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#Bayverse Ironhide
citrus-art-and-life · 4 years ago
Could chu please make a bayverse Ironhide icon with a flowercrown?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Put my gun WHERE?
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blackgirlfandomwriter · a year ago
Dating Headcanons (Bayverse Ironhide)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~ This grumpy mech is a big softie behind closed doors🥺
~ He prefers private PDA but when hes jealous, PDA = EVERYWHERE 
~ Ironhide also acts like an overprotective dad 😂
~ You and Ironhide are not morning people, but morning sex is lovely 😏
~ Ironhide knows that your ticklish so he loves to kiss your tummy 
~ 24/7 compliments 
~ Workout sessions together 
~ Ofc he teaches you how to use A LOT of different weapons 
~ Midday joys rides when either of you are stressed 
~ He hates to see you sad and will always be there for you when you cry 
Tumblr media
~ When he’s angry or frustrated  you never really talk about it unless he wants to, but hugs are always welcome 
Tumblr media
~ This big guy loves cuddling 
~ Ironhide also loves when you kiss his nose even though he never admits it 
~ For some reason you love sleeping in his alt mode 💀
~ You also sit on his shoulder a lot, sometimes he forgets your up there 🤣
~ “Have any of you seen Y/N” “IM RIGHT HERE” 
~ Lennox thinks y'all are the cutest couple btw🥰
~ Plus, you and Ironhide get to babysit Annabelle all the time (Lennox’s daughter) 
Tumblr media
~ Oh yeah I almost forgot. LENNOX IS A HUGE COCK BLOCKER😭 
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optimusiastic · 2 years ago
Bumblebee: This is sad.
Optimus: What is-
Bumblebee: [starts playing despacito]
Optimus, who is completely confused and unaware: ???
Ratchet, who is well aware of these dumb memes: Just ignore him.
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transformersmistakes · 3 years ago
Sam: Thanks dad
Bumblebee: Did you just call Optimus, "dad"?
Sam: No, I didn't. I said, "thanks man."
Optimus Prime: Do you see me as a father figure, Sam?
Sam: No! If anything I see you as a "bother" figure, cause you're always bothering me!
Ironhide: Hey! Show your father some respect!
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optimusiastic · 2 years ago
Bumblebee: [in a middle of a battle]
Bumblebee: [nearly gets shot]
Optimus, who is still unaware and confused: Bumblebee-
Ratchet, who is well aware: Ignore him.
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phoenixis-e3 · 3 months ago
Bayverse Ironhide x gn! Reader
Tw: 18+, NSFW, Minors dni! Fluff/Smut, cursing, Ironhide is soft and loves you very much. Gn reader but implied female parts, praise kink, slight size kink, tummy buldge. Y/n is 18+ Ironhide is a bit OCC in this.
A/n this is my first smut so don’t hate to hard :) Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ironhide was a rather grumpy bot, something or another irritated him almost constantly. He was never and could never be angry or annoyed by you though.
It was a Saturday and you were spending time at the Military base, how could you stay there? Well Lennox was your uncle and you lived with him. While he was at the base, you were too. Another reason was Ironhide was your guardian.
After they came to earth, you were with Sam and Mikaela. He didn’t like you at first since you were human, but that changed rather quickly while you were searching for the Allspark. You kindness and wanting to help them grew on the old weapon specialist. Thus his soft spot for you only grew even more after you helped him in the city after he got injured.
You were talking to Optimus, explaining what Halloween is after he had asked why there were odd decorations around the base, he’s very curious about Human cultures.
“So that’s why we wear costumes and-“Primus damnit! Slaggin-“
An angry voice shot across the base. You looked over where the voice came from and it was none other than Ironhide. He had been working on cannon modifications for hours and clearly it was not going well. Ironhide slammed something agains his makeshift weapons station, transformed and drove out of the base.
You sighed, softly chucking. “I’ll finish telling you about it later, I’m gunna go talk to him.” You gave the leader a soft smile, he returned one and you climbed down the latter off after you guardian. You were the only one who could truly calm him down. Some of the bots knew that your relationship with the mech was a little more on the romantic side, no matter how much he tried to hide it(ha) the bot couldn’t quite stop his fans from turning on and a slight blue tint to his faceplates when you’re mentioned.
