incorrectbatfam · 2 days ago
Damian: Sometimes I feel like a fish caught in a tank.
Dick: Only you're not a fish.
Damian: Grayson, please.
Dick: You're a wonderful, funny, and talented person who—
Tim: You're a shrimp.
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daughterofthebat · 2 days ago
Alright, but can we just think about this for a minute;
Jason Todd probably isn't flexible either at all or it's very little.
Think about it...
Dick was a freakin acrobat since brith!!! Boy can do so much weird stuff with his body and its Hella impressive. Like, are we 100% sure he isn't just a really buff seal? There's no way he has as many bones as a human is supposed to have...
Tim was just tiny af when he became Robin and to prove he could be just as good as Jason and dick were, probably willed his body to move that way, but he probably was already a little flexible.
Damian is just Damian we don't even have to go into that. Thank you Talia...
But Jason, the loud mouth, rough and tumble, gonna try to steal the wheels off the batmoble then throw a Tie iron at Batman himself, the guy that doesn't even wear suits like everyone else and instead wears cargo pants are something similar and is an absolute beefcake, probably has the WORST time keeping up with his brothers/friends/team mates when they're flippen through the city makin it look as easy as walking.
Just imagine a smol 14yr old Jason trying to do the splits, or a high kick, or a flip midair like I'm SURE he saw Dick do...and just epicly failing...
He's gotta be the least flexible one in the family at the very least.
Idk...just a thought.
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nabinochu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Some drawings I did of Jason as pics of Jensen Ackles. These were super fun to do lol. I feel like I should do some of Curran too 🤔
Please don't use/ repost without permission!! Likes and reblogs are very much appreciated 💕💕
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ldrfanatic · 2 days ago
Hello! If you’d like to, can you please write a Jason Todd/reader where the reader is sweet and shy and socially awkward/anxious? What would Jason be like with a sensitive reader? I’d like to think he’s gentle and flirty with them and loves making them flustered ☺️🥺
Jason Todd x Shy!Sensitive!Reader
Tumblr media
omg yes jason would love having a sweet, shy, reader! here you go anon!
Jason Todd was in love with you. It was undeniable by this point. There wasn't really anyone who would disagree with the statement anyways. At first when you meet Jason Todd, he's abrupt and loud and abrasive. It doesn't really shock you too much until he starts yelling.
You've never really liked the sound of people yelling. The sound of his shouted and screamed curse words made your heart clench tightly in your chest. Tears well up in your eyes and you place your hands over your ears, sinking to the floor.
A warm hand pulls your hands from your ears and kisses the back of them gently.
"Hey... hey what's going on?"
"I don't really like it when people yell?"
"I'm sorry. I'll try not to yell so much on our date tonight." The man winks at you and your face flushes. He chuckles lowly. "I mean, if you want to angel?" You smile and nod at him, still a little flustered for words.
You guys started dating shortly after that date and now Jason is attached at your hip like your big scary guard dog. He's very, very, protective of you because he knows how easily you get scared or hurt.
Tonight, the two of you had been invited to hang out with Dick and Kori for a double date. Jason didn't really wanna go, but it was just at their apartment so he would have the chance to beat the shit of out him in videogames.
The moment you all sat down, Jason pulled you onto his lap and rested his chin on your shoulder. The exposed intimacy caused your entire body to redden and a smirk filed onto Jason's face. He loved messing with you, watching your adorable little body fill with pink. He pecked your cheek just to watch you blush even more. "Jay stop." He tickled your side a little before focusing on the game on the large flatscreen television.
You loved to hang out with Kori because she was just as sweet as you so you didn't have to worry about yelling or teasing. It was just doing sweet things together like braiding each others hair and painting each others nails and baking together.
This time instead of saying that she wanted to something, she just grasped your hand in her own and attempted to grab you from Jason's hold. Unfortunately, she underestimated Jason's hold on you and his reflexes.
You jerked in his arms and reflexively, Jason dropped the remote control. He wrapped one arm tightly around your body and at the same time pulled his .45 from his waist and pointed it at the poor girl. Kori was startled but not nearly as frightened as you, who was shaking in Jason's arms and pressing yourself impossibly closer to him. Your face was dug into his neck and your sniffles filled the room.
