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#Boku no Hero Academia

Strike Three

The strong aroma of curry filled the house. You stood in the kitchen, stirring the pot while occasionally gazing at the clock planted on the wall. Bakugou had texted you about an hour ago that he would be coming home earlier than usual, having finished his mission report faster than expected, so you quickly started preparing dinner as soon as you saw the message. 

On the other end of the line Bakugou smirked to himself at the sight of your name pop up on his screen as he added the last few touches on his report.

Babygirl: Yay! Can’t wait to see you babe!

His heart squeezed in his chest as he gazed at your smiling face in his lockscreen. You had teased him days on end, back when you first started dating in high school, when you found out about the little secret gallery he kept in his phone of unsuspecting photos he had taken of you. A handful of them with your bright smile as you laughed or talked with your friends. You joked, calling him a creep but you found it undeniably adorable, you couldn’t help but squeal. And the teasing remarks only increased tenfold when you caught the little nickname he had set for your contact.

But it was true, as soft and vulnerable as it made him seem, you were his baby.

Quickly concluding his report and submitting it to his agent, he grabbed his stuff, rushing out the door of his agency to finally get home to you.


The sound of metal clicking and the turn of the doorknob signaling that your lover had just gotten home. Just in time as you turned off the burner and prepared two plates for dinner.

“I’m home” you heard the deep voice of your lover call from the doorway. His tone was nonchalant but little did you know that a smile stretched across his face as the smell of curry hit his nostrils and the sweet hum of your voice in response to his call had his heart jumping with excitement. His friends often accused him of being “totally whipped” thus sending threats and curses towards them but he couldn’t deny that deep down, he was utterly and undisputedly whipped. 

Stepping into the room he caught sight of you standing at the stove, back turned towards him as you filled your plates up with the hot fresh meal. You were clad in his shirt, much too big for you as it fell mid thigh and covered whatever you could possibly be hiding underneath. His vermillion eyes raked down the length of the smooth skin of your legs, watching as your feet turned around indicating that you were now facing him. 

His eyes finally locked with the (e/c) pair that he loved so much.

“Dinners ready.” you said with a smile. 

Bakugou walked towards you, wrapping his strong arms around your waist and pressing a kiss to your forehead. You whined about how he reeked of smoke and dirt but he knew by the playful tone in your voice that you were just as happy to be in each other’s embrace. 

“Did my baby make me food?”

You felt a tingle run down your spine at the little nickname. You nodded your head.

“Mhm cooked your fave. With extra spice just how you like it.”

Bakugou pressed a kiss to your lips, humming with satisfaction at the feeling of your soft mouth against his. His hands daringly migrating south, resting dangerously close to your bottom. He noticed how awfully thin the barrier between his hand and the skin beneath your shirt was. And he especially noticed the lack of shorts waistband there was against your hips. 

You were the first to pull away, looking up at him with hooded eyes and pink dusting your cheeks.

Adorable, he thought.

“We should eat before the food gets cold.” you said, but neither of you made any move to separate. 

Bakugou only hummed, instead leaning back in and stealing your lips in another kiss. This time more passionately. His hands now sneaking up your shirt and squeezing the plump flesh underneath.

“Hm?” the sound vibrating against your mouth, the male pulling away slightly but your lips still brushing against one another, “Lace panties?”

Your face flushed at his words causing the grin on his face to grow wider. 

“W-we should eat!” you stammered out, feeling too embarrassed to let him prod any further. You knew where this was going and you weren’t going to let your effort of making dinner go to waste any longer than it should have. Pushing against his chest you grabbed the plates and set them on the table. Not without Bakugou getting one last pat to your bottom. You squeaked, quickly throwing a glare at him over your shoulder. The fucker only shrugged his shoulders with that stupid smirk on his handsome face.

“And here I thought I would be able to treat myself to dessert before dinner.” he chided.

“S-shut up!”


After a fulfilling dinner the couple rested in the comfort of their shared bedroom. Bakugou already has his hands under your shirt with large palms groping your chest and your pelvis pressed against his as you straddle him with your back turned towards him. You whined about him being too eager, having finished dinner just minutes ago not even bothering to clean the dishes as they sat in the sink still stained with curry. But who cared right now? Not when his hard bulge was pressed against your damp cunt that was barely protected by the weak excuse of underwear that you wore and the soft moans and mewls that spilled from your mouth sang in the air. 

“Katsukiii” you whined, gripping one of his wrists to direct him lower down your body. He gladly complied, running it down your sides and slipping it under the band of your panties to rub at your sensitive bud. 

