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#Black trophy wife
billionairebabes · 11 months ago
Trophy Wife Aesthetics for Black Women
“Hi! What do you think are the non-negotiables of being a trophy wife? Aesthetically. For black women. I think white women have a different level up journey.”
I was asked this question in a chat but I wrote so much information that I figured I should share my response with you all as well. I’ll try to make this as concise as possible. 
I’ll start by saying that aesthetically, Black women have to be more than cute. White women are considered beautiful just for being white, we don’t get that privilege, you know? However, being beautiful isn’t the end all be all. There are plenty of black trophy wives that aren’t naturally “beautiful” but they present well. Presentation is everything kind of like food. It may taste great but you may not even want to touch it if it’s presented poorly. 
Here are my personal non-negotiables: 
1. Keep your hair done. This doesn’t mean keep your hair in a weave or wig 24/7. You can be natural too. One of the more affluent men I dated actually preferred my natural hair over wigs. But make sure it’s well taken care of, always. Deep condition, moisturize, detangle etc. Use clips in if you need the extra volume. If you’re going to do weaves and wigs, make sure your closure is “undetectable”. Keep flyaways in order with an oil or mousse. Carry a brush and comb with everywhere to touch up every now and then but not in front of him if possible.
2. Your skin has to be pretty taken care of as well. If you’re his wife, you’re going to be waking up to him every morning. I don’t believe in waking up earlier than my man to put on light makeup and stuff. Men aren’t even worth that lol. But DO try to achieve great skin so that you still are pretty when you wake up. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Many people don’t have perfect skin. But make sure you’re washing, toning, moisturizing blah blah. I’m starting to follow the 10-step Korean skincare routine. It’s on my blog If you guys want to check it out. I’ve been investing a significant amount of time in learning what acids do what and how they can address my specific concerns. Good skin overall just makes you look wealthier too. So on “no-makeup” days, you can just do eyebrows, and lipgloss and mascara if you don’t have lash extensions and still look put together. Affluent men tend to enjoy outdoor activities, there will be times when you don’t wanna be in a full face but you can if you want to. The same goes for skin on the rest of your body as well. I shower about two times a day so I moisturize my body two times a day. To moisturize I use a mixture of oils, shea butter and regular lotion. I moisturize my hands every time I wash them too. Once or twice a week, I do a full-body exfoliation. I have a dry brush that I use and occasionally, I opt for a scrub instead. 
3. Take care of your teeth - Straight white teeth against melanated skin is >>>>. Plus it makes you look prettier, more put together, and of course, wealthier. Straightening teeth is expensive but a worthy investment. If you can’t straighten now, just whiten and take good care of your teeth in the meanwhile. Brush twice daily, floss daily, and whiten throughout the week. 
4. Keep your nails done. Can’t be too long or else we’re considered “ghetto” I usually go about medium length but a lot of blogs will suggest short. My man loved my medium length nails lol. I usually go for softer colors like baby pink, sometimes white. If I’m not able to go to the salon, I clean and file my nails down to an even length and paint them with a clear polish. It’s hard to make a mess of clear polish and my nails still look nice and shiny. I pop collagen pills to improve their strength because I naturally have weaker nails that break pretty easily. 
5. Wardrobe. Try to build a timeless wardrobe with a lot of basics you can build on and mix and match. For example, blazers are a staple for me. I wear them with jeans but I can mix them with trousers too. Then I have hella basic bodysuits I can wear with either combo. An easy trick for me is to buy a ton of neutrals. I’m not a big color person so it’s easy for me to shop this way. However, do not let my preferences deter you. Black women own color, if this is your style, go for it full throttle but be tasteful. I usually go more colorful on vacations. There are tons of articles out there on how to build a good wardrobe though. 
6. Stay in shape - I won’t say there’s a specific body type you need to have but take care of your body. I’m still working on working out consistently but because of skinny privilege I’ve been able to lack in that department and still be perceived as “fit”. Currently, I try to do flexibility stretching and exercise on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays. Stretch on weekends. If you get cosmetic surgery like a BBL, breast job etc. make sure it’s fitting for your frame. 
7. Lastly, this doesn’t apply to aesthetics but I feel as though black women have to DO SOMETHING to be snatched up as trophy wives. We don’t get pulled into that position just for being pretty as often as white woman do. For example, Alexis O. Of Reddit wifed Serena Williams who is the best tennis player in the world. Not some random girl he thought was cute. Prince Harry wifed Megan Markle who was not only a successful actress but also had an outstanding educational background to match. Janet Jackson married billionaire businessman, Wissam Al Mana. Now of course, many of us aren’t that successful yet but hopefully you get the point. Men in positions of higher status want to know that you can fit into his lifestyle and don’t have beans for brains. Having something going for yourself also gives him something to invest in. Men like to feel needed or helpful but not used. 
