you think the father would be?”
He chuckles sadistically as he presses your neck down harshly. You don’t feel much since your body is already spent, so when he presses himself into you and thrusts forward, you almost scream at the intrusion. Impossibly, you felt fuller, the added girth of your lover’s dick sloshing around the semen inside of you causing the sound to be heard loud and clear in the air. He wasn’t being your soft Jin, no, he was fucking you like a dirty, cheap, whore, and the more you thought on it, the tighter you squeezed.
“Shit, baby. This turns you on, huh? Fucked by three dicks and your sloppy pussy is still begging for more?”
He continues to onslaught without stuttering and you wonder how he had so much self-control when he had obviously been turned on prior to taking you. Already so close to orgams, you whimper out in oversensitivity when his fingers come around to run your clit. His touch lingers somewhere between pain and pleasure, so you roll your hips back against him, the slapping of the back of your thighs against his pelvis getting you even closer to the edge. His forceful thrusts jolt your body forward making it hard to keep your chest off the bed. You fall forward completely and Jin follows, the weight of his body welcome. He doesn’t stop drilling himself into you determined to cum at the same time as you do.
“Tell me you’re close, baby, I can feel you sucking me in. You ready for my cum, slut? Hm?”
“Yes! Fuck! God, yes… I want it… I want it!”
Grabbing your ass, Jin spreads you wide and gets up on his knees, his relentless pace ripping cries from your lips. You’re drooling all over the sheets below you, your lower back already in pain from the flexed position you’re in, but it all feels so good and all you can focus on is the orgasm hovering within your grasp.
“Then fucking cum, whore and take my cum. Wanna feel this dirty pussy milk my cock….”
His word held a command you couldn't explain and like the obedient slut you are, you cum. When you feel him swell and release along with you, a guttural cry escapes you, body convulsing with several orgasms. You’d been used so many times that the oversensitivity made this so much more intense. You feel when he releases inside of you, the grip he had on your hips ensuring you didn’t pull away as he coated every inch of your spent hole. After a few more thrusts you begin to feel the hot semen sliding out of you and onto your inner thigh. When Jin had finished, he fell to the side of the bed allowing you to also fall down on your belly. Your entire body felt like a heavy weight and your arms felt like noodles. There was no way you’d be able to get up and clean yourself up so you were glad when Jimin poked his head back inside.
“Sounds like this poor baby needs to be loved.”
You looked at him as he made his way over to your naked, exhausted body, a damp washcloth in his hand. As he reached out, about to wipe up the mess that was all over you, really, you recoiled slightly.
Jimin froze, a smirk threatening to break out on his lips, “You’re not feeling shy now are you? After all that?”
You realised how silly you were being and shook your head, relaxing and allowing Jimin to use the warm cloth to clean you up as best he could. He was surprisingly gentle and you appreciated the fact that he was being so sweet with you now that everything was over.
“You don’t need to do this,” you said softly, your eyes closing despite themselves, the lull of sleep so close to overtaking you.
“Of course I do,” Jimin replied, simply.
Jungkook bounded back into the room just then, holding a glass of water for you. As tired as you were, you hadn’t realised you were also extremely thirsty. You sat up and took the glass from his hand, drinking half of it in a few gulps.
“Thanks,” you said, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand when you were done. Jungkook looked pleased with himself and gave Jimin a look. It seemed the younger boy was competitive about this as well.
You laid back down and Seokjin pulled you close to him, giving you a kiss on the temple.
“Are you alright?” He asked. The concern in his voice was endearing, considering how he’d been talking to you for the past couple hours.
“Yeah I’m good,” you replied, snuggling into his broad chest, the place where you felt safest.
“Good,” he said.
“Good enough to do it again sometime,” you mumbled into his chest.
Seokjin bit back a laugh, “Damn, I didn’t know you were so greedy,” you heard, right as you fell asleep.
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bangtanscumslut · a day ago
Five more minutes, please - Jeon Jungkook
Just a short Jungkook fluffy oneshot. Enjoy! x Word count : 741
( Pls how is he this cute TT_TT )
Tumblr media
You were lying in bed with Jungkook, his soft snores echoing throughout the room. You were supposed to be asleep, but your mind couldn't stop racing with thoughts one after the other. In less than five hours, Jungkook would be leaving on tour. He would be gone for two months, two painfully agonizing months of not touching or seeing him.
You shifted your gaze from the ceiling to his face resting on your left boob. He had his arm wrapped around your waist, one of his legs flung over your hip. He looked so cosy and comfortable; it made you smile. Who would've thought the big, tatted-up, mafia-looking man was the little spoon?
You closed your eyes and focused on the rhythmic sound of his snores. On nights when you couldn't sleep, his snores strangely helped. It was like your personal lullaby. It didn't take long for you to slip into a peaceful slumber. 
You woke up to the sound of the bed creaking and dipping next to you. You opened your eyes to see Jungkook slowly pivoting his legs off the bed and onto the floor. He noticed you stir and smiled at you.
"Good morning, princess."
"Baby?" you blinked, still half asleep. "Where are you going?"
He leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead. Your hand moved to the back of his neck as you pulled him in for a peck on the lips.
"It's time, baby. I have to leave."
You rubbed the sleepiness from your eyes as you sat up. You watched as he pulled his suitcases from under the bed and lined them up against the wall.
"Don't go," you pouted, tears filling your eyes. "I don't want to be away from you."
You hated being away from Jungkook. You were an anxious and introverted person by nature. Jungkook brought out the best in you. If he weren't around, you would retreat into your comfort zone and never put yourself out there. 
Jungkook smiled at you empathetically before crawling back into bed. He propped himself up against the headboard and pulled you onto his lap. He wiped the tears from your cheeks and peppered a few kisses on them.
"I hate seeing you cry," he frowned. "This never gets easy."
"Then don't go if you don't want to see me cry," you sniffled, wiping the tip of your nose with the back of your hand.
He sighed, resting his hands on your hips and trailing them up and down the curve of your waist in an attempt to comfort you. "You know I can't do that, baby."
"Sometimes I wish you weren't an idol," you frowned, your hands playing with the fabric of the loose t-shirt you were wearing. "But I know that's selfish of me to hold you back from your passion."
He nodded, "that would be incredibly selfish, yes. But-" he covered your hands with his to stop you from ripping at your t-shirt, "-I also understand where you're coming from; I know it's not easy to be with me. I'm lucky to have someone as understanding as you." 
You blinked back the fresh batch of tears and leaned your head against his chest. You inhaled the scent of his fabric softener; it oddly comforted you. 
"I can hear your heartbeat." 
"You're the only person on Earth that has the pleasure." 
You felt sleep overtake your senses once again. Your head lolled slightly to the side, jerking you awake.
"Sleepy?" he whispered, caressing your back as he held you against his chest like a newborn.
"Mhm," you mumbled. "Five more minutes, please. I want to stay like this for five more minutes."
Jungkook smiled through watery eyes. He wasn't the type to openly express his emotions. 
"Do you want me to sing a song?" 
You nodded eagerly against his chest. You considered yourself blessed to be able to witness Jungkook's live vocals. You believed that the Gods above must have mistakenly put an angel's voice into the body of a human.
He sang the first verse and the chorus of his song Still With You as he ran his fingers through your hair affectionately. He grabbed your face gently and kissed you. His lips were soft and full against yours. 
You exhaled as you pulled apart. "It's time to go, isn't it?"
He nodded, pulling you into a hug. You knew he would cry if he looked at you any longer. That was how you both usually said goodbye- short and swift. 
"I love you, baby girl." 
"I love you more, Kook."
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isn’t it romantic? | myg (masterpost)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
many things in life have a polar opposite: left and right, night and day, yin and yang, you and min yoongi... hopeless romantic meets gloomy cynic. the only thing you seem to share is a magazine column but even then, you still can’t seem to understand how min yoongi can be called ‘the love doctor’ when he is the antithesis of everything love represents.
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x f!reader; side taehyung x f!reader
rating: 18+ (minors dni)
genre: strangers to frenemies (?) to lovers, magazine writer au, coworker au; fluff, angst, smut
warnings: drinking, cheating, failed relationships, unsupportive parents/family; specific and individual warnings in each entry
word count: n/a
updated: august 14, 2022 → taglist: open
Tumblr media
entry one: me before you (upcoming!)
entry two
entry three
entry four
entry five
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
all rights reserved © jeonqkooks. reposting, translating and/or modifying is not permitted by any means.
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lemonyko0 · 2 days ago
Mr. Jeon - Part 3
Tumblr media
“You’ve trained her well.” He says impressed. “Bet she’d do anything you told her.” I nod, looking up at Jungkook. I place my hand on his thigh, “Anything."
» genre: angst! smut, fluff at the absolute very end (unless simping counts in which case, plenty)
» word count: 5.7k
» description: teacher x student, voyeurism, almost cuckold but not really ... just read i can't think of a term for this. two members ;)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Tumblr media
Mr. Jeon - Part 3
jungkook’s pov
I sigh and run my fingers through my hair. If only I had any ounce of self control I wouldn't be in this situation to begin with. if only i was as smart as i thought myself to be.
My eyes scan over her name in my phone.
How can someone be so trusting?
It’s not even that she doesn't know, she seems not to care at all. Each conversation with her is a testament to that. I’ve spent the entire weekend texting her. Never initiating anything myself, I really ought to remind her of my no spam rule, but i think it to be cute, and necessary, that she's this obsessed.
jk: what if i am just using you?
y/n: i just like having your attention. you can do whatever as long as you don't leave me.
jk: and if i left you?
This leaves her typing for quite some time. I can see she's deleting what she's typing and trying over and over again before she finally sends her response.
y/n: don't warn me. just go and never come back.
y/n: i hate being teased like that.
The conversation flatlines soon after, leaving her on read and not being bothered to continue the conversation. She’s got class early anyway, I'm doing her a favor by at least leaving her be for the night.
Tumblr media
My shoes click against the tile floors as I head into the school, pushing past the wooden doors to be met with silent halls.
In silence like this you can't help but wander. ask yourself questions like how you ended up here. I never considered myself to be a very deep individual. In fact, I always believed humans were never as fathomless as they believed themselves to be.
It was simple. I became a teacher because my mother was one, and I loved my mother. I saw the joy it gave her, and I chased after her and her life by following in her footsteps while my elder brother followed in my fathers. my parents had favorites, as all do. you're always inclined to love the things that love you back.
I've never asked myself the question if I was ever, genuinely happy in my decision to teach. and now i feel as if it's an unfair question entirely. What qualifies a person to be happy? I lost my mother after my second year teaching at my university job. I always associated her with teaching. Could I ever truly love something, after losing the very reason I started it?
Once my mother was gone I coped much better than anyone thought I would. i'm not sure what they expected, but the sympathetic stares and dinner invitations went stale very quickly, and I left my job and hometown as soon as I found another, even higher paying, job at a different school.
No one here knows anything about my past. They only know what I tell them, and I’ve enjoyed my time here. The people are kind, they don't pry, they invite each other to drinks, dinners, discuss their marriages, families, the economy, and so on.
One man has always stood out to me. He's young for a teacher, like myself. He must be incredibly smart as everyone praises him and holds him in high regards. The staff refer to him almost constantly when struggling with concepts, the subject never mattered.
He was tall, dark hair, wore glasses, dressed average, never attracted attention to himself, and yet he always had it. He looked at me as if he saw through me. I hated it. And it felt like he knew that, too.
I began to see him more and more as the months went on, until it became almost guaranteed that I'd see him when passing through the foreign language wing.
And today was no exception to that.
“Ah, you again.” He grins widely at the sight of me, coffee in one hand and his leather folder in the other, settled underneath his arm.
I force a grin, “It’s me, again.” I stop in front of him in the hall, “Good morning, namjoon.”
He bows his head slightly, looking at me through the top of his black rimmed glasses with a smirk, “good morning to you too jungkook.”
I clear my throat and sigh, “I suppose we have some things to discuss.”
He lingers purposefully, making me uncomfortable with his silence, and I hate to admit it works. “We do.” He extends an arm into the dark room behind me, “If you don't mind.” I turn on my heels and head into the room, watching him set his things down at his desk before opening the blinds to allow a small amount of light to creep into the room, “I'm quite prone to headaches, I don't so much enjoy unnatural light. i find it too harsh.”
I mentally roll my eyes at his behavior, but keep my composure, simply exhaling as I stare at him, “can we stop with the theatrics and you just tell me what you have in mind?”
He ignores me and continues to stare out the window and play with the blinds, before meandering back towards his desk and sitting down with a laugh, “Pretty bold statement considering you're at my mercy. Your entire reputation as an educator on the line. A little harsh, don't you think?”
I shrug, “I'd simply like to handle this already. I figured if your intention was to ruin me, you'd've made a case already.”
He spins slowly side to side in his seat, twirling a pen around his hand, “Who’s to say I don't have one tucked away in my desk?” he chuckles, “I wouldn't put anything past me.”
“Do you?” I ask.
He hums, “I might.” a smile tugs at his lips and he leans forward on his desk, “Have a seat, please.” he watches me intently as I reluctantly sit in the chair on the other side of his desk. He curls his bottom lip and his brows furrow before opening his mouth, “I can't comprehend why a man like you would entertain a relationship with a student.”
He's practically laughing at me, I suppose he doesn't know as much as he thinks he does, “I’m not in a relationship with her.”
He peaks at my response, “You’re not? What would you say your relationship with her would be labeled as?”
I hold my tongue, racking my brain for any mild way to put this, and fail to find one, “Well you clearly know what we did last week, call that what you may.”
He chuckles, “Yeah, strange how I found out though don't you think? All you'd have to do was close the door. I would have walked right past your room, but you didn't.”
I shrug, “I didn't think things would escalate to that.” Lying straight through my teeth.
He nods, “Well you're lucky I’ve always considered us very similar individuals.”
“What do you mean?”
He smirks, “You think you're doing something original? There’s always one, jungkook.” I sigh, not entertained, I didn't come to be reprimanded for my actions like a child. “You’re playing it wrong, all too dangerously.”
I finally let out the sarcastic laugh I’ve been holding in, “please tell me how to ‘play the game’ correctly.”
“Well for starters, I'd like to say it's normal for a man to feel this way, despite any age gaps. So long as she's over the age of consent of course.”
I wince at the thought, “of course she is.”
“Yes of course, and we as educators see hundreds of people a day, thousands a year, and hardly any of them outside of our wall of profession, be it students or teachers. So the likely chance that someone catches your eye and isn't one of those, is slim. The sad reality is so, the more married to your work, the closer you marry your work.” He chuckles at his own joke. “So all i ask from you is three things.”
I sat up in my seat, “please go on, i haven't got all day.”
He nods, “I can't sit here and tell a grown man what to do, but you cannot be so careless. If you're intent on keeping her around, don't interact with each other while you're at work. It’d be one thing if she was simply a student here and not yours, you could just argue you met in other circumstances. But luckily the semester ends soon, until then you can’t waver the professional line.”
“She already knows this.”
“Good, secondly, on the chance you do get caught, I’ve never known anything about this.”
I laugh, “I figured.”
