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mount baker wilderness
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hiiii :)
Do you think you could do a Jude Bellingham x reader where she comes the the England v whoever you’d like match and surprises him and the team and gareth are shocked because they didn’t know he had a gf but they can see they’re really cute together
don’t feel pressured to write this tho if you don’t want to xxx:)
jude reqs are back !!!
missin’ you, jude bellingham.
Tumblr media
jude’s thoughts always somehow managed to circle back to you. when he was training, he’d think about how you’d laugh if he one of his teammates threw a ball at him, or if he was simply scrolling through his feed, he’d think about how you’d stop to show him the most random cat memes but still laugh at them.
he always thought about you, being so far away from you made it hard not to. but international break was one of his favourites, one of the reasons being he got to see you again.
you hadn’t told him that you’d be attending the england v poland match, you nearly let it slip over a phone call but you were just so excited to see him face to face again.
the night before the match, you and jude had your usual facetime, his half awake state making you wish you were with him so you could cuddle him to sleep as you usually did.
“are you going to watch the match?” he yawned, thinking you’d be cheering him on from in front of the tv. all you could do was hide your wide smile under your throw, nodding your head instead so you didn’t give anything away.
“i wish i could go see it, but you’ll do amazing, as usual” you added, wanting to hold his tired face in your hands so desperately so you could lull him back to sleep.
“that’s okay, besides, i always do better when you’re watching” he smiled at you, repositioning his phone so you could see him properly.
if anyone had found out he was still up at almost one in the morning, they’d have both your heads for it. only the thing was, they had no idea you existed.
it’s not that he didn’t want to tell them or that you didn’t want to tell them, it was just that the topic simply wasn’t brought up. besides, everyone regarded to jude as the ‘baby of the group’, they’d simply lose it if they found out he had a girlfriend before a few of them.
“hey, you better get to sleep before i get the blame for your yawning during tomorrow” you laughed after a while of him telling you all the things that happened that day. and although he would’ve loved to stay and talk to you more, he knew you were right.
“goodnight, i love you” he waved, fighting back yet another yawn.
“i love you too.”
the stadium was almost full when you finally sat in your seat with you friend and jude’s family, it had been a while since you last saw a football match at wembley.
you could very clearly see jude warming up below you, only he was yet to see you. a part of you didn’t know what you would say when you finally met up with him again, choosing to the leave that moment until when it came.
“he’s been talking about you non-stop, you know” him mum pointed out, nudging you with a smile. you mirrored her actions, your stomach going all fuzzy at the thought of finally having your boyfriend to yourself again, even if it was just for a few days.
“y/n this, y/n that, y/n— oh look, there he is!” she interrupted herself, which made you follow her outstretched hand to see jude with a puzzled look on his face, staring right at you.
your smile couldn’t have possibly gotten bigger, but it did once you saw him walking up to you. as he cane nearer, his face softened into a smile once his eyes settled on yours, wanting nothing more than to have you in his arms.
he didn’t realise the looks his teammates gave him, questioning why he was walking away from their warm up though he wasn’t doing much in the first place. declan nudged mason besides him when he noticed jude walking up to a girl, all smiley and flustered.
“there’s no way jude’s got a girlfriend before you” he teased his friend, who grumbled a ‘shut up’ before smiling at the pair who had their backs turned to them.
“i can’t believe you’re here” was the first thing that left his lips when he got to you,his arms embracing you in his chest. and that was all you needed to pretty much make the rest of your year, you hadn’t felt his touch in what felt like ages and it certainly made you all giddy again. “you lied.”
“i did not lie, i just twisted the truth a little” you fake gasped, looking up at him. you missed him, his smile, his touch, his face… everything about jude, you missed dearly. and the same went for him.
“that’s still lying”, trust him to manage to ruin a good moment.
“do you want me to leave?” you made a point of pulling away from him, and the cold air swept between you two as soon as your body left his.
“wait, no” and just like that, he pulled you back into him, kissing both your cheeks before facing you with the biggest schoolboy grin you’ve ever seen. but before you could say anything back, you felt like people were watching you, and when you turned to glance behind your boyfriend, you noticed a few of his teammates had gathered behind to snoop on you two.
jude followed your gaze as his landed on his friends, silently mouthing at them over your head to get lost, to which mason mouthed back a ‘no’.
“they’re not always like this, i promise” he sighed, his chin resting on your forehead. but you smiled a smile he never wanted you to lose, placing your hands on top of his as they rested on your stomach.
“they would’ve found out sooner or later, wouldn’t they?”
jude was about to be called back down from where he sat with you, fiddling with your fingers as you talked to him, a habit of his which you loved ever so much.
declan was the one who came up to grab him, but not before stopping to talk to you.
“so, how long have you had to put up with him then?” you couldn’t blame him for being nosy, sending him a small chuckle and before you could answer, jude had started dragging declan away, not wanting you to be pestered with questions about him just yet.
“i’ll be back after, you and me are gonna be great friends, i just know it” dec managed to whisper to you before he left.
