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#Bernard Williams

“The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over.”

“Teaching without words, performing without actions: that is the Master’s way.”
Lao Tzu

“Plum trees bloom, Nightingales sing - All alone.”
Kobayashi Issa

“You may not be responsible for being down, but you must be responsible for getting up.”
Jesse Jackson

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”
Bernard Williams

“The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears.”
John Vance Cheney

“Stillness and tranquility set things in order in the universe.”
Lao Tzu

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Random thot but Bernard is totally the kid who gets a 98 on a test/quiz and complains ALL day long about it

oh absolutely, i could also see him being the type to have all As and he stresses out as soon as a class drops to a B or his GPA goes below a 4.0

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