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He was very emotional for grogu’s first day of school so boba had to come in as emotional support (fennec came because boba forced her to)
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Boba Has a Crush (On Rex’s Boyfriend)
In which Boba's quest for vengeance is derailed by a very pretty man with a lightsaber and a taste for violence.
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Literally ten days late but at least it exists! For @rexwalkerweek:
August 6th: Christophsis Form VI: Balance, Restriction, Justice
It’s… it’s so stupid, is the thing.
Boba’s planning his revenge. He is planning it, okay? He’s hanging out with cool older bounty hunters—not the ones his dad got on with, really, but Aurra found him before Kal or Mij did, and she seems okay—and setting up undercover work and learning code phrases and studying Jedi movements.
The Jedi are… nice to the clones. It’s weird. Sometimes, they get footage of a Jedi being nice to one of those clones that’s old and scarred enough that they look like Dad from a distance, and Boba’s stomach twists because he can almost imagine, for a moment…
But then the moment passes, and he just wants revenge again. Yeah, he wants to be pat on the head and hugged like the cadets he’s learning to mimic and blend in with on Kamino, but that’s not important. Avenging Dad is.
(Aurra and Cad don’t pat him on the head. They don’t hug him.)
(Every few days, he thinks about reaching out to Mij or Kal, but they wouldn’t let him seek revenge, so… after. He’ll reach out after.)
He looks into Kenobi for a while, trying to figure out if the man’s supposed familiarity with Mandalore would be something Boba could leverage. Dad had said the guy was annoying, but tolerable for a Jedi. Maybe Boba can manipulate him with that, somehow. Kenobi had an apprentice, right? So he was used to kids? Boba needs to learn more about this Skywalker guy.
Battle footage. Rex is in it, and Boba feels weird about that; he kind of remembers hanging out with Rex a few times, when he was young enough that Dad wouldn’t take him on missions, and he stayed behind with some of the clones. Rex had only been there because Boba had been left with Alpha-17 pretty regularly, and Rex followed around one of Alpha’s trainees, Cody, like a duckling.
Or at least, that was how Fox had described it. Boba hadn’t really known what a duck was.
Focus, he reminds himself. The Jedi. Skywalker. He needs to figure out the guy and see if there’s something he can use.
Good form. Violent and aggressive in a way the other Jedi don’t usually let show. Massive damage radius, holy kark.
Skywalker laughs atop a pile of decimated B-1s, and Boba feels his stomach turn.
Maybe. Maybe he can change the plan a bit. And slip into the Jedi’s unsuspecting Temple a different way.
Fives is the one that finds the kid.
His initial thought is that the transport that brought him and Echo back to the 501st after ARC training had gotten a cadet stowaway. Sure, the brat isn’t in uniform, but when there’s an obvious Fett clone, sized small, hiding in the rations cargo, and the transport from Kamino only landed three days ago, it feels like the obvious conclusion.
He holds the kid out at arm’s length by the back of the tunic. The kid hisses at him like a tooka. Fives shakes him appropriately.
“How the hell did you sneak past the minders?” Fives asks, head tilted.
“Fuck you.”
Yeah, that tracks. “Well, I guess I need to… get you back to Kamino? General Ti might want to up security.”
“I’m not from Kamino,” the kid scoffs, struggling as Fives grabs his hands as he tosses him over one shoulder; no reason to let the cadet have access to the weapons on Fives’ belt. “I mean, I grew up there, but I don’t belong there.”
“Yeah, no shit,” Fives snorts. “We all feel that way. Doesn’t mean you can just run off.”
“I’m not one of you,” the kid snaps.
“Sure, cadet.”
“I’m older than you!” the kid practically howls.
Fives pauses. He takes the kid off his shoulder. He examines the very angry small person.
“Boba?” he hazards.
“Ya think?”
(Continue on AO3)
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The Mand’alor’Karta: Prelude to Beskar Kisses
Pairing: Mand’alor!Din Djarin x Reader
Synopsis: According to legend, the Mand’alor’s soulmate was the only one who could make their heart beat, the darksaber keeping the Mand’alor alive until their other half was found. OR: The day Din found Reader and how Reader ended up in his employ.