You walk out of the hanger doors and spot him at the edge of the base in his alt form. You speed up and jog over to him. You reach him and softly put your hand on his hood. “Hey big guy.” You say quietly. “What’s got you upset?” You asked, softly running your hand across his hood. A grumble erupted from him and his passenger door opened, signaling you to get in. You smiled and hopped in. Shutting the door, you got situated in the seat.
You sat in silence for a few minutes before his holoform materialized in the driver’s seat. You looked over at him, he was visibly upset and frustrated. He finally looked up and over at you and softly patted his leg, wanting you in his lap.
You smiled softly and scooted over and sat in his lap. He instantly wrapped his arms around you and buried his face in your shoulder. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck and held him close. You reassuringly rubbed the nape of his neck and softly played with his hair, effectively calming him down slightly.
“What’s wrong?” You mumbled. Ironhide let out a huff and held you closer, if that was even possible. “Just stupid fragging technology that doesn’t want to work. I’ve been trying every to get it to work for cycles and it’s just!-“ he stopped himself from raising his voice and sighed. You nodded and pulled his head up to look at you. Cupping his face you looked into his eyes. “You can do it, your smart and very skilled. It’s best to just take a break for a while and go back to it with a clear head. You’re the best at what you do, you’ll figure it out.” You said with a soft smile.
He looked at you and smiles softly before kissing you. “Thank you” he mumbles out. You smile and kiss back, softly rubbing his face with your thumbs. He kisses you again a little rougher this time, you softly bite his lower lip and a groan erupts from him. Ironhide slides his hands to your hips and pull you against him, you both let out a quiet groan. Things are getting pretty heated and you can feel the pool of wetness between your legs. You move your hips agains his growing erection and he lets out a growl.
He pulls back and softly rubs the soft skin of your hips. “Are you sure you want to do this with me?” He asks softly, he sounds a bit, insecure. You softly smile at him and nod, he seems conflicted. “It’s just...I want to be good for you, I mean I’m sure you’d want someone of your kind, and around your age to be-“ You cut him off with a searing kiss. You pull back and look at him. “Hide, there’s no one else I’d rather do this with than you.” You run your hand down his chest and continue. “I love you, more than anything. You mean everything to me, you changed my life for the better and I’d never ever take it back.” You confess quietly. His eyes are wide and he grabbed your face and kisses you passionately.
He picks you up and softly tosses you in the back seat and crawls over you. You wrap your legs around his waste as he attacks your neck. Biting, sucking and kissing all of the marks he’s leaving. You moan softly and tug on his hair, making him groan. He lifts his head and kisses you softly before taking off his shirt. You blush seeing his exposed torso, he’s toned and has a few scars here and there.
Ironhide softly tugs at the hem of your shirt looking up at you silently asking for consent. You nod and he pulls your shirt off, leaving you in only your bra. He reaches behind you to unclip your bra, once again silently asking for consent. You slightly arch your back allowing him to un clip it. He slides the straps softly as marvels at your exposed chest. You softly cover yourself blushing. He moves your arms and kisses you. “Don’t hide yourself sweetspark, you’re beautiful.” You shyly smile then quietly moan as he starts kissing down your chest. He kisses down the valley of your breasts, then takes one of your nipples into his mouth. He swirls his tongue around the bud, making you mewl out his name. He feels his cock twitch in his pants at that. He softly places his hand against your clothed sex and looks into your eyes. “Can I make you feel good little one?” You blush at the name and softly lift your hips against his hand, desperate for some kind of friction. He chuckles softly and slides your shorts and underwear down your legs.
He groans at the sight in front of him. He traces his finger through your wet folds, you let out a small whimper. He softly thumbs your clit and kisses your neck, sliding a finger into your throbbing hole. “So wet for me already little one.” He smirks against your neck feeling you tighten around his finger. “You like that sweetspark? Like when I call you that? You’re so little compared to me. My little one...mine and mine only.” He groans while sliding a second finger into you. You whine and nod, pushing your hips against his fingers. He speeds up and curls his fingers, hitting that spongey spot inside you. “So needy little one, that’s ok, I love it, I love that you need me so much. I need you too princess.” He says, pulling two fingers out and sucking your juices off them. You whine at the empty feeling, Ironhide chuckles and kisses you.
