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Hoy les traigo un nuevo vídeo 🙌🏻 En esta ocasión es mi Wrap Up acumulado de Enero, Febrero y Marzo! En el cual les recomiendo cómics que me gustaron mucho 🌟 ¡NO SE LO PIERDAN! 👉🏻

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So yesterday, at 3:30 in the goddamn morning and I just had the most stupid fucking BatFam head cannon and I have been debating sharing it ever since, but considering I can’t stop thinking about it, I figured I should share.

You see, the thought popped into my head of Jason Todd watching John Mulaney and seeing the street smarts segment, he laughs about it but then he gets an idea.

You see, he decides to gathering everyone for a lesson on the Bittenbinder Method, with some Jason Todd flair and corrections. And those truly are what makes the presentation so funny. Those and the crudely made slides detailing “his” methods in red crayon.

And of course, Jason goes on about how he doesn’t want his family to not get kidnapped, he just wants them to almost get kidnapped so they can tell the story of how they used the Bittenbinder Red Hood Method and beat up the perp using a phonebook, because as everyone knows, phone books don’t leave bruises.

It then popped into my head that this became a running joke between the BatBoys, and now everytime they stop thugs, and they do it while detailing how they are putting the Red Hood Method into effect.

Only thing is, is these boys aren’t subtle, so it kind of catches on, and Jason actually ends up making these jokey videos on it as Red Hood, that do actually end up demonstrating some real self defense stuff, because he care for people’s safety and figure why not.

And that’s the story of how an entire city, when interviewed about how they got out of a situation with the villain of the week, began to cite how they have been using the Red Hood Method to get out of trouble

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Ciao ragazzi come state ?video molto utile per chi attendeva con ansia qualche cinecomic , blockbuster , live-action e quant'altro in uscita quest'anno.Oggi vi elencheremo 10 produzioni sospese e 10 film rimandati. Quale film attende di più fra questi? scrivetelo nei commenti! Vi ricordiamo di attivare la campanella per rimanere sempre aggiornati sui nostri video ,inoltre vi invitiamo a lasciare un like se il video vi è piaciuto!

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yoonseok fics that haven't been recommended before? ty!! :)

Can do!


  • So Far Away (Dream) by Taegiminie (Single Parent AU, Dance AU, One-shot, 54K, M, Yoongi’s kid’s new dance teacher is Yoongi’s old flame)

  • Under the Bright Moon by malamyszk (Engagement AU, 2 Chapters, 29K, E, Hobi’s engaged to Jin even though they’re not really in love, Jin asks Hobi to invite his ‘estranged’ brother Yoongi to their wedding, and Hobi falls for him instead)

  • tuesday, wednesday, ♡ attack by batman (Fake Boyfriend AU, College AU, One-shot, 20K, T, Hobi and Yoongi hate each other, and to prove a point they accept a dare from their friends about dating each other for a semester, whoever gives in first loses, but things turn real quick)

Here you go, enjoy!

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Mark Hamill should record himself reading batman fanfiction out loud. Specifically my batman fanfiction which is all about how Poison Ivy and Cat Woman team up to kill The Joker to stop him from abusing Harley. Unfortunately this means I would have to actually write it instead of just imagining it and I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

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