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#Bella Love Coach
nay-wellnesscoach · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Who else is OBSESSED with pineapples?! 😍🤤Hands down my absolute favourite fruit of all time🙋🏼‍♀️ • The benefits of this fruit is endless, so many antioxidants and it has helped me a tonne with my IBS, indigestion/general gut health. • If you didn’t see my story from yesterday, you might ask; What else does it do? 👇🏼👇🏼 ✔️ Boosts immune system ✔️ Relieves inflammation ✔️ Helps lower blood pressure (also me🙋🏼‍♀️) ✔️ Improves circulation ✔️ Helps fight cancer ✔️ High source of fiber + vitamin C - BRB....bout to chop me up a serving👅🍍
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isimpoveryou · 2 months ago
𝐄𝐥𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐚 𝐒𝐭𝐲𝐥𝐞𝐬
harry styles x reader x oc!daughter
face claim: bella hadid
Eleonora Rose Styles: kenya jackaman
thank you for @kissmyaxe140 requesting this lmao since i have been doing the cody fern x reader that was inclued some drama i didnt even know 😃. BUT NOW I HAVE SOMETHING TO EXCUSE A BIT. also Eleonora is a bit older in this pict and probably mentions the tour too. remind you all i made eleonora 3 years old in this fict.
here is part 1 the styles
warning: english is my second language
tw: -
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram El's closet everytime she wants to join to tour
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harryfan289 ofc theres gucci not suprised at all
harryfan134 thats no way harry's child if he didnt give any gucci
harry_lambert you know i would quit to be H stylist just to be El's in a matter of second....
yourinstagram LMAOOO PLS DO
y/nfan31 her closet is better than mine
y/nfan20 how to be eleonora?
harrystyles dont blame love, you know i cant resist with those eyes xx
yourinstagram suck my dick with kindness H
harry_lamber ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram Eleonora Styles todays outfit
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y/nfan20 Eleonora is really just living the life
harryfan09 OH to be Eleonora
harry_lambert i never thought she would listen to me. literally
y/nfan299 I LOVE THIS
harrystyles my little sunflower xx. H
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Tumblr media
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yourinstagram my face when harry didnt bring us food. so we just have snacking our dried mango and honey butter almonds
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harrystyles my girls xx
yourinstagram harry just because you put the notifications on doesnt mean i forgive you for not bringing any food for me and El
harrystyles i said i was sorry love xx
y/nfan299 #cancelharryfornotbringingfoodfory/nandeleonora
harryfan90 ik in the comments rn talking about harry not bringing food but can we talk abt Nora's smile?
yourfriendsinstagram IM COMING TO THE CONCERT
yourinstagram FUCK YESSS
Tumblr media
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styles_update BITCH I SAW Y/N FUCKING STYLES!! we actually talk a little and took some pictures with her too. she is one of the nicest ppl i have ever met and we literally also talk about a lot of things (mostly fashion because im in that major). i also asked about where is Eleonora and she said that Eleonora is at her playing room where theres TV so she could see her papa's performance.
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y/nfan21 she looks so pretty
harryfan29 is this when her waiting harry to perform?
styles_update YES!! thats why she looks so bored
y/nfan279 i really love her
styles_update same but sadly i didnt video it
yourinstagram ✔︎
Tumblr media
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yourinstagram THATS MY HUSBAND EVERYONE. thank you vegas for this great experience.
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yourinstagram thank you for this i didnt take to much photo of harry jdjsjsjz
harryfan291 HE LOOKS SO GOOD
harryfan78 *dies*
y/nfan289 HDJDJDJDJ
pillowpersonpp everyone knows that you were there to support me
yourinstagram 🤫 u promised not to tell that to anyone
harrystyles the love that im feeling right now
harrystyles ✔︎
Tumblr media
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harrystyles all was well xx @yourinstagram
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harryfan189 BITJJSJJSJD
y/nfan11 @randomuser HOE LOOK AT THIS
lizzobeating my baby daddy, my wife, and my sister 🥰🥰🥰🥰
y/nfan19 i forgot how to breath bc i gasp to dramatic what my family said
styles_update and there you go Harry, Y/n, Eleonora broked the internet.....again
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imaginingmanyfandoms · 5 months ago
Being Jacob's imprint and Bella's sister | part two
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<previous |
You had spent three days on the road. No destination, no end in sight. Just you and the open road. Was kind of the opposite of being tired of the silence, but this time it was different. It was your choice. If you didn't let people close, they couldn't hurt you anymore.
But, you couldn't keep spending your money like this, you would need to pay for college and you had to go back to work eventually. Luckily, your boss had heard something in your voice, and she gave you the week off.
For the first time in days, you turned your cellphone on. There was too many messages to sift through. Mostly from Jake and Charlie. There were a couple from Bella, telling you that she would never try to "take" Jake away from you, but even if she hadn't meant to, she did.
Even Embry and Quil had called. The message Quil had left you was long, and exaggerated. You could almost see Jacob coaching him on what to say. Embry left a simple message: at least tell me you're fine so Jacob can breath again.
But why should you? You were drowning, and nobody had been helping you.
Charlie had filled your voicemail. They ranged form concerned to very angry. He was yelling about you and Bella both taking off but at least Bella left a note.
Even when you ran away it was in her shadow.
You sat on the floor of your motel room, and you threw your phone to the other side of the room. There was a knock on the door, and it almost made you scream. Crawling along the floor, you peaked through the window. Jacob was standing there, listening against the door.
"Pervert!" you shouted, making him step back.
"Can you let me in?" he asked. He was relieved to hear your voice, even if you were calling him a pervert. No ideal, but at least you were okay.
"No," you said, standing up and walking over to the bed. You sat down on the edge of it.
"C'mon, please? I ran all the way here," he said. "I'm tired."
"That was dumb then," you said, "but not my problem."
"Look, I had a choice between following Bella, and following you. And I chose you."
"Yeah, well, maybe now is too late." You crossed your arms, trying to hold your heart together in your hand. "If I hadn't come yelled at you, you probably wouldn't have even noticed I was gone."
"That's not true," he said. "That's not fair."
You rolled your eyes, and walked over to the door. When you opened it, Jake fell through, and almost didn't catch himself. He closed the door behind him, and you returned to your spot on the couch.
"Life's not fair," you said, and Jake rolled his eyes at you. He really had some nerve...
"I chose you. I will always choose you," he said.
"Well, I'm not an option anymore. What about that don't you get?" you said. "You talk on and on about how the imprint is stupid. And that you'd rather have fallen in love with someone on your own terms. I'm so sick of feeling like everybody's second place. I'm sick, I'm tired, and I'm graduating."
"I meant I would've rather fallen in love with you normally," he said. "Not with anyone."
"That's not what you said," you said.
"That's not how I meant it," he begged, reaching out for you. You didn't grab his hand like he wanted.
"But that's how you said it."
"Why didn't you tell me all this before?" he asked. "If you're not honest with me, I can't help."
"When would I have told you? You only hang out with me like maybe twice a week, and it's never alone."
"That can't be right," he said, shaking his head. "I know we haven't been alone in a while but I swear I see you more than that."
"No," you said quietly, "you don't."
Jacob reached out for you again but you flinched back. Instead of taking his hand, you put your car keys in them. You grabbed your bags, and left to the front desk to settle up. Jacob was already in the car, and begging you to talk this out with him.
"I'm going home for Charlie's sake," you said. "I just didn't want to drive anymore."
Jacob didn't say anything else, he was too scared that he would break this thing between you two beyond repair if he kept pushing it. But whether you admitted it or not, getting in the car with him was the first step to working on it.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @star-sunshine-sage @mauvette268 @awesomebooklover17
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basicbrunette23 · 4 months ago
Okay so I’ve been watching the twighlight movies cause a lot of people love them.
I can’t be the only one who gets major ED vibes right?
Like when the vampires talk about “cravings” I swear it’s just binging.
They are all dead, which is where I’ll be soon if I don’t stop lol.
They never eat or drink because, ya know.
Pale, reclusive, angsty, COLD.
Not to mention Bella is so hellbent on becoming one despite being told repeatedly that it’s not a good choice (new wannabe proana asking for coach vibes)
Idk I feel like I could write a whole essay on explaining why it’s like an allegory for an ED. In the beginning Bella is like “why don’t you talk about eating disorders”
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yourstarvic · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Warning: Suggestive content but nothing really happens
“I was thinking,” Suna hummed, sitting on the couch with his arms around you as the two of you relaxed with Foxy in-between you two. “You should move in with me.”
“You want me to move in?” You looked away from your ring as looked up at him with a teasing smile. “Already? Don’t you think we are moving too fast? I mean we just got engaged…”
Suna rolled his eyes and playfully scoffed at you, “I’ll take that as a yes.” 
You giggled at him as Suna smiled softly at you. Leaning his head down, Suna placed a small tender peck on your lips and then hold your hand where the ring laid. You leaned your head against his shoulder with a loving sigh, looking at the ring as well. “You know,” You giggled under your breath, “I was thinking when we have kids.”
“And you said I was moving too fast,” Suna playfully scoffed at you with a chuckle.
Rolling your eyes at him, you moved your head and looked into his jade eyes. “But really,” You said seriously, playing with his hands, “I was just thinking how you would be a great father.”
“Really?” Suna hummed, laying his chin on top of your head as you leaned back on his shoulder and look down. After a few seconds of thinking of himself as a father, Suna said thoughtfully, “I would be a diff and you be a sexy milf.”
A wave of laughter escaped past your lips, shaking your head at him, “That’s the first thing you say? Not about how good parents we would be?”
“I was just saying,” Suna chuckled at you, “you would be a hot mom.”
“Hot moms are your type,” You said thoughtfully, moving your hand to pet Foxy.
“You know,” Suna's voice deepened. Hearing his voice go down an octave, you looked up at Suna with a wide teasing smile, seeing his eyes darken. Feeling the air changed, Foxy got up and move, “We can start practicing making kids.”
“We could,” You smirked, moving to straddle him. Suna instantly smirked at your action, his hands automatically going to your hips as you cradle his face in your hand, “Or we can go have our first date.”
Leaning your lips down to his, you gave him a chaste kiss before moving your lips to his cheek and down his jaw to his neck. Suna's head instantly leaned back against the couch, allowing you more access to kiss his neck. But with each kiss, you were slowly told him, “Have a few drinks…Walk around the city… Get you so clothes for you for this week…And when we get back…We can practice all night and tomorrow?”
Moving back to give him a kiss lingering kiss on his lips, Suna smirked at you. “Or,” Suna started, flipping you on your back as he hovered over you on the coach. “We can start practicing now.”
You giggled at him as you felt Suna started to kiss you. Suna smiled through the kiss, loving the sound of your laughter. You would softly push him away and pull your head back but Suna was quick to bring his lips back to yours. “Rin!” You giggled, feeling his lips going down your jaw, “It’ll be a few hours! Come one you need some clothes and other things for this week.”
