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Seriously y'all pretend that priyanka Chopra is the worst person to ever walk on earth. All she did was to say “jai hind” .

She is hated unfairly. You all hate her but never talk about-

  • Kangana ranawaut ( she can’t live without being islamophobic for 5 minutes)
  • Amir Khan ( accused adulterer and champion of nationalist movies, luckily his movies are nationalist and not jingoistic)
  • Salman’s khan( murderer and domestic abuser, cant survive without insulting and objectifying women)
  • Akshay kumar aka rajeev bhatia( jingoistic Canadian who pretends to be indian, also abpv supporter)
  • Sanjay dutt( criminal)
  • Ranbir Kapoor ( serial cheater)
  • Karna Kapoor khan( bully)
  • Shahid kapoor( promoted toxic masculinity)
  • Varun dhawan( toxic masculinity)
  • Vivek angihotri( go search for yourself)
  • Dilip kumar aka Yusuf Khan( pedo)
  • Rajesh khanna( pedo)
  • That director of kabir Singh
  • Kabir Khan ( nationalist movies)
  • Rohit shetty( promotes police brutality)
  • Vicky Kaushal ( nationalist movies)
  • John abraham ( nationalist movies)
  • Karan johar(bully and an asshole)
  • Every light skinned indian actress ( fairness cream)
  • Every indian actor ( item songs)

God know y'all will hate A R Rehman too when I tell you he composed and sang “Jai ho” and “Ma tujhe salam”.

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