#Bowl with Peonies and Butterflies
justconfettiandsomeddew · 12 days ago
I Love You, Call Me Back / P.4
Summary: It's dinner date night and things get honest, hot and weird all at once. However, a happy ending is in store, thankfully.
Pairing: Chris Evans x Actress!Reader
A/N: this is it you guys! the home run! it's my fave part and the longest for that matter. it's also the last ): this has been so much fun! thanks again for everyone who liked, reblogged or was kind enough to leave feedback. you are all angels and i love you all <3
tag lovelies : @mansaaay @denisemarieangelina
Tumblr media
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Some background mombo jumbo
CH: Hey! So i was wondering, what’s the dress code for tonight? Is it fancy? Is it casual? What? Cause I’m this close to wearing a suit.
Y/N: Do you still have that swimsuit from The Red Sea set? Cause if you come dressed as that, and maybe I’ll leave the sprinklers on for you outside so you can get just ever so slightly wet, that’d be just *chef’s kiss*
CH: You’re an idiot, did you know that?
Y/N: C’mon! You got to see me in that oversharing dress this afternoon. It’s only fair, you know.
CH: Mhmm.
Y/N: Ugh! Just wear whatever you’re comfortable in. There’s no “dress code”, Liberace. But like don’t wear a cap or I’ll murder you... with it.
CH: Roger that!
Y/N: Don’t you mean ROGERS that?
CH: Like i said. An idiot.
The doorbell rang at seven sharp, and it dawned on you the second it did; maybe he was just as excited about this dinner as you were.
The butterflies you had earlier that day, fluttering inside your stomach, felt more like a swarm of buzzing bees as you almost ran to get the door open.
He greeted you with a crooked smile; your favorite of his. He had a ginormous bouquet of pink and vibrant peony flowers to his side. How did he know they were your favorites?
Well, a simple Google search would’ve probably helped, but that didn’t make the gesture any less sweet.
You stared at that bouquet in wonder for far too long that it seemed as if you’d forgotten to let him in.
“So are you going to let me in or what? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to stand here and just keep watching you ogle with your face being all amazed and cute but I’m seriously hungry and I’ve been thinking about that pasta all day.”
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! Of course, come in. I’m such an idiot, which i believe is something we’ve already established today.”
He laughed as he made his way into the living room.
For the night, he’d opted for a pair of jeans and a slim fit T-shirt with a zip-up jacket on top. Each was in some kind of variation of the same navy-blue color that was deep enough to make his azure eyes pop.
You went with a long, flowy and sleeveless red dress with off-white polka dots. He’d seen enough of you for one day.
You took the bouquet while thanking him, profusely. He made a “don’t mention it!” gesture with his hand and lazily pulled a “Nah!” from between his lips.
You headed towards the kitchen to put the flowers in some water, while he stood still in the middle of the living room, hands in pockets and lips pursed.
“Well... make yourself at home already and have a seat! Want a beer?”
“Yeah, sure. Why not?”
You got one from the fridge and went to sit next to him on the couch.
“Oh shit! You just said you were hungry, right? I should go get dinner ready then. You sit tight and enjoy your beer. I won’t be long.”
As you frantically prepped dinner a couple of feet away in the kitchen, Chris got up to take his jacket off and slightly pulled up the sleeves of his T-shirt. The sight took your attention away from your work and you almost spilled the entire pasta pot on the kitchen counter. Luckily, you snapped out of it just in time to save dinner.
You had set up the table beforehand; the plates, the utensils, the works. You placed a steaming giant bowl of pasta in the middle, along with a roasted cherry tomato caprese salad, you’d looked up on Pinterest, and some crusty bread on the side to mop up the delicious juices.
“Dinner is ready, sir.” you announced with the poshest English accent you could muster.
The meal was delicious. He kept praising your cooking skills throughout the whole time you two ate, while simultaneously berating how crappy his were.
As the plates sat glistening under the ceiling lamp, you two sank down in your seats, unbelievably full and almost drowsy from biting a bit more than you could chew, literally.
Chris cleared his throat, breaking the silence with his cough, pulling you from your half-asleep slouch, forcing you to sit up straight in a slightly abrupt way.
“So... you never really told me why you were crying so much this morning all by yourself in the trailer. Care to elaborate on that?”
You went to rub your eyes, but stopped yourself immediately remembering you had make-up on and hoped to God you did not just smear your mascara. You moved your fingers through your hair instead, pulling it back while staring at the table.
“Maybe i should clear the table first. If i leave the plates too long without rinsing, the grease will congeal and it’ll be a pain in the ass to clean later.”
“The dishwasher can handle it. Stop being evasive and spill it.”
You took a deep breath and then let out an even deeper sigh. You started rubbing your face nervously with your fingertips as you tried to find the words to begin with.
“You know, my mom taught me to cook this dish. It was her favorite. She was diagnosed with lung cancer when i was 14. My dad used to smoke like a chimney and yet somehow that son of a bitch is still breathing while my mom...” you choked back your tears. You’d cried enough for one day, no?
“I’m sorry to hear that, Y/N. It must’ve been tough on you, especially at that young age.”
“Yeah, sure, tough. Anyway, she died the next year and i was left alone with my dad, a neglectful, always angry, puny man. I couldn’t wait to get 18. I’d been planning my escape from the day i had to see my mother get lowered in a fucking coffin six feet under. I fucking knew exactly where I wanted to go and what i wanted to do. Hollywood!
My mom loved movies. She used to take me to the theater all the time, we’d watch all these romantic comedies together. That was her favorite genre. I was six when we went to see You Got Mail. God! She loved Meg Ryan. She even cut her hair to look like her. She looked so cute in that pixie cut.” you swallow your tears and your throat hurt a little as you did.
Chris reached from across the table to grab your hand in his. It was warm and soft. He started rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand. You closed your eyes and decided to focus on just that for a second.
“So i moved to LA at 18. I’d worked every godforsaken job for three years before that and saved every damn single penny. I alternated between the same two outfits for those three years, never bought a single thing i didn’t desperately need. I didn’t care. I knew i wasn’t living at that point, i was just existing. The living part would start the second i was away from dad and on my own.
16 years later and here i am, a movie star!” you rolled your eyes as you said it, as if you still couldn’t believe it was true.
“Now back to why i was crying. I hate wraps, with a living passion, because they’re my version of goodbyes, and they always be coming. There’s no escaping them. The family i just made over the course of the movie-making, now has to cease to exist and i have to go back to being all alone, in my big movie-star home.
This time was no different. Although....”
You stopped yourself from finishing that sentence, and looked at Chris, smiling.
“Go on!” he said, poking his head forward, as to urge you to go ahead and say what both of you had already known at this point.
“Although, to be honest, this time WAS in fact different. See, i couldn’t wait to get away from it all. My co-star was SUCH a diva. Unbearable to work with, impossible to stand.” you said smirking, as an attempted to introduce a note of levity into the all-too-serious monologue you’d just delivered.
Chris started laughing, then grabbed the table cloth and threw it your way. You squealed as it hit your chest.
“You’re the worst!” he said rolling his eyes at you.
“I’m an idiot AND I’m the worst. That’s high praise, my dude! Can i please clean the table now? I’m seriously starting to get anxious about them just sitting there all dirty.”
“God! You and these dishes! Yeah, sure, let me help.”
You both cleaned the table and got the dishes in the dishwasher. You let out a sigh of relief as you closed its door; a weight had been lifted off your shoulders. Chris rolled his eyes at you and shook his head in disbelief.
“How ‘bout some music?” you suggested.
“I’d love that. Yes!” he answered with vehemence.
You went for something soft and jazzy. You had a vinyl player that you cherished and took good care of, like a mother would a child.
“Care to dance?” you asked, extending a hand towards Chris.
He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer to his body, placing one hand just right above your ass, while the other held on tightly to yours, as they both rested gently on his chest.
His forehead clung to yours, as your noses nuzzled against each other. You both swayed to the music, sighing almost rhythmically to the beat.
You felt sweat forming at the edge of your hairline, and wondered if it was all the food you’d just consumed or the heat you felt radiating from Chris’s body, and from yours for that matter.
As impossible as it seemed, he got even closer, pressing his freshly licked lips onto yours. Out of the three kisses you both had today, this was by far the steamiest, hands down.
“What are trying to do to me?” you muttered between his lips.
“I have a couple of things in mind.” he said before crashing his lips once again against yours, so fiercely this time that your teeth clinked as they hit each other.
