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#Batman totally in love with him
jensencoded · a month ago
that being said i think that the cartoon to anime gateway drug does bite jack and he ends up trying and failing to get cas to teach him Another language when he’s already pretty shit at reading so they end up doubling down on teaching him to read because he likes reading the subtitles !! he wants everyone to love tv the same way he does and that includes eileen too so he keeps learning so he can sit her down the same way he does with dean, cas, and sam and introduces her to an anime he likes :) eileen is very touched and they end up having regular nights where instead of jack’s standard morning cartoon he watches subbed anime with eileen :D
#i just think it’s sweet#as someone who has a shit time processing anything without subtitles i think it’s just a kind gesture to keep them on yk?#and in this case- jack is learning to read so he can watch anime with eileen just bc he thinks well ofc she should be able to watch cartoons#jack loves quality time w his various parental figures#i think with cas it’s anything. he can put on any show and cas is content#sam prefers that jack watches the more educational stuff but he doesn’t mind anything that’s on rn that’s cool like.#sam is most def also watching anime with eileen and jack bc he thinks the storylines are so cool no lie#and with dean it’s classic cartoons from when he was a kid and adaptations of it now#like dean liked the old batman cartoons so they cycle thru those and young justice and teen titans and now dean is deep into ttg with jack#and he loves it! it’s funny and it’s spending time w his kid#i think that claire also gets roped into this and the wayward sisters introduce jack to those middle years he’s missing with gen x parents#anyway i think patience and jack have similar taste and kaia alex and claire all try to get him into more actiony animes#like he’s totally chill with watching normal ones but claire is like we HAVE to watch [blank] bc she’s been dying to!#i think it’s also nice to imagine that he treats it like an introductory way of becoming friends#like lemme show u something i think you’ll like!#jack kline cartoon boy :)#spn
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