Jason slowly put his gun down on the coffee table and used that hand to stroke your hair lightly.
"It's okay angel. Star just spooked me 's all. Nothing's gonna happen."
You looked up from his neck and he wiped your tears. once he was sure that you were feeling okay, he turned to Kori and Dick. "Sorry. She's okay now. Right angel?" You nodded and smiled. Taking Kori's hand, you let her lead you into the kitchen to make cookies.
"You really love this girl huh 'jAy'?"
Dick really couldn't pass up the chance to mess with his little brother.
"Shut the fuck up, dick."
"Wow. Original."
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darsky17 · a day ago
Hey there! Just some soft headcannons!
Dick and Wally:
as kids Wally would walk Dick home in the summer, winter, fall you name it
when bullied Wally would protect Dick from the other kids
he’d hold his hand and patch him up by kissing his wounds better
they’d often hide in the library as Wally read various science books
though his home life was hard that all faded as Dick became his first friend
after school Dick would invite Wally to the manor to play and hang out
they’d make forts, eat snacks, and sneak into Bruce’s study
he would play the piano as Wally sat in awe eating a pile of cookies
when Wally would sleep Dick would stare and thank him for being a friend
he realized that Wally was his first of many and he loves him for that
Jason and Roy:
at recess Roy would play with Jason taking turns on the swings
he would share his lunch with him ignoring the looks of the other kids
they stayed at the library so that Jason could read his favorite books
after school Roy walked Jason home sometimes even holding hands
he knew Jason’s life was hard but if he could make it happier he would
during the summer break Jason would visit Roy’s manor
they would play in the pool, eat junk food, and stay up late to watch movies
he would do scenes of hamlet and Roy would applaud his performance
whenever Roy slept Jason would count every freckle memorizing them
in his short life he never knew kindness until the day he met Roy
Tim and Kon:
being friends with Tim meant that Kon had someone to protect
he would punch the other kids that would make Tim cry or tease him
they would play under the trees as Tim would take pictures of them
every morning he would bring Tim his favorite snack on his way to school
knowing Tim’s past Kon knew that he had to be happy for the both of them
in having a friend like Kon Tim was able to be himself
he was happy to show him his latest pictures and new camera features
since they were kids he would make them flower crowns and rings
when he would cuddle up with Kon he felt safe and for once he felt at home
by having a hard life he was lucky enough to find a friend like Kon
Damian and Jon:
though friends wasn’t his cup of tea he admits Jon changed that for him
now he enjoyed his company during recess and sharing snacks at lunch
he would visit his house that Lois knew him on a first name basis
they would share comics, games, and play in their blanket fort
they would write secrets on the walls of Jon’s room only for them to know
to Jon having a true friend was amazing and magical
even though Damian was rude Jon was persistent in being his friend
he would bake him cookies, and buy his favorite snacks before school
they would spend most days in their hideaway in the barn’s loft
though Jon knew Damian’s past he was glad to give him a happier future
Feel free to reblog/like!
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murdersansy-blog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Damian out on a walk with his pets(I think I got better at drawing animals, not perfect but yet).
Also got covid so I might be slower to draw and share things.
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not-a-good-url-sorry · a day ago
Dick: Hi! I’m Dick, and this is my sidekick, work partner, brother, son, and personal annoyance, Damian.
Some random dude who literally just wanted to get a coffee: Uh.
Dick: He also murdered me at one point.
Dick: We don't talk about it.
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gothamstreetrat · 15 hours ago
Random bat boys headcannons that I think should be cannon
He has gold jewellery and piercings in honour of his Romani heritage and at special events he wears traditional Romani head coverings.
He will not tie up his shoelaces he either does them up loose so he can slip his shoes on or he leaves them undone and trips over.
He is pansexual
He has curly hair but hates washing because it’s thick and takes ages to dry, so it looks straighter because it’s always dirty.
He has a wardrobe full of shirts that are plain with comic sans quotes on them.
He wears slides and socks.
He has mostly jagged scars from being blown up but he has surgical scars on his chest from his autopsy.
His hair is curly except the white bit is dead strait.
He is half Hispanic.
