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#Boom Boom

I can remember seeing this comic on the stands at the gas station when I was a kid. I was reading X-Men at the time, and I knew who the New Mutants were, but I couldn’t afford to read both series. This cover was, however, the first time I ever saw Boom Boom. I can remember thinking that she looked like an edgy, hip character, which is reasonable given the extent of 1980s culture I was being subjected to at the time. And while her design certainly looks dated at this point, the character is also looking far more… developed than when she first appeared. I mean, when she first showed up in Secret Wars II, she looked, quite frankly, meth addled. But they really curved her up by this point. She must be a real superhero now. (New Mutants #79 – Sept. 1989)

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In the midst of the battle between the New Mutants and Freedom Force, the ice that Dani was trapped in thaws out, and possessed by Hela, Dani breaks loose and starts going crazy again. As the New Mutants (sans Rusty and Skids who got left on Ellis Island) retreat to X-Factor’s ship for help, Ship mysteriously shoots off into space, abandoning our heroes (I suppose we’ll see what that is all about when we get back to X-Factor). Then Dr. Strange teleports the New Mutants to Asgard to deal with the issue, sending them helpfully on their way but also completely abandoning them to fix the problem on their own, because they’re smart kids and Hela going crazy is an Asgard problem, not an Earth problem. Or, if Dr. Strange was Ben Shapiro, he’d be saying “that’d be a ‘you’ problem”.


God he is such a spiteful little douche bag. Ben Shapiro, not Doctor Strange. But sort of Doctor Strange too. (New Mutants #78 – Aug 1989)

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First off, now that Illyana has reverted to the child she was before she got trapped in Limbo and assaulted by demons for 8 years, the New Mutants drop her back at her parents’ house in Russia like they were spending the afternoon at Chucky Cheese so she can resume the innocent childhood she was enjoying before Colossus got her mixed up in all kinds of X-Men bullshit. I guess we’ll just leave her here for a few years until she contracts the legacy virus. In the meantime, Dani succumbs to a mystical virus of her own as a result of her being a normal earthling imbued with the powers of an Asgardian Valkyrie or something like that. (New Mutants #77 – July 1989)

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No me morí por la simple razón de que quiero jodiendote, tal vez no pueda defender físicamente (y eso lo sabemos muy bien, tu y yo, señorita Yulieth) aunque… Golpear en bola a una niña de 16… No fue su mejor opción verdad?…

O tenían miedo?…. En cobardía me robaste mi inhalador y mis pastillas…. Me golpeaste con toda la bola pendeja de tus amigos… A una de 16!!

Sabes, cuando llegue a la escuela y te conocí, era tu fan, sinceramente, dibujabas mejor que yo… Pero te supere, y te seguiré superando!

Tu con tu cola pasas el año y yo por el contrario en realidad si me esfuerzo! ¡POR ESO ESTOY MAS ARRIBA QUE TU NIVEL! ¡Y eso te quema!

No diré nada por el momento.

Es todo lo que tengo que decir.

Ten una linda vida, cuendo regresemos… No dudaré… En seguirte embarrando que una de 16 años es mejor que tú, señorita de 23.

Hasta luego.

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Dani Moonstar’s been feeling a little sick to her stomach for about 30 issues now, ever since she got mystical Valkyrie powers when she was in Asgard. But there’s been so much shit going on since then with mutants falling and getting massacred and demons infernoing all over the place that we all forgot about it. Welp, this is what happens when you ignore a sore throat so long that you become the goddess of Hel. This is basically how Jim Henson died. (New Mutants #77 – July 1989)

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Namorita (Namorita Prentiss) helps to break the trapdoor open for Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), Boom Boom (Tabitha Smith), Feral (Maria Callasantos) and Nova (Richard Rider). Though she is successful, she only broke her nail. 

Having long nails don’t mix when you are a superhero with super-strength….

- New Warriors Annual #1, 1991

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