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Transcript begins.

[DATE: January 1st, 2047

0600 - Wake up call from Alex. Said he was trying to clear out the rest of the Neuromod Division. Needed my help.

0900 - Breakfast with Dahl. Tense. Wish he’d say something to me.

1000 - Ran through another Operator program with Alex. Personality isn’t fully compatible with combat training. Look for sim cards next trip into labs.

1600 - Stopped for lunch break. Late for meeting with Mikhaila.

There are a few extra doodles and notes taking up the next lines. A poorly drawn Typhon Mimic, alongside a Talos I Operator. There is a small text box reading “Hello Dr.Yu!” next to it. Part of what looks like a flower has been scribbled out. ‘CHECK IN ON BOOSTER FAB.’ Is scrawled hastily along four lines in all capital letters, followed by an arrow to ‘GLOO NEEDED’ in much the same manner.

2000 - Dinner alone.

2200 - Started attempts to broadcast a frequency off of Talos I. Alex thinks it’s silly. But there could be others. I know there are others.]

Transcript ends. Asks for Doctor Morgan Yu are open.

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There’s genuine people that feel the concept of oligopoly and market consolidation doesn’t apply to the game industry but if we look at how few independant AAA companies exist these days it can be hard not to see pararells of other industries such as movies and comics

Sega has in it’s lifetime bought Relic Entertainment, Atlus and Two Point Studios.

Square Enix of course came about with the merger of Square Soft and Enix Corporation and since 2003 has bought Eidos Interactive (now Square Enix Europe) and Taito Corporation

Bandai and Namco merged in the early 00s and currently owns D3 Publisher

Koei and Tecmo merged in the early 00s and have since bought Gust.

Activision and Blizzard merged in the late 00s and since becoming Activision-Blizzard and now owns King the makers of Candy Crush.

Microsoft is absolute king here as even if we ignore Microsoft’s fetish for buying out any tech company that dares to exist. In the gaming sector under Xbox are now, Rare, Mojang, Double Fine, Compulsion Games, inXile, Obsidian Entertainment and soon to be followed by Zenimax Media (which includes Bethesda, Id Software, Tango Softworks and Arkane Studios to name a few)

With mass merging and acquiring of studios is it any wonder that ideas are so consolidated when really if you look at the landscape theres way fewer big players in the industry.

Your choices in the industry are becoming an indie studio or eventually be acquired by the big dogs. Companies reaching “AAA” status while remaining outside any of the top dogs and resisting merging is quite rare and I can only think of CD Projekt Red off the top of my head.

But ignorance of anti-trust laws and a routine of M&A has worked so well for most industries so i’m sure i’m worrying about nothing /s

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