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rascal-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*hands you some ethos and a bdubs* sorry for the content drought pls forgive
reblogs > likes!
(click for better quality)
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sarioh · 2 days ago
this post about etho having ^_^ energy reminded me of this old clip of generikb breaking down etho’s “innocent” facade, shortly after etho tricks bdubs into falling down a bottomless pit to his death
from Etho MindCrack SMP - Episode 66: Nether Hubbin (watch from 3:06 to get the full context)
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bumblebreezily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Aaaa Last Life is over but I’ve still got Ethubs on my mind </3. They’re dancing. from back when Bdubs was tryna get Etho to join him as a Red, lol. Better times...
It’s a frame from an animatic I've been making of these two... I’ve never made one before so I dunno how it’s gonna turn out... Assuming I finish it, I probably won’t post it lol but who knows! Maybe ;)
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my-craft · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They’re the best! Around! Nothings ever gonna keep them down!
Full sized images and headers. Feel free to use, just credit me.
Symbol explain action under the cut
We’ve got-
His moss jacket
The clock because he’s the time king
The enchanting table from when he bargained and paid for it
The Heart of a Lion crystal
The music box when Bdubs made his first kill
Heart with an arrow through the heart for his final death
An axe for his betrayal of Tango
Boots for when he was trading to get soul speed boots
“You’re such a fragile flower”
His headband
His mask
A katana cuz he’s a fighter but a weeb
The snow fort
His tree with the sign for scar not to touch it
A fishing rod
A creeper (no ones gonna let him live that death down
The Wither for their fight against it at their base (shared with all of BEST)
His ripped sleeve shirt
His tie
The chest plate he gave up in exchange for the crafting table
Arrows from when he tried to attack BEST after turning red
A golden apple because it was what he was trying to eat when he got killed
The map of last life
A lava bucket he stole when Etho was messing with him
His doggo he left behind as the real winner of last life
His fan designated hair and ears
The pair of red glasses with a bit of a crack to symbolize the explosion that killed him
The explosion that killed him
Redstone because he’s a mad genius at redstone
Tnt for the tnt minecart traps
The Tango Rage crystal he got from Scar after Bdubs killed him
All of best
Their shields
The hearts representing each one of them
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purplemoon153 · 2 days ago
Grian: How are we supposed to put a tracker the size of a penny on Bdubs without him noticing?
Etho: Hey, Bdubs, I bet you five diamonds you can't swallow this penny.
Bdubs: *takes and swallows tracker* Pay up.
Grian: ...
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devilart2199-aibi · 2 days ago
Love how your Bdubs always have the =D face! I mean it's what his skin looked like but it just gives off really happy vibes. (Also a contrast to Etho who only shows emotions w eyes...)
Tumblr media
Aw thank you! I really love Bdubs smile, he's such a happy guy. I'm happy to hear I could manage to bring some happy vibes into his drawings! :D (True! Etho and Bdubs really compliment each other!)
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bdubsclips · 2 days ago
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kipp-your-secrets · 8 hours ago
babe! its time for your last life angst!
reblogs are always appreciated! >:3
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Joe: You know, it’s not about how far you get; it’s about how far you go.
Bdubs: Mmhmm, I love that phrase!
Joe: Thanks, it’s nonsense! …Anyway!
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moonlite-drabbles · a day ago
Moons big.
And I know like there’s all sorts of theories as to why, like that the moons getting closer and messing with the tides and causing earthquakes to change the land formations outside of the main continent.
But I really like the idea that it’s coming down to personally fight Bdubs in one on one combat.
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radiojacktrafficblr · a day ago
some doodles :D
Tumblr media
licechamp i am very very happy with the scar drawing :D
its my favorite !
yes i will later on explain how my grian works shhh ik he didnt have bird feet last time i will explain all i just need to make more art to help me explain it :]
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purplemoon153 · 2 days ago
Bdubs: The next person who says 'owo' or 'uwu' is under arrest for crimes against humanity.
Grian: Cwimes against huwumnity.
Bdubs: I am going to break your fingers.
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an-minecraft-adhd · 17 hours ago
You are...
The Boogeyman.
The taste of blood on the back of his mouth starts right after the countdown ends. Deepens when everyone is around, obsidian switching from hand to hand. Everything about this screams trap.
And opportunity.
The poisonous cloud stings his lungs, but so does this happen with everybody else. Its now or never.
Iron-like smell trails from his fingers, crossed behind his back as the boogey is chosen - second time in a row - the mask covering his reaction
The scent becomes stronger, nauseating even, when they pile up outside the white castle. They are clean, though, no blood in sight, and no one seems to notice it. Looking at the sky, the poison is thrown at everyone, friends and oponents alike.
No one would have to know.
The itch on his palms grows steadily more unbearable with each minute passed. Even worse after his death, although now he was shakily secured on yellow again.
They set their spawns down there, near the maps. Everybody would know, but it was necessary. His hands were on fire at this point, moss cloak growing wilted flowers as the axe was raised.