He unbuckles his belt, pulling his jeans and boxers down in one go. His cock springs free and slaps against his stomach. You’re eyes widened and you swallow thickly, he’s bigger than you thought. He takes note of your expression and smiles softly. He takes your chin and makes you look at him. “I’ll be gentle little one, I’d never hurt you.” He takes some of your slick and rubs it down his shaft, then slowly sinks into you. You whimper and your eyes prick with tears at the stretch. He looks at you and worry washes over his face. “Are you alright sweetspark? Is it to much? We can stop if you want.” He says as he softly wipes away your tears and kisses your cheek. “N-No I’m okay, I j-just need a minute.” You say shakily. He nods, kisses your neck softly and rubs your thighs.
“Y-You can move now.” Ironhide nods and slowly starts thrusting into you. “Primus, so tight little one.” He groans at your walls squeezing him. You moan as he hits that spot inside of you. “I-Ironhide f-faster please” Needing him more. He smirks and picks up his pace, skin slapping against you. “F-Fuck feels s’good!” You whine out. He goes harder, ramming into you.
He shoves his face in your neck as he slams into you. “So good to me little one, always maken me feel better. Love maken ya feel good too, M’gunna protect you f’ever.” He slurs into you, his cock twitches inside you. You moan loudly and scratch down his back. He growls and suddenly picks you up, pinning against the door and thrusts up into you. Your eyes roll into your head at the new angle. “Fuck!” You moan out and cling to him desperately as he slams into you.
“Mm fuck princess, look at that.” He whines. You look down and see his cock bumping inside of you. “So cute little one, so small to me.” He softly pushes against the spot and you both moan. You feel the knot forming in your stomach again. “M’gunna cum!” You let out a whiney moan. “Yea? Gunna cum sweetspark?” He asks kissing you roughly. You nod and he speeds up. Your vision goes blank as you scream out his name, your orgasam hitting you hard. He groans feeling you clench around him. “Yea that’s it princess, good girl cummin on my cock like that.” His groans quicken as he lets out a moan. “Can I cum inside little one? Fill you up nice with my seed?” He asks sucking on your breast. You nod quickly. A moan rips from his throat as he releases inside of you, painting your walls white.
You whimper feeling it drip out of you as you both pant. He pulls out of you softly and holds you close. You notice he’s shaking slightly from the intensity of his own release. Ironhide leans over and grabs a small towel out of his glove box and cleans you both up. He softly puts your clothes back on as well as his. He pulls you in his lap and kisses you. “That was amazing princess, you’re so beautiful.” You shyly smile and giggled. “You weren’t so bad yourself Hide.” He chuckled kissing your head. “We should probably head back, you have modifications to work on.” You smile and he groans into your neck. “Don’t remind me.” You chuckle and hug him. “Can I watch? Maybe I can keep you company.” You ask smiling. He smiles and nods. “I’d love that.” His door opens and you hop out, wobbling slightly from earlier events, feeling the nice ache between your legs. He transforms and chuckles, picking you up in his large hand. “I’ll carry you little one.” You blush and smile, leaning against one of his servos. You both head back to the base, as you walk in and Bumblebee starts playing a romantic song over his radio and you blush. Ironhide gives a growl and shoved the other bot playfully out of the way. You giggle and kiss his face.
Ironhide might be a grumpy bot but he never pushes you away, especially when you’re there to make him feel better ;)
Phew that was steamy! Hope you enjoyed!
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toasttweet · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My sketchbook :)
Bayverse Jazz
Bumblebee and Mini-Slug
MTMTE Rodimus
G1 Bumblebee and Kitten Ravage
Bayverse Jazz
Bayverse Ironhide
TFP Wheeljack
G1 Bumblebee and Snowbot-Optimus
Bayverse BBB
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idontshootthemessenger · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Commissions that I did for @firephoenix8 !!