Suna let out a defeated sigh as he nuzzled your neck. Bring your hand up to his hair, you gently combed your fingers through his black hair. “Did I almost convinced you to stay?” Suna asked you, picking his head up to look down at you.
“If you kept kissing me a few seconds longer I would have given in,” You giggled at him, hearing Suna groaned. “Let’s go, I think I have something you can wear.”
Tumblr media
“So where should we go?” Suna looked at you as the two of you walked down the hallway to the elevators.
“I know this place,” You said thoughtfully. “It’s a really nice place and no wait time since barely anyone knows it.”
“Sounds perfect,” Suna holds you and pulling you closer to him, and kissing your forehead. Arriving at the elevator, Suna went to grab his phone from his pocket but didn’t feel it. “I think I left my phone at your place.”
Digging through your bag, you handed him your key, “I’ll wait for you, just remember to lock the door.”
“Sure thing princess,” Suna grabbed the key from your hands and went back to the apartment. 
As you waited by the elevator, you decide to scroll through your phone to pass the time. Not paying attention, you didn’t notice someone walking up being you. Hearing someone cleared their throat, you looked up when your heard, “Someone has plans.”
Slightly moving your eyes up, you looked at the elevator and saw the reflection of your neighbor behind you. Turning around, you gave him a curt nod, “yeah.”
“I got plans too,” he smirked, “and I look good…You look good…How about we ditch our plans and we make plans with each other?”
“I’m good,” you gave him a tight lip smile.
“You know,” he leaned over, clicking on the elevator button, “you have to click on it if you want to go down… Unless you were waiting for me.”
“I’m actually waiting for someone-”
“Ready?” Suna appeared, handing you back your key.
“Yeah,” You smiled at him, putting the key and phone back in your bag.
Suna looked at your neighbor, scanning him up and down with a boring look. Your neighbor looked at Suna and pushed his chest out a bit, trying to look intimidating. Seeing how he tried to puff out his chest, Suna let out a taunting smirk and chuckled at him. Seeing how Suna chuckled at him, your neighbor cleared his throat, “So… Got any plans tomorrow (Y/n)? There’s this place-”
“We do,” Suna answered for him. “I would tell you…But how about I give you a sneak peek.”
“Sneak peek-”
Suna holds onto your waist and pulled you closer to him. With one hand, he guided your face and kissed you passionately. Your eyes widen at him but you then completely melt. Suna made sure to let go of your waist and hold your hand where your ring laid on. Bringing your hand up, Suna opened his eyes in the middle of the kiss and glared at the neighbor, who looked at the two of you in shock. With your hand up by your head, your neighbor saw the engagement ring shining brightly as Suna weaved his hands through yours, holding your hand tightly in his. Suna's eyes look straight into your neighbor's eyes with satisfaction as your neighbor just stood there and watch, clenching his jaw. Slowly pulling away when the elevator door dinged. You stood in a daze with a loopy smile from the kiss as Suna dragged you in the elevators, sending your neighbor a wink saying, “She’ll be busy tomorrow.” 
The last thing the two of you saw was your neighbor huffed out in annoyance and walking away from the elevator, kicking a pot plant. Clicking on the lobby bottom, the two of you stood in silence before bursting into laughter. “Did you really have to do that?”
Shrugging his shoulders, Suna moved his arms over your shoulder and pulled you closer. You wrapped an arm around his waist as you suddenly remembered something. “Wait,” You looked at him, “the girl from the bar!”
“The girl from the bar!” You reminded him.
“Oh her…” Suna looked down at you unbothered, “why are you bringing her up?”
“Don’t you have a date with her next Saturday?”
“Oh yeah…” Suna hummed, remembering the plan but quickly shrugged his shoulders. “Oh, well.”
“Oh, well?” You questioned him, “You’re not going to cancel the date?”
“I was not going to show up.”
“What!” Suna looked down at you with wide eyes, “You don’t expect me to go do you?”
“I mean,” You shrugged her shoulders, “just go and tell her it’s not going to work out…she’ll understand.”
“I’ll think about it,” Suna rolled his eyes. With the elevator door opened, the two of you walked out and started on your first date.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fun Facts:
When Suna and (Y/n) told their family about the engagement, everyone was happy and excited except for (Y/n)’s father…he had a private talk on the phone with Suna on why he should ask for his blessing first and gave him the talk.
Kita is hoping to be the Godfather of (Y/n)’s and Suna future child.
Osamu had moved on from (Y/n). He seeing someone at the moment. But he does sometime think what could be.
Atsumu won’t stop sending (Y/n) and Suna baby outfits. He wants to be the cool uncle.
Suna texted the girl saying it was cancelled. But the text never went through since she saw all of Suna’s post and blocked him.
Notes: SOOOO! Y’all can’t tell me Suna wouldn’t do that!!! Because he WOULD!!! Just two more chapters and it’ll be the end :( thank y’all for reading it! I love yall! Don’t forget to drink water and be safe!
TAGLIST: @thelochtessmonster99​ @freaksnque​ @bloody-bella​ @girlyluke​ @tendo-sxtori​ @angels17324​ @madmelle​ @tiktikty-tokity-spagetti @helloalex80​ @fandomatakeover18​ @mus1caln0tes @kac-chowsballs​ @satoriluver @bbdaydreams​ @hi-im-a-bat​ @circusjanreblogs​ @420-uwu​ @sakusaakiyoomii​ @erinoikawa​@kuroo-icedtea​ @kaleidoscopekai​ @fayeimara​ @dd0ie​ @yyooshh @itsmymindspeaking  @underratedmage​ @its-the-aerieljeane​@vintagexparker​​ @rintarovibes​​ @hxked @poppi144​​ @prettyinblack231​​ @mariyeahh-reblogs​ @veelafyre​ @micheleinumaki @borpcorp
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ohheyitsmeyagirl · 3 months ago
Sebastian Stan One Shot
Can you do a Sebastian x costar!reader where they’re doing virtual press together from their home for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and people freak out over how cute they are? Just lots of fluff
Tumblr media
"Today we are being joined by Sebastian Stan and Y/F/N Y/L/N. Welcome you two!"
The interviewer says as the virtual press conference begins.
"Thank you so much! We are so happy to be here."
You smile, getting comfortable on the couch and readjusting your air pods.
"So Y/N, you are back again to play Bella Stark."
You had been cast during the second Avengers movie as Bella, Tony's long lost daughter who had been taken by Hydra at the age of three and held by them until she was saved by the Avengers.
The story was one you had always been interested in, especially since yours and Sebastian's characters were intertwined.
As it went, Bella had the mind of her father and the potential to be even better. Hydra had taken her in the middle of the night, killing her mother in the process and holding her in a cell for nearly 15 years before bringing her to take advantage of her skills to build a new arm for The Winter Soilder.
The process took time and even though his kind had been constantly wiped, Bucky and Bella had an unspoken bond develop between them.
So much so that once the arm was finished, the Hydra general had activated The Winter Soilder and ordered him to kill her.
When, much to the shock of everyone, he had refused, the General put a gun to Bella's head to do it himself, The Winter Soldier protected her yet again.
The fans loved the story, all believing that Bucky and Bella truly belonged together and were even more excited when they found out that you would be joining The Falcon and The Winter Soilder as well.
"Yes, luckily they brought me back. As soon as they asked, I jumped at the chance to join the show."
You answer, the comments already going wild with admiration for you and Bella.
"We honestly couldn't have done the show without her. Mackie maybe, but definitely not Y/N."
You playfully smack his arm as you laugh at the sweet comment.
"Are we going to be seeing more of Bucky and Bella's love story in the show?"
The two of you knew how to navigate around the questions, being coached by Marvel for every interview.
"Bucky and Bella are still trying to figure out what they mean to each other, just like in the last few films. Its an ongoing thing that will obviously be explored in the show."
Sebastian's answer was vague enough to not get him in trouble but exactly what the fans wanted to hear.
"Well, we all love them together. The chemistry between you two is off the charts. Do you find that being married in real life has helped you bring this relationship to life on screen?"
You and Sebastian had met years before and became friends quickly. It was only during the filming of Captain America Civil War that you had realized your feelings for each other and had began dating.
You had gotten married just before quarantine had started and were happily living together in New York.
"It has certainly made it easier."
You joke. Both you and Sebastian were very private about your private lives but once the fans had found out about your relationship, they were completely supportive of it.
"Bucky and Bella have a very different sort of relationship then we do but I do believe that our own relationship has helped made their potential one a fan favorite. People root for them. They want to see both of these characters get a happy ending and I partly believe that has to do with the support and love Sebastian and I have seen since the fans have found out about our own relationship."
You answer seriously as the fan comments in the chat went wild with love and support.
'Mom and Dad are giving me life!'
'Why are they so cute?'
'Ahhh I love them so much!'
'This gives me life!'
"Speaking of that, how has married life been treating you during this crazy time?"
The interviewers next question brings even more comments from fans who always want to know every little bit of information they can get from you.
"It's been great. Most couples only get a week or two for their honeymoon but we have gotten a year."
Sebastian answers and takes your hand just under the cameras view.
"Yeah, we've just been working on the house and enjoying married life. I will say though, we are getting a bit restless, ready to get back to work."
The answer was honest, probably a little too honest but you were never one to lie.
Sebastian nods in agreement.
"Yeah, i think we are both ready to get back to real life and be able to be with the fans again."
He reiterates your answer.
"I'm sure the fans are ready to be with you both again as well."
The comments pick up again with messages of how much they all miss you and Sebastian.
"Any final words for the fans before we go?"
The time had come for you to sign off after many questions and roundabout answers.
"We love you guys and hope you like the show!"
Sebastian speaks first then looks over to you.
"Yes, we hope you like the show! Stay strong and we will all be together again soon, we love you!"
You finish the live stream after a few more goodbyes, happy for the chance to interact with the fans and talk up the show.
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thetrinisimma · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Family Movie Night x Beauty & The Beast (1991)
Ava: Daddy & mommy sing 
Indya: Tale as old as time, true as it can be, barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly
Yuki: Just a little change, small to say the least, both a little scared, neither one prepared
Ava: Beauty and the beast 
Indya & Yuki: Ever just the same, ever a surprise, ever as before and ever just as sure as the sun will rise. Ever just the same, ever a surprise, ever as before, ever just as sure, as the sun will rise. Tale as old as time, tune as old as song, bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong, certain as the sun, (certain as the sun), rising in the east, (tale as old as time), song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast.
Yuki: Take it home princess 
Ava: Tale as old as time, swong as old as whyme, beauty and the beast. 
Indya: Yayyyyy Avie! You did such an amazing job.
( @crown-queen-bambee )
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pluupy · 28 days ago
I’m just going to say it. Dua Lipa needs to get the hell away from the Hadid Family before she has a kid like Zayn. (like he had been dropped by his label, they are trying to take Khai away from him, it's just a mess)But it is probably too late for her as she had already fallen into Yolanda’s trap. Like everything just sends me major red flags.
