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consider this: first time w/bakugou. hes super soft when he starts cause he doesnt wanna hurt u but then when u get comfortable he just absolutely destroys u and he leaves u a drooling mess ruined for other men 🥵🥵🥴🥴

If you got a taste of Bakugou once do you really think you’re going to even be thinking of another guy ever again?

I still think about Pro-Hero Bakugou being awful at sex to begin with. He spent his entire childhood trying to be number one so he’s had absolutely no time to think about finding a partner. He didn’t even care about it until you came crashing into his life and now he’s overthinking everything and just trying to get you off without really knowing what he’s doing. Rough fingers jabbing into your cunt as he pumps them in and out of you without really searching for anything or moving them. Getting more and more frustrated when he see’s you don’t seem to be enjoying it. Even more annoyed when you move your hand down to try and move his wrist how you want him to move. The first time he buried  himself inside you he came in an instant, the tight squeeze around his cock like nothing he’s ever felt before. He ends up getting really angry and embarrassed and leaves you completely unsatisfied. JUST IMAGINE THE POWER OF DRY HUMPING BAKUGOU AND MAKING HIM CUM IN HIS PANTS. Fuck. He can’t control it and he hates it. But then eventually he starts to understand your body, learns what you like and don’t like and spends his time worshipping you and making you come undone against him. 

It’s game over for you.

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Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, bits of fluff and bits of Angst, Drunk Bakugo

Summary: Bakugo comes home drunk after a misunderstanding and you finally know what’s really going through is mind.

A/N: Another song inspired, self indulgent piece.


Originally posted by allenzwalker

“You’re leaving? Its pretty late.” you eye your husband disappointedly as he buttons up his shirt. Bakugo sighs and turns to you with an exasperated look. “I’m meeting Shitty hair and Sparky, they’ve been bothering me for god knows how long.”

You gnaw on your lower lip. He hasn’t been home for a week since he flew overseas for a hero conference and he had just gotten back this afternoon. You made an effort to make your voice softer not wanting to rouse Akio, your 5 years old son who is nestled in your arms. “Please don’t stay out too late. Akio has been really looking forward to spend time with you this weekend.”

Bakugo clenches his jaw. He has been drowning lately trying to balance work as a top hero, handling pressure of handling an agency, doing the best he can to be a good fucking husband and a father and damn it, he’s human too. He gets overwhelmed and tired.

Keep reading

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Hiii could u do hc for todo Baku and kiri of what they would do If someone lied about dating there fem S/O and she gets super uncomfortable♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


  • As soon as he finds out he’ll immediately go find the person and talk with them
  • He’s pissed, but he’s gonna try and handle it rationally
  • He doesn’t want to make any more drama
  • He’ll simply go “stop telling people youre dating y/n, it’s making her uncomfortable and above all she’s already dating me.”
  • His words aren’t threatening, but the look in his eyes are
  • That serious icy glare sends shivers down the person’s spine, it’s obvious he’s not happy
  • And Shouto’s not someone really anyone wants to mess with in the first place
  • So the person would probably back off pretty quickly


  • As if everyone doesn’t already know that youre dating him, word gets around fast that mean old bakugous actually dating someone
  • Even so - he’s ready to fight
  • Someone’s being creepy and making his baby uncomfortable? Theyre dead
  • As soon as you tell him or he hears about it, he’s going straight to the person with sparks flying out of his hands
  • Stomps up to them, not caring if it’s making a scene, and grabs them by the collar, going “You leave y/n the fuck alone, got that?”
  • If theyre smart they’ll just nod their head
  • Its not a good idea to make baku even more angry in this state
  • So in this case too, they’d probably back off real fast as to not get murdered


