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#Blake Belladonna
why-i-love-comics · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RWBY/Justice League #9 - "The Truth" (2021)
written by Marguerite Bennett art by Stephanie Pepper & Hi-Fi
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gorillageek27 · an hour ago
Rwby headcanons
Ruby has a trycycle and red wagon that she liked to make yang ride in
Blake doesnr dance because she didnt think it would be use ful
Weiss is very tidy, she'll clean her siblings rooms
When yang first discorvwd her semblance she started punching her way into all the rooms
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thepalestrose · an hour ago
Yang, to Blake: When I wink at you, what's the first thing you think of?
Yang: Is it, "Hey that girl's a flirty flirt", or is it, "Her contact lens is attacking her"?
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wolfstyle2074 · an hour ago
Zerena Slithers Quotes
Vs. Ruby Rose
Zerena: (swings her whip two times) I see you are starting to master your silver eyes.
Ruby Rose: (spiraling her scythe) Thanks to Maria for that.
Zerena: So the Grimm Reaper lives.
Vs. Cinder Fall
Zerena: Had I killed you years ago before you tried to kill us.
Cinder: Face it, Zerena. You can't deny my strength compared to yours.
Zerena: My Black Vipers and I will battle you to the last, Cinder. (Stretching her whip)
Vs. Adam Taurus
Adam: You're a disgrace to all Faunus! Just as Blake is.
Zerena: Too bad, Adam. As a Faunus myself, I knew right from wrong.
Adam: I hope this is the last time I'll ever see your face.
Vs. Blake Belladonna
Zerena: You're a Faunus too. I'm impressed with your knowledge of skills.
Blake Belladonna: Is that a compliment, or are you trying to convince me to join the Black Vipers?
Zerena: Join me and the Black Vipers, and we can take out the White Fang together.
Vs. Jupiter Vasilias
Zerena: You did very well with practice training.
Jupiter: Couldn't ask for more, leader.
Zerena: Let's put ourselves to the test, shall we?
Vs. Roth Mandle
Zerena: Try not to go easy on me this time, got that, Roth?
Roth: Alright, but this is about to get rough.
Zerena: Eh, I trained with the worst.
Vs. Mercury Black
Mercury: You Vipers betrayed us!
Zerena: Sons of assassins like you don't deserve to walk free.
Mercury: Try me, old lady.
Vs. Tyrian Callows
Tyrian: Scales to skin from the snake.
Zerena: I hope this will beyour last breathe before you could kill anyone else, you creep.
Tyrian: You won't stand in the way of our queen!
Vs. James Ironwood.
Zerena: Us Vipers won't submit to your antics, Ironwood!
Ironwood: What you're doing is wrong, Slithers.
Zerena: Wrong for the right reasons, old man.
Vs. Winter Schnee
Winter: You do realized you had put Atlas in jeopardy.
Zerena: Mantle will be saved, Schnee! Atlas will fail.
Winter: Then you led me no other choice.
Vs. Leonardo Lionheart
Zerena: We're back, former headmaster. And this time it is you who will die for betraying us.
Lionheart: (shaking) I did it for the good of the younger generation.
Zerena: Greater good, more like greater gutter.
Vs. Adam Taurus 2
Zerena: I'll make you a deal, get rid of Cinder, and I'll consider forming an alliance with the White Fang.
Adam: I'll be sure she makes a tera fall before she dies.
Zerena: Make this quick, Adam.
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smallandsundry · an hour ago
Tumblr media
blake in 9 for @fiddleabout
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gorillageek27 · 2 hours ago
(RWBY: Pickle Jaune AU)
*Team RWBY find Out that Jaune turned himself into a pickle*
Rwby; why
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 hours ago
Why must I say words? Is it not enough to imagine. Passionately.
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odsalt · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
They didn't "get into an argument with Blake", they insulted her and all she did was go sad and do nothing about it. Drooping cat ears is not a rebuttal.
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kizzycannon · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to do a counterpart of sorts to the Yang one I already did so here’s Blake also flying high :)
If you want to commission me or support me through other means like Patreon, more info here!
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moistmailman · 4 hours ago
*Jaune and Cardin are sparring*
Yang: Man, Jaune’s Boy ain’t doing that well.
Blake: But you gotta admit, he has improved.
Yang: Yeah, I guess. Doubt he’s going to win thou—
Jaune: *staring at his girlfriend in disbelief*
Cardin, snickering: Well looks like someone’s not going to— GAH!
*Jaune immediately guns it at Cardin before pummeling him*
Glynda: Jaune Arc is the winner!
Pyrrha: *happily cheers for Jaune*
Ren, sighing: Great, they’re going to be up all night. Can Nora and I sleep in your room tonight?
Weiss: Sure. Gotta sleep on the floor though.
Ren: That’s alright.
Yang: Wait, they’re going to be at it all night?
Ren: Yep.
Yang, whistling: Damn, that’s impressive. Didn’t know vomit boy had it in him.
Ruby, innocently: Wait, What is Pyrrha going to do with Jaune tonight?
Nora: She’s—
Weiss, grossed out: We don’t need to know! Like seriously! We don’t!
Pyrrha: Man, still can’t believe how big it is.
Jaune: Impressive, Huh?
Pyrrha: Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it. It was quite intimidating at first glance.
Jaune: That’s what everyone says. Ready to keep going?
Pyrrha: Bring it on.
Jaune, smiling: Got it. *Looks at the LEGO DeathStar instructions* Alrighty, where’s Darth Vader’s helmet piece?
Pyrrha, holding it: Right here.
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gorillageek27 · 5 hours ago
Weiss catches these ships: Knightshade, Winter Knight, Topaz, Bleiss (can’t remember that ships name) in her bed with Jaune.
Weiss: really?!
Weiss: WINTER!?.
Black guard
Weiss: ugh of courwe
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bunnnzy · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
kiss kiss 💋
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frosensteel · 5 hours ago
Yang: Why are Weiss and Ruby sitting back to back?
Blake: They had a fight.
Yang: And why are they both holding hands with Penny?
Blake: She gets sad when they fight.
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gorillageek27 · 6 hours ago
*Jaune runs in to Team RWBY’s room and yells*
Jaune: girls I just killed my wrecked my girlfriend last night
RWBY: ew
Jaune: I murdered Cinder last night
Blake: TMI Jaune Jesus
Jaune: you don’t understand
*police sirens then began to sound with red and blue lights flashing from the window shocking Team RWBY*
Jaune: I need your help...😰
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unethicalpanda · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wanted to jump on the ot3 meme bandwagon but I couldn't decide between Sun and I did them both. Maybe next time I'll just draw something with one character. Also there isn't enough Ilia art out there!
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laulink · 12 hours ago
Ruby : Guys, I think something's wrong with me. Whenever I'm with Penny, my chest aches, I feel super hot, I can't think straight and I can barely talk... What do you think is happening to me ?
Weiss, Blake and Yang : Awww, you're in love !
*in another room*
Penny : Winter, I think something is wrong with me. Whenever I'm with Ruby, my chest aches, I feel very hot, my throat tightens and I can barely talk... What do you think is happening to me ?
Winter : Sounds like you're allergic. You should stay away from her.
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