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#Before And After

This is #notabeforepicture and it’s not an after picture either. It’s just my body.

I exercise because it makes me feel good, more energized and it helps with my back pain. My body is meant to change, it’s not meant to stay the same forever.

When I exercise more, my body may change

When I exercise less, my body may change

When I go through stressful times, my body my change

When I do nothing out of the ordinary, my body may change

None of those changes become a “before picture” or an “after picture” because doing so implies that my body was/is “better” or “worse” and that someone elses body is “better” or “worse” than mine. For example, if someone looks like my “before” picture it insinuates that their body is “bad”

@deadlifts_and_redlips posted a picture of her, and listed all the ways that movement has benefited her. She didn’t compare her body. This is a great alternative to before and after pictures that don’t make people feel bad about themselves if they look like someone’s ‘before’ body or if the person who posted the picture regains the weight and doesn’t look like their ‘after’ body anymore

Karen offered this as an alternative to before and after pictures in gyms and in the fitness industry in general. I haven’t asked my clients for before and after pictures in years but I will definitely be offering this option to my clients from now on!

I encourage you to join us by sharing your #notabeforepicture

As Karen said, “Exercise doesn’t ever have to be about weight loss if you don’t want it to be”

I highly recommend you go read @deadlifts_and_redlips ‘s captions on her posts!

P.S I didn’t have a recent picture of me like this so I used an older picture but the point stays the same

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Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Officially three months since I started counting calories again. I feel like I just weighed myself and I’m still bloated from my previous . so I will just do the pics.


Face gains - Jan 23rd to today


Body - Jan 24th to today

Reason I use the Jan pics is because I didn’t take many pics of myself during my quarantine period from work and I regained everything after March anyway.

Had a bath after work, which always makes me sleepy. So what’s the best Ring Fit Exercise to do while lying on your bed????

Wait for it….


Pew pew pew pew!

Did 20 sets of 16 because I figured I might as well. Except owwwww.


Also, because I’m not doing the weight thing tonight, what’s some other non-scale, non-weight related victories?

This is also month three of me keeping my finances in order. Used to have terrible credit card debt because it was hard to picture ever having enough money for a future for myself. Used to spend money on stupid crap that would only give me temporary happiness.

But I have paid off my credit cards every month and am starting to save properly again.

Got a good tarot reading too about the future:


Look! It’s me in card form:


Usually I fall off the wagon in many things after three months. I’m not gonna let that happen this time! I’m not ready to end the journey yet!

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