“I've taken it upon myself to look into your personal life, and I'm not fond of blackmail, but consequences to meet these requirements will result in unfavorable things for you.”
“Mhm, wouldn’t want to jeopardize your spotless record.”
He smiles, “Glad we understand each other, and lastly, I want to talk to her.”
I raise an eyebrow, “You want to talk to her?”I shake my head in disbelief, the hoops he’s making me jump through, “Just the two of you? I’m not sure she’ll agree to that.”
He shrugs and heads towards the door, “I don’t care if you’re there or not, it won’t change anything that I do, whether you’re watching or not.” He gives me a shit-eating grin, acting like this purposefully to get under my skin. I’m not a fool, I know what he’s planning to do.
I go throughout the rest of the day lost in my own thoughts, and when the final bell tolls I slouch back in my seat. “Y/N, can I see you for a second?”
I call out to her as she passes my desk and heads for the door. She looks surprised and turns around, “Yes Mr. Jeon?”
I lean forward on my desk, resting my forearms on it as I look around, waiting for the classroom to clear out before glancing back up at her, “Do you have plans tonight?”
She ticks her head to the side, “No, I don’t.”
I nod and sigh, “Okay good, I have someone that wants to meet you.”
“Who?” She asks, puzzled.
I sigh, unsure how much information I can actually trust her with. If I tell her what I’ve gotten myself into she’ll have no reason to go. It’s solely beneficial to me, and if she isn’t interested in seeing another man then that puts me in the worst possible position.
I grin and look up at her, “It’s a surprise. Wear something cute.”
She nods slowly and takes a step away before stopping, “W-where are we going?”
“I’ll pick you up at the bus stop near your house at 10.”
With the details all sorted to her liking she skips off happily to her last class of the day.
Tumblr media
I take one last breath before she opens the car door, sitting down and looking at me with a large grin, “Hi.”
I smile back at her, trying not to show my nervousness, “Hi baby.”
She sits back in her seat and blushes as she clicks her seatbelt on, “Are we going to your house?”
I shake my head, “Our guest decided on the location, it's about a half hour away.”
She hums, “That’s kind of far.”
I nod and begin driving, “I know, do your parents know you’re gone?”
She glances at my side profile then looks out the window, “I don’t know.”
I chuckle, “You don’t know? You still live with them don’t you?” She nods silently, and I rack my brain for any thought or memory of ever having seen or met her parents but to no avail. “Are they away a lot?” She shakes her head, clearly not a fan of talking about this but now I'm interested. “Do they not pay much attention to you?”
She chuckles so quietly I almost miss it over the humming of the engine. “You could say that.”
She stays silent the rest of the ride. I had predicted a relatively interrogative ride to the hotel but our conversation at the beginning had put her in some kind of mood.
A few blocks away and already into the city I try to lighten her mood.
I place my hand on her thigh and she falls out of her trance to stare at me for a moment, but quickly falls back into it.
I mentally sigh, wishing it would have been that easy, “Baby.” I call out to her, she looks to me and responds quietly, “You look very pretty. I think our guest will agree.”
She grins and takes the hand I placed into hers and plays with my fingers, “You think?
I grin, eyes on the road, “I think he’d be an idiot not to.”
“So it's a he?”
I hum, “What do you think about that?”
Her lips tug, “Nervous.”
“Nervous? Why are you nervous?” I tick my head.
“Because you're nervous.”
I glance at her then immediately back to the road, “Don't worry about me. We’ll see when we get there.” I pull into the parking of the familiar hotel. I ought to have predicted he'd choose something more opulent like this. He’s always given me “daddy’s money” vibes. Not that his salary couldn't support this as well.
“Woah is this where we’re going?”
I park the car and nod, “Yes, follow me.”
We walk past the automatic doors in the front, revealing a gold and white interior to the building's monotone exterior. I had gotten a text a few hours earlier of a room number, the lady at the desk only looking up from her book for a moment before turning around in her seat.
The elevator ride was also silent, but I can feel her body heat she’s so close to me.
“Come here.” I extend my arm to her and she latches onto it as the elevator dings and I search for the room.
As soon as I find it I knock on the door. I feel her grip on me tighten and the door opens in front of us to reveal the same man I had talked to earlier that day.
Your POV
“Ah, hello y/n.” a man grins at me, ignoring jungkook and extending his hand outwards towards me. “I'm Namjoon, or Mr.Kim.”
I looked from him to Jungkook, and he nods to me so I let my hand become engulfed in his. I don't step away from Jungkook for a second as we enter the hotel room. I have a weird gut feeling but I also have faith that Jungkook would never put me in danger. I’d do anything for him, and if this is a test I know I’ll pass.
Namjoon walks to a table by the window where a glass jar of liquor sits and some shot glasses, “Jungkook?” he offers.
He laughs, sitting us both on a large bed in the center of the room, “You first.”
He smiles at him, “You’re sharper than I thought.” He downs a shot, refills it then hands it to Jungkook as he pours another.
Namjoon then stands with the glass in his hand and meanders towards me, sitting beside me and leaning rather close, to a point where I could smell the cologne. I don't know what scent that is, but it smells like he’s got money.
“Would you like to try it, dear?”
I stare at him and Jungkook speaks up from behind me, “Only do it if you want to, baby.”
Namjoon glances at him with hooded eyes then back to me with a small grin, “Of course, you should never do anything you don't want to.”
I gulp and let go of Jungkook’s arm, taking the small glass with two hands before drinking it.
My face immediately winces like I had eaten an entire lemon and I stick my tongue out. “bleh.”
They both chuckle at my reaction, “First time?” someone asks and I nod, never having drank before.
It settles on my tongue and I find the aftertaste quite nice. “That's not that bad actually.” I say but a displeased expression is still present on my face.
“Here.” Namjoon hands me a water. “Drink this after, as a chaser.”
I untwist the bottle and take a sip, “Is that what you call what you drink after alcohol?”
He grins, “Yes it is, you are a quick learner aren’t you.” I smile up at him and he leans closer, pulling a strand of hair behind my ear and staring at my lips.
This reeks of trouble, but I know Jungkook is beside me. Surely we wouldn't be here if he wasn't in on whatever is happening, right?”
Worried nonetheless I pull back and turn to look at him, who’s already staring at me with an unamused face. “W-what's going on?” I ask him.
“Don't be so dense, baby. I think Namjoon is interested in teaching you as well.”
My eyes widen and I grab onto him, “But y-you’re okay with this? Do you want me to do this?”
He grins, “Why would I bring you here if I wasn't? Do what you want baby.”
“I want you.” I insist. I don’t so much care for the other guy. Unless I’m explicitly told to entertain him, I’m not interested, and frankly a little embarrassed.
He stares at me speechlessly, then looks towards Namjoon. “You’ve trained her well.” He says impressed. “Bet she’d do anything you told her.”
I nod, looking up at Jungkook. I place my hand on his thigh, “Anything!”
He bites his lip before speaking to me again, “Even if I told you to let him have you?”
I frown at him, more confused than anything, he told me only a few days ago I was not to have boyfriends or let anyone else touch me, and now he's asking me to do exactly that? “W-why-”
“No why. It's a yes or no question, y/n. Would you?”
I nod determined, “Yes, i-if that's what you want.”
“It is. Now stop staring at me.” He rises from the bed and walks over to the liquor, pouring himself a shot and taking it before sitting in a seat in the corner of the room.
Namjoon crawls in front of me, “Just like he said gorgeous, look at me.” I do as told, committing to the idea that this is what he wants and I want it too.
“W-what are we going to do?” I ask him, still feeling my knowledge on the topic of intimacy is still growing.
He smiles, leaning in so close his nose almost touches mine, “Whatever you'll let me.” He closes the gap and presses his lips onto mine, leaning me downwards until my head hits the pillows. He licks at my lips and a hand comes up to my jaw, massaging it and I knowingly let my mouth fall open and he kisses me with tongue.
I can't remember doing this before, and he grins as if it's obvious, “So cute.”
My cheeks heat all the same, and he kisses me more feverently, his large hands sliding everywhere on my body until one slides into the top of my dress and over my boob, lightly pinching my nipple and causing my back to arch into him.
"Baby likes that huh?” I look at him, my lip gloss reflecting on his lips as well and I hum.“Where else do you like being touched, kitten?”
The nickname confuses me but I answer him the same I’d answer Jungkook. I grab his other hand as he continues to flick at my nub with the other, and lead it down to my very lower stomach, “h-here feels good too.”
He sucks at the skin on my neck rather harshly than Jungkook does and I wince. “This part?” He asks, his hand applying pressure where I put him but that wasn't right.
I shake my head, “no.”
He smiles and bites at my ear, “Then, where?”
I whimper and push his hand further down to my naughty bits, “h-here.”
He hums and adjusts his hand directly over my good spot, pressing his fingers up and down my underwear, “Right here, you said?”
I moan and my body squirms, “y-yeah there.”
He persists, focusing on my chest and his other hand moving up and down until he pauses, removing both hands and pulling my dress up to my waist, completely revealing my lower half.
“Lift your hips baby.” He grabs onto my underwear and takes them off. He then turns to Jungkook, amusedly sat twirling liquid around in a glass, and hands him the garment, “here, it's yours, really.”
He looks up at him sharply, and ignores his gesture. Namjoon chuckles, “Your loss.” He then turns back to me, both hands on either of my knees as he widens my legs, “Wonder why he’s so upset?” He dips his head down between my thighs and my brows furrow, until I feel what must be his tongue. Licking multiple stripes before a finger flicks at the super sensitive part of me in a pattern.The feeling both new and overwhelming has me gasping and the bedsheets crumpling beneath my hands. “Oh f-fuck!”
“What is it baby?” He laughs, quickly resuming.
“F-feels really good.”
He leans his head against my thigh, “Has Jungkook never done this for you?”
I shake my head, glancing at him whose eyes haven't left us, “N-no.”
He grins, “Well that's okay, not every man can do this. Only the good ones.”
I whimper as he continues to touch me, “h-he’s really good.”
“Is he?” I nod, choking on my words. He smirks, “Ask him to try then. You can tell us who's better.”
I look over at Jungkook who’s now sitting on the edge of his seat. “Jungkookie?” I call out to him, “C-can you? Please?”
He twitches in his seat, “You don't seem to need my help baby. She's easy, she’ll come just like this if you let her.”
Namjoon laps at my area rather viciously and I moan out as he pulls back and chuckles, “Yeah, I can tell. Such a sensitive girl.” He coos, pushing a finger in lightly at my entrance and I try to push back the noises in my throat but I fail miserably. “Oh you like that, don't you?” He pushes a finger in all the way and begins to pump it in and out of me, lightly curling his finger.
I shake my head vigorously, “y-yeah, Jungkook taught me.”
He adds a finger and moves faster, “Did he? Did you come on his fingers?”
I nod again, “Y-yes, fuck.” My back arches and it's as if he predicted it, I feel the familiar tightening and burning sensation in my lower stomach, like I’m gonna pee.
He pulls his hand away completely and laughs at me, “Can't have you finishing that easily, can we? It’ll ruin the fun.”
I pout. “I-i was close, please-”
“Why would I let you finish when you’ve barely touched me? Doesn't seem fair does it y/n?”
I shake my head, “No. That's not fair.”
He grins, sliding his bottoms off and completely exposing himself to me. “So baby, what can you do?”
I stare at his dick, very different from Jungkook’s. I guess it never occurred to me they wouldn't all be the same. He's definitely longer but not larger, if that makes sense. “I-i can use my mouth, or my…”
I gesture at the area he left unfinished and he grins, “Do you know that word?”
I shake my head, “Only the medical term, i guess.”
He grins, “Your pussy?”
I wince, not liking that word, and he laughs, “don't like that word?” I shake my head. “Well, you can decide if you'd rather use that or your mouth.”
I'm unsure of the right choice here. Jungkook always tells me what he wants. “What do you want?” I ask him, scooting closer.
He smiles and grips the bottom of my dress, “arms up.” He slides the fabric off of me easily, leaving me completely bare in front of him. He ogled my chest before answering, “Why don't you ride me?”
“Ride, you?”
He nods, leaning against the bed frame and stroking his member with his own hand, “Haven't done that either?” He laughs, “Must be a pretty shit teacher to skip all the fun parts.”
I ignore his comment to Jungkook and simply ask, “H-how do I do that?”
“Come here, like you're going to sit in my lap but don't sit yet.”
I do as told, uncomfortably hovering above his hand that's holding his dick, “okay, now-”
“Now replace my hand.” I do as best I can. “Now sit on it, put it inside you baby.”
I look him in the eyes and he nods, encouraging me to do it. I cautiously sink onto his length, only getting what seems to be a third of the way until it begins to burn a little, then halfway I had to stop. “Ow, fuck.”
He massages my back and hums, “It's alright baby, take your time, you're doing well.”
I slowly sink more and more, my legs growing quickly tired until I collapse down and shove himself in the rest of the way and I cry out.
He moans in my ear and grabs at my ass. “God baby, so fucking tight aren't you?”
“Hurts.” I pout.
He chuckles, “A lot of girls would kill to sleep with a guy like me, you’ll learn to like it. Pain feels good doesn't it baby?”
I take some breaths and it starts to feel much better, I nod my head and he chuckles, “Lean into me, let me help.”
I do as told and he begins to push in and out of me, thrusting harshly but keeping most of himself inside of me. I can feel myself growing hotter, feeling how deep inside of me he reaches and rubs against my walls.
I whimper and bite at his neck as a distraction but this seems to encourage him, thrusting harder and faster and I yelp.
He groans and halts suddenly, flipping us around to where I’m on my back and he’s between my legs, “Fuck if this is how you feel now I can't imagine how you felt your first time.”
I don't know what he means but he doesn't give me any time to ponder his words as he fucks into me aggressively.
I mumble incoherent things as he groans beside my ear, “Gripping onto me so tight, so fucking wet too, just like a whore, got another man watching me fuck you and everything.” He whispers and chuckles, “Tell me, is he watching you get fucked?”
I force my eyes open for a moment and glance at where Jungkook is, staring off at the ground. “N-no.” I mewl.
He growls, “Can’t stand to see it can he? His baby with another guys dick in her?” He laughs, “I know I’d be pissed.”
He continues to thrust into me, one arm balancing himself and the other reaches down to my sensitive area. He begins to rub and flick at it and my back arches as I moan loud.
He cusses in response to my walls tightening erratically, before he moans loudly and stills inside of me. “Fuck.”
He thrusts a few more times before pulling out, and aiming his member towards me as he paints my face and stomach white.
It surprises me and I close my eyes until I feel him lay next to me.
I slowly open them back up and glance around, Jungkook looks away as soon as my eyes meet his, and Namjoon rests beside me with his eyes closed and an arm across his forehead.
He's the first to speak, “Don't you know what to do?”
I shake my head and he chuckles, “Well I’d tell you but I’m not your teacher.” He stands and begins redressing himself. He walks to the bathroom for a moment and fixes his hair before digging into his pockets for a card. “I have the room until 11am tomorrow, do with it what you will.” He grins and tosses it at Jungkook before walking out of the room.
