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constellaj · a month ago
I lean into the mic. "Phantom planet is good, actually," I say. The audience boos.
Before I am booed offstage, a single voice in the crowd speaks up. "She's right." There, standing in the third row, is Elmer Hartman himself.
I press a finger to my Bluetooth earpiece. "We found him, boys. Take the shot."
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pues · 7 days ago
Other people’s phones are truly hell on earth. Ringer on, full volume, automatically connects to any Bluetooth speaker. Eight pages of apps, thousands of unopened notifications, ten times as many unread emails. A busy, low res picture of a loved one as the wallpaper that makes the app names impossible to read. They have notifications on for every random game they’ve ever downloaded. Every five minutes they get an alert about a gas explosion thousands of miles away or a text from an unsaved number or a notification about a new pizza place in town. And they just swipe it away and return to etching patterns in the screen grease from playing some 3d car game that makes the device hot enough to cook an egg
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just-shower-thoughts · 14 days ago
Bluetooth makes it harder to figure out who the crazy people are, walking down the street talking to themselves.
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fueledbyapplepi · 3 days ago
Hello!! Please feel free to ignore this if you aren't taking requests at the moment -- can I request headcanons for 'nosy boyfriend prank' (idk what it's called 😭) on chifuyu, nahoya, and sanzu? Thank you so much ❤️
Spill the Tea | Chifuyu, Nahoya, and Sanzu
- Testing how nosy the boys can get.
warnings: none
genre: crack (?)
A/N: I was legitimately laughing while trying to imagine how these boys would react 🤣 Thank you anon for the great idea! I know you asked for HCs but I feel like this would be better if it's a scenario so I hope that's okay :))
Tumblr media
Chifuyu Matsuno
Chifuyu's a sweet perfect boyfriend. That's a given.
But he was also a great secret keeper. It's like the man's a walking diary of yours.
Whenever you rant to Chifuyu about almost anything, he always takes notes. From your annoying seatmate to your friend's cheating ex, he remembers. Because why not? That's a boyfriend's duty, right? Listening to your s/o's banter.
And besides, he enjoys your rants and updates on every story you tell him. It's like he's waiting for an episode of "Y/N's Rants and Gossips"
Whenever you talk about something, he already knows what it's about.
"Hey Chifuyu, do you remember that one friend of mine and his boyfriend?"
"Oh yeah, the one who's cheating on her and was given about three chances. Yeah, what about her?"
It always leaves you in shock at how he can remember everything. So you wanted to try and test out to what extent he'll want to hear your stories by pranking him.
Currently, you two are passing time in your living room. Waiting for the weather to clear up before you can go out for a date.
Chifuyu's currently sprawled on the couch, reading his manga while you were on the other side planning your sneaky prank.
You set up your phone to ring, and when it did, you pretended to answer while talking to your imaginary friend.
"Hey girl, what's up?" you said
Chifuyu already glanced at you before returning to his reading session.
"No waaaaay," you said with exaggeration. "He did what?"
Now, you fully caught your boyfriend's attention. Although Chifuyu pretended to still read while he's sneaking a peek at you.
You pretended to gasp. "Oh my gosh! You're kidding," you said, fully immersed in your acting.
Now, Chifuyu sat up and poked you.
"Y/N, who's that?" he whispered.
You raised your pointer finger signaling for him to be quiet. "And? What else did he do?" you continued.
Chifuyu stood up and walked towards the television to which you gave him a questioning look.
He pointed to the Bluetooth speaker placed under the television. "Pst, Y/N!!! Connect it here," he said quietly as he turned on the speaker.
"Hurry up!" Chifuyu continued with an eager look on his face.
You just can't take it anymore on how much your boyfriend wanted to hear as well and just burst into laughter.
"Babe, it's just a prank!" you said in between giggles.
"Never thought you'll be that nosy," you continued.
"Ehhh? So no new episode of Y/N's rants and gossip," he replied with a sheepish look on his face.
"So I have a show now huh?" you replied.
Maybe you should actually start a gossip series with your boyfriend as your co-host.
Tumblr media
Nahoya Kawata (Smiley)
Nahoya absolutely loves hearing your stories. It always felt like he was in the situation you were telling him. Plus, he gets to know about you and the people you hang out with more.
But who knew that under the good listener facade that he has was a lowkey gossip king?
When it comes to your stories, he'll always be the one to bring it up and ask what happened to the end of it.
Can't leave anything hanging, right?
It's always the most random of times he'll bring it up. Sometimes, even when you're riding his bike, he'll randomly ask you.
"By the way, Y/N, what happened to that loud co-worker of yours?"
You'll always tease him how much of a gossiper he was, but he'd always defend himself that he's just concerned about you or your friend.
But is he really?
You decided to prank Nahoya to answer this question of yours. Although evidently, you've always known the answer.
You and Nahoya are currently in one of the many Ramen restaurants in Tokyo for lunch.
The man wanted to try out this place, while you, on the other hand, have a different plan in mind.
While waiting for Nahoya to finish his food, you pretended to be texting someone and then faking a dramatic gasp when you received a "fake" call.
"Hello?" you said, as Nahoya looked at you then returned to savoring his ramen.
"Oh my gosh!" you acted surprised while clasping a hand on your mouth. "He did not!"
Now, Nahoya placed his chopsticks on the bowl and looked at you. Mouthing a "what" to you.
You decided to ignore your boyfriend and continued your Oscar-worthy acting.
"You called the police? What did he say?" you said, pretending to look anywhere but your boyfriend.
Now he's really curious as to what you were talking about.
"Y/N," Nahoya whispered, "Put it in a loudspeaker," he said as he pointed to your phone
"What? Bub, no," you whispered back.
"Whoa! And? What did you do?" you asked as you returned to your fake phone call.
"Y/N," Nahoya whispered again "Please I want to know who called the police and why. I want to hear to," he said with a pout.
Knowing that this is too much to handle for you anymore, you teased Nahoya.
"Eh? Nosy now aren't we? It's just a prank, bub" you said while winking at him.
"Huh? Prank huh. Well, I'm not nosy. I just want to hear it," Nahoya said in defense.
"Which makes you nosy," you teased.
"Am not."
"You are."
"Am not".
"You are."
"Y/N, I am not." Nahoya said with a smile, "I just want to hear,"
You can't help but laugh at your in denial boyfriend.
Well, maybe he is nosy. But he won't admit it. Especially to you.
Tumblr media
Sanzu Haruchiyo
Sanzu always respects your boundaries.
As the good boyfriend that he is, he never listens to your private conversations with your friends. Unless you don't mind.
Well, maybe he is curious sometimes.
Sometimes, he'll walk up to you and ask you who you're talking to and what it is about. Of course, you'll happily tell him since it's Sanzu.
But sometimes, you can't help but wonder if Sanzu can get a little bit nosy than usual.
To help yourself find out about this, you decided to prank your beloved boyfriend.
It's a lazy afternoon when you decided to attempt on pulling this prank. Sanzu wanted to spend his free time with you, so right now, your boyfriend's with you in the living room watching some random movie that he picked.
You were pretending to scroll on your phone while you suddenly received a fake call, which is just your ringtone that you set up earlier to go off.
"So, what's up? Haven't heard you for a while," you said, trying your best to sound convincing.
Sanzu pointed by the door, asking if you wanted some time through which you replied a thumbs up. Signaling that it was okay for him to stay.
Your boyfriend just nodded while resuming what you two were watching.
"Wait. Seriously?" you asked trying to sound shocked.
Sanzu just looked at you questioningly while you just smiled at him.
"No way he did that." you said trying to half-whisper, "I can't believe him!"
Sanzu, whose curiosity now got the best of him, lowered the Television's volume.
This made you want to giggle as your boyfriend was lowkey snooping on you.
You gasped. "Wait. He's filing for a lawsuit now?"
Now, this is interesting.
Trying his best not to look obvious, Sanzu completely muted the TV while he scooted beside you.
Your boyfriend pretended to yawn and leaned his head on your shoulder where the phone is.
He subtly stuck his ear beside your phone trying to hear what you're talking about.
He even closes his eyes trying to fake a nap. But really he just wants to concentrate and hear the gossip.
Well, Sanzu must admit that curiosity kills the cat.
You sounded too interested for him so he might as well have a grasp on what you're talking about.
When you caught on to what your boyfriend was trying to do, you burst into a fit of giggles.
"Sanzu, stop!" you said
"Hmmm?" Sanzu hummed, eyes still closed.
"I know what you're trying to do," you replied "You think you're a sly cat but really, you can't make it any more obvious" you continued.
"Ehh? I'm sleepy, Y/N" Sanzu said pretending to yawn. "See?"
"Oh, too bad. I was just about to tell you what I and my friend were talking about," you said.
Sanzu immediately jerked up from what he heard. "And? What is it?"
"See? You're so nosy! It's just a prank," you explained to your boyfriend who was quite gullible.
Your boyfriend's excited face was immediately replaced with disappointment.
"Ha. You think that's funny," Sanzu said as he hugged you "It's not. So, let's just get to sleep,"
"That's a lame excuse, but okay" you replied "Never thought my boyfriend's a chismoso though,"
Sanzu just buried his face at the crook of your neck as he tries to hide his embarrassment.