  • Also instantly goes to find the person as soon as he finds out about this
  • First he talked to you about it, like “do you want me to beat them up baby? I’ll do it.” and it’s lowkey cute but he’s real amped up about this cause he’s pissed
  • But you tell him that if he wants to do something just to tell them to stop, so he agrees and does that
  • Sadly for him, as obviously angry Eiji is about this, when he tells them to leave you alone they’ll probably just be like ‘yeah whatever’ and not actually care, cause Eiji’s not really known for being scary or starting fights
  • But he’ll pull a Bakugou and grab him by the collar, fists hardening to prove his point, and tell him again: “leave y/n alone.”
  • This time they’ll probably be more inclined to listen
  • Unless they think continuing their lies is worth getting punched in the face 
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Bakugou with an s/o that seems really independent and friendly but when their in private they get all soft and a little needy and touch starved and are just really soft all together?
  • This works very well for him, since he tends to be the same way
  • He doesn’t want people knowing hes soft
  • So in public he’s fine with you two not being all touchy and stuff
  • He can pretend he’s cool or whatever, but he knows that once youre alone he can finally be close to you
  • You two are the cuddliest fuckers in private, always touching somehow
  • Just holding hands and sharing little kisses and talking about whatever comes to mind
  • Even in other activities, being doing homework or watching TV or playing games, youre leaning on each other or have your legs all intertwined
  • You two are just adorable together, and he loves being able to open himself up to you in private like that
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So take this as a crack/shitpost headcanons but what would be some gross boyfriend things Dabi, Todoroki, Bakugou and Sero would do? 😂😂 lmao please I need to know these things

I’m so sorry i legit couldn’t think of anything for Todo or anything crackish for Dabi…so… please forgive me lmao these are low iq hours


  • Hes so sweaty oml he works out all the time and his body is so warm that he just sweats constantly
  • And sadly as much as everyone wants his sweat to smell like caramel he doesn’t naturally - it’s all cologne
  • And sometimes after he works out he doesn’t shower cause he prefers taking a shower before bed, so there are hours where he just smells all sweaty
  • He thinks the cologne covers it up - it doesnt
  • He hugs you and its just sweat and the chemically smell of too much cologne, and he doesn’t care
  • He knows you don’t want to be hugged when his clothes are literally drenched in sweat, so he does it anyways


  • Ok so - his elbows, theres those dips 
  • He puts stuff in them, mainly drinks or snacks
  • Seriously you’ll be watching a movie and he’s sitting there with his elbow propped up and a straw 
  • Or he has a bag of chips and he’s using his elbow as the dip holder
  • Its cursed honestly 
  • If your brave you’ll eat out of them too tho, might as well
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Piggybacking off that last ask, everyone asking what you use to have such great skin and you look them dead in the eyes and go “cum”. That’s it send tweet.

Imagine the looks on peoples faces when you say that shit. At first they don’t fucking believe you, because there’s just no fucking way. But then you show them your little tub of cum reserved especially for your nightly skincare routine and they’re shook. 

Suddenly they’re invested in Bakugou’s cummies too, trying to get the same hook up. If Bakugou ever found out you were telling people about his magical cum he’d be livid. Suddenly when you’re tackling him when he’s just got home from work, trying to jerk him off he’s suspicous. “Are you trying to sell my cum, you fuckin’ perv?”

…. “For how much?”

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main 3 boys (todoroki, bakugou and deku) with a fem crush or s/o who has a quirk like panty and stocking from the anime "Panty and Stocking ft Garterbelt" !!! essentially, it's a weapon like transformation quirk, but stockings turn into swords and panties turn into guns dghjddjgdjjsfb im imagining the boys have only ever seen the reader use swords, so when she just takes off her panties everyones like 'what the absolute fuck' ! this could be sorta nsfw so i understand if you dont wanna write it

I’ve never seen panty and stocking so I hope this is okay


  • Very concerned when he sees you start randomly taking off your underwear during a fight
  • He’s also always been confused as to why your hero costume is a skirt, that doesn’t seem very good to fight in
  • But he’s about to find out
  • When you pull out your underwear he looks away with a blush on his face, he feels wrong to keep watching even though he wants to
  • But then he notices gun shots, and gets confused about where those are coming from until he turns back to see you shooting the villain
  • And he goes ?? because he’s pretty sure you didn’t have that before
  • After the fight he asks you about it, and when you explain he’s still confused
  • Still kinda embarrassed, but at least you don’t mind and there was a legit reasoning behind your actions


  • So youre sparring in class
  • Its you against bakugou, and you want to practice using your gun since you generally dont
  • (we’ll say that she changed the bullets to non lethal ones so that she could shoot Bakugou okay)
  • It’s kinda embarrassing to just take off your underwear in front of everyone but you do it anyways
  • Everyone’s just staring at you, hella confused
  • And baku’s face is beat read from where he’s standing
  • Aizawa of course knows about your quirk so he doesn’t question it, and starts the match
  • When your underwear turns into a gun everyone understands what’s going on but that doesn’t stop bakugou from being embarrassed
  • You shocked him, and now he’s distracted
  • It’s painfully easy to beat him, he couldn’t stop thinking about it 
  • Poor boy, now he’s more embarrassed cause he lost