The entire thing happens too fast for me to catch up and it leaves me puzzled.
I look at Jungkook who’s still avoiding eye contact. “Jungkook?” He hums. “What do I do?”
He sighs, “Either grab a wet towel or take a shower.”
I nod and slide off the bed and head into the bathroom. I look around, only a hand towel was out so I grab that, wet it and begin to wipe the white substance off of me.
Once I think I have it all I head back out and stand in front of Jungkook, covering myself best I could, “d-did I get it all?”
His eyes slide over me darkly, looking me up and down before settling on my face, “missed a spot, on your cheek.”
I turn around and wipe at my cheek, “did i get it?”
He nods, and I continue to stand there. “What are you waiting for? Get dressed.”
I frown, “b-but, I’m not finished.”
He looks at me confused, “Not finished?”
I shake my head, “n-need you to touch me.”
He exhales and chuckles, “You didn't get to finish did you baby?”
I pout, “No, didn't let me.”
“Aw.” He coos, getting up from his seat. “Talked all that shit and he left you unfinished? Not much of a man after all, I guess.”
I agree and let him back me up to the bed. “w-will you, please?”
He grins down at me, “I can't say no to your begging, y/n.”
I smile and pull the back of his neck in for a kiss, which he only lets me have for a moment, “Face the bed.” I frown, wanting to kiss him more but I do as I’m told, “Get on it, stay on your knees and put your elbows on the bed.”
The position is weird to me but exposes me perfectly to him. What I can't see is the large grin across his face.
“So pretty baby, do you know how pretty you are?”
I hum contently and feel his slick tongue against my folds. “Still wet too, but not as wet as I get you.”
I shake my head, “You’re much better. He was too mean, too hard.”
He coos, circling a finger against my hole, “At least now you know what other men are like. He’s the epitome of every guy your age.”
“What do you me-” I’m cut off by two of his fingers sliding in at a delicious angle, and pulling them back out slowly, scissoring them before dipping them back in. “God Jungkook.”
He smiles as he watches me, “No one can worship you like me baby. They can't make you feel this good.”
I nod, “F-feel so good.”
He hums, picking up the pace, “I’m sure it does baby.��
It doesn't take but a minute more of his work until the feeling comes back, and he notices the way I tighten around his fingers so he adds a third and his tongue.
“Fuck Jungkook.” I whimper. “T-too much too much.”
“You can take it baby, let it go.”
Only a few seconds more of his relentless actions and I’m cumming against him, hard.
My body easily falls limp and I curl myself up in the sheets, feeling exhausted and worn out.
Jungkook disappears into the bathroom for a few moments, then he reappears beside me, towel in hand as he uncovers my lower half and wipes at my area. I whine and try to move him away, “let me y/n.” I snuggle into his leg and relent, allowing him to touch me until he stops, “I have your clothes, do you want to put them back on?”
I shake my head, not wanting to move another muscle until I at least get a good nap in.
Jungkook begins to stand again but I tug on his arm, “Stay with me, please.”
He sighs, “Let me take you home baby.”
“Why? So I can be alone again?” I snap at him, feeling emotional and tired. “I'm so fucking tired of being left.” I whisper, muffled against the pillows.
He pauses for a moment before walking away. I sigh, letting my body go limp against the bed. I shouldn't have put that onto him, or let myself think he has any reason to stay.
The lights shut off and he shuffles back into the bed beside me, not settling until he hands me something, “put this on please, you’ll get cold like that.”
It registers in my tired brain that he's handing me his shirt, and I look over at him, shirtless and barely in view due to the dark room. The only light from the barely covered window’s city lights, and I feel as if I’m about to burst into tears.
“a-are we staying here?”
He nods, also seeming rather tired, “Yes baby, all night.”
I feel a tear run down my cheek and I turn my back to him, wiping it away before sliding the shirt on.
I let myself fall back onto the bed, he pulls me close, his chest pressed against my back and he inhales my strawberry shampoo. “Thank you.”
I hum, “why are you thanking me? I really should be thanking you, thank you.”
He shakes his head, “You don't deserve anything happening to you. Including me.
I chuckle, “I know.”
He exhales, “I don't mean it like that, baby. I mean you're better than all of this.”
I let a silence settle around us. My brain runs circles around the question I know I shouldn't ask. “I want to say something but I’m afraid it'll scare you.”
He pulls me closer, “You couldn't scare me if you tried.”
I smile, “Do you think we could've had a real shot, if we had met under different circumstances?”
He pauses, “I do.” He kisses my shoulder and mumbled something about how I should go to sleep, but I was already halfway there, and soon after I am comfortably curled up in his arms, sleeping peacefully against his chest above the city lights. and for once I feel wanted.
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Tumblr media
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Jungkook: 𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐌𝐘 (1)
Tumblr media
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Or alternatively: Jungkook has no idea what to do with you.
Tags/Warnings: Mafia!Jungkook, Hybrid!Reader, mute!reader, Angst, Fluff, Slight humor, Crime and violence, mentions of kidnapping, graphic description of adult content (violence, smut, Jungkooks questionable interrogation tactics) strangers to lovers
Additional chapter warnings: Mentions of captivity, violence (guns, murder)
Chapter Length: mid
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It's quick and simple, the way each and everyone is dealt with. It's almost boring to Jimin and the rest how easily they brush through security and whoever might be dumb enough to go against them- but they had it coming.
No one threatens or steals from them, and gets away with it.
"just take what you can and get out. We've made enough of a mess." Jungkook says in a bored manner, while Taehyung steps over the leader, who's unmoving, head flat on the table where he'd shot him point blank range. It's when he searches around for secrets or hiding spots that a door opens- but what he finds behind it, makes him stop in his tracks.
There's a hybrid, feline, sitting on a bed.
You've got no fear in your eyes nor body language whatsoever, simply just curiosity as you watch him walk closer, carefully putting his gun away to avoid scaring you. "Now who're you, hm?" Taehyung wonders, noticing by the chain attached to your ankle that you're not a threat whatsoever to him- and also because you remind him of a hybrid he knew years back when he was younger, shot in the streets simply for playing too loudly.
It was the reason he became what he was these days.
"let's get that off of you." he says, getting up to walk out the hidden and small room, opening drawers and moving books with growing anger.
"what's wrong?" Jimin asks, as Taehyung shakes his head.
"dude's got a hybrid in there. I honestly don't wanna know." he informs the slightly older man, who seems just as upset now. "there we go. I'll get her out, you inform Jungkook." he says, before walking back towards you, undoing the shackle around your ankle, cringing at the raw skin beneath. "Okay, first things first, do you understand me?" he asks carefully, making himself appear as friendly as he can. You nod, tail curling and uncurling as you hardly move at all apart from that. "perfect. I'm gonna carry you out, but you'll have to do something for me, okay?" he asks, and you nod, posture becoming seriously as you visibly expect your order now. "you'll keep your head down, and do not look around you, okay?" he requests, and you nod yet again.
You're a quiet one- that's for sure.
At the headquarters, Jungkook patiently waits for feedback from the mission, when Jimin comes into the office, putting some documents down. "everything done?" he wonders, half-eaten dinner left unfinished in front of him.
"smooth sailing as always." Jimin says, shrugging. "so, what're we gonna do with all his stuff?" he wonders, and Jungkook nods.
"sell the drugs under our name, the rest- I don't care really, there's nothing I would consider worth keeping honestly." he shrugs, yawning.
"And the hybrid?" he asks, making the younger one furrow his brows in confusion.
"the what now?" he asks, and Jimin slaps his forehead.
"ah yeah fuck, forgot. Bastard had a hybrid chained in a hidden room at his office. Some fucked up shit, even for my standards." he says. "Taehyung's got her right now. What should we do with her?" he asks again, and jungkook scratches his head.
"I don't know, shoot it?" he wonders, making Jimin's eyes widen. "I don't know! Bring her here, I'll figure something out I guess." he throws his hands up, before sitting down in his office chair, defeated.
But when Taehyung brings you in, shoving you a little into the room before closing the door, he can't help but feel bad for suggesting to just get rid of you quick and easy.
He sighs, noticing the way your eyes focus on his leftover food on the table. You've clearly been there against your will, if the shaggy clothing and visible marks from what he assumes was a metal chain of some sorts around your ankle were any signa to go by. "You want it?" he asks, pointing to the food- but you don't answer, eyes insteas now focusing on him.
He's never been one to shy away from eye contact- but something about you makes him uneasy.
"I can wait." he leans back in his chair, motioning to invite you closer, and this time you actually do- standing right in front of the table, patiently waiting. He can see how your legs tremble a little in an effort to keep you upright- fuck, you look like shit. Pale, fur on your ears and tail dull abd without any of the shine he's come to see from other hybrids he's met before, and yet you're still trying hard to not let anything show. You're still as a statue, like a doll, unmoving and only dancing how he instructs you to.
It makes him sick when he realizes that that's probably been drilled into you by that fat fucker. Well- at least that guy had a bullet in his head now.
"you can talk, you know? The dude's dead." he informs you, and you swallow visibly, first sign of actual nervousness. "so I'm gonna ask again; do you want it?" he asks you, but you don't say anything, drowning the room yet again in minutes of silence as you do nothing but stare at the by now almost cold steak.
"Do you fucking want it or not?" Jungkook asks, by now becoming frustrated with your lack of words.
You've been silent forever now- and he's by now starting to believe that you can in fact stay quiet forever, against what he'd thought at first. But you're not without reaction though- suddenly tearing up presumably because of the way he'd raised his voice, as the first drops drip down your chin, making the criminal panic a little as he becomes frantic at the sight of your distress. "No no fuck- Don't cry, here-" he starts cutting up a piece of the rest of his steak before holding the fork in front of your lips, at loss about what else he should be doing. Can you even eat regular food? Do you have specific needs or allergies?
He's never had a hybrid before, he doesn't know this shit!
But to his surprise, you simply sniffle, before tearfully accepting the food- finally giving him somewhat of an answer as to if you'd like his leftovers or not, making him sigh as he shakes his head, while your posture changes, mouth open as you await another piece. One he cuts up for you without even thinking much about it, while clicking his tongue.
"What the hell am I supposed to do with you.? " he wonders to himself, continuing to feed you, almost even chuckling when you seem to become impatient as he cuts up the meat.
You're almost kind of cute.
Licking your lips after everything's eaten, he can spot the way you sneakily hold onto the edge of the table for support, cat tail by now almost limp behind you. "Go lay down on the couch there." he instructs, and just like he expected, you instantly do as you're told, careful not to put your dirtied bare feet onto the fabric of the sofa, making him click his tongue as he walks up to you, a bit clumsily handling your feet properly onto the couch, before throwing a blanket from the side over you.
One which you take with glistening eyes again, but this time, it's not out of fear.
Because your hand dares to reach out for his shirt, keeping him from leaving as he'd turned around to do so. And when he catches your gaze, he notices that he can hear something quite distinctive, something only someone like you would be able to do.
You purr.
So yeah- Maybe he'll keep you around.
You are kind of cute.
Tumblr media
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purplewhalewrites · a day ago
Hello besties!! I’ve been MIA again but I have a gift! I’ve got a little series going in my head around an overstimulation theme. It will be OT7, one little one shot per member. Obviously I gotta start with Namjoon cause we’re all shameless whores for him big fans. As always feedback and reblogs are beyond appreciated. I hope this makes up for the lack of content lately
Tumblr media
Pairing: Namjoon x reader
Genre: filthy smut
Rating: 18+
Word count: 2.3k
Warnings: orgasm denial, use of toys, domination kinda? Subby Namjoon(is this a warning?) overstimulation
Notes: I didn’t proofread this too much. I'll probably regret it. Sorry!
Tumblr media
“I told you to keep your hands on the chair, if you try to touch me again I’m walking away.” You hiss. Namjoon squirms in his seat beneath you and places his hands on the arm rests. His knuckles are white from how tightly he’s gripping on, his chest rising and falling with every panted breath.
You watch with a quiet thrill as his jaw clenches and he heaves a breath to calm himself. He’s looking towards the corner of the room, avoiding you entirely. “Oh no, you will keep looking at me.” You say, eyes fixed on his face.
The satisfaction courses through you as Namjoon turns to look at you, his face hard with defiance. His eyes betray him though, you can feel how desperately he wants you as he lowers his gaze from your face down towards where the vibrator hums softly in your hand.
“Thank you, my love. Where were we? Oh yes, right about…here?” You coo at him, turning up the speed on the bullet and placing it at your aching clit. The vibrations thrum through you, twisting the knot in your belly further. The physical sensations coupled with the power you feel from having Namjoon so needy beneath you intensify everything to the point of almost throwing you over the edge.
You spread yourself a little wider, lowering yourself until you feel the tip of his cock graze against your soaked folds. He groans, teeth gritted from the contact, cock throbbing against you. You feel the precum leak from his tip, mixing with your wetness. The feeling has you clenching, he’s been desperate for release for at least thirty minutes, you know this is driving him insane. You press the vibrator against the sensitive spot under the head of his cock. A content smile spreads across your face, watching him throw his head back against the chair as he groans loudly.
The toy pulses against you both, shockwaves of pleasure tightening that heat in your abdomen. You choke out a moan, making Namjoon whine and writhe against you. He’s so fucked out he’s actually whining for you, the look on his face sends you reeling as your hips begin grinding against your hand seeking more friction. You’re addicted to how he’s fully at your mercy; typically he’s the one who makes you beg and whine for him and watching him come undone beneath you is power you couldn’t ever imagine.
His grip on the chair tightens, his cock pulses against you again, his breathing short and ragged as he tries to control himself. “Fuck! Baby, p-please. I ca-can’t do this. Please. I need to fuck you.” He cries out, nails digging into the soft leather of the chair.
“Aw, you wanna fuck me? You think you deserve that?” You pull the vibrator away and turn it down again, leaning in close to lick a stripe up his exposed neck. His skin is warm and you can taste the saltiness of his sweat, you almost want to go back in for a bite. Namjoon flinches and moans at the contact, more precum leaking from the tip of his angry red cock. He’s practically in tears for you, adding to the delicious swell of control in your chest.
“I don’t think you do.” You hiss down at him as you stand up again. You watch him as he struggles to keep his composure, knowing how hard it is for him to give in to you this way. His fists clench and unclench against the armrests, clearly wanting to grab you and just do as he pleases.
“Please, I do.” he whimpers, his head still thrown back against the chair. His hips buck up in an attempt for friction and you chuckle down at him. The way he looks so powerless and desperate makes arousal shoot through you, drunk on the rush of power.
The room around you feels practically non-existent, your senses focus on the sheen of sweat across his muscular chest, how small grunts and whines make their way through his luscious lips. You’re enraptured in the moment, drinking in everything he’s giving you and it isn’t enough. You want to feel his desperation like you can feelhis tense thighs beneath you. Your core is throbbing with need but you don’t want this to end.
“I don’t really think you do, Joonie. I think you deserve to watch me get off while you don’t. Don’t you dare come, do you understand? I’ll be very disappointed if you do.” He looks up at you in awe, like he couldn’t believe the woman standing before you was really you. His cock throbs again as he moans, nodding his acknowledgement shakily.
