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#Black and White


Living in a world of devastation

Where being a person of color

Could be your death sentence

With no exaggeration.

Fighting a battle every time you leave the house

Possibly breathing air that I’m afraid to breathe

Due to a epidemic, that purposefully

Turned into a pandemic

But what’s the real sickness of the world ?

Being Seen by the color of your skin

and being treated differently because of it,

And look what has become of it.

Innocent people dying.

Brothers. Sisters. Mothers. Fathers. Cousins. Friends.


Land of the free, home of the brave they say.

But African Americans are still not free to this day.

Living in a world of devastation




And the list goes on.

But How do you destroy a system that for decades has been doing it wrong?

“I can’t breathe”

And say her name

People are upset about the campaigns

But yet there’s still no change.

Juelz 💎

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