You had your first kiss around the same time your mother’s health was getting worse. You needed an escape and didn’t care who helped you get it. The boy was in your chemistry class and he’d been trying to chat you up for almost a year now. One day, you caught him by his locker and simply told him, “hey, wanna kiss?” and that was it, your first kiss, not exactly a Meg Ryan-esque one, but it did do the trick. It took your mind off of the pandemonium that was your life at that time.
You can’t remember the time you lost your virginity, mainly because you were hammered during it. You were a senior and there was this party that involved alcohol, which you consumed quite the amount of. This not-so-lovely incident was the main reason why you no longer drink.
You’d been in and out of relationships throughout the course of your rise to stardom. Not one of which was special enough to last, or even be worth mentioning.
You’d been alone for the most part of your life. You loved to blame your dad for fucking you up when it came to men. You weren’t entirely wrong for it, but that wasn’t the only reason you’d been so unsuccessful in the matters of the heart. You had detachment issues, a paralyzing fear of abandonment, and a crippling low self-esteem. You never felt enough, and that wasn’t exactly “sexy” per say.
You pulled away from Chris’s embrace like a maniac, which immensely startled him, his face interpreting just how utterly perplexed he was.
“I really don’t think we should do this. You have an early flight tomorrow and…”
“I can cancel it. I’ll get back home another day.”
“No, you shouldn’t. You miss your family and I’m sure they miss you even more. Besides, Dodger’s probably going crazy without you. Have a heart!”
You turned around making your way towards the kitchen.
“Damn it! I almost forgot about the cheesecake! What an idiot! You’re going to just love it. It’s another one of mom’s favorites”
“You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you were trying to get rid of me.”
Chris said firmly, something that completely flew over your head and you heard it as a joke instead and replied accordingly.
“Well, you’re not that far off.”
Chris bit on his lower lip as he moved to grab his jacket off the couch.
“On second thoughts, maybe you’re right. Maybe I should go. Thank you for the delicious dinner, it was phenomenal, and for everything else for that matter.”
“But the cheesecake?”
“Maybe next time!” Chris said smiling sheepishly.
You were gutted. You hurt his feelings like the heartless awful person you were. You ran to one of the kitchen cabinets and pulled out a package, then ran towards Chris as he made his way to the front door.
“Hang on! Can you please take this before you go? I made these for you and I really want you to have them. They’re nothing fancy, just some cookies.”
“Thank you.” he said in an all-too-stoic way, and left.
It’s been two hours now that you’d been curled up on the couch crying. God! How are you not dehydrated by now?
You heard a buzz on the coffee table and took a look over to see that you’d gotten a text from Berta.
“I’m so sorry I couldn’t wait to hear how the date is going! Tell me please I’m DYING!”
“I fucked it up Berta so fucking bad this time”
You jumped when your phone started ringing. It was Berta.
“What happened? What did you do, Y/N?”
She knew. She just knew that it was somehow your fault. She knew you well enough to understand that almost immediately.
“He was so loving and sweet, Berta. But I just couldn’t. What if it doesn’t work out? What if he wakes up one day and realizes that he deserves fucking better? And he does.”
“Oy vey! Kiddo! When will you see the Y/N that everybody else does? The kind, sweet, loving, smart and funny Y/N, the one that has the heart to love unconditionally and give without limits or reservations? My money’s on Chris actually seeing the Y/N I’m talking about, but since YOU can’t, it all went to shit.”
Berta was right. She’s always right, which was getting annoying by now.
“What should I do, Berta? I feel so lost. I love him so fucking much and I want to be with him but I can’t shush this voice in my head that keeps screaming to run before he does. What should I do?”
“You need to tell him exactly how you feel and pray to God that he’s dumb enough to come back.”
Ouch! That was uncalled for, you thought.
“Okay, okay, okay. I will. I’m going to. Okay! Thanks Berta!”
“You don’t pay me enough for this, you know.”
You laughed and promised her a raise first thing in the morning.
You grabbed the phone, looking for Chris’s number. You had it under “Christopher”; you just loved calling him by his full name, you felt as if there was something so intimate about it.
You took a deep sigh of relief when it went to voicemail, you were hoping it would.
Chris was packing his bags back at his place. His face was flushed, he was so angry, throwing clothes around every two minutes and cursing under his breath. He went to sit down on the bed, trying to calm himself down. He took his phone out of his pocket as he did, took one look at it, and saw that he had a voicemail from you. He debated whether or not to listen to it, looking up at the package that was sitting on his bureau. He got up to pick it up and opened it. His features softened when he saw the cookies. An endearing smile took its shape slowly on his face, then he let out a screeching laugh when he saw the ones with dicks on them. He picked up his phone again and played the voicemail.
“Hey, Chris! It’s me, Y/N. I know I’m probably the last person you want to hear from right now. I just… had to call to apologize for being an idiot yet again tonight. I’m sorry I pushed you away. I’m sorry I‘m so fucking pathetic. I wish I wasn’t, I really do. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you this before it’s too late. I love you” you said it with the shakiest voice, one that was stifled by the avalanche of tears that fell down the corner of your eyes, “I love u more than my stone-like heart can bear. I love you so much that i can feel it break out of its fossil-like shell with every beat it takes and that’s all you. So yeah that’s it i guess. That’s what I’ve been trying to say this whole time but never could; I love you… call me back.”
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curiosity-killed · 11 months ago
Hualian "you give me butterflies."
this is SO SOPPY it is the anthesis of the fics i should be working on ajhdkls but also i’ve been meaning to write a variant on this theme for like a week so ty for prompting me <3 <3
prompt list
Over the centuries, Xie Lian has acquired a certain practiced skillset at dealing with admirers. It’s embarrassing to admit aloud, but he’s not unaware that he’s often considered handsome. Growing up, everyone fawned over the beautiful crown prince, and even with his calloused scrap collector hands and bones weighed down with too many centuries, he still sometimes finds flowers thrust into his hands or looks cast his way up through demure lashes. Even if he had ever wanted to act on such things, he still tries to live according to the strictures Guoshi ingrained in his mind. He hates to presume even when the compliments seem obvious, and it would be embarrassing for the other person if they really did feel for him and he turned them down too sharply. Often, he leaves quickly enough that there’s nothing to worry about, but when he lingers, he presses aside the peony blooms of romance with the stubborn bough of friendship. Even the most determined flirts are eventually discouraged by his insistence on making friendship out of their overtures. One by one, they always eventually accept defeat and retreat to chase after someone else. After so many centuries, he has enough experience to write a book that could counter every matchmaker’s advice: How to Stave Off Marriage and Romance for Eight Hundred Years. And then, all at once, there is Hua Cheng.
“Ah gege is so strong, where would this San Lang be without his protection?” Hua Cheng remarks shamelessly after Xie Lian gently nudges a bee away from his exposed arm. “Look, gege, even the flowers are bashful in front of your beauty,” he says when they pass through a field of bell orchids with their pale blooms all downturned. “Gege carries the whole Heavenly Court on one palm,” he mutters, mutinous, after Feng Xin and Mu Qing drop by in their shoddy disguises. He fills each day with such shameless, sincere flattery and absurdity that Xie Lian has to fight not to bury his burning cheeks in his palms. He hasn’t been subtle from the start, back when he still disguised himself as a careless wandering youth, and Xie Lian hasn’t treated him any differently than all the others before. He doesn’t want to mislead Hua Cheng, especially not when he sincerely enjoys and appreciates his company so much. And yet—Hua Cheng seems content. He doesn’t ever press for more, doesn’t seem to expect anything from his relentless flirting. At night, they share the bamboo mat, but he curls onto his side with a polite gap between the two of them while Xie Lian lies awake, staring at the ceiling and trying desperately to make sense of what he wants. He likes Hua Cheng. He likes his clever, biting humor, and his earnest delight and praise. Likes how he so readily settles into the physical labor of this humble shrine and so happily fits himself to Xie Lian’s battered and bizarre life. He likes their conversations spinning far off into the night, and he likes the comfortable silences that settle between them when they sit on the porch of the shrine and share a bowl of jujubes. He likes the laughter that steals out of both of them when they wind up in an impromptu contest of who can spit the pits furthest. “Gege is too generous with this San Lang,” Hua Cheng remarks one afternoon, leaning his chin on his hand and grinning carelessly up at Xie Lian even as his voice tips toward self-deprecation. “How do you keep such patience?” They’re sitting by the edge of the river, both stripped down to their inner layer to cool off after helping in the fields all day, and in the golden light, all Hua Cheng’s edges seem layered in gold. His smile is bright and cheerful, crinkling up his eye in a way that makes him look boyish and carefree. Xie Lian swallows, his throat tacky, and looks away with a little laugh. “Ah nonsense,” he says. “This San Lang is so good to me. I’m the one who should wonder at your patience.” “Gege deserves everything,” Hua Cheng says, his voice still light but absolutely sincere. “And he gives this lowly one a place to stay and a bed and his cooking. What could this San Lang possibly give back?” The light dapples the forest floor in fluttering patches of gold, dancing and flickering with the breeze. Xie Lian kicks his bare feet in the water as he struggles to find an answer that doesn’t give away too much. The truth is, Hua Cheng is the dearest companion Xie Lian has had for so long that he’s forgotten whether all friendships feel like this in the beginning. He doesn’t think so. It feels special somehow, precious in a way he can’t quite name. Light glints in the corner of his vision, and he looks up to catch a wraith butterfly lifting up from Hua Cheng’s long fingers to drift lazily over to him. He reaches out a hand to catch it, a smiling pulling across his lips. Hua Cheng had seemed baffled when Xie Lian insisted the little creatures were cute and lovely, but he still sends them over to Xie Lian occasionally, as if he’s afraid to reach out himself but can let the little fragments of light do it for him. The butterfly perches on Xie Lian’s palm, its wings pulsing lazily and brushing his fingers with soft skitters of spiritual energy. Looking at its gentle glow, Xie Lian can feel his smile soften and warm into something too revealing, but he doesn’t stop himself. He has his answer. “You give me butterflies,” he says, lifting his gaze from the pulsing wings to Hua Cheng’s warm regard.