A gasp left your lips as the sensation of his clothed member grinding against you combined with the drawn circles on your clit increased the heat to your core, chasing you to your peak faster. 

Oh- Katsuki!” you cried as you shook to his ministrations. You were close, so, so close. 

“That’s it baby. I love the cute little noises you’re making. C’mon call me.”

“Katsuki- I-ah! I need more…” you whined, followed by a keen. 

“More?” he feigned a question, but you knew he was just being a little shit, prodding dumbfoundedly until you were begging. 

“Katsuki!” you exclaimed, he peered over your shoulder. The full body mirror that sat in front of your bed giving him a perfect view of your current position. Your legs on either side of his hips as you sat with his bulge between your thighs, one of his hands buried in the delicate fabric of your lace panties and the other hidden beneath the large shirt you wore. But his favorite part of the whole scene was your expression. Eyes shut, cheeks stained pink, and mouth hung open as you panted, enjoying the sensation of his touch as you swivel your hips down on his to gain more friction. 

Fuck it, he thought, fuck all the egging you on, he wanted to be sheathed inside of you just as much as you did- if not more. 

Flipping you over so that you were facing him, he pulled you into his chest by the waist and captured your lips in a messy kiss. Tongues tangling, barely going inside either’s mouth. When you parted for air, a string of saliva still connecting your mouths and your lips latched onto his jaw, peppering kisses down his neck as an unspoken plea to show how desperate for his cock you were. 

You sucked at the skin of his collarbone, a low growl rumbled in Bakugou’s throat. Usually it would be the other way around, having you pinned to the mattress as he littered your skin with love bites and hickeys to show everyone who you belonged to. But he absolutely loved it when you were just as hungry to mark him, letting every thirsty bitch know that he was taken- that you were the only one for him. 

Your face nuzzled into the junction between his neck and shoulder. Taking a big whiff of his scent, getting a hint of caramel and- grease?

You remembered that he still hadn’t showered since coming home. The smell wasn’t much of a problem but you noticed that his skin littered with soot and dirt, but you failed to notice that he was still clad in his uniform and you were laying on the bed. Making your face twist into slight disgust.

“Katsuki you’re dirty.” 

He chuckled, interpreting your words in a different way, “Not as dirty as you, naughty girl-”

You lifted your upper body, resting the palms of your hands on top of his chest and looking down at him with a frown, “No, you haven’t taken a shower and you’re covered in dirt.”

Bakugou’s eyes widened, feeling the mood go sour. Was this really the time to be talking about his hygiene? Sure he got on people for that kinda shit, but he was so turned on and he knew you were too. He didn’t have time to just get up and leave right now. 

Staring down at his incredulous expression, understanding that what you had just said was such a turn off, but your words also had other intentions. Hoping that you could continue your little activity in the shower. Together. 

Bakugou also had the same intentions at the back of his mind, but thinking back to his little scheme he started at the beginning of the week he held back a sneaky grin. Since you wanted to kill the mood, he might as well end it all together. 

Payback time.

Bakugou clicked his tongue, feigning annoyance when in reality he just wanted to piss you off even more. 

“Tch, fine I’ll go take a shower since you wanna be a brat about it.” maneuvering your body off of him and to the side, he got up from the bed. Leaving you alone in the bedroom.

Eyes blown wide with confusion. 

Did you just piss him off that much?

You watched his back as he disappeared into the en suite bathroom, the sound of running water following quickly after. Bakugou poked his head out from the corner, marveling at the obvious emptiness you expressed on your face. He…he wasn’t going to invite you? Or maybe you should just take the initiative on your own-

Getting up to stalk him into the bathroom, you were met with his unnerving expression and a quirk of his brow. 

“Hm? The hell are you doing? Gonna nag me about scrubbing properly?” playing dumb.

Immediately, your entire face bloomed into a bright red. You weren’t going to just ask him if you could join him in the shower! You’ve seen each other naked plenty of times but admitting such intimate acts was embarrassing- even if you had been begging for him just minutes ago. 

“O-o-oh! Um! Nothing! J-Just wanted to say don’t use up all the hot water!” you lied, rushing back to the bed in embarrassment. 

Bakugou stifled a chuckle. Guess he’ll just have to get himself off with his hand tonight. 


You laid on your back. 

Your lovers gentle snores bouncing off the walls of the room as you stared up at the ceiling in the dark. A frown hanging on your lips and your eyebrows creased in frustration.

