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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
hvrtgold · a minute ago
me: i'm going to make a mumu indie blog and write all of my favourite characters!
also me: *mostly using allison and ignoring other muses right now*
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alert-arlert · 2 minutes ago
I watch one wlw lesbian tiktok comp on YouTube and all of a sudden, they’re all over my feed siisdidjsje this is saying something and it’s making me shiver (not in a bad way though) 😭 - 💄
p.s m bout to be free soon god damn!!! I’m so happy and fucking relieved coz holy hell... the past few months were suffocating
aksjsjdg as your fyp should be!!!!! embrace the wlw, 💄anon! embrace the gay!!!!!
and yay!!!!! i’m so happy for you!!!!! YOURE ALMOST THERE BABY - I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Tumblr media
also it is not a self proclamation - i am speaking #Factz. and PLEASE I DIDNT THINK IT WAS THAT BIG OF A DEAL BUT ??????? 😭😭😭 honestly, men are horny and would fuck anything so i’m like... take it with a grain of salt 😭😭😭😭 also itts not like i showed my face either so... just body pics
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lilacsandfireflies · 3 minutes ago
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the-gayest-tree · 9 minutes ago
ordered umbreon a nice bed to chill in when we’re at the lab and he’s sleeping in the box instead. why
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problematicpopcorny · 9 minutes ago
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jayciekilgannon · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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chilllli-li · 11 minutes ago
yall look at these beans from the shelter ;;_;;
Tumblr media
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islesnucks · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I saw that video of him shoving brock as they skated before the game, nature is healing, things are going back to normal, I'm crying
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caeloservare · 15 minutes ago
📝 (invernc)
send me   📝  and my muse will answer all applicable questions below:
what color reminds your muse of mine?  pale turquoise, very light blue
what song reminds your muse of mine?  Safe and sound
what scent reminds your muse of mine?  mint, green tea, camomile
what meme reminds your muse of mine?  “How about no.”
what sound reminds your muse of mine?  hurried clicking of heels on the corridor, cloth fluttering on the strong wind, woman’s voice quietly singing a lullaby
what setting reminds your muse of mine?  blue hours around the dusk and before the dawn, getting fresh white sheets that smell of sun and wind, sunny but cold mornings
what fashion style reminds your muse of mine?  snow white lace, corsets to an elegant shirts, short practical heels
what feeling does your muse associate with mine?  comfort and trust
what animal does your muse associate with mine?  white borzois and swallows
what holiday does your muse associate with mine?  equivalent of Saint Lucy Day in Remnant along with belief that she brings more light from that day on, despite it’s before winter solstice
what season does your muse associate with mine? bright winter days, when snow shimmers in the sun and for some reason there’s a lot of energy to spend the day outside
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euryalex · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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remmushound · 16 minutes ago
Are you my dad part 3, Picasso
There was nothing but silence in the room. Raphael didn't want to be the one to break it, and it seemed Michelangelo and Donatello felt the same way. Leonardo, however, took no issue with it as he rushed forward quite suddenly to take the hatchling from Donatello’s hold.
“Well, boy or girl they’re cute just the same!”
“It’s a boy.” Donatello reluctantly confirmed.
“HA!” Leonardo said, maybe a little too loudly. The newborn gasped and flinched at the loud noise, his eyes wide like an owl before he started to cry.
“Great, Leo, you made the baby cry!” Michelangelo spat, but that only made the crying even louder.
“Cut it out, you guys!” Raphael grabbed the baby from Leonardo and held him close to his plastron in a cradle, gently shushing the tiny creature as he rocked the newborn back and forth. Slowly, the baby's cries shifted to giggles.
“I didn't even know mutants could have babies!” Leonardo lowered his face to be level with the hatchling, but the baby only buried his nose further in Raphael’s bicep.
“Me either.” Donatello said, “But that’s definitely a mutant.”
“But that color can’t be natural?” Leonardo said, and then took one of the newborns fingers between his, “And he has claws!”
“I mean— we have such a small sample size, Leon. All we have to go off of is us. Maybe there’s certain variations? We can’t be sure. But kappa have four fingers and sharp beaks and water domes. All he has that might look like a kappa is his color and this thing.”
Donatello fluffed the tuft of stringy red hair on the creature's head. The turtle tot squeaked and went bottom-up trying to escape the prodding touch.
“Whatever he is, I think he imprinted on Raph.”
“What’s that mean?” Raphael laughed for a second as the pudgy creature got stuck around his middle, giving him a gentle push so he could disappear completely into Raphael’s folded arms.
“He… well, thinks you’re his dad.” Donatello explained briefly.