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Tumblr media
Bowl with Medallionsof Butterflies, Peonies, Chrysanthemums, Peaches, Plums and Orchidsf Butterflies, 1723, Art Institute of Chicago: Asian Art
Gift of Mr. Lee Ling Yun in memory of his father Size: H. 6.6 cm (2 5/8 in.); diam. 14.2 cm (5 9/16 in.) Medium: Porcelain painted in overglaze famille rose enamels
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harleenxvaleska · a year ago
the lilac rose pt. one
Tumblr media
Timothée Chalamet x reader
A short story about love at first sight
The Met Gala. Paradise for fashion and breeding ground of the rich and famous. It was today.
And it was my first time going, ever. Plunged into the world of celebrities after the smallish independent film I starred in was picked up and fawned over by every awards ceremony, and though I did not win any, my future in the industry was guaranteed.
Of course, that came with its perks, including being a name on the guest list of one of the most exclusive events of the year.
The day was hectic and terribly overwhelming, from start to finish but I was really feeling butterflies in my stomach as I sat in the car, waiting to exit and be engulfed by the paparazzi. Though I was excited, the nerves seemed to over ride everything as I stared down at the dress I was wearing, the train bundled up on the seat beside me.
I took a deep breath, as if I was about to dive underwater, the car door opened before me and I took a cautious first step out. Just to be welcomed by the predicted ocean of flashing cameras and shouts.
"Y/N! Over here!"
"Smile, gorgeous!"
Between the posing and half-blindness that I was experiencing, I was able to take in my surroundings.
The theme of this year was 'Bohemia Romántica: Spring in Bloom' so, of course florals were everywhere. I was transported to a fairytale world of fresh flowers and fantasy fashion, peonies and lilac roses littered the red carpet and draped from every place possible. Nothing had prepared me for the feeling of discovering an enchanted forest in the middle of New York City.
"Y/N, to your right!"
Of course, this was a pretty busy enchanted forest.
I felt every eye on me, their sights crawling up my back and leeching on. Ending the awkward posing as soon as possible, I made my way up the the crimson carpeted steps. Wobbling a little on the heels I had forced my feet into, and that had already begun to rub.
Before i could take the first shaky step up, I felt the rush of someone hurrying to my side. I turned to find a young man with handsome dark curls and a brilliantly sharp jaw eagerly offering up his arm for me to balance myself on as I walk up the daunting steps.
I quickly recognise him as Timothée Chalamet, the movie star of the decade, and my body spends a millisecond frozen in shock. He was dressed immaculately, donning a blouse straight out of the 1800s, bursting with floral embroidery, with manners to match his prince charming attire.
It was an incredibly kind gesture, one I was not expecting, and seeing as i could barely walk in the heels. I took his arms graciously and we began to walk up, arm in arm.
"Thank you." I whispered.
I smiled softly, which he returned. My cheeks flushed.
"I love your work by the way." I continue.
Making polite conversation and thanking the gods that I was already wearing blush, masking my face that would match the carpet at this rate.
"Are you kidding me? I love yours!" he speaks, giddily.
Did he? Did he really? Oh, that was euphoric to hear. I wanted to talk to him about every movie of his, chat about what France is like and invite him around for tea. But that was far too forward and we were at the top of the stairs.
"I'll see you in there." he signs off with a measured nod.
I wave goodbye as he trots off back the cameras. I was just a mere interlude between him and the calls of the world's press. Still, it was a welcome moment. And perhaps, I'd see him in there.
My god, he was attractive.
Eventually turning away, I shuffle into the event alone, far too nervous to talk to any of my idols, and it seemed like a new one swooped past me every minute.
Entering grand main hall, I am guided by a straight face attendant to my seat. A few guests are already waiting at the table, including Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers who I am starstruck by as I begin to make conversation, while taking in the magical surroundings.
A large dance floor pooled in the center of the room, with round tables overflowing with matching flowers from before. I was scared that I was either going to slip on the carefully placed decorations or end up crushing them beneath my feet. The desperation to go barefoot was growing in me, then I could feel like a real forest fayre.
Soon there was only one single space left at our table next to me and the entire place is swallowed by laughter and sound, and i'm enraptured by my surroundings. The scraping of the chair beside me causes me to jump to attention.
And there, stands Mr Timothée, with a lilac rose perched behind his ear.
"Timmy, hey!"
I watch as he abandons the chair to rush around the table a greet his good friends with a great hug. I watch as he introduces himself to every other member of the table even though everybody knows who he is. And I watch as he finally sits down beside me and catches my eye with a wild grin.
I notice he's wearing the slightest hint of yellow eye shadow, it's the tiniest detail and yet it brings the entire outfit together. The boy looks good in everything, huh?
Without a word, Timothée removes the rose from his ear and places it on the table. Right in front of me. It had be an accident or a careless move, surely?
I look down at the rose momentarily before accidentally locking eyes with Timothée as I look up again, bewildered. A smirk rests on his face as he takes the opportunity to send a quick wink my way.
I was pretty certain not even the make up could cover how red my face was turning at this point.
I hide my smile.
"Hello again." Timothée whispers to me.
"Hi." I simply reply.
"You look really beautiful, by the way, I meant to say that earlier." his arm reached up to scratch the back of his neck.
I had chalked almost every action of his up to politeness and natural charm, but now it seemed intentional. Time to suck up my nerves and flirt back like my life depended on it.
"Thank you so much. You look very handsome as well." I return the compliment and his face lights up.
Subtly, but not unnoticed, I pick up the rose delicately and slot it into a braid in my hair. Timothée stares as I do so. Go me! Points for unspoken flirting!
The air between us seems to turn up a few degrees as I feel the entire table watching us. I swear I spy Elizabeth elbowing and muttering Armie as they catch sight of us. My chest tightens at the attention but loosens as wine is poured and eyes are occupied on other people.
"So, are you enjoying the event?" Timothée asks.
"It's a little overwhelming, but yeah. You?"
"I got to meet one of favourite actresses so I'd say it's going pretty well."
"Oh, who's that?" I ask.
"You." He answers so nonchalantly.
So he was smooth smooth. How was I supposed to answer that?
Not like that, I guess, as the conversation between us grew silent.
I couldn't stop thinking that I had fucked it all up after that, mentally banging my head against the table. Though making sure that in my imagination I put rose to the side first before I bashed my face in. Food is served and the conversation turned to that.
"God, this is delicious" I utter, not really meaning to moan so grotesquely.
"I know, right?" Timothée agrees, digging into a soup.
"Hang on, what have you got?" I ask out of curiosity.
"Oh I went with the vegetarian option. I just really like soup." He answers plainly, as if what he just said was the most normal thing.
I stifle a giggle and he looks to me with inquisitive eyes.
"Nothing, nothing." I wipe my face with a napkin to cover my grin.
"Can I try some?" I ask.
He looks a little surprised.
"I like soup too." I admit.