  • This is during the time where everyone was working on improving their quirks and making signature moves
  • Of course you need to work on your gun usage here, and you can most likely incorporate it into your signature more
  • Deku, wanting to be supportive, comes and asks you how your training is going as the period starts
  • And youre like “oh it’s going great!” as you start pulling your underwear down your legs
  • His soul? Gone.
  • He’s immediately so confused and shocked and just overall unsure of what to do, of course he knows what your quirk is but he didn’t know about the panty part
  • He tries to act casual when it turns into a gun, realizing that it’s just another part of your quirk, but he just can’t
  • He has to go back to his station right after, but he’s so out of it
  • Poor boy #2
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jo... bakugo's cum tastes and feels like pop rocks. you can't change my mind.

It’s a definite possibility but I also raise you~ Caramel cummies or spicy cummies.

Kirishima definitely got little rocky cummies, gives you something to nibble on as a little extra treat.

Cause of Bakugou’s quirk he has good fucking skin. So imagine his cum actually being good for your skin too? Forcing him to cum on your face and instead of tasting it you’re just sat there rubbing it into your face like moisturiser and he’s just sat there like ‘what the fuck?’. Even if he cums in your mouth the next day you wake up with clear skin and all your problems solved. He’s sick of going into the bathroom and finding tubs of his cum sat in place of your moisturiser.

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hiyaa! I would like to request headcanons for hawks, denki, bakugou and deku (separate) with a s/o who's literally a ray of sunshine who sees a bright side for everything and always has a big smile on face no matter what? thankssssss


  • Ugh why do you have to be baby?
  • He’s annoyed with how sweet you are, but in a good way
  • Like ‘how are you so perfect the world doesnt deserve you’ kind of annoyed
  • But overall he appreciates how optimistic you are
  • He can be kinda negative sometimes so having you right there with your bright smile to cheer him up is always welcome


  • Oh my gosh he loves you so much?
  • He sees you and literally goes uwu
  • It’s a great combo cause he looks like sunshine and you act like it
  • He lowkey thought you were kinda fake at first, cause who can be that optimistic about everything
  • But now he vows to protect you at all costs


  • Originally you annoyed him
  • But as time went on he learned to appreciate your optimistic attitude, he finds it hard to be angry when youre there being so positive
  • So he is thankful that youre the way you are
  • Whenever he needs to vent he does so to you cause you instantly make him feel better, you can tell him everythings gonna be okay with a bright smile on your face and his worries vanish


  • You two really out here being the sweetest little fucks
  • Sunshine couple
  • Seriously you two are painfully adorable together
  • He loves your personality, especially cause even though he usually is a lot like you, he also has a lot of moments where he can be kinda pessimistic 
  • So having you there to always bring his mood back up is such a blessing

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For all you Yagami Yato fans out there, consider this:

Yagami’s Villain!TodoBakuDeku vid…but the listener’s secretly a villain:

(I mean seriously, that would be so badass)

My eyes started to flutter open. I found myself tied to a chair in a dark room. Chains hung from the ceiling. I couldn’t remember what happened or how I got here. I felt a sharp sting on my right cheek. My e/c eyes flashed open to see red ones glaring back at me.

“Wake up you damn scum…” he said, his voice rough and low. “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. We went through all the trouble to kidnap you, yet here you are sleeping. You’re taking us lightly. Well, that won’t do…”

He grabbed my jaw and kissed me roughly. I gasped at the sudden action, and he took the opportunity to force his tongue in. My eyes widened, my words muffled from his kiss. He broke off the kiss, a string of saliva hanging between our lips.

He smirked as he saw my flustered and intimidated expression. “Heh, that got your attention, didn’t it? Well you better pay attention ‘cause from now on…you’re dealing with villains… not just your average ‘weaklings!’”

A short laugh rang out in the room. “Oh Kacchan… When will you learn? We need to treat them with some tact and n-not break them so quickly! O-Otherwise, what are we gonna tell the Big Boss… when they’re just a mess of lost ecstasy…all because we couldn’t hold back! Isn’t that right…Kacchan?”

His green eyes were lit with madness and insanity. The smile he wore was just as insane as the look in his eyes. My eyes widened as the two exchanged looks, “Kacchan” glaring at the green haired boy as he smiled wickedly at him.

“We have to break them slowly…” I felt a cold sweat run down my forehead. “We can’t be rushing… Otherwise it’s just not fair!” The green haired boy threw his head back and laughed maniacally. He turned to the blonde, a mad smile plastered on his face as his right eye started to twitch. “You understand…?”