The only thing worse than his fashion sense is his taste in music I will not elaborate
He loves classics and knows all his siblings favourite classics and gets them limited edition prints of them for gifts (Dicks favourite classic is, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Tim’s is Pride and Prejudice, and Damians is Frankenstein, Jason’s favourite classic is Animal Farm)
Tim is a white bitch he thinks pepper is too spicy.
He either wears his pjs all day or dresses like he’s going to a gala to go to the grocery store (he has more than once gone to board meetings at Wayne enterprises in his pjs)
He’s a stoner but will only smoke with his siblings.
He struggles to fall asleep because as a kid every time he would fall asleep he’d wake up and his parents are gone so he can only comfortably sleep when he can hear people wandering around the house.
He actually gets along well with Damian but the both find it funny to keep up the appearance of hating each other because it annoys Dick.
He looks more like Talia than Bruce
He didn’t get his growth spurt that took him from 5” to 6” until he was nearly 18
He is asexual but would love a romantic relationship but is also content to just be surrounded by animals
One time a tiger escaped from the zoo and Damian chased it around town and took it to the batcave but Dick made him return it before Bruce got home.
Sometimes he struggles to understand why he can’t kill some people.
The only people he completely lets his guard down around are Jonathan and Dick.
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asherxddeity · a day ago
Jason: What the fuck is wrong with you?!
Dick: Wow, you could start with a 'good morning'
Jason: Good morning. What the fuck is wrong with you?!
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sleepyssnail · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why does Jason wear the discowing suit better than Dick? Just me? That's fine.
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wookie-on-some-cookies · 22 hours ago
Teeny Tiny Timmy Drake
Okay so, I would like to mention that I am not a writer. Or at least, I don’t regularly practice writing and it’s been a long ass time since I was in English class. However, I like tiny deaged Tim Drake fics and there are not enough tiny deaged Tim Drake fics to satisfy me. As such, I have decided to wing it and write my own. Barbara is 32, Dick is 29, Cass is 23, Jason is 22, Steph is 19, Tim is 19 (before events of this fic take place, after that he’s like a 4-year-old with very skilled speech), and Damian is 14. Bruce is how ever old he needs to be to fit the picture and Alfred is immortal. Relationships between the batfam are pretty much the same as in Batman: Wayne Family Adventures. No one is currently feuding with anyone else within the Batfamily. Also, this is kind of, sort of, supposed to be Bruce’s POV but it goes back and forth between him and Tim. Oh well, c’est la vie. Welcome to my little chaotic creation that was made with lots of sleep dep and spontaneity. Enjoy or don’t, whatever makes you happy
Bruce frowned as he stared up at the Batcomputer. Jump City had a prison breakout two weeks prior. The titans managed to recapture almost all their escaped convicts; all except one. And it just so happened that this particular prisoner happened to be magic. Henry Hector (alias: Henry Hex), an adult male with brown hair and brown eyes. 29 years of age, 6’1” in height, and weighs 243.8 lbs. Born with magical capabilities and an arrogant personality to match. Normally, this wouldn’t be Bruce’s problem. He wouldn’t be sitting in front of his computer with a glass of brandy and 650 milligrams of aspirin, staring at the stupid smirk on this idiot’s face. But no, Henry decided to try his luck in Gotham City. Gotham’s vigilantes were all trying diligently to apprehend him, but Henry always managed to slip away. Oracle could only do so much tracking when their target can literally disappear into thin air. Much to their frustration, might he add. Batman had even caved and called in Zatanna, who was out with Red Robin on patrol to try and make some progress. Bruce scrubbed a hand down his face. Footsteps came from behind him. Ah, the rest of his children must have come to pry him off his chair and up into the manor.
“Bruce! I’d say I’m surprised you’re still down here, but I’d be lying.” Dick smirked. “We should have a movie night tonight!”
“Yeah, Alfie said he’d make us all strawberry milkshakes if you came with, so get your ass up! I’m hungry!” Well then. Jason has his priorities all sorted out. Bruce smirked on the inside.
“I’ll come up after a while. I need to finish what I’m doing.”
“Which is what exactly, Father? Brooding at the screen that holds no new leads?” Damian scoffed. “It’s nothing that can’t wait.”
Bruce raised an eyebrow and looked at Dick questioningly.
Dick smiled with a what can you do? look on his face as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I promised Damian that he could pick the movie if he helped convince you to come with.” Dick chuckled.