Plus some bonus Optimus faces because I thought they were pretty funny
Tumblr media
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optimusiastic · 2 years ago
Bumblebee, about to do something dumb: Lmao y’all look at thi-
Optimus, out of nowhere using his big boss dad voice: Bumblebee!
Bumblebee: -s example of making good responsible choices !!! [nervous sweating]
Bumblebee, only a few seconds later: *does what he originally planned on doing anyway*
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jazz-miester · 2 years ago
Alright so hear me out on this. My baby brother likes to pick daisys when we're outside and give them to whoevers out there with him. Mainly me.
So at the end of the day I'm literally pulling out handfuls of daisys from my pocket.
Now I would like you to imagine little Annabelle filling up Ironhides cab with daisys and other flowers.
That old softy would preserve each and every one of those flowers and you know it.
The others don't dare make a joking remark because they haven't seen him this happy in a long time. Just.
His berthroom walls covered in flowers and other things this little girl has given him.
I could go on forever.
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phaticserpent · 2 months ago
Could we get a bay verse Ironhide x fem reader where the reader gets hurt and Ironhide is not having any of that and he’s super protective towards them? Thanks
Yesssss thank you for some Ironhide content! I hope you like it!
The mission was simple, so simple. But of course, things managed to get out of hand. You clutched your side, hissing when you caught a glimpse of the wound.
"[Y/N]? Let's get you back." Lennox gently pulled you away.
"But the mission?"
"The Autobots will take care of it, you've done enough. Let's go." Lennox guided you to the infirmary. "How are they, doctor?"
"Not that bad, but I suggest you to stay off that injury. That means no more missions for a week." Ratchet said. You slumped in defeat. "Got it?"
"Yeah yeah." You rolled your eyes. You got up from the bed only for Ratchet to stop you.
"That means you'll be staying here for a few days."
"Ratchet-" you whined.
"[Y/N]," He whined sarcastically. "Don't even think about it. Don't think about sneaking out either. I'll inform Ironhide and he'll visit you." Ratchet snorted as he contacted Ironhide, his optics staring into your soul. Within minutes, Ironhide burst through the infirmary.
"Is [Y/N] gonna live?!"
"Calm down Ironhide. She's right there." Ratchet beckoned to you. Ironhide stared at your wound.
"Who did that?" His voice became deep and throaty, watching his servos curl into a fist.
"Just a stupid con." You dismissed. "I'm alright, nothing I can't handle."
"She's tougher than she looks, Ironhide." Ratchet assured. "All she needs is rest and time."
"Got it doc."
"Don't call me doc." Ratchet grumbled as he left. You lifted a brow and smirked at Ironhide.
"Oh no, I know that look." He sighed. "You need to stay and heal."
"No." Ironhide stood firm in front of the entrance. Trying to move past him would be risky, so you plopped down on the bed staring back at him. The staring contest as soon interrupted by a voice outside.
"Erm,'s [Y/N]?" Ironhide moved slightly to reveal Optimus kneeling outside.
"I'm okay." You smiled.
"I'm glad." Optimus breathed in relief. "I guarantee your recovery will be speedy in Ratchet's care." With that, he disappeared. Ironhide looked back to you, giving you a face of 'don't you dare.'
"Ironhide, I'm fine. I can walk." You stood up to show him but Ironhide scooped you up and placed you back on the bed.
"I believe you, but I don't want you hurting yourself." He huffed. "You need to rest in order to make a 'speedy recovery'."
"Not you too." You snorted. "I'm just going to take a walk, being cooped up inside isn't good for your health either."
"Hmm, let's see what doc has to say." Ironhide raised a brow at you. "Plus, you shouldn't be walking around with that injury."
"Oh my gods Ironhide, I'm alright."
"I just don't want you hurting yourself."
"I know."
"Good, so be a good girl and stay." He said nonchalantly. You froze and stared at him a bit dumbfounded. The way he called you 'good girl' left you speechless. "What?"
"Nothing." You laughed. Your laugh got harder and more intense, while Ironhide raised a brow at you.
"Don't laugh too hard! You'll hurt yourself!" Ironhide panicked as you almost fell over. You gripped your side, trying to calm yourself.
