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melnchly · an hour ago
idk what good it does any of us considering the way tum.blr does not function as a whole but !!! friendly reminder to hit the REPORT button instead of just the BLOCK button if you’re blocking bots
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milfsmp · 6 hours ago
found truthers and eb ppl while looking for beeduo stuff and almost vomited! diversity loss. i hope they all either go to therapy and learn to be normal human beings who dont read into real fucking peoples relationships and statements to say that theyre secretly trans or gay or whatever or that they fucking die because shit would it make this world easier to live in. esp for the ccs that have to deal with their own "fans" constantly reading into their every little move
like wow!! wonder why ranboo doesnt like ppl talking abt his sexuality or birthday when theres ppl who legit try to guess at his birth chart or say that hes queer or why tubbo wants his sexuality to be private when any time he interacts with another boy theres a million ppl clamoring to say its flirty or that he likes them. its all obvs hurting them, even if they were queer once they come out its going to b w the knowledge that now even more people are going to make fics and art that overstep their boundaries or act Weird about it or act as if theyve known all along (gross bc u rlly shouldnt read into someone like that)
like damn no wonder they want to keep shit abt themselves secret even when they are open abt their identity they get bitches pressuring them into accepting something else (ranboo having his pronouns listed as he/him only for someone to send him multiple donos asking if he uses they/them too). not only does it show that those ppl are unhealthy and need to take a step back n get help but it also just. isnt good for ny1, not them, not the ccs, n not the ppl like me who r triggered by that stuff but keep seeing it nyways
just. its so so sickening. i cant imagine how the ccs feel, its already so clear that many of them have had their mental health plummet bc of their "fan"bases, i just. god, they really have to deal with ppl constantly reading into their every little move, ppl misgendering them saying that its bc they "found out" that theyre actually trans, ppl making gross content and saying its ok bc the ccs wont see as if its okay to do shitty things just bc you wont be found out (newsflash: a shitty thing is shitty no matter who sees you), ppl assigning them labels and getting into their old content (a bunch of fucking ppl were obsessing over believing they found ranboos old tumblr and caused him to delete it by interacting, which even if it was his i. he actively says not to seek out his old shit whats wrong with you), ppl reading into their real life relationships, etc etc. i couldnt even deal with rumors of me in school when i was a nobody, i doubt popular ccs are doing too hot when its thousands of ppl spreading hundreds of rumors at all times. i hope i never lose sight of having basic compassion and respect for other humans and their boundaries like truthers have
#mask mews#negative#emeto#i click on the blogs so i can go down rabbit holes n block a bunch of them#i try not to go over my limit but. god is some of the stuff they say genuinely sickening#like they read into every little statement to be flirting or proof that someones closeted and its just.#please. treat people normally. they rnt ur characters 2 find queer subtext in or w/e theyr just real ppl who like jokin around w friends#not to mntion truthing wld only make ccs be less willing to come out if they were queer#bc then thats a lot of gross ppl who overstepped their boundaries that wld only get Even Worse#every little step every little word its all read into and twisted into something theyre uncomfortable with#thats. terrifying. i really dont understand how truthers are just so lacking in compassion that they think its ok#to overstep boundaries n lean into every little thing all the time. dont u get tired? dont u wanna b able 2 interact w media n ppl#w/o it bein a contest of how queer you think it all is? rnt u tired of being hated? of doin thngs u kno ur fave wld hate u for?#like. theres spaces 4 ppl who need help w those kind of thoughts. genuinely#indulging in the impulse 2 overstep boundaries n read in2 things 2 th point where u cant tell whats actually real or not is. unhealthy#it genuinely messes w ur mind a bunch n i know bc ive been there. please get help. its a lot nicer whn u sit back n realize that#these ppl are just.. hanging out w each other. no secret message n even if there was its gross to look 4 it#its amazing how treating ppl w respect can help w ur mental health while disrespecting them jus fucks w ur brain even more..#like. ive never seen ny1 who engages w this shit n refuse help turn out 2 b ok. but ppl who reach out often do better in life#so like. if for w/e reason u read thru this. know that like. if u find urself wanting 2 leave then do it. its ok. youll find ur plac#grass is greener on this side. y' just gotta realize that muddy pastures wont fulfill u first#truthing tw#enderbees ppl are the worse abt this. other than the poppy ppl but. as a whole ebblr is filled with disgusting ppl n it sucks#imagine bein so far gone u read into 2 teenagers relationship tht uve only seen over the internet n say that theyre in love n dating n shit#get help. goddamn