A/N: I am learning that I don’t write anything in order apparently lol. This is written in 3rd person in Din’s pov. ENJOY!
Disclaimer: I do not own any Mandalorian/Star Wars anything. Legend of The Manda’lor’s Heart is my own.
Warnings: Mentions of servitude, mentions of violence, allusions to prostitution. I don’t personally know of like, any, Mandalorian traditions or legends and whatnot except for what’s in the show. Probably used Mando’a wrong, especially in the title lol. No use of Y/n, if you like that. Word Count: 3070 Mando’a:
~ Mand’alor (MAHN-dah-lor): Leader of Mandalore
~ Kar’ta (Kah-ROH-ta)
~ Mand’alor’Kar’ta (MAHN-dah-lor-Kah-ROH-ta): Leader of Mandore’s Heart
~ Hut’uun (hoo-TOON): Coward
~ Riduur (REE-door): Partner/Spouse
Pronunciations found here.
Tumblr media
Din Djarin’s heart stopped. Literally. The moment he turned on the lasersword. He didn’t know what it meant, but he was too tired to think much of it at the time. Maybe he had finally taken it too far? Maybe his body was finally going to stop. By pure determination and will, he kept going. No time to think about it too much. He had to keep going. He needed to get Gideon away from his kid. And Bo-Katan said to leave him to her. So without further thought, he told the hut’uun to move.
The smirk on the man’s face told Din he knew something, but he would never ask. Never willingly give the man what he wanted. Still, for losing the battle, the Moff didn’t act like he lost.
Not that it mattered. Din had more important things to take care of.
***A few Standard Years Later***
Din Djarin’s heart thumped. Literally. The moment he saw you haggling with the front desk agent on Naboo, clothes looking worse for wear. He was staying at the hotel for official Mandalore business. Business he had to be present for, much to his chagrin. It was also the fanciest hotel he had ever had the pleasure of staying in, even as Mand’alor.
“I just need a room for a few nights,” you pleaded. “I can work for it. I’m a good cook-”
“Sorry, but we’re all booked for the political negotiations. A lot of important people are staying here. Don’t need any riff raff coming in to stir up trouble.”
“I wouldn’t be any trouble at all,” you sounded frustrated, speaking through your teeth, jaw muscles flexing as if you were trying to play nice. “If there’s so many important people staying, I can help! Just give me a closet to sleep in at night,” you let out a sharp exhale, head bent down and hands gripping the counter tight enough to make your knuckles whiten. “That’s all I ask.”
“Can’t- Sorr-”
“She’s with me,” Din heard his voice float up to his ears before he realized what he was saying. Both heads whipped in his direction, one staring with hopeful, confused eyes, the other in wide-eyed fear.
“S-so s-sorry s-s-sir,” the front desk agent stuttered. “I just- uh- I just n-need to-” they licked their lips, eyes glancing back and forth between you and him before finishing their sentence. “Her name. I need to get it into the system in case she loses her key.”
Din stared at you through his visor expectantly as you continued to look at him, brows scrunched in confusion. If he were a braver man he would reach up and smooth those lines away.
Seconds ticked by before you realized you needed to speak. With a start, face turning back to the front desk agent you answered them, voice so quiet Din had to turn up the volume on his helmet.
Still, it wasn’t enough to hear it over the pounding of his heart. A sound he hadn’t heard- felt- in years.
When Bo-Katan had finally (after years of chasing him throughout the galaxies fighting for the darksaber) told him the legend of The Mand’alor’Kar’ta. After she had decided he was more ally than enemy. When she had accepted he would be the Mand’alor and her new goal was to guide him. The moment she accepted him, he remembered, she was patching him up after a particularly tough bounty. Found him lying in the forest, poisoned by a simple blade sticking out of his side.
His heart was not beating.
She thought he was dead until she saw his chest expand in halting, shallow movements. 
She realized then that the legend was real. The darksaber had chosen him, not her. Never her. Bo-Katan’s heart never stopped beating during her reign so she always thought it a fairytale.
She saved his life that day and barely left his side since.
It was frustratingly annoying. It was also the main reason he agreed to fly to Naboo for this…business he had. She had to stay behind on Mandalore. And now here he was, wishing she was here to guide him like she did during his earlier reign a few years ago.
