hains-mae · 11 hours ago
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Tomatoes 🍅✨
(Thank you @cherlosity for the bonus 😌)
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beyoncescock · 12 hours ago
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Batman will be awake for 5 consecutive days and be like “I trained with such-and-such sect of monks in the secluded mountains of wherever, and by increasing the duration of my blinks by .035% I’ve eradicated the need for REM sleep.”
Meanwhile, Alfred is in the background loading a rifle with horse tranquilizers, muttering “Very good sir.”
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erusaii · 6 hours ago
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came to me in a dream
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justiceleague · 11 hours ago
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The Batman (2022), dir. Matt Reeves
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batarangsoundsdumb · 4 hours ago
bruce: why does vicki vale think i'm 'unfashionable'?
tim: because you wear the same exact outfit every day
bruce: no i don't
bruce's closet:
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s-mscott · 4 hours ago
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Work in Progress ❤️☀️
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sohotthateveryonedied · 10 hours ago
Why is everyone obsessed with Tim's spleen???
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love that funky lil organ
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mahmudasrar · 11 hours ago
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Dark Knights Of Steel #6 Variant Cover
My first work for DC Comics in about 9 years. Also my first official cover featuring Batman. I do like alternate versions of the character so it was quite entertaining to paint this one.
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shiftythrifting · an hour ago
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viaov · 11 hours ago
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Fred Benes, Harley Quinn
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kinoart4 · 12 hours ago
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"I don't think Batman is the handsome Bruce Wayne. Maybe I'll slowly paint your pretty face with blood hehehe" 🃏
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2004hitalbumsevenswans · 20 hours ago
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This specific Cass from Batgirls #2
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ladydonguri · 11 hours ago
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Have you heard about the new pastry shop that Mr. and Mrs. Freeze have opened?
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pinemangoart · 7 hours ago
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Batmeme ehehheheheheheh
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redrosebug · 11 hours ago
Every batfam fic I've read where there's a magical animal transformation has one of the Robins turn into a small cutesy animal and that's all nice and dandy, but could you imagine how much more chaotic it would be if they got turned into say a moose? A hippo? A goddamn komodo dragon?
Bruce: What do you have there?
Damian, standing on the cave with a flamingo-Dick: New pet.
Jason: His name is Nightwing.
Tim: We rescued him from the zoo.
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sunsetsintandem · 18 hours ago
Bruce has a not so secret file with pictures of his family. The children all pretend they don't know about it, but occasionally drop new photos on it. Bruce knows they know, but it gives him happy chemicals every time the file is updated, so he never says anything.
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mysharona1987 · 2 hours ago
But why is Zack Snyder even an issue in the Joss Whedon controversy?
This isn’t about which director’s version of a Justice League movie is better.
It’s just a comic film, who cares?
It’s about Joss being an abusive asshole to everyone and truly hurting people and ruining lives.
Snyder…has never been said to be abusive to anyone. Ok, if you think if movies are shit, don’t watch them.
But you can’t compare him to Joss as a person.
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rent-a-bat · 5 hours ago
*a character about to do something I know for a fact will awaken something in me*
me: I hope this doesn't awaken something in me
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ameba-from-space · 10 hours ago
I saw you were taking asks for fic Recs and I was hoping you might have some for dick grayson?? Please! Also thanks!!
And were back!!! I'm finally motivated enough to do this so lets kick it off with the goodest boy dick grayson
Cingulomania (Sometimes, Dad Needs a Hug) - I will never ever ever shut up about this fic and yall can't stop me
And the Scene Slips Away (To the Evenness I Fake) - This family really need to sit down and talk about stuff
Manor-Dad lets me drive the Batmobile - Dick reaches a obvious conclusision about his adoptive dad
four brothers, one crush, and absolutely zero brain cells to be found - Honestly the title says it all
deer is a dish best served with a side of tears - dick is a dick to his dad
Watch This - IT'S A BABY
Older Siblings: A Plague on Our Society - Give the man his bike back
collective Judgments - Punch racist
Safe And Sound - The kids call bruce dad
Kidding Around With the Bats - Dick find a bunch of babies, he then finds out they are his dad and siblings
Make an Ass of U and Me - Clark thinks the handsome young man following bruce around is his boyfriend, its not
Breakfast in America - #LetDickGraysonWearABikini2022
Minimum Height Requirement - *edna mode voice* NO CAPES (at least not until youre 18)
When it Rains - People question why it took bruce so long to adopt dick
The Jingle Jangle Morning - dick has a sleepover, it doesnt go well
Catch and Release - KILL BATMAN (with love)
in the dark of the night - Dick and bruce have a complicated relatioship
Ranking Robins - Dick's childhood was more complicated than most people think
Emergency Contacts - Bruce is injured, his kids worry
You Won't Wake Up Alone - Dick wants his dad
I Measure Every Grief I Meet - Someone died in ethiopia, it wasn't jason
what a privilege to love you (to teach you all that i know) - It's beautiful, I've looked at it for five hours
Perils of a Job - Dick calls bruce, Dick gets hurt, Bruce panics
A Touch of Concern - Bruce's kids have all died at least once, he gets to be overprotective, as a treat
The Waynes, Damsels in Distress - The Waynes are bitches and I love them so much
and it comes back around - dick finds out there are more ways to beat bad guys
And this is it, I could probably do more, dick is my second most read character in ao3, you'll never guess who is number one, but I don't want to make a super gigantic post so if you guys would like a part 2 hit me up
Fanfic recs masterpost
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