First, Dua had deleted all her posts on Instagram and Twitter from her “old” look when she started dating Anwar.
And Yolanda used to crop her out of pictures with Anwar
In her Vanity Fair interview she was talking about how she felt she wasn’t good enough
Then she started losing so much weight after getting closer to the family and during the time she spent at Yolanda’s farm, she lost even more. Who knows what Yolanda was saying to her
And suddenly Yolanda “accepts” her. Almost like positive reinforcement
Like she didn’t lose weight when modeling agencies called her “fat” but imagine if your mother in law, someone you actually want to be accepted by called you “fat” that could trigger something off
And don’t come to me with that “oh it’s healthy” bull crap, she’s literally posted using the Master Cleanse killing her lungs with cigarettes to suppress her appetite
You know, the things you need to sing?? And to have energy on the stage to sing, your lungs need to be in good shape. Ask a vocal coach if you don’t believe me.
So she is possibly ruining her beautiful singing voice and stage energy just to fit into modeling which is so sad because she is a SINGER and PERFORMER first. That should be her main priority. Keep her vocal chords strong.
Which brings me to another point, Dua seems more and more focused on modeling than music. Which is weird to come from someone who used modeling to get her music career off the ground.
Don’t be surprised if she quits singing
And, strangely, the Hadids always went after singers…Gigi dated Joe Jonas and Zayn, Bella had the Weeknd, and Yolanda herself was with David Foster.
Yolanda is literally sucking this woman dry and I know Dua loves Anwar and Anwar loves Dua but this seems so unhealthy
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wickedgamesoyaoya · 6 months ago
It is quite easy to string together a few words with confidence, despite an absence of truth. How simple is it to sing out the words “I have changed”? Perhaps, the issue is that it should not be that simple. There should be some weight sewn into the declaration, one that carries consequences. However, as unfortunate as it is, many will claim they have changed, and most will have nothing to prove the truth of the statement.
That being said, you were not the rule. You were the exception.
The question that remained was… where did Daiki fall on the spectrum?
Prior to re-entering the ballroom, you adjusted your posture and plastered a dim professional smile to your features. Playing the aloof heartbreaker was meant to be reserved for Iwaizumi. Yet, perhaps that was a performance you needed to adopt when addressing your ex as well. And it should be known, that you could do it. Further, it would be an easier task in the current circumstances, considering your complicated history with the radio host.
Well, complicated may be an understatement.
When you stepped into the main space, the silver haired male did not waste a moment. Shifting his attention to you, a small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. But what caught you by surprise was the sliver of warmth that ignited for a split second when he took in your presence. It was as though you broke through his performative armour, a fact that he tried to immediately conceal.
“Sorry about that! What did I miss?” Internally you coached yourself to remain civil, but the longer you maintained eye contact with him, the more your true feelings began to tug at your chest.
“No need to apologize. I was just telling the lovely couple about our past.” The nonchalant tone that accompanied his explanation created a knot inside your stomach. You knew whatever he must have told them would have been fabricated or, a brief account that did not touch upon the many imperfections that poisoned your history. “Ya know, how we used to date when we were kids. It seems that fate brought us back together. Dontcha think?”
A gentle “hm” in acknowledgement sounded within the confines of your throat. You would have offered a sarcastic comment in return if another voice did not chime in without warning.
“Maybe our love will renew yours! Isn’t that exciting honey?” The bride to be bounced o the spot towards her partner, who replied with a laugh. The remark only provided Daiki with the confidence to continue his provocative behaviour.
“Yeah, y/n. Maybe this time will be the right time.” After dipping an eyelid into a wink, the radio host puckered his lips in an imitation kiss. “Whatcha say to falling in love with me again?”
“You were always so funny, Seto.” The humourless laughter bubbling from your throat sliced at your esophagus, but you paid it no mind. Truly by funny you meant infuriating. “And as much as I’m enjoying this reunion, I need to go pick up the sample desserts right now. I’ll be in contact with you when I need to discuss your duties as the host.”
The perfect excuse to leave the vicinity to regain your sanity. Yes. It should have been perfect.
“Oh, that’s awkward, huh?” Daiki directed the observation towards the couple, which only caused your internal alarm to increase in sound. “I’m actually going to be helping ya with everything. They want my input on all the stuff you’re working on, sooo. I guess we’re gonna be partners for the next few months.”
It was no longer possible to mask your reaction, and as your eyes widened naturally, Daiki grinned at you mischievously.
So where did he fall on the spectrum of change? You would find out very very soon, whether you wanted to or not.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Break your heart worse - spectrum of change
Masterlist - Previous - Next
A/N: dun dun dun! 
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keanureevesisbae · 6 months ago
Coach Cavill - Epilogue
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s Amelia’s birthday!
Coach!Henry Cavill x Amelia Jung (Asian ofc)
Wordcount: 1.5k
Warnings: None
A/N: This is unfortunately the end for Coach Cavill, but it was such a lovely experience. Thank you for everyone who has been with this story since the beginning. I can’t thank you enough 🥰🥰
Masterlist // Coach Cavill masterlist // Previous chapter //
I remember my first birthday I spend outside of Luna Meadows. I was in South Korea, already a trainee. It was hard on me, since Christmas and New Years were spend with my fellow future bandmates and not my family and friends back home. But when I debuted and was an idol, that time of year was hectic. Festivals, parties around Christmas time and New Years shows. We barely had to acknowledge my birthday, let alone celebrate it. However, my and my band members found a way. Curling up on all the mattresses we placed in one bedroom, secretly eating some sweets, hoping our manager wouldn’t find out.
After I got back from Korea, birthdays were never the same like I remembered from my last birthday in Luna Meadows. They were with Dean, Eve and Johnny, drinking away, partying outside our hometown. Later on they were with our kids. Since my birthday is always during the winter break, the kids would usually sleep in our bed, waking me up with millions of kisses.
That didn’t happen last year and for some weird reason I was slightly fearing my birthday this year. It would be the first time I spend this birthday without Dean, but with my new boyfriend.
When I open my eyes that morning, I see Henry’s already awake. ‘Good morning, my pretty lady,’ he whispers, when I roll into his thick and protective arms.
‘Good morning,’ I mumble.
‘I think today is very special,’ he continues. ‘It’s December twenty-first, meaning someone turned thirty six.’
‘Oh no, I’m officially old,’ I groan. ‘This is horrible news.’
‘Why is it horrible?’ he asks. ‘I’m older than you.’
‘I know, but I hate that I am growing older. I think I spotted a few wrinkles the other day.’
‘Nonsense,’ he says. ‘You’re pretending like you are with one foot already in your coffin.’
‘They say that when one turns thirty, it’s only going downhill.’
‘That,’ he starts, ‘is utter bullshit. I think people thrive in their thirties, including you. Especially you for that matter.’
I give him a few kisses on his cheeks and he turns his face, causing my final kiss to end on his lips. ‘A few more years and then I’m forty,’ I say. ‘Oh no, Benji is probably going to college then and Isabella is going to start high school. Can I freeze time now?’
‘I don’t think you can.’
I groan. ‘I know, I know. I just remember when they were born,’ I say. ‘They were so cute and little and adorable. Now my Benji is in a relationship and Isabella is literally growing. Did you see she’s catching up with me now?’
‘I did,’ he chuckles.
‘Like, she has always been very little, but now she is growing, meaning I cannot lift her anymore.’
The door opens, to reveal Benji and Isabella standing there with Kal, who sleeps in my daughter’s room nowadays. ‘Happy birthday, mom.’ Isabella runs towards the bed and jumps on top of us. She gives me a kiss and I wrap my arms around her.
‘Thank you, sweetheart.’
Isabella plops in between me and Henry. Kal jumps on the bed and curls himself up near our feet, while Benji sits next to me. He presses a kiss on my cheek. ‘Happy birthday, mom,’ he says. ‘If it makes you feel any better, you don’t look thirty six.’
I look over to Henry and say: ‘I taught him well.’
‘You sure did. Kids, what do you say about a breakfast in bed for your mother?’ Henry asks.
‘Can we have cake for breakfast?’ Isabella asks.
‘Of course,’ I say with a smile.
‘You two stay here,’ Benji says. ‘You want wine for breakfast, mom?’
I ignore the cocky grin on his face. ‘No, honey, maybe for dinner.’
‘You had wine for breakfast when dad—’ Isabella curls her lips in when she sees my glare and says: ‘Oh, sorry.’
Benji rolls his eyes. ‘Come on, Bella, let’s go.’
‘Isabella, only Benji can use the knifes and stay away from the stove. Please just listen to your brother.’
The two of them walk out of the room after they nodded and I scoot over to Henry. ‘I only drank wine two times for breakfast and that was during the weekends.’
He chuckles. ‘It’s all okay, sweetheart.’ He wraps his thick arm around my shoulders. Knowing that the kids were going to walk into the bedroom this morning, he put on a shirt for the occasion, but I slip my hand underneath it. ‘I can’t wait for our trip,’ he says. ‘Just you and me for two whole days.’
I let out a hum of content. ‘I can’t wait.’
A two day getaway in a cabin. No obligations, just him and me. The kids will stay at Dean’s and Kal is staying at Greg and his daughter Annabelle. When I asked my ex husband about the kids staying over, he was delighted for the kids and for me actually, which was oddly weird? Are we going to be parents that can actually co parent and be happy for one another?
I guess so.
Henry gives me a long kiss on my lips. While we still haven’t taken it any further in certain bedroom activities, I do know that it’ll probably happen during the trip. At night when we get in bed and I’m the little spoon, he slips his hand underneath my shirt and it doesn’t bother me anymore.
As a matter of fact, I quite enjoy it.
We hear something clatter and Henry sits up straighter. ‘Stay here, darling. I’ll go check on the kids.’
He puts on some socks and sweats, before rushing downstairs. Kal and I stay behind, but I can’t stay that long, knowing there is something going on. While I was promised a breakfast in bed, I sneak downstairs to check in on them. When I arrive in the kitchen, I see my boyfriend trying to fix the mess the kids created. I lean in the doorway and say: ‘I could’ve sworn I was in this exact situation before.’
‘True,’ Benji chuckles. ‘Isabella takes after you.’
She pouts. ‘It slipped out of my hands.’
‘Oh, angel, this is nothing we can’t fix,’ Henry says, sensing some guilt in Isabella’s tone. ‘Don’t you worry.’
‘Bella, how about you and I chill at the bar, while we watch the men fix it?’
Isabella nods with a smile. ‘Yes, please.’ The two of us both sit on a barstool, while we watch Henry and Benji cleaning up. ‘Mom, what do you want to do with your birthday?’
‘Not much,’ I say. ‘Spending it with you is all I want.’
‘I love you, mom,’ she says and that shouldn’t bring tears to my eyes. It does though.
‘I love you too, sweetheart,’ I say, placing my hand in the back of her neck.
‘You’re really happy,’ she admits. ‘That makes me happy.’