“I think you both misunderstand…” a cold, melodic voice echoed in the room. I gasped as chills slowly went up my spine. A third one…? “-what elegance in this is…” He walked into the light, dual hair showing, a burn on his left side of his face. His dual colored eyes glared coldly at the others.

He looked up at me and smirked seductively. My breath got caught in my throat. “We have to break them in ways that they want to be…” My eyes widened. He chuckled darkly. “You see, there’s an elegance in demeaning… An elegance in finding those breaking points… And an elegance in pressing all the right buttons.” He knelt at my side and whispered in my ear. “Isn’t that right, my newest… baby…?”

Blood rushed to my cheeks as chills went straight up my spine.

The green haired boy laughed. “Would you look at that? Mr. Suave over here thinks he’s better than us and is going for a One-Up tactic. What do you think of that, dear Kacchan?” He smiled insanely at “Kacchan.” “Are we just gonna let him? Or are we gonna get the knives and fun things?” His laughter rang out in the room again. “I think… I don’t like losing to you… dear Todoroki-kun… You’ve got some learning to do, don’t you? Of who you should respect-“ and that’s when I decided to drop my act.

I threw back my head and laughed, the loud and insane sound echoing off the walls of the room. The three looked at me in surprise. “Respect, huh?” I grinned at them madly. My e/c eyes changed to a violent shade of red.

The three backed up, their expressions confused and slightly startled.

I looked at them with eyes full of lust and adrenaline. “You have no idea who you took, did you? Or at least… you thought you did…HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh sweet, innocent, little Deku… Hotheaded, ambitious, egotistical Bakugou… Calm, collected, mysterious Todoroki… How far you’ve all fallen! HAHAHAHA!”

They all activated their quirks and looked at me with dangerous looks. “What do you know?” Todoroki coldly said.

My face froze over and I looked back, my now red eyes gleaming. “I know everything. To be underestimated and judged for my ambition-” Bakugou’s eyes widened. “To be abused and to only be used as a weapon; a pawn for my parents and family to manipulate-“ Todoroki’s left hand twitched, his eyes widening as well. “To be forced to watch everyone I care about die.” Deku looked like he just went back to when those memories occurred, his eyes holding a faraway look in them.

I looked at Todoroki, an insane smile speaking on my face and my eyes shining with madness. “I killed my parents. I killed everyone who tried to use me.” I turned to Bakugou. “I killed those who underestimated me, those who thought they could get ahead of me.” I turned to Deku. “I slaughtered the ones who took my friends away from me. My revenge was sweet, my revenge was painful, and my revenge was slow. I made sure that they’d be begging, crying, screaming for me to end it all when I did it. And when I kill them, I’d laugh hearing their screams. Sometimes I can still hear them! HAHAHAHA!

Deku looked at me, his expression turning from shock to glee. He whirled around to Bakugou and Todoroki. “She’s perfect! She’s so smart and intelligent that she even fooled us to think that she was so innocent! She’s been fooling us the entire time we’ve been watching her! Her acting was so good that she even fooled us right now! She’s just as corrupted as us and understands all we’ve been through! She’s killed so many people! Oh, she’s perfect she’s perfect! Can we keep her?”

Bakugou looked at me with something close to respect and a slight hunger. “Heh. Guess we can keep the flesh bag around. She seems to know her shit since she’s already had enough practice. Not a total dumbass.”

Todoroki eyed me coolly. “She could be useful. Besides, her being one of us would make things more interesting.” He chuckled darkly.

I slipped the knife from my sleeve and cut the ropes restraining me. Todoroki looked at me, impressed that I was armed, Bakugou looking with a slightly surprised expression, and Deku looking at my knife with his mouth hanging open. “OH Y/N YOU’RE PERFECT! YOU LOVE KNIVES AND FUN STUFF JUST LIKE ME! OH, DOLL, I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW-!”

He grabbed my face and kissed me, our tongues intertwining. I ran my fingers through his green locks as he pulled out his knife and ran the blade over my neck, just to feel the cold metal running up and down. We parted, a string of saliva connecting our lips.

Bakugou grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to him. He grabbed my jaw and smashed his lips onto mine. “Kat~su~ki~” I breathed out. His tongue dominated over mine after a few seconds and he kissed me hungrily. I pulled away, put a finger over his lips, and gave him a wink. He growled and looked to the side, clearly pissed off that he didn’t get enough time.

