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#Bougyaku no Kokekko

Bougyaku no Kokekko 

A manga where a group from an orphanage must survive a world where all adults have turned into giant murderous chickens.

Another “X-turns into X” horror manga. Gory scenes of humans being ripped apart and throw in some antagonistic human survivors as well. Honestly, there’s nothing that separates this from Shibuya Goldfish or all the shock horror stuff out there.

Someone find me one where blow-up dolls are the monsters so I can at least have a laugh.


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Bougyaku no Kokekko is probably one of the shittiest manga with decent artwork I’ve seen in a while. The story, while completely asinine, could have been interesting if it wasn’t for the shit pacing, insultingly bad panel layout and the characters being so boring to the point of me not even knowing their names 30 chapters in.

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