‘Angel, could you come over here for a second?’ Henry asks and Isabella jumps off the barstool, walking towards the counter. After she climbs on the little stool, Henry whispers something in her ear and she nods. They are probably discussing something about the birthday cake.
Watching this little scene playing out in front of my eyes, causes the tears to run over my tears.
Isabella’s right: I am really happy again. I slide off the barstool and walk over to them. I stand behind Isabella, before I give Benji a kiss on his cheek. Isabella is also on the receiving ends of my kisses and Henry gets one as well. ‘What was that for?’ Benji asks.
‘I love you guys,’ I say with a smile, before dapping my cheeks clean. ‘I love you so so much. All of you.’
Isabella turns around and wraps her arms around my waist. ‘I love you more, mom.’
‘Impossible,’ I chuckle.
Benji pulls us in a hug and ushers Henry to join.
‘Thank you for everything,’ I say. ‘Each and every one of you.’
Henry chuckles. ‘Not a problem, Amelia. Pleasure’s all mine.’
‘Mom,’ Isabella asks. ‘Can I change last names?’
‘To what?’
I hold her by her shoulders. ‘What?’ I ask her. ‘I gave birth to you and all of the sudden you want to change your last name to Cavill, because the coach is nice to you?’
‘Yeah,’ she says, but from the looks of it, she is just messing with me.
‘You little minx,’ I say to her, squinting my eyes at her. ‘I am your mother, I am nearing forty and you think it’s funny to say this?’
She smiles. ‘Just a joke on your birthday.’
‘Just a joke?’ I ask. I start to tickle her sides and she squeals.
‘Mom, stop!’
‘Nope, I will not.’
‘Henry, help me!’ she says. ‘Tickle mom.’
‘Oh no, Henry, don’t you dare,’ I say, but it’s too late. Henry starts to tickle my sides and I let out a loud yelp. My stomach hurts from laughter, when he finally stops. ‘Gosh, I’m crazy about all of you,’ I say. ‘I love you and always will. I promise.’
✰ ✰ ✰
a little bonus from their getaway trip
Tumblr media
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iamstrongallonmyown · 2 days ago
Coercion is not consent.
Consent once is not consent across time.
Relationship status and marriage are not consent.
Consent isn’t, “okay fine, I’ll do it,” consent is “hell yes!”
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Team Mom Series
Tumblr media
Go Go Go Go Go Seijoh! Advisor's Affection
Summary: L/N Y/N lands a job teaching history at the prestigious Aoba Johsai. What happens when a certain captain invites her to be the Seijoh Boy's Volleyball teacher advisor?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Tumblr media
Go Go Karasuno! An Old Rival
Summary: L/N Y/N loved High school, with the exception of one man in particular who made her life miserable. What happens when Y/N agrees to set for the Neighborhood Association team against Karasuno High? Can she forgive the man whom she hated so much?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Tumblr media
Go Go! Let's Go! Let's Go! Dateko! The Captains Mom
Summary: Futakuchi Y/N has been a single mom since her son was born 16 years ago. Despite working full time, she showed manages to support her sons love of Volleyball. When he son becomes captain of the Dateko volleyball team, Y/N offers to help the team manager prepare meals for the team. At meal drop off, Y/N has a chance encounter with the coach of Dateko, Oiwake Takurō. What will this chance encounter lead to and how will it affect her sons volleyball career?
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Tumblr media
Go Go Nekoma! Push it, Push it Nekoma! Coaches Chemisty
Summary: Years after the love of her life dumped her. L/N Y/N is finally getting her life back together and enjoying working at Bella's Florals. It's not until three young volleyball players stumble into Y/N's flower shop that her life gets turned completely upside-down.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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kurooskult · a year ago
❝ kuroo tetsurō - finding out about your relationship hcs ❞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tetsu week masterlist
Tumblr media
-> as much i’d love to tell you all he was smooth and suave about the whole thing
-> i’d be a liar
-> he’s as awkward and stiff as the next guy
-> he’s not too awkward though, he just wouldn’t really know how to act at first
-> he’s a little nervous when it comes to boundaries
-> he’s not quite sure where yours are and you best believe he’s asking for permission for absolutely everything
-> “hey can i maybe hold your hand? you don’t have to if you don’t-”
-> “it’s fine kuroo!”
-> he’ll need little notions of reassurance from you along the way just so he’s sure he’s doing okay at this whole boyfriend thing
-> just a small smile and squeeze of his hand will do
-> he won’t be overbearing with pda
-> not too many people know about your relationship because you guys aren’t exactly obvious
-> and it’s not like it’s on purpose either
-> he just feels like he would give you your personal space out of respect
-> sure, you’re seen together a lot but it’s not obvious you’re together
-> after school though, he will opt to hold your hand and then when people become more aware of your relationship
-> people won’t spread it about though because nobody really cares and they can respect that you’re not going out of your way to tell anyone so it’s not their place to either
-> of course, the volleyball team do find out eventually
-> you have your own club activities and finish around the same time practice does
-> you’ll have to wait a little longer though because obviously the boys have to clear up the gym
-> so you’ll agree to meet him just outside the gym after you bid goodbye to your own club mates
-> yamamoto is the first to notice you waiting outside when the doors left open ajar
-> “there’s a cute girl outside them gym! maybe i’ll talk to her after practice!”
-> he’s bragging to the rest of the nekoma boys who only roll their eyes and carry on with their jobs
-> it doesn’t miss kuroo’s ears though
-> he happens to know that ‘cute girl’ is you waiting for him
-> he’s not one to go out of his way to force the knowledge of your relationship onto others
-> but what harm would it be to let his teammates know just who exactly you were dating
-> he’s got this smug little smirk tugging at his lips and kenma’s already dreading what he knows his friends going to do
-> after the boys clear up, they say their goodbyes and begin to file out the gym leaving the keys to the coach to lock up
-> yamamoto is stiffly approaching you in hopes of talking to you
-> not before kuroo swoops in and wraps an arm over your shoulder
-> “ready to go home kitten?”
-> the rest of the team free and so do you momentarily
-> kuroo’s not usually so forward or affectionate until you’re in the privacy of just each other
-> yaku and yamamoto are is disbelief
-> lev is really excited??? this is tea????
-> kenma is internally gagging
-> kai just kinda smiled at y’all and nods his head of approval
-> and fukunaga is confused as to what the hell’s going on
-> “you’re dating l/n-san?”
-> yaku doesn’t believe it
-> how the hell does someone like kuroo get a girl like you?
-> “yes i am and have been for a little over a month now”
-> mf is so smug and fails to see your slight malfunction
-> since when did kuroo decide to be so forward about your relationship
-> you didn’t have too many complaints though you had been dating for over a month now after all
-> “that’s right tetsurō”
-> the way his first name rolls off his tongue has him malfunctioning now
-> you’d been on last name basis all this time out of respect and politeness
-> but kuroo has absolutely no complaints about you referring to him by his first name
-> the confirmation from you is enough for the rest of the team
-> they kinda mumble an apology but to you,, not kuroo
-> they’re still in denial their bed head captain managed to get a girl like you
-> but you both look relatively happy together so who are they to pry?
-> everyone kinda goes their separate ways eventually until you and kuroo are wandering along the sidewalk hand in hand
-> “what was that about today?”
-> you teased smiling up at him
-> “can’t i finally make it loud and clear to my team i have a wonderful and beautiful girlfriend?”
-> you just laugh and shake your head at him
-> “yamamoto was gonna try and talk to you.”
-> he eventually tells you and you smile at him again
-> you might’ve been only dating a little over a month so far but that didn’t mean you didn’t find the slight possessiveness cute
-> if anything you were happy that he felt that way
-> it meant that he did want to be with you and it wasn’t just short term feelings
-> “that’s cute kuroo, you know i’m yours though”
-> “yeah i know, whatever happened to ‘tetsurō’ though, kitten?”
-> from then on, people are more aware of your relationship
-> and the reactions are all good with many classmates complimenting the two of you
-> people are still in shock kuroo managed to get you though
Tumblr media
dt - @aislastetsu
general taglist → @atsumuwoah @bloody-bella @bbymilkbread @miracleboy420 @doggonudez @tsumue @peteunderoos @tsukkisbean @saturnfarie @toffees-main @zumisace @boosyboo9206 @totorosleaff @27kei @dai-tsukki-desu @angrylittleriri @tsukkaria @kuxredere @warakou @mattsuny @lovinnoya @sophiashortcake
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headinthestaticsky · 3 months ago
Sanctuary with the Enthralling Moon: Jasper Hale x Fleur Swan, Chapter 6
Tumblr media
A shorter chapter, hope you like it!
None of the characters in Twilight belong to me. All rights go to Stephenie Meyer!
“Tell me what you're waiting for I just wanna love ya Just wanna hold ya Never would lie to you Tell me what you're waiting for What you waiting for?”
Bella was too in shock to drive her truck so the boys drove both of us to Sam and Emily’s house. The jumped out of the truck when it was in park, both of them yipped in the air.
“Hey, I think we should go back and see if Jacob is okay.”
“No way, I hope Paul sinks his teeth into him... It serves him right.”
“Whatever, Jacob is a natural... did you see that shift in mid-air?”
I walked out of the truck going inside of the house, eager to see Emily.
“Hey there’s she is, I got muffins if you’re hungry.”
“Yeah, that sounds good, thanks Em.”
The two boys and Bella walked in a few moments after me.
“Are you boys I have to ask.” Emily said, she then giggled before putting the food on the table.
“So, who is this?” 
“Bella Swan... who else would it be?”
“Ah, we finally meet the second vampire girl.”
“And your the werewolf girl. Bella said, a tinge of attitude was in her tone of voice. I glared at her, I didn’t have the patience to deal with her shit right now.
“Yes, I am. Well, I’m engaged to one... hey, hey some for the your brothers, and ladies first. Muffin?” She offered Bella.
“Yeah, sure...”
“Leave it to Jacob to find away around Sam’s gag order.” Emily added.
“He didn’t say anything to me.” Bella mumbled
“Well, it’s a wolf thing. Alphas orders get obeyed no matter what. Oh and another thing, we can read each others thoughts.” 
“Will you shut it, this chick runs with vampires. She could tell them anything!”
“I’m not the only one who runs with vampires in this room you know.”
“Ehh, I just trust Fleur more.”
“She’s known out pack leader since she was a kid.”
“Hey don’t worry guys... We can’t run with vampires, they’re way too fast.” I joked, Emily had begun to chuckle.
“We’re faster.”
“Okay... whatever you say.”
“Jake’s right, you’re both weird.” Sam said, entering the room.
“Thanks.” I said.
Paul walked, in seemingly calmer than before. He turned to Bella after he sat down and smiled.
I heard Jacob clear his throat, his eyes locked on Bella’s. He nodded his head outside, wanting her to follow him. The two left, I then stood up taking three more muffins. 
“Hey, I’m going to go to the Clearwater’s okay?”
“Alright, see you later.” Emily said.
