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littlelovebug-recs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
More Than a Play Bite - Yaoi (18+) - Completed
Mikuni is a snake beast folk who was constantly bullied as a child due to his beast nature. His only friend and defender was Nachi, a quarter lion beast folk who always tells Mikuni that he's pretty. Mikuni's feelings for Nachi have always been more than just friends and became stronger as they grew up. Now grown-up, Mikuni is undergoing his shedding phase, which makes him emit pheromones. This proves to be troublesome as it makes any person, beast or not, attracted to him. He's only ever wanted Nachi. When Mikuni learns that his bite may have a chance of bewitching someone, he tries it on Nachi. Will his bite make Nachi want him? Also contains two side stories: "The Sweetest Bite in the World": A story between the Professor and his ward, Takumi, a track team member. "Catch the Goddess by the Tail": The story between senior track member and former ace, Aihachi, and the current track ace, Shunsuke.
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arcadiaquest · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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oldschoolfrp · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Denizens of the Borderlands -- Morokanth, Broo, and Tusk Rider (Lisa A Free, Runequest supplement Borderlands, Chaosium, 1982)
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cale-alberu · 2 months ago
Did you say paws? Yes please.
Tumblr media
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olenoname · 3 months ago
Obey Me Brothers: MC and the Beasts Headcanon
I've been reading the webcomic Beauty and the Beasts, and I thought " What would be a better crossover than an Obey Me X Beauty and the Beasts crossover"? For those of you that don't know, it's about a girl who fell into a world of beastmen, every human there is an animal of some sort, the males morph into full animals and grow marks to show their power level, four being the most powerful but the marks disappear when they go beyond that. The females aren't very attractive (to our standards with some exceptions), the females have reverse harems due to a lack of them. They can only get pregnant once a year grow a mark for each partner they have, and the males do whatever they can to get their chosen female. It's perfect! Due to those reasons, it's a fem MC and I chose for her to be in the sheep clan.
Warning: sexism, racism, NSFW
Tumblr media
Tetra-Marked Wolf
Powerful wolf beastman, son of the patriarch in his village.
His confidence, leadership, and statis attracts all the females, but wouldn't choose any of them, despite his father's orders.
Is focused on becoming the next king of his clan.
He met MC while he was hunting and she was nearly attacked by a wild beast.
After he saves her, she agrees to be his spouse as it is tradition for a female to become espoused to her rescuer.
Does not let any other beastmen near MC if he's not around .
Intimidates any female who try to bully her for being of the sheep clan.
Makes clothes for her out of the hides he heavily scented, causing the males in the village to stay 20 feet away from her.
Gives MC anything that she ask for because they're really not difficult tasks.
Makes sure she is well nourished for when her estrous cycle arrives.
Is absolutely delighted and becomes a completely different beastman when she is ready to mate.
As much as he hates the idea, he is aware that he can't stop her from choosing other mates.
It would be best since she needed more protection when she became pregnant.
Takes MC with him to the City of Beasts for the first time after the wolf king passes to face his challenges and succeeds.
No one dares to even think of bullying her afterword.
His spousal mark is on the right side of her neck.
Tumblr media
Tri-Marked Tiger
Reckless beastman.
So reckless, that he'd thought it would be a good idea to look for a feral to slay to impress a female.
It backfired.
He met MC when he was left for dead by the feral.
He wanted to resist while she tried to heal his wounds, but how could he?
She was so cute and kind to him.
Mammon's new goal was to win this female's heart.
Decides to stay with her in her village.
Does all of MC's chores and doesn't allow any assistance in hopes of her noticing him.
Blushes every time MC walks by as he worked the fields.
Tail wags whenever she comes over to offer him the meals that she prepares.
Would scare off any potential competition.
Which was easy due to him being a tiger and they think he'll try to eat them.
Was reluctant, but obliges when MC kindly asks him to stop or he would get kicked out.
Allows her to show him how to work and cooperate with the sheep beastmen in the village.
All his hard work paid off when MC finally sees him as a suitable mate.
Chooses to make the sheep village his permanent home instead of taking MC back to his for extra muscle.
The first outfit he made for MC....needed improvements but gets better overtime.