Din stepped forward when, in his peripheral, he noticed the room key shaking in the front desk agent’s hand, eyes never leaving the lady in front of him. His Kar’ta. She hadn’t looked back at him since he made himself known and that worried him, making his newly pounding heart stutter.
“Lead the way, Mesh’la,” he said, arm outstretched, allowing you to walk in front of him. Truly, he had no idea which room they were in. Completely missed that detail at the front desk, along with anything else that was spoken. That worried him too- missing details. That’s what got a person killed.
You did as bid and he surmised you must be a servant, considering the work you were offering moments ago. Which could pose a problem, but then again, you were looking for a place to stay. A quiet fury burned in his chest at the thought of an employer kicking you out of a home with nowhere to go. He vowed then and there that he would kill whoever caused you this embarrassment. He just needed you to give him a name.
Lights automatically brightened the large living space of the suite as they stepped through the doorway. You stopped two steps in, the door quietly swooshed closed as Din froze behind you, so close his chestplate would touch you if he inhaled deeper than usual.
“I don’t do,” your voice halted before you continued in a quiet tone, “...favors.”
“Favors?” Din attempted not to speak too loud, thinking it would startle you, but the modulator made that difficult, amplifying his voice. You curled your shoulders inward, a sight that made his fists curl tight to keep himself from reaching out. Comforting wasn’t normally his first instinct, but with you…. It seemed his newly beating heart would shatter if he couldn’t hold you close. Protect you. Comfort you.
“Yeah,” your shoulders raised with a deep breath as you twirled around to face him, little wisps of hair harmlessly slapping his armor. “If you think,” you barely glanced up at his T-visor before thinking better of it, eyes trained on your own reflection in the beskar. “If you think I’ll do things with- to you- or something just for a place to rest my head, then you’ve got another thing coming,” you nodded as if to say you were done and now it was his turn to say something.
Instead, he sidestepped around you, brushing against your arm as you stood your ground and allowed the silence to reign, knowing better than to tell you he’s yours if only you’ll have him. Knowing his fury would seep through if he didn’t get a better handle on his emotions. Where have you been for that to be your first thought about a stranger’s kindness? Adding to that, the bit of contact made his heart pound and goosebumps to spread. Even if he knew that as a Mandalorian he would never have much human contact unless he found a riduur, but this was beyond his imaginings. If this was what it felt like to brush by you, he didn’t think he would be able to handle skin-to-skin contact.
It was all too much. He needed space. Something to focus on. Like hunt down the bastard who kicked you out of a dry, comfortable place to stay. Who caused thoughts of favors to be the only payment for kindness. But he was worried how his heart would physically react if he wandered too far from you. Would the darksaber keep him alive like it did before he found you? Or would it continue to beat, even without you within his line of sight?
“You can have the bed,” he said, not daring to glance your way, happy the modulator hid the shake in his voice. “I’ll take the couch.”
“Wha’,” you gasped, seeming to quickly grasp that he did not plan on taking advantage of you. 
His hands relaxed at the realization. 
“I can’t allow you to sleep on the couch,” you swiftly made your way towards him, grabbing his arm and tugging him back to slip past and planted yourself on the stiff looking cushion. The voluntary contact had his blood rushing to a place he had been ignoring since Grogu came along, having no time for that pastime between running for their lives one moment and fighting the next. It took every ounce of self control he had to keep a groan from slipping past his lips. “Besides, you're probably some important dignitary or something with the negotiations going on. So you’ll need your sleep.”
“Not really,” he said, still unable to move.
“No? Then what brings you to Naboo?”
“A bounty,” the reflexive lie tasted bitter on his tongue, but he wasn’t about to tell you who he really was only a few minutes into meeting you, afraid you would scurry off or worse- start bowing.
Your eyes glinted with an all too familiar look that had his thoughts running to his son and his mischief-making. “You're awfully shiny for a bounty hunter.”
Din shrugged, forcing his muscles into action and started searching for something to keep you warm when you inevitably fell asleep. Really, it was to be a barrier for when he moved you to the bed. The most logical place he could think of was the bedroom closet, door opening as he stepped up to it and closing directly after he stepped through. He sighed, ripping off his helmet and let his head fall against the door, allowing himself to finally breathe as he took a moment to himself- just one moment- until he continued the search.