We smile at each other in solidarity.
He fishes his spoon into the bowl and lifts it, I expect him to hand it to me. But he continues to raise it and it floats towards my mouth. This was the most couplely shit I had ever done in public and we had only met tonight, what on earth was going on? And why was I so okay with it?
I taste the soup as delicately as I could and Timothée doesn't take his eyes off me, we are both probably too scared of the spilling soup on the outfits that were worth more than our livelihoods.
"Damn, that is good!" I exclaim.
"Hell yeah it is!" He returns with just as much enthusiasm.
The conversation devolves into bouts of laughter and jokes, I forget all about the awkward silence of before. It seems we have much more in common than soup. Including a love of piano, classic literature and bagels.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see guests beginning to filter slowly onto the dance floor. The crowd grows steadily and the music is hitched a few notches louder. Half of me longed to join in, especially after a couple glasses of wine, but other half was desperate to stay talking to Timothée and learn all I possibly could from him.
Downing the rest of my wine, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. Elizabeth seemed to have an identical idea after muttering something to Armie.
And off we went, leaving behind the boys.
part two
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celebrimbor97 · a year ago
Day Four: Long Distance Relationship
Writer’s Month 2020
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Kagami x Marinette
Across the Oceans, I Still See You
Kagami and Marinette didn’t exactly have a conventional relationship after leaving university. Their chosen professions seemed to lead them in opposite directions – much to their friends and family’s dismay. After all, how can you maintain a relationship with someone you rarely see?
Alya looked mournfully at her bestie. “I kinda feel sorry for you Marinette. With you and Kagami flying around the world every week, it’s like you guys never have the chance to just exist together – not like how Nino and I can. You guys don’t get that closeness.”
Marinette let her pencil slow over her sketchbook, attention grabbed by the screen across from her. Kagami was rambling – as much as she could ramble – about her day while she went through her work out routine. The fencer was at their apartment in Kyoto, and she was taking advantage of the private gym. Marinette couldn’t help but take in the view.
Floor to ceiling windows let in the summer sun, and it glinted off the sweat dotting Kagami’s arms and face. She had just finished her warmup routine and was going through an all body workout – mountain climbers, push ups, step ups, lunges, chest presses and arm curls. In between breaths she described the dress she saw at dinner with her mother. “It was an affront on the senses, koishii. The fabric was clearly cheap, the beadwork was shoddy, and the style was one I do not believe even you could make look good. Why people decide to show off every line and curve of their body within skin-tight polyester silk, I do not know, but I would prefer it if they did it far way from me. Wouldn’t you agree tentou-mushi?”
When Marinette didn’t reply, she held her push up at the lowest point and looked towards the camera. “Nette-chan? Is everything alright?”
Marinette blushed and looked away. “Sorry, yes, I agree, polyester silk should be banned from being used for anything but bag linings, you’re absolutely correct, I pity you for having to witness that.” This was all said in one breath, and she winced.
Sure enough, when she looked up, Kagami had come closer. “Were you distracted, mon chérie?”
With a huff, Marinette went back to her designs. “What do you expect when you look like that?”
“It’s alright Nette-chan. I watch you too,” Kagami winked. She had obviously been spending too much time around Adrien. “You get the most adorable wrinkles when you’re concentrating.”
That drew a giggle from Marinette, who turned to wink back at the camera. “Can’t wait till next week mon vouivre. Then we can get hot and sweaty together.”
That made Kagami, infamous ice queen, blush to the roots of her hair.
“How do you keep the romance alive Kagami?” Adrien asked over his hot chocolate – poor sunshine child had never quite gotten the taste for coffee. “It’s not like you can surprise Marinette with a romantic walk through the cherry blossom trees or have a picnic at the Eiffel tower if you guys aren’t in the same country.”
The video call clicked through to the view of dozens of small pale pink blooms. After a moment, they shook.
“What are these?!” Came Marinette’s unimpressed voice. The blossoms moved to show Marinette’s flushed face.
“I believe they are cherry blossoms, koishii.” Kagami resembled a cat who’d gotten the cream, the canary, and was contemplating the fish in the bowl. “Surprised?”
“Surprised?” Marinette screeched. “Gami-chan, I have seven bouquets of flowers in my hotel room!” She moved the camera so Kagami could see the tiny desk. Sitting on the surface were seven red fluted vases, each filled with a different kind of flower. There were pale orchids, bright pink dahlias, deep red roses, large sunflowers, purple-pink peonies, and orange tulips. One of the vases was empty – it used to hold cherry blossoms.
“Exactly. Seven bouquets for our seventh anniversary.” Kagami raised an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me that you forgot?”
“Of course I didn’t! Mon cher, you could have just gotten me seven flowers.” Marinette sat down on an armchair, jostling the camera before it came into focus on her face. “I’m gonna get you back for that.”
Kagami chuckled. “Of course you will koi.”
There was a knock.
“What is that?” She asked suspiciously.
Immediately, Marinette began to grin. “I believe someone is knocking at your door, my dearest Gami-chan. Perhaps you should go and answer it.”
Kagami was immediately suspicious. Leaving the phone propped up on a book so Marinette could see, she went and opened the door. There, she was met with the smiling face of Madame Dupain-Cheng.
“Hello, Kagami dear. Special delivery from Marinette!”
She slowly turned around. Marinette was cackling. “Enjoy your dinner mon vouivre!” She called before hanging up.
“That sneaky…” Kagami turned and smiled just a little awkwardly at her girlfriends’ mother. “Thank you very much for delivering this Madame Cheng.”
Her response was a careless wave and a more careful deposit of eight different boxes. “Please, call me Sabine dear. And I was happy too – Marinette was so excited when she made the order.”
The older woman let herself out while Kagami took the boxes to her table. There was a delivery box from their favourite restaurant – the same restaurant they went to on their first date. The other seven boxes each held a different kind of dessert – red and yellow macaroons, a cream filled chocolate éclair, strawberry filled dango, three red bean taiyaki, a large slice of opera cake topped with marzipan roses, a butterfly shaped palmier (or as Kagami knew them, genji pie) and in the largest box, a miniature croquembouche with black, red and gold glaze.
Kagami couldn’t help but laugh. She snapped a photo at the open boxes and texted it to Marinette: I believe you have ‘gotten me back good’. Have a wonderful anniversary koishii.
“Are you ever scared Marinette?” Juleka asked quietly. This was the first time she’d been away from Rose for an extended period of time. “Of Kagami finding someone different – someone she thinks is – is better?”
“Marinette, I believe I am going to stab someone. Please send bail money to the New York Police Department.”
“Who’s done what this time?” She laughed, zipping across the room on her chair to grab another bobbin.
“A particularly irritating competitor who will not be irritating anymore.”
“Gami-chan, you look horrid in orange. Think of what I will have to endure if you end up in prison!” Marinette quickly threaded her machine with ease of long practise and started pinning the shoulders of her most recent commission.
“If they do not find any evidence, I cannot be convicted.” Despite this, Kagami was finally sounding calmer.
“What did they do, mon cher?”
“I was… propositioned.” The fencer growled out. “Apparently because my girlfriend isn’t in the country, Madame Sebold believed I would be… amenable to an illicit… rendezvous in the changing rooms.” Kagami was breaking out the more formal vocabulary – she was clearly pissed.
Marinette’s hands froze over the pins. “I see.” She said quietly. “What exactly is this woman’s name?”
“You do not look good in orange either Nette-chan. The woman has been dealt with.”
“Are you okay Kagami? I don’t have my tablet for a proper video call, but I could use my phone?” She reached around the mound of fabric in preparation.
A laugh crackled through the phone. “No koishii, I have to go back out in a moment. I just wished to hear your voice.”
“Well then, listen all you want.” Marinette smiled softly. “I wish I was there though.”
“Oh? I do not believe Ladybug coming along and beating up an American fencer would be good press.”
“Ah, so she’s American.”
“Marinette.” Oops, that was Kagami’s no-nonsense tone. “I have handled things here. I do not want you to sully yourself dealing with such people. I assure you; Madame Sebold has been made well aware of her mistakes and thus shall not make them again.”
“Aww, mon vaillant vouivre.” Marinette cooed. “Were you protecting my honour?”
“A dragon always protects their hime.”
“So, Miss Tsurugi, as a fencing prodigy and candidate for the Tokyo Olympic Games, do you struggle with all the demands on your time? What does your girlfriend think of everything? I understand that she has similar time constraints – Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a rising star in the fashion world and regularly tours with Jagged Stone. Does this cause your relationship any strain?”