“Oh.” Raphael could say no morel. The flutter in his chest stole his voice from him and replaced it with a warmth gradually spreading through his chest. He opened his arms to look down at the newborn. The tiny mutant saw Raphael’s watching eyes and flipped over on his carapace to wave tiny, fat hands at him. Raphael reached down to touch the tot's chest, but his finger was grabbed by both of the hatching's hands the minute they got within reach.
“There’s still the minor issue of what are we gonna tell dad.” Leonardo brought up, reaching to gentle stroke the baby mutants' chest while he was otherwise occupied.
“Yeah…” Raphael could hardly hear what Leonardo had said, but agreed anyway, “We’ll come up with something…”
“Your son?” Splinter crossed his arms as his black eyes fixed on Raphael, the leaders head hung in apparent shame as he held the hatchling in his massive hands. “Yours?”
“Yeah.” Raphael tried to sound convincing in his faux guilt. “I know it was stupid and I’m sorry—”
Before Raphael could get very far, Splinter was practically falling over laughing while clutching his stomach. He would have fell if it wasn’t for him already sitting down in his chair, each guffaw making the fat of his belly jiggle.
“That is not your kid.”
“Y-yes, it is!” Raphael tried to insist.
“No, it’s not.” Splinter stopped laughing almost immediately, his expression turning sharp and serious. “Where did you get it?”
This time, Raphael’s head was hung in true shame as his father called him out on his lie. “I found him in the Hidden City. He was alone and-- and I know you don’t like us going there but-- but I just wanted to go for a walk, and he was so cold and nobody would help me and--”
Splinter raised a paw to silence Raphael’s panicked cries. “He was abandoned?”
“As far as I can tell. He was an egg but he hatched and… and Donnie says he’s a mutant.”
Splinter made gimme paws and Raphael passed the newborn over to him. At first the hatchling whined, but upon being brought to the warmth of Splinter’s chest, he gave a soft churr and nuzzled into the fur. Splinter carefully stroked the length of the hatchling's carapace, clicking his tongue gently as he looked over the length of the mutant.
“What is his name?”
Raphael blinked. “Name?”
“You’ve named him haven't you?” Splinter looked up at Raphael with a soft expression, “If you’re taking him in, he’ll need a name.”
“Oh. uh.” Raphael cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. “Er… Picassio?”
Splinter gave a single nod and a smile spread across his face. He put Picassio on his knee and gently bounced him. Picassio started to giggle as he was bounced, flapping his wrists excitedly with each motion.
“Picassio.” Splinter gave the newborn a kiss on the head, the bristles of his whiskers tickling Picassio’s head. “Welcome to the family, little Picassio.”
@thenicare @digitl-art-monstr @sententiously-sarcastic @getacactus @ilo-artistry @sammyheroes @raphael5sanzio @yarchurr
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g-mza · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wafflesandschemingfaces · 16 minutes ago
"Shadow and Bone is beautifully immersive as it is clever, the rare kind of adaptation that is crafted with every bit of honor for the original books."
"Shadow and Bone is a well-directed, perfectly acted, smart, thrilling exploration of identity, grief and class politics that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. The next great fantasy show is here."
"By expanding “Shadow and Bone” beyond the parameter’s of Alina’s experience, the show makes her world feel that much bigger, denser and complicated. This works especially well for the Crows, with Suman’s Inej and Young’s Jesper provide welcome depth and humor, respectively. Still, the driving engine of the show is Alina, a challenge Li embraces. Her Alina is smart and loyal, annoyed and rash, heartbroken and headstrong." - Variety
"That's the real magic trick a show like this has to pull off — creating a universe that feels fresh to newcomers, without alienating them or feeling too confusing. Like so many things in life, the key ingredient turns out to be the people involved. And in the case of both the fictional characters and the cast and crew, the people of Shadow and Bone deliver." - Collider
Y'all don't know what relief these reviews give me I don't even know why I am that invested I just feel like an anxious mom every time someone says anything about the show
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p-h03n1-x · 20 minutes ago
Hot guy alert! Xiao Zhan walking towards you.. tall, handsome, decked in all black.. his looks can kill..
Tumblr media
But so can his cute kiddie anti-mosquito pin (yes, that’s the same one you put on baby / kid clothes so that mosquitoes don’t go near them)
Tumblr media
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almondpetrol · 20 minutes ago
A Miraculous Ladybug One Shot.
Avaliable on wattpad.
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taetaespeaches · 21 minutes ago
wait what if Jungkook came back home all smiley after eating his iconic salad to see Holly cooking his favorite meal? Not Holly being ha no nono it’s fine I’ll just to put all my efforts into the refrigerator maybe Jin will like it 🙃🙂
Omg stop she would be so bitter but like “it’s fine :) Jin can have it tomorrow :) no no I hope you enjoyed your salad :) Jungkook it’s seriously fiiiiinnneee :)” 
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