Blanket in hand, he stepped back into the living space, head tilting at the sound of your voice. Wondering who you could be talking to.
“-brings you here, Mr. Adorable?”
A quiet babble and coo caused Din to practically jump out of his beskar and run to the sound. It was impossible. There was no way-
“Grogu,” he growled above your shoulder, causing you to reflexively curl yourself over his son and jump out of arm’s length, protecting him. The action simultaneously had him smiling and caused his stomach to drop at the loss of your proximity. 
“Ba!” Grogu smiled, arms reaching for his father, legs kicking to get out of your grasp.
Din sighed and rushed - invading your space - and quick as a blaster shot, grabbed the little green gremlin from your hold with his empty hand. “How did you get here, you little womp rat.”
Grogu blew a raspberry and giggled in reply, spit bubbles popping around his mouth.
“Is that so,” Din chuckled, never able to stay mad at his son for more than a few seconds. “Is your teacher here? Does he know you stow-”
The tap-tap-tap of claws on his chest plate interrupted Din’s musings.
“Ba?” Grogu’s ears twitched, head leaning close to where his heart had - thankfully- settled down to a regular rhythm since finding you.
“Sorry-” Din’s head snapped up at the sound of your quiet voice. “But who- what- your?” You let the sentence hang expectantly.
“Grogu,” the kid looked up at the sound of his name, no longer intrigued by the sound of his father’s newly beating heart. “My son.”
You nodded, eyes bouncing back and forth between Din and Grogu before slowly making your way back to the couch. 
Din followed, sitting on the chair adjacent to you before he started to explain. “He’s become an escape artist.” A pert brow raised at his words, but it was the only explanation he had that summed up the entire situation. Although, he had no doubt the Jedi knew exactly where his Padawan was with his magic Force sense - something DIn doubts he’ll ever fully comprehend.
A heavy sigh escaped after a few seconds and you slumped into the couch, eyes now closed.
“Here,” Din tossed the blanket on your lap and stood, clearing his throat. “I’ll let you sleep.”
Din headed to the bedroom, immediately preparing Grogu for bed and waited for him to fall asleep on a pillow before daring to make a holocall.
“Vod,” the flickering, blue-tinged sight of Boba Fett calmed Din’s nerve-wracked body. Fett always had answers about all things Mandalorian. “To what do I owe the pleasure of this wake up call to?”
“Sorry, but I have a question and you're the only one I trust not to spread it around Mandalore.”
“You have my word.”
“What do you know about the legend of Mand’alor’kar’ta?”
“That bantha-fodder story? Of how the darksaber keeps the Mand’alor alive while his heart stays silent until he finds the one who carries his heart?” Fett barked out a harsh laugh. “That’s why you’re calling me so early in the morning? For a bedtime story?”
Din stayed silent as he waited for Fett to calm down enough and put the pieces together.
“Wait,” Fett spoke up after a few tense seconds of silence. “Are you telling me your heart hasn’t been beating since you’ve had the darksaber?”
“I specifically need to know if it stays beating without Kar’ta.”
“Who else knows about this?” Fett said instead.
Din let out a heavy sigh, knowing he wasn’t going to get anywhere until he answered all of his questions. “Kryze.”
“The Princess. You told her before you told me,” Fett’s tone was accusatory.
“No,” Din was quick to respond. “She found me severely injured on a Mid-RIm planet. Thought I was dead and brought me back to life.”
“Is she-”
“Thank the Maker,” Fett breathed out. “But you did find your Kar’ta?”
Din tilted his head down in the smallest of nods, unable to voice that he, in fact, had found her. As if speaking the words would make it all too real.
“Fett,” DIn growled in warning.
“I imagine you should stay close to your Kar’ta until they are your riduur.”
“And if I don’t?”
“I have no idea.”
Din groaned, helmeted head falling into his hands.
“The legend never mentions anything between the time of finding their Kar’ta and marriage. My father only said there was great pain for the Mand’alor who doesn’t follow his heart.”
Without so much as a goodbye, Din shut off his handheld projector, effectively ending the call.
He had been sitting on the couch while Grogu babbled excitedly in his lap, telling him…something. Din was both longing and dreading the day he would be able to comprehend his son’s words when you ran into the living space as though your life depended on it, hair askew, blurting out what was on your mind. 