“So good for me, baby.” You purr, running your nail along his sharp jawline before grabbing him just under the chin to keep his attention on you. You lean in and kiss him softly, he moans into the kiss and you swear you can almost taste the desperation on his lips.
Breaking the kiss, you stand up and walk towards the foot of the bed, looking at him expectantly. His eyes widen with the realization of what you’re silently asking of him and he scrambles up and moves to meet you.
“Lie down, face up. Same rules. No touching ok?” You instruct. He jerks his head in a nod before lying down in the middle of the bed, cock standing erect and leaking precum. You straddle him and he groans as his hands grab the sheets to stop himself from touching you instead. He’s breathing hard now, looking up at you with his lip caught between his teeth to keep himself from moaning.
Your hand wraps around his cock and he gasps, his hips bucking up wildly, seeking more contact. He whimpers as you lift yourself and begin rubbing the head of his cock against your wet folds. You moan at the feeling, the way you use him to pleasure yourself. You grind yourself against him, your hand still firmly wrapped around his shaft.
You’re just as wound up as he is, your entire body aching from the emptiness inside you. It takes all of your willpower to stop yourself from just fucking him, burying him deep inside you like he’s craving. Instead you let him go and turn on the bullet again, placing it against your clit.
The buzzing runs through you like wildfire, spreading from your core through your legs. You cry out, throwing your head back as you begin grinding yourself on his shaft. You’re so wet that it’s easy for you to move yourself against him, bullet placed firmly on your clit still. Every time your clit rubs against the ridges of his cock your thighs twitch with overstimulation but you don’t care, you’re addicted to every inch of him. Namjoon groans from the combination of your soaking wet folds and the residual vibration from your toy.
You watch him, eyes glued to his face that’s contorted in pleasure. You feel so unbelievably powerful, watching him at your mercy. Your body tenses as the pleasure intensifies with every strangled gasp from him. The way his cock pulses under you has your head spinning, quickening your movements against him to chase your high further. He’s writhing underneath you, hands fisting the sheets, chest rising off the bed as he groans through clenched teeth.
“It feels so good, Joonie. So good for me. If you keep being good for me I’ll give you a reward.” You mewl down at him, your hands on his firm chest.
“I-I want to be good for you. I’ll be so good, I promise.” He chokes out between groans. His desperation sends a spark through you, the pleasure coursing through your veins mixed with the thrill of control.
“I know you’ll be a good boy for me, Joonie. Just remember the rules, my love.” You sit back and grab his shaft again, lifting yourself up to guide him towards your entrance. You slide his cock in you, just past the tip but no further, gasping at finally having him inside you. The stretch isn’t deep but delicious, right where your walls are most sensitive.
Namjoon’s mouth falls open as he moans, his eyes rolling back from the contact. You clench around him, the feeling of him inside you suddenly overwhelming. He swears under his breath and bites his lip, you feel his hips jerk slightly underneath you and you moan at the friction, wanting to lose yourself in the delightful stretch of him moving further inside you.
“Don’t move, baby. I didn’t say you could. You’re going to stay right there and I’m going to get myself off on the tip of your cock, do you understand? I’m going to come right on the tip and you’re going to be my good boy, right? You’re going to come when I say so.” You try to keep your voice calm and steady but it comes out shaky from the onslaught of emotions coursing through you.
Namjoon groans at your words, the sheets practically off the bed from how tightly he’s got them wrapped around his hands. “Baby I can-can’t, fuck you’re s-so warm. It’s so good.” He barely manages to get his words out, he's breathing so hard.
“You can. I know you can. You’re so good for me.” You reassure him. You place the vibrator back on your clit, the vibrations jolting your release closer. You throw your head back, your legs shaking from the waves of pleasure running through your body. Your walls tighten around his cock and he’s moaning and pleading nonsense, his body writhing against the bed. The vibrator continues its rhythmic pulsing against you, your orgasm building quickly.
“Fuck, fuck. I can’t baby, I’m gon-shit I’m gonna co-come.” Namjoon cries out, his back arching off the bed. You feel his cock begin to pulse inside you, driving you right to the edge of your climax. You’re grinding yourself against him, making sure to keep just enough of him inside you. Your whole body feels like it’s electrified, your toes tingling as you lose yourself in the feeling.
“No, you’re not going to come until I say so. Be good, Joonie. Wait for me.” You growl between ragged breaths, the hand that’s not on your clit is now placed firmly on his chest. You’re right on the edge, whole body vibrating with pleasure as you watch him come undone under you.
You try to keep composure but it’s too much. Your whole body is buzzing, your core feels like a live wire ready to explode. The feel of his cock inside you, the balance of keeping yourself from slipping him fully inside you is exhilarating. You can feel the precum leaking from him into your entrance, warm and intoxicating.
“Look at me, Namjoon. I’m going to come on the tip of your fucking cock.” You cry out as your orgasm rocks through you, your vision going black from the intense feeling running through you. You feel yourself clenching around him, your hips jerking against the toy on your clit wanting to prolong your high. Your whole body pulses with pleasure and you jerk your hips down against him until he’s fully sheathed in you.
“Oh fuck, baby please” Namjoon pleads, his cock throbbing once again inside you. You look down to see him biting his lip, tears wetting his eyes. He looks fucked out, desperate. A mess. Just for you. Because of you. You could come again just looking at him. He’s covered in sweat, breathing uneven, hands balled into fists.
“Come for me, Namjoon. I want you to fill me up. You’ve been so good for me.” You breathe, moving your hips against him. He grabs your hips, lifting you up so he can fuck into you.
“Thank you, thank you-fuuuck.” He’s pounding against you, moaning and thanking you in the same breath. Finally having him fill you completely, every delicious ridge and vein rubbing your sensitive walls makes your whole body shudder.
He’s hitting your g-spot with every desperate thrust, your walls tightening around him to claim him as yours. With one final thrust you feel him pulse inside you, the warmth of his come filling you deliciously. You’re both panting, covered in sweat and fully exhausted but he keeps thrusting into you. Praises and thank you’s still pouring from him, making you ache for him even more.
“Yes, fuck. That’s it baby, give it to me.” You mewl as you run your hands down his chest. He’s jerking his hips up into you, filling you entirely. You circle your hips, making him hiss from the sensitivity. He feels so good inside you, you don’t want to stop. He grabs your hips, “Please. I can’t.” He groans, his eyes closed as he tries to catch his breath.
You lay down on top of him, his softening cock still inside you. He wraps his arms around your body, soothing you. His embrace is warm and comforting, his hands trail up and down your back aimlessly.
“That was…something.” Namjoon says groggily. You chuckle against his chest and turn to look up at him. His eyes are closed contently, a small smile on his lips.
“Something…bad?” You wonder if this would be a one and done type of deal. When you brought it up initially you were surprised he didn’t turn it down from the start. Namjoon liked being in control, he had a hard time being vulnerable with anyone.
“No, not bad. Different. I…liked it.” He mumbles. Your eyebrows raise in surprise at his response.
“So, we could try other things?” You figure you’re pushing it but it’s worth trying.
“We’ll see. Go pee and come back to bed.” He grunts, the vibrato of his voice tickling your chest. You chuckle and get up, deciding it’s best not to push things right then. As you make your way towards the bathroom, you smile to yourself. Something inside you tells you it’s not going to be the last time after all.
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kimtaesss · a day ago
Lost in you | index
Tumblr media
Summary: he fears people leaving once they witness who he thinks he is; a monster. She fears people leaving her; for not being good enough. When they cross paths, they are both forced to face their fears.
“Maybe I knew all along you wouldn’t stay but even then I tried my hardest to give you one reason, one thing that prevented you from leaving.”
Pairing: Taehyung x reader (there will be talks of past relationships)
Genre: angst, fluff, neighbors au, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, somewhat slow burn
Warnings: infidelity (between parents), neglect, abandonment, anxiety, panic attacks, bad relationship with parents, drug addictions, thoughts/attempts of self harm, mentions of insecurities, body shaming, body image issues, bullying, sensitive comments, irrational actions, past traumas. lots and lots of flashbacks (some people don’t like these so I’m letting y’all know), one sided relationship (between side characters).
authors note: accidentally deleted my first post so had to repost it..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one: empty promises (📝)
→ family is people you choose.
Tumblr media
two: (tba)
Tumblr media
three: (tba)
Tumblr media
four: (tba)
Tumblr media
five: (tba)
Tumblr media
six: (tba)
Tumblr media
seven: (tba)
Tumblr media
taglist: @bambamsthings @belovedsthings @ikonsiconic @gotjimin13
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park-jimin-isnt-real · 2 days ago
"edge of tonight" interlude: breakfast
Tumblr media
pairing: namjoon x reader (lots of platonic ot7 x reader) rating: T (for tears) genre: mafia au, angst this part: Jin makes you breakfast. tw: mafia au!, angst, swearing, jimin is a little shit (albeit a well-meaning one), namjoon is so sad, jungkook is too pure for this story ngl, jin is... aggressive but also in a well-meaning way, mentions of sex but nothing happens word count: ~5.5k the edge of tonight masterlist an: surprise!! the story behind this is, i thought the next chapter was going to be too short, so i wrote this as the beginning; but now having written about half of the next chapter, i have discovered that the word count will be just fine and this really should've been used as the end of the last chapter. really this is just why you should plan out your fic before you start writing willy-nilly. anyways, i hope you enjoy!! this is canon, it takes place between the last chapter (the aftermath) and the next (the meeting). please please please let me know what you think! thanks for reading!! and as always, the lovely moodboard at the bottom was made by the fantastic @mirahuyooo
Namjoon woke to the distant sounds of yelling.
Which was not unusual for nights when all seven of them stayed at the main estate. Boys would be boys and there was always some kind of minor scuffle in the mornings—it was usually food related and once breakfast was figured out everyone would calm down.
He carefully lifted his head off his desk, slowly stretching his muscles around. Jin would get after him for falling asleep at his desk again. Usually he at least managed to get to one of the couches before crashing. Parts of his spine cracked as he moved. He took a deep breath, then stood and started towards the office door, continuing to shake off the soreness of his limbs.
Namjoon froze when he opened the door and heard, amidst the usual morning yelling, a distinctly feminine voice. One he had nearly forgotten, one he thought he had dreamt up.
The events of the previous night came flooding back. It was like being shot in the chest all over again. 
I watched you close the door.
Namjoon shut the office door with an audible slam. The voices from downstairs paused at the sound, before starting up again quieter than before. Namjoon rested his head against the cool wood and squeezed his eyes shut. 
What would've been if he hadn't left you there? If he had carried you in his arms out of that horrid place? If Jin had taken care of your wounds and Yoongi had gotten you some food and Hoseok had made some quip that would make you smile again? If Namjoon had wiped your tears away and held you tight and promised that you would never leave his sight again? 
If Namjoon had kept his promises to you? 
I'll find you again, I promise. Wherever you're at, I promise I'll find you. 
You found me, and then you left me there. 
She's not here. 
I watched you close the door. 
I promise I will always find you and I will always come back. 
I waited for you for so long. 
Namjoon was never one to try to hide. He was always praised growing up on how responsible he was, how he took credit where it was due and owned up to his mistakes. But right now Namjoon wanted nothing more for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. How could he face you now, after what he did to you? After what he didn't do? 
There was a soft knock on the other side of the door. "Namjoon-hyung?" The voice was muffled, but Namjoon could still tell it was Jimin. He had sat with Namjoon for a long time after you left, after the rest of the members dispersed. 
"You're gonna overthink this into oblivion, hyung," he'd said. "It wasn't your fault, and she doesn't blame you." He repeated that over and over again, along with what he had told Jungkook, what happened is what happened, we can't change the past, she's here now. None of it made Namjoon feel any better. 
It only made Namjoon regret things even more. 
Namjoon took a deep breath, trying to steel his nerves, and then opened the door once again. Jimin was standing just outside, already showered and dressed for the day in a fresh slim suit, while Namjoon was still rocking the (now very wrinkled) tux he had worn to the ball last night. "How'd you sleep?" Jimin asked, knowing full-well the answer was not great. 
Namjoon ran a hand over his face and sighed. "What's going on downstairs?" he asked instead. Jimin snickered and chose to ignore the blatant change of topic. 
"Y/N has stated that she will be perfectly fine to walk all the way back to the city, grab breakfast at some café, still have her meeting with Song's guy and make it out alive, and then get to the train station and catch the next train to Busan—all by herself. I told her to watch out for anyone who starts turning into a zombie, and she looked at me like I was crazy." 
Even Namjoon rolled his eyes at that one. "I expect that from Jin-hyung, not you." 
"Oh, Jin-hyung would've made the joke, except he was too busy demanding that she stays and he'll make her breakfast, Hoseok-hyung was insisting to drive her wherever she needs to go, Yoongi-hyung offered to sit in on the meeting and make sure she gets out alive, and Jungkookie is begging her not to leave, as only our dear youngest would." 
Namjoon's mind absorbed the information like a sponge and noticed the two members who had been left out. "What are you and Tae doing?" 
Jimin only shrugged, "Sitting back, watching the chaos, making Train to Busan references that are going right over her head." His brows furrowed and he lowered his voice to make sure it wouldn't carry. "I mean, seriously, she was free in Busan for 6 years. Unless she was living under a rock that entire time, there's no way she hasn't at least heard the basic premise." 
Now that was an interesting point, one Namjoon could chew on in the back of his mind. You were free in Busan. No one would look for you in Busan. Sure, you ended up becoming a bounty hunter, but there was a big difference between simply laying low and completely disconnecting yourself from the outside world. 
Which begged the question, were you actually free in Busan? 
"Anyway," Jimin continued, voice returning to normal, "Jin-hyung muttered something about 'going to get Namjoon because Namjoon is the only one, you'll listen to' and then we all heard the door slam, and I decided to be the one to come get you and let you know what you're gonna be walking into." 
Namjoon looked towards the staircase, listened to the overlapping voices without really hearing them. His hand twitched at his side. How could he face you? 
Jimin flicked his forehead. "Knock it off!" 
"Ow!" Namjoon rubbed at the spot and glared at the younger. 
"It's not your fault, and she doesn't blame you." 
"How do you know??" 
Jimin looked Namjoon dead in the eye. "Because she relaxed the second your name was mentioned." 
That. That caught his attention. That was familiar. 
The second she feels nervous or uncomfortable she goes to you. She reaches for you. 
"It was only the tiniest bit," Jimin went on, "and her walls went back up pretty fast—I think Kookie was the only other one who noticed it—but she did. Subconsciously, whether she wants to admit it or not, and my vote is definitely on not, she still needs you." 
Not me, not Hobi, not Yoongi, you. 
"And Jin-hyung was right to come get you, but not because you're the only one she'll listen to. It's because you're the only one who will listen to her. And right now, she needs someone on her side." 
And that's how Jimin left Namjoon, standing in the doorway of his office, as the younger went back downstairs. And Namjoon stood there for another minute, his mind racing with everything Jimin had just told him before the waters stilled on one single thought. 
She needs someone on her side. 