Is it his fault to be a curious cat?
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gen-z-culture-is · 26 days ago
making fun of your bluetooth headphones turning on so often that you can mouth "hello. battery full. youre connected." perfectly at the same time with no issues.
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chefpyro · a month ago
plays videogames good.
experience with Photoshop, Premiere, Unity, Visual Studio, OBS, Audacity and other miscellaneous programs useful for content production.
good at cleaning and other housework so long as bluetooth headphones are provided.
nice hair.
nice legs.
can ride a bike and steer without using hands.
can play drums a little bit
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pastelracha · 14 days ago
3RACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
Tumblr media
☾ Title : 3RACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
☾ Pairing: 3RACHA x reader
☾ Genre: smut, established relationship 
☾ Warning : smut, +18, unprotected sex (wrap it guys!). 
☾ Prompt: 3RACHA feeling things when you wear their shirt after sex
☾ A/N: just me feeling things about 3RACHA, and it’s been a while since I wrote something.. hope you like it  don’t forget to give me your feed back guys xox
☾ Word Count: 0.486K
masterlist | ask or request
He connected his phone on his bluetooth speaker, playing his soft playlist, one hand on the skin of his stomach. The duvet covering his lower part, his other arm supporting his head waiting for you to comeback. 
Seeing you only in his shirt, seeing the side of your boobs, he was tired but not that much he could still go for another round with you and completely ruin you once again. Seeing you like that was a sight for sore eyes, wild ideas running free in his mind, the way the shirt was hugging you and the fact your bum was bare and he could see it, Chan thought he was in heaven at that moment, wanting to ask you for a head right now, he bit his lips thinking of you on your knees in nothing but the shirt he wore today, and your lips around his dick with some LANY playing his the room, he needed you once again. “Babe I need you’’ 
Changbin was getting hard again the second he saw you, looking so beautiful in his favorite shirt, his hand going south in his grey sweatpants, teasing this bulge. Usually the only thing he wanted after sex was sleep or ice cream but when he saw you, he only wanted you back on him, riding him on the couch, until he couldn’t take it anymore, exhausted from overstimulation. He was used to see you with his shirt on but tonight he was a beast, needed your skin on his, seeing the outline of his cock on your lower stomach. Your hands running in his hair, or scratching his back. 
There was something about you in nothing but his shirt, making him feels possessive, he wanted to fuck you over and over with you wearing a piece of his clothes, the tissue caressing your breath and covering some of the love bites he gave you. “Come ride me love, please’’ HAN JISUNG 
It wasn’t a secret that Jisung was obsessed with your thighs, so when he saw you exiting the bathroom with his shirt on, not covering much he turned insane again, imagining fucking you in every corner of your apartment, until you beg him to stop, that you legs turned into jelly. 
He already fucked you for the past half hour, but to him it wasn’t enough he wanted more. His hands running on the skin of your hips, lips attached to your jawline, and his cock fighting against the tissue of his bower wanting to be free again, teasing the inside of your thighs. 
Jisung’ stamina was no joke, the man could go all night and not feeling tired. But something about the way you wear his supreme shirt was driving him crazy, the thought of your smell mixing with his, the images of him cumming on it while you wear it haunting him. 
“I’ll fuck you raw babygirl’’
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lavishedinjimin · a month ago
I would love to see one where Jimin has you wear a bluetooth controlled vibrator while you’re out and he’s edging you like crazy. Lotsss of suggestive dirty talk before he eventually lets you finish? Thank you love your writings so so much 😭😍
'edging you like crazy' = yum
warnings: begging... lots and lots of begging
Jimin couldn't stop smirking. You can't even walk properly, how the hell are you supposed to act normally?
As soon as you stepped foot inside the restaurant, that's when Jimin turned the vibrator on. All this time you were ordering, talking to the waiter, Jimin plays with the remote app on his phone, grinning as he runs his tongue on his bottom lip.
He feels incredibly cocky. Watching you stammer your words, your fist clenching, hips trying not to move in a way that looks weird to other people, fuels his drive to bring you to complete madness.
Jimin even had the audacity to bring the level up five times when you were talking to the waiter. With tense legs, you try your hardest to hold back a moan, your eyebrows furrowing while attempting to keep intact.
As the waiter walks off, for sure feeling suspicious, you slam your fist on the table. "Don't. Do. That," you say with gritted teeth, glaring at him. "Why did you—awhh fuck—" you hide your face in your hands, cutting your words of by a whimper, "why did you have to turn it up?"
"To make you hornier, of course," Jimin says plainly, leaning back onto his chair. You clamp your legs together, trying to feel some kind of release.
Jimin can see that you were slightly rocking back and forth on your seat, letting out quiet and desperate moans here and there. "I bet you're soaking that fucking chair of yours, my love." Jimin reaches out with his left hand to grasp your chin, forcing you to look directly at his sultry eyes, "Tell me how wet you are."
"So fucking wet," you whisper, your pussy throbbing as you feel yourself drip down to your panties, soaking the material further. "I need you so bad."
"Mhm, yeah?" he bites his lip, getting so aroused. "I can fucking smell you from here. You think these people can smell that dirty cunt as well?" he suggests, tilting his head in the direction of the people that were sitting across from you.
His dirty talk wasn't helping at all. He was talking in a manner that only you can hear, but you can't avoid darting your eyes around the room to check if people can hear what he was saying. Jimin suddenly toys with the level of the vibrations once again, making you shiver.
You put your hand against your mouth, muffling your growing moans.
"Shhhh," Jimin chuckles, "If you keep moaning so loudly like that, I'm not gonna fuck you when we get back home." He was trying to taunt you, but your mind was racing with the thought of just wanting to cum. You were so close already, rubbing your thighs together as you search for more friction. Jimin sheepishly palms his bulge, sensing his crotch getting tighter.
"Ohh, baby girl," he muses, "you're about to cum, aren't you?" he giggles as he pinches your cheek, "aren't you? Aww, look at you. You're blushing so hard!"
You were right at the very edge of your climax, just a few seconds until you spill your cum onto your panties, making a mess — but he stops.
"The food's here, look!" Jimin grins as he points to the waiter, carrying your dishes.
You gaze at him with an exasperated, annoyed look on your face as your chest heaves up and down. You feel so frustrated that you wanted to punch something.
"What? Let's eat, Y/n!"
Even at the walk back to the parking lot, Jimin was trying to hide his amused chuckles as your legs quake with each step. You squeal as he plays with the settings again, putting it up to the highest level, then bringing it back down again.
He just loves to see you suffer, doesn't he?
Inside his car, he urges you to lie at the backseat with your legs spread, giving him a clear view of your ruined panties. Jimin turns into a different person, feeling aggressive as he suddenly wraps his hand around your neck.
He puts the setting onto its highest level possible. You immediately react, bucking your hips up and down, eventually freeing your moans and whines as Jimin rubs your inner thigh teasingly. Your moans were music to his ears, and he loves how loud you were being.
Good thing his car was spacious enough.
He pulls your panties down to your ankles, the scent of your wet cunt finally hits his nose and his mouth salivate. "Oh my god," he says with a somewhat shaky breath, "your pussy's ruined, baby girl. Just like your multiple ruined orgasms, right?"
Jimin watches your walls clench repeatedly on the toy, your wetness dripping from your hole and down to your ass.
"Please touch me," you beg with weary eyes, "I need it so fucking bad."
He smirks, shaking his head, "No, baby."
"Please!" you cry out loudly this time, hands grabbing his arm and pulling him closer to you, "Please, please, please, I need to cum. I need you to touch me, please, Jimin."
His cock throbs from your desperate begs. Although he finds you so adorable begging like that, he doesn't touch your pussy. Instead, he just caresses your thighs, inching his fingers slowly to your aching cunt, but he pulls away before you can buck your hips into him.
"Jimin, n-no," you cry, "it's too much, p-please I just—"
He pulls the vibrator out of you.
Jimin never looked punchable until today.
You let out a loud yell of distraught that for sure can be heard from the outside. Your body shakes, eyes rolling to the back of your head as ruins another orgasm.
He hovers himself on top of you, stroking your cheek as he tries to calm you down, "Baby," he says firmly, "you've been such a good girl. So fucking obedient. For you to cum, I want you to do one last thing for me."
You don't even have the energy to reply to that. Whatever the fuck he wants, you're going to do, because all you ever desire right now is to cum.
"I want you to beg. Beg how much you want my cock inside that wet, dirty pussy. Because that's what you want right now, yeah? You want my fat cock to pound your pussy?"
"Mhmm, f-fuck," you grind your hips into him, feeling so horny, "Please, Jimin, I-I want your cock so badly. I need it!" You gasp when Jimin teases the head of the vibrating toy against your sopping entrance, pushing it in and pulling it out again and again.
"Uuughhh, please! I want your cock, Jimin. I want it to make me cum so hard, I want it to make me feel good. Please, please, please!"
Jimin plants a kiss on your forehead. "Good girl."
And he finally gives you what you deserve. He plunges the vibrator back in with a content smile plastered on his face. The build-up to your orgasm didn't take long, and you quickly spill all your juices onto the toy, cum dripping down your abused hole.