“Icanwatchhim,” the words ran together, your breathing heavy.
Din was only a little surprised your first action of the day wasn’t kicking him in the shin for moving you to the bedroom and slowly turned his head in your direction, wary of startling you.
“I can watch him,” you stated more calmly, breaths now taken at a normal pace, and cleared your throat. Looking more composed, hands folded in front of you. “While you’re out doing whatever it is you do.”
Din tilted his head in contemplation, wondering if the solution to his Kar’ta problem had really just landed in his lap.
“And I can cook,” you suddenly said, a single finger pointing up like the idea popped in your head at that very moment, likely unable to bear his silence any longer. He had used the tactic knowingly many times before. In his bounty hunting years and now as Mand’alor, but he didn’t purposely use it now. Although it seemed to have worked to his advantage anyway. 
“I’m pretty good at it too,” you continued. “I was a handmaiden to a senator’s mother. I doubled as her personal cook after she stopped traveling with her son,” your feet shuffled as you rambled on. “When I say I can cook, I mean cook for both of you. Not just the little guy,” your smile looked strained. Still, Din couldn’t help but notice your beauty and ferocity in this sudden job proposition.
“Okay,” he said, standing with Grogu now in the crook of his arm, knowing it was for the best. No longer needing to worry about how to convince you to stay by his side. And you gave him a clue as to who kicked you out of house and home; a senator with an elderly, possibly recently deceased mother. He grasped onto that knowledge, easily returning to the days he was the beroya for his tribe. 
“Wait,” he froze at the demand before realizing you seemed lost, spinning around and back. “How did I end up in the bedroom?”
He shrugged, unwilling to admit he carried you there himself. Arms still burning from the memory of how you felt in them, wanting- craving- more. He met your squinted, suspicion tinged gaze, knowing his armor hid his secrets well.
“Did you-”
“I’ll be back,” he stated, taking quick strides and practically dumped the thing he loves most in your arms as he continued past you to the exit. Trusting you completely. Which was dangerous. Trust in a stranger could kill a person. And for you it would likely be an easy task. The thought cut a sharp pain through his heart. His footsteps faltered, unable to smoothly mask the pain.
Din Djarin, the Mand’alor, froze for the second time in one morning and turned his head over his shoulder to show he was listening.
“What do I call you?” The question came out as a whisper.
“Mando,” he stated before leaving you and Grogu alone. Before leaving his Kar’ta behind. Before gathering information on a certain senator. Before pounding into him until he was unrecognizable or dead, depending on how long it would take for someone to rip him off the guy. His fists clenched at the thought, a smile creeping onto his face as he walked down the halls of Naboo’s best hotel. The galaxies would learn to never mess with the Mand’alor’s Heart.
But first, he must attend mind-numbing negotiations.
Thank you for reading!
Enjoyed this? Read more here.
~ Mand’alor (MAHN-dah-lor): Leader of Mandalore
~ Kar’ta (Kah-ROH-ta)
~ Mand’alor’Kar’ta (MAHN-dah-lor-Kah-ROH-ta): Leader of Mandore’s Heart
~ Hut’uun (hoo-TOON): Coward
~ Riduur (REE-door): Partner/Spouse
Pronunciations found here.
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Mando can hear reader getting railed by Boba Fett in the other room, only thing is... he’s absolutely in love with her! Uh oh!! F!Reader, 18+ only, no minors.
They don’t know how thin the walls are. 
Why would they? All they’ve ever heard on the other side was the quiet Mandalorian who kept to himself and didn’t make a sound. Meanwhile, he’s heard their soft chatter and other things that he’d prefer to forget.
He can hear the steady thwack thwack thwack of the bed and he can hear the low rumble of Fett’s voice saying something indecipherable to her. The Mandalorian is irritated — he wants to put his helmet on and drown out the sound, not because he couldn’t sleep, but because he’s absolutely bitter and jealous.
Din wanted her. He had always wanted her, and he was hers whether she knew it or not... and then she met Boba Fett. And as Din was preoccupied with the kid, with finding a new ship, with a million other things, something must have happened between the two of them, and Din was left alone with all these feelings that no longer had a place to go.
