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Anyway, if you’re the type of person who recommends ‘A Little Life’ to anyone and everyone without trigger warnings

A very fuck you to you

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<div> —  Neal Shusterman, <i>UnSouled</i> </div><span>Hope can be bruised and battered. It can be forced underground and even rendered unconscious, but hope cannot be killed.</span>
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Some of my old paperbacks are really torn up and shredded, but I don’t really know if trying to get them all in hardcover is sustainable or economical… but I also don’t know if I have time to rebind 9 books of varied sizes. I could probably just reglue the serious spots and apply a laminate cover, but I don’t even know if I’ve got time for that coming up here. :( they look so sad…

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<div> —  Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian <br> </div><span>You have to love somebody that much to also hate them that much, too.</span>
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Dear dear! to see how some people fling away their happiness, and then cry and lament about it, just as if it was not their own doing, and as if there was more pleasure in wailing and weeping, than in being at peace.

The Mysteries of Udolpho, Ann Radcliffe

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Why do we like the smell of old books so much? It’s essentially the smell of rotting paper, the decomposition of which has been expedited by chemicals used in the printing process. By all logic that shouldn’t be a pleasant smell? But it’s somehow so widly liked.

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Questions have the power to inspire, illuminate, stimulate, create, or destroy. If we want to take on the great mysteries and grow as individuals, witches, and psychics—we must ask questions.

Mat Auryn, Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation

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“ May tomorrow hold every possibility. And may we be bold and hungry enough to take them for our own.” (A Deal with the Elf King, Elise Kova)

(review, instagram)

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Shelf-Confidence Book Photo Challenge

February 28 2021 – Reader’s Choice

My planned TBR for the next 2 months or so…of course since this photo I’ve realised I also need to get onto reading the Shadow and Bone series before the show begins!

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“For times when you feel pain: See that it doesn’t disgrace you, or degrade your intelligence—doesn’t keep it from acting rationally or unselfishly.” ~ M. Aurelius

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“La bellezza del mondo ha due tagli, uno di gioia, l'altro di angoscia, che ci dividono il cuore.”

Una stanza tutta per sé - Virginia Woolf

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I started the process of reorganize my books and I have zero game plan going in. Do I organize by genre? Alphabetical? Read and unread? Series and Stand Alones?

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chronicles of finishing an entire book in one sitting:

• getting something to drink

• finding the perfect sitting position (preferably one that breaks your spine after 5 hours)

• finding the right way to hold your book

• actually reading

• gasping, wheezing, sobbing, laughing, clenching your fist, furrowing your eyebrows, wiping your tears with your shirt, putting your book down for “a hot minute”

• grabbing your mug and realizing that you’ve finished your drink 4 hours ago

• finishing the book

• staring into the abyss

• what is life

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I am genuinely excited to explore Elain’s power in her book. Her power is a gift from the Cauldron, unlike with Nesta, the Cauldron gave to Elain. Nesta’s power made her angry and it only worsened her depression, but we don’t know how an actual gift could play out.

Elain Archeron has potential.

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