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justmescreaming27 · 7 hours ago
Falling out of love for the same reasons you fell in it hits different amiright the gays
#ay kyle’s venting#ay kyle’s posting#i’ll elaborate later#for everyone who wants the juicy juicy gossip /hj#the gossip is I’m mentally ill and it’s affecting how I perceive my partners#okay elaboration time#so he basically cut all contact with me and i have no way to reach him right?#so immedietly i percieved this as being abandoned because bpd go brrr and this triggered a split because being angry and hating his guts is#marginally easier than falling into a depression spiral#found out from someone in contact with him that he cut contact with everyone and deleted his blog and all th#at because he wanted to impulsively isolate himself which okay i get#hes got abandonment issues as well i dig i dig#the rational part of my brain is like okay well. we probably didnt do anything wrong that scared him off thats not why he left so#we're okay there. and we get why he's doing it so it doesnt make sense to be mad. we should try to be empathetic and understand thats he's#in a really bad place too right now#but the more selfish and louder part of my brain is mad about everything else#like he never communicates with me; he barely seems to trust me; our relationship feels like its built on nothing#and idk if hes ever gonna get back in contact with me#i fucking hope he reaches out#if he does ill have a talk with him about how i feel kind of ignored by him a lot and everything thats going wrong#if he doesnt ill learn how to move on i guess#in the meantime i wrote and entire fucking album so hey. at least if im gonna be sad i can make art out of it#but yeah. I initially liked him cuz he’s unpredictable and passionate and intimidating in a gorgeous way#and because there’s a lot wrong with him and there’s a lot wrong with me and some of the things wrong with us overlap you know?#and I fell head over heels for him in a way that was straight up emotionally draining but also exhilarating#now it’s like. he’s impulsive and intimidating and emotionally draining but it sucks now
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softjj0ng · 8 hours ago
ex friend, literally just today: you post about me on your tumblr how dare you talk about me behind my back in secret. i can’t trust that you won’t do it again
same ex friend, on their public tiktok with over 400 followers: talks about their mom, aunt and two sisters openly behind their backs, about the abuse they put them through, ranging from physical to not accepting them being trans. also vents about arguments they’ve gotten into with their aunt that same day, arguments that were clearly very personal but puts it on blast anyway. also made tiktoks about their ex and how they hurt them, and put vague details of their relationship online after the relationship was over
okay. how is that any different from me venting about you on my private tumblr that has less followers than ur tiktok
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twodamnminutes · 8 hours ago
i was tagged by @rockstarqueenie to name my favorite Queen song written by each member and your favorite lyric from that song--thank you! 
brian may: all dead, all dead - “Her ways are always with me/I wander all the while/But please you must forgive me/I am old but still a child” OR “But I should not grieve/In time it comes to everyone/All dead, all dead/But in hope I breathe/Of course I don't believe/You're dead and gone”
freddie mercury: my fairy king - “Someone/Has drained the color from my wings/Broken my fairy circle ring/And shamed the king in all his pride/Changed the winds and wronged the tides/Oh, Mother Mercury/Look what they've done to me/I cannot run, I cannot hide”
john deacon: you’re my best friend - “Oh, you're the best friend that I ever had/I've been with you such a long time/You're my sunshine/And I want you to know/That my feelings are true/I really love you”
roger taylor: one vision - “I had a dream when I was young/A dream of sweet illusion/A glimpse of hope and unity/And visions of one sweet union/But a cold wind blows/And a dark rain falls/And in my heart, it shows/Look what they've done to my dream” 
tagging anyone who wants to do it! 
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brahkest-fr · 14 hours ago
Pls tell me other people say swood and it's not just me
Don't do me like this
I'm this close to becoming one with the fabric of the universe cuz all my friends say I talk weird
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sapphoisms · 15 hours ago
You’re aware that the majority of asexual ppl are queer & not het, right? And that asexual lesbians are doubly at risk of corrective rape bc entitled men think they can “correct” both our sex repulsion & our romantic attraction to women w/ force? Cishet ppl claiming that asexuality inherently makes them queer are minuscule in their numbers compared to the sapphic asexual ppl that are made to feel unsafe always. Assuming all ace ppl are cishet & also not targeted is really fucking gross.