(“Good night mon cher.” Marinette said in the half-light, lying back on her bed half a world away.
“Sweet dream, koishii.”)
(Something to add to our holiday list! The text message came through at lunchtime, with a photo attached of Marinette pointing up at a sign for the Fushan Mountain in China and it’s hiking trails.)
(Kagami grinned softly at her propped phone. Marinette was waving her hands as she regaled her with the tale of a sneezing model and incorrectly placed flower beds. There was a plate of pizza before both of them.)
(Kagami started as her phone pinged just before her match. Opening it, she couldn’t help but smile. Have fun mon vouivre! Show them exactly why they should be afraid! The text was punctuated with red and yellow hearts, as well as a ladybug.)
“I love Marinette with all my heart. And I know she loves me. Distance can’t change that.”
Kagami’s eyes were immediately drawn to Marinette as she walked towards the baggage claim. Her left hand was sweaty around the bouquet – cherry blossoms and roses framed by vivid orange tulips. In her back pocket, she fingered a velvet box.
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norsepaganwitchybitch · a year ago
Focal Points/Props
Sometimes it can be helpful to have props when doing a spell. It allows you to focus on what the spell is for. Many things have different associations. Below is a list of things you can use to help you focus and what they are associated with. There will be two parts for this.
Agate: Divine blessings or favor
Alcohol, rubbing: Cleansing, pain relief
Alfalfa sprouts: Never wanting, prudence, sustenance
Almond: Composure, happiness, moderation, well-being
Allspice: Fortune, health
Aloe: Healing, safety, well-being
Amethyst: Constructive decision-making, control of the disorderly self
Bird: Enlightenment, perspective, swiftness, vision
Cat: Goddess energy, mystical power
Dog: Companionship, health, service
Fish: Miracles, providence, sea magic
Frog: Healing and cleansing, messages
Mouse: Frugality, rebirth
Rabbit: Fertility, moon magic, speed
Anise: Love, protection from nightmares, zeal
Apple: Earth magic, fitness, harmony, romance
Apricot: Courtship
Apron: Domestic affairs, neatness, turning luck
Archway: Passage into safe havens, victory
Artichoke: Protection
Aromas: Please note that aromas have slightly different magical/therapeutic applications than the use of whole herb or plant does. Inhale lightly to internalize the energy or release the scent into a room to fill your working space.
Apple: Perceptive decisions, shrewdness
Basil: Accord, peace
Cloves: Love, safety
Nutmeg: Supernatural awareness
Pine: Cleansing, revitalization
Rose: Dedication, love, serenity
Rosemary: Memory, relationships, well-being
Vanilla: Increasing power, perception, romance
More items:
Art: Varies with spell purpose
Ashes: Atonement, cleansing, new beginnings
Asparagus: Sexuality, especially male aspects
Aster: Celestial vision (this plant’s name means “star”), variety
Avocado: Physical Beauty
Bacon: Magic for employment, prosperity
Baking soda/powder: Increasing energy or hopeful expectations
Balloon: Air element, inflated notions, lifting burdens
Bamboo shoots: Health, long life
Banana: Male sexuality, valiant acts
Bandages: Healing, maternal nature
Bank: Finances, prosperity, saving
Barbecue: Fire element, kinship, pleasant gatherings
Barley: Celebration, love, regulating discomfort, sleep
Basil: Associations, especially romantic ones; prosperity
Basin: Alternative emblem for a cup, cleansing
Basket: Networking, weaving of fate Bath mat: Safety and warmth
Bay: Spiritual powers, vigor and fitness
Beans: Judgment calls, oracles, prosperity
Bed: Dreaming, peacefulness, rest
Beef: Abundance, foundations
Beer: Dreams, purifying, offerings, visions
Beets: Desire, devotion, grace
Blackberry: Fortune, success
Blanket: Comfort, rest, warmth
Blender: Socialization, stimulating energy
Blueberry: Composure, peace, serenity
Bone: Strength, structure
Book: Enjoyment, knowledge, learning
Boot: Protection from the elements, weather magic
Bottle: Reserving, wishes
Bowl: Alternative emblem for a cup, especially for pet magic
Box: Hidden things, storage, surprises Bread: Friends and family, sustenance
Bread crumbs: Animal magic, bird kinship, sufficiency
Bridges: Building communication, crossing gaps
Broccoli: Authority, bodily refinement, fortitude
Broom: Domesticity, Goddess energy, organization
Brussels sprouts: Perseverance, resolution, stability
Butter: Determination, healing anger
Cabbage: Fortune, moon magic, security
Cake: Festivals, happy gatherings, welcome
Calculator: Careful planning, determination
Calendar: Appointments, cycles, time awareness
Camera: Adventure, special moments, travel
Candles: Color symbolism, divination, the Fire element, focus, illumination
Candy: Indulgence, sweetness, tender gifts
Canned goods: Economy, preservation, safeguarding
Can opener: Hidden promise, opportunity
Capers: Passion, stamina
Carnelian: Hope, improved communication, safety, strength of speech, truth
Car: Mobility, movement
Caraway: Confidence, safeguards from theft and dissenting energy
Cardamom: Increases the strength of unions/partnerships
Carrot: Foresight, masculine energies
Catnip: Cat magic, contentment, happiness, leisure
Catsup: Blood substitute, smooths relationships (also tomato sauce)
Cauliflower: Lunar and water-related magics
Celery: Desire, grounding, harmony
Cereal: Check type or name of grain for clues to use; gene rally, providence
Chain: Bondage, control
Chair: Recess, turning bad fortune, welcome
Cheese: Happiness, manifestation, well-being
Cherry: Female sexuality, love
Chessboard: Forethought, intellect, mastery
Chicken: Health, new beginnings, sunrise magic
Chili pepper: Protection, purification
Chives: Safety, security, turning negativity
Chocolate: Lifting emotions, love
Cinnamon: Abundance, energy, love, prosperity
Clock: Alertness, punctuality, time management
Cloves: Piercing, misconceptions, protection, young romance
Coconut: Flexibility, spirituality, variety
Coffee: Increased attentiveness, mental astuteness
Coffee, gourmet: Hospitality, luxury, prosperity
Colander: Sorting out or saving only the best things
Colors: Use paper, cloth, candles, crystals, or even personal clothing of a specific hue to encourage the appropriate vibrations in your magic
Black: Banishing, rest, the void
Blue: Contemplation, healing, joy, peace, water
Brown: Earth, foundations, nature, new endeavors
Green: Faith, growth, health, prosperity
Orange: Compassion, energy, harvest, warmth
Pink: Kinship, leisure, positive attitude, relaxation
Purple: Devotion, sensitivity, spirituality
Red: Courage, fire, strength, vitality
White: Innocence, protection, purification
Yellow: Air, creativity, divination, mind, movement
Computer: Accuracy, knowledge, retention of information
Cookbook: Perfection, positive personal qualities, spell book
Cookies: Maternal instincts, nurturing love
Copper: Mirror divination, Venus energy
Coral: Fertility, health, protection
Cord: Promises, restraint, security, ties
Coriander: Intelligence, love, well-being
Corn: Cycles, Earth magic, timelessness
Corn Syrup: Solidifying plans or ideas
Costume/Mask: Imitative and sympathetic magic
Coupons: Budgets, planning, thrift
Cranberry: Energy for security and protection
Crisper: Enlivening or revitalizing energy
Crockpot: Slow, consistent increase in energy; things taking shape in reality
Cross: Four elements in balance
Cucumber: Beauty, fertility (male), healing, rest
Cupboard: Frugality, reservoir of energy, savings
Cup: The Goddess, offerings, water element
Curtains: Commencement, hidden matters, privacy
Date: Eternity, resurrection, spirit
Dew/Rain: Cleansing, fertility, water element
Dill: Protecting children
Dish towel: Cleaning, resolution
Dishwasher: Amenities, freedom, water element
Door: Openings, safety, welcome
Doorbell: Guests, messages, news, welcome
Doughnut: The circle, one’s attention being in the wrong place
Drain: Failure, hardship, misgivings, negativity
Drawers: Necessary tangibles, secret things
Dryer: Air element, refreshment, warmth
Eggs: Ancient questions, fertility, mysticism
Elements Air: Change, creativity, the East, movement, sprites, whimsy, windy places
Earth: Dwarves, gnomes, grounding, growth, the
North Fire: Conscious mind, drastic change, energy, the God aspect, illumination, noon time, purification, salamanders, the South, summer
Water: Evening, Goddess energy, healing, the moon, nurturing, peace, unconscious mind, undines, the
West Envelope: Communication, news, secret missives Fan: Air element, change, movement
Feather: Dreams taking wing, hopes and wishes (see bird entry under Animals)
Fence: Protection and sanctuary
Fig: Physical strength, power
Finger: Alternative wand or athame, getting to the point, direction of energy
Fish: Fertility, improving the mind, miracles, transformation
Flour: Consistency, revealing hidden matters
Bluebells: Permanence
Buttercup: Love, pleasure, youthful energy
Clover: Luck, triune nature of the God/dess and humankind
Daisy: Commencement, dawn, simplicity
Dandelion: Divination, fertility, oracles, wishes