Can't wait for her estrous cycle to come so they can make mini Mammons.
Allows her to have more partners if she agrees to let him do the background checks.
His spousal mark is on her left upper arm.
Tumblr media
Tri-Marked Merman
Is the second strongest male in his tribe.
Extremely protective of their only female, not allowing any merman lower than tri-marked near her.
Until he met MC.
Her appearance awakened something in him that he never thought he had.
She was so cute and pure-looking to him, a complete contrast to the female that he dedicated his life to.
He noticed she was having difficulties carrying her baskets of fruit back to her hut and swoops in immediately knowing the consequences of abandoning his responsibilities.
Was worried at first because interracial mating within his tribe was heavily frowned upon.
MC was very accepting of him and allowing him to stay in the village watering hole.
He'd bring her jewelry and all sorts seafood dishes but toned it down when it became overwhelming.
Would use his land legs every day to help her with fieldwork, pretending his feet didn't hurt.
MC knew better though, she would often bring him buckets of water for his breaks and use ointment on his feet every end of the day.
During one his treatments, he looked at her, red in the face and finally popped the question.
"Will you accept me as your mate".
He didn't even need a yes from her when she glomped him out of joy.
Began to build a new hut next to the watering hole and dug a short tunnel as way for him to be inside without him leaving the water.
Makes her a beautiful clothes that shimmer with a chiffon layer.
Would drown any ferals and sometimes other beastmen that got too close to her and decided that a den would be safer for her
Is a hot mess when her estrous cycle arrives.
When she gets tired of being in the den, he grits his teeth as he accepts the fact that she'll need another mate to protect her on land.
His spousal mark is on her right thigh.
Tumblr media
Tri-Marked Leopard
Tactical beastman, both in battle and in the love department
Problem is, he was more interested at bettering himself then trying to mate.
Mostly kept to himself until he grew weary of his surroundings.
He decided to travel to see what out in the world of beastmen and more after reaching maturity to make new discoveries and to return home as a fine male.
Traveled for years from the highest mountain, to the hottest deserts.
Makes a final stop at a nearby sheep village for a drink of water.
Stops in his tracks when he spots a wild beast about to pounce at an unsuspecting female.
She turns around at the last moment as the beast lounges at her.
MC freezes like a deer in headlights, she thought she was done for until she saw a yellow blur intercept with the beast at blinding speed.
He killed the beast with only one bite in it's jugular and checked to see how she was alright.
"Thank you", was the only thing she can muster through her tears.
After she calmed down, Satan stayed with her a bit and she packed what possessions she had to leave with him in the morning.
The beastmen in his village welcomed both of them home but felt a few scowls from some of the females out of envy.
Not his partner, he will light them up real quick, doesn't care how it makes him look. (Mistreating females makes you scum of the earth)
Gives them a warning glare and they notice that he's gotten stronger since he left and back down.
Is nothing but nice to his female.
Makes clothes for her that gives her the plain Jane look, but it's what he likes.
When she's ready to mate, he treats her like the delicate flower like she is.
Gives her medicines he researched that are believed to make her more likely to birth a female.
After being with her for a year, he made up his mind to train in Flame City and will not return until he's a petra-marked beast.
For her and their cubs protection, he allows another male to become her spouse.
His spousal mark is on her left shoulder.
Tumblr media
Uni-Marked Peacock
Is the most beautiful beastman in his tribe, maybe even his clan.
No peacock beastman has feathers like his.
Is only uni-marked because he doesn't fight much unless absolutely necessary.
Pretty shallow for a beastman that isn't a merman.
So none of the females in his village caught his eye, but still loves the attention. Sigh
His father kicks him out of the village and will not allow him to return until he finds a mate.
Realises real fast that the world outside the village wasn't very kind.
Mostly stayed airborne to avoid predators and rests on high trees, surviving on pine nuts.
Is put at ease when he spots a village of sheep beastmen.
MC notices his champagne-colored feathers upon landing and blushes.
The patriarch of the village allows him to stay as long as he does his share of work.
Some of the more confident females would try to get his attention, but he would decline their offer.
But none were aware that he already had eyes for MC, but was wondering why she didn't seem interested in him now.
