#Bexxx is fucking pissed
bisexual-horror-fan · 4 months ago
Okay so, I do so much to keep this blog a happy, positive and inclusive space and strive to show and cultivate that on the daily.
But today?
I’m fucking pissed.
My good writing friend/mutual @knifewh0re got an ask last night alerting them to the fact that one of their fics was put on wattpad without their permission or knowledge and that SAME person did the same with my fic. They took my fic Sleepover and put it on their page and they also had a whole collection of stolen work, looks like it has been taken down now, thank GOD, but I am still pretty angry about this.
Whoever you are, I assume you are a fan of mine, right? I dunno who you are but I hope you are reading this and are aware of the fact that this shit sucks. It is fucking gross and not okay.
That you are aware of the fact that I am angry and genuinely upset with you.
I work hard as fuck on all of my stories, I pour so much time and effort and thought into them, put pieces of MYSELF in them and for someone to turn around and repost my shit without a single thought or care to me or the work I do is honestly disgusting.
Did you ever think maybe there are specific reasons that I haven’t put my shit on wattpad? No. Of course not.
Like if you ARE a fan of mine there are so many better ways to get more eyes on my stuff. Tumblr hates me and has me blacklisted so finding my blog is a challenge, my shit does not show up in the tags, so the ONLY WAY new eyes get on my stuff is via reblogs. You could recc, talk about or reblog my writing if you want to support me! And I heavily encourage this and would love that.
Not from you however, whoever you are who stole my shit, you aren’t welcome here anymore, I don’t know you and as a result can’t block you but yeah this shit I am doing here? It is not for you and I don’t want you here because I write for adults and clearly you aren’t because I thought we all learned why plagiarism is wrong in the FOURTH FUCKING GRADE.
In closing. This is a massive fucking reminder that I do NOT consent or want anyone else posting my shit on other sites.
And to my lovely supportive followers, fans and moots, if you ever see my writing somewhere that isn’t here on my tumblr blog or my Ao3 account here, that I didn’t post it there and I would be endlessly thankful if you could bring it to my attention/report it.
Thank you so much for your time and listening to me vent about all of this.
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bisexual-horror-fan · 3 days ago
Greetings Bexxx! Could I ask how you are? I always miss interacting with you, but I never know how to initiate it
Ahhhh Bunny!!! I am a mixed bag, I have a week of PAID vacation saved up that starts today! I can focus up on the writing hard! Sadly I am sick for the first time in a few years with a cold that showed up outta nowhere last night. As well as hearing the news in the States today, oh my fucking God, what a mess.
I am doing my best over here but I am so fucking pissed over that.
But, how are YOU doing Bunny?
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bisexual-horror-fan · 10 months ago
random thought i had while jamming to MSI at work (the perks of unsupervised night shifts 🥰), but Stu would 100% have the entirety of Fuck Machine memorized, and it pisses Billy off bc he always ends up with it stuck in his head when Stu walks around the apartment singing it to himself
God fucking yes K, thank you so much for sharing this because you are fully right. Headcanon signed, sealed, endorsed and Triple X Bexxx approved.
I love the idea of Stu just singing it and he has been playing it so much lately that Billy unintentionally starts finishing the lyric and realizes what he is doing halfway through and gets all fucking mad about it like “-we can make a fuck machi-GODDAMNIT!” Tell’s Stu to stop playing and singing that shit so much and Stu is just fucking cakleing.
Amazing, I love it.
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