There was nothing Namjoon could do that would make up for the last ten years—he would be trying for the rest of his life. But he could start with this. So Namjoon took another deep breath and walked down the stairs. 
"Namjoon, finally!" Jin was the first voice to break over the rest. "Can you please tell—" 
"None of you are in charge of me!" 
Jimin never lied, but he definitely needed to be more specific sometimes. You were literally facing off against the rest of them (most of whom were still in their pajamas), already dressed in a red sweater and black jeans, complete with your red hat and green jacket. You were clearly ready to leave. Namjoon didn't want you to go, but— 
She needs someone on her side. 
"Hyung, she's right," Namjoon said, sounding every bit the leader he definitely didn't look like. "We're not." Shocked faces turned to look at him, but yours was confused, like you couldn't understand why he was backing you up. 
"You were told what she's trying to do?" Jin asked, looking between Namjoon and Jimin. "Namjoon, it's insane!" 
"Then I'm insane. Are we done now?" It was almost like you were waiting for one of them to dismiss you. To say yes, we're done, you can go. It wasn't like you. 
The room finally fell into silence and everyone looked at Namjoon, expecting him to have the last word. Namjoon looked at you, expecting you to say something, to explain, but you only turned away from all of them and took a step towards the main entrance. 
"I'll make crêpes." 
The way Jin said it made it sound like a threat. They all turned to eldest with wide eyes, but you resolutely stood with your back to them, silent. 
"Shut up." 
"You fucker." 
"That's low, hyung, even for you." 
Jin's crêpes were your absolute favorite. You used to ask him to make them all the time, and he had always told you no, then they won't be special. It was just another thing that was taken away when you were, but now— 
"I'll even make the raspberry syrup." 
Jin was pulling out all the stops.
"We have raspberries??" Tae and Jungkook asked together, perking up far too much at the idea. 
"Not for you," Jin answered, eyes still locked on the back of your head, "and only if Y/N stays for breakfast." 
"Hyung, that's not fair," Jimin said quietly, glancing back and forth between you and Namjoon. Namjoon could practically hear Jimin's mind yelling at him to do something. Because he was right, it wasn't fair, but not in the sense that they wouldn't get breakfast. 
It wasn't fair to place that kind of ultimatum on you. 
Namjoon opened his mouth to shut the whole thing down, but you sighed. Your head dipped down ever so slightly and your shoulders slumped. "Fine," you said, somehow sounding more defeated than you had last night. "Whatever." You turned, gaze locked on the floor, and walked around them to get to the kitchen. Jin followed after a moment, and one by one they each trickled in. 
You sat at the island, resting your arms on the jacket balled up underneath them and staring dejectedly at the countertop. Yoongi and Hoseok took seats on each side of you, and Jungkook sat on the other side of Yoongi. 
Jin donned his rarely used apron and bustled about, collecting ingredients and utensils. Taehyung and Jimin sat together at the table, Tae flipped through another fashion magazine and Jimin scrolled through his phone, looking upset about something. 
Namjoon leaned against the wall, hands in his pockets. He felt out of place somehow, something just wasn't quite right, and it took a moment to realize it was you. He had been without you for so long that suddenly having you here felt wrong, it felt different. 
You were different. 
Namjoon had always thought that once you were back, things would be the same as they used to. Hoseok would make you laugh; Yoongi would have little sarcastic spats with you that would end in you calling him a piece if shit and him calling you jagiya. Jin would start cooking again. 
But now, Hoseok sat next to you silently, not even looking at you. Yoongi played on his phone, but he kept glancing up at you. His mouth kept parting, like he was going to say something, but he kept backing down. And sure, Jin was making breakfast, but he practically threatened you with it. 
Fine. Whatever. 
Namjoon took a deep breath, wanting desperately to fill the silence and end the tension. "So—" 
"I'm not answering any more questions." And after the unintentional interrogation you were put through last night, Namjoon couldn't blame you. 
"—what does everyone else have going on today?" Business didn't stop just because you had come back. 
"I have a shift at the hospital later this afternoon," Jin answered first, stirring the syrup over the stove. 
"I was gonna drag you to Genius Labs later," Yoongi said, "just to get you out of the house." 
Hoseok looked at Namjoon. "Just Dance is closed for the holiday weekend, so Jimin and I are free." 
"I'm not doing anything," Jungkook answered, looking almost too innocent. Namjoon raised a small eyebrow at the maknae. "I'm not, hyung, really! The Basement is closed too!" 
"I am not free," Jimin spoke up, still looking at his phone. "Tae's gotta go in to finalize the pictures being used in the February issue and I'm going with him." 
"And then," Tae continued, turning another page in the magazine, "Jimin is going straight to Serendipity to try to drown his sorrows, again." 
"I am not!" 
"You so are! You would've gone last night had Namjoon-hyung not called the meeting." 
"Wait, why is Jimin-hyung drowning his sorrows?" Jungkook asked. "Did something else happen last night?" 
"I'm not!" 
"Oh, something happened alright," Tae snickered. 
"It's not funny!" 
"No, it's ironic." 
"Taehyung, quit pushing Jimin's buttons," Jin said, spooning batter into a heated pan. 
"Not Tae's fault Jimin makes it so easy," Yoongi muttered. 
"I hate all of you." 
"Hyung! What happened?" Jungkook asked again. 
Jimin sighed. In the momentary silence of the kitchen, Namjoon looked at you. You sat unmoving as you listened to everyone. Namjoon would've thought you had fallen asleep, but there was still too much tension in your shoulders. 
"She isn't the only one who decided to reappear after a decade." Jimin was glaring at the back of your head, but he wasn't really looking at you. In his mind's eye he saw— 
Hoseok turned around fully. "Your ex was there last night?" 
"Someone actually dated you?" Yoongi asked as he looked over his shoulder. "I thought you had sworn off dating and stuck to one-night stands only." 
"She's the reason why," Taehyung answered, turning another page, "and now he's stalking her Instagram." 
"TaeTae, please," Jimin groaned with a hand covering his face, "stop." 
"Namjoon-hyung!" Jungkook spoke up, deciding to turn the attention away from Jimin and give him a bit of a break. "What are you doing today?" 
That. That was a good question.
"I… don't know," came the slow, stiff answer from the leader. Usually, the majority of Namjoon's time would be absorbed with the inner workings of the North scene: who was worth trying to strike a deal with and for what, which allies were starting to get too comfortable or bold in their dealings, and all of it was done with the end goal of you.
But. You were here. The plan was always, once you were back the gang would dissolve, so to speak, and then you and Namjoon would fuck off somewhere. But all those plans were made before Bangtan had even formed, much less grown as big as it was now. Namjoon was running an entire operation; he couldn't just drop everything and walk away with you. 
As much as he wanted to. 
"I'm not the only one who hears the buzzing, right?" Hoseok asked suddenly, looking around at the other members. Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows in concentration. It was faint, Namjoon could hardly hear it over Jin's cooking, but it was there. 
"I don't hear anything," Taehyung supplied, still not looking up. 
"I do." Yoongi put his phone down. "What is that?" 
"It's my phone," you sighed as you sat up. You messed around with your jacket, unbundling it and pulling the device from one of the pockets. 
"How the fuck do you have a flip phone??" Hoseok's eyes went wide at the sight. "Even most burners are crappy first gen iPhones these days." 
You put the phone down on the counter, and the buzzing amplified. "It doesn't connect to the internet, so unless you have the number and I answer the call, it can't be traced." The phone went still for a moment, then started vibrating again. 
"So who's call are you avoiding?" Yoongi tentatively asked, looking between the device and you. 
Jungkook spoke up before you could answer. "Is it still that Jackson guy?" 
"Who the fuck is Jackson?" Jin turned around after flipping a crêpe, eyeing you questioningly. 
"That's exactly what I asked when we were on our way here last night," Jungkook said, "but Y/N-ssi didn't answer." Several eyebrows were raised at Y/N-ssi, their youngest had always called you noona—was he nervous to do so in front of you now? 
"I didn't wanna talk about him then and I don't wanna talk about him now." You sent a small glare to Jin in return. "Don't fucking burn my crêpe." 
"Oh, the one your pride nearly turned down?" Jin turned back around to remove the pastry from the pan and place it on the plate sitting next to the stove. "Besides, arson is Yoongi-ah's thing." 
"Not my fault the rest of you are cowards," Yoongi muttered in response, picking his phone up and returning to whatever he was doing. 
"I like burning things," Jungkook said. 
"You're too young for that." Which got an eyeroll from the maknae. He was not. 
"So, like," Hoseok started, turning towards you with more hesitation Namjoon had ever seen from his friend. "You and Jackson aren't dating, are y—" 
Namjoon had never heard your voice carry that much venom in it before. His only guess was you really did not want to talk about whoever Jackson was. Namjoon also guessed that you would, if only to keep any other questions from arising. 
Namjoon was right. 
You let out a sigh and rested your head against your hand with your eyes closed. "Jackson is my handler," you told them. "He takes care of the money and the jobs and tells me where to go and who to kill." There was something else, something you weren't saying, something that kept your shoulders nearly up to your ears. 
"Sounds like a decent deal," Yoongi said. "Did you meet him in Busan?" 
You bit your lip. "Nope." 
Oh, Namjoon wasn't going to like this. "Then where did you find him?" He dared to ask. His hands clenched in his pockets as he tried to remain neutral.
It took you a moment to answer. "I didn't. He found me." You looked over and met Namjoon's eyes. "Jackson got me out." 
Years of remaining neutral in the face of everything the underground had to throw at him, and those four words nearly shattered all of it.
"He's the one who took me down to Busan," you continued, "and then it was his idea to start the whole bounty hunter thing." 
"And you just went with it?" Taehyung asked, magazine open and forgotten on the dining table. "You didn't, I don't know, try to get back to Seoul, even on your own?" 
Namjoon held your gaze and saw the flash of fear and pain in your eyes. "I didn't get a choice." 
"You slept with him, didn't you?" A series of oh my gods and Jimin!s rang through the room. Your head whipped around so quickly Hoseok heard your neck pop. 
If looks could send someone directly to hell, the way you glared at the blond—who was sitting confidently in his chair, leaning back with his hands in his pockets—would've sent him straight to Dante's Seventh Circle. 
"That is none of your business." Your voice was quiet, and in Namjoon's opinion, not nearly as firm or threatening as he remembered it being when you were angry.
Jimin had the audacity to smirk. "That means yes." You shrunk back and wrapped your arms around yourself, like you were trying to hide and defend and hold yourself together all at once. "And that means that you probably didn't want to, and I'm willing to bet you didn't like it either." 
"Jimin, that's enough," Namjoon snapped. Namjoon didn't want to think about it, and he didn't want Jimin to keep egging you on about it. You turned around, keeping your head down, and put the jacket on. You were actively trying to hide now. 
"Hyung," Taehyung stood, "I think we're gonna go." Namjoon caught the liar's gaze. "I've got a lot to do today." Namjoon nodded. No, Tae didn't, but his day was now going to be filled with ripping Jimin a new one, Namjoon could see it in his eyes. 
Jimin followed suit and slowly started making his way to the garage door, but he kept his eyes on the back of your head. "I'm just saying—" 
"Do not." 
"Hyung, you really shouldn't." 
"Why must you dig your grave so deep?" 
"—he got you out, okay, great, cool. You owe him your gratitude. You don't owe him your body." And with that, Jimin strolled out, leaving Taehyung to chase after him. 
"Why are you like this?" You all heard Tae ask before the door had fully closed. An uncomfortable silence filled the area in their absence, the few sounds being Jin who was continuing to cook and your phone still buzzing from unanswered calls. Namjoon wanted to apologize for Jimin—Namjoon wanted to apologize for a lot of things—but he wasn't quite sure how. 
It was you who broke the silence. "You know," you said, playing with your fingers to avoid making eye contact, "I had decided last night once I knew that you were, well, you, that I wasn't going to kill any of you, but uh, you might end up down a member anyway." 
Hoseok nodded, even though you weren't looking at him. "No one's gonna stop you."  
"I will!" Jungkook pouted. Namjoon knew that look—the pout, the furrowed brows, the wide and all-too-innocent doe eyes. The kid could get away with murder if he told the cops he didn't do it while looking like that, even if he was covered in blood. (It's why his hyungs gave in to him so easily, and Jungkook knew that and had no problem exploiting it, including now). 
"Try not to take him too seriously?" He asked you. "Jimin-hyung's not normally like that, really. He's usually really really sweet, and I guess he just had a bad night—" 
"Kook-ah, I think we all had a bad night." 
"—but he still shouldn't have taken it out on you." Namjoon watched for your reaction and was surprised to see a lack of one. There was no soft smile giving in to the youngest's plea, there was no frown in disagreement. There was nothing, like you were just... empty. 
"Alright your highness," Jin said, finally turning around to properly face the rest of you. He placed a plate down in front of you with a stack of crêpes folded into fourths about six centimeters high, drizzled in red raspberry syrup and garnished with full raspberries and lightly dusted in powdered sugar. He handed you a fork. "Far better than some shitty croissant you'd get at a cheap downtown café." 
"You offered," you mumbled as you dug in. For someone who had so firmly protested against being fed, you certainly began devouring the food. Almost like it had been a while since your last decent meal. Almost like you didn't know when your next one would be. 
"Uh, hyung?" Hoseok questioned, leaning over to peer around Jin. "Where's the rest of them?" The stove was off and the bowls and utensils were stacked together, waiting to be moved over to the sink. 
"The rest of what?" Jin asked in response, except his tone suggested he knew exactly what Hoseok was asking.
"Hyung, I saw you piling crêpes on a second plate," the hacker insisted, "where's the rest of them??" 
Jin only shrugged. "The rest of what?" he repeated. Namjoon bit back a smile. Of course Jin only made breakfast for you. He really shouldn't have expected anything different. 
Hoseok didn't answer, per se, but he and Yoongi glared at the eldest. Jin wasn't even phased. "You go missing for ten years, Hoseok-ah, then I'll make you some damn crêpes." He turned and grabbed his small stack of dishes and started washing them out. 
"Are there any raspberries left, hyung?" Jungkook asked, knowing full well the quarter-full container of raspberries was sitting right there on the counter with the rest of the ingredients. "Can I have some?" Jin sighed. 
"Save some for TaeTae." 
"Yes!" The youngest hopped off his seat and bounded for the plastic box, quickly shoving three into his mouth. 
"I can't believe this," Hoseok muttered, still staring at Jin's back. 
"What a complete and utter betrayal," Yoongi added, "and after everything I've done for you." 
Namjoon caught your eye roll. You put the fork down and pushed the plate away, the food only half-eaten. "For god's sake, here. You two can share the rest." Everyone turned to you in shock—you never shared food Jin specifically made for you, it was yours (and especially when it was crêpes)—and every mouth opened to tell you no it's fine, keep eating, it's for you, but a sudden ringing cut them all off. 
"Shit," you said, grabbing your phone. You only glanced at the caller ID before looking up at Jin. "Turn that off," you nodded at the running faucet, "I need it quieter than the dead in here." Jin complied immediately, and the rest of them froze, Yoongi and Hoseok barely even breathing next to you. You turned around and took a deep breath, then flipped the device open and held it against your ear. "Hello?" 
