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#Black Family

Regulus “this is foolish, Snale” Black

Taken by Severus “it’s just a picture. For the Slytherin board of insane overachievers” Snape in 1977

*** and this was a little Black Family Spam. I hope you enjoyed it! The Black’s don’t disappear, they will always come back ***

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Sirius “I’m sorry to crash like this, Dromie” Black & Andromeda “shhh.. It’s okay… You’re okay” Tonks

Taken by Ted Tonks in 1981, after the Potters went into hiding.

***Thank you so much for the Request. I hope you all enjoy the House of Black Spam***

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Bellatrix Black, Rita Skeeter, Andromeda Black & Narcissa Black

Taken by Edina “I’ll take the picture quickly and then I have Quidditch practice or Stuart will hex me to oblivion” Craggy in 1968

***Thank you so much for the Request. I hope you all enjoy the House of Black Spam***

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Orion “Wal, I still can’t believe we have a son” Black with Sirius Black

Taken by a smiling Walburga “oh, I know, dear Orion, and I’ve carried him for 9 months” Black in 1959

***Thank you so much for the Request. I hope you all enjoy the House of Black Spam***

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Bellatrix Black, Sirius Black, Narcissa Black & Andromeda Black

Taken by Walburga “everyone looks so wonderful. Just stay for a bit longer and then the house elves will bring you something to eat” Black in 1961, while she was pregnant Regulus, during an holiday in Corsica

*** Get ready for a House of Black spam! Thank you for your request ***

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Cedrella “the cold… The wind… The clouds… They’re a bad omen” Weasley

Taken by Septimus “it will be fine, Ella, it will all be fine” in 1949

**📭Requests Open and Welcomed 📭**

**🏡Do you prefer next generation, HP generation or their ancestors? Marauders or before?🏡 **

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Summary: Orion and Walburga explain how serious your situation is

Warnings: None

CHAPTER 19 - Grimmauld Place Revisited

(Possible proof reading errors)


The atmosphere in the Black household was something you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

Kreacher, the cantankerous house elf still hated you with a passion, but the rest of the Black family were straddling an odd line between protectiveness, wariness and shame. Regulus had some standoffishness mixed in there too.

You supposed he was still smarting a little from the fact that you had chosen Sirius…and now it wasn’t a ruse any more. This was really happening, Orion had already sent the owl to the Prophet office for the wedding announcement.

“Let’s take you through the basics,” Walburga says at the dinner table. “You understand that you will have to fall in line with this family’s ideals and The Dark Lord’s. If there is even a whiff of dissension, you might get yourself and Sirius killed and I will not abide that. Am I clear?”

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so I’m writing about a squib and her hardships. It’s hard to write properly from her point of view but in my mind she’s cute and happy to pass as a muggle. also she’s from outside Hogsmeade and near to a muggle town. her school is near too. She’s a cousin once removed of Draco hence her mom is a Black. Her name is Maddy and she’s from a pureblood, Slytherin family. idk i’m having fun writing it, it’s a topic i wanted to be explored in the series tbh

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Druella “just for you, my dear Draco” Black

Taken by Draco “thank you, grand-mére” Malfoy in 1985, after the little one asked her for a smile.

*Requests Open*

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Hi y’all!

I’m writing a three part marauders’ era fic, Before, Then, and After, describing life before Hogwarts, at Hogwarts, and after Hogwarts, with Sirius and Remus raising Harry with the ghost of Lily and James, where Peter regrets joining Voldemort.

For any time from Remus being five up until the Marauders’ deaths, does anyone have any weird/unusual headcanons they wouldn’t mind me using/would like me to use?

This can include the Slytherins of the time, especially Severus Snape and Regulus Black.

It also includes Lily and Petunia Evans, and basically anyone you’re willing to offer ideas for!

Thank you!

Link to the series:

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