He would understand this. It would be fine.
A lump on his throat grew when the announcement came. Not again. Not now, not when he just got away from the bloodlust. It would never leave him, would it?
Stupid smelly grain, no, fairy, no- ugh, everybody! All of them! Muscles tensed and heart ached in pent up anger with every footstep back to the fort, each breath pained with so much frustration building up. This exhausted the hermit king, gripping the axe dragged along the ground so tightly his knuckles were white
Someone would pay for this.
Carnage was happening today. How many more of them were still uncured, hidden in plain sight?
Didn't matter, as the haze tunneled his vision as the southlander was left alone with him, searching for the chest. Perfect occasion. No witnesses. But he wouldn't die. No matter how many swings, how much lava was poured, he wouldn't die.
He lost the track, but it wouldn't need a genius to know where the redstoner would be hiding. Near a drop, a trap for someone else.
Less work for himself.
Bruises began to grow around his body some time after the message. Great, another thing to worry on top of being the boogeyman and his senses dulling out
The explosion was painless. Not a yell, not before nor after dying. But he was red now, he failed, and would have anyways, his time was running out. The door creaked behind him...
Cured. Not that it mattered
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bdubsclips · 7 hours ago
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wallbursoot · 2 days ago
team BEST is just etho and his three weed smoking girlfriends. prove me wrong.
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hermitscapes · a day ago
BDubs is just a fantastic guy
okay you probably believe me already, but here’s just a thing for me to remember how cool of a dude this guy is. [evidence under the cut] [feel free to add on in the replies]
evidence #1: >during an impulse livestream where he goes through his channel history, he finds a vlog type video at a mindcrack con. he comments on the video saying bdubs had a long line of people waiting to talk to him, and even through all of that, he said that bdubs had given every single person quality time to talk to him, giving each person their special moment. impulse had stated he watched him for hours, never slowing down or giving anyone a worse experience than another.
evidence #2: >bdubs supports his fellow hermits’ endeavors! >>in episode 1, scar describes his plans to create wagons that travel along the server selling goods. he says he’s very, very excited for this. later on in the season, despite being a competitor, who’s the one who continues to buy from the swaggon? bdubs! he even promotes the swaggon in his videos, saying that they’ve got good products and good prices, that even he has to buy!  >>in etho’s hermitcraft video, he describes his longing to become the main character of a shopping harem anime, stealing the attention and sales of all the shopkeeps from across the land. [not verbatim, but close enough!] grian had already made a sale for etho specifically at the G-Train before this statement, but bdubs seems to have created a shopping environment specifically for etho after this passionate request for shop sales! he doesn’t even charge etho for his prettystone, as long as he shops at big eyes, helping establish etho’s shopping addiction ‘character’! >>during season 7, bdubs directly approaches scar to be his little mayor helper! without this little push, perhaps the entire election and mycellium war would never have happened. his persistence and hard work even with scar’s absence was massive!
evidence #3: >bdubs’ pets! >>in the very first hermitcraft season 8 episode, at least, tango’s, bdubs gets an axolotl which he lovingly states: “I’m gonna name him idiot!” after exclaiming: “C’mhere, stupid!” in attempts to catch the axolotl. >>he gives the adorable name of “lulu” to his amazing horse, who he’s quick to brag about at any given chance! “the fastest horse on the server!” he also gives lulu the middle and last name of “stupid” and “moron” respectively.  >>squakers! he makes a “pakeek!” sound and says, not verbatim, “that’s me pretending that he said something.” he talks for his pets. everyone does this. >same vibes as naming a cat “coleslaw” or calling your pets “idiots” because it’s adorable and cute and the animals are stupid and he loves them. 
evidence #4: >every single video he has Ever posted >>just watch one, you’ll understand if you don’t already
evidence #5: >when scar approaches bdubs for some spare copper, he doesn’t end up getting any, but gives bdubs some glow ink anyway. for this, bdubs gives him some copper, feeling bad about not giving him anything in return, like a true gentleman. also, he does this really sweet “yay!” when scar gives him some extra glow ink afterwards. 
evidence #6: >on one of his streams, he literally said he would live his life to cartoon music, if he could. i mean, c’mon. how can you not appreciate someone like that.
evidence #7: >gets absolutely owned by his daughters in the realm of minecraft intelligence and takes it with absolute humility and strength. power father.
evidence #8: >his advertisements >>literally all of his advertisements are amazing. he puts effort into them and makes them actually enjoyable to watch, to the point where for the first time, i’ve actually considered and looked into the products he features. he actually makes them fun and silly for the audience, including his wife, in very silly and dorky ways. 
evidence #9: >in one of tango’s among us videos, proximity mod allows everyone to hear each other in close range. bdubs is shooting asteroids and spits out ad libs like no one’s business. “bang! pow! bam!” even saying, “peek-a-boo!” which is a staple of a fantastic person to say
evidence #10: >is actually good at redstone and understands its components while pretending to be an absolute bafoon. and he plays both parts so well. what a guy.
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