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#Be patient

Shadowtale is a work-in-progress AU where monsters gain energy from the dark. There were two wars, Chara, Asriel and Gaster are alive. Monsters here are taller than the originals, and the only short monsters are children. When a human gets hit by a monster, on the chest or soul, they begin to take damage when they get fully corrupted. Shadow travel is a way to travel place to place, just like teleportation, but one exception is that shadow traveling, unlike teleportation, transforms the magical form and soul of the monster using it, into shadows. Shadow travel also causes the user’s soul to be ungrabbable by any form of magic however the user can still be harmed. There are two wars with nineteen years of blissful peace in between. Magic that produces light takes energy and monsters that produce light are somewhat weaker than those who don’t. Chara, Asriel and Frisk are aged up. Chara willingly sacrifices her soul for the underground not knowing that corrupted souls are unusable. Asriel is King of the underground as Asgore has retired and is now living in Waterfall. Toriel adopted two orphaned kids from Snowdin, she now lives in the ruins with Monster Kid and Lily. Children wear stripes and Adults wear plaid and sometimes wears other types of clothing. Humans usually can control light, unless their souls are weak or corrupted

I’m still working things out so please be patient. In the meantime have this drawing of Shadowtale Grillby

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💐 In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

💌 How about not doing the “first impressions challenge”,

Because the way Allah sees us is more important.

What if you confidently refused to copy trends

And instead challenged others to be better Muslims?


Want a real challenge? Challenge yourself to do more good,

To strive more for Allah with a patient attitude,

To be fine with polygyny and learn its virtues,

To value hijab, and enjoy praying Tahajjud.


Challenge yourself to read from the Qur'an night and day,

If you think you’re too busy, then read at least one page.

In spite of stress or sorrow, challenge yourself to pray,

And to have Sabr when certain things don’t go your way.


Challenge yourself to forgive when lied to or betrayed,

And when there’s gossip, defend the wronged or walk away.

That Allah guides your relatives try to supplicate,

Aware that Allah grants guidance, insight, and firm faith.


Bravely challenge yourself as well to not get jealous

When some express lawful joy or succeed in business,

To lower your gaze when you must, to dislike music,

And ensure male loved ones love praying in the Masjid.


Challenge yourself to have Ikhlaas and fix your niyyah,

And to do more secret good deeds to avoid riyaa,

To be determined that your thoughts don’t lead to fitna,

To combat evil whispers with Dhikr and Du'a.


When some challenge you to compete with them in dunya,

Decline their offer. Our destination is Jannah.

Glad tidings to those who challenge themselves for Allah,

And who do more good offline then on social media.


📖 Abu Mas’ud RadhiAllahu ‘anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a reward like one who did it.”

Source: Sahih Muslim 1893

Grade: Sahih (Authentic) according to Muslim

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I hate hate hate that I require so much reassurance. I hate that I get mad over the stupidest things. I hate that I have to relearn how to be loved because someone once showed me what love isn’t.. I am trying.. It is not easy tearing down all these walls I acquired over all these years.

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Today is #worldsuicidepreventionday and I just wanted to say I hope anybody who reads this remembers, you are worth this life and you are allowed to seek happiness. Life will get better, but you have to be around to see it. As long as you’re alive the chances are never 0%.

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It’s one of those days when you can’t remember what day of the week is and you don’t even try. I’m lying down on the familiar wooden floor of your living room, the lights are off, the sun is trying to sneak in from the edges of the curtains. We’ve just finished reading two different books while lying next to each other and now you fetch us wine. Always red. I’m wearing a white dress and my hair is wild and I smile like I have no care in the world. When you walk back in singing and sipping and smiling, your only focus me, I believe it. Who cares about what goes on in the world outside? In the evening it rains and we order Chinese food. You play music I haven’t heard in ages and my body stops my mind from saying no when you ask me to dance. So we dance. As we wait for our food to arrive. As it pours down on a day of the week we can’t recall. As our phones remain in some other room. As the worries of our worlds sleep. When our food arrives and you set it up on the table next to your seventeen succulents, I type on my typewriter. That’s what I keep at your place along with my toothbrush. I type a letter to my past self, ‘love will come to you. It won’t be the stuff for the movies. It won’t be eternal. But it will be true and calm. It will be comforting and poetic. It won’t give you butterflies in the stomach. But it will feel like for a while you’ve decided to rest and for that you’ve found a home.’

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Not my usual content, but I felt inspired and it’s an important message. The way social media works has made a lot of people more used to getting an immediate response to anything they post or create, which I found to really lower my patience for results.

Recently I’ve been getting so down about not getting some sort of immediate validation but that’s just not how life works - it takes time! It takes time for people to see your work, for people to find you, for someone to be moved enough to make a meaningful response.

So for myself, and for anyone else that needs the message, remember to have some patience and do something else with the time you would have been refreshing your notifications.

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किसी ने कुछ कह दिया और तुमको बुरा लग गया ?
मुझे न उस पर आया क्रोध, न तरस
अंतर्मन का जल अभी इतना उथला नही
कि, कोई कंकड़ फेंके और आवाज़ आ जाए

वक्त बड़ी चालाकियाँ करेगा
तुमको उकसाएगा, तेज़ हवाएँ चलाएगा
तुम चट्टान बन डटे रहना
और हवाओं का रुख़ बदल जाएगा

अपने अहंकार को जितना बढ़ाओगे
दुनिया में अपने लिए ज़मीन उतनी ही कम पाओगे
साधारण पोधे कम समय में ही बढ़ कर रुक जाते है
समय लेकर जो बढ़े, वृक्ष विशाल वही बन पाते है

~ राहुल सिंह 

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Last week, I was struggling. Once I got off work (a 3-hour remote shift), you couldn’t pay me to do anything else. I either lay in my room or my mother’s room watching Sonny with a Chance on Disney +. I could feel myself slipping into depression and had no way of immediately stopping it. I knew I had things I could be and should be doing, but I couldn’t bring myself to do them. Executive functioning is a tricky thing. It’s a full body phenomenon of executing tasks. I never realized getting things done depended on my mind and body. I’d been running on auto pilot for so long. Be patient with yourself when you’re not functioning at optimal levels. It may mean you need a break and you’ve pushed yourself too far. It could mean an anxious or depressive episode. Give yourself some grace. It will pass.

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