I jogged down to Leah’s place, I saw her dad’s car wasn’t there. I knocked on the door waiting for it to open. I was greeted by Leah’s little brother, Seth.
“Hey Fleur! I finally get to meet you.”
“Hey Seth, want a muffin?” I offered.
“Of course!” He said.
Leah had come down after hearing the commotion. She smiled when she saw me.
“I was wondering what was taking you so long... I was about to call.”
“I got a bit tied up... something happened with Bella and Paul. It’s a long story, muffin?”
“We got time, and thanks. Seth, go grab your shoes, we’re going for a walk!”
“Okay!” He scrambled to get up from the coach and ran upstairs.
“Look at him go.” I said
“I know he’s fast.”
When Seth was ready we started on our walk immediately, the conversation started just as quickly.
“So, what happened?”
“Bella got Paul really furious at her...she kicked me down to the ground and then he shifted in front of her.”
“She just doesn’t know when to quit.” Leah said, she looked extremely angry.
“Yeah, she never does.”
“You know, Dad and Charlie are out hunting the things that are family because of what happened with you two in the woods.” Leah said, her face was starting to get flushed.
“Yeah I know, I’m sorry... I couldn’t stop her. If I told her she was wrong, it would’ve made everything worse.” I grabbed Leah by the arm to stop her, she was burning up.
“Leah... are you sick? You feel like you’re running a fever.”
“Yeah, I’m fine... I think I need to go lay down, Seth, let’s go!”
“Okay, I’ll see you later okay?”
I got lucky, I was walking right back to where Bella was, so she couldn’t ditch me... I really needed to start driving myself to places. 
Timeskip: One day later
Today felt strange, dad and Bella were gone by the time I woke up. I felt like someone was watching me, but each time I looked out the window. No one was there to look back out at me. I had decided to take a nap, to pass the time by quicker. I once again faded into a dream... or more a like a nightmare. I was in her again... she was looking right at my dad across the way. I slid down one of the big pine trees in the forest. The same thing was running through my mind constantly.
“Revenge, revenge... I will find them!”
“I” saw Harry turn around, he knew I was there... but didn’t know exactly where.
“I” was behind my father, about ready to kill him. My mind willed her to stop, I felt her eyebrows furrow in confusion. I felt her hand stuck in it’s place fighting against the air. Harry had saw this and gasped, bring “my” attention to him. I ran to him grabbing him by the throat pulling him up in the air. I couldn’t see anything else that had happened. Suddenly, I was in water, I was swimming toward someone, but I couldn’t tell who it was. Before I could reach them, my dream faded to black again and I shot up, my eyes widened with fear... I was having those dreams again, and it always ended up killing someone. It was the evening when I woke up and someone was calling me. When I answered my heart had dropped, my blood had run cold.
“ dad! He had a heart attack!” I heard Leah sob to me over the phone. I could hear her mother and Seth sobbing in the background.
“What? what happened?”
“He went on a hunting trip with your dad...s-some-one attacked him.”
“Oh god Leah... I’m so sorry. Do you want me to go down there?”
“N-no, it’s too dangerous...I’ll be f-f-fine. I got to go.” She hung up a second afterward. I sat there stunned, looking out the window I was frozen in place.
POV Change: Jasper,
I was sitting with Alice, Dean, and Rosalie in our lounge room. I silence loomed over all of us. A gasp from Alice had broken the silence.
“Alice? Whats wrong?” I asked
“I-it’s Bella and Fleur...”
“Wait, what happened to Fleur?!” My voice was laced with panic
“She had another dream... it was about Victoria. She’s back in Forks. Then I saw Bella jumping off a cliff... I think she’s going to kill herself... I can’t see her being pulled out of the water.”
“Rosalie, don’t say anything to Edward, I need to see if Bella is still alive first. I have to go.” Alice said.
Rosalie didn’t say anything.
“I’m coming with you Alice... if Victoria is back, Bella and Fleur could be in danger!”
“Okay, okay, we’ll take Carlisle’s car.”
Forks, here we come...
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yourstarvic · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone was outside near the school gates, in many groups as they talked about whatever came in their minds. You were in the group with Itachiyama managers and Tendo, talking about anything you had watched recently. As you were talking to them, you kept thinking about the events last night, making you slightly blush. 
Where you were standing, you had a good view at looking at Suna. Seeing him talking to the twins with Yuna attach to Osamu, Sakusa, and Komori. You would glance at him, seeing him look un-bother as if the events last night didn’t happen.
Does he not care? Or is he just acting like that?
You continued to look at Suna, seeing if you can get any hints that he was thinking. Suna slowly turned his head in your direction, making the two of you having eye contact. You tensed when you saw Suna looked at you, gulping as you felt your cheeks feeling hot. Your face became worst when he gave you a wink, making your face completely red. You quickly turned your face away, remembering what his lips felt like and trying to hide your red face. “I’m going to see if Kita needs to do anything else before we leave,” you muttered to your group.
They all nodded at you as you slowly walked away from them. Your head was down and you were biting down your lower lip. Quietly walking up to the group, you stand nervously next to Kita. “Is there anything else we need to do?” You asked him quietly.
“No, we already have everything in order,” Kita looked at you, “we are waiting on the coaches.”
You nodded your head and fidgeted with your fingers. Kita went back to the conversation with the captains but he keeps glancing at you, sensing something was wrong. With a sigh, Kita offered you his arm, silently telling you that you can hold on to him.
You muttered a small thanks and softly taking his arm. You gently hold onto his arm, squeezing it as you listen to their conversation.
He has to be acting… Unless he isn’t… Does it not matter to him? He did say it wouldn’t change anything… But then why ask if we are dating now? 
Taking a deep breath, you gather your courage as you turned your head towards Suna direction’s. You caught him looking at you, seeing he was already looking at you, and gave you a wink. You tensed up with wide eyes and looked back forward, biting your bottom lip nervously as you felt your cheeks heating up once again.
Okay….He’s acting normal… Or maybe… He’s acting like it doesn’t bother him! That has to be it! He wants me to ask about it first! I’m not going to give him that satisfaction!
Perking up with a proud look, you smiled and started to enjoy Kita’s arm.
At the same time with Suna’s group, Atsumu was teasing Sakusa about something and Komori was laughing along. Suna and Osamu would occasionally make comments, but they were towards Atsumu and teasing him. Yuna was surprisingly quiet, only clinging to Osamu’s arms. Everyone could see Osamu was uncomfortable with Yuna clinging onto him and gave him a questioning glance to which Osamu ignore. Suna was watching them interact, smirking whenever a comment was towards Atsumu. 
Taking a glance where you were, Suna couldn’t help but think about last night. The kisses that you two shared and those words he said to you. Suna instantly flinched, his whole body consumed with embarrassment and panic.
I’m an idiot! Who says that after a kiss! She’s probably got secondhand embarrassment… That’s why she won’t look at me…And when she does look at me, she gets tense and looks away so fast…
“Oi,” Atsumu looked at Suna with an annoyed look, “didn’t cha hear what I just said!”
“No,” Suna said plainly, looking at him with a boring look.
“Ya need pay attention!” Atsumu yelled, “What’s with ya anyway? You have been acting weird.”
“He was acting weird last night,” Komori noted with a thoughtful look.
Osamu hummed, thinking back to last night, “He did come back to the room late last night and wouldn’t stop mumbling about something.”
“What did ya do last night, Suna?” Atsumu teased the middle blocker, nudging him with his elbow, “Did you do something naughty?”
“Shut it,” Suna's eyebrows twitched in annoyance. “Nothing happened.”
“Ohhh,” Atsumu smirked, “he’s trying to hide it! Komori, tell me what happened last night!”
“He just returned the projector back to me last night,” Komori smiled, “and he had a far off look.”
Suna let out a tired sigh and looked back over to you. He saw that you were with Kita, holding onto Kita’s arm now and looking down. As if you could feel his stare, Suna saw you slowly turned to face him.
She’s looking at me! I should do something to test the waters…
Sending you a wink, thinking you’ll roll your eyes at him normal and laugh at him, Suna felt relieved for a moment. But it disappeared when your eyes widen and your body tense when he sent the wink. With you quickly turning your head away, Suna felt the embarrassment creeping up at him. Making a fist with his hand, he quickly raised it to cover his mouth, trying to stop the small whimper of embarrassment coming out.
Dammit! She probably thinks I’m a creep now!
“Oh?” Atsumu smirking as he saw Suna’s ears turned red from looking at you, “Did something happen to you and (Y/n).”
“He did say he wanted to use the projector to show (Y/n) something,” Komori nodded thoughtfully.
“Who’s side you on?” Suna asked the liber with a betrayed look.
“Justice,” Komori smiled at him. “But what did happen?”
“I just embarrassed my-”
“Can we stop talking about her?” Yuna said with her pitchy voice, hugging Osamu closer to her. Everyone looked down at Yuna with a disgusted look. “Besides, we should be talking about how my honey bunny is an amazing ace!”
“He’s not the ace,” Atsumu said, looking down at Yuna weirdly, “so, stop talking.”
“Don’t be so rude ‘Tsumu,” Yuna laughed awkwardly.
“It’s Miya,” Atsumu glared at her.
Before Yuna could say anything, the coaches returned and gathered their respected teams. Everyone walked to their repeated coaches, circling around as they started to talk. “Is everything ready?” Coach Kurosu asked Kita.
“Yes, everything is ready,” Kita nodded, trying to ignore you squeezing his arms.
“Perfect!” Kurosu smiled, clapping his hands together, “Let’s say our goodbyes and head off to the train station!” 
Everyone did their final goodbyes and wishing everyone good luck on their preliminaries. Once everyone was done, your team started to walk off the campus and headed to the train station. You stayed close with Kita as you all walked to the train station. Suna was walking behind the two of you, trying to think of ways to get you to talk about what happened.
Finally, inside the train, you sat by the window as last time and Suna sat next to you. This time, Kita sat in front of you and Atsumu sat next to Kita, giving you a word look. You gave Atsumu a confused looked but shrugged it off. You felt the train started to move as you laid your head on the window, thinking of ways to make Suna talk to you about it first. But something stops your train of thought when you felt your phone buzzed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Every Christmas Eve, Suna would spend it with (Y/n)’s family and on Christmas Day (Y/n) would spend Christmas with Suna’s family.
Atsumu and Osamu would surprise Aran at his house. Aran has tried everything to stop them but Aran’s mom loves the twins so much and thinks they are hilarious.
(Y/n) once made Kita smile and it was her greatest accomplishment.
Sakusa once laugh at Atsumu’s joke. He was glad Atsumu didn't heard him laugh. 
Komori saw Sakusa laugh at Atsumu’s joke and thought the word was ending.
Notes: HEY GUYS! Sorry for not posting for two weeks... but I hope y’all like this chapter! Stay warm and don’t forget to drink water! Stay safe love y’all!!