“Hn.” Bruce grunted. “I don’t see why you all cannot start without me. You’ve had no problems doing it in the past.” He pointed out.
“C’mon Bruce! We just want to have some quality almost-whole-family time! Besides, we all deserve a break. You’re not the only one who’s had migraines from dealing with Henry-The-Walking-Headache.” Dick urged. “Duke is on his way home and we’re gonna drag Timmy in too as soon as he gets back. It’ll be great!”
“Good luck dragging Tim Tam away from his work.” Jason smirked at Dick.
“You aren’t going to help me?” Dick asked.
“Hell no! Little Red has bony elbows and he’s vicious when he’s riding sleep dep! I’m not losing any fingers tonight!” Jason raises his hands in surrender and backs away from Dick.
“Dami? Wanna help your favorite brother out?” Dick asked Damian with a megawatt grin.
Damian sighed. “If I must. But I reserve the right to drug Drake should he become combative. He needs the sleep anyway, else he pass out in public like an imbecile.” Damian rolls his eyes, but he wasn’t fooling anyone into thinking he didn’t care about Tim.
Bruce smiled slightly, moving to look back at the screen, and oh, there’s Cass. He didn’t jump when he turned his chair and saw Cass staring him down. Nope. Not at all. No one could prove it and if they could, he’d buy them off.
“Please?” his only daughter asked with a tilt of her head and wide eyes.
Bruce, helpless to the power held in the pleading eyes of one Cassandra Cain-Wayne, sighed. “I suppose I can take a small breather.” The kids whooped and shot up the stairs. Bruce shook his head with a fond smile and followed them up.
The phone rang from down the hall. Damian moved to pause the film, but Alfred raised a hand to stop him. “That will be quite alright, Master Damian. I will be back momentarily.” Alfred said as he rose to answer the call. “Hurry back!” Jason called after him.
“See Bruce, isn’t this nice?” Dick asked and elbowed Bruce.
Bruce chuckled. “Alright, I admit it. You were right. This is a nice break.”
“Oh God!” Jason clutched his chest where his heart lies. “It must be the end! Batman openly admitting to enjoying something other than justice?! It can’t be!” He pretended to pass out.
Bruce rolled his eyes kicked him. “You mean to tell me that you don’t remember having post-patrol movie nights where you’d beg me to watch those movies about barb-MPH!” Jason shot up and covered Bruce’s mouth. “You promised me you’d never tell a soul about those movies. You swore an OATH, Old Man! AN OATH!” He yelled.
Dick leered at Bruce. “I will give you anything you want if you confirm that you were about to say Barbie. Please tell me Jason used to watch Barbie movies.” He begged.
Jason’s face turned tomato red. “Hey! It’s none of your business, Dickhead!”
Damian smirked.
“That goes for you too, brat! Barbie movies had good storylines and even better music! Only idiots with no sense of imagination dislike Barbie movies!”
Cass grinned and gave Jason a one-armed hug. “I like them too. Nice songs. They’re good for dancing.”
Jason grinned and stuck his tongue at the rest of the room. “I guess Cass and I are the only ones with decent taste.” He wrapped his arms around his sister.
Bruce smiled and opened his mouth to respond when Alfred walked back into the movie room.
Alfred cleared his throat. “I’m afraid I have some startling news.” Everyone quickly turned to Alfred in serious silence. “That was Zatanna calling. Our runaway magician decided to block off Kane Memorial Bridge to practice on the unsuspecting civilians. This time, Mr. Hex apparently decided to test out aging spells. Ms. Zatanna managed to take him down and has turned him over to the authorities. There was only one victim who has been permanently affected.”
“Well, that is unfortunate, but one casualty is better than the mass that there could have been.” Damian stated.
“That would be the startling part, Master Damian. The casualty was-” The doorbell to the front entrance interrupted Alfred. He sighed. “Perhaps seeing the problem will better help to explain.” They followed Alfred as he led them through the manor.
Alfred opened the door to Zatanna holding a sleeping toddler. “Zatanna, what happened?” Bruce asked her.
“Who’s the child?” Damian questioned.
“Well…” She trailed off, looking at Bruce with pity. “I’m not sure there’s a way to ease you into this, so I’ll just say it. This is Tim. Your Tim” She turned so they could see his face.