Lilac: Energy, lucidity, symmetry
Pansy: Contemplation, thoughts
Peony: Inspiration, life, light
Rose: Goddess energy, love, health, relationships
Sunflower: Creativity, illumination, sun magic
Tulip: Awareness, foundations, victory
Violet: Accord, gentleness, quiet
Back to items again
Food processor: Diverse energy blending, transformation
Food wraps: Conservation, control, prudence, secrets
Fork: Penetrating, perception, piercing
Funnel: Flow, following a course, precision
Garlic: Banishings, health, hex breakings, protection
Gelatin: Adventure, childlike pleasure, fun, uncertain circumstances solidifying
Ginger: Cleansing, health, vibrant energy, zeal
Gold: Leadership, logical mind, strength, sun energy
Grape: Dreams, fecundity, visions
Grapefruit: Cleansing, health
Gravy: Congruity, smooth transitions, uniformity
Gum: Holding fast, sticky situations
Hair: Energy, power, strength
Ham: Dramatic energy, theatrical flair
Hazelnut: Fertility, luck, wisdom, wishes
Hematite: Legal matters, victory
Honey: Happiness, health, sweet things in life Horseradish: Fiery energy, protection
Hot Cocoa: Kinship, peacefulness, satisfaction, warmth
Hot sauce: Energy, fire magic, protection Insects
Ants: Community, industry, remarkable strength
Bees: Divine messages, love
Butterfly: Reincarnation, the soul, transformation
Dragonfly: Good fortune, magic, vision
Grasshopper: Nobility, prosperity
Spider: Destiny, fate
Worm: Earth magic, getting to the bottom, grounding of matters that seem hidden
“Instant” dinners: Promptness, quick action, rapid movement
Jade: Love, luck, morality, well-being
Jasper: Protection, weather magic, especially rain (see fruit, by type)
Jelly: Energy, rejuvenation, vitality
Juice: Opportunity, understanding
Knife: Alternative emblem for an athame, cutting away, separation (two-edged knives for balance), sharpness of mind
Knots: By opening, to release energy towards its goal; by tying, to bind energy
Lamp: Awareness, illumination
Lemon: Commitment, faithfulness, long life, refinement
Lettuce: Accord, peace, prosperity
Mace: Conscious mind, increasing psychic gifts
Magnet: Attraction, affixing energy
Malachite: Protection, especially for children; warning of problems to come
Margarine: Health, weight loss
Measuring cup: Partitioning, prudence, weighing options
Meat tenderizer: Empathy, increasing receptiveness, sensitivity
Microwave: Acceleration, legal expedition
Milk: Goddess energy, maternal instinct, nurturing
Mineral water: Awareness of health and fitness
Mint: Energy, refreshment, safe travel
Mirror: External images, personal reflection
Molasses: Adherence to an idea or way of life, slow
Saffron: Bounty, leadership, prosperity
Sage: Longevity, wisdom, wishes
Salt: Cleansing, grounding, purification
Sausage: God magic, variety, zest
Scale: Overindulgence, monitoring health, weighing different options
Scissors: Craft work, separation
Sesame: Opportunity, sexuality, waning moon magic
Shoe: Fertility, luck, movement, productivity
Shortening/Oil: Emotional detachment, objectivity, smoothing a difficult path
Sifter: Filtering out clutter, organization
Silver: Intuitive senses, the moon, unconscious mind
Sleeping bag: Adventure, exploration of nature, outings
Snow: Cooling heated arguments, rest, thoughtfulness
Soap: Cleansing, purification, watching words
Sofa: Brief repose, casual conversation, relaxation
Soup: Steady change and improved communication
Soybean: Good luck, nourishment
Spatula: Altering course of action, conservation
Spinach: Growth, observance, strength
Sprouts (all types): Energetic awareness, spirituality
Squash: Sacred honors and duties
Stapler: Focus, security, stability
Starfruit: The pentagram or pentacle, protection
Stationery: Communication, personal flair
Strawberry: Intensity, romance, zest
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thechildrensmuseum · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Symbolism and cultural significance is a central part of life in rural China, typically shown through clothing. Like many cultures, mothers weave their children's clothing with love and affection and in hopes for a happy and fulfilling future. An article of clothing can be a wonderful means of traditional storytelling, especially for a culture that relies on storytelling to pass cultural heritage. 
In Chinese culture, the head is considered a very important part of the human body and is well protected, especially for babies who need protection from evil spirits. There are several types of hats for children to wear from birth through adolescence. These hats are rice bowl hats or first month hats, open crown hats, wind hats, animal hats, scholar hats, and crown hats. The hats usually depict different creatures and plants with special cultural significance, including the tiger, dragon, phoenix, bat, fish, butterfly, peony, lotus, pomegranate and many more.
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blessedbymaveth · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Janya: Sankta Lucia/Theia
Chakra: Crown
Cardinal Direction: Above(As Above)
Colours: Gold and Orange
Element: Spirit/Aethyr
Feast Day: 15 of Moura/March 6(5 if a leap year)
Metal: Gold
Musical Note: C
Planet: The Sun
Represents: The Celestial Mother
Rulership: Nobility, Leadership, Motherhood, Fertility, Performing Arts, Self Confidence, Health, Friendship, To Dissolve Feelings of Hostility, Active Change, Advancement, Creativity, Fame, Favour, Growth, Honour, Hope, Joy, Life-Energy, Light, Monetary Gain, Personal Fulfillment, Promotion, Success, Vitality.
Sacred Animal: Lion
Sacred Carrier Oil: Sunflower Seed Oil
Sacred Essential Oils: Cedar, Frankincense, Rosemary, Chamomile, Orange, Lemongrass.
Sacred Fruits: Orange, Pomegranate and Lemon.
Sacred Flowers/Herbs: Rose, Angelica Root, Acacia, Bay, Buttercup, Chicory Root, Sunflower, Marigold, Heliotrope, Hibiscus, Peony and Oak.
Sacred Incenses: Orange, Frankincense, Cloves, Copal, Saffron.
Sacred Insect: Yellow/Golden Butterfly.
Sacred Jewels/Crystals: Diamond, Amber, Gold, Topaz.
Sacred Tool: Bell or Singing Bowl.
Sacred Symbol: The Sun
Tarot Association: The Sun
Virtues: Illumination, Joy, and Benevolence.
Weekday: Rayadi/Sunday
She is the Patroness of Mothers, Leaders, Artists, Actors and those in Management or Supervisory positions.
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succulent-poet · 2 years ago
Hey! Just a little curious about who are you… Pick three (±) questions in a quizz online on "Get to know you" or something like that and answer here ☺️
hello dear! this sounds like fun, although i must admit i'm very indecisive about which questions i should answer! i think it's so sweet that y'all are interested in who i am outside of making moodboards. i found this cute botanical asks and thought anyone who wants can send me as many as they want and i'll answer them (and y'all feel free to answer the questions you send me -- i'd love to get to know all of you too!).
i will go ahead and say three things about me to get things started! ☺ my nickname is mo, I work in a bakery that specializes in cupcakes, and i've never met a bowl of macaroni and cheese that i didn't like.
baby’s breath: 5 things you associate yourself with:
bleeding heart: what makes you heart go mushy?
bell flower: what’s the title of the song that makes you want to jump around out of joy?
evening primrose: what’s your sleeping playlist (give me 5 songs)?
forget-me-not: who is your favorite blog who isn’t following you?
daffodil: what is one plant that you want to have but can never get?
calla lily: are you more of a sunny day or a rainy evening?
foxglove: what is your favorite color and in what shade?
lavender: what is something that you’ve always wanted to be/have/get but can never have?
love in a mist: what is the latest dream that you remember?
daisy: what is your favorite flavor of cotton candy, ice cream, and juice?
painter’s palette: are you more of a singer, dancer, painter, or instrumentalist?
tulip: what is your most favorite make-up product? do you like it more natural, dark, or etc?
waxflower: are you a bee or a butterfly person? a dog or a cat person?
sugarbush: do you have sweet tooth? if yes, what’s your favorite sweets? if no, why?
sunflower: would you like to be a fairy or a mermaid?
sweet pea: what would you like to call your significant other?
sea lavender: can you swim? which strokes can you do?
windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them
golden rod: are you more of a baker or a cook?
bloom: what is something that you would like to tell your children?
peony: what is something that you wish your parents could’ve told you?
prairie gentian: do you have a significant other?
september flower: are you more of a sunshine or sunset person?
bird of paradise: do you wake up early? do you sleep early?
marigold: what’s your favorite tea?
peruvian lily: what are the names of your pets?
hyacinth: do you name your plants?
lilac: would you rather sleep and be cozy or hang out with your friends?
poppy: do you like to dip your fries or do you like it as is?
dandelion: any special talent that you have?