Seriously again?! He could’ve at least picked up where he left off!


haha i typed this up real quick last night after uploading the latest mirai chapter. but i have to say this one was quite enjoyable to write lol nasty

anyways im thinking about making 2 more fics for this little mini series (unless yall have suggestions for it hehe)

currently working on next mirai chapter as well as a tobio and overhaul fic so stay tuned for that


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Fav bnha hero? Also, if you had to choose another quirk for Deku, what would it be?

I like…. The bastards….. Bakugou and endeavor are walking disasters and I really enjoy their growth and yet…. Sometimes…. I think about all might… And I start crying;;;;;

I also think about nighteye;;;; and start crying;;;;;;;;;;;;

I like a lot of things people have picked but I think id have to go with something like nighteyes premonition quirk

…and yet I cannot deny the rock lee urge within me to say he should ve gone in hero course quirkless and ripped as hæll

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Hey hey! How abouuut, Bakugo finding out that his s/o is a really good musician (plays thr guitar, sings...) but never told him cause she's shy?? Also I love love loove your writing! ❤️❤️

Yes! I loved the episode getting to see Bakugo play on the drums, it was interesting.


Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

- You didn’t sing or play in front of Katsuki, because you were always worried that he would judge you or make a rude comment.

- One day though you were alone since Kirishima had managed to get Katsuki out of the house and hang out with Sero and Denki, they went to the gym.

- Since he was out the whole day, you decided to sing some and play a bit on your guitar. It was a creative outlet for you, especially in your down time.

- When you got with Katsuki however, you hid that part of yourself in fear he would tease you.

- You were really into it today, you didn’t even hear Katsuki come inside. You had your eyes closed and were fully immersed in the mood.

- Katsuki stood there shocked, he couldn’t believe it- you were better than anyone he had heard before! He cleared his throat and decided to make a comment, “I don’t know why you’re trying to become a hero with a voice like that.”

- You practically jumped out of your skin, your secret was fully exposed. You sat down your instrument and turned around, “W-What do you mean?”

- “I mean, you’re a good singer so why waste your time in the hero course when you could be in a recording studio..” he gave you his signature cocky smile before walking closer, “I could be a back-up drummer.”

- “Back-up?!” you squeaked out, “You are not the type to stay in the background, what makes you say that?” this was very out of character for the explosive male.

- “I’m just trying to compliment you, ya know? You don’t have to make it weird..” his face was red, but he did just get back from the gym. He shrugged, “Whatever, how come you didn’t tell me about this?”

- “I just thought you’d think it’s stupid..” you mumbled, feeling insecure about sitting there while he looked at you. But before you could blind Katsuki lunged at you and hugged you, taking you down with him.

- You laughed for a moment before you heard him mumble, “I’m sorry for making you feel that anxious…” he was hiding his face, “I promise nothing you do is stupid to me, just tell me. Because if it’s something like this- it’s amazing.”

What a sweet boy!

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Doing this challenges is my guilty pleasure.

Here are some characters from my favorite anime fandoms! I’m doing the same fandoms as @mariaoz…. yes, we are weebs….

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Hi!! May I please have Hawks surprising his s/o with a picnic date?? And can you make the s/o either male or gender neutral?? Lots of fluff pls🥺 I love him SO MUCH !! Thank you so muchh!!!

Hey! I hope you like this! I know is short but you can ask for another scenario whenever you want! Enjoy!

“Keigo, can you tell me where are we going?” Y/N is currently being carried by their boyfriend, Hawks, with no idea where he was taking them. He told them to not open their eyes in the way since he wanted to surprise them.

“Nope, but we’re almost there!”

Y/N felt how Keigo slowed down and began descending to the ground.

“Okay, you can open your eyes, Dove!”

Y/N opened their eyes. It took them a moment to realize what Keigo had done for their sudden date.

Since Keigo had been with a lot of work, he couldn’t spend a lot of time with Y/N. He made a mental note to take them for a picnic, the place was far from the city, without too many people around. This day is supposed to be for the two of them. Without being interrupted by fans or the media.

“Oh, Keigo.” Keigo saw how Y/N’s eyes started to get watery.

“Did you not like it?” He grew nervous with the reaction that his s/o had. “We can go to another place! Wher-”

He couldn’t keep talking when Y/N connected their lips. It lasted for as long as they could.

When the two of them separate, Y/N took his face in their hands. Their face showed gratitude and love. And Keigo could see that.

“I love it.”

With another kiss, the couple took a seat where all their things were. They stayed there all-day enjoying their time together and sharing words of appreciation and love.

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