"I-I don't want to do this again," you whisper to him.
"The toy or me edging you?" Jimin smirks, kissing your lips passionately. He chuckles during the kiss from the way you don't have any energy left to kiss him back.
"Fucking both?"
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woahjaybird · 20 days ago
tbh i bet you can watch tv in those domino masks,,,, the bats on patrol and suddenly damian starts cackling and everyone stares at him and he has NO idea so when dick asks its like "oh im watching brooklyn 99" and its all quiet because none of them realized they could do that until jason goes "you're like 12 you're not allowed to watch that" around the same time that tim goes "can you share it via bluetooth w/ me?" and anyways bank robbery is up and none of then notice bc they're watching the halloween heists
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gentledomcas · 10 days ago
handprint like a bluetooth vibrat-
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frederikanderson · 8 days ago
Girl Dad - Mat Barzal
pairing: mat barzal x y/n
wordcount: 1.1k
warnings: kids i guess?? other than that it's just fluff
a/n: i've been on a roll with writing this week which is very surprising. other than that i hope you like it!
masterlist/link to my taglist
*not my gif full credit to the owner*
Tumblr media
“Ok guys, I’m leaving for work now so please behave for your dad,” you said to your twin girls who looked exactly like Mat. So much so that it was kind of creepy.
“Yes, mama,” they said in unison. Right when they said that Mat came out of the bedroom dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. You looked at him for a second to admire how far you guys have come.
You see, your guy’s love story was kinda strange, to say the least. You had met through a mutual friend, which was cool and all. But the thing is that he hated you at first, despised you because he thought you were a stuck-up bitch. Looking back on it now he probably had a crush on you, at least that’s how enemies to lovers go right? I mean you could call your relationship that. Thinking back on it no-
“Babe, hey,” you got out of your daydreaming to see Mat waving his hand in your face. “You okay you looked a little lost.”
“I’m fine I just need to get to work!” you walked past him to your daughters. You squatted down to their level and gave each a big hug. Standing back up you grabbed your phone, gave Mat a kiss, and headed out.
“Ok! What do you want to do girls?”
“PARK!!” the girls screamed. Matt winced at the high-pitched screams.
“Ok park it is then.”
“Ok girls, Uncle Marty is coming and you know what that means right?” Mat asked the girls from the front of the car. Looking into the mirror he could see the girl’s faces light up.
“That means Winnie is coming right daddy? We get to play with her?” Emerson asked, the excitement evident in her voice.
“Yes, baby that means you get to see her. But remember we have to be nice and share our toys okay?”
“Okay daddy,” the girls responded to him in monotone voices. Mat laughed and looked back at the road.
The laughs and giggles of Winnie, Emerson, and Cameron could be heard from a thousand miles away. Mat smiled as he watched his girls play with their best friend. He didn’t get to do this often since he was away for games most of the time. But this was the first time in a while that he had off.
“So how’s everything going with y/n,” Matt asked
“Everything’s going good. It’s just that y/n job is getting a little hectic, but it’s nothing that they can’t handle” he smiled at the thought of his partner.
“That’s good. Anyways… I think we should head out.”
Pulling up into the driveway Mat parks the car and looks behind him. When he sees that the girls are fast asleep he decides to let them rest for a little bit. Pulling out his phone he connects it to the car’s Bluetooth and calls you. The call rings until you eventually pick up the phone.
“Hey, baby” your voice filled the car. Mat could hear one of the girls stirring in the back seat, but she eventually fell back asleep.
“Hey, how are you doing?”
“I’m doing good, work is very hectic right now but I’m on my lunch break. What have you guys been up to?” you asked. You missed your girls even though you just saw them a couple of hours ago.
“We met up with Martin and went to the park. They had loads of fun with Winnie and some of the other kids that were there.”
“That’s nice,” you smiled behind the phone. “What are you guys doing now?”
“The girls are passed out in the back seat,” he laughed. “They passed out right when they sat down in their seats. I’m probably going to let them sleep for a little bit more before we head inside”
“That sounds nice. My break is almost over so give them hugs and kisses for me. Love you Mat.”
“Love you too”
“DADDY, DADDY, DADDY. We want to play dress-up!” Mat looked up to see Emerson and Cameron both running at him.
“How about we wait until mommy gets back? Then they can play dress-up with you okay,” he asked the two little girls standing in front of him. Mat loved his girls so much he just didn’t want to dress up in a tiara and skirt.
He could start to see the tears well up in his daughter’s eyes. It’s like they knew bringing out the tears would make him say yes.
“Fine I’ll play, but you are not dressing me up in a tiara and skirt. That is my one rule.”
Here Mat was sitting in his kid’s playroom with a tiara and skirt on. The one thing he tried not to let happen. Mat didn’t want anybody to see him like this, especially his teammates. They would chirp him for the rest of his life. But he kept telling himself that he was only doing this for his girls.
“Are you even paying attention daddy,” Cameron asked.
Snapping out of whatever he was thinking Mat looked at Cameron. “Yes I’m paying attention Cam, I’m just a little tired.” Cameron wasn’t even paying attention to what he was saying. “How about we go watch a movie before mommy gets home? Maybe we can watch one of your favorites.”
“Can we watch Princess and the frog?” Emerson asked Matt with puppy dog eyes.
“We sure can princess. How about we clean up all the toys and then we can go watch, okay?” they nod their heads and start to clean up. While they were doing that Mat headed to their bedroom to put the movie on. Heading back to the playroom he grabbed the girls, got some snacks, and started to watch the movie.
The workday was hard today. Your manager had you do the work of 4 people. It’s not that you couldn’t handle it, it’s just that the stress was getting to be too much.
Walking into your house you put your keys down, took your shoes off, and started to look for your husband. Looking into the living room to not see your husband was strange. But you shook that feeling off as you went to the playroom next. Sticking your head into the room you didn’t see them either. Thinking maybe Mat took them to eat or something of the sort.
Deciding that you need a shower you head to your bedroom. You stop in your tracks when you see your girls and Mat on the bed. ‘They must have watched a movie in here’ you thought.
Changing into some pajamas you got into bed. You decided to just leave Mat and the kids be since they were already sleeping. You felt Mat’s arm wrap around your waist as you closed your eyes and went to sleep.
all team taglist: @brandtsclarke, @2manytabsopen, @kentjohnsons, @owenpowerr, @bb-nhlqueen7
ny islanders taglist: @sebbyaho, @cluelesssyd
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winterrskywalker · a month ago
Bucky vs bluetooth earphones – Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
N/A: this sucks i don’t even know why i’m posting this … i mean, i’m sorry
MINI SERIES SUMMARY: in which reader helps Bucky adjust to the new reality after joining the Avengers team.
SUMMARY: Bucky discovers what Airpods are.
NAVIGATE: previous | next
AO3: here!
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
“Why is she dancing when there’s no music playing?” Steve and Bucky were looking at you, dancing around the kitchen, trying the new pair of Airpods Tony bought you for Christmas.
“Airpods.” Sam casually walked by, entered the kitchen to take some juice and then left again to come back to the gym.
“What?” Bucky was even more confused, trying to figure out what Sam was talking about. “Oh right, those earphones Tony bought to y/n. They are without wire.” Steve remembered and gave Bucky a pat on the shoulder.
Bucky got closer to you, curiously. You jumped when you turned around and almost hit his chest with your head. “Shit, James.” You took off your earphones and checked if your heart was still there. “Hi doll, what are you doing?” He smiled, asking casually. His eyes glued on the two earphones in your hand.
“Listening to music.” You said, showing them to Bucky. “But how? I thought only Tony’s earpieces we use for missions could work without wire.”
“Welcome to the world of common men, Bucky.” You laughed, then you helped him wearing them and took your phone out, looking for a song to play.
His eyes were glued on your figure, waiting patiently. “Here it is!” You cheered and got the song playing for him.
“Woah! It’s amazing!” You smiled while looking at him, vibing with the song. “I know! You can move comfortably without the wires!” You nodded and laughed when he shyly invited you to move your hips with him, even though you couldn’t hear the song.
“Y/n! Take your Airpods back, Barnes won’t stop using them!” Tony’s voice startled you, then you and Natasha laughed at his frustration. “Nope! I don’t think I will.” You chuckled and soon Bucky entered the kitchen, busy listening to something while taking a bag of chips from a dresser.
Maybe one day you will take them back, but not today. You wouldn’t dare take away from him a piece of lightheartedness.
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bqstqnbruin · a month ago
Leave Before You Love Me
Tumblr media
Ok hello I know I said I wasn't going to write until after my semester was over on the 28th but here I am because I was out with my mom and heard Leave Before You Love Me by fellow SJU grad Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers and this came to me. So instead of doing my homework, I wrote this tonight and I don't regret it (I'll regret it tomorrow though probably OOPS). There are probably typos in this, too, whoops.
Shoutout to @bruins-simp for reading the first part of this and for overreacting to how long it was when it wasn't finished love ya 💛
Hope you like it!
Warning: Mentions of sex and implied sex
Flashbacks are in italics
You were in your car, driving as fast as the flow of traffic would allow you to as the night turned into morning right in front of you. You woke up that morning and knew that you had to get out of there. You couldn't stay any longer, the weight of the feeling that everything was ruined crashing down on you as soon as you opened your eyes that morning. You just hoped that he understood your 5 am escape even though every part of you knew he wouldn’t.