Namjoon looked at you in awe. Last night, you were angry and sad. Earlier, you were empty and defeated. But something in you transformed when you answered. 
"I'll be honest, Mr. Wang, I wasn't expecting your call this morning." 
Your back was straight, your head held high; Namjoon couldn't see your eyes from this angle (and he didn't dare move to get a better view) but he could imagine the coldness shining through them. And your voice— 
"If the events of the ball have already been reported, then I don't believe a meeting is necessary." 
It rang with an authority Namjoon had forgotten you had. I am the child of a mob boss, you had once told them.
"Oh, I'm sure there are plenty. Very few of them, however, would be of concern to you." 
Last night, you were a jaded ex. Earlier, you were just broken. But right now, you were a mob boss in your own right, a queen capable of running an empire, of burning the country to the ground. 
"Allow me to make this easy, Mr. Wang: due to personal complications, I can no longer complete this job. I can have the money returned to you—" 
Why the fuck you would try returning eight billion won was beyond the rest of them, and the way you were cut off suggested that Mr. Wang thought so as well. You let out a silent sigh, your shoulders dipping in defeat ever so slightly. 
"Well, how can I refuse such an offer?" Namjoon was able to pick up the barely-there note of resignation in your voice. "Same place? … Of course not... One hour, Mr. Wang." You closed the phone, ending the call, and all that power and authority melted right off you as you slumped forward. You looked like you were carrying the weight of the entire world on your shoulders, and all Namjoon wanted was to relieve you of that burden. 
"That sounded like a trap," Yoongi said after a moment. Something similar to a laugh left your mouth. 
"Of course it's a trap," you responded. "Unfortunately, not walking into it will result in worse things happening." You finally stood up, stretching your legs out, and looked around at the few members remaining. "I have to be in downtown Seoul in an hour." 
Hoseok jumped up. "I'll drive!" 
"Absolutely fucking not." 
"Hobi, Jin just made me a delicious breakfast that I would like to keep inside me. You are not driving." 
"A delicious breakfast you only ate half of!" Jin scolded from the sink, having started washing his dishes again. 
"I've gotten better," Hoseok told you, but you shook your head. 
"I don't believe you." 
"He really has," Yoongi added, once again looking at his phone. "He even taught Kook-ah how to drive." 
You looked at the maknae, eyes wide in confusion, as he continued to snack on the remaining raspberries (and definitely not leaving any for Taehyung). "But you drove so normal." 
Jungkook shrugged. "You were in the car," he said, as if that was the only explanation needed, "and I know the stories." 
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before looking at Namjoon. You looked tired, so, so tired, a kind of tired Namjoon understood all too well. You just wanted this to be over, so Namjoon stepped in. 
"Yoongi will drive. Hoseok, Jungkook, you'll go too." The three nodded and immediately left to go get dressed. You lifted an eyebrow. 
"Three is overkill," you told him quietly, then, "I kinda thought you would offer." Namjoon's eyes widened the tiniest bit—did you want to be alone with him? Would he finally get his one-on-one with you? 
Was he ready for that? 
"Namjoon-ah still can't drive," Jin said, turning the water off and drying his hands. Namjoon ducked his head, hoping his blush wasn't too obvious as both your eyebrows raised. 
The leader nodded. "Jin-hyung thinks it's beneath him—" 
"I'm a doctor, not a driving instructor." 
"—Yoongi-hyung doesn't have the patience for it, and I didn't want to learn from Hoseok-hyung." You simply nodded in return, agreeing with the logic. You probably wouldn't want to learn from Hoseok either. 
"Yah," Jin chided, pushing the plate of half-eaten crêpes towards you, "finish eating while you wait. We still don't waste food in this house." 
You rolled your eyes but stepped towards the island to take another bite. "You couldn't waste food in this house if you tried," you said between mouthfuls. "Jungkook alone looks like he could clear out a fully-stocked fridge." 
"He has," Namjoon and Jin said in unison, Namjoon with a fond smile on his face and Jin with a scowl. Jin continued, "I swear that boy hits puberty again every other month, the way he eats me out of house and home sometimes. I'm a growing teenage boy, hyung—he's twenty-five!" You ducked your head, holding a hand up to your mouth while Jin rambled on as only Jin could. There was a small shake to your shoulders and you closed your eyes. 
Namjoon felt a small warmth inside him—a tiny flame melting away some of that ice that had collected over the years without you—as he watched you try not to laugh. A lot of things had changed, but maybe not everything. 
"What's Jin going on about this time?" Yoongi asked as he re-entered the kitchen, dressed warm but casual with a black beanie already on his head and his phone still in hand. Hoseok and Jungkook followed soon after, dressed similarly; though Jungkook was also sporting his leather jacket (the one he wore when he was trying to impress someone). 
"Kookie's eating habits," Namjoon answered smoothly. 
"I'm a growing teenage boy, hyung!" 
"Jeon Jungkook!" Despite Jin's scolding, the maknae had a bright smile on his face. "I told you to save some raspberries for Taehyung! Why does it look like you ate them like popcorn??" 
"Because I was entertained and I had raspberries instead of popcorn." Namjoon rolled his eyes at the maknae's response but couldn't hide his own small smile. This kid... 
"Glad to know I'm still entertaining," you said before Jin could start up again, pushing the now empty plate away. You didn't look at anyone, probably to keep your smile hidden (even though Namjoon could hear it in your tone). "I've got an address, let's go." You straightened your hat and finally silenced your phone, slipping it into your jacket pocket. Yoongi walked up to you and asked for the address, typing it into his phone. 
"You aren't coming?" Hoseok asked quietly. Namjoon shook his head. He knew he'd end up doing something stupid, and he didn't want to risk your safety any more than it already was. 
"We'll keep her safe, hyung," Jungkook whispered, offering a reassuring smile. 
"Keep yourselves safe too." The two nodded, then Namjoon watched as you, once again, walked away from him. 
Jin waited until he heard the rumble of the car and the grinding of tires on the gravel before standing and opening one of the lower cupboards. Namjoon watched in confusion as Jin pulled a second small plate of crêpes out and pushed it towards the younger. 
"Eat, Joon-ah," Jin said gently, "then go take a shower and get properly dressed." The eldest finally took his apron off, hung it up in the pantry. "You're less cranky after you've taken care of yourself." Jin left the leader to his sudden breakfast before Namjoon could respond.
Tumblr media
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kooksbunnnn · a day ago
Lost Cause- Jungkook
Tumblr media
Summary: Jungkook comes back to you after his 10 day trip to Busan, and you sense something different about him. 
Word count: 5.1k, cheating au
Warning: cheating, mentions of sex and hand jobs, pregnancy, past trauma, panic attacks, lots of crying, and regret. ANGST.
Notes: this has been in my drafts since November 2021 and is a form of catharsis for my past trauma. Cheating on someone is wrong no matter what reason or person. This is just my opinion on how I would react now since giving another chance is kinda traumatic for me. No offense to people who try again, but it's just my opinion. I apologize if I hurt someone's sentiments through my words. Thank you for reading though hehe~ ily
Today's a special day, Jeon Jungkook, the love of your life was back from his 10-day trip to Busan, courtesy of the company he worked his ass off for. Also, you had an announcement to make. You were pregnant, finally pregnant. After so many tries. You got so happy when the results came but since Jungkook was on a trip, you decided to keep it a secret until he comes back.
Anxiety, excitement, happiness, and maybe fear. What if he does not want the baby right now, with the workload and extra hours? These emotions are giving you a feeling that you are not able to place in your head quite clearly, but as soon as the sound of keys rattling reaches your ears, a smile appears on your face and joy wins the race against every other feeling.
You run towards the gate and hide against the wall that was beside the door giving you a spot big enough to put up your wedding picture frame. As soon as the door opens you jump and whisper a 'boo', which was meant to be adorable but made him gasp and drop his luggage on the floor.
You pick up the phone that he dropped and chuckle, hugging him, you whisper in his ears, "I missed you, baby."
When he doesn't hug you back your body tenses a little bit but before you can pull back he pulls you towards him and buries his head in your neck inhaling your scent. "I missed you too." You listen to him repeat the statement like a mantra, leaning back a little you look into his eyes...
Was he crying?
Noticing his tense behavior, you kiss him, trying to reassure him of your presence. Inhaling his natural scent which was also mixed with a few cigarettes. You frown in the kiss when you realize something is off because of the way he just kept his lips frozen.
Also, the cigarettes were his symptom of stress but you don't pay too much attention to the smoky feeling and kiss him trying to make him relax. The way he was holding you tightly but also with hesitation, 3 years of a relationship along with 2 years of experience in marriage has taught you both to read each other's body language making you a bit worried.
You step back to look at him properly and see that he had dark circles under his eyes, hair disheveled as if been run through by his hand many times. He does it again, proving your theory.
He is not making eye contact.
The single drop of tear dropping on his chin tells you something is wrong, his chest heaving as if trying to contain and also let out something. You realize he hasn't even looked at you once.
"Kook?" Hearing your hushed tone, he opens his eyes to look at your face for a second and then look away.
"Are you okay? Is everything okay? Did something happen, baby?" Your questions in a whisper-like voice made him tear up and say a distant 'yeah just missed you so much.' You look at his face that was now focusing on the picture you hung on the wall from your honeymoon trip, the hills in the background of the picture making you smile at the memory of your husband whining like a baby because of the cold.
The picture even has his nose red and all scrunched up while you were posing with a big smile on your face, your chin resting on his shoulder with your hands in his jacket's pocket while you hugged him from the back, fitting into each other like puzzle pieces.
You both look at the picture and almost zone out, then you notice the open door facing the hallways and a light chuckle leaves your mouth, saying sorry for not even letting him in and jumping on him. He shakes his gaze off the painting and rushes to close the door before he takes his shoes off and just tumbles across the entrance.
"You know I ordered a big pizza meal but then canceled it cause I suddenly changed my mind. It amazes me that I can change my mind in 35 seconds.." you scoff at how fast you felt nausea set in your stomach when you ordered the pizza.
Still nervous about how you're gonna tell him everything, you keep on blabbering. "But then I decided to cook some steak which I couldn't, cause I suddenly had a headache, so I decided that you can suggest something and we can order while you showe-- where are you going kook?"
You say in a confused tone when you see him opening the balcony door letting the cool air inside.
"Just need some air, Y/N"
Flinching at how he takes your full name, you realize it must've been your rambling that sent him off to the balcony for air. You feel sorry and walk towards the porch where he just stands and stares at the skyline from above, the sun still setting on the horizon painting the sky a pretty shade of purple mixed with a crimson red.
"I'm sorry if I annoyed you baby, just excited that you are back. You wanna shower first or eat something? You seem tired." He shakes his head at your question rocking your body a bit with his since you have yours attached to his back like a koala.
"Can I get some time alone...please?" You pull back with your eyebrows knitted together at his sudden request that makes you feel something in your stomach making you want to puke. "Um, okay. Take your time.." you step back into the lobby hesitantly when suddenly the puking sensation becomes too real and you run towards the bathroom with a hand clutched over your mouth.
Rushing into the bathroom you fall onto your knees in front of the pot, pouring out almost everything you had this morning. Jungkook comes running after you kneeling down immediately beside you, holding your hair back which you were not doing a good job at.
He rubs your back as you cough and try to breathe at the same time not being able to pay attention to his 'are you okays' or 'hey what happened' or 'it is okay, it's okay I am here.'
When you feel like you have nothing left in you, you sit up a little to flush the remnants of your indigested food into the sewer, falling back against the wall connected to the shower cabinet. Breathing heavily, you try to calm down when you notice a big pair of doe eyes looking at you in concern, he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear as you try getting up.
"I am sorry, you didn't have to help, seriously. You're tired, go take a shower then we can eat something okay?" You speak hoarsely and try to leave the tensed guy's embrace but he stops you, looking at you from top to bottom examining you like a doctor while you turn to use some mouth wash.
"I didn't have to help? You were literally wrenching your gut out, are you even okay?!" He asks you in a terrified voice turning you towards him after you spit out the mouthwash. You, not wanting him to tell him the baby details in front of a toilet pot, lie, hold his face in both of your hands telling him that it was stale fried rice that you had in lunch. Whispering an 'oh', he immediately takes a step away from you and asks you to be careful, adding a little 'please' at the end making your heart swell with love.
You both stand there silent while the tap water runs in the background. Yo Turning it off after some seconds, you break the silence by telling him that he can take shower while you can go order something in the meanwhile.
Walking towards the door, you ask, "Chicken?" he looks at you for a second and whispers a tiny 'yeah'. You smile and lean in to kiss his cheeks telling him not to take too long cause you have to talk about something. "Me too," he says in an almost inaudible voice, giving him a little nod, you walk back into the kitchen.
After a long 32-minute shower, according to your phone clock, he comes out in a black t-shirt and grey jogger combination.  You smile smelling his body wash from 2 feet away and immediately feel comfort seeping into you. hugging him you inhale his natural and soapy scent, running your hand in his damp hair.
"There's my perfect and not so travel-worn husband." You smile at him trying to make eye contact when he suddenly buries his nose in your neck, sniffling and tightening his arms around you, mumbling very inaudible apologies.
You try to pull back to talk to him but he doesn't let you, his body starts shaking as he starts to sob. Your heart picked up its pace as you've never seen him like this and you feel a clench in your heart as if something bad is about to happen.
"Jungkook, hey, what's the matter? Are you okay?" You pull back putting a lot of strength and see how his face is red and his tears are just flowing out. "Hey look at me.." you try to make him face you but he just shuts his eyes trying to face away from your worried ones.
He suddenly sits down on the chair with a thud, slipping from your hold. He clutches his head and keeps on coughing and crying. You try to calm him down with big wide eyes filling with tears as well.
You hear him say things like, 'I fucked up, I fucked up. I am so fucking sorry.' and your heart sinks somewhere you dread it from falling into. You kneel in front of him, taking his hand in yours, pressing short kisses on his tattooed fist.
After insisting a lot you finally make him face you but the expression on his face makes you doubt the curiosity in your heart because you have a very bad feeling about this.
Siting up on your knees coming face to face with him, both of you sniffling, his eyes and his nose all red, lips quivering.
"I love you Jungkook, okay? trust me, tell me what happened, please?" You say softly and the guilt and disgust he felt towards himself made him wanna vomit. How he wanted to just go back in time, to revert the fuck up he did, he ruined everything, everything he built, everything he had in this relationship. The love, the trust, he could see everything breaking including you and your heart.
Not being able to keep his eyes on you, he looks down at his lap and you have a feeling you're not gonna like his next words. Tightening his hold on your hands he said,
I cheated on you.
The silence between you two, after hearing the words come out of his mouth, was deafening. You can't even hear your heartbeats, did it stop? was this a dream? A nightmare if precisely termed, if yes you want out of it. You feel the air in your lungs escaping and a panic setting inside you.
"It happened just once, I am sorry. I don't know why I did it. I am really sorry. I don't know what to do.." he keeps going on and on but nothing reaches you.