Additionally, owning a business or working in corporate greater increases your chances of mingling with men in positions to make you a trophy wife. There’s a reason why college sugar babies are so successful but for women past that stage, have a career, have a small business. Do SOMETHING. It also creates a safety net for you as well. Men can be unpredictable and can do horrible things. I read an article once about a man who hid his entire fortune in offshore shell companies when him and his wife were divorcing so that she wouldn’t be able to get anything. It took her lawyer literal years to untangle that web of shell accounts he spun. Running your own business or even having a solid set of skills saves you in the event of the worst of the worst. Your life shouldn’t crumble to pieces if this man decides to divorce you. Same goes for even being the spoiled girlfriend of a wealthy man. Having a wealthy boyfriend or husband is one thing, knowing how to use him as a resource is another. Girls who truly win at this game walk away from these relationships with more than a few handbags and a baby. 
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Good Luck Ladies! 🥂
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billionairebabes · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Let’s normalize exposing little black girls to luxury at young ages. This is me as a mom, I love it so much 💕
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pinkvalkyri · 8 months ago
There is something about black girls in luxury, being pampered for the royalty that we are that is just soothing to my soul
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billionairebabes · 11 months ago
Firstly, her home is gorgeous. It’s feminine but not overdone and her collection of contemporary and modern Black art is something I aspire to. Secondly, I actually couldn’t take my eyes off of Misty. She is such an effortlessly poised woman. She speaks very clearly and is clearly very knowledgeable about the items in her home. Her posture is impeccable but who’s surprised? She is a ballerina, after all. And overall, she seems warm and inviting. There is nothing I love to see more than a black woman prospering and surrounded by luxury. Tune in. 
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billionairebabes · 10 months ago
I think I’ve found my dream property....and I know exactly what version of myself I need to grow into to obtain it
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sukirichi · a month ago
i love this idea 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 touching urself in front of naoya yes including that black tee. head very full
i have one thing to say ... SHEESH! also emphasis on his black shirt cough cough
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# thirsty hours with naoya
# cw. explicit smut, mutual masturbation, mean! dom naoya
# part of the trophy wife collection
Tumblr media
“touch yourself.”
naoya watches as you squirm under his gaze, legs spread open all for him to take in. his sharp eyes trailed downwards from your breasts down to the swell of your thighs, his breath catching in his throat for a moment as he catches sight of your glistening mound. you’ve both been teasing each other to no end, ending in different positions with your cock on his mouth and your pussy on his tongue before he roughly pushes you away from him, using one arm to pry your legs open. expecting that he would take you right there, your husband catches you off guard as he licks your slick away from his lips, spitting on his cock previously warmed by your mouth. wrapping a fist around his throbbing member, his brows knotted together.
“did you not hear me or are you too stupid to understand?” he snaps, nodding to your hole clenching around nothing. “i said touch yourself.”
“y-yes, i will,” you obeyed meekly, your chest heaving up and down as you laid across your husband. he looks fresh and handsome from his post gym shower, blond hair matted across his forehead while his broad chest rippled across the tight black shirt he wore. his drive from working out must’ve pushed him with the need to touch you the moment he got home, and when you had all his attention on you like this, how could you say no?
you both took each other in with greedy desire. naoya, with his biceps flexing as he rests them behind his head, begins to pant at the sight of you shyly rubbing your clit in front of him. truthfully, you shouldn’t be this hesitant anymore when he’s christened each corner of the zen’in estate with your bodies, but you couldn’t help it. couldn’t help but flush embarrassed as he hastily pumps his cock the moment you slipped two fingers in, your sex coated with enough arousal from his eager tongue that your digits slide in too easily. he knows his fist will never compare to the warmth and tightness your cunt could offer him, but he’s much too prideful to admit he didn’t enjoy himself as much without you and your willingness to please. this, he holds himself back from, groaning deep in his throat when you finally let go and your thighs shake, your entrance sucking in your fingers like you never want to let go.
perhaps he’s not so alone in his torment. after all, what was a wife if not to share his burden with? just as much as his fist couldn’t satisfy him now that he’s been connected to you far more than body and soul, he also knew your fingers could not bring you the same ecstasy his cock, fingers, or mouth could.
you needed him as much as he needed you; not that he minds one bit.
setting his cock free, naoya prevented his fourth orgasm that night before he’s towering over you, knocking your knees to lay flat beside the bed as he pushes inside you. your moans are swallowed by his mouth and you’re shaking, trembling, quivering right under his gaze and presence like everyone else did. the only difference is that you cling to him in desperation, arms winding around his black shirt as he fucks deep into you, your husband more than well-aware that you’d never shy away from his adoring yet demanding looks. if anything, you pull him closer and raise your hips in time with his, whispering in his ear that you were his all for his taking.
the married life was not so bad.
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theboujeevixen2 · 27 days ago
Hi it’s me TheBoujeeVixen !! My account was terminated please reblog so I can my mutuals !!
My account has been restored @theboujeevixen !!
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