You were tapping your fingers on the steering wheel with the beat of whatever was on the radio, a station you didn’t recognize, a song you didn’t know with a good rhythm. You had the sound on loud, praying that it would drown out your thoughts for long enough that you could get into a good enough headspace. You drove him back to his place the night before after a night out with your friends, Jamie sitting there fidgeting with the dial while he skipped song after song claiming that he didn’t like it, he didn’t know it, or it just wasn’t fitting the mood he wanted to set.
“You know you sound ridiculous, right? What mood could you set while we’re in the car?” you ask him, trying to focus on the road and not his fingers, the dial looking small compared to them as he turned it notch by notch, station to station.
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see him smirk, knowing he was staring at you while you were watching the road. His tongue ran across his lower lip, a small laugh coming out. “Something hot. Something sexy. Something like us?” he suggests.
You couldn’t help but laugh, doing everything in your power not to turn and look at him. “If you think corny shit like that is going to accomplish anything, you’re right,” you flirt back with him.
He reaches over, his hand resting on your thigh and giving it a gentle squeeze as you drive, your entire body tensing up at his touch. “I’m just glad you finally said yes.” Your best friend was sitting there next to you, ready to spend the night together. You had done it before, but tonight was different, something inside you calling on you to finally make the next move, accidentally catching him off guard earlier that night by kissing him. You didn’t know what surprised you more, the shock on his face when you pulled away or him pulling you close to him for him to kiss you.
You were shaken out of your memory of the night before, a call incoming and cutting off the sound of the song. Your phone must have automatically connected to your car via Bluetooth, probably, something that your mom had programmed when you first got the car that you were regretting now. Glancing down at the screen, Jamie’s name was there, him calling you for the third time that morning. You hit decline, going back to focusing on the highway, not sure where you were going, just having that feeling that you would know when you got there.
“This can’t be happening,” you tell yourself, aching to answer his call even though you knew you couldn’t. The two of you had been dancing around each other for a while, both of you knowing the other had feelings but never actually saying it until you made the move that potentially changed everything the night before. No, it didn’t potentially change everything, it definitely changed everything. And now you were driving away from Dallas, not sure where you even were at that point out of fear of what would be waiting for you when you did get home.
The sun was rising in front of you, turning the sky from a dark purple to a brilliant orange, the blinding light enough to make you pull over for a little bit and just enjoy it. You were off on a portion of the shoulder that was big enough for you to walk a little, stretch your legs as if you didn’t get plenty of that the night before. You prop yourself up on the hood of your car, pulling your knees as close to your chest as you could as you listened to the birds chirping around you, the cars whizzing by you as they shook your car with the force of them driving by.
When you stopped the car outside his place, he reached over to you, turning your head to him with a single finger. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for tonight,” he told you, smiling at you before his lips connected with yours.
You were excited, you had to admit, but part of you was nervous. Actually, all of you was nervous. The two of you vowed to never cross that line from friendship into whatever new territory would come with dating out of fear of the two of you breaking up and losing each other completely. Yet there you were, sitting in your car kissing him, a shiver running through your entire body at the touch of his fingers grazing along your jawline.
You pull away, his forehead pressed against yours as a smile covered his face. “We should get upstairs before we give anyone passing by a good show,” you tell him, getting out of your car, your heart already racing.
A car honked at someone else driving, causing you to nearly fall off your own hood as the sun was still rising. You could feel the warmth around you, pulling the sleeves of your sweater over your hands to try to warm them up faster. You looked down, not even realizing you had taken one of Jamie’s pullovers, a grey sweater with the Stars logo right in the center. You take in a deep breath, the scent of the trees surrounding the highway filling your nostrils.
The sun is finally up, you sliding yourself off your car to get to driving again. Another missed call from Jamie flashes on your phone, your finger hovering over his contact to call him while your mind danced between driving on further away from Dallas or going back to your home.
His hand didn’t leave yours from the moment you got out of your car until he opened the door to his apartment. He closed the door, twirling you around as he pulled up music from his phone, his hand on the small of your back as the two of you moved back and forth to the sound coming from his pocket.
“What are we doing?” you giggle, Jamie spinning you out before pulling you back to him, your back against his chest with his arms wrapped around you.
He nuzzled his head into your shoulder, his lips leaving a trail of kisses up to your ear. “We were out all night with our friends,” he whispers, “and we never got to dance together. You spent the entire night with the girls while I had to sit back and watch, like I always do.”
You let out a nervous laugh, the only reaction you could muster, “You know how creepy that sounds?” you tease him.
“All these years, I’ve had to sit back and watch you be with other people, wishing you were with me,” he tries to rephrase, his voice low, his breath tickling your ear and making you melt into him.
Jamie turns you around, holding you close with your arms draped on his shoulders, kissing you again, his lips moving sweet and slow against yours, you letting him take the lead for whatever he was about to do. You wanted whatever he was about to do. You were sure of it. Almost.
You were following the directions your phone was reading out to you, not even sure what address you had plugged in. The sun was behind you, driving back in the direction you came from that morning.
Half of you wanted to turn back around and drive away from Dallas again, your gas tank telling you that you shouldn’t until you got more gas. You pulled off to find a gas station, having been awake and driving for three hours since you left Jamie’s place. You leaned against the car as you filled your tank, your arms crossed over your chest, a morning breeze sending a chill down your spine despite the warmth of Jamie’s sweater on you.
You looked over while your tank filled, a couple laughing in the car at the pump beside you. They had to be younger than you, probably a pair in college or something going on a road trip to celebrate the end of their semester. He was leaning in through the window, the two of them rubbing their noses together before she stole a quick kiss from him, their tank filling in the time it took them to tease each other like that four times.
You felt a sob begging to come out, taking in a deep breath to try to suppress it despite the fumes from the gas around you. Watching them be so happy, so carefree, probably in love made you want that. And what terrified you the most was that last night was the first night you realized you could have it. You could have everything you wanted in your best friend.
A giggle escaped your lips when Jamie lifted you up, carrying you to his bedroom with your legs wrapped around his waist. You barely noticed him fumbling around with the lights, his lips never leaving yours while he placed you on the bed. He pulled away, slipping his shirt off before positioning himself over you again and kissing you, leaning you further into the bed. You knew exactly where his tattoos were, having seen him shirtless plenty of times, but never with him over you like he was. You started tracing the outlines you knew so well, a moan escaping his lips as you dug your nails into the lion's mane on his side.
His hand slid under your shirt, careful not to go too high until you let him. It was your turn to pull away, pulling off your own shirt and tossing it aside with his. Jamie starts to kiss you down to your collarbone, his tongue tracing a pattern against your skin. “You are so beautiful,” he whispers to you.
Jamie’s fingers hooked on the waistband of your jeans, his fingers gently grazing your hip, an involuntary groan escaping from your lips as he stared at you. “Can I?” he asks, his finger curling and uncurling, hitting the bone each while he waited for your answer. Your entire body was telling you that you wanted this.
You nod, a “yes” coming out of you as he smiled, kissing you again and slipping your jeans off you.
You climb back into your car, your stomach growling louder than you would have liked. You drove off, looking for somewhere to eat breakfast before heading off again. You find a diner off the side of the road, probably somewhere that would normally never be on your radar, not caring at this point where you went.
You open the door, the bell hanging above it jingling while you take a seat at the counter. Around you seemed to be a classic diner crowd: some younger college kids in the corner, probably hungover from the night before even though it was pretty early for them, an older couple sitting and not talking to each other, eating and just enjoying the time they had with their spouse, a few guys down at the end of the bar, their papers open while they were yelling about the NBA playoffs and however the Mavericks were doing that season.
“What can I get you, hun?" a waitress asks you, an older woman, probably in her fifties or sixties, her blonde hair with streaks of grey pulled back into a bun perched on the top of her head. She looked like someone's grandmother, right down to a worried look on her face as she stared at you, that look that told you she was worried about you based on your appearance. You could only imagine what you looked like; what was obviously not your sweater seeing as it was too big on your, your hair and face probably a mess from the events of the last few hours.
“Menu, please?” you ask, her handing you one and leaving to check on the other guests.
You open it up, pulling out your phone to check on your appearance, at least thankful that the worst thing about you was the bags under your eyes. Another call from Jamie interrupted your looking at yourself. You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath, setting your phone down on the counter. You couldn’t deal with this. You didn't want to focus on anything other than the events of last night, despite that memory vivid in your mind while you tried to focus on the menu.
“Not going to answer that?” the waitress reappears, pouring you a cup of coffee. You shake your head, waiting for the call to go to voicemail instead. “Boyfriend? Girlfriend?” she asks you, Jamie’s gender-neutral name and her not wanting to make too much of an assumption.
“Boy,” you say, “and no. Never a boyfriend.”
“Something you want to talk about?” she asks you. You look at her, uneasy and unsure if you wanted to spill your guts to a complete stranger. The only person you would ever tell everything was the one person you were avoiding talking to. “You don’t have to, but I’ll listen when you have something to order.”
