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twilightdelusions · 2 days ago
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The memes that you can relate to hit different :(
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panlight · 18 hours ago
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I was inspired on my lunch break. I hope you like it.
Bella's the five people because she dies if Edward does nothing. Making the active choice to save her (pull the lever) risks the family's secrecy. As you can see I put a whole five minutes of thought into this.
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bellasredchevy · a day ago
edward cullen is sean kingston and bella swan is a beautiful girl
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sethclearwatermybeloved · 17 hours ago
edward: bella has literally no survival instincts, no self preservation instincts, nothing. she was just born without them.
alice: really?
edward: yes! look, here, watch this—
edward: bella! race you down the stairs!
bella: i’m gonna win! **jumps out a three story window**
edward, realizing: what the fuck did i just make her do—
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edwardsshinyvolvo · a day ago
Bella, I don't want you to come.
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thebossofcute · a day ago
Twilight in Real Time:
January 25th, 2005 (Tuesday)
Twilight Ch. 3
Midnight Sun Ch. 3-4
12:00 AM (Approx.) - Edward goes hunting with Carlisle; return home around 7:00 AM
7:30 AM (Approx) - Bella wakes to a snowy morning
8:45 AM (Approx) - Edward saves Bella from Tyler Crowly's careening van
9:00 AM (Approx) - Bella and Edward arrive at Forks Community Hospital in ambulance
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9:10 AM (Approx) - Edward waits in Carlisle's office
10:40 AM (Approx) - Bella confronts Edward
10:50 AM (Approx) - Bella leaves Hospital
11:00 AM (Approx) - Edward returns to school
2:00 PM (Approx) - Edward and Emmett talk in Spanish class
3:00 PM - Cullens leave school; arrive home around 3:07
3:08-3:20 (Approx) - Cullen Family Meeting RE:Kill the Swan Girl?
3:30-5:30 (Approx) - Edward runs to Seattle and back
Tumblr media
7:30 PM (Approx) - Bella goes to bed early
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 19 hours ago
What if Renesme joined the volturi? Would they even want her?
Well, first, she wouldn't.
But oh yes, they'd want her.
Not so much for her gift. Though it could prove useful if Renesmee is able to create illusions/memories convincing enough. If there's a small enough number of witnesses, in tricky cases she could overwrite memories and convince humans they saw nothing out of the ordinary or what have you.
But Renesmee's useful as a hostage.
Renesmee's mother has a devastatingly powerful ability that halts the Volturi in their tracks. Bella Swan could spell the end for the Volturi. If the Volturi have Renesmee in their custody, though, then attacking them becomes a whole lot harder as Bella has to find a way to ensure her beloved daughter's safety while still ransacking Volterra. This makes her position a lot more tenuous and the Volturi's a lot more stable.
The Volturi will definitely want Renesmee under their control if at all possible. (And at that point she would not be risked on missions of any kind but would be kept carefully guarded and watched at all times.)
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twilight-and-marvel · 18 hours ago
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Basically the plot of Twilight tbh.
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forksbachelor · a day ago
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renegadepack · a day ago
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“Edward decided to change the subject. ‘So, if you won’t let me get you the Audi, isn’t there anything that you’d like for your birthday?’ / The words came out in a whisper. ‘You know what I want.’”
Bella/Edward moodboard
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twilightdelusions · 2 days ago
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🌵 Hey 🌵
I’m Bella’s cactus. I moved from Phoenix ☀️ to Forks 🌧 Pls give me a follow to give me something to do. Bella lives with the Cullens now, I have been sat in her room collecting dust for years 🥺
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twilights-moon · 23 hours ago
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wardrobeoftime · 2 days ago
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Costumes + The Twilight Saga
Isabella “Bella” Cullen’s greenish grey bolero jacket, grey shirt & black jeans in Breaking Dawn - Part 02.
// requested by @edwardsshinyvolvo​
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bella: don’t worry, guys, i have a plan!
bella, under her breath: vampiresaywhat
edward: pardon?
bella: what?
bella: son of a
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the-tryhard-twihard · 4 months ago
you just KNOW that if Bella had idk, worn eyeshadow? edward would have been like “oh, i can’t read the WHORE’S mind. that’s weird. anyways” and the book would have ended right there.
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 2 days ago
Bella going to the bathroom after she and Edward had sex:
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railmerosalie · 4 months ago
If the people of Forks made memes:
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: yes there is a typo here, pls stop mentioning it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took so fucking long to make, but please do enjoy
Tumblr media
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thesaintsaraa · 5 months ago
Hot people on tumblr are even scarier than normal people because you know something has to be wrong with them
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funnytwittertweets · 2 months ago
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