Tries to woo her by offering her pine nuts saying it's good for her skin and hair and a head ornament made of his feathers.
She refuses, saying how she doesn't appreciate how he treated the other females and that there's more than just looks.
Promises to apologize and change his attitude if he really wants to be with her.
He was even willing to get his feathers dirty to receive another beast mark.
After seeing all the effort he's been putting in, MC finally accepts him.
Cue the ugly beautiful tears.
Treats her like a queen.
Carrying her around, brushes her hair, feeding her, bathing her, and making her the prettiest clothes.
Every day felt like a spa day. (Until she tells him to stop)
Is ecstatic when her estrous cycle arrives.
Sacrificing a few of his feathers to make a trail to their marital bed. "Come, my love."
Once she becomes pregnant, he didn't feel like it would be safe for her and his chicks to stay in the village and moves to the City of Beasts.
After months of whining, he gives in and accepts the idea of MC having another male as long as he's the head.
His spousal mark is on her left forearm.
Tumblr media
Tetra-Marked Bear
Big scawy beastman.
Everyone in his village knew he was gentle giant until you messed with what's his.
One look at him intimidates any outsider.
Has the best sense of smell and brings home the most food.
Offers any extras to females that may need it the most.
Even though he's the ideal male within their kind, the females are afraid of his size, but he doesn't know that 🤷🏾‍♀️.
Met MC in the forest, harvesting berries while he was hunting.
She was the most adorable female he's seen.
She was frightened at first sight, but sensed some kind of gentleness from him.
He stared at her for a moment and just asks "would you accept me as your mate"? 🤦🏾‍♀️
This big himbo.
She agreed that she'll make him his mate if he helps harvest food and protect her village every season when ferals are more active.
Finding no problem with this, he agrees with the conditions and swoops her off her feet.
He would put in the most work out in the fields without breaking a sweat, putting the sheep beastmen to shame.
Was able to detect ferals on the prowell scent before they is spotted by any of the lookouts.
This was kiddie stuff to him really.
Became quite popular with the ladies.
Some even tried to seduce the oblivious honey roll.
Lord help him.
Takes MC back to his village when the season is over.
Makes his first outfit for MC a little sloppy but gets better with her guidance.
Due to his... size he thinks it's best to practice now so mating will be more pleasant for her when the time comes.
Is much more accepting than the others when MC feels it's time to select another mate, it's just nature.
His spousal mark is above her navel.
Tumblr media
Duo-Marked Fox
Lazy but cunning beastman.
Could care less that not a lot of females are interested.
Raised in the City of Beasts, so he doesn't have to work as hard.
Mother also spoiled him rotten due to him being the smallest in the litter.
Father only put with it as long as he did because at least he still followed orders.
One day he decides enough was enough and puts him out the house to fend for himself.
Isn't too worried about it, he's was a duo-marked beastman for a reason.
Would sleep in abandoned dens or holes until he finds a permanent home.
His search was over when he spots MC chatting with other females a water hole.
He later decides to walk straight over to her hut to firmly tells her that he wants her to accept him as her mate.
Doesn't appreciate his demeanor as a whole, clearly he was not from around here.
"Don't you know how to talk to females"?
Lets him know that he needs to adapt by changing his attitude (for starters) and doing some fieldwork around the village.
Oy vey.
Everything was fine at first, but then he starts slacking.
MC finds him lounging up high in a tree and she was furious.
She warns him that if he doesn't take responsibility, then she would have no choice but to reject him.
He tried to hide it, but was clearly bothered by the thought of possibly becoming a feral.
As much as he hates to work more than he deems necessary, he knew I'd be worth it in the end.
He was determined now.
After several weeks, he approaches her again, asking her this time if she would be interested in making him her mate.
"Hmmmm.... Okay, but you have to keep up the work".
"Of course! I have to work for my female".
He was elated to finally have a mate.
Already started by burrowing a new hole for them to live in as he preferred.
Wants to perfect his first outfit for her before presenting it to her.
Becomes the most cuddliest male when she reaches estrous.
MC was starting to hate living in the hole, so he builds a hut over it and uses hides that he's sown up together as flooring in case ferals come or to sleep in during winter.