She leaves again, you alone with the menu and your thoughts, your phone lighting up now with notifications from your friends and Jamie’s teammates, him probably two seconds from sending a search party to try to make sure you were ok.
You were paying more attention to your phone when you see the waitress out of the corner of your eye, signaling for her to come over. She had no knowledge of you to have a biased decision on what you were going to tell her, probably the best person to talk to besides Jamie himself.
“What’ll it be?”
“Egg white omelet and home fries, and spilling my current situation to a total stranger in a diner that I don’t know the location of,” you tell her, a smile on your face that let her know you couldn’t believe you were saying those words. She leans on her elbows against the counter, moving the menu out of the way and passing you your coffee while she waited for you to start. You let out a sigh before you start, “I made the mistake of making a move on my best friend last night.”
She stares at you while she waits for you to continue. When you don’t, she asks, “And they rejected you?”
“No,” you shake your head, staring down at the cup of coffee, “No I drove us back to his place and we slept together for the first time. And then I woke up.”
You woke up much earlier than you expected, the birds already chirping and a hint of light peeking through Jamie’s curtains in his bedroom. His arm was around you, a sense of warmth and security while you could feel his chest rise and fall against your back, his snore tickling the back of your neck.
You suddenly felt yourself start to panic, thinking to hours earlier when the two of you had sex for the first time, Jamie telling you how long he had waited for that, you were sure you told him the same thing even though you weren’t sure you were telling him the truth. You didn’t know what you wanted from him. You wanted your best friend. You wanted the boy who was there for you when you broke up with your last boyfriend, who was there when you got a promotion at work, when you were questioning everything in your life and needed someone to talk you down.
And you just ruined all of that by sleeping with him. You actually ruined it a few hours before that by kissing him in the first place.
You tried to get out of bed as fast as you could without waking him, finding your clothes scattered across his floor, grabbing whatever you thought was yours and throwing it on.
You got to his bedroom door, turning around for one last look while the tears filled your eyes. You saw Jamie reach out and pat the bed around where you were, still asleep while you slipped out, leaving him there without leaving any piece of you behind.
You finished telling her everything, waiting for her to give you any reaction other than the pursed lips she was sporting. “Was it good?” she asks, catching you off guard.
You could feel the heat rush to your cheeks at her words, laughing at what you were about to tell her. “Couldn’t have done better myself, honestly,” you joke, her laughter roaring through the diner, the other guests unfazed by her outburst.
“So why’d you run?” she asks you the question you had been trying to answer all morning.
“Fear,” you shrug.
You swallow hard, a lump in your throat that you knew would lead to you crying if you waited long enough. “Of admitting exactly what I don’t want to tell him. Of admitting what I've been denying to myself.”
She nods, someone calling her to bring you your food even though you couldn't make out what the person in the kitchen said. Setting the plate down in front of you, she leans back on the counter again. “If he really is your best friend, or if he cares about you in the slightest, then you should tell him how you feel,” she says. “Even if you don’t tell him everything, tell him something. Tell him why you left. Tell him you’re ok.”
You nod, picking up your fork to start eating. You knew she was right. Jamie was the only person you wanted to talk to, and despite what happened the night before, he was the only person you would talk to. She leaves you alone to finish your meal, tending to the other guests after having waited on you for long enough that you were going to tip her way more than you probably should.
By the time you finished, Jamie had called again. You knew you had to answer him at some point, but you weren’t sure when. You turn back, calling to the waitress. “Thank you, uh,” you hesitate, having not read her nametag or even thought to ask.
Your heart leapt to your throat; the one person you could talk to was Jamie, and there she was despite not being the one you intended. “Thank you, Jamie.”
You get into your car, trying to think of what you were going to do next. Waitress Jamie was right: you had to talk to your Jamie.
You start driving, still not really sure where you were going but again, hoping that you would know once you got there. You call Jamie while you’re driving, thankful for the voice command feature that was allowing you to attempt to get ahold of your best friend. The call goes straight to voicemail, Jamie’s voice filling your car, “This is Jamie, leave a message.”
The beep sounds, you trying to find the words to say. “Uh, hi,” you manage to get out, the lump in your throat stopping you from talking, “It’s me. Um, I’m sorry for leaving. I’m sorry for not answering you, but if you could let me explain?”
You didn’t know why you were waiting as if he were going to say something, continuing anyway. “If you let me, I’ll be at your place in, fift-, no, twen-?” you hesitate, trying to see a road sign that would tell you where you were. “Fuck, um, I’m not sure when I’ll be back at your place, just wait for me there.” You hang up, hoping that he would get the message.
Jamie fell asleep that night with you in his arms, excited that for the first time he could wake up with you like that. He had been waiting for everything to change between you, not wanting to push you to do anything you didn’t want to do while also fighting the urge to kiss you every chance he had. You kissing him that night was what he thought could be the best thing that could ever happen, each passing moment getting better than the next from there.
Waking up without next to him was the moment that stopped. Your clothes were gone, your bag was gone, you were gone. You had disappeared like the night before had never happened.
He knew you better than he knew anyone; you panicked. He fucked everything up. He was trying to rethink the night to figure out if he did anything you didn’t want him to, wracking his brain of any point where you looked like you didn’t enjoy it, any time you could have said no to him since he made sure it was clear you could and should do that if you wanted to.
He thought you enjoyed it as much as he did. He wanted you to enjoy it as much as he did.
He called you, trying to get ahold of you so you could at least let him know you were alright. Every time you missed his call, whether you did it by accident or on purpose, broke him more and more, his phone battery draining just like he was until it shut off, dead.
You were passing car after car, trying to get back to Jamie as fast as you could. The morning traffic was picking up, slowing you down more than you wanted. It had been almost half an hour since you called Jamie to tell him to wait for you, praying that he was still there by the time you pulled up in front of his apartment, the same spot your car had been in a few hours earlier.
You rushed to his door, your heart racing faster than your feet could ever carry you. You never intended on telling him what you were about to, but you were there, standing outside his door about to anyway.
You knock, waiting for him to answer.
He doesn’t.
You knock again, harder, louder, praying that you hear him shuffling to his door.
He doesn’t.
You knock a third time, wanting him to appear at the door disgruntled that you were being so annoying like he had done so many times before.
He doesn’t.
Jamie didn’t want to hear your explanation. You blew it. You knew you shouldn’t have kissed him, where it all started, You should have never acted on any urge or desire you felt for him because it’s doing exactly what you thought it would: ruining it.
You turn around, slowly, part of you hoping that he would poke his head out at the last minute. You look back at his door, one last time, tears rolling down your cheeks when you don’t see him.
You didn’t know where to go. You tried to escape even for a little bit, and Jamie pulled you back. You knew that if you tried to go again, you would be pulled back again. You start driving back to your own place, figuring that the least you could do was wallow in your own bed over losing the person in your life who meant the most to you.
You pull up to your apartment, letting out a long sigh. You should be inside Jamie’s with him right now, instead, you’re alone at your own home. You see someone pacing the door of the building, figuring that it was just some random guy, probably nothing to worry about. You get out of your car, getting closer to the pacer.
“Jamie?” you say to the pacer, your best friend who was supposed to be waiting at his place.
“Oh, thank, god. You’re ok,” he breathes out, pulling you close to him for a hug. He wanted to kiss the top of your head, do more than just hold you on the street, but he couldn’t.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” you tell him. “I’m sorry,” you say into his shirt, the tears in your eyes staining his shoulder.
He pulls away, a sad look on his face. You hurt him, you knew you did, and it hurt you knowing that. “What the hell happened? Did I do something wrong?”
You bite your bottom look, not looking him in the eye. “No, no,” you reassure him, “You did everything right. You were amazing. I just,” you say, “I just panicked.”
“Why?” he asks.
“Because I thought this would ruin everything. I thought that if we got together, I would lose my best friend. I thought that if I told you that I’ve been in love with you since the moment we met that you would leave,” you blurt out, the secret you had been both denying and refusing to tell him finally coming out.
He lets out a laugh, a wash of panic falling over you again as he does. “You think that telling me you loved me would make me want to leave? You really didn’t know that I’ve been in love with you all this time, too?” he asks you, his hand gently grazing over your cheek. He shakes his head, kissing your forehead before connecting his lips to yours, the same passion and care that he had last night. “You can’t get rid of me that easily.”
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timextoxhajima · a month ago
okay i'm not sure if reqs are closed already but.. can i req y/n and Sangyeon liking each other — maybe they know about it too — but not knowing how to approach each other? (only if reqs are open though 😅)
Tumblr media
⸙ title: paris in the rain
⸙ member: tbz sangyeon
⸙ genre: f2l with fresh grad! sangyeon x fresh grad uni student! [fem] reader, fluff [absolutely sfw]
⸙ warnings: diabetes
⸙ wc: 1.6k
⸙ a/n: udk how many cute, soft, korean lounge/r&b love songs i streamed to get myself in a fluffy uwu mood
Tumblr media
“no, wait, ahh!” sangyeon’s eyes widen, fingers holding at least a stack of 10 cards while you’re left with one. 
“what do you mean ‘wait’?” laughing with your glasses falling off the bridge of your nose, you yawn and lean back into the side of the bed. 
“your last card isn’t a power card, right?”