Why the hell is it so loud in there? Is she riding him like that, bouncing up and down on his length...? No, the sound wasn’t quite right, the headboard wouldn’t be hitting the wall like that… no the direction of force had to be moving forward, not downward... so Fett had to be on top, coming down into her hard... and it’s over and over and over…
The Mandalorian could drive himself crazy wondering about them, and for a moment he thinks of banging on the wall. It would make them stop. It would remind them that he’s next door and would let them know he could hear them.
But then he hears her cry in delight.
The Mandalorian throws his head back and his body begins to react to her exertions despite his better judgement. All thoughts of ending this are now gone — Din couldn’t startle her or embarrass her now after he’s heard something like that. No, not like this. Not when she must be feeling so good. She’s trying to be quiet, he can tell, but still she can’t help but whine and mewl softly as she’s getting fucked.
Din’s cock is aching, begging to be touched, and he frees himself from underneath his flightsuit. He spits in his hand and reaches for his half-hard cock with a stern expression plastered on his face, and as he begins to stroke himself, aided by the muffled sound of her voice and the rhythms of their motions, Din’s imagination begins to run wild.
With every stroke, he imagines it’s his cock making her gasp. There was so much he wanted to do to her, so much he knew he could do to make her feel just how much he burned for her. He could see her furrowed brows and hear her little whines as he takes her, he can hear his name falling from her lips. He times his strokes with their movements, trying to recreate the pressure of her hot cunt and closing his eyes. Fuck, she must be tight... she must be so perfect and warm and lovely... and he’s already close.
“Boba!” she cries softly, followed by an unmistakable grunt of release from Fett.
And it’s as if the bubble of Din’s fantasy bursts right as he comes, and he is sucked back into the sad reality where he’s alone in his bunk and listening to the girl he’s in love with get fucked by Boba Fett. He knows he can’t hold it against Fett, who had only ever been accommodating and helpful towards him, but in that moment, Din hates him... at least a part of him does.
It was Din’s own fault though. Fett had no reason to suspect what the Mandalorian felt for her, and she went to him very willingly. But if Din had been just a bit faster, if he hadn’t dragged his heels and tried to suppress how much he absolutely adored her... then maybe it would be him in her bed instead of Fett.
The pair goes quiet in the next room. Din can hear the faintest chatter as he sits up and takes in the mess he made, noting some laughter and some pauses for what he could gather were kisses, and the frustrated Mandalorian throws his helmet on so that he could go clean himself up in the fresher.
He doesn’t move to look when he hears her door open, just as he passes through the hall.
“Din?” she chimes quietly.
The Mandalorian turns to find her standing alone, staring at him with wide eyes and parted lips and his heart throbs in his chest. His gaze softens; her skin is glowing, her lips are perfectly glistening and swollen, and she’s charmingly disheveled — and Din knows exactly why.
“Is everything alright?” she asks.
“Yes, I... I was just going to use the fresher,” he stammers with a strangled voice as his shame begin to fester.
“Oh, me too,” she says with an awkward laugh, shifting her legs in discomfort at their encounter. “Go ahead.”
“You can go first — please,” Din offers quickly, gesturing for her to enter ahead of him with a soft smile she cannot even see, but one she always felt in his tired voice.
She stalls for a moment. There’s a pause between them as each of them try to gauge how much the other knows, and still, in their uncertainty, they look upon each other with kind eyes and an unspoken understanding. “Din, I…” she falters.
Din’s own voice catches in his throat. He wants to shake his head, to tell her there’s nothing she needs to explain and that if anyone owed an explanation it was him... instead, she walks ahead of him and opens the door, bowing her head with a curt smile as she ducks into the small fresher.
“Thank you,” she whispers. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight,” the Mandalorian replies with the bow of his head.
Din didn’t know what she had with Fett, if it was love or lust or anything in-between, but he knew he’d wait for her... and she knew that too.
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skywalker-sapphic2 · 2 days ago
vader wanted to feel as normal as possible and as close to the past as he could so he hired boba fett a lot to remind him of rex and he took galen as an apprentice to remind him of ahsoka. meanwhile ahsoka and rex have moved on for the most part, theyve healed while vader is still stuck in the past and trying to go back to the good days when he was a decent person. before he screwed it up. before he ruined everyone’s life. god im going to be sick.