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simonsrosebud · a year ago
the one where someone doesn’t know who kevin day is, pt. 5
part one two three four
extra kalton content
games are over for the rest of the winter, and since winter break doesn’t officially start for another week it means that kevin spends most of his time at dalton’s apartment.
which, to be frank, isn’t any different than normal.
what is different, is that now kevin has much more free time to worry about meeting dalton’s family. how did he let himself get roped into staying there for a week?
oh right. because he’s trying to be a good boyfriend. and being a good boyfriend means doing this for dalton because it’s important to him. that’s probably why it’s stressing him out.
kevin flinches when a carrot hits his cheek. “come back to the present, will you?”
he drops his head back against the sofa. “sorry. i zoned out.”
and when dalton is dropping him off at his class for his first final of the semester, “are you okay?”
kevin shrugs. “i’m nervous about meeting your family.” he looks at dalton’s lap instead of his face.
dalton puts the car in park and leans over the center console to kiss his cheek. he stays there for a moment. “i know it won’t help to say there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s still true. they’ll love you because i love you.”
“what?” kevin drags his stare up to dalton’s face. he’s smiling, he knows exactly what he’s done.
and dalton takes kevin’s face in his hands. “i love you. and i don’t expect you to say it back, and me saying it probably isn’t helping to make you less nervous, but thinking about me loving you is probably nicer than thinking about meeting my family.” he kisses kevin. “you gotta go, kev.”
kevin’s mouth is still hanging a little, and when he drags himself out of the car he leans into the open window. “you-you’re just gonna spring that on me and leave?”
“yep. and you’re going to think about it when you’re doubting yourself taking this exam.” he puts the car in drive, and blows him a dramatic kiss. “text me when you’re done?”
“no- i mean, yes, but-“
“good luck, love you!” and he drives off.
kevin watches his car until it turns the corner, and tugs at his hair before going inside.
he may have failed his exam, he may not have. he can’t really tell. either way, he lies a little to dalton when walking out. just got done, still have to wait for the class to end the exam before we can leave.
that kinda sucks. just txt me when ur done
kevin doesn’t know who to call, but his thumb eventually lands on abby.
“hey. are you okay? i feel like you never call me,” she laughs, and kevin grimaces. he should do it more often, then.
“i’m just stressed about something and… you’re the only person i thought to call.” he sits on a nearby bench outside his building. before abby can say anything he gets back to it. “dalton said i love you this morning and i don’t know what to do about it.”
“well, kevin, you don’t have to do anything about it. you can say it back? if you feel the same way?”
he does. he thinks. does he? is it just him thinking he should say it back because it’s the nice thing to do? he and thea never said it.
kevin shakes his head. his relationship with thea was toxic and a little fabricated.
kevin freezes. he’s never said i love you to someone and meant it. he takes a deep breath. he’s so fucked up. he knows he’s fucked up and it makes his head spin, but he can’t dwell on it because more of his reality would crash around him, and he’s already working through enough of it with bee behind the scenes.
“i’m here. i don’t know if i feel the same, yet.”
“i know. you don’t have to say it. you can wait until you’re ready, or you don’t ever have to say it if you never feel it. he seems nice, i mean, i’d surely think that he’d be okay with you waiting?”
why did he call her? no one really knows his relationship but him.
he calls dalton. “i’m out, now. can you take me to the stadium?”
kevin shoots on an empty goal, hounding balls at cones for what’s probably close to two hours before the door opens.
wymack looks at him expectantly. “remember when betsy said you shouldn’t be spending more time here than necessary? like you did last year with the god-awful night practices?”
kevin plants the end of his racquet to the ground. “i had a lot on my mind.”
wymack retreats back through the hall. kevin follows. “should i be playing dad or coach right now?”
kevin doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to him saying things like that. about being his father. it’s not like he ever thought of him as just his coach, the day he found out that david wymack was his father that’s all he’s been able to think of him as in his head. the reality of it is just… different. shocking, even now.
“both?” wymack turns, an eyebrow raised. “dalton told me he loves me. i can’t say it back yet, so i don’t know what to say to him when i see him.”
he crosses his arms. “hey, dalton, you know i’m basically head over heels for you as anyone can tell, but i can’t say i love you yet because i’ve got shit up here that i need to settle first.” and after a moment. “too coach?
kevin shrugs. “it’s what i expected.”
it’s close enough to what he tells dalton, too. just without the head over heels and softer wording of “i’m fucked in the head”.
and he feels a little lighter when dalton kisses him and tells him it’s okay. “i told you you don’t have to say it. are you uncomfortable with me saying it again? do you want me to wait?”
and he doesn’t want to- or know how to say no, i need you to keep saying it until i believe you. i need you to keep saying it so i don’t forget. so that i know you mean it.
instead, he shrugs. he’s been shrugging so much lately. he’ll turn into neil. “i like hearing it.”
“kay.” dalton smiles. “i love you, then.”
he wasn’t planning on telling dalton anything past that, but then they start making out, and dalton lies him down, and he panics. “hey.” he says.
dalton has his lips on his neck. “hey.”
“no, hey, stop, d.” and he’s off of him quicker than he can comprehend.
“are you okay?”
“yeah,” he breathes. “no, i’m fine, i just…” he sits up. “i… can’t say i love you yet because i’ve never said it to anyone.”
“i’ve only been in two other real relationships before this, that’s okay-“
“no, i mean.” he sighs. “when i was... with the ravens, you know... saying i love you, or even like, oh love you man to a friend just... wasn’t something that-that we did. especially the way i was raised, i may have said it to a friend once or twice. but i don’t...” he looks up, and dalton feels pain in his chest from the pure vulnerability in his eyes. he slides his hands up gently to kevin’s face as he whispers, “i don’t think i’ve ever said i love you to anyone and meant it.”
“hey,” he whispers back. “that’s okay, kev. that’s okay.” he hugs him and kevin takes the biggest breath ever as he tucks his face into dalton’s shoulder.
and two weeks later, kevin’s standing on the porch of the miller family home in bowie, maryland.
he glances down at the address in his notes. this is the right one.
he should have let dalton pick him up from the airport. he knows he feels bad about it, but he didn’t want him to see how nervous he was.
he knocks on the door.
it opens after a few moments. a girl almost his height stands inside the door, and kevin panics. “hi.”
but she grins. “hi! you’re kevin! come in!” she steps back and it’s so fucking warm in the house compared to outside. “i’m so excited you’re here, dalton told us all about youuu” she coos as she leads him further into the house. dalton is shouting as he runs across the kitchen to turn down the stove to stop something from boiling over, and when he turns he grins.
“kevin!” he very obviously tries not to run over to hug him, and almost lifts kevin off his toes. “how long have you been here?” he whispers.
“twenty seconds.”
“oh good. okay. how was your flight?” he shrugs. “okay, cool, uh, let’s take your bag to my room.”
dalton kind of rushes them downstairs. his room and a spare bedroom are the only ones down there, and when he shuts the door behind them he takes a deep breath. “i’m sorry. i’m really nervous. my family’s kind of loud and my sisters are those people who just kind of act like they’ve known you for a while within five minutes of meeting you, so they probably won’t care to be weird in front of you. and my dad acts real tough and he’ll do the dad thing from movies and hammer you” kevin has no idea what he’s talking about. “um, and my sisters are annoying and if they bitch at each other just ignore it- it’s just what they do. and i just-”
“dalton it’s fine!” kevin shrugs out of his coat. “you forget i’ve lived with andrew, nicky, and neil. every awkward or tense moment is created because of them.”
he also knows how to school his expression in strange situations. again, he’s grown up in the spotlight.
so dalton leads him back upstairs where his mother is standing at the stove and his two sisters are at the table leaned close and whispering. they stop and both turn when the boys come up. “sorry, stole him for a second. um, mom, this is kevin.”
“oh, call me anne. it’s so nice to finally meet you! dalton’s told us plenty.”
“you as well. i’m just glad i was able to come out here this winter.” he’s got on his press smile on instinct. he’s so nervous, he feels like he’s sweating.
“i’m carmen, this is bella!” the girls wave from their spots at the table, and before he can say hello carmen speaks up again. he’s not complaining. “so you play exy? bella plays exy.” bella elbows her. “what!”
“i really don’t. i joined intramural at school so my friend wouldn’t be alone. i’m really bad.”
“not terrible, he could teach you some moves. he’s incredible.” now kevin shoots dalton a look. “what.”
“no, it’s okay, i mean i know who you are.” kevin’s stomach drops a little. “not like- i know that you’re famous for exy, i don’t like know you.”
kevin’s trying hard not to regret coming. why did he think he could act normal with someone else’s family?
but surprisingly, things smooth out after a few more minutes of painstaking conversation. granted, after kevin meets dalton’s father after comes home.
“kevin day. it’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.” he’s proud of his handshake, but mr. miller doesn’t pay it any mind.
“george. nice to meet you.” he nods, and grabs a bottle from the fridge. “beer? dalt, you get him a drink?”
kevin stiffens as he sits back at the table. “i don’t drink, sir.”
george frowns for a moment. he doesn’t remember how old dalton said he was. “you’re not underage, are you?” only three years younger, right?
“no, i just don’t drink.” anymore.
“fair enough.” he sits back at the table, and gestures towards his face. “see you’ve got a tattoo. why the face?”
“dad!” carmen is doing homework on her laptop, but looks up with a shocked look on her face. “don’t be rude,” she mumbles.
“i’m just asking!”
kevin honestly doesn’t know who to go by, but he feels his dad is the right route. “it’s a cover up. the one under it was a cocky premature thing with... uh, my, my-”
“his kind of brother.” kevin wishes carmen would butt out. but he has to play nice.
“oh! i’m sorry, i thought dalton said you were an only child.” and his dad actually seems sorry that he got his information wrong, despite it not even coming up yet, that kevin feels bad. he balls his fists under the table.
“we weren’t related. i just grew up with him. my family situation is... complicated.”
george holds his hands up after a speedy glancing at dalton. kevin thanks god for whatever face dalton must have made at him. “not my business to intrude. forget i asked about the face.”
and then things smooth out. they eat dinner, and kevin helps put dishes into the dishwasher to boost his morale with anne before joining dalton and his sisters in the living room. he sinks into the couch. dalton looks bored at what bella has on, the history channel, but kevin zones in on it. he tends to watch it a lot when andrew and neil aren’t there. or while he’s doing homework.
an hour in, both kevin and bella are enamored by whatever segment they’re playing. when dalton gets up to grab a drink, carmen smiles to herself and tosses a mini pretzel at bella, it lands on her sleeve, but she doesn’t notice.
she shakes her head. she does the same to kevin. it lands in his hood, and when he doesn’t move to take it out carmen leans forward.
dalton walks back in and lingers when he sees her. “you ever watch these two watch the history channel?” he frowns. what? “you could cut the sexual tension with a knife!”
bella snaps and kicks carmen. dalton rolls his eyes and sits with his head in kevin’s lap. carmen looks at him with a challenging brow. dalton isn’t going to let her win her little experiment.
he leans up and kisses kevin’s chin. “wanna go downstairs?”
kevin slides his hand into dalton’s hair, looks down at him for a moment. “soon. there’s still twenty minutes left.”
dalton’s jaw drops. carmen cackles.
at least he’s fitting in.
the rest of kevin’s trip to maryland at dalton’s family home are when they go to NYC for a day, and when he and dalton are just lounging around at the house and kevin says i love you
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ssa-babygirl · 12 months ago
Out of my League [Part 5]
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Single mom!Reader
Word count: 4.1k
Summary: A night out with the team leaves you and Spencer with so much unsaid, despite how much he spills to you while you’re drunk and half asleep. 