Todoroki wrapped his arms around my waist. “Mm, baby~ Kiss me,” he whispered in my ear. He kissed me slowly and passionately, chills going down my spine. I pulled away, my e/c eyes shining bright blood red again. I laughed insanely and smiled at them. “This is going to be fun~!

should I make a part 2? 🤭

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Do you want to know a devastatingly hot concept? Bakugou using his spit as lube 😭💦 Like he is in such a hurry he doesn't have time to wait for them to slick up, he spits on his dick and strokes himself before going in.

oof, yes, he can’t wait any longer~ no time for teasing or foreplay~ he has to get it in now~ what better lubricant to use than spitting on his cock?~ and pushing in~ he makes sure to be careful when getting it in, but as soon as he’s okay to move, he’s pounding you~ there’s nothing better than him being able to take you so fast~ he doesn’t think much of it but it’s just another way of him taking control and making claim to you~ it’s totally hot and if he catches onto how you think it’s hot, he’ll do it a lot more~ even when he isn’t in a hurry~

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Kaminari: *trying to open the bathroom door but it’s locked* ughhh seriously man?! Again?!?!

Bakugou: *has been in the bathroom for over an hour* It’s a long process to look this good Spark ass

Kaminari: *mockingly* And I thought you ‘woke up perfect’

Bakugou: *steps out of the bathroom looking like a 35/10* Oh please dumbass, that’s just something hot people say to make the extras feel inferior.

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I added my own personal touches to a Bakugou design made by @icyhotpoprocks (thank you for the inspiration!), and then I gave myself a challenge and made a design for Hawks. They may not be perfect, but I’m so happy with them!

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Bakugou x femreader

Warnings: nudity (no sexy times), loathing and body image issues, anexity, swearing, fluff, body worship.

Words: 3400

This was meant to be a crack fic but it turned into angst with an ending of fluff. Bakugou being body conscious and insecure, I find, is total plosible so here’s this work talking about that.

A coil of uncertainty bubbled Katsuki’s gut and his fingers squeezed the off button on his phone, readjusted his clothes, and then changed his seated position on his cushioned dorm bed. He abandoned his phone by placing it far away and the proceeded to busy himself with another assignment he couldn’t focus on. His mind kept flipping back to the photo he sent, the sudden worry in his mind shaft led him, but he couldn’t stop from wondering what her reaction would be. The photo, he reasoned, was not to reveling, just a picture of him posing with his shirt off and low waisted sweats. His thoughts continued to swirl like a whirlpool, the two lovers had been together for three years now and their admiration for one another roared hotter than anyone could deny, but again these toxic thoughts made every unlikely probability a reality.

“Dammit Katskui, the hell is wrong with you?” The powerful young hero scolded himself, his blond brows furrowed painfully, his cherry eyes bored into an unseen object before him. She’s the one who should have this nervous, embarrassed, tingly feeling, not him. A gasp recked him throat suddenly, his face hot and his palms ring together in an uncharacteristically worries way. These ideas angered him and his aggression turned into erratic actions, his growling didn’t stop as he threw his shirt off with gratuitous force against a wall and placed his destructive hands on his defined hips, his scowling reflection in his mirror glaring back at him. He raised his arms and locked his fingers over his nape, his muscled physique being subconsciously scrutinized by his cherry eyes. His gaze rolled over his toned arms that destroyed giant boulders and crushed any competition, he flexed and watched the muscle sense. Then his eyes moved to his pecs and upper rib age, both defined, strong, and could easily complete the most challenging tasks. He recalled his two favorite activities he used his muscles arms for, those being picking his girlfriend up to embarrass her or absolutely demolishing his opponents. His abs came into view next, and he was especially proud to have them, they made him feel powerful and seemed to show off that feeling absently to others, especially his girlfriend. His ego never failed to grow when he would hear her gawking over him to the other members of the class.

However, as his hands trailed over his arms and stomach, a stunning dark feeling started to seep into his head. Instead of power and confidence, his body morphed in the mirror’s reflection into one made of flaws in every inch of skin. A portion here was not as toned as he wanted, this part not strong enough, this bit held more fat that he thought acceptable, maybe he would just skip dinner and workout an extra hour instead. A final and incredibly debilitating thought recked his psyche, what if (Y/N)’s attraction to him was just a false way of keeping him happy. That thought made his body jerk and his heart freeze, his hands slowly swept up to grip his arms, nails digging into the hard muscle, while his garnet colored eyes darted with his self poisoning thoughts. Maybe when she said he was amazing she actually thought he was pathetic enough to warrant her sympathy. Maybe when she talked to him it was out of pity, or perhaps when she said she loved him it was only a way to spare him from her true feelings. She probably couldn’t stand him, he was to hideous for her affection and he didn’t deserve any of it.

