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philamuseum · 19 days ago
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To celebrate National Bird Day we're sharing a collection highlight, "Bird in Space" by Constantin Brancusi. This work looks like nothing we would recognize as a bird, but the simplicity of the abstract shape conveys what is truly real for the artist: the essence of the thing, rather than its external appearance. Brancusi explored the theme of the soaring bird in more than thirty marble and bronze versions over the course of four decades.
"Bird in Space," 1924, by Constantin Brancusi © Constantin Brancusi / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris
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perkamperin · 8 months ago
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Bird in Space
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conformi · a year ago
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Constantin Brancusi, Bird in Space, 1932-1940 VS David Lewis, BeoCom 2, Bang & Olufsen, 2002
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wrimwramwrom · 2 years ago
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Constantin Brâncuși, Bird in Space
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orderjackalope · 2 years ago
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To the conservative critics of the 1920s, modern art was dissipated, drug-fueled, and degenerate. Imagine what they would have thought of today's art scene...
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arthur-morgan-official · 3 years ago
I'll look nice,
Like a bird in paradise,
Forever caught in mid-flight.
How I long to be.
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dossypet · 3 years ago
Y’all, Trying to read fluff in class is so hard. I think my professor just thinks I really really like this piece of art as I try to fight this giant smile on my face. Yeah. Bird in Space is my FAVORITE I just LOVE IT! I’m totally not reading a family fluff fic. ‘;) 
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themuseumwithoutwalls · 3 years ago
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MWW Artwork of the Day (7/25/18) Constantin Brâncusi (Romanian, 1876-1957) Bird in Space (1923) Marble sculpture, 144.1 x 16.5 cm. (w/ base) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (Florene M. Schoenborn Bequest)
Born in Rumania, Constantin Brancusi first studied sculpture at the School of Arts and Crafts in Craiova (1894–98) and the National School of Fine Arts in Bucharest (1898–1902). In 1904 he left Romania permanently, traveling through Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, and Basel before settling in Paris. There, he continued his training at the École des Beaux-Arts (1905–07), and his work of the period attracted the attention of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. About 1907 Brancusi began to work by direct carving as a means of distancing himself from Rodin's style. In Paris, Brancusi associated with many artists of the day, including Henri Rousseau, Henri Matisse, Fernand Léger, Amedeo Modigliani, and Marcel Duchamp. Brancusi showed five of his sculptures in the 1913 Armory Show in New York, and continued to exhibit widely throughout his life.
From the 1920s to the 1940s Brancusi was preoccupied by the theme of a bird in flight. He concentrated not on the physical attributes of the bird but on its movement. In "Bird in Space" wings and feathers are eliminated, the swell of the body is elongated, and the head and beak are reduced to a slanted oval plane. Balanced on a slender conical footing, the figure's upward thrust is unfettered. Brancusi's inspired abstraction realizes his stated intent to capture "the essence of flight." This particular conception of "Bird in Space" is the first in a series of seven sculptures carved from marble and nine cast in bronze, all of which were painstakingly smoothed and polished. (from the MMA catalog)
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chuckdrawsthings · 9 months ago
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space chicken, peckin' at the stars
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whateverfolksongnc · 3 years ago
This honestly maybe the best song I’ve ever fucking heard!!! 
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chicksmodernos · 4 months ago
i had a dream that i got a job at this like. Massive pet bird store (it was like mall-sized but they just had parrots?? nightmarish concept) and greer @pangur-and-grim was there too as a bird trainer which makes absolutely zero sense since they are not in any way a parrot person
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retrogamingblog2 · a year ago
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justpastryvideos · 23 days ago
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viceravermillion · 3 months ago
Now I imagine YOU stuffed and contorted in a tiny cage and being very uncomfortable.
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notwiselybuttoowell · 2 months ago
The SpaceX facility in Boca Chica is surrounded by federal and state public lands used by hundreds of thousands of individual birds of many different species throughout the year – from the federally Threatened Piping Plover and Red Knot to the Endangered Northern Aplomado Falcon. These lands also support several species of sea turtle and mammals listed under the Endangered Species Act.
Despite the area's ecological importance, SpaceX has conducted operations with little oversight from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Now, in spite of major expansions in operations and infrastructure in Boca Chica, the FAA has not conducted a full Environmental Impact Study. Instead, it has published a draft Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) – a faster, less comprehensive environmental review.
The FAA is accepting public comments until November 1st on the draft PEA, which fails to provide a full picture of the facility's impact on surrounding habitats and communities.
Link provides a form which quickly lets you submit an official public comment.
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cosmicwhoreo · 22 days ago
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King Dedede- *looks at the new Kirby game coming up and starts SWEATING*
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smokingdoor · 3 years ago
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Constantin Brancusi, ‘Bird in Space’, 1923. Marble, 144.1 x 16.5 cm.
Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. 
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ex0skeletal-undead · 4 months ago
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Moonskull, mixed media on black paper by EvaGamayun
This artist on Instagram // Facebook // Tumblr (inactive) // Etsy Shop
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without-ado · 4 months ago
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right place at the right time l Gerson
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rhetthammersmithhorror · 26 days ago
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Space Sheriff Shaider | 1984-85 ✧ 宇宙刑事シャイダ
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