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#Baseball Mom

There is one store in town, that we go to before trying any other to buy my son’s baseball gear, and this weekend was their preseason sale. A sale, that can’t be missed if you want to start the season out right. Today, as I stood at the counter, VISA in hand watching my son place his soon to be new things on the counter it felt bittersweet. This is one more in a series, of lasts that has been taking place since he signed his letter of consent. First it was his last free few weeks in August, followed by the start of his last year of High School, with last season of Fall ball closely following.

At $312 for spikes, turf shoes, batting gloves, lizard skin and a new arm sleeve, I know I’m getting away cheap. And you would think that I would be celebrating, the fact that next year I wouldn’t be pulling out my VISA card to start the baseball season. But, like all the other “lasts” that seem to be coming faster and faster as Grade 12 speeds by, I’m feeling a little misty eyed. It is hard knowing, that at this same time next year, he’ll be living in a dorm and not needing mom as much and never will again.

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Today I was told to take the day off my job.  I guess summer time affects the Cardiac world here in Florida.   So Got ahold of the girl who does my hair and praying I am not going to mess it up.. but having her hide my aging with some highlights or Baylange or whatever its called…  

It is back day at the gym.  I normally go with the girl I work with but since I am not working today I am considering going there by myself before I go to the hair salon… I know that sounds gross.. sitting all post workout in a salon chair.. but meh…  I am not a man, and I don’t smell like one even when I sweat.. so there!  Benefits of being a woman. 

It’s back day so I can do some modified deadlifts, Cable rows, Lateral pull downs and some other odds and ends..  

Maybe jump on the elliptical for some cardio and be done with it. 

I am having a very proud momma moment too.  So let me get on my soapbox.

My son is an amazing athlete… and I am not saying that just because I am his momma… He is just amazing baseball player.

He’s one of those that when people see him in action they want to know his name,  Where he came from and what his plans are… because they want him to play for them.

He is now a freshmen in High school…   and word of mouth in this little town may of just landed him on the high school team.  This has all happened in less than a week.

Head Coach called me, changed his school schedule.. made my  kid cut his hair (thats a no no) and is already making plans….

I wish I could see the intentions of the coach.  I am not sure if my son is going to make JV or Varsity but I know his talent has been acknowledged. 

Tryouts are being held at the end of this month but I feel he has already made the team, when my son sat down and cut his hair.   Hahaha I know that is crazy to picture but my son feels in tune with his native american blood.  His pride is his long beautiful hair…  He was told to cut it above his shoulders. 

He’s not happy about it but he did it.  I have been so excited to see what this turns into.  So I am smiling from ear to ear. 

Sorry to fill your feed with this.

It’s Back Day at the gym!!  Get those Gains!

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So the boy is super into baseball and it’s pretty much the only thing we do all summer. Today he has a 3 hour practice followed by a team pool party. A pool party I have to attend and interact with the other parents. They’re okay people…I don’t have a problem with any of them. It’s just I’ve spent my whole summer with these people. I just want some me time.

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When her son’s doing good:
“Way to go, keep him swinging!”

When her son’s not doing good:
“Way to get a piece of it!”

When her son’s pitching:
“Alright team, get ready!”

When the opponent’s almost out:
“One more, you can finish him!”

When the opponent’s winning:
“It’s okay buddy, shake it off, get back in!”

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