“don’t befriend my girlfriend just to know my secrets” jude called out after him.
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httpsaa1 · a month ago
Hiiii! Do you take requests at the moment? If youuuu can I please ask for another fluff with Jude? (I really liked the one you just posted hehe) Maybe he gets jealous when she is aorund his Dortmund teammates and then Jude tells her that he loves her? <3 Thank youuu :)))
Only yours - Jude Bellingham
Warnings: none
Summary: in which Jude gets jealous and says the L word
Note: Thanks for the request! I hope that I understood it correctly and that you enjoy it!<3
Not proof read and English is not my first language!
Jude Bellingham x female!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You met Jude at a Coffee Shop. He talked to you because you ordered the last donut and he asked you if you would mind sharing, that he would buy you something else to pay you back. You talked a lot that day and ,before you left, he asked for your number. A week later he invited you to your first date.
That happened only 3 months ago. Now you were officially dating and enjoying the young love.
This day you decided to visit your loving boyfriend at training. You were dressed in some short black tights, a light blue hoodie and some black, white and blue shoes.
You were chilling in the stairs watching your good-looking boyfriend when the young star, Erling Haaland, approached you and started friendly talking with you.
Jude was fuming at this point. His girlfriend had gone to visit him and now she was busy with blondie man. Jude rolled his eyes when he saw you laughing at a clumsy joke that Haaland had done. To blow some steam, he started doing free kicks. Everyone was astonished as how hard Jude was kicking.
When training finished, and Haaland had left your side, Jude went to look for you with a deep frown all over his beautiful face.
“Hey, baby!” You greeted him, “you played awesomely today! And those free kicks were fantastic!” You cheered.
Jude’s only response was a hum that left you confused. You didn’t understand what was wrong with him that he didn’t answer you, he did an incredible training so he had nothing to be mat at.
“What happened, babe?” You asked trying to reach for his shoulder but he dodged your soft hand. You frowned your brows. It didn’t make any sense.
“Maybe you should ask that to blonde man. It seemed like you two were having fun.” The English footballer sharply replied.
“What do you mean? We were just talking”
“It didn’t look like that and I don’t really think he thought it was a friendly chat.” He bitterly answered again.
There you understood: he was jealous.
“Aw, baby”, you cooed, “you don’t have to be jealous. I won’t leave you for ‘blonde man’, the only one I want with me is you. You are the one who makes me happy and makes me laugh the most”.
Jude approached you with a serious face, grabbed your waist and softly kissed you.
“I’m sorry, princess. I know I shouldn’t get jealous of my teammates but I just can’t help it. I can’t lose you. I love you and I would die without you.” He had said it, the 8 letters sentence that was so short but meant so much.
You felt like crying. “I love you too, baby. I don’t know enough words like to express the love that I feel for you. Since that day, in the Coffee Shop, I knew that I was going to fall for you. Thank you for making me happy. And don’t forget that I’m only yours.”
And you two shared a long kiss that showed the love that you had for each other.
You heard clapping and you reluctantly separated. The whole team was watching you and clapping at the love confession.
You blushed and hid your face in your boyfriend’s neck. Jude just chucked and gently kissed the top of your head, securing you in his arms.
Tumblr media
Requests are open!
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed!
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1935 Kenworth Modelo KHO 33 No. 708
1935 Kenworth Modelo KHO 33 No. 708  Via Flickr: De esta solo queda una y esta en proceso de reconstruccion. con Carroceria Heiser. Only one left like this one, and its been rebuilt.
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New zine printed!
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I crossed this mossy, ferny bridge.
Treehouse Gardens
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he’s an angel. ❥
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Jude during the game against Hoffenheim | 22.01.2022
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pixierainbows · 3 months ago
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Bellingham snow , Lake Whatcom
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sanchoj7 · 7 months ago
I know I’m late but are they going to kiss bc it sure looks like it…Erling should definitely make the first move I’m just saying.
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coolthingsguyslike · a year ago
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laurenhursttt · a year ago
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Last light on Mount Shuksan.
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Northwestern Rainforests - Bellingham, WA - 2/6/21
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httpsaa1 · a month ago
Sickness - Jude Bellingham
Warnings: none
Summary: in which Jude gets sick and reader takes care of him
Jude Bellingham x female!reader
Not proof read and English is not my first language!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jude rarely caught any disease, but when he did, it was strong and lasted at least a week. The other day, he caught a cold at training because he was too adamant to wear a jacket. Now he was in bed covered with all the blankets that you owned in your house.
When one of you got ill, the other prepared everything to pamper them. And you had just gotten back from buying groceries. Before you arrived you sent him a message saying: “Roses are red, violets are blue. Get well soon so that I can be with you!” To which he replied with a pouting face and sent a message saying that he missed you.
You both had a drawer with all the stuff to take care of yourselves when sick with every king of sweets, scented candles, some healthy food and medicine.
You prepared him a vegetable soup and took him the medicine scripted by the doctor in a tray.
Jude was lying on the bed tucked under a dozen of cozy blankets that almost covered him completely. When he saw you, the corners of his lips lifted into a sweet and tired grin.