Warning(s): Mentions of past addiction, alcohol consumption, some swear words, mentions of past bullying, EXTREME PINING
Author’s Note: I told yall this chapter wouldn’t take 10 years. just like... a week and a half. I promise I’ll do better lmao also enjoy the fluff cuz uh,, yall are gonna hate me next chapter oops
[Previous Part] [Series Masterlist]
Tumblr media
Washington D.C., 2009
(Reader POV)
Rossi’s dinner party would not be the last time Spencer had to drive your drunk ass home. It happened two or three in the two years since that night. Dave meant it when he said you were one of them. Whenever they went out for drinks after a case, you would get a text from one of the girls asking if you wanted to come. Your mom living a few blocks away from you was helpful because you just needed to drop Jamie off and head over to O’Keefe’s. You very rarely went overboard because you normally had to drive home, but tonight was not one of those nights.
The team had just gotten back from a local case in Bethesda, so Emily offered to pick you up on her way back. Hotch gave them all the rest of the night off after they made the arrest, but Spencer, always the workaholic, still wanted to finish up his paperwork before going out. 
Your mom came to get Jamie and take him back to her house, so you were free to get all dressed up for a night on the town with your friends. You didn’t want to look too formal since most of them were still going to be in their work clothes, so you got out a cute green button-down blouse and tucked it into some high-waisted jeans. You put on your favorite locket and let your hair down. You went with a light makeup look, just brows, cheeks, and lashes. You were all set by the time Emily pulled up in front of your place. You strapped up your wedges and grabbed your purse, heading out the door, excited to see everyone after they’d been so busy.
“Hey! You look nice!”
“And you’re not so bad for fresh off a crime scene.”
“Should’ve seen me catch the guy, I looked amazing.”
“I’m sure you did, Em.”
Emily told you about the case, or rather just the ending. You only liked to hear her stories when they had happy endings. This one was pleasant enough, but you had a feeling that she was leaving some details out since it was apparently so bad that even Spencer would be tagging along for drinks.
When you got to the bar, Derek and Penelope were already sitting at a booth in the back with Aaron and Dave. Penelope hopped up from her seat to give you a hug as soon as you approached the table. 
“Hey, there she is,” Morgan smiled over his beer.
“Reid’s not driving tonight?” Aaron asked.
“He texted me, he’s on his way, he wanted to finish his paperwork back at the precinct.” 
“So what I’m hearing is you finally have time to tell us stories about Reid in high school,” Dave said with a smirk.
“No, come on, he’ll kill me,” you settled into the booth.
Emily snorted, “I’d be surprised if he even found it in him to be mad at you.”
“Oh, it’s happened before.” Your face scrunched up at the memory of what happened that day on the football field.
“Really?” Penelope seemed shocked.
“Yeah I’d… Rather not talk about it.” You didn’t know if Spencer had told the team about the Alexa Lisbon incident, so you didn’t want to talk about how he had been so angry with you for babying him. 
“Oh, come on, the kid was in love with you,” Derek prodded, “What’d you do?”
You elected to ignore his comment, “No, it was just stupid.” You could still talk about Kyle, though. The team knew the story of how you’d met Spencer, they just didn’t know about how upset he was when he found out you got back together with Kyle just a few months after you dumped him.
“We love hearing about the stupid things you did!” Garcia squealed.
You stared at the table and fiddled with a napkin to avoid eye contact as you said, “I dated one of his bullies.”
Dave was the first to break the silence, “But Reid said you broke up with him when you found out.”
You bit your lip and hesitated before owning up to it, “Did he tell you that Kyle is Jamie’s dad?”
Emily gasped, “No way!”
“We barely spoke outside of tutoring after that between him being scared of Kyle and basketball season. We were both busy with our teams.”
“Reid played basketball?” Aaron asked, amused.
“He was the coach.” You managed to crack a slight smile, “Budget cuts. But, hey, it was for the best, that was our best season in years.”
“Hard to believe he could focus on strategy with you cheering from the sidelines.” Derek wiggled his eyebrows and took another sip of his beer.
You were quick to change the subject, “So is JJ coming?”
Emily shook her head, “She went home after the case cuz she missed Henry.”
“Oh that boy is the sweetest little thing, I miss when Jamie was that little.”
Aaron sipped his whiskey, “How old is he again?”
“Ten. I’m old, don’t remind me, it’s fucking me up.”
“Ah! Language, bella.”
“Sorry Dave. But speaking of getting effed up, I’ll go get the next round.” You stood and took everyone’s drink orders: Dave and Aaron were sharing an expensive bottle that Dave had already paid for, Emily wanted a martini, Derek just asked for another beer, while Penelope ordered the most elaborate cocktail on the menu, but luckily it was her usual, so you had it pretty much memorized by now. 
You strolled up to the bar and gave the bartender the order, which he got right on. He started with giving you Derek’s beer, then Em’s martini, then your rum and coke, before getting to work on Penelope’s ridiculously fruity drink. An older man stalked into your field of view with a beer in his hand, grinning dumbly. 
“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”
You snorted, “Has that line ever worked?”
“Truth be told, I’ve never used it.”
“Well you don’t have a great success rate right now, bud.” You looked over the man’s shoulder and made eye contact with Penelope, who turned to Derek and gave him a heads up.
“Well let me buy you a drink, maybe it’ll work better the second time around.”
“Oh, no, thank y—”
“No, come on, what’s one drink?”
You grabbed the tray with everyone’s drinks and started to pass him, “I should really get back to my friends.”
“Hey, I won’t keep you long,” He caught you by the arm and the last thing you saw before he turned you to face him again was Penelope leaping up from her seat to let Derek through, “what are you drinking?”
“Babygirl, how long does a beer take?” Derek stepped up behind you and placed a delicate hand on the small of your back, “This guy bothering you, doll?”
The man dropped his hand from your arm, “We were just talking.”
“Really? ‘Cuz to me it seems like you were trying to put the moves on my girl.”
“Babe, it’s fine,” you caught on quickly, placing a hand on Derek’s chest to keep up the ruse of holding him back, “I’m just waiting for Pen’s drink.”
“Get the hell out of here, man.” Derek glares and the other man leaves reluctantly. “You okay?”
You nodded, “Thank you.”
“Hey, no problem, sweetheart.” He withdrew his hand from the small of your back, “Wouldn’t want Pretty Boy to get jealous.”
You felt your face heat up as your eyebrows knit together, feigning confusion.
“Oh, come on, Y/N, you can’t seriously tell me you don’t see it.”
You played dumb, “See what?”
He sips his beer, “You don’t need to be a profiler to see the way he looks at you, Y/N.”
“Oh, god, first my mother, now you too?”
“I’m serious, I’ve only seen him like this one other time.”
“On a case a few years ago. There was this actress we were helping out, Lila Archer.”
“Lila Archer? The Lila Archer?”
“Yeah, she had a little crush on Reid for a bit. They made out once.”
“They what?”
He laughed, “What’re ya jealous?”
“No!” Maybe? “It just seems so unprofessional, I wouldn’t have pegged him for a guy who would--”
“Hook up with a movie star? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. It didn’t work out with them, obviously, he said she only felt that way about him because he saved her life.”
“What does this have to do with me?”
“Ever thought about how you protecting him his whole life may have had a similar effect?”
“Showing him basic human decency didn’t make him fall in love with me, Derek.”
“No, but saving his life did.”
“What do you mean?”
“I think that’s more of a question for Pretty Boy himself.” Derek nodded his chin over your shoulder. You followed his gaze and saw Spencer coming up behind you, grinning as he neared the bar.
“Hey, haircut! Lookin’ good!” Your fingers laced through his shaggy locks and messed up his new boy band-esque style.
 A faint blush spread across his cheeks as he fixed his hair, “T-Thanks.”
“When you lovebirds feel like talking to the rest of us, I’ll be at the table with the rest of the team.”
You roll your eyes and turn back to the lanky boy next to you, “Lemme buy you a drink, Spence.” 
“Oh, no thank you. I’m driving. And also did you know--”
“You can just say you don’t want it.”
“No, I do. That’s the problem.”
Your face contorted with confusion until it suddenly clicked, “Oh… Has that ever been a problem for you before?”
“Not anymore, and not alcohol, but yeah.”
“Wait, Spence, why didn’t you tell me? I-I’m not mad, it’s your choice, obviously, but I could have helped.”
“You did.”
“I did?”
“Remember that one time I was too sick to talk on our Saturday call?”
“I had just gotten back from a case in New Orleans. Remember Ethan from school?”
You nodded, holding onto every word.
“He’s in a jazz band down there now. He talked me into getting help. When you called, I was at the lowest point of withdrawals, shaking so hard I couldn’t sleep, and completely alone. I almost didn’t pick up, but I knew you wouldn’t accept that,” he laughed nervously, “and when I heard your voice…”
He trailed off, finally meeting your eyes.
“When I said I wasn’t feeling well, you said ‘I’m putting Jamie down for the night, wanna hear his bedtime story?’”
You both found yourselves smiling slightly at the memory. 
“Not once, during any book I’ve read, had I fallen asleep so easily as I did when you read me The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”
He took a deep breath, almost shuddering, “It was the first time I slept without nightmares since Tobias Hankle.”
You remembered that name. He’d come up in conversations from time to time but you never heard anything about his case. He was always a touchy subject for the team, and now you knew why.
“How long ago was this?”
“Almost three years ago.” He didn’t even have to think about it.
“Spence, you could have told me. You can tell me anything.”
“Anything?” He gulped.
You reached for his hand on the bar and felt it tense under your touch. You’d think after how long you’d known him his touch aversion wouldn’t be an issue with you anymore, but apparently not. Feeling your cheeks heat up, you withdrew your hand as if you burnt your hand on a hot stove and let out an awkward scoff, turning away to look back at your friends, who tried and failed miserably at making it look like they weren’t watching you and Spencer. 
“We should…”
“Yeah… w-we should.” Spencer passed you and sat down next to Derek in the booth, leaving you in your usual spot next to Emily with your first of many drinks that night.
            3 Hours Later
(Spencer’s POV)
I helped her into my car and buckled her up after she couldn’t find the seatbelt. When I got into the driver’s seat, I glanced at her to see if she was still conscious, only to see her dopey smile directed at me.
“What?” I laughed nervously.
“Nothing,” she slurred, dragging out the ‘ing’ and turning her head towards the window.