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nightbcrne · 2 years ago
business clothes
jackets (as in __ jackets by color)
*** fix by color
high heels (as in __ high heels by color)
*** reorganize shoes by color
black jeans
t shirts (as in __ t shirts by color)
tank tops ( as in __ tank tops by color)
types of dresses
casual __ dresses (by color)
dresses with buttons
dresses with pockets
dresses with slits
formal __ dresses (by color)
marriage (for wedding dresses)
spaghetti straps
strapless __ dresses (by color)
u back/neck dresses
v back/neck dresses
x back/neck dresses
types of shirts
__ collared shirt (by color)
__ shirts (by color)
striped collared shirts
***fix the “striped collared shirt” and “collared shirt”
types of skirts
__ skirts (by color)
plaid skirts
__ flowers (by color)
carrying bouquets
flower crowns
flower field
flowers in hair
mini bouquets
types of flowers
babys breath
cherry blossoms
wilted flowers
chinese food
cinnamon rolls
cookie dough
cookie cutters
cream puffs
**food layout
ice cream
types of fruits
blonde braids
blonde buns
blonde ponytails
platinum blonde
brown hair
brunette braids
brunette buns
brunette ponytails
dark hair
dark hair braids
dark hair buns
dark hair ponytails
redhead braids
redhead buns
redhead ponytails
***residual posts left behind under “buns” or “braids
dutch braids
fishtail braids
french braids
two braids
new years day
blue walls
pink walls
white walls
yellow walls
colors (not a tag)
__ and white (alphabetized)
combinations (ex. black and blue and white, alphabetized)
countries (not a tag)
harry potter (not a tag)
mamma mia (summery vibes)
music (is a tag)
sheet music
space (is a tag)
soc (is a tag)
inej ghafa
kaz brekker
nina zenik
wylan van eck
types of seasons
wax seal
formal __ dresses (for color, including sheer)
***FIX the wedding dresses tag
high heels (as in “color” high heels)
rack of dresses
wax seal
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tae-kemyhand · 2 years ago
Tony. (SF9 - Rowoon)
Tumblr media
The incident of Eva Martin and Tony, the cat.
Summary: In which the mysterious garden cat is more than just that.
Characters: Rowoon of SF9 as Tony & Eva Martin (OC)
Word count: roughly 1700
Warnings: none.
Genre: comedy, romance
There is a cat who often intrudes into my garden. Nightly black with endearing white socks and striking blue eyes. He enjoys lounging on the steady branches of my apple tree, his long body resting on the rough brown bark and his legs hanging in mid-air. We do not interact. I merely observe him as he swats away at the flies and butterflies who dare to disturb his slumber. On hot summer evenings, I leave out some spring water and his crystal eyes, although expressionless most of the time, showing slight gratitude as he sips out of the white plastic bowl. I do not know the name of this cat, but I have decided to name him Tony, after a childhood pet. He is not my cat, and I am not his owner. He bears no collar and no home address. He is merely a regular visitor who often intrudes into my garden.
"Eva, thank you for lunch! See you at the office tomorrow." The echoing voice of my co-worker bounced off the walls of my empty cottage, a house which belonged to my grandparents and had been passed down to their only grandchild. It was resident of a pleasant little village located outside of the hustle and bustle of the capital but close enough to a train station that it was easy to get to work. It had two, good-sized rooms and a traditional, white tiled bathroom with a bathtub and shower. The centre of this old house, however, was the adjoined kitchen and living room whose floors were covered by large, square terracotta tiles and off-white walls, furnished with two, two-seater sofas and a mahogany coffee table all over a thick, cream woollen rug. The garden at the back of the rustic country kitchen wasn't extravagant, probably about forty square meters and accommodated a century-old apple tree that had been planted when my great-grandfather had been born. Red rose bushes grew by the western fence and dusty pink peonies at the eastern. A small patio stretched from one end to the other, and lush green grass covered the rest.
I, as the only resident of the little cottage, was entrusted with the duty of taking care of grandma's precious flowers for she- may she rest in peace- was no longer able to and my mother who lived five hours north was in no position to, either. It was a somewhat relaxing task that was taken up at the end of a long week of filing and stamping paperwork, and after tending to the buds that came at the beginning of spring, a cup of warm peppermint tea was to be had from the sprouts that grew in the herb patch. Tony would often perch on the roof of the navy and scarlet cat house I had bought impulsively while browsing the aisles of Lidl. He sat as if it were his throne and the garden was his kingdom, and I, who found his regality quite amusing, was a mere servant who cleaned his lavish palace. That was a quality I particularly admired about this mysterious cat. His manner of being still and watching life go about its business and small events unravel was a virtue that I -from what I had lived and experienced in my 27 years of life- could never conquer.
It is as I was trimming the stray and dry branches of my darling apple tree that I heard a sharp cry resounding from the rose bushes and a quick black flash dart toward the foot of my ladder. As I climbed down the worn wooden pegs, Tony cowered at the foot of the tree hissing quietly and recoiling as my hands stretched to him. His front right leg was elevated, and spots of blood stained his white sock- he had gotten a thorn stuck in his paw. I stepped back inside the house rummaging through the kitchen draws to find the first aid kit that always disappeared when I most needed it. The poor cat was still unable to move when I returned. He allowed himself to be gently picked up and placed on my lap as I sterilised the wound and prepared the tweezers to take out a rather thick thorn that had embedded itself in between the pads of his toes.
"Okay, here we go." I stroked his head lightly and held onto his paw. When the tweezers touched the thorn, there was no reaction. When it was pulled out, however, the free mitt that rested on my arm sunk its claws deep into my skin, and I jumped in pain, throwing Tony against the thick, solid trunk of the tree and with a sickening thud he flopped to the ground, as still as a mouse.
"Oh, Tony! Did I kill him? Why isn't he moving?" I clutched at the wound on my arm and watched quietly, anticipating at least the twitch of an ear to confirm that I had not murdered the only welcome visitor to my garden.
Some things in life take a turn for the unexpected, and it was on that day that I began to doubt everything I thought to be true. Right before my eyes, the glossy black fur that covered Tony's slim body became shorter and shorter by the second and his body became bigger and bigger. That which lied in front of me at that time was the naked body of a man I did not recognise; jet-black hair fell over a face with gentle features whose skin was nearly as pale as snow. And as the incomprehensible shock of this moment sunk into my mind, I became dizzy and nauseous, vision losing clarity as I fell to the grass in a faint.
▪ ▪ ▪
Tick, tock. Tick, tock.
The incessant ticking of the alarm clock reverberated through my bedroom as I came to my senses. It appeared to be early evening: the shadows of the setting sun and the occasional car headlights dancing and mingling on the off-white walls through the cracks of the blinds that had been nearly closed. I was still dressed in my gardening attire, but my shoes had been carelessly left outside in the dim corridor, and the doors of my wardrobe were wide open with a few t-shirts hanging from the drawers. Someone had gone rummaging in my clothes. The house was as silent as usual and peering in each room proved that there was nobody here other than myself.
"Ah, the garden!" Slipping on a pair of shoes, I opened the French doors that led to the back. Under the apple tree sat a slouching figure, soft breathing accompanied by the hidden crickets. I cautiously approached the sleeping form and crouched before him. It was the man I had seen after Tony was thrown against the tree, dressed in my clothes. Although I was slightly disturbed that this person was still on my property, I took the time to examine his face.
"Stop staring." a low voice purred, and I fell back on my bottom in surprise. Long lashes fluttered open and blue eyes peered at me hidden under the black strands of hair that rested on his forehead.
