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#Black and White

When you’re a night owl, sometimes you get bored and look through stuff in your drawer. And sometimes you find interesting things.

Like old photos from art classes you had in middle school.


Perhaps I should try again with photography🤔… I’ve always loved waiting for the photos in the darkroom😂

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Day 19, nearly a week away ‘til Halloween!!! despite this awful year, I’m excited for Halloween and have just been absorbing the holiday as much as I can through drawing (and eating candy LMAO). in my original Mushroom Head story from when I was a kid, Mushroom Head had a friend who met her in her tree trunk house and slowly the two became BFFs thru thick and thin. I don’t think? I named him at all lol, so for now I will name him Jack! He’s probably the OC i haven’t drawn at all since elementary school, its wild how much my art has changed since then! 🎃🌾🌤

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