“I made you a soup and here you’ve got your medicine with a glass of water to swallow the pill, teddy bear.” You softly beamed. Teddy bear was a nickname that you started calling him after he gifted you a little teddy in the first date a few months ago.
“Thank you so much, peach.” Jude replied with a wrecked voice because of the cough.
“I’m sorry that you are sick, little bear. I wish I could do something.” You felt sorry that you couldn’t do much to help your lover.
“You are doing more than enough, peach.”
“Can I kiss you?” You sheepishly smiled.
“You’ll get sick.” Your lover reasoned.
“I’ll bear it.” You approached him and you two shared a small loving kiss.
You handed him the tray and put on some Netflix on the TV. You lied next to him and slowly caressed his scalp.
After the young footballer finished his meal and drank the pill, he snuggled his weak body into yours and hugged tightly your waist. About 5 minutes later, you started hearing soft snores that came from your boyfriend. Jude had fallen asleep with the movie you two were watching like he always did. You sweetly smiled at his sleeping figure and started doing soft shapes on his clothed back to try and sooth him a little bit more in his sleep.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed! Love you!!<3
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New zine ready to print as soon as I’m covid negative!! 😷
If you want a minizine in the mail every month, hop on my mailing list for $5! Patreon.com/wormyorchids
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The Aloha Motel of Bellingham, Washington was demolished in 2015 and replaced by affordable housing. Source
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soccerximagines · 11 months ago
Awwww I loved the Jude imagine! Can I request a second part? She visiting his game? Or something new? Whatever comes to your mind ❤
Quality time
Part two of ‘Surprise Visits’
For the entire weekend Jude was loving your company. Apart from pregame training and meetings with the team, he stayed by your side every waking minute. His mom often made comments on how you must be struggling to even breath with how clingy Jude was being, always having an arm around your waist or on your thigh and never moving more than a foot away from you.
Eventually, after two whole days of hanging out and having fun, Sunday arrived. Your flight luckily wasn't until late in the evening, so you had time to be there for Jude both during the game and afterwards- hopefully for the victory celebration.
"I'm honestly a bit nervous," Jude admitted after you had wished him good luck. "I haven't really played my best lately." Although he didn't admit it to you, the fact that you were going to watch made him want to play better even more.
Kissing him, you tried your best to comfort him. "I believe in you, you'll play great no matter what."
Turns out that you had been right. Dortmund played wonderfully, and smashed their opponent with a score of 3-1. Jude played really good, and managed an amazing assist to Haaland who then scored the first goal of the match.
The second the game ended you stood up from your seat in the restricted area, reserved for family, and rushed over to where you would meet Jude. It took a couple of minutes, seeing how he and the rest of the team spent time in the locker room, but eventually he finally emerged.
"I told you I would dedicate a goal to you," Jude said, wrapping his arms around you and placing his head in the crook of your neck.
"You didn't score though," you teased, hugging him right back.
He protested, "I assisted! And I'm sure Erling agrees that the goal could be to you."
"Really?" You asked with a smile. "He dedicated a goal to me? I'll have to thank him then."
Jude let out a groan of frustration. "You're hopeless!" He then looked at you with a pouty face before burying his face in your hair and inhaling your strawberry-flavored shampoo.
"I'm only joking," you laughed while mentally cooing of Jude's pouting. He truly was the cutest, yet most handsome, guy in the entire world. And he was all yours.
Some of the boys invited you out to celebrate, but Jude politely declined their invitation. The two of you only had about an hour left until you had to leave for the airport, and he wanted to soak up all the time he possible could with you.
The last hour went by way to fast, and all of a sudden it was time for you to leave. Jude and his mom took you to the airport, his mom driving while you and Jude sat in the backseat - talking in hushed voices about how much you were going to miss each other.
"You know," you spoke up, Jude paying attention to you immediately, "in about a month I get a couple of weeks off and I was thinking that I could come and visit again then? Stay a little longer then a weekend."
"Yeah," Jude smiled, "I would really like that!"
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threelionsgirl · 5 months ago
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i love this boy
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sanchoj7 · 9 months ago
The sexual tension you were feeling right now was out of this world while Jude stood in the kitchen while you stood a few feet away staring each other down.“So do you know what you want for dinner”his mom suddenly appeared by the doorframe making the both of us look at her.“Whatever mom I fine with everything”he said, his eyes not leaving you this time as you bend over to pick a towel from the floor. The way your body bended over made his bit his lips cutting his mom off from whatever she was saying to excuse you both, literally dragging you to his room. He pushed you against the door and you gasp.“You drive me crazy”he whispered his face inches away for you. You closed your eyes his breath netting with your cheek. His lips soon crushed against yours. He kissed you so hard making your lips hurt while his hand roomed all your body making you moan against his lips. You were so consumed into the kiss you didn’t realize his mom was waiting downstairs.“We need to go downstairs…your mom”he cut you off as if he didn’t care and continued kissing you. It was the start of a long night.
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