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#Blake Belladonna

This was inspired by a post made by @lovealltherwbyships, where they made a post talking about some ideas for pride month. One of those ideas were doing something positive for a ship you don’t like. I thought that was a good idea, so wanted to make something that was uniquely 2020, and what’s more unique than the 2020 pandemic requiring us to wear masks? :D

Since it was intended for Pride month 2020, this is very overdue. lol It took months to complete it because I was in school (still am) and my computer skills are lacking.

Regardless of what I think about the line, “We’re protecting each other” is a great summary of why we need to wear masks. We are looking out for each other, doing what we can to keep each other safe.. :)  (Posted October 29, 2020)

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Blake: *rushing through the campus* Weiss! Yang! Ruby! Where are you?!

Adam: *stepping in front of Blake* If it isnt the traitor.

Blake: *stopping and hesitating* Adam…

Adam: You hurt me Blake. You never should’ve left.

Blake: *taking a step back, holding her weapon out* Go away.

Adam: *smirking and walking forward, putting his hand on his sword* And leave you alone? I dont think I will.


Yang: *tearing through grimm, eyes glowing with maidenly power* Blake! Weiss! Where are you?

Blake: *screaming in pain not too far away from Yang*

Yang: *rushing to where she heard the scream, stopping when she saw Adam standing over Blake* Get away from her!

Adam: *pulling his sword out of Blake’s side* Make me.

Yang: *rushing to Adam, releasing fire with each punch*

Adam: *blocking each strike with his sword, powering himself up, waiting for an opening*

Yang: *pushing back and sending a fireball at Adam*

Adam: *using his semblance to slice through the fireball, hitting Yang*

Yang: *falling back and losing her balance slightly, aura breaking*

Adam: *looking at Yang, mask cracked from heat of the fire, holding his side where the fireball hit* I’ll make her pay for leaving me!

Yang: *glaring and making her move to strike at Adam again*

Adam: *rushing forward and using his semblance again, slicing Yang’s arm off*

Yang: *falling to the ground, wincing*

Adam: *turning around and sighing* And here I thought you’d make a better plaything.

Blake: *getting up slightly and grabbing Yang* Leave… her alone…

Adam: *lifting his sword in the air* Then you leave me with no choice.

[Adam strikes down at Blake, his sword going through a shadow clone. He sighed as he looked over to his left, watching Blake run off with Yang]

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Two introductions to be made here! 

The first is Reas Vasilias-Schnee, my Iceberg baby!

The second is Constellations, the ship between Reas and Luna!

Remember ask box is OPEN for questions and requests around the Next Gen AU!

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I just realized I never posted about the rest of our next generation OCs! We are most excited about the next family on the list so, while I’m thinking about it, I present to you…

The Xiao Long-Belladonna Family

- In case anyone was wondering, the yellow suit Yang wore to Weiss and Ruby’s rehearsal dinner becomes her wedding suit

- That is honestly the only detail of their wedding we have planned, we will come back to that some other time

- Unlike Ruby and Weiss, we actually have a real ✨backstory✨ planned for Blake and Yang’s children

- They adopt two twins, Ebony (human) and Blaine (dog Faunus) very shortly after getting married.

- Blake knew she wanted to adopt a Faunus child because she wanted to make them feel safe and loved while also properly preparing them for the way the world might treat them because of their race

- While looking into adoption, they heard about these two twins who were orphaned because they had one human parent and one Faunus parent. A violent attack by a group of terrorists racists left Blaine and Ebony without a family.

- Blake fell in love with the kids immediately. Yang saw the look in her eyes and knew that they had found their children

- Again, to reiterate, they grow up attached at the hip with Phoenix (Arkos child), Passio (White Rose child), and Loki (Renora child)

- Most of the kids unlock their semblances while training at Signal

- Ebony’s semblance is something my brother likes to call “perfect calm.” Essentially, it is the exact opposite of Yang’s semblance. If Ebony can attain a state of total peace and concentration then she gets a serious power boost and can move with unparalleled speed (like some Matrix shit)

- Blaine, on the other hand, has a passive semblance except, unlike his Great Uncle Qrow, his passive power is rather positive.

- Given the admittedly uncreative name of “morale boost,” when Blaine is around, every one around him gets some extra motivation and mental resolve.

- Blaine is the family’s emotional support dog and we love him to death. Yang absolutely calls him that on occasion just to annoy him but he secretly likes it.

- If you’re still unsure of how his power works, think the opposite of the Apathy. As a matter of fact, if they ever had an encounter with the Apathy, Blaine’s semblance would cancel out their negative effects 🙃

- The Xiao Long-Belladonna’s stay in Vale for their whole lives. Blake opens a small bookstore in the center of town and Yang opens a small martial arts school, teaching young future hunters and non-hunters alike.

- Occasionally, Yang will go on a short huntsman mission with Qrow and her little cousins

- When Blaine and Ebony grow up, family days of clearing out Grimm from areas in need becomes a regular activity

- Yang will take any excuse to get back into the field and fucking fight some monsters. She’s very excited to share that experience with her kids (when she’s confident they are ready to handle it)

That is all we have for now. We still have to do a little brain storming. But if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask! 🤗

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YES. For Christ’s sake racism isn’t an issue of one simple villain you can defeat and then racism is over, yay! Jacques’ defeat did nothing to improve the lives of Faunus because he was just the pus-filled boil topping a whole mountain of problems, that’s the entire point. Yay, we defeated Jacques, everything is fine….wait you mean Atlas itself is corrupt and twists everyone to its purposes? 

Secondly, why do people always assume that the Faunus arc is over when it’s abundantly clear that it’s just beginning? The entire point of Blake’s arc is that it was stolen from her by Adam, who more or less abducted her from her parents to bring legitimization to his terrorist organization by utilizing HER place as the future leader of the Faunus for his own ends, and she’s only recently managed to take back her narrative for herself. She is the leader of the Faunus plot, not Adam or the White Fang, and while she’s still dealing with a lot of issues (namely the giant whale in the sky), it’s only a matter of time until she claims that throne.

And the limited screen time and budget has always been there. It hasn’t stopped them from addressing the Faunus before, why would it be an issue now? It might take a while because we have to address the fallout of Salem’s arrival, but it will come back, mark my words, and much improved by the higher quality of writing and by the writers having a much stronger understanding of racism. 

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Ruby: *getting out of the lake and shaking herself dry*

Blake: *moving out of the water’s path* You know that’s why we have towels, right?

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* Y-yeah, right… sorry about that.

Blake: Maybe we should have dad-

Ruby: Blake, I’m fine. Maybe this is a side effect from the ritual?

Blake: That’s what Im worried about.

Ruby: We can worry about it later. For now, we should get our bags packed and get ready to see my dad. And Yang.

Blake: *nodding* Right. And hopefully your dad takes you being a faunus well.

Ruby: Once he sees how happy I am with you, he’ll be supportive. I promise. And Yang will back us up on this.

Blake: *smiling and kissing Ruby* Alright, I trust you.

Ruby: *pulling away after the kiss and heading back to the house* Race you there!

Blake: You’re on!

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