“Oh my God…” Jason whispered. Dick covered his mouth, his eyes wide. Cass and Damian had matching looks of shock as they stared at the child snoozing on Zatanna’s shoulder. Bruce stared hard at Tim, his mouth agape. Tim yawned and moved to snuggle further into Zatanna.
Alfred moved to stand in front of Zatanna and motioned for the others to step back. “Perhaps this is a conversation best had inside. If you will all follow me, please.” Alfred led them all to one of the bigger dens in the manor. Zatanna laid Tim down on the sofa as the others moved to stand behind her.
“What happened?!” Bruce exclaimed. “The emergency beacon never went off!”
Zatanna turned to face the family. “Tim and I figured out that Hex was going towards the bridge and moved to intercept and distract him before he could harm any of the civilians. We had it handled until Hex noticed a little girl stuck between the bridge railing and a wrecked car. We couldn’t stop him from casting the curse in time, so Tim dove in front of her and took the hit. I was able to restrain him right after, and then the authorities arrived.” She recounted. “There was no point in sending out the signal after the fact. Tim’s vitals are stable, he’s not injured, and the curse had already been cast out. I checked Tim to make sure everything was as well as could be and then got in touch with Alfred. He hasn’t woken up yet, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.”
“Alfred mentioned you said he was permanently affected…” Dick trailed off, fearing the worst. Zatanna bit her lip and nodded. “Yes…I’m sorry. I tried to find a counter curse, but there’s nothing we can do. I called Constantine as well, but there’s no way to reverse this hex without risking Tim’s death. But he won’t be a toddler forever!” She hurriedly mentioned at their horrified faces. “He will have to grow up all over again, though.”
“Are you certain?” Bruce asked grimly. Zatanna looked solemn and nodded. “Bruce, we checked every avenue available. If we try to reverse the curse, it will cause too many of Tim’s cells to lyse during the rapid aging process. The telomeres wouldn’t be able to keep up. He’d die instantly.” She explained.
“Oh Tim…” Cass whispered. She grabbed a blanket and began tucking Tim in.
Damian hadn’t taken his eyes on Tim, gloom swirling in his expression.
“Will he keep his memories?” Dick asked. “I’m not entirely sure. If I had to guess, I’d say that his memories will be altered to seem as if he were a child the entire span of his life. That’s usually the case with this type of age regression curse.” Zatanna explained, not unkindly.
“Fuck! Are you serious?!” Jason exclaimed with worry, a hand moving to grip his hair. “What if that sends him into a panic attack? What if he freaks and tries to run? Half of us tried to kill him once upon a time!” Jason had guilt written all over his face. Damian looks down at his feet.
Zatanna holds a hand up. “Calm down, you’re assuming the worst. If Tim keeps his memories like I believe he will, the current relationship that he has with you will also settle into a child’s understanding. You and Tim are close now, so he’ll still see you as his older brother when he’s like this.” Zatanna looks at Damian. “And you and Tim worked out your differences. He won’t hate you. He’s still going to love you both as his brothers. Most likely, he won’t focus on the past. It’ll give him a migraine if he tries to go back and sort through all the memories.”
“But there’s a chance that he won’t remember any of this, right?” Cass asked. “He won’t remember anything past his last memory from this age?”
Zatanna sighed and nodded. “A small chance, yes. But, we may be able to alter his memories slightly if that happens. J’onn would be willing to help, I’m sure.”
“We’ll have to make sure not to scare him if he wakes up and can’t remember anything. Hopefully, he’ll at least recognize some of us.” Bruce hums, looking down at his now youngest child.
Jason groaned. “It’s gonna suck if we have to explain that his biological parents aren’t coming home, and he can’t go back to Drake Manor.”
Damian piped up in a small voice. “It could have been much worse.” He looked up at his father. “Drake is still here, alive and breathing. And there is a good chance that he will remember us and be able to adjust to this.”
Bruce put a hand on Damian’s shoulder. “You’re right, son. Let’s just hope for the best. We’ll be okay, so long as we have each other.”
Dick smiled at Damian. “Who knows? You might enjoy being the older brother instead of the youngest.”  He ruffled Damian’s hair.