His chest tightened at these thoughts and he shut his eyes so tight it hurt, his intimidating body crumpled into itself.

A ping from his bed made his head snap to the side and he scrambled to grab his phone, his mouth ran dry and he hesitated to look at the screen. Gaining enough courage to spare a glance, he saw it was just a text from Kirishima, not her. His mind yelled at him again for being so stupidly worried about what she had to think of him, but when those thoughts resurfaced all logical reasoning were totem away from his rationale. Another ping.

His cherry eyes widened in realization, his dread and concern spiked before he read the message.

‘Danm Katsuki’

What the fuck did that mean? Was it a good thing or did she mean it in a fed up or annoyed way? He chewed his lip and contemplated the message but his thumb scrolled up to the recently sent picture absentmindedly. This mistake caused the blond’s mind to wander dangerously close to a deep dark abyss that would suffocate every ounce of self worth he had. Katsuki’s eyes looked over the picture and scowled deeply. Everything he saw screamed idiocy and flaws that were so glaring and so bright that the initial meaning of teasing behind the photo was lost. Why did he choose to take the picture from above? Did he have to make his pants so saggy the picture showed off his V line? God he looked just…disgusting. In reality the photo was flawless and showed off each point that made the new fangirls that swarmed Katsuki swoon, but to Katsuki is just showed off just a pathetic excuse for a hero.

The spiraling void of self deprecation that Katskui began to wallow in was halted when he heard the front door of the dorms open, the familiar shouting of the other students greeting one another and her familiar voice was heard, Katskui shot up and ripped open the door and peered down the stairwell to see (Y/N) coming in the door, damp hair and towel in hand and a smile on her face which made the sparkle in her eyes brighter. Katsuki’s eyes looked over her person and found so many beautiful features that made his heart flutter each time to witnessed their incredulous individualities. A small sigh left Katsuki and his frown became a tight line as the women bid her goodnights to the class of UA. She locked eyes with him and smiled before making her way to Katsuki, he merely shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants and furrowed his brows, but his eyes held a affectionate kindness towards her.

“Hey dumbass, how was training?” His tone made a loving warmth spread over her chest, curt and blunt was his normal around most, but it was his question that caught her off guard. He would ask those simple questions but the way his body held itself, cold and away, made her fill with worry.

“Whats wrong? What happened?” She fervently asked and saw the growing dark gloom of sadness creep into his eyes and he looked away. She quickly grabbed his hand, and in rapid succession she pulled him upstairs, ignored the wolf whistles from the passerby, unlocked her door and sat him on the foot of her bed. She tried to turn his head to look at her but when that didn’t work she settled to pry open his knees and kneel between them, his face cupped in her warm palms. His eyes pricked faintly with forcibly held back tears, and the tension all over him made her worry grow.

“Katsuki, my love, what’s wrong? Did someone do something?” He pressed his face into her palms and let the tears dampen her sweet skin, he hated to cry and he hated letting her see him cry. Her worry became fear and she quickly scooped him into a tight hug, his face buried into her shoulder, taking in the addicting smell of her body wash. His hands gripped the fabric of her shirt at her back, and pressed his entire body into her’s. Those thoughts of him being pathetic, of him being worthless, of him being just a stupid idiotic fool filled his ears and seemed to drown out the world. His head pounded and his body began to tremble, his vision became blurry and suddenly his body felt it would break upon any contact. She realized his panic attack and with all her strength she hauled him up, flipped them over so she was laying on her back, and pressed his head into her chest so her heart beat was in his ears instead of those killing thoughts. He wrapped his arms around her so his face was pressed into that special curve of her neck, her legs rose up to settle him between her thighs while her feet hooked around his calves. One hand rested on his back rubbing circles and the other rested on the back of his head slowly moving through the blonde threads. She cooed in his ear soothing whispers and let him lay there for an uncounted amount of time, slowly they both drew silent. No outside force disturbed them, not even the wind which howled outside dared to break the sound of their breathing and the two heart beats, one calm and steady and the other sporadic. She let him break the silence.

