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Now that the Arrowverse has their Batman/Bruce Wayne with Warren Christie and we’ll be getting a new Kate/Batwoman and already have Luke Fox and Julia Pennyworth I decided to do a little fancast for the rest of the Batfamily. I know the CW likely won’t have everyone on the shows because of the films and “Titans” but here’s my take on who I think could play them if they were able.

Dick Grayson (Leo Suter)


Originally posted by lavellenchanted

Barbara Gordon (Jane Levy)


Originally posted by beautifuldisastr

Alfred Pennyworth (Alan Dale)


Originally posted by rorysfirstkiss

Jason Todd (Curran Walters, as I would love them to use the same actor.)


Originally posted by monalisa-1797

Tim Drake (Alex Fitzalan)


Originally posted by violadvis

Damian Wayne (Jaeden Martell, as I had to find someone now who could pass for Warren’s son and is still a teen.)


Originally posted by dontyouknowemma-itsyou

Stephanie Brown (Virginia Gardner)


Originally posted by marvelsrunawayss

Cassandra Cain (Leah Lewis)


Originally posted by joeshardy

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Damian's Birthday
Bruce: Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
Damian: *Points toward cake* It is the sweet, heart-shaped, cake's birthday as well? Father, I think you've lost your mind...
Bruce: ...
Damian: ...
Bruce: I was talking to you...
Tim: DAMIAN'S in here?!
Bruce: *calling after Tim* At least wish him happy birthday!
Damian: I don't even like cake...
Alfred: I believe your brothers will enjoy it if you really wish to miss out...
Damian: What brothers!?
Alfred: *Sighing* The boys you share a father with...
Damian: Who? Are you talking about Grayson, Todd, and Drake, who are all fighting over the cake?
Alfred: Yes
Damian: Well, Pennyworth, get it away from them. It's my cake, so I shall share it with my real friends.
Alfred: All your friends are at their own houses
Damian: t-t, they live with me
Alfred: Who are these friends of yours?
Damian: Batcow, Goliath, Alfred, and Titus, of course! Ace can join, too, if he wants!
Alfred: Jolly good, then, Master Damian. The only problem is that the cake has chocolate in it.
Damian: Fine, I am sure the rest of them will understand if Batcow has to have it all
Bruce: Damian! It's time for you to blow out the candles!
Stephanie: *Comes running in* I can't believe I almost missed this! I brought my camera, so we can take pictures! This is so exciting! Damian's first birthday as a superhero!
Damian: Birthdays with the league of Assassins were better...
Jason: I know what you mean... Well, I'm only talking about rebirthdays, not just birthdays, but they're close enough. I was revived there, you know, so I experienced a "rebirthday".
Damian: No one celebrates that
Bruce: I would've celebrated if I'd have known
Jason: See what I'm talking about? Rebirthday with him would've been so sweet... but he also wouldn't have left me alone for a second
Bruce: I can't say that's not an accurate prediction...
Damian: It's still different from birthdays, but at least you understand
Stephanie: C'mon, birthday boy! I've got my camera ready!
Damian: Fine, I'm coming...
Everyone: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Damian, Happy Birthday to you!
Damian: This hasn't been a very happy birthday so far. You're wishes for me to have a happy day are not working!
Bruce: Why hasn't this day been happy?
Damian: Drake is ruining it
Tim: Why am I always the one he blames for everything?!
Damian: *watching from afar* I do not wish to play such childish games
Bruce: *calling over* C'mon, Damian! It'll be fun!
Damian: It's stu- *gets pulled into the shadows before finishing his sentence*
Bruce: Damian!
Damian: Aaaaah! Mother, you, um, surprised me...
Talia: *squeezing Damian in a hug* How else am I supposed to make a surprise visit? You didn't really think I'd miss your birthday, did you?
Damian: To be fair, pulling me into a hug when I think you are miles away is just plain creepy. There are better ways to make it surprising.
Talia: Sorry, my darling
Bruce: Please don't ever do that again, Talia! I thought he was getting kidnapped!
Talia: I won't, Beloved. But it is very nice to see both of you again... And I can't say I haven't missed Jason, as well...
Damian: Mother, can you tell Father to stop these absurd games at once!?
Talia: He has a point. Beloved, do you think we could at least to switch it to something more interesting, like darts?
Bruce: Trusting these kids with darts?! They'll kill each other! Damian will kill Tim, then I'm sure Jason will kill someone else, and...
Talia: They could probably kill each other with the pin in "pin the tail on the donkey"
Bruce: At least then they can't see their targets. These kids are after each other...
Damian: I'm just going to go train. With lots and lots of sharp things that you let us handle on a daily basis...
Talia: He has a good point. How is this different from batarangs?
Bruce: If they're labeled as a "game" then they start thinking it's a game of last man standing
Talia: If you really think so...
Jason: Do you like it?
Damian: I do, but I doubt Father does
Bruce: *pulling Jason's present of guns away from Damian* Don't worry, I'll save you from those horrible devices!
Damian: Although he is overreacting, he has a little bit of a point. I'm trying to stop killing, and those aren't going to help.
Jason: Fine...
Talia: *Handing gift box to Damian* Why don't you open mine now?
Damian: *Ripping away wrapping* Wow, Mother! What a beautiful sword! Thank you!
Bruce: Great, more weapons...
Tim: His present from me is my forgiveness
Damian: I will not accept your present, Drake!
Tim: Guess no present for you...
Damian: Can we just move onto Grayson's?!
Dick: Okay, here you go! Do you like it?!
Damian: *staring at the Baby doll in his hands* Uh...
Dick: Is something wrong!? You don't seem like you like it very much...
Damian: t-t, I forgot to like it
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I’m unfortunately watching Teen Titans Go (nieces and nephews) and theres an episode where Batman and Jim Gordon are having a sleepover and Gordon put in a retainer and seemed sad but then Batman lifted his chin the sweet way people in relationships do and I’m like “Ok was not expecting that”

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Thank you everyone for your continuous support!!

And welcome new followers!!!

As I mentioned, I want to open myself up for Damian-centered drawing requests in my inbox (that aren’t too complicated, no batcest requests please) to celebrate!! And continue to leave my inbox open for some fun discussions you guys want to send me or ask me anything! I will be doing this for a week. Any requests after the week is over I may not do.

Thank you again!!

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Hi! I have so much free time on my hands and I promise everyone that I’m going to get some more posts out today! However, I’m posting this to see if anyone would be interested in doing a batfam rp. Open for anything from hilarious to angsty to both, of you’re interested send me a dm. If you have any questions send a dm if or ask. If you just want to chat send a dm. If you have any questions or requests, send in an ask. I hope everyone is having a “great” summer, even in this time!

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Lost and Found (Riddler/Scarecrow) - Page 3

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Ok look, I know it’s been five years since page 2 but I promised y’all that I would continue this some day and here I am. So… enjoy!

(btw for those who don’t know, MPD stands for ‘Missing, Presumed Dead’. Though it also seems to stand for ‘Most Popular Driver’ and ‘Mobile Phone Dealer’ so make of that what you will)

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