A persistent beeping sound caught everyone’s attention. Zatanna frowned and checked her phone. “The league is requesting me. There’s another emergency out in Ontario. Tim should be perfectly fine when he wakes up, but if anything seems off, don’t hesitate to call me.” They said their goodbyes and Alfred walked Zatanna to the front entrance.
“Well, now I suppose we just have to play the waiting game.” Bruce thought out loud. Everyone chose a spot to sit and wait for Tim to wake up, all hoping for the best. They spent the rest of the time reassuring each other that everything would be okay, and discussing how to adjust to toddler aged Tim.
Tim slowly came back to consciousness. He was warm and lying on something soft. He smiled and snuggled in further. Tim heard voices around him, so he guessed his babysitter must have brought him back home after he fell asleep. He blinked his eyes open and stretched, yawning as he did so.
Jason noticed him first. “He’s waking up!”
The others quickly moved to his side. “Hi, Timmy. Do you know who we are?” Dick asked softly, trying not to startle him in case he didn’t remember.
Tim gave him a confused look. He looked around the room, stopping to thoroughly study everyone in the room. Jason bit his lip and tried not to seem intimidating. When Tim’s gaze landed on Bruce, Bruce moved forward and crouched down closer to Tim. “Do you know who I am, son?” he asked.
Tim stared for a moment and then giggled. “You and Dickie are silly, Daddy!”
Jason almost collapsed on the floor with relief. “He remembers! Oh thank fu- I mean, fudge!” he corrected. Cass smacked his arm. “No cursing around the baby.”
Bruce sighed in relief and ran his fingers through Tim’s hair. “Yes, sweetheart. We’re just being silly.”
Damian moved a step closer, worried about what Tim how to would react to him. “Drake?”
Tim turned to Damian “Hi Dami!” Tim smiled and waved excitedly. “I saw a dog that looked just like Titus on the bridge today with Z! I wanted to pet him, but his owner was walking super-duper fast and I have little legs so I couldn’t get to him. I almost thought he was Titus when I first seen him.” Tim rambled. Then he gasped. “Does Titus have a twin?” He asked excitedly.
Jason laughed at Tim’s antics. Damian blinked a few times before a small smile found it’s way on his face. “…Titus has several siblings, yes. Though I’m not sure where they are. I suppose it could have been Titus’ brother that you saw.” Damian indulged him.
Tim giggled “I’m gonna tell Titus that I saw his brother.” He declared. Tim turned to Bruce. “I fell asleep with Z. She was taking sooooo long. But she’s nice. She should come babysit me again one day.”
Bruce smiled and kissed Tim’s forehead, then scooped him up.
Tim smiled and leaned his head on Bruce’s chest. “I’m glad to be back home with you guys, though. I missed you.” Bruce held him tighter. “We missed you, too.”
Dick cooed. “D’awww, you’re the cutest!” He made grabby hands at Tim. “Come give your big brother a hug!”
Bruce rolled his eyes fondly and gently passed Tim to Dick. Tim smiled and wrapped his arms around Dick’s neck. “I love you, Dickie.” Dick grinned and hugged Tim back. “I love you to, babybird.”
“You better share him, Dick!” Jason warned him. “You don’t get to hog Tiny Tim just because you’re the oldest! We want turns too!, so you better pass him ‘round!” Jason pointed a finger at him.
Dick stuck his tongue out and danced away from the others. “I have no idea what you’re insinuating! Me, a baby hog? Hmph!” He winked at Tim.
Tim laughed and playfully reached out towards Jason. Jason smirked. “Hah! He wants me now! Give him here!” Jason started chasing Dick, trying to get Tim.
“Nope, he’s just pitying you. I’m not done snuggling him!” Dick taunted him.
Bruce sighed. “Boys, behave.” Damian watched his brothers in amusement.
Dick held Tim close to his chest and kept avoiding Jason. He stopped when he got on the side of a long table in front of the fireplace, right across from Jason. “Back! Back I say! You shan’t take my precious treasure!” Dick cried. Tim laughed at his silly older brothers.