There is this ringing in your ear that doesn't seem to stop and after a good 1 or 2 minutes of looking blankly at the body shaking and sobbing in front of you, you realize that you went blank. then the realization hit and you felt all alone in the room with silence, slow breathing, panic, and the "feeling of a life growing inside you". Questions. A lot of questions, came running at you with knives and swords piercing through your heart.
Why? Were you not enough? Did he fall out of love? What about the baby? Did you do something wrong? Did you gain weight? What about the baby? Were you boring?   Did you cross any limitations on his privacy? What about the baby? Should you have worn more makeup? Should you have gotten that surgery your aunt suggested? Will he leave you? Would you have to beg? Should you beg? What about the baby? Should you tell him? What if he leaves? What will happen to you and the baby?
The unfocused look in your eyes and the loosening grip of your hands made him jolt up in the chair and hold your hands tighter, pulling you towards his body, he left your hands and held you by your shoulders, trying to shake you out of the panic. He can almost read the questions in your eyes.
He wants to explain and give you answers, but he needs you to get back to him for it. Back to the lobby where you were looking into his eyes but not looking at him. you were not with him.
"Y/N. Look at me. Hey, Y/N, focus baby. Talk to me please. Yell at me. Scream. Hit me. Just talk please." He shakes you and your body responds with a limp movement which makes him leave the chair and get down on the floor. The anxiety, the panic, the betrayal, all making your breathing ragged. You want to scream but your body doesn't respond.
You've been cheated a lot of times in your life, many times. Including the one time, a guy used you for a bet to prove to his friends that he can fuck the arrogant nerd. In high school, the bullies of your school had bets on who can smack your ass or grope you in the hallways or in the classroom, forcing you to transfer your school.
Making new friends in the past was never easy for you and since everyone behaved well to you first and then betrayed you, giving you trust issues. So whenever you got serious with a guy, the issues made the relationship difficult ending up with him dumping you or with the infamous cheating.
After 5 and a half years of isolation from friends and love. You finally found Jungkook who proved in every single way that he can be your friend and lover at the same time. That you both can be happy together. Without anyone else. And as of now, if not him, you have no one. This leaves you with another question.
Are you gonna end up lonely in that depressing, dark pit where you cried and cried isolating yourself, wanting to kill yourself, and almost doing it?
The thoughts hit you like a punch in the gut and the amount of shaking Jungkook had you get out of the daze and finally focus on him. Looking at his face you remember everything you guys have done. The kisses, the movies, the cuddles, the teasing, the late-night walks, the crying sessions, the fights, the sex..
Before you can even think about the following genres of your memories, you push him back and clutch your head. Falling forward with your knees still tucked under your thighs, you pull your hair to stop the pain in your head and let out a screech that makes Jungkook sob harder.
He doesn't wanna see you like this, your body shivering, and the way your hands are shaking and your loud cries and wails that he never wanted to be the reason for. He knew your past. He knew every fucking thing. How could he do this to you? He vowed that he will never make you cry, he literally would kill anyone who made you upset.
Now, what should he do with himself?
You gasp as you take in the air, your body falling back as you reach for something on the ground to get support from. Jungkook tries to reach out to you but you yell at him to stay away. You can't stop the pictures in your head of him kissing someone, moaning someone else's name.
"Why?" You ask between sobs, mostly talking to yourself, not actually wanting answers. seeing you like this he cries harder, crawling towards you, trying to hold your hand, you struggle against him, trying to push him again but he pleads in front of you to listen to him explain.
"No!" You scream and push him off. Making him fall back against the floor, and you even stop for a second to check on him if he is hurt.
"Was I not enough for you?! Why did you, out of all the people have to prove that I am not worth putting people's time into?! What am I supposed to do huh?" you kneel in front of his body that was hesitant to reach out but wanted to comfort your panicked state. "You tell me Kook...Do you expect me to forgive you? Or do you expect me to trust you again and just forget that this.." you move your pointer finger towards both of your chests, "..ever happened?"
Getting up you get a dizzy feeling in your head and you can feel the room spinning. You lean against the kitchen counter, tears still flowing. You look at him who was getting up to sit on the chair still looking down at the floor. Suddenly you can't breathe without asking him the questions in your mind, you wanted to know, Why? Who? Where?
"Who was she?" You ask not able to hide the little crack in your voice as you looked at your husband, who promised to love you. Forever.
"She was the manager in the club I went to celebrate with hyungs." He speaks up without hesitation knowing that he owes an explanation.
That easy? Was it that easy to forget about you and fuck another girl?
"What was her nam- actually no I don't wanna know..." you felt bile rise in your throat at the thought of knowing her name, so after a pause, you got the courage to ask him, "Did you fuck her?" He looked at you flinching at the choice of your words.
"No." He said looking away tears still flowing. Before you could ask further, he explained himself. "I didn't fuck her, Y/N. Does it matter what we did? I am really sorry Y/N, please look at me." He said as he stood up to walk up to you.
You chuckled sarcastically, no humor present in your voice. You looked up and saw guilt in his eyes as he stopped in his way when he heard you let out the half-hearted laugh. It hurts to see him cry but you can't help but feel the pain in your chest overlapping your love. You doubt if you should even tell him about his baby. It was supposed to be a surprise but clearly, your husband had better a surprise planned.
You really want to, but you can't really see a future ahead of you now.
"We. It's such an easy word right kook?" You look at the ground thinking about how he used the word so easily which was supposed to be only his and yours. "We. Us.." You look up at him and say through clenched teeth,
"Yes, It matters Jungkook tell me. What exactly happened? I want to know where exactly I went wrong for you to go seek help somewhere else."
He wanted to protest but you shush him with an adamant 'Tell.Me.Jungkook'.
He looks at his feet and you prepare yourself for the heartbreaking details. "We met-.." Wincing, he looks at you and changes his words "I met her when she came to ask if our group needed something. Namjoon Hyung introduced all of us since she was his old friend. They wanted to celebrate the deal and since she was hyung's friend, we invited her, and I-I don't know what happened but I got really drunk and I just went to wash my face but she j-just grabbed me and pushed me against the wall and.." he started sniffling and you felt your body shake and long, heavy breathes leaving your lungs, eyes squeezed shut, with clenched fists, trying to hear the whole story without breaking down. "She started kissing me and.."
He pauses pleading with you to not let him continue.
"Continue please.." he can hear your heart, your voice, and your demeanor breaking at the same time. "Y/N please.." hearing this, you look at him with eyes that were emotionless, telling him that he fucking owes this much to you.
All the while he was speaking, you were thinking about the baby, the little person who did nothing wrong. Will his or her father leave? You feel your breath slipping away at the thought but you control the urge to scream until he finishes.
"..and then we just gave each other a handjob.." you flinched at the term making your knuckles go white. He sounds so distant, so small, the guilt eating him up.
"Did you cum?" you ask him, eyes shut as if trying to avoid the answers. He sighs and mutters a 'yes'. You inhale sharply trying to gasp for air looking up at the ceiling, "did you make her cum?"
He feels the knot in his throat fighting the food he ate earlier which was trying to come out, guilt and disgust seeping into his veins. This sounds so disgusting and you sound so broken. Your panicked breathing makes him feel pathetic. But after gathering some courage he admits cause he had to answer you.
"..yes." It was supposed to happen if they did that kind of stuff but it made you feel sick to the stomach. You feel the world spin and you wonder if there is a chance that a nightmare could feel so true.
You don't know what comes over you when you call his name softly.
He looks up at you with blurry eyes and you reach up to his hand to hold it against your belly. He looks at you confused for a second but the moment you see him realize, you let his hand slip out of yours and his eyes sparkle for a second, he understands that finally he fulfilled his dream which was to be a father but loses it as soon as he realizes that he fucked up bad and what he did was irreversible, ruining three lives altogether.
Him. You. And the baby.
He steps back as he realizes what he has done. Both of you have been trying for half a year and now, when he finally got the chance to be a father, to be a perfect husband, a chance to help you sit up, feed you, to do stuff for you cause you won't be able to do, since you would be having a big belly, with his baby inside, who will one day hold his hand and call him 'dad', he wanted to help you get through the labor so that he could hold the baby in his arms taking in his or her features while you sleep because you'd be exhausted, a family picture that he imagines being taken in the hospital to get it framed and put on the bedside wall.
What has he done?
You both stay silent after the reveal, the only sound audible was of you sniffing after crying for a time none of you could measure. Your thoughts whirling inside your mind, tiring you, not realizing when you blacked out.
Jungkook heard how your hiccups stopped gradually, making him look upward to see how you passed out and had your head rested on the wall behind you. Your body cold and your face wet with tears. He carries you to your bedroom and tucks you in, feeling sick when he sees your face and nose red. Black trails on the cheekbones. He tries to rub the smudges off but pulls his hand back when he realizes that he lost his right to do all this.
He places a glass of water on the nightstand which was his daily habit, cause he knows you always wake up at midnight, searching for water with grabby hands almost falling over one time, so he started putting it there every night.
You were his princess whom he liked to spoil even after your complaints of being a spoiled brat because of him, always smiling when he called you his baby. He made sure you didn't have to leave the comfort of your bed. He remembers how you smiled looking at him with your big doe eyes filled with love which were now red because of him.
He turns off the lights of the room to make sure your eyes don't strain while you sleep, since he would not sleep next to you, to help you get your relief by burying your head in his chest to avoid the lights. He lost the privilege.
All these emotions made him feel nauseous but nothing comes up. The feeling sitting inside him as he watches your pale face being lit under the moonlight coming through the gap in the window curtains. He didn't realize how the clock turned from eight in the evening to 01:05, midnight.
He sat on the floor next to your hand, not even daring to touch you trying to think of ways to solve this,  he doesn't want to leave you alone, afraid of you getting up due to a nightmare or morning sickness.
He doesn't want you to be alone.
Not realizing when he fell asleep, but when he wakes up he doesn't find you anywhere in the room, not even in the bathroom. Calling out your name in panic, he runs out to the lobby where he doesn't find you either. He calls for you in taking out his phone to call people who might know where you were, but the cool air from the balcony caressing his face takes him towards you on the balcony.
He rushed towards you and saw how you were crouched down on the floor sipping coffee or tea. It might be tea coz you don't like coffee in the morning. 'It makes me talk bitter all day' you told him once. The memory making him smile.
Walking inside the balcony area, decorated by you as soon as you both moved into the apartment 8 months ago, with plants, wall hangings, colorful pots, and a set of chairs with a little round table for your balcony date nights you had on Saturdays. Sitting down he sees that your eyes are still swollen and he observes you were crying before he woke up. He wants to caress your swollen skin but doesn't, so he just sits across from you on the balcony floor looking at the floor underneath him.
After finishing the tea you keep the empty mug on the floor with a clink and without looking at him, focus still inside the empty vessel, you softly speak, "Kook, I don't know if I can see you, or feel the same way for you as I did before, b-but.. I think our child should be born with both the parents. Still together.." he looks up at you with hopeful eyes at the same moment you do but then you interrupt him with your statement,
"That does not mean that I can forgive you. You lost the place you had in my heart, Jungkook. I am strong. But I am not that strong to let you back in my life or take a chance with you and give our relationship a try. After what happened to me in the past, this was my last straw and I hope you know that I have loved you with everything I had... I still do. But I just... can't."
You feel your heart clench at the way he opens his mouth to say something but closes it the moment you start tearing up. He looks at his lap again, soft sniffles coming from his direction.
You don't want to leave him alone but still, you get up to leave the balcony with Jungkook looking at the floor not able to make eye contact with you.
With your back towards him, you say, "I am going to live at my mom's house for some time until I find an apartment, I dont want to stay here.." looking around you feel your heart sinking as every spot that screams about the time you've spent here.
"...the memories will fucking kill me. I will shift somewhere else after I find the apartment, uh, you can..um, visit whenever you want, as I w-want you to be an equal part of the child's life as I am, just.." he looks up at you with teary eyes at your words, "..don't expect to be a part of my life kookie. It's not easy but I can't risk it. I have to take care of us"
Us. You and the baby. Not the three of you, this realization makes him look away with watery eyes.
Seeing him try to control his breathing you couldn't help but walk back into the balcony to kneel in front of him. Leaning forward, you put your hand on the other side of his face and give a peck on his cheek. He holds your wrist in place so you could not move, you both sniff simultaneously while inhaling the air as if breathing is the most difficult thing in the world.
You feel your heartbreak at the Irony. He used to be your safe space. He helped you breathe.
You put your forehead against his and let his scent get absorbed and engraved in your mind. One last time, your mind tells you. You know you have to be strong. You don't want to live with the anxiety and fear of him cheating on you again. Your past has ruined your trusting instincts and now jungkook just put the cherry on the top.
You mumble a little 'I love you before nudging his nose with yours as he tries to not let you go, but eventually does cause he didn't dare to stop you after doing you so much wrong. You get up to leave when you hear a silent 'I love you too'
You let the tears fall silently as you left the apartment, breaking down as soon as you reach your car. Gripping the steering wheel you see the shiny ring on your finger reflecting the rays coming through the windscreen, towards the plushie sitting on your dashboard he gave you on the first day of your job. The little squishy duck looking at you with pity in its plastic eyes, as it now has witnessed your most happy and the most dreadful ones in approximately 8 months.
Everything was over. You and Jungkook, your perfect fairytale, your perfect family, kids,  the dream you've been dreaming of forever. Just gone. 
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likeastarstar · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
11:39 PM - Hoseok
part one!
u up?
You stared at your phone, pursing your lips for a fraction of a second before responding. You couldn't stop the smile that was forming on your lips, no matter how hard you tried.
You barely had to wait a moment before you heard a knock at the door, scrambling to go answer it. Hobi was staring at his hands when you opened it, the benefit to your neighbor being your go to hook up.
"Rough night?" You asked, leaning against the doorframe.
He looked up, a sheepish smile on his face. He was starting to look like himself again, his hair was growing out, back to his soft brown tone. He still seemed tired all the time, not as unbearably cheery- but still, he was better.
Not that you cared- yeah, you really didn't care.
He was just some guy you fucked sometimes despite him being incredibly annoying.
"Well, those are the rules right? I can only come over if I'm in a bad mood?" Hoseok joked, stepping towards you.
He was close enough for you to feel his body heat warm your skin, your hands brushing against each other.
"Something like that," You smirked, leaning into him as he kissed you.
It always started off like this.
Whenever either one of you needed a distraction, you'd send a text. You hadn't really laid any rules down but it was pretty well understood- you didn't like each other, you just liked having sex.
"Remember this is just-"
"Just sex," Hoseok interrupted, "You keep saying that."
He flattened a hand on your lower stomach, pressing down on the softest part of you and intensifying the push and pull of his cock against your pussy walls. Your body reacted instantly, moaning loudly and racking your nails down his back. Hoseok hissed at the sting, lips latching around your nipple and sucking hard.
God- he was loud and obnoxious but damn he was good at fucking you. You pulled him closer to you, shoving your hips down on his and grinding sloppy circles. You dug your nails into the flesh of his ass, clenching around him when he laughed dryly.