"Ow ow ow ow–"
"Told you so." The rest of the day and week were the same, you would claim that you felt fine but Ironhide didn't give in. He would constantly chase you around and gently carry you back to bed. He knew all your tricks, so there's no getting out until Ratchet gave you the clear.
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ak6dns5m · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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optimusiastic · 2 years ago
Sam: Can I tell you a secret?
Ironhide: I wouldn’t recommend it, no.
Ironhide: However, you could tell Bee because odds are, he’s not even listening.
Bumblebee: [fascinated with a butterfly, not even aware of his surroundings]
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toasttweet · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Doodle: Bayverse Ironhide :)
I still miss you, Ironhide.
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imagine-the-energon · 3 years ago
Alright so like; the Bayverse bots (ur choice!!) reacting 2 their human friend liking to sit/hang out of their shoulders a lot? Ty and happy holidays!!
Alright, Bayverse!Bots of my choosing… I think I’m going to limit the character amount to 5 for now.
Optimus Prime
When you first wanted to sit on his shoulders, he was hesitant for a good reason; he’s rather tall and didn’t want you to fall like Sam and Mikaela did that one time when S7 was hunting them.
Over the next few times, he starts to relax when you’re on his shoulder, even to the point of smiling a couple times as you almost fell but caught yourself, though his hand was always up in an instant, ready to catch you.
He never forgets that you’re on his shoulder and always remembers that humans have biological needs and such. Plus you don’t want to be on his shoulder when he and Megatron are duking it out.
He’s a very tactile mech, so expect lots of nuzzles whenever you’re on his shoulder.
He loves having you at ‘his height’ just for the fact that there’s times you’re awed at what you can see from above rather than, well, eye-level.
He’s told you to never touch his doorwings as they were ‘sensitive’. (If S/O, you’re told that they were a hotspot in a sense)
There was only one time he forgot that you were on his shoulder and went into a fight, but quickly got you back to the human allies before anything could happen.
The first time you asked to be picked up, he’s a bit amused, a bit annoyed, but lets you sit on his shoulder should it mean you don’t put up a fuss during your physical
More often than not, he’s caught you trying to read the data reports, huffing when you realized like all the times before, they were written in Cybertronian. Next time, if you saw that it was English, you didn’t mention it.
Seeing as he was CMO, he was at beck and call, and whenever a scouting party came back injured, he didn’t really have time to set you down before he got to work, which led to you subsequently becoming his apprentice of sorts.
If S/O, he’ll use this to his advantage as it’s as close to his spark you can be without a bigger chance of falling.
He’ll smirk and ‘flex’ his cannons upon you first asking, figuring if you didn’t run off, then you weren’t so bad.
At first, he’ll forget humans are more sensitive than Cybertronians and will go to the range and just start blasting target after target with you perched right beside one of his main ion cannons.
If you’re a NEST soldier, he’ll sometimes pick up you and maybe a few others and help rush the front lines.
He’s a freaking Corvette Stingray! Anyone would want to gawk at his alt-form, and when you ask to sit on his shoulders, he had to peer at you for a second. ((Memories of Sunstreaker talking about his despise for organics flashed in his processor before he finally agreed))
Silver boi likes to show-off, and with his pedes being wheels, expect lots of roller skate-esque type moves He does a few flips before realizing that maybe that wasn’t a good idea by the way your skin had tinted green.
He almost always forgets you’re on his shoulders and as he’s one of the best frontliners, it’s kinda an issue. It’s gotten to the point where you just calmly wave at the ‘Cons while lounging under one of his armor plates, and a few times, you’ve convinced yourself you saw a vehilcon or two wave back.
Sorry for the, well, lack of content yesterday. 12 hour car trips and easy motion sickness don’t really work well, especially when Tumblr decides to eat all your drafts/queues.
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until-all-are-one · 3 years ago
Bayverse bots (all movies), human starts singing along to the radio, who joins them and who listens? (is that too many characters?)
A bit too many, I’ll just do some of them :D
Who joins in: Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Hound, Jazz, Roadbuster
Who listens: Optimus, Drift, Ratchet, Dino, Ironhide
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