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request: “Bellamy and the reader have liked each other since they were on the ark, maybe they get stuck in the cave during the acid fog instead and the reader burns her hand trying to touch the fog so Bellamy tries to help her with whatever he can, they end up having a super cute moment where he wraps her hand and tells her she’s all good and looks up at her for a moment, without the reader thinking she kisses him pushing them both to admit their feelings?”

word count: +2.5k

a/n: for the sake of the plot, Bellamy is 18 and reader is 17 cause, otherwise, if they met in the Ark and Bellamy was actually 22 reader would be over 18 and floated. Cool? cool.



I had not seen me getting arrested coming; I should’ve with all the things I had been up to but I didn’t. The part that hurt the most about said realization was knowing, almost with absolute certainty, that I was not going to see Bellamy again; I’d get floated at 18 and there wasn’t much I could do about it… the damn Ark and its damned rules that were only made to favor the privileged. What a surprise.

But then, something happened. And no, it wasn’t seeing Bellamy’s sister in lockup, although that had been a surprise too; what truly made me believe in luck again was the fact that we were being sent to the ground, to Earth, luck as in maybe there was a possibility of me making it out of this one. Octavia was coming with me, so that was a plus too, managing to be sitting down together in the dropship, only learning about what was going on once we were already flying down. Octavia’s first thought was: “We are free”; quickly followed by: “what about my brother”. I wished I had answers for her but I only had regrets: I regretted not having told Bellamy how I felt, maybe he’d have felt some way about me too, but now? Now I’d never know because there was no way we were seeing him again; he probably didn’t even know we were here.

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