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#Big brain time

It’s so interesting to me how when L’manberg was formed in the very beginning, they built walls. They built walls to keep them safe & isolated, and it was important to them.

And under Schlatt’s administration, the Manberg walls were torn down, and the L’manbergians were incredibly upset.

But they never bothered to rebuild the walls. And now under New L’manberg, having the walls is a bad thing.

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TMA finirà a marzo.

La sigla TMA può anche stare per Torna Marzo Adrian.

Conclusione: a marzo ci sarà la terza stagione di Adrian e sarà un diretto sequel di The Magnus Archives.

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Namarudziłam mamie o kolosie I o tym, jak to mechanika płynów to zwalony przedmiot odpowiednio obniżając jej oczekiwania. W ten sposób nie będzie miała większych pretensji jak zawalę kolokwium.

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(also i am so sorry theres a new chapter coming very soon i’m working on it and i will try to post today yall)

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Love this, perfect articulation ❤️✨📚🌱

If you are seeing this , staying grounded is where you will find inner peace.

Look at your immediate surroundings

“Don’t let your focus change,

Taking out the demons in your range” ~ Erykah Badu

Change is good if it’s healing, if you can grow from it.

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