“you can’t put down a power card as a final card.”
he squints at you, smile still plastered to his face. his fluffy hair bounces as he shakes his head, studying his deck of cards. the blue checkered pajamas around his shoulders are loose, so you can just barely see the outlines of his collarbones that disappear underneath the cotton.
paris in the rain was playing in the background from the bluetooth speaker he had brought along on your graduation trip. now sat in the space between the two single beds, sangyeon’s feet were outstretched and one of them in the space under your arm that’s holding up your weight. 
as he glances through the cards in his fingers, you can’t help but steal a glance at his focused eyes. he blinks once, then twice, thumb and index finger hesitating to pull one card out of his stash.
then that smile stretches across his face, blooming flowers of daisies and dandelions in your heart while his fringe falls across his eyebrows. 
if only he knew.
he presses three ‘+2′ cards into the deck messily stacked before you, and you shake your head in slight exasperation.
“i knew you were gonna do that,” reaching over to the unopened stack, you count six cards and add them to your previously lone card. 
“i can’t let this game end so quickly,” sangyeon leans back against his bed, tousling his hair in the process. 
“when’s your first day again? your job, i mean,” green, three. 
“the following monday we get back home,” blue, three.
blue, seven. “do you want to get dinner after you’re off? we end around the same time i think, and our offices are pretty near each other.”
he looks up at you from his deck, brow perched slightly. “i thought that was a given.” he reaches for the unopened deck and take two until he finds something. yellow, seven. 
“oh,” you chuckle under your breath. “okay.” yellow, two.
“do you want to do something else?” sangyeon asks without looking away from his cards.
“hmm? you’re bored?”
“aren’t you?”
pursing your lips into a thin white line and offering him a pitiful smile, he finally looks up. 
“a little.”
“do you wanna go on a walk?”
“huh?” turning out to look past the balcony of your hotel room, you can see the small puddles of water on the platform outside. “isn’t it raining?”
“that’s the whole point,” he grins, already taking your stash of cards from you and clearing the ones on the carpet. “get changed and we’ll go.”
“it’s like 1am.”
hesitation supercedes your enthusiasm, but there’s a spark in his eyes you can never say no to. he stands, pants falling over his ankles where you could see the reddish marks of the carpet embedded into his skin. 
“come on. it’s our last night.”
then he pouts, which is the worst weapon he can wield against your neck. with a soft sigh, your eyes flutter shut and you hold out your hand, expecting him to take it. so, he does, and he pulls you to your feet - albeit with a little too much strength.
it’s kind of stupid, the way you were able to lose your balance as he yanks you to your feet and you take a tiny misstep, hands instinctively grabbing his upper arms and his hands somehow end up around your waist.
you blame it on the small space between the beds.
“sorry,” pulling your hands off his arms, he releases your waist and takes a step away. 
“it’s okay,” grinning, he turns first, throwing the cards into his luggage and pulling out a new set of clothes from one of the compartments. 
he doesn’t know your heart is about to explode, and thank the gods the lighting of the room was so yellow, it’s helping you camouflage the blood rushing to your cheeks.
Tumblr media
it doesn’t do your heart and blood pressure any good when you spend the entire walk along the bridge by your hotel bumping hands with him though. mentally berating yourself, you find it hard to fathom how ridiculous this whole situation was. it feels like you’ve been thrown into some kind of sad, mopey, one-sided romance drama where you’re completely head over heels for this boy, and yet he’s got no clue.
then again, you’ve been friends with him for far too long for him to realise anything different in your dynamics. 
maybe you were hallucinating, that little twitch of his fingers when you bump into his hands for the umpteenth time as you walk in silence, water gently swooshing against the river bank. the fluorescent lights reflect white orbs in the puddles of water, every now and then still being broken apart by ripples from the drizzle. 
then his hands disappear from the vicinity of yours as he reaches over and pulls your hoodie over your head, despite you already mentioning that you were completely okay with letting the rain kiss your face. 
but sangyeon clenches his fists and shoves them into the pockets of his hoodie, ruining your chances of getting the tiniest taste of the warmth from his hands.
foolish dreaming.
you’re about a 15-minute walk away from your hotel - so far, that you could see the entire building from where you are. sangyeon stops in his tracks, pulling out his phone to take a picture of the skyline.
and you?
all you can focus on is the silhouette of his back. having him in the frame on your phone screen as you take the shot brings butterflies from your stomach to the tip of your tongue at the thought of making this your wallpaper, and yet you’d still be able to play it off because he thinks you’re just friends. 
he turns, the light from his phone illuminating his face and highlighting the curves of his nose and forehead and jaw and you take another shot. 
“this is really pretty,” he mumbles under his breath. “did you take a picture of it?” looking up, his eyes reflect the light from the screen, catching your camera aimed at him. “if you wanted to be my photographer, you could’ve just asked.”
taking one more shot, you shrug and shake your head. embarrassment fills your gut and you pull the phone down to your chest, scrolling through the pictures. “you look better in candid pictures.”
“oh? let me see!” he jogs towards you, the drizzle gradually picking up and leaving larger drops on your phone screen. 
lifting up the screen for him, he holds his palm over it to block the rain, and his brown doe eyes half into little crescents when he sees himself in the pictures. 
“that’s nice.”
“duh, i took them,” pulling your phone away, you lock it and shove it back into your pocket. “come on, the rain’s getting heavier. let’s go back.”
then you walk past him and in the direction where you came from, picking up your pace as the rain gets heavier and heavier and suddenly you can hear it hit the ground all around you. 
but you grind to an abrupt halt when you can’t hear wet footsteps behind you, so you turn and see that sangyeon’s got his phone out instead, taking pictures of you.
not the scenery behind you, but it looks like it’s focused solely on you.
“lee sangyeon! what are you doing?!” in an attempt to yell through the rain, you squint and cup your mouth. “the rain’s too heavy! we’ll be soaked by the time we get back!”
“can you hear me?!” he yells back.
“what- yes, i can!” taking a step forward, you hold the hoodie over your forehead. “what are you doing?!”
“i- i have something to ask you!”
“what- now?!”
groaning and looking around anxiously, the water in the river bank was rippled all over now.
“what is it?! can’t it wait until-”
“y/n! do you... do you like me?”
a bolt of lighting slices through the sky. dramatic.
“what?!” the rain drops crease through your frown and trickle down your cheek and chin. “i don’t understand!”
“because- because i like you!” 
and finally, the thunder rumbles through the skies. 
“and i couldn’t tell all these years because... i was scared- that- that- you just saw me as your friend!”
in your chest, your heart is racing faster than the rain was falling. this is a dream. please tell me this is a dream.
“y/n! so... do you?”
the refusal to accept his abrupt, sudden, super-untimely confession brings you to close the distance between the two of you, every step you take towards him, the clearer his face gets. its pink and full of embarrassment and you would kiss him right there and then if you could.
so by the time you’re about a metre away from him, his fringe is soaked and stuck to his forehead. 
“yeah. i do.”
call it dramatic. call it unrealistic. call it a dream.
but when he takes a huge step forwards and cups your face all too suddenly, the warmth in his palms are enough to take away the cold from the rain. he gently presses his lips into yours and your hands are clenched against his chest. 
your eyes flutter shut upon the contact, and your heart drowns in all the comfort he provides you with this final confirmation.
the rain tastes sweet on your tongue when he pulls away.
he presses his forehead into yours, then breaks out into an uncontrollable giggle with his palms still on your cheeks. 
“that would’ve been really embarrassing if you said no.”
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kawaii-dinogamer · a month ago
Haikyuu Boys Walking In On You Dancing (smexy edition)
Lineup: Tsukishima Kei, Azumane Asahi, Kozume Kenma, Yamamoto Taketora and Oikawa Tōru.
Warning: cursing, one mention of alcohol, and suggestive smexy content
A/Note: So yes two in a day, I was extra motivated y’all don’t question it. It’s probably because it’s been so long. The songs are just what I like to listen to, m sorry.
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei
♬♩♪♩ Sean Paul – She Doesn’t Mind ♩♪♩♬
Tsukishima was looking for his bluetooth headphones everywhere because he was positive he had left them on the couch, in the living room. However, they seemed to have grown legs and walked elsewhere, he joked to himself. “Y/N! Shorty! Have you seen my headphones?” he called loudly but no response. He walked through the house shouting your name but you were nowhere to be found. Tsukishima glanced at the clock on the wall; it read 4:30PM. He considered maybe you had been outside, possibly reading a book which you often did.
He was right; there you were blanket laid on the grass with the long-forgotten book and you standing up dancing with his headphones. You hadn’t seen him yet and he had considered stopping you but he just couldn’t. Kei stood at the door admiring the way your hips rolled and body moved. He wondered what you were listening to make you dance this way, so beautifully, so erotically. Tsukishima wasn’t much of a dancer but he’d love to be body to body with you right now. He had clearly gotten a bit too excited and the tent in his pants was proof. His cheeks burned red in embarrassment, you still dancing, unaware of his presence.