“Why do you stay with me?” She let him lament for a moment, her eyes looking to the ceiling and slowly blinking. Their intertwined selves shifted so he could look up to her contemplating face. Upon seeing her contemplation his heart sank, he felt more pathetic sobs and cried swell but hands came to run a warm touch up his sides and to his shoulders.

“Now why would you think that? I love you. I adore you in so many ways that being away from you makes me feel terrible.” His brows furrowed and he jerked his head to the side, hot tears streaming and a pain built behind his eyes from trying not to cry and he pulled away.

“Do you really mean that or do you just say that so you don’t hurt my feelings or whatever dumb shit you do?” She sighed and an understandingly small line of a smile passed her mouth, him lashing out was expected and she took such insults with a grain of salt. His legs straddled her hips and his fists clenched around his sides, his body began to tense again as his blond band covered his teary red eyes.

“ I mean come on. You and everyone else say I’m so fucking amazing but what if…what if I don’t believe that..what if it isn’t true and I’m just some stupid, pathetic fucking bitch that can’t do anything.” It was although her own thoughts and feelings seemed to be taking a physical form and painting an accurate picture of what she looked like when she to felt the way he did currently. No words could cut through the haze his mind was in, so actions would have to be the driving force behind what she would do next to help her love. She lifted up and wrapped her arms around his neck, placing long kisses to his shoulder then up to his forehead, she repeated the action until each inch of the other shoulder was covered in her kisses.

"You’re beautiful.” She whispered against his ear lobe and he turned his head farther away, but the chest shaking sobs stopped and some of his mounting tension broke.

“Shut up.” He slowly and softly wrapped his arms around her neck and she moves her hands to embrace his torso, their holds firm and unwavering.

“But you are and you know that. We both know how amazing you are Katsuki and it’s ok that you feel this way sometimes but you can’t wallow in it.” She pulled back so he could move his head from her neck and look into her two shining eyes he lost himself in time and time again.

“And I’m here to. I’ll always tell you just how much I love you and how incredible I think you are.” Her following smile could outshine the sun and the love she poured over the blond made his heart convulse in a happy flutter.

“You mean it dumbass?” He barely spoke and watched her nod with total certainty, he huffed a embarrassed laugh. Tears began to fall again and he held her in a bone bending hug, his hands gripping her back and her arms gently cradling him.

“What got you this way hmm? You haven’t felt like this since All Mights’s retirement.” Katsuki nestled closer and breathed deeply, her warm sent driving negativity from his being and replacing it with that soothing encompassing feeling of being truly loved.

“That stupid picture I sent you. The more I looked at it, the more my thoughts got to me. I started to just see the flaws and well..” She shushed him and whispered her understanding through the gentle caress of he cheek as she kissed away his tears. What he felt was all to familiar to her and when she felt this way he was always there to help her, now it was her turn to bring him up from such self hatred. She pulled completely away, Katsuki’s body warmth missed, but she fixed her gaze to one of command and drew herself up.

“Clothes off and lay down.” The blond turned redder than before, his slightly red puffy eyes widened and he hesitated, but her hand on his told him it was ok. His mind told him to reject her command, but his heart swayed knowing what she was doing was going to help, weather that be giving him pleasure or something else. However, showing off all those things he saw earlier to the one he loved most, the one who could break him so easily was going to see those disgusting faults and problems that he couldn’t fix right then and now. She’s going to take one look and confirm all he saw and-

“Katsuki, it’s ok. Listen to me. Block out those thoughts about yourself because right now they’re killing you and I just want to show you how much I love you.” She was right, as per usual, but each second the blond took to take the shirt he was wearing off made his stomach drop. His bare chest was visible, he subconsciously moved his front away from her eyes, but she guided him to turn and lay down in his back. She threw her top away as well, leaving both their chests completely exposed and a deep blush coated both their cheeks, but the air wasn’t sexual. It held a deep rooted understanding and acceptance towards one another that was emphasized through the physical skin on skin contact she provided by pressing their chests together.

“No matter what you do or where you go I’ll still be here, to love and support you. Got it? Cause you’re never getting rid of me idiot.” His chest vibrated from the small laugh he gave as she rises his hand and kissed each finger tip down to the palm and then moved to the other, giving the same slow loving treatment.

“These hands, both calloused yet caring I can always count on to hold me, to protect me, to comfort me.” She moved her kiss to his wrists and forearms while her other hand moved over his heart and pressed down to feel the slow beat, it had become calmer and settled from its previous chaotic pattern. His eyes watched each move of her’s and noticed how her body looked beautiful against his. His thoughts became dagger sharp when she touched his upper arm, a place which was heavily scrutinized by himself, but she noticed his small jerk away and planted a deep kiss to the area.