you are years late to the discourse but i'm pretty sure my stance has always been that ace people are not inherently lgbt as in i don't think cishet asexuals should think they're entitled to be part of the lgbt community. so ? never assumed all asexuals are cishet but they sure are the ones that have long sob stories about how they're oppressed just like us dirty queers !! i'm not really getting back on this but i'm just skeptical about how useful asexual is as a label.... especially since most ppl learn about it an 'lgbt (etc)' kind of context. i just think people have drastically different sex drives and it can change at different periods of life/depending who you're with/a variety of other factors and personally i think labelling that can cause other issues. i've heard a lot of stories about literal kids who got introduced to the term through lgbt spaces and ended up relating to the label 1. because they were young and rightly uncomfortable with the topic of sex & 2. because they were ashamed of same gender/multiple gender attraction/were dealing with gender dysphoria .
i believe "corrective rape" is still primarily related to lesbophobia in this scenario ?? but i could be wrong. i'm sorry you feel unsafe because that is truly unfair and it's never been my intention to alienate anyone lgbt
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manonisamelon · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tagged by @glittercake and @sofiaaaa0 for this mood board maker!
If my memory is working @lovelylittlegrim you never did yours! if anyone else wants to feel free i guess 😂
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apostlc · 21 hours ago
i know i’m being emotional on main a lot but... i’m very thankful for the space i have in the rpc. i can’t always tell all of you how much i adore you, and my brain keeps getting in the way, but i’m so amazed by having so many wonderful people that i met through here that i can call my friends, so many talented writers that somehow want to interact with me and my idiot, and i’m just... floored by how loved i feel here, and i adore you all so much, and i hope you know how much i love you all. 
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mistrclean · 21 hours ago
hi friends!!! long time no see ♥ i haven’t abandoned liam!  i just ended up fully burning myself out before he even got a chance to live (which is unfortunately common with me and new blogs ahdslkjfksd).  his muse is still floating around though, and i plan on integrating him into my multi once i get that set up if his muse hasn’t fully returned by then enough to warrant a separate blog.  which is truthfully still a few weeks away at the least probably as i have vacation the first week of july and have a lot to do on the blog.  but!!!  if you’re still interested in writing with me, and don’t mind the wait or the fact that i burnt out so quick here then i’ll definitely be giving everyone who wants to stick around a follow from the multi when it’s finished, and would love to pick things back up there.  the blog is a big mesh of too many characters (mostly ocs) from crime, paranormal, horror, s.upernatural (creatures, not the show), mythology, and a few fandom canon-ish muses as well.  in the meantime if you need a s.cott l.ang or a j.ohn w.ick that’s where i’ve been spending my time.  if you’re not cool with multis or just don’t want to follow/write any longer, thanks for hanging out and giving us a chance for as long as you did and sorry for skipping out so quickly. ♥♥
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vintagedean · 22 hours ago
Hi I’m new here. Just found your blog 👋🏾.
Um opinion on JohnSam or AdamJohn. Or Adam x Dean and/or Sam.
I don’t even know if you like Adam. If you don’t I’m sorry, please ignore me.
hey, welcome!
i don't have a lot of opinions here! i don't ship sam and john, and i have been thinking about why. part of it is aesthetics, which aren't quite as satisfying with them. the other part is character identification--i identify with dean so much more than sam.
but largely it's actual characterization in the show for me. i can see a version of events where john wants sam to submit to him and uses sex as a way to get that submission, but that veers into non-con territory, which isn't really my deal. but i don't see an older sam, even older teen-aged sam, wanting to do anything that john says or finding himself interested in being intimate with john the same way i can imagine that for dean, or the same way i imagine sam could want to be intimate with dean. i think sam's relationship with john is equally complicated as dean's, but in a way that isn't (imo) conducive to the kind of stories im drawn to. im sure if it was well-written or had a good hook, i could thoroughly enjoy john and sam, but i think it would take a lot more work.
and unfortunately i don't have a lot of thoughts around any of the other winchester men and adam! mostly bc we really just don't know adam all that well, and we don't really know that much about how john was with him. for me, what makes the various types of og winchester wincest interesting is the intense claustrophobia of their life together after mary dies and before sam leaves for stanford, and sadly poor adam is outside of all of that.
(i do, however, get down with adam and michael; haven't read any fics, but that's a pairing that compels me!)
thank you for asking!!! sorry my answers were probably a little lackluster.
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hotsharkgirl2000 · a day ago
I wish I could post like you lol everytime I do I delete it cause I get no notes.., validation is a bitch <\3
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ive been here for a very long time and I’m always talking to myself I’m just fun and hot and the fun and hot girls and guys find me talk because you want to not because you want people to pay attention to u baby 😩📝🙇🏾‍♀️
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Hey turns out that blowing your nose really sucks when you have four piercings in there!!
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