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Hi, congratulations with 1k! You and your blog are really amazing! May i have treat no 1 about Lightwood-Bane family(books)+Indonesia? Thank you
Thank you, lovely human 💚
Lightwood-Bane Family + Indonesia Headcanons
The suggestion to go to Indonesia came up when they all went to Buenos Aires to finalise Rafe’s adoption. (But where did bapa grow up? Can we go there too? Pleassseeee daddy!)
Magnus is hesitant at first. He doesn’t want to go back there. (I just...that place is filled with bad memories, Alexander)
Alec convinces him that he should give it a try. (Well then, let’s go and make some good ones, okay?)
They travel to Indonesia through a portal cause Magnus hates airplanes (OMG bapa. Indosia is so close to home!!!! We can come here all the time!!!!)
Rafe is immediately taken with the batik sarongs that Indonesians wear. Magnus takes him shopping so they can buy some to wear during their vacation. 
They spend a lot of time at the beach. The kids love the ocean. (There is water everywhere, look!!!!!!!)
Alec was skeptical about taking Magnus near the water but Magnus reassured him (Stay at the hotel and miss the opportunity to rub sunscreen all over your body? I think not, Mr. Consul!)
Even though Magnus is a better swimmer, Alec holds his husband’s hand the entire time they are in the water.
Max builds the NY Institute in the sand. It’s a big, ugly mess. Magnus loves it.
Alec surprises Magnus by speaking decent Indonesian with the street vendors. (My my...Looks like someone has been spending time on duolingo!)
They all love the Indonesian cuisine, especially Rafe. He loves spicy food. His favorite is Nasi Goreng. 
Max is obsessed with Peresean, a local sword fighting tradition. (I can beat Uncle Jace now!!!!)
Magnus visits the barn he grew up in. He wanted to go alone but Rafe went along with him. He doesn’t know why his papa is crying but he understands. (It’s okay, papa. You have us now.)
Alec and Max go shopping to buy some local souvenirs so they can take it back to the loft. (It’s a part of you, Magnus. Which means now it’s a part of us too)
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