He quietly crept up behind you gently clasping his hands around your waist. You jumped a bit, immediately lowering the headphones. “I was looking for those you know,” he whispered lowly in your ear. “I- I’m sorry you can have them back now,” you apolgise trying to turn around. He held your body still, pressing his closer to yours. Then you felt it, the hardness pressed against your back, “But I want something else now. Hmmmm. Care to help me with it shortcake?” he asked his hands finding his way below your shirt, caressing your chest and brushing over your nipples. “K- Kei we’re outside. S-someone could see,” you tried reasoning.
“Really… Hmm you didn’t seem to mind a few seconds ago. So unless you want the neighbors to get a perfect view of your body being wrecked which I’m sure they wouldn’t mind get your ass on the bed upstairs right now,” he said biting your ear, eliciting a whimper from you. “I- y-yes sir,” you reply, pulling yourself from his grasp to go upstairs, he followed closely behind.
Azumane Asahi
♬♩♪♩ Bailando – Enrique Iglesias ♩♪♩♬
Asahi was busy at work in his office; with a tight deadline and 3 designs to perfect every waking hour was spent working. But he’s been staring at the blank page for the past 20 minutes with no breakthrough and it’s not because he couldn’t come up with anything, he just couldn’t concentrate. Why? Because right now you were just outside his door in the living room blasting music. It’s not like you meant to disturb him or had forgotten either, he just didn’t tell you.
He knows you’d insist on staying up to ungodly hours with him as he finished his designs so he told you he’d be in bed shortly, he just had some papers to sign. He hoped you would go to sleep but nope. Asahi wanted to leave you to your music he truly did, he knew you were happiest when you’re dancing and enjoying yourself but he wanted to enjoy it with you. The faster he finished the faster he could come and be with you, so he decided to tell you.
“Hey-,” the words died in his throat as his eyes landed on you. Asahi considered retreating to his office right now but he couldn’t move. You hadn’t heard him and he was kind of glad you didn’t. Your hips swayed to the beat, moving in just the right way, his eyes didn’t leave you. Your clothes hugged your body just right even if they were just sleepwear. Was that really what you wore to sleep he thought? If he had noticed all this sooner he was sure your nights would end a much different way. Asahi’s face flushed red; he cursed himself for thinking such inappropriate thoughts.
Your hands trailed up your body that was moving to the music as you finally turned to see him. “Oh! Hey, honey. I didn’t see you there,” you paused the music and walked up to him. “I- I wanted you to turn down the music. I- mean if that’s alright,” he said scratching his neck. “Yeah yeah. I’m sorry honey. Lemme do that and you can get back to your work,” you pulled his hand to your lips placing a kiss on them, and walking back to the speaker. “W-wait could you umm maybe help me with something. It's fine if you can’t,” he waved his hands in front of him. You look down to find a very turned-on Asahi and chuckled, “Mmmm Of course honey. Maybe next time you can join me dancing. I didn’t know you liked it so much.” Asahi hid his face in his hands as he followed you to the bedroom.
Kenma Kozume
♬♩♪♩ LUV – Tory Lanez ♩♪♩♬
Kenma was busy working a TikTok Livestream because his followers and subscribers have been bombarding his inbox with messages to get one. He was currently in the process of making sure everything was in order as people started popping in and saying hi. You were in the bedroom trying to strike up some inspiration but instead, you got so caught up in the music. Meanwhile, Kenma was telling them about his day but the chat was blowing up with questions so he had skipped over to answer them.
About an hour had passed and he was getting a bit hungry so he decided to headed over to the kitchen, phone in hand to get some apple pie from the fridge. Everyone started commenting typical Kodzuken, a couple people suggested that he ask you if you wanted any. His fan base was very familiar with your presence and often asked for ideas where he would interact with you. The community loved seeing the softer side of Kenma that came out when you were around. His phone was turned to face you so everyone could see you when he entered.
Not even five seconds after he opened the door he closed it. “Hey guys, ummm I need to go. I’ll come back later. Kodzuken out,” he quickly ended the stream and turned off his phone. “Hey, baby. Are you ok?” you peeked out from the door one side of your bluetooth earbuds still in. His face was tinted pink as he pushed you into the room, “I- Kitten … umm my fan base just saw… they … well how you were dancing and I-,” you stopped him pulling him to lay his head on your lap. “I’m sorry baby, but it’s nothing special. Was I bad?” You ask while stroking his hair but he sat straight up. “No! I mean no, you weren’t bad. It was just,” he played with his fingers, “It was just really seductive and it's that’s not really for my fan base to see. “
“Oh? Then who is it for then? Hmmm,” you asked in a teasing manner. He was embarrassed but still confidently answered, “For me ok. It’s for me now stop teasing me ok,” he pouted turning away from you. You giggled, “I’m sorry but maybe you want me to continue. For you alone that is?” He thought about it but then his stomach growled, “Ok I do but maybe eat some apple pie with me first?” You nodded and you both headed to the kitchen but don’t think he forgot about your suggestion.
Yamamoto Taketora
♬♩♪♩ Fast Wine – Machel Montano ♩♪♩♬
Today had gone by pretty slow, and you spent it watching movies and just spending time with Yamamoto. But now it was a bit later and you were feeling some creative juices flowing so you decided to put that to use you grabbed your stuff and set it up at the kitchen counter. He decided to up Kenma’s offer to play some games. About two hours had gone by and your shoulder was getting pretty sore. The playlist was pretty upbeat and just as you had gotten up a dance-worthy song had begun to play. You thought maybe it’d be a good warm-up.
You were swaying your body to the beat and getting in the rhythm. Your hips moved freely as you dragged your hand over your body and fit your dancing to the nature of the song. What you didn't know, is as soon as you started to dance Taketora was coming to get some snacks and check up on you. But his plans changed when he saw you dancing, he froze. If he went back now he’d definitely have to take a cold shower and he saw no difference if he stayed. So he decided to enjoy it for a bit. His cheeks were lightly dusted pink and the situation in his pants was only getting harder.
He felt weird just standing there, kind of like he was being a creep so he decided to quickly run to the kitchen and run back as the song came to a close. “H-hey baby. Just getting a snack and heading back,” he said hurriedly. “Oh ok. Did you enjoy the view?” you quirked your eyebrow smirking at him. “W-what? I didn’t see anything just you baby always se- I mean beautiful as ever,” he turned away from you and opened the fridge. You slowly walk up behind him, and start climbing your fingers up his arms, “Really nothing? I guess that’s too bad, I wanted to know what you thought. Guess I just have to assume it was terrible.”
“Wait! Baby your dancing is really amazing and sexy! How could you say it’s bad!” he shouted covering his face in realisation of what he just said. You burst out in a fit of laughter, it was so easy to get him to admit things, “Babe I’m sorry but I’m glad you like it. I didn’t know how much you saw I only caught you down to the end. But I’m glad you like it I but I do see that your little friend down there liked it much more.” You pointed down to his crotch which he covered while flushing bright red. “I’m sorry I- umm I’ll take care of it,” he apologised turning to leave. “How about we both have a shower and I can fix it for you hmm,” you held his hand and whispered in his ear. “Y-yes p-please. Thank you,” he looked down blushing as you led him to the bathroom.
Oikawa Tōru
♬♩♪♩ Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira ♩♪♩♬
Oikawa was gone for practice and you decided it’d be fun to catch up with your friends because it had been a while. You were on a video call and you guys had started talking about music and gotten into a bit of details about dancing. So now you and all your friends were showing their wining and grinding skills. This was a rather normal occurrence because in all honestly things always got wild between you guys. Put the three of you in a club and all eyes would be on you in no time. It was always a surprise how a couple shots could go such a long way.
You were going off to this song, all the seductive movements, hands dragging over the dips of your body and your hips moving at just the right tempo. Tōru had forgotten his water bottle and came back only to find you dancing. Turned on was an understatement but his time in Brazil gave him experience in more than one way and he was going to use that. This man was not shy but he did wait for the right moment to jump in. He came up behind you resting his hands on your waist, guiding your movement with his. “Hey cutie, moving that beautiful body of yours I see,” he whispered in your ear gently biting it. “You startled me,” you smiled still dancing as you put your arms back against his chest and dragged your body down his, slowly coming back up.
He started placing kisses on your neck, “Mmmm m sorry, fuck I’m not gonna make it to practice baby.” He twirled you away from his body only to bring you back and dip you. He smiled and pulled you up for a kiss. Suddenly, whistles and claps erupted, “Shit- I forgot I was talking to them.” He chuckled as they asked where they can find themselves an Oikawa Tōru. “Well ladies there’s only one and I don’t think Y/N-chan is sharing,” giving them a wink.
“Well, I don’t know you cause a lot more problems than fix them,” you joke as he clutched his chest. “How rude Y/N-chan! Maybe I’ll take your friends up on their offer then,” he crossed his arms and pouted childishly. “You’re not going anywhere, you’re all mine mister, and now what’s that about not going to practice. What did you have in mind?” you asked ending the call with your friends. He didn’t reply, just grabbed you by the waist and placed you on his lap, earning a small squeak from you.
Tumblr media
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the-purity-pen · 27 days ago
One Call Away
Tumblr media
Billy Russo x AFAB!Reader (smut w/no pronouns)
Rating: Explicit AF (GET OUT MINORS) Warning: SMUT- vaginal oral, strip-tease, KNIFE PLAY (consensual) Word Count: 2k A/N: this is a request from @stardust-danvers from my emoji prompt list.