"Fuck- you're rough," He grunted, flattening a hand on the mattress by your head and pushing up off the bed.
You like this angle too, being able to watch his hips snap into you and his stomach flex and relax with each thrust. His skin was glowing, dewy skin bouncing off the dim lighting in your room that reminded you something of the sun. His dry, humorless laugh bounced around in your head and made your brain fritz out, the gravely tone of his voice sending you over the edge.
"Do you need me to be more gentle?" You asked, tone full of malice, "Can you not handle it? Are you too soft?"
He rolled his eyes, clenched jaw edging you on. He leaned over you, kissing you politely on the lips once before flipping you both over, forcing you to get on top of him. You made a noise in surprise, a noise so high pitched and girlish you felt embarrassed.
Hoseok laughed at you, planting his feet on the mattress and fucking up into you. His hand wrapped around your hair, twisting it around his palm and yanking down so that tingles went down your spine and straight to your clit, arching your back dramatically.
"Nah, I can be rough too," He grunted, yanking you down towards him so he could take your breast into his mouth again, clapping his free hand down on your ass to put the final nail in the coffin. "I can be anything you want me to be, baby."
"Don't call me baby," You complained, cradling his head up to your chest, fingertips massaging into his scalp. It was a tender motion that juxtaposed your tone, which only made him laugh more.
You felt a flutter in your chest and shoved it way, way down. You hated him- remember? He sucked, he sucked, he sucked.
You felt his hands rub at your clit, massaging your bundle of nerves in sharp circles, and sending you barreling towards an orgasm. You lifted and dropped your hips on him, matching his pace.
He sucked, he sucked-
"Come on, cum." He demanded, quickening his pace.
His tongue laved over your other nipple, making you gasp until his teeth scraped against your skin.
He sucked-
"Cum for me- come on, baby."
You weren't sure what did it for you- if it was his voice or his words or his actions but you came harder than you had in a long time, your entire body spasming harshly. You couldn't keep yourself upright anymore, collapsing against his chest. He took over for you, his hand smoothing down your spine soothingly as you floated back down to earth until you felt him twitch and still inside of you, slamming into you once more before he pulled out, pushing you up on his lap so he finished on your ass, ropes of hot cum landing on your skin.
"Oh my god," You gasped, catching your breath.
"That was good," He panted, letting you lay on top of him for awhile.
"It's always good," You pointed out, rolling off of him and prancing towards the bathroom to clean yourself up.
Hoseok watched you from his bed, a satisfied look on his face. You looked back at him and raised your eyebrows, wondering why he was staring at you. Usually, he just got up and left.
"So I finished that thing I was working on," He announced.
"That thing...." You repeated slowly, washing your hands before walking back to your bedroom. You threw a shirt on, stepping close enough to him for Hoseok to reach out and slip his hand under, squeezing the side of your waist, "Oh- that thing that was making you so stressed out."
"Yeah," He smiled, pulling you closer to him, "I finished it and I- well, I brought you a copy of my album. Well, we didn't do physical CDs so it's like, a little QR code. I dunno, it's stupid."
"I want it, where is it?" You asked quickly, looking around for it. He gestured towards his pants laying in a puddle on the ground and you scrambled to get it, digging in his pockets until you pulled out a pink card stock folded cube, opening it immediately.
You sat beside him on your bed with your legs folded beneath you, absentmindedly noting his hand soothing up your thigh.
"I guess I should go now, huh?" Hoseok mumbled, sitting up.
You looked at him and flattened a hand on his chest, pushing him back down onto your bed. He landed with a soft thud, an amused look on his face.
"You can stay until I finish listening to it," You bossed, narrowing your eyes at him. "That way, if it's terrible, I can tell you in person."
"You're evil," He mumbled, but settled in nonetheless.
You snickered and took your phone off of your end table, scanning the QR code quickly, "And hey- If it's any good, maybe I'll let you sleep with me again."
He raised his eyebrows, biting down on his bottom lip, "Deal."
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bubbleey · a day ago
Drabble: Mine
Pairing: Jungkook x Female Reader
Genre: Smut; FWB
Rating: +18!!!!! Minors please DNI
Word Count: 715
Summary: You don’t like sharing and Jeon should know this by now.
Warnings: possessive reader, Sub!Jungkook, Soft Dom!reader, slight spit kink, handjob, edging, PWP
Author’s notes: I’m back(for the time being), hopefully I have more time to write now since I’ve been very busy for the last two months. I hope you enjoy reading this small drabble and let me know what you think!
Your hand moves languidly across his length as if bored with the task at hand. Your free hands tugs lightly in warning on his hair as you prompt him to finish his sentence.
To say your livid is an understatement and you won’t let him get what he wants so easily. Your relationship is only one of mutual pleasure but from the very start you both agreed that it was at least exclusive. You’re not oblivious to the lingering marks decorating his skin and it further agitates you that he thinks that you are. Knowing yourself you’ll get over it in a week but the possessive and petty side wants to play it out for a bit longer.
When he doesn’t respond when prompted you stop your movements altogether tugging his head to directly face yours.
“Use your words like a big boy Kook”, tone condescending as you pick up your movements again. Your bored look is met with his pleading eyes, having been teased for so long. If he knew he’d open his door to devil incarnate he would have kept it shut but you looked so tempting dressed in a simple tank that left little to the imagination and skirt that you know he loves so much.
You apply a bit more pressure to coax it out of him.
“I want more.”
Your eyebrow twitches as if irritated, tongue clicking in dissatisfaction. He quickly picks up on your warning not wanting to irritate you further.
“Spit on it.”
At that you show your first hint of satisfaction since you started this, lip quirking up a bit. As coy as he acts he is dirty with his words and it’s one of the many reasons you love playing with him. So you oblige, tilting your head downwards to directing the wetness onto the head of his dick. He moans lightly at the sensation, eyes closing briefly as you speed up your movements now aided by the mixture of your spit and his pre-cum.
You take a moment to admire the look of peace on his face before the sadist part in you decides to ruin it. The hand that was settled on his nape moves its way across his face, finally settling on his jaw.
His eyes open briefly, pupils fully blown out as he already anticipates your next action. He happily follows opening his mouth, awaiting as you’ve taught him to. Your tongue glides against your teeth gathering the wetness before you spit into his mouth. His swallows without hesitation, moaning as you reward him with a faster pace. Your hand moves quickly across his soft skin as your palm glides across the head each time it makes its ascent. You hum in approval as his moans increase in volume.
“Mine”, you speak absentmindedly as your eyes return to the tainted spot that started all of this. Your mouth drops to his neck covering the mark with a new one of your own as you suckling on the fading bruise. Not satisfied with just that spot you make your way around his neck littering it in signs of possession.
“Yours”, he sighs in content as his hips start bucking into your hand, a tell sign that he’s close. You let him, wanting him to chase his high as your hand works in tandem with his hips. Just as his mouth hangs agape preparing for his impending orgasm you wait until the last second possible to remove your touch from his body. His hips buck up trying to chase your hand as a whine escapes his mouth.
His eyes open, sparkling as he processes what just happened. You’re already getting up and gathering your things as if he wasn’t sitting half naked right in front of you.
“I don’t like sharing Kook, let me know when you understand what that means.”
You slam the door, leaving him dumbfounded as to what just happened. It doesn’t take long for him to start blowing up your phone with apologies and attempts to get you back into bed with him. Endless messages and videos of him trying to entice you but your will is strong. You know he won’t touch himself in the time that you’re apart so like you said, you’ll give it a week.
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scribbles-rambles · 7 hours ago
I'm the carnival of peace
Plot: Jungkook comes home exhuasted. And horny. Especially horny because you recently told him you want a baby.
Tags: smut. breeding kink. somnophilia.
A/N: welp I couldn’t resist
Tumblr media
Jungkook was exhausted coming home after a long day of practice. When he finally arrived home, he just wanted to go to bed. He was expecting you to be asleep, long asleep. Namjoon and Yoongi had kept him in the studio until nearly 2 am- and he’s exhausted. But, at the same time, his thoughts are beaming with what you said a few days ago. You decided it’s time to have babies, and Jungkook is thrilled. He’s been fucking you nearly every day, and it's the best sex of his life- how much he loved cumming inside her and couldn’t wait until you carried his child. Jesus Christ. You drive him wild. 
This is all he can think about- but Namjoon kept him late today. 
But- If there was one thing Jungkook knew about you, especially after the last few days, it was how you loved orgasming before going to sleep. An orgasm seemed to be precisely what you needed after a long day- that fantastic dopamine rush; it calmed you down, lulled your body out till all you could do was close your eyes and drift off to sleep. You loved it.
Most nights, Jungkook liked to be there to give you those orgasms. He liked being the only one who did that. He knew how to provide you with those orgasms you loved instead of your lazy fingers. He hated being held up by his schedule, like being in the studio, doing shoots, or attending social events. He hated coming home to find you had already put yourself to sleep with your weak, little orgasms. 
At this point, Jungkook was almost preconditioned to this- he hated going to sleep without giving you that orgasm you needed. Jungkook felt like he is becoming too needy- needing to fuck you every night, eat you out, or finger you. If he didn't, he didn’t sleep very well. He was annoyed when you were sleeping, just fine, without him. 
It’s like you didn’t have to have him. Your tiny little fingers are apparently doing it for you; you didn’t have to have Jungkook use his well-earned skills on you. Obviously, as you have told him, his fingers were always the ones you wanted. Because of this, you told him he could do anything to you- even when you’re asleep. You practically begged him to do those things to you on those nights when you had to go asleep alone. The idea of him touching you when you were asleep turned you on unbelievably. 
Finally- he arrives home. Tonight- Jungkook arrived again late by 2:30 am because of traffic. Fuck- he is tired. 
But- he also wants to fuck. He is annoyed, exhausted, and needs your body. 
But as he walked into the bedroom- he found you already asleep. 
You’re hugging the grey pillow, your legs hiked up, and the pathetic, little cotton shorts halfway up your ass. Jungkook frowns– but also, he finds you so cute, sleeping like that. You’re laying on your side, ass perked, like when you put it back on him. 
He scowls even harder- because he knows your pathetic little fingers can’t fuck you to sleep as he does. He could tell you were weakly touching yourself before bed- but not as he does. Instead, he strips off his clothes- before slipping into bed beside you. His hand snakes under your shirt (his old shirt) and finds you totally naked, besides your shorts. He groans as his hand strokes your breasts. Then, he slips his hand lower until he reaches your cunt, under your clothed shorts. 
“Fuck,” Jungkook chokes. His fingertips are grazing your folds, so slick they just glided up and down with absolutely no friction at all. Jungkook was turned on by the fact you had been fucking yourself before bed- like you had done it on purpose to turn him on. 
Just how hot Jungkook found that he could never tell you. He is rock hard already, and his breathing is heavier as he rubs your little cunt even more desperately, so wanting to get your release. 
You’re squirming under his touch. “... Sweet girl,” he mumbles, pushing his fingers harder against you. Your body reacts to him, even though you’re asleep. 
God damn, Jungkook loved it. Even asleep- you still wanted him. So needy, so desperate. You were making little noises, moaning, even with your eyes closed. He tried to be quiet- fucking you but not waking you. 
He slips his hard cock in you- into your soaking cunt, that felt so warm and tight. Then, he starts to fuck you slowly, watching your every little movement. He watches you twitch, your face scrunching up with joy, your mouth dropping open, as you clutch the pillow even harder. 
“G-good girl,” Jungkook moans against your neck as he feels your wall clenching around him, little noises coming out of you as he thrusts. Your noises push him forward, his stomach pressed against you, as he cages you underneath him. Finally, his mouth is over your ear, and he bites your earlobe. “Gonna make you cum,” he whispers. “Just how you should like it.”
You are groaning now, loudly. Are you awake? He can't tell. You move, presiding harder against him. Jesus Christ, he thinks as he fucks you further. 
Jungkook props himself over you, gaining momentum and ramming his dick even harder into you. One hand holding your hip so he could get that perfect position to fuck you. And you were nearly crying in response, moving beneath him so much— you must be awake- with those needy, desperate moans, practically pulling him closer. 
“Come on-,” Jungkook whispers. “Cum for me, he says into your ear. You are shaking under him now- “So fucking needy…” he cries over you. His hands were on your hips now as he started thrusting you even deeper. “Sweet little thing, being fucked like this,” he gasps. You are clenching around him so hard.
His words must make you so needy, even in sleep-you cried out and came all over him- causing Jungkook to lose his mind. He was able to do this, even when you’re asleep; he was so close with the thought. He leans down to press a hickey on your neck and grunts in your ear. “So good, sweet girl, gonna fill you up,”
With those words, he spills into you, seed hot and flowing out of you. He pulls out more cum on your thighs. Jungkook looks at you- and like a switch, your breathing is normal, and your typical, sleeping face is back. Fucking hell- you sleep deeply. 
He smiles at you. Needy little slut, full of his cum. He kisses you softly before bed. “Sleep well,” he mumbles and flips beside you. He smiles, his hand moving from your hair to your stomach. Soon- it’ll be three of you.
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chrissy-dont-talk · 14 hours ago
The transition was so smooth!!
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kimnjss · 18 hours ago
BTS reaction to you failing your driving test
NAMJOON— he’d convince you that you didn’t need it. going on about how he’s gone this long without one and it wasn’t a thing that you needed to survive. if you wanted to take it again, joon would support you. but all in all, he’d make sure that you knew it wasn’t that big of a deal.
JIN— he’d assure you that it was fine. offering to teach you until your next test. and he would take teaching you so seriously, using one of his less expensive cars to take you around empty lots. purchasing a written test for you to study from and he wouldn’t stop until you were sure you’d pass with flying colors.
YOONGI— his encouraging words would be weird. letting you know people fail everyday and that shouldn’t stop you from trying again. yoongi would remind you of all the things that you’ve done in life so you could see getting your license wasn’t that hard to do. but if you really didn’t want to try again, he’d just drive you around.
HOSEOK— he’d tell you that you didn’t need it. because he’d be your driver. going on about how he’d drop anything in a second to take you wherever you needed to be. even if he had to carry you on his back. but that would only be to fix your mood. as soon as he had the chance, he’d start studying so he could help you pass.
JIMIN— jimin would try to make you feel better, by emphasizing how difficult the test was. letting you know that it had been hard for him to pass too and he did it, so there’s no doubt that you could do it. he’d stay up creating flashcards and hire the same driving instructor that he used, so the next time you were going. you’d pass no doubt.
TAEHYUNG— it would be awkward, since he had already bought you a car - assuming that you would pass. the keys would be a full display when you got home, excitement clear on taes features until he sees the sadness in your eyes. you’re forced to reject his gift, telling him that you didn’t pass. taehyung would be quick to flip it, saying that the car could be an incentive for you to make it the next time around.
JUNGKOOK— he would take it personally, considering he was the one that had been teaching you in the first place. jungkook wouldn’t rest until your next test, working on his own driving so he could he better teach you. pop quizzes in the middle of the day for the both of you. the second time around, he’d take you to the test. leaving the keys with you, he had no intention driving you home. you’d do it, because you weren’t failing again.
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