“These arms could life mountains and crush any foe. They could carry me where I go and embrace me in my deepest woes, and not only do I adore them but I also know you are proud of them. They fit you well, strong, good looking, and capable.” She kisses the inner bicep sweetly before moving to the tricep, doing the same to the other before opening her eyes to lock into his.

“Your arms, Katsuki are not the only thing that matters. They are gorgeous but so are you entirely, so you better not be thinking negatively about yourself otherwise I’ll be pissed.” He smiled and brought his worshipped arms up to lay flat on her plush sides. Once a time ago, their positions were reversed. She felt like the scum of the world while he touched every portion of her skin and told her why he loved it, her sides and stomach were the most difficult to convince her to love, but he held her just like she was now until she relaxed into his touch. He moved his hands from her sides, to her back, then to her stomach. She moved her hands to glide up his chest and pass over his shoulders, the room’s hazy blue light made the world seem sleepy. She dipped down to litter kiss after kiss along his collar to his jaw and then back down to his sternum, he shivered slightly.

"This chest. It’s a place where your heart is held, a beautiful divine drumbeat of a representation of the man you are. Without your chest the rest of you would fall apart, without your heart you wouldn’t be the man I love.” She spread her fingers so each finger pad traced a different portion of his rib cage, this fragile protective shielding of bone that held his heavily beating heart safe. With a kiss, she silently thanked fate for not harming his heart during one of his pro hero missions. Her hands came back down to his abs where he again flinched back and looked away from her. Her eyes glinted with empathy and love as she shifted on his hips to allow her to bend down and kiss his belly button. Katsuki’s face became hotter as he gazed back down to see her eyes on him as she tenderly kissed his stomach, a certain area caused him to almost sob again but her soft caresses made those painful emotions less intense.

“Your core. The foundation of your body and something you’re so proud to have. It’s importance to you to have such a toned body made me so proud, but even without a six pack I’d still love you” She giggled and sat back so her hands could caress his sides, some silver scars littered areas along each portion of his skin, but her kisses did not discriminate, in fact she made sure to love those scars especially.

“Each part of you is a new area for me to fawn over. You’re to beautiful Katsuki and I’m so happy you let me worship you in my own ways because-” She firmly places a kiss to the portion of his chest where his heart lay and then back to connect her lips with his. His warm hands press heat along her bare back and tug her closer, her hair color mixed with his blond locks from the close proximity.

“Without you Katsuki Bakugou I would be so lost, a shell of the confident women you’ve helped me to be. I thank you for that.” He looks deeply into her eyes in order to seek any kind of lie or uncertainty but what he accidentally found lead to a catalyst of erupting positive emotions that made him hug her tight.

“Flaws and all?” He could barely breath the words that he feared he’d have to repeat. She returned the embrace, their skin tones flushed close, and she gave an answer that cemented his love for her.

“Flaws and all, dumbass.” He snorted and she laughed her own chuckle, his tension had long since dissipated as her soft touched and sweet words melted his insecurities. He rolls them over by encircling her waist in his arms, his body squishes her’s as he settles in top, their giggling symbolizing their mutual adoration. He douses her skin in kisses, each portion receiving love and her giggles reverberate in his ears. She smoothed his back with her hands, then to his sides, across his chest and then to find purpose in cupping his face.

“I love you Katsuki.” He smirks and presses their foreheads together and their eyes flutter close.

“I love you too.”

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Chiba Tsukasa

  • 15 years old
  • Gay
  • Based on Bakugou
  • Hero Course Student in U.A.

Quirk: Sound Waves. Can create loud and often wide range sonic booms made of sound waves. Can also manipulate the volume and range of sonic booms. The sound is unbearable to anyone except him who has naturally strengthened ears. If he creates a sonic boom loud / violent enough, runs the risk of damaging his own ears. Effect of one sonic boom can go as far as leveling a city. Also uses quirk mixed with fast movement, fighting, etc.

Likes to think of himself as the cool type, which is quite true most of the time. He does however, have frequent explosions (sound familiar?) which destroy his cool image. Just a tiny bit. He swears a lot as well.

Usually calls people by their last name. He only calls select few people by their first name.

Has a soft side as well but only to select few people again. There’s a reason why he wears those clips to death when he isn’t even an accessory person.

“I am bold. I will assume.”

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