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tsunnamiart · 2 days ago
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Let me just remake this post lmao 
I think it looks better this way in terms of quality
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moonchemistry · a day ago
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rwby volume 9 leaked footage
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catrassingletear · 2 days ago
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Remember when Blake and Yang just....
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cherryinthesun · 2 days ago
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thirsty Blek aka painting house gone unexpectedly... well ;))
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it-me-butts · 2 days ago
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Tall gf coat
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hadesisqueer · a day ago
Cinder: I will ruin your happiness! No matter what!
Ruby: My happiness?
Ruby, turning to Yang, Weiss and Blake: I'm happy?
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gunchucks-wukong · a day ago
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hots <3
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sunny-little-yang · 2 days ago
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there are so many great moments where you can see the love blake and yang have for each other just by how they look at each other but this one especially fucks me up so much…….. it’s yang smiling lovingly at blake while she isn’t looking, it’s both of their lowered eyelids and softened gazes, it’s them being able to communicate with just one phrase (“we were there for each other”) and their expressions
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 days ago
the sheer amount of quiet i need in order to be able to function as a person is ridiculous
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robynsscarf · 2 days ago
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bumblebysupremacy · 2 days ago
Blushy bees ☺️🐝
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transheso · 3 days ago
They are at home.
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speamyraven · 2 days ago
Blake getting dolled up for her date night lives rent free in my head.
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yangfanbb · a day ago
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hadesisqueer · 2 days ago
When we have the Bumbleby kiss with instrumental Treasure playing in the background then what
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ghoulsamgrusam · 16 hours ago
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Bites you out of love ❤️
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ask-rwby-multishipper · 19 hours ago
Ruby: Sometimes ADHD and autism go hand-in-hand.
Blake: *holds Ruby’s hand*
Blake: Woah, you’re right :3
Ruby: 🥺
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real-jaune-isms · 2 days ago
If I May…
We’d better get at least 3 Bumbleby AMVs using
“I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry
when the kiss finally happens.
Otherwise, what are we even doing as a fandom??
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rwbybutincorrect · 18 hours ago
Blake: What are your takes on shipping and the discourses that surround it?
Ruby: Personally I think postal workers should be paid more
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thepalestrose · 2 days ago
Yang: Weissy~
Blake: You love us, right?
Weiss, suspicious: Normally I would say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere I won't like.
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