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readtilyoudie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Star Wars Age of Republic - Villains 
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ashen-sky · 2 days ago
Modern star wars AU hc, this covers a wide time period (sort of?) and still follows cultures and species from the star wars universe (I.e Hera is still a Twi'lek, Ahsoka is still a Togruta, Mandalore is a country instead of a diffrent planet, ect.)
P.s it might be a bit all over the place I've been adding to it for about 3 weeks and tried to keep related information together
- the jedi all go to the same temple, in this au the jedi religion is no different then being Jewish, Muslim, Christian, ect.
- Caleb and Cal are neighbors, they've been besties since kindergarten (I refuse to separate these two, they are now a pair)
- Caleb's nickname is Kanan
- masters= parents (adopted or bio, a few exception cases like Ahsoka and Ani, Obi wan and Ani, ect.)
- obi wan is qui gon's bio kid, Anakin was adopted
-Ahsoka is adopted by plo koon
- while I would love to include all clones, last time I tried that I fried my modern AU, so here's a more edited list with my faves
- Jango had Boba and Omega
- Rex and Cody are brothers, they're boba and omega's cousins
- the bad batch(quintuplets) + domino twins are brothers and are boba and omega's first cousin once removed (so Jango's aunt/uncle's kids)
- pretty much everyone in the fett family joins the military to some degree
-Bd-1 is Cal's small dog, C3P0 is a golden retriever (or possibly a service dog for Ani due to childhood trauma) and R2 is a cat (maybe a tuxedo), Chewwie is one of those big super fluffy dogs, Chopper is a ginger cat, and Jar Jar is Padme's overly excitable yippy dog (couldn't decide on a breed)
- Hera and Kanan eventually adopt a wolf dog they name Dume, Chopper hates sharing attention
- Kanan adopts Ezra
- Sabine is related to Bo-Katan and Satine (somehow, I know she's the same clan so extended family!)
- After meeting clan Wren (I am writing this as I watch Rebels) I have decided Ursa was Satine and Bo-Katan's adpoted first cousin once removed
- Hera is totally Airforce, like I feel like that's the closest to her role in rebels, her and Kanan met in highschool
- their song, which later became their first dance at their wedding, is "Ain't no mountain high enough"
- Zeb is another friend of theirs from highschool, he was a year or two younger
- Zeb is a security guard, Ezra is an animal conservationist (see him and Loth wolves), his parents had a radio show where they talked about endangered species
- Kanan is a firefighter (because irony) and Cal is an elementary school teacher who is in charge of his school's fencing club
- in this au Kanan's injury comes from a job, once he's blinded he joins Ezra in his work
- Cere is a highschool music teacher, Merin is a history teacher who also has an elective cultures course, and Greez is a freelance pilot who's business is definitely totally 100% legal(/s aka he takes some shady jobs)
- Cere and Greez are neighbors, Merin works at the same school as Cere, and she meets Cal through her
- Din obviously adopts Grogu at some point, and Luke volunteers at the temple's Sunday school which is where he meets them(???)
- I feel like Luke would own a martial arts school, Leia becomes a politician like her mum, Anakin would be a robotics engineer
- Satine is prime Minister of Mandalore, Bo- Katan is either military or lawyer (she strikes me as the lawyer type), Sabine was going to join the military but ended up pursuing an artistic career, Korki wants to go into politics like his aunt
- Mandalore works like the u.s where it's a bunch of small countries a trench coat, except they're more functional... mostly
- Obi wan is either a social worker (helping other kids like Anakin) or some kind of diplomat, he only became a diplomat cause he took a few classes to spend more time with a cute international student *cough* Satine *cough* and found he was good at diplomacy
- Plo Koon and Ahsoka are body guards/ security, Plo has his own company, Ahsoka started as being in charge of marketing (I consulted my mom for Ahsoka's job and she suggested marketing because she's so bubbly)
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An old boba fett commission 💫
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Ok so painting isn’t really my thing but still I wanted to give a try with our beloved Captain
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Boba Fett. Colors by Dave McCaig
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Jabba says you can have an extra hour in the ballpit
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Plus, she's a huge, huge Star Wars fan.
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