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#Boo Seungkwan
nikis-mum · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➵ PAIRING : ot13 x reader.
➵ GENRE : fluff, gen.
➵ REQUEST : hiii!!! can i request svt headcanons (ot13 but if thats too much just the vocal line) with a quiet s/o. like they prefer to sit quietly and listen to conversations rather than join in and are only really social when they feel really happy?? tysm have a good day!! <3 — anon.
➵ a/n : this was quite time consuming ngl and i feel like I did exactly what vernon accused jeonghan and the rest of doing "the younger the members are, the less sincere you are?" skkslsjkd
Tumblr media
-`,✎ as we all know seungcheol is the leader of seventeen and seventeen has quite a few number of members that prefer to remain quiet in chaotic situations and just observe. due to that I feel like seungcheol would be absolutely be fine if you didn't exactly feel like talking in a big group since that could be overwhelming but he would definitely encourage you to try and be more social not to mention he has the biggest and most proudest smile on his face when you start going off on tangent whilst talking to him or someone else and not realise that you're rambling about the thing you love. yeah so overall, he wouldn't force you but would definitely give you a little nudge if needed will also not hesitate to silence everyone up if he saw you had something to say.
-`,✎ although jeonghan is not the most quiet member and is usually the cause of those chaotic moments, he is often quite quiet. in some cases you can see him sit back and observe his members as they have a go at each other so he'd be understanding if you were like that since it may be fun being in the scene but it's also more fun if you're watching it from the sidelines. he'd likely make sure that you're quietness if just your personality and not because you're insecure about something and if it was because of the latter he'd definitely try helping you become less insecure. this right here is common knowledge but we're very much aware of how observant jeonghan is of the people that surround him and so prepare to have a pair of eyes watching you every so often to ensure your comfort. would be nonchalant if you talk alot bc he doesn't want to make it seem like it's abnormal and weird you off.
-`,✎ one of the quiet members. this man is very understanding if you'd like to just sit back and observe rather than divulging into a conversation that is way too hyped up. the both of you just enjoy the comfortable silence whenever you're in each others presence, is happy to just sit there with you and observe everything with a smile. he's definitely got you talking the most from everyone you know since he'd just sit there and listen if you have anything to say like at all. joshua's a very patient and kind man so he'll have you talking for as much or as little as you'd like. whenever you do talk to him fully and with energy he'd be willing to match your energy, he's just overall quiet and calm when he feels like it and talkative once he's around people he's comfortable with.
-`,✎ with jun he's definitely a loud person for sure but in social settings where he's not that familiar with people he doesn't know, he'll tend to be on the quieter side with not much to say but if encouraged to he might speak just a few words and so he'd definitely just sit there and be quiet with you if you were in a similar setting but would try and get your opinions on certains things so you don't feel left out. he's definitely a sucker for you and so when he's sees you talking animatedly to him hell just watch you with heart eyes and be as hyper as you are.
-`,✎ to put it simply, he is one loud mf. skks jk, but he is a very excited person with quite an overwhelming personality if he's close to you and so this man will just let you be quiet and do all the talking for you as you listen to him speak and interact with himself. has a habit of shutting up when you want to talk so he doesn't make you feel as though you're being ignored but will 100% be happy along with you as you speak and agree to everything you say. he's just an extremely loud introvert.
-`,✎ crickets. that's all that can be heard from near the two of you. you can bet that in a group you two would just sit there watching everyone with a small smile on your faces as they talked all loud and hyper. if someone wanted a healing session they'd just sit with the two of you since you're both just very quiet, relaxing individuals who would silently read books in each others company. the only time anyone ever catches you both talking alot is when you're discussing a book the two of you have read and what your thoughts are about.
-`,✎ could be just as quiet as you want or as talkative as you'd like. has a habit of talking alot to you especially since you just give him a soft, fond expression as he rants on about the members and their funny episodes that cause you to let out tiny giggle, he feels as though he accomplished the greatest achievement when he receives those. just secretly melts whenever he sees you talking about something you'd like with a happy glint in your eyes and you ramble without even realising that you're doing it.
-`,✎ this happy virus is just so wholesome. like I'd just imagine him being totally content with carrying on social situations for you and making sure every once in a while that you're fine. manages to always keep you smiling and so whenever you were in a very happy mood which allowed you to let loose and interact as freely as you'd like, he be 10x happier.
-`,✎ when this man talks, he can talk. loves ranting to you and will talk your ear off once you agree to listen to him ( he's most likely just going to complain about the members bullying him ), you'd just sit there with a smile on your face letting à few giggle when you decide to tease him by saying you agree with the members and then a whole tickling sesh will erupt and by the end of it you lie on your back panting with sore cheeks from laughing too much and mingyu lying on your chest as you played with his hair.
-`,✎ loves the calm vibes that you provide whenever you're quiet and just observing things, since he took up meditation he'd like you to try it with and so it easily becomes your activity that's usually done with him. minghao is observant himself and quiet at times and so he can understand if everything gets a bit too much and you'd just prefer to stay quiet and just watch. I can just see that whenever you get excited to share something with him he'll just look at you in adoration and grasp your cheeks as you continue talking ( kinda like when he held a yawning hoshis' face in his hands ).
-`,✎ mr. boo, this man is an extrovert. the amount of friends he's made both surprises you and overwhelms you at times, you'd be tagging along with him at times when he goes to visit someplace and you're shocked at the amount of people he's been stopped by to talk to but he never forces you to interact with them, he merely introduces you to them and the carries on the conversation for a bit, aware of your présence and tries to cut it short so he doesn't bore you or make you feel excluded. seungkwan loves ranting just like mingyu and will not hestitate to wear your ear off with his rants and nagging but will consistently ask you how your day went when you had something to do earlier on and encourages you to share your thoughts with him whenever he feels as though you've been a bit too quiet than the norm.
-`,✎ this man just vibes. vernon is someone who whenever he wants to talk talks and if he doesn't then he doesn't, he won't force a conversation if he didn't want to and so whenever your with him it's just doing your own individual things together in peace and some conversations may arise from that, he's someone that encourages you to talk simply because his reactions are absolutely the best and worth you unmuting yourself just to get a smile out of his facial expressions.
-`,✎ is in a practically similar situation to mingyu where he'd love to have a quiet and observant s/o simply because that means you'd listen to him rant about how useless it is having 12 older brothers who like teasing him without abruptly stopping him and saying what's on your mind or ignoring him completely. there are times where you'd like to pull a prank on him and just flat out ignore him and he'd look at you with such a betrayed face and then get all pouty until you apologise and offer him a kiss. dino, however, would immediately stop his ranting if he saw that you wanted to say something and encourages you to talk about your day similar to seungkwan.
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svt-incorrect · 10 hours ago
Seungkwan: we’re supposed to be playing jokgu! it requires speed, stealth and an agile mind!
Dino: no wonder you suck at it, you have none of those.
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soft-jun · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
svt's way with words: comparing woozi's songwriting ability to an air fryer
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minki-s · 3 months ago
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i’m ready to love. tell me, can we stay together? can we stay together?
— ready to love by seventeen
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