"Tony?" the stranger chuckled and waved his hand before me, a cut 2 centimeters long in between his thumb and index finger.
"Got a plaster?" I sat in disbelief, was I going crazy? There's no way Tony, the cat, somehow turned into a human. It's just impossible, this is like a dream- that's it!
"This is just a dream!" A short laugh erupted from my throat. The idea of this situation being real was too ridiculous. Cats don't turn into huma- "Ouch!" I drew my leg back as the stranger pinched my exposed ankle.
He sighed, an amused expression playing on his face, "You sure are stupid." Standing, he dusted his palms and walked past me. He took the first aid kit and picked up its contents which had been strewn on the grass from my sudden jump earlier and strolled into the house.
"Hey!" My shock had come to an end as soon as he stepped into my home. "Stop right there!" The man ignored my protests and proceeded to open the tap in the kitchen to wash his wound. "What do you think you're doing?"
He did not spare me a glance as he turned and tore away a paper towel to dry his hand, "What does it look like I'm doing?" He took some gauze from the kit and wrapped it around his hand once, then twice.
"It looks like you're trespassing on private property." I huffed. But then he turned to focus his piercing gaze on me. I shuddered involuntarily when the corner of his lips twitched into a devious smirk. He took two long steps in my direction, back hitting the counter behind me.
"I trespass all the time. You've never complained before." My nervous stare darted around his face until it fell on his brilliant, deep blue eyes. I could recognise them anywhere. His eyes flickered to a look of mischief, and a sudden revelation dawned on me. He's right; he does trespass all the time. Because he's Tony.
"You- how- what?" My baffled expression must've been hilarious because his chest vibrated in a chuckle as he took a step back. The creature I had thought of as a cat was standing before me on two legs, with two arms and two hands. A human face and a low, melodious laugh escaped his pink lips. It was then that I realised how young he looked, couldn't possibly be a day over 25, and yet there was a type of maturity to the way he stood. This being, whatever he was, was twisting my mind like a maze.
"You're not the brightest, are you?" His statement caught me by surprise, a boyish grin provoking me to retaliate. He slid his hands into the pockets of my joggers and turned on his heels toward the front door, leaving me stunned by the kitchen counter.
"Wait!" I shook myself out of the trance. My reaction wasn't fast enough, and by the time I reached the porch, the door was wide open, the fresh spring breeze invading the corridor. My eyes searched the driveway for that strange figure, but there was no Tony in sight. And as I woke up the next morning, all of the evidence of his mysterious appearance was gone, and I was left thinking that I had dreamt the entire ordeal.
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Price: (as of – Details) Chinese flower pattern: hand-painted patterns, Peony and butterfly painted on the periphery of the bowl, meaning auspicious and happyBlue and white porcelain bowl: The glaze is delicate and crystal clear, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and has the effect of underglaze colorHigh-temperature underglaze color, durable and non-fading: Fired at a high temperature of…
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That evening, after a cocktail of pollution and sunset turned the sky from “it’s a boy!” Blue, to violaceous, to peach smoothie - they watched the city lights wink and sparkle in silver and then gold. When the sun did finally tuck itself in for the night, the lights blinked red, white, and blue.
The night sky looked like one big television screen that no one remembered how to turn on. He knew that one of the most important things about the sky is that you share it with everyone and that longing is invisible but everywhere, and if you live near a failed castle, share it with someone you love.
He had already traced the question mark of her spine, and back braced her.
What she knew was that the greatest beauty tip was to listen to someone who doesn’t look like you. That most people never notice the flowers that look more alive at night, and that making someone laugh is one of the sweetest magic spells.
The winter you said you loved me, my pupils stayed dilated until summer.
My eyes Gray and honey, looked like my grandparents garden. Sunday mornings with my grandmothers voice crackling through the phone speaker downstairs, these were the songs I will never forget.
His eyes, blue and southern magnolia cream. The softest awning of lashes to shade the storefront window to his soul.
Sometimes like becomes love the same way eyes adjust to the dark.
They showed one another their tattoos and birth marks on the floor.
“Our flower is a forget-me-not” she didn’t say aloud.
Charismatic, five petaled, blue blooms with golden centers rupturing from their stems.
Scientifically known as Myositis Scorpioides, a call to their astrological assignment.
If he knew how much she loved flowers, really loved them, he might coil away. If he knew that in her mind she watered them with champagne, and saw butterflies as flowers that escaped, the prettiest example of metamorphosis. That fried eggs look like daisies, and that Peonies are like bad bitch carnations, a flower she loved despite its bad reputation, guilty by association with the American roadside diner.
When you eat a ripe plum to the stone, leaving a thin, jagged, semi transparent layer of fruit flesh around it, It resembles an opossum heart. Because of this, they spent the last quarter of an hour together comparing fruit bowls, discovering rumpled, un-ironed plums. They looked like the tips of a giants pruned fingers, but dry as the skin on a potters hands.
In spite of their mutual antipathy for sports, they pitched the spoiled plums into the hollow of the canyon, yelling fire in the hole silently.
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lovemadnessharleyquinn · 4 years ago
TMNT Leonardo: A Hidden Romance chapter 2
Two weeks have passed as Leo had been busy with his brothers patrolling their beloved city as several Purple Dragons were causing some trouble which was taken care of quickly. Though for the two weeks since the great leader saved Mia, she has been on his mind since. Even with that small kiss on his cheek, Leo felt excitement run through his which he kept under wraps from his brothers. Though he did still hated the fact he lied to brother about his night but also to his father. He grunted as he trained with his blades as he moved harder to try and relieve his anger to what he had done but he wanted Mia to not be in any danger. That or his brothers ganging up on her with tons of questions and invading her personal space. April may be okay with it now but if Mia had met them Leo didn’t wouldn’t know if she would be okay with three, nearly seven foot, turtles in her living room. Sighing, Leo placed his blades on his back as he went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Chugging back three glasses of water, Leo made a grumbling sound from the back of his thought as he still felt some pent up energy.
“Donnie!” Leo called as his brother as genius brother looked up from his computer. “I’m going out for a run be back in a few hours.” “Okay!” Donnie waved as he went back to working on his computer.
Leo made his way to the surface as he began running from roof top to roof top at top speed.
Sitting in her mocha papasan chair bowl with a cobalt papasan blue cushion as she sat with her sketch book as Mia was working on a tattoo design for one of her customers. The man wanted something for his daughter whom was battling Breast Cancer for the past few years and wasn’t doing too well. He wanted all her favorite things which was pink peony flowers, mermaids, pieces of candy, butterflies, and some jewels. He wanted it all in his daughter favorite colors which was mostly pink with blues and purples. Quinlan was going to do the tattooing but he had some trouble trying to get everything in place so he asked Mia for help. She had made several designs for the man to pick from as it was going to be a pretty big piece that was going on his chest. Sleeping near her lap was her sweet Siamese cat Misty who didn’t have any eyes but Mia still loved her. As Mia was sketching she looked up to see Cherry all dressed up to go out as she had been dating some high end Chef at some restaurant he owned.
“Going out again?” Mia asked as this was the fourth time Cherry went out this week.
“Yep, Louie is taking me to see War Paint on Broadway,” Cherry said as she placed her cell in her rose glittering clutch.
“You hate Broadway,” Mia was confused as her best friend would rather see a bloody cage fight than sit through any musical.
“That’s true but I really like him so I will be okay with going to see some show on Broadway, I’ll bring you back a souvenir. Love you,” Cherry replied as she walked out the door.
Mia shook her head with a smile as she went back to her notebook until she heard a thud outside on her balcony. Looking up as she glanced at the stain glass doors as she felt suspicious. Placing her sketch book down and making sure Misty doesn’t fall, Mia walked over to doors as she opened then and walked out. Looking around as she saw no one until she heard the metal of the escape ladder rattled a little that led up to the roof. Raising an eyebrow as she started to climb slowly up to the room. When Mia reached the top she was surprised to see the one person whom saved her two weeks ago which made her smile.
“Leo,” Mia softly said his name as it gave him chills down his spine.
Leo looked a bit embarrassed as knew it was stupid of him to visit her but even as he run his legs brought him to the Upper West Side so he decided to see if she was okay. Seeing her climb up onto the rooftop wearing black silk night shorts with a large, blue oversize long-sleeved shirt with some mermaid design on the front with the park of the shirt falling off her left shoulder. Her dark brown hair pulle dup into a messy ponytail, with blue glasses resting on her nose. Oh just seeing this made his heart