Before Dick could blink, Cass zoomed by, snatched Tim out of his arms, and ran upstairs. “He belongs to me now! My baby brother! No give backs!” She called out on her way up to God knows where. The men all started chasing after her and yelling simultaneously:
Alfred sighed and shook his head. “Ah well, they will return shortly for my help once Master Tim’s age dictates a particular skill in child rearing. One might assume they would ask for advice on how to care for a small child from the person who has actually raised a small child.” The corner of Alfred’s mouth twitched upwards as he walked towards the kitchen to prepare for dinner. “Now then, where would Miss Martha have stored that booster seat?”
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incorrectbatfam · 23 hours ago
Jason and Dick angst?
Angst is not my forte but here's a fanfic anyway.
It started with a bowl of cereal.
Sometimes, that's all there is to it.
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simply-aces · a day ago
Damian: I could kill you if I wanted.
Tim: Yeah? So could any other human being. So could a dog. So could a dedicated duck. You aren't special.
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dearbatsitsash · 2 days ago
*Angsty Jason gets invited to dinner with the Batfam*
*Jason glares at everyone and Bruce glares right back*
Tim internally: I think what Bruce is worried about is that I’ll turn out like Dick, Damian will turn out like me, and eventually we’ll all turn out like Jason.
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ldrfanatic · 2 days ago
Hi I just read the Jason todd with shy and sensitive reader and I was wondering if we could get more of that as I loved it I just love your work in general I’m not even sure you take requests if you don’t ignore this and I’m so so sorry for bothering you anyway have a good day/night/whatever time it is there 🤍🤍
Also sorry if there is a lot of spelling mistakes I am dyslexic
hi anon! I absolutely still take requests!! ilysm and i love hearing your thoughts about my works!! here you go!!! i put it more into hcs and scenarios, but feel free to send in more requests for jay and his shy sensitive reader :)
Jason with a sensitive reader with a beautiful smile. He tries his hardest to make you laugh because he loves seeing your bright smile. Sometimes when you guys are alone, he sits and just stares at you with this dreamy look on his face just admiring your smile.
He also loves how soft your skin is. He offers to give you massages all the time. You’re so shy and innocent and sweet that you think he really just wants to take care of you. And he does! But he also loves feeling your soft skin underneath his fingertips.
Jason who laughs to himself when you come strutting out of the large closet with his Red Hood mask pulled over your head. “Jay this interface is really cool, but I can’t really see so… help?”
When he finally stops laughing long enough to get the helmet off, you’re f l u s h e d and he feels his heart beating against his chest. Your pretty soft skin all lit up a shy red. “You’re gorgeous, angel.”
Jason who likes to pick you up from work/college. He used to take one of his cars, and sometimes when it’s raining he still does. But there was one time where he came on his motorcycle. You were walking towards him and your eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets while you were obviously checking him out.
When he pointed out that he knew you were checking him out, you became a blushing and stuttering mess.
Ever since then, if the whether permits is, whenever Jason has to pick you up, he picks you up on his motorcycle.
Jason who gets teased by his whole family for being so gentle with you.
Jason who refuses to introduce you to Damian because he’s a mean little bastard and you’re his sweet sensitive angel.
Jason who actually does launch a throwing star at Damian when he insults you at a family dinner. You quietly excused yourself from the dinner table and once you were out of the room, Jason launched his entire self across the large mahogany table and tackled the little shit right out of his chair.
Then he stands up and brushes himself off like nothing happened and stalks off to find you.
From then, no one in the family messed with you. Dick teased you a little and Jason almost lost his mind until you calmed him down.
Jason who’s like a guard dog for you and whenever you need him to just sorta pulls you into his arms and holds you protectively.
He does this a lot around the press. When Bruce announced him not dead, the Gotham press were all over him and his s/o. You hated the flash of the cameras and the rude shoving of the paparazzi.
Jason who was on the news for decking a camera man who asked you a rather inappropriate question and knocking the man flat out.
Your hero.
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boxonarock · a month ago
Tumblr media
don’t talk to me or my son or my son or my son or my son
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arguablysomaya · 4 months ago
batboys are literally just like: *watches their older brother lie, manipulate, and keep secrets from his team* oh my god... i'd never do that... he's so much like bruce...... *goes off to lie, manipulate, and keep secrets from his own team*
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batboysdoll · 3 months ago
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I knew they had to use this old joke at some point
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sleepyssnail · 2 hours ago
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Damian and Duke may suffer but Steph really does rock the bowler hat
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bluecookie22 · 4 months ago
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