🥺⛓️🎁😺🙈 for Billy?
I took the challenge to include as many of the emojis she sent in as possible and this is the result. i hope you all enjoy this!
Tumblr media
Your heart hammers as you smooth down the sides of your dress to better conceal the little hidden treasure from Billy. You shake your hands to try to shake off the nerves. This is the first time the two of you would be playing this little game and it sends a thrill through your whole body just thinking about it.
You clear your throat and pull your phone off your dresser and dial the number Billy had given you two hours prior. You hear the trilling of the line ringing, and then his voice, and it hits you like a tidal wave.
"You ready?" he asks in a low gravelly voice. You swallow hard and rub your thighs together subconsciously.
"Mhm," you respond simply as no other words could form in your head. You hang up the phone and gather your things to leave your apartment, and head to the hotel.
When you knock on the door and Billy answers, wearing one of his pressed suits, you find yourself unable to breathe for a moment. And then his eyes are scanning your body from top to bottom with a hungry lust in his eyes. "Been waitin' for you," he says as he moved closer, his hand on your hip only to pull you in the room, his lips ever so close to yours but never touching before he turns and walks away.
Your breath hitches as you try to calm your heart, but you watch as he strides over to the large armchair and clicks a button on a small remote. The music comes on over the Bluetooth speaker quietly, and from instinct, your hips start to sway a bit. Billy’s eyes do not stray from your moving body, drinking in every curve and sashay of the dress.
Your arms slowly swing and slide along your body. As confident as you looked on the outside, you were a wreck on the inside. You could physically feel your nerves lighting up, and your heart beating in your chest was like a war drum. But this time, it wasn’t the thrill of not knowing what was going to happen. Instead, you knew exactly what was going to happen because you were taking the lead.
You cross your arms over your chest to tug at the thin straps before slowly sliding them down to your elbows. Your teeth chew on your lower lip softly as you watch Billy’s face light up, concentrating on your every move. Your eyes dip down just enough to see him palming himself through his suit pants, and you know he’s hard just from the shadows of his pants.
“I’ve thought about you today,” you tell him as you slide the straps off your arms but hold the dress up, so it still covers your bare chest. You shimmy your arms just enough to let the swell of your breasts become exposed, and Billy audibly groans.
“I’ve thought about my gift that you told me was a surprise,” Billy retorts as he palms himself a bit harder, vying for any friction he can. Watching you do this for him when you had always been unsure of yourself had him turned on more than anything. “But what I’ve thought most about,” he tells you, leaning forward in the seat, arms on his knees as his eyes darkly look you over. “Is how fuckin’ tasty that pussy is.”
The gasp that leaves you at his words surprises you. Billy sits back again and chuckles, and watches as you slowly turn around. You make a little move that involves bending forward just enough that the edge of your dress slides up to give him the tiniest peek. But he loves it nonetheless.
You stand up slowly to let the dress slowly shimmy down to settle around your waist. Your top half is bare but Billy can only get a small peek of the side of your chest when you turn just enough to look over your shoulder at him. The dark and hungry look in his eyes nearly melts you right to the floor.
When the dress dips on your hips to show the top curvature of your ass, Billy nearly pounces. His nose flares and he clears his throat to keep himself from misbehaving. This was the celebration of his birthday after all. He knew he had to stay true to the guidelines the two of you had set in place and the biggest one being, he’s not allowed to touch until you tell him he can.
You smirk, feeling a surge of confidence as you swing your hips slowly from side to side and let the dress slide down, revealing that you were in fact wearing absolutely nothing under the dress. But when Billy’s eyes roam the expanse of your back and down, his eyes freeze on the black strap wrapped around your upper thigh.
“What’s that?” he asks with a jut of his chin, intrigued beyond belief, his eyes widened and darkened all the same as his heart feels like it’s climbing his throat.
“I thought maybe we could try something new,” you tell him as you turn and his gaze finally lifts to see your bare body standing before him. He nods in thought as you walk over to him, placing your hands on his shoulders gently.
You lean down close enough to his ear to speak and all he can see is your perfect tits directly in front of his face and all he wants is to grab them and squeeze them and pull them into his mouth. But he’s being good so instead, his hands ball into fists against his pants which are now impossibly tight.
“I can’t wait to have you laid beneath me, as I run the backside of the blade up your chest. You always wanted a bit of fun and spicy excitement didn’t you?” you ask but don’t let him answer. Not that he could now that all the blood in his body has rushed south.
Your mouth skates over his ear and down the swell of his neck. Ghosting your lips with just enough force that he could feel the faintness of your lips but the way he swallows hard tells you that he definitely is struggling to keep it together.
“Do you want it?” you ask in a deep sultry tone, your voice nearly cracking as you feel arousal pool in the pit of your stomach at how easily you can turn him on with barely touching him.
He nods frantically and groans quietly making you giggle in response. Your hand slips down, the back of your knuckles purposefully brushing against the crotch of his pants as you reach for the blade that’s neatly tucked into its sheath attached to your thigh.
You slide it out and stand up, letting the back of the blade slide up your stomach. You watch carefully as you press the cool steel against your nipple then turn to see Billy nearly salivating at the sight. You take a deep breath in, and Billy’s eyes, those nearly-black orbs, are boring into you as he watches your body erupt into goosebumps from the coolness of the knife.
His lower lip gets sucked into my mouth as he chews on it and meets your gaze. He wants to touch you so badly but he knows better. He knows he has to wait for your signal or your words. You let your tongue peek out to lick your lips slowly and Billy just about cums from the anticipation of it all.
“Come here,” you beckon him with the knife as you slowly back up towards the plush queen-sized bed. Billy practically fumbles out of the chair as he follows you like a puppy dog. “Down boy,” you motion with the knife and Billy is immediately down on all fours, crawling in his nice pressed suit along the carpet.
When you first sit down on the edge of the bed, you sit with your thighs together but as he nears, you slowly open your knees wide and let him have the perfect angle to see the prize he most certainly would be rewarded with for being such a good boy.
“All yours,” you tell him as you place the knife down on the bed next to you. The speed at which Billy is attached to your cunt makes you gasp and giggle. But those sounds soon give way to moans and groans as Billy eagerly laps at your soaked folds.
His tongue is a hard press against them before his lips move up to wrap around your clit with his tongue flicking it inside of his mouth. His beard is a soft scratch against your inner thighs and the lower part of your pussy but it only adds to the pleasure that he is giving you.
As his tongue works you, one of your hands comes to his hair to tug it gently yet firmly and the primal growl he lets out is sinful. He pops off your cunt to look up at you and you smirk at him. “I want your cum as my birthday dessert,” he tells you gruffly before diving back in and you cry out at the overwhelming tightening sensation in your lower abdomen.
His lips and tongue make quick work of you, tasting all that you can give him. His mouth moves your lips spread and his fingers come to the sides to help keep you open as he stiffens the muscle of his tongue and fucks it right into you.
His mouth covers your entire core as he licks into you over and over again. You feel a wash of warmth over your body and down as you near your climax. You are but a blubbering, moaning mess, unable to even warn him that you’re going to cum. But when you do, your body writhing and arching off the bed, Billy is there to drink you all down, just as he wanted.
He moves away only for a moment as you try to catch your breath. His long arm reaches up and grabs the knife that you had attached to your body. He moves it and inspects it, admiring it. It wasn’t one of his which means you had gone out and bought a special knife just for today. The tight feeling in his chest at that thought had him furrowing his brows before leaning down to capture your hardened nipple into his mouth.
You moan quietly as he sucks and flicks the hardened nub before popping off to give the other the same attention. Your body is already starting to buzz with energy again as you try to pull your head up to look down. When you spot that he has the knife you give a devilish, playful smirk. “Who said you could touch that?”
Billy raises and presses the back of the knife to your throat gently. A small firm press against the vulnerable part of your body and you nearly gasp a moan. Billy’s dark chuckle in this throat sends a flood of arousal to your still quivering pussy. “I do what I want.”
You don’t even fight it or snark back because his free hand is now touching and teasing your soaked folds. His long fingers expertly rubbing against your clit before moving away, just a tease, building you up until you are begging him to fuck you.
“I still have too many clothes on,” he tells you with a nonchalant shrug. You furrow your brows but then he grins and you know you’re in for it. What was supposed to be you in charge, has become him in charge and he loves it. “Besides, this,” he holds up the knife, “was an excellent surprise. And I know how much you love this,” he emphasizes the last word with a shove of two of his long slender fingers into you, crooked just right and you cry out wantonly at the welcome intrusion.
“Let’s have some fun, then.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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suzilight · a year ago
How do you communicate when the government censors the internet? With a peer-to-peer mesh broadcasting network that doesn’t use the internet.
That’s exactly what Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters are doing now, thanks to San Fransisco startup Bridgefy’s Bluetooth-based messaging app. The protesters can communicate with each other — and the public — using no persistent managed network.
The app can connect people via standard Bluetooth across an entire city, thanks to a mesh network. Chatting is speediest with people who are close, of course, within a hundred meters (330 feet), but you can also chat with people who are farther away. Your messages will simply “hop” via other Bridgefy users’ phones until they find your intended target.
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