Only accepts new males to become her mate after she threatens him of leaving again.
His spousal mark is on her right leg.
Undateables hc here:
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qsy-draws-a-lot · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Space Goat ! The sworn enemies of Space Wolves ?
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mysticsaya · 3 months ago
When you start seeing a weird ad on fb...
Tumblr media
And you keep seeing it more and more often... And see more glimpses of the story... And suddenly you wanna know more about the story even tho it seems weird... So you download the app, start the story and suddenly...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
...Suddenly you're in the middle of a harem full of hot animal guys being horny for you. Oops.
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yr-hen-ogledd · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
During the Age of Myth, Aadalbert Kath was best known as a respected naturalist at Rooten College. He published three increasingly esoteric volumes on the flora & fauna of the Godswallow delta, but disappeared while conducting fieldwork for a fourth. Now he wades about the delta, emerging from the swamp to give lectures in the ineffable language of eternal flesh to audiences of widely varying intelligences. The marsh orruks, he has learned, are only interested in target practice, while the majestic wading gargants who fish the coastal waters plainly cannot hear him properly from their great altitude and tend to mistake him for a fish, or urchin, or some other delicacy.
It is with some surprise that he finds his warmest welcome among the brayherds of the Fengrave, who raise a great clamour whenever he arrives in one of their camps. The bray-folk pour from their hovels to hear his wisdom; wizened shamans mark his passage with gutteral hymns; greater brays of the warrior caste kneel at his feet, drawing blood from their chests with jagged blades to seek some unknown blessing. They pile offerings at his feet: various skulls & other bones, entrails, carved totems, the still-beating hearts of those sacrificed in his honour. Before he is even halfway through his lecture, the herd is lost in ecstatic fervour and drunken violence. He stands at an ancient herdstone, with a pile of religious paraphernalia & raw meat in front of him.
He would prefer they paid more attention to the lecture, but like most travelling scholars, he never turns down a free meal.
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disgruntledlungfish · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Original comic from the neverchosen series by Pierre Mortel
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oldschoolfrp · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Chaos charge (Chris Achilleos, White Dwarf 58, October 1984)
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cale-alberu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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olenoname · 2 months ago
Obey Me Undateables (no Lukes' allowed): MC and the Beasts
The brothers and MC as beastmen headcanon here:
Warning: sexism, NSFW, blood
Tumblr media
Tetra-Marked Black Jaguar
Is the current king of his clan.
A crafty beast with a smile.
Leaves the city often for food, resources, and if lucky, females.
One of the most stealthy hunters due to his dark fur.
While out on a hunting trip, one of his fellow beasts spots a group of ferals and their leader with MC strapped to his back.
Ordered his men to make a preemptive strike for the other ferals, leaving the leader to him.
Diavolo's attack caused the feral to drop MC, allowing him to tear the beast limb from limb.
Shifts into his human form as to not frighten her any further.
She didn't have any marks on her when they found her, meaning she was only the first catch of the day.
Scooped her right up to sooth her when she started tearing up.
Stayed in his human to carry her the whole way back to his castle.
Gives MC her space for the first couple days as she was still shaken up by the whole ordeal.
When she was ready to open up, she was more than willing to accept him as her mate.
Was so happy, he felt that he should scream it to the world.
Pampered her with gifts, her favorite meals, and the finest clothes that he and his men pitched in to help with.
Gives her an energy crystal he's been saving to celebrate their first night as spouses.
And there would be plenty more.
Stayed with her in the castle for the first month, letting his fellow beasts do the hunting for them.
The one day he leaves on what was supposed to be a three-day trip, MC starts her estrous cycle.
A hawk beastman was sent to inform Diavolo of this wonderful news.
He couldn't have come home sooner.
Went for four rounds with meal breaks in between to heighten her chances of getting pregnant.
Let's her chose two of their most loyal guards to become her spouses for extra protection.
His spousal mark is on her left breast.
Tumblr media
Petra-Marked Horned Owl
Is a doctor in his tribe and soothsayer in the City of Beasts.
Was an incredibly talented warrior before change his lifestyle.
Is the most respected beast in the battle and medical field.
Collected a few energy emeralds and crystals during that time.
