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#Batman endgame

I could have made you forever, just like you always wanted! My blood, this… I could have saved you! This could have had a happy ending!


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I am not really a DC comic reader so I may not know what the fuck I’m talking about but the Eric Border reveal/setup for Batman: Endgame is SUCH a cool fucking idea for the Joker…. like……… he has the ability to pass as a totally normal fucking dude for like two years straight while WORKING AT ARKHAM ASYLUM, and no one ever suspects, and he’s RIGHT under Batman’s nose the entire time, pretending to be this awkward idealistic cinnamon roll, and not only does Batman not recognize him, but he actually gains Batman’s trust. Fuck!!! Absolutely legendary!! It’s a tragedy that the writers didn’t utilize him more; the twist would have come with SO much more impact if he had been more than the minorest of characters.

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Batman Endgame truly is here trying to pull my heart out through my bellybutton by having Superman’s boy scout smile stretch out into a Joker grin right before Bruce’s eyes. Like????? Godheckingdamn, what a couple of page panels. P sure I forgot how breathing works because I whispered oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck ohfuckohfuckohfuck too many times way too fast.

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Dj NOT Batman and endgame boi

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lowkey having nightmares of Jokerized Superman, I swear, i mean, look at this shit and tell me you don’t feel fucking terrified even a LITTLE bit, that thing can fucking break ur spine with a flick of his pinky Bruce, if were you I woulda ran away but I ain’t and u didnt so i applaud u

(batman endgame for those of u who don’t stay up to date with the more Batman-Joker focused comics)

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Just finished reading Joker: Endgame. Look at this picture. Does that pool of blood look like a broken heart to you because it sure looks like that to me. *Whispers* batjokes.

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Batman comes face-to-face with the full scale of the Joker’s virus!

Batman #37

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i can literally HEAR his heart break in the second and third panels

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