“You okay?”
She nodded and leaned her head against the glass as I pulled out of the parking lot. She was quiet for the most part during the drive, so I assumed she was asleep, so imagine my shock when she piped up as soon as I parked in front of her place.
“Can you walk me in?” she asked as if I could say no to her.
“Of course.” I was going to regardless. I helped her out of the car and she stood on wobbly legs. She groaned and looked at her feet. 
“Hold this.” She shoved her purse into my arms and placed a hand on my shoulder and hopped up to take off one of her heels, tossing it onto her seat before repeating her actions on her other shoe. She grabbed the pair and marched up the path to her front door. I trailed close behind, just in case she stumbled, which she did. 
She fumbled for her key when she suddenly remembered that I had her purse. I dug through the pockets and fished it out, tossing it to her once I got close enough. She instantly giggled as soon as I met her eyes.
“What’s so funny now?”
“Nothing, Spence,” she failed to stifle a smile as she tried to open the door, “You have nothing to worry about.”
I stepped in beside her, “Well you’ve been awfully quiet since we left and now you’re laughing at me!”
“I’m just thinking!”
“That can’t be good,” I joked, prompting her to lightly slap my arm, “Kidding! What are you thinking about?”
“Don’t worry about it!”
“No, now I’m curious!”
“Just something stupid Derek said before you came tonight.”
“Oh jeez, now I have to know.” She climbed up the staircase and down the hallway in front of her bedroom. She twisted the knob and pushed open the door. I stepped in after her and placed her purse down on the dresser. She flopped down on the bed, shuffling under the covers, not even bothering to change out of the clothes she wore to the bar. I grinned down at her. She looked like an angel snuggled up in the sheets.
“Good. Call me if you need anything, Y/N,” I started to walk towards the door.
“Did you have a crush on me in high school?”
I paused.
“W-Where’d you get that from?” Nice job, genius, that doesn’t sound guilty at all.
“That’s what Derek said.” She was now sitting up in bed.
Okay, but how did he know that?
“How did this come up exactly?”
She explained how the team was trying to get her to tell them embarrassing stories about me as a kid (sidenote: not cool, guys) and my dear old friend Kyle came up. She said that Morgan brought up transference, where a person experiences something traumatic and associates their “hero” with safety and feelings of relief after being helped.
“He said one girl you helped in a case had feelings for you and the way you explained transference to Derek sounded like you were speaking from experience.”
Great. This is what I get for only having friends on the team. My best guy friend is also a profiler who can read me like a book. Awesome.
I let out a deep sigh and sat down in the chair next to her bed, “I was.”
“Speaking from experience?”
“Yeah. Because that’s where it all started for me. A pretty girl told off one of my bullies and showed me basic human decency--”
“Aw, Spence, you thought I was pretty?” She teased, eliciting a chuckle from me.
“Of course I did. Y/N, you were the head cheerleader that came to me for help with chemistry and tousled my hair and bought me McDonald’s whenever our study sessions ran late. To twelve-year-old Spencer you were this perfect, unattainable princess--”
“Princess?” She giggled and it was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard, “I like that.”
“Yep.” I laughed with her, “A princess who lived in a beautiful castle with posters on the walls and sparkly beads on the curtains and Doctor Who playing on the TV and a mom that always invited me to stay for dinner and I’m rambling again but that’s perfectly fine with you because you actually cared about what I had to say, especially when I would talk about Shakespeare because A Midsummer Night’s Dream was your favorite assigned reading and--” I stopped myself before it slipped out. 
I love you. I’ve said it a million times to her in a million different ways but I knew at that moment that if I said the actual words that I wouldn’t be able to take them back, not that I would ever want to, I just want her to be present when I told her the first time. If I said it now it would be the first time she’d hear it from me and she wouldn’t even remember it when she woke up.
“And what?” She still smiled at me so brightly that the dimly lit room was lit up by the gleam in her eyes.
I smiled back, “You’re my best friend.”
Her grin somehow grew wider, her eyes scrunching up, but the sparkle was still there, “You’re my best friend too.”
If I hadn’t already decided against it, I would have said it then. I would have repeated those words over and over again until the words lost all meaning, only they never would because they felt like they meant the world to me. But I wouldn’t let myself start. Instead, I just looked at her like she was the moon and stars and all the space in between and said, “Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Spence, wait,” she murmured, further burying herself in her covers.
“What now?” I whined, the smile still present on my face.
“I think you’re pretty too.” 
It had never been harder for me to resist the urge to kiss her than in that moment. Every fiber of my being screamed to sit back down, lean over her pillow, take her face in my hands, and crash my lips to hers. And for a split second, I thought I would. I almost did. I almost gave myself everything I had ever wanted for sixteen years, four months, and eleven days, but I couldn’t.
“And I think you’re drunk.”
“Spencer Reid!” She squealed, “Just cuz I’m drunk does not mean that you aren’t pretty!”
“Oh really?”
“Yep! ‘Cuz guess what, genius?”
“I think you’re pretty when I’m sober, too.”
If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was trying to drive me insane. And you know what?
It was working.
While I was lost in my thoughts, no doubt staring at her, she let out a tiny yawn and snuggled deeper into her pillow. A piece of hair fell in front of her eyes, hooded yet still shining. I brushed the hair out of her face and told her to get some rest.
“Good idea. I’m sleepy,” she dragged out the e and yawned again, “Goodnight, Pretty Boy.”
“Goodnight, princess.” I chuckled softly. My fingers still lingered just behind her ear, so I stroked her hair once more and pressed a small kiss to her forehead once I was sure she was asleep. Her cheeks twitched in a barely conscious smile, making me grateful for my eidetic memory again. I went to the kitchen and took a glass from the cabinet, filling it up in the sink and placing it on the nightstand with some aspirin.
I took a sheet of some stationery and scrawled out a note for her in the morning:
Make sure you stay hydrated. There’s more aspirin in your cabinet but wait a few hours to take it. Call me if you need anything. -S.R.
            The Next Morning
(Reader’s POV)
The coffee machine made too much noise. Your head was pounding despite the fact you took an aspirin a few minutes ago. Now you played the waiting game, hoping it would kick in soon. When the pot was finally done, you poured yourself a cup, hoping it would help wake you up. You normally wouldn’t drink coffee this late, but you needed it. Just as you took your first sip, your mom came through the front door with Jamie in tow carrying his pajamas in a shopping bag. He said good morning to you and ran upstairs to his room.
“Did you just wake up?” 
“Y/N, it’s almost noon.” You could hear the judgment in her voice.
You took a sip of coffee, “It’s 11:05.”
“I take it you had fun at O’Keefe’s last night?”
“Yeah,” you grumbled, rubbing your eyes.
“How’d you get home?”
“Spence drove me.”
Her eyes widened, excited. She lowered her voice to ask, “Is he still here?”
“Mom!” You whisper-yelled.
“I was just checking!”
“No, he’s not, he dropped me off and went home.” You decided to leave out the whole “putting you to bed” part.
“How’s your hangover?”
“Better with aspirin.”
“Have you been drinking water?”
“A little,” you lied.
“No more coffee until you finish a glass.” She took your mug and dumped its contents down the drain.
“Wh—” You start, “Mom, I’m not a kid.”
“Just drink your damn water.”
“Jesus,” you groan, still making your way to the stairs and heading up to your room, where your water had been put on your nightstand the night before. Under the glass was a note that you didn’t notice when you first woke up. You recognized the chicken scratch handwriting immediately: Spencer.
“Make sure you stay hydrated. There’s more aspirin in your cabinet but wait a few hours to take it. Call me if you need anything. -S.R.”
You smiled as you read the words over and over. You put the note down and took a sip from the glass. You reached over to your phone on the nightstand and dialed his number. It rang twice before Spencer’s voice crackled over the speaker, “Hey, how’re you feeling?”
“Better, thank you.”
“Of course. Did you drink the water I gave you last night?”
“Some of it.”
“Good, did you eat?”
“I’m going on my lunch break in a bit, wanna meet up?”
Your heart fluttered at the offer, a small grin tugging at your lips. You nodded, unable to find words enthusiastic enough to express how much you’d like that, before settling on “Yeah! Sounds good!”
“Perfect! There’s a new thai place downtown I’ve been meaning to check out, how about there?”
“Sure! I’ll meet you at Quantico?”
“See you then!”
“Bye,” you all but sighed into the receiver before snapping out of it. You always tried to keep that part of you beneath the surface, but it wasn’t as easy as it used to be. You didn’t remember much from last night, but you did remember calling him pretty boy and making him blush. You remember him tucking you in and calling you princess and brushing your hair out of your eyes. You remembered how your chest swelled with light as he pressed his lips to your forehead, and the soft chuckle he let out seeing you smile against your pillow. 
You hopped in the shower and got dressed, fixing yourself just enough to pass for a functioning adult who did not get sloppy drunk in front of her best friend’s coworkers last night. You told your mom you were going out for lunch, and she happily agreed to babysit for a few hours while you were with Spencer. 
“Have fun on your date!”
“Not a date!” You almost couldn’t tell who you were talking to, her or you.
You got to Quantico about a half-hour later and were met by Dave in the bullpen.
“Oh, look who’s joined the land of the living!”
“Oh, come on, I wasn’t that bad last night. I could have been Penelope.”
“That is true, bella, but it was still a Thursday,” Dave chuckled, “The kid’s in Aaron’s office, he’ll be out in a sec.”
“Thank you,” you said and walked over to Spencer’s desk, sitting down in his chair and making small talk with Emily while you waited. A few minutes later, you saw him walk out of the office, eyes immediately landing on you.
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redrabbitspod · 5 months ago
I recently started working as a youth gymnastics coach (I lead preschool, kindergarten, youth classes, etc.). I guess I didn’t realize until I started working though how much physical contact there is with my job. I have to spot the kids to help with skills and I feel horrible every time I lay a hand on them. I would just ask “yes/no, do you want me to help you?” but my boss said that’s a safety risk in case the kids say no even though they definitely need help. idk im at a dilemma and i want the kids to feel safe around me. i used to do gymnastics at an olympic training center and i know how damaging it can be. i love gymnastics so much and i just really want to give them the safe environment i never had. (sorry this is kinda a word dump, but lemme know what you think).
First, thank you for letting the kids have autonomy over their bodies. It's something I think older generations don't understand completely. Unless she initiates hugs or hand holding, I always ask Bella first. She actually asked Neil the first time she held his hand if she could and I was so proud of her.
I think since you're in a leadership role as an instructor and helping to physically keep the kids safe, you shouldn't feel guilty about having to touch them. But I think a good alternative to asking yes/no would be to make sure they know what you're doing. So saying 'I'm going to touch your hip now to help you roll' or whatever they do in gymnastics. This let them know what you're doing before you do it and gives them time to refuse. And honestly? If they do say no I don't want you to touch me, you shouldn't. Maybe that means they can't participate, but it seems like a better option than touching them against their wishes. -A
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