Females from all around covet him, but he politely declined their offers.
The beastmen in his tribe were starting to think he was crazy for rejecting all their females.
Little did they know that he's reserving himself for someone special, as he had foreseen her.
When he felt like it was the right time, he left the village to begin his soul search.
He found the sheep village, in what would normally be a three day trip on foot from his village, he made it there by the end of the day.
Waited till the next morning to enter the sheep village as to not get the wrong idea.
The locals were still intimidated by him as he casually walked through.
He spots our MC gathered around with other females weaving baskets.
Approaches her with a smile most charming and tells her about his vision of them meeting.
She was astounded yet flattered by this, she could only hide her face as she blushed.
Her father, the village patriarch overheard this and wanted to make a deal with him.
He can become his daughter's spouse if he chooses to stay to protect their village.
He humbly accepts of course.
After a couple of months, Barbatos receives a vision and warns the patriarch that there will be an attack on the village in a week from the ferals of Flame City.
They both came up with a plan to get help from troops within the City of Beasts and to hide the females there.
It pains them both to know that they'll be separated for a while, but knew that he would return home before they know it.
With his future sight and his troops combined strength, they were led to victory.
When he returned to retrieve MC, she had a surprise for him, she was at the end of her estrous.
What a pleasant surprise indeed.
Introduces MC to a possible successor for her to accept as her mate when she became pregnant.
His favorite way to kill his opponents who is a threat to her is by dropping the from several feet in the air.
His spousal mark is on the back of her left hand.
Tumblr media
Tetra-Marked Lynx
A sketchy beastman, he is.
Is a witchdoctor in his village.
The first in his clan to learn magic from the ape clan.
Uses spells to protect his tribe from hostile wild beasts and ferals.
Gained half of his beast marks from slaying colossals with hex-infused strikes.
Keeps a stash of crystals and emeralds in his den.
Feels it's time for him to find someone to court.
Problem is, a lot of females in his tribe are afraid of him, despite everything he's done for village and never using magic for evil.
He doesn't get that his cooking is the issue and the feathers and bones don't help either.
Packs what little he needs and his stash in search of love, using his staff to guide his feet.
After traveling for a couple of weeks, he arrives at the sheep village.
Strange location, he thought, to look for his a mate.
But his staff hasn't failed him yet and the signal was strong.
It didn't take long for him to spot MC with a friend holding a basket of lambs.
Felt the most tactical way to woo her is by preparing a delectable meal. Great >_>lll
Gathered up some random vegetables and mushrooms around the village to prepare a soup.
Was proud to present it to her as a way to ask her to be his spouse.
What a kind gesture she felt it was.
Just when she was about to take a bite, she caught a whiff of a foul odor, the SOUP!
Winced, MC pushes the bowl back to him and asked where he learned to cook like that.
Was self taught, plus he doesn't eat many vegetables, how can someone be that bad at it?!
She felt sorry for the now distraught Solomon, so she decides to help the poor beast.
MC's first lesson for him was white vegetable soup with the right combination of vegetables and spices.
The soup was so good, asks her to teach her everything she knows, and if he masters it, she could accept him as her spouse.
Seeing the determination in his eyes, MC accepts his plea.
Worked hard everyday memorising and recreating all of her meals, she was more exhausted than he was.
Some of the males tried to discourage him from continuing the lessons, but he shut them up real quick, literally, using sealing spells.
After six gruesome months.... MC couldn't take it anymore, but she really did bond with him over time, so they both agree that he would bring in the food and she would do the cooking from now on. (thought he would succeed didn't you?)
Either way, he was happy to have his mate.
After he takes her back to his village, the first gifts she receives from him was a few of the crystals he's been saving and an enchanted dress that made her stand out.
When her estrous cycle arrives, he draws sigils in his den used for successful conceivement and higher chance of having a female.
It didn't take long for him to actually suggest that MC should accept another mate for when he needs to go on a trip to get more crystals.
His spousal mark is on the the back of her right hand.
Tumblr media
Tetra-Marked Axis Buck
Is the patriarch in his village.
Generous and patient with his people, but possessed a firm hand when his subjects gets out of line.
With his antlers, he can sense danger approaching before everyone else.
Has already known MC since they were children.
His father always took him with him to the neighboring village to make trades.
Already made it up in his mind at first sight that MC will be his mate.
After his first visit, he'd always made sure he had something to offer her.
Waited until he felt he grew into a fine buck to ask her to accept him.
Planned to do it during one of their trades.
When he and his troop arrived to her village, her father informed them that she was kidnapped by a feral and they already had a search party.
Simeon drops everything right then and there and shifted into his beast form to look for her.
After searching almost all day, he spots the feral with MC on his back, gagged and blindfolded.
They both lock eyes and the feral puts her down before engaging in battle.
Luckily for Simeon, this feral was a reckless duo-marked beast and attacked first.
He uses his antlers to catch and toss him across the field.
In the middle of the fight, MC managed to wiggle out of the rope and ungag herself in time to watch.
The feral quickly recovered and made a quick strike for Simeon's front leg.
Didn't realise the pain due to the adrenaline and was able to shake him off by stomping hard on his paw, fracturing it.
He lifted him up again with his antlers again and flung him hard against a tree.
Struggling to get up, Simeon stepped forward and gored the beast.
MC just looked at him in awe, even with his antlers cover in blood, he still look majestic as he stood valiantly in front of the carcass.
He shifted back and MC ran into his arms to kiss her hero.
He wipes her tears away, asking if she was alright before realising that he got blood on her.
Still able to stand, he shifted back and rode her back home, on the way back, she held him and asks "you know this means I'm yours now, right"?💕
He couldn't be any happier than at that moment.
Brought her back to his hut and started making a dress for immediately, fit for a princess of the forest.
Keeps the females in his village in check so they would treat her with the utmost respect or they would never hear the end of it from him.
Gives her the best medicines to keep her healthy in preparation for her estrous.
His spousal mark is on the center of her chest.
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magicmuses · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
A gorgon is a ferocious member of the Beastmen Warherds. Respected and greatly feared by other cloven ones.
A Gorgon comes about when the hunger for flesh in a Minotaur becomes so great, that they cannibalize their own kind. This horrible feasting brings about massive change. The minotaur grows to near giant size, sprouting multiple limbs and other mutations, with flesh that stitches itself back together in minutes and an unending hunger.
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arcadiaquest · a month ago
Tumblr media
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Can i request a romantic headcanon with Anubis? If that’s ok of course.
Abolutely! I'm not gonna lie, the Anubis is one of my favorite mamono. My type is pretty ladies who will step on me. That's the life of a frying pans. I hope these are what you're looking for!
I tried to do a sketch with colored pencils, but i don't think the coloring came out too well.
Tumblr media
(Romantic) General Anubis relationship headcanons
One word -- boundaries. As adorable as your Anubis is, she has the tendency to be an insane micromanager. If she isn't stopped, she'll create a twelve-part schedule that you must abide by or suffer "criminal punishment". You'll need to nip this in the bud and sit her down and explain that while you love her, you won't be able to have a functional relationship with your life being dictated like this. She understands and she will feel bad, but there will be moments where she subconsciously tries to organize things in your life. It's her nature, and she's really trying.
Like all the Beastmen, your Anubis is extremely susceptible to head pats. She’s just much more tsundere when it comes to accepting them. I imagine that Anubises (Anubi?) are very particular about being touched, so you need to make sure she’s okay with it in case you inadvertently violate her boundaries.
Anubi are extremely particular, so I see them as having their entire month planned down to the exact millisecond they wake up and what kind of snacks they'll have today. They live and breath structure, and are extremely reluctant to deviate from their schedule. So impromptu dates or surprises at work will more than likely be met with resistance and/or reluctance to comply. It's not that she doesn't appreciate the thought -- she's just very used to her routine.
I can imagine her best idea of a date would be going to the library or the museum. Anubi seem like very intellectual mamono, and they want to share their interests with their partner. Of course, she'll be taking you to things that are familiar to her, and you will definitely have to bring her out of her comfort zone by coaxing her into trying new places. Anubi are creatures of habit, as previously stated in their love for their routine, and while she will definitely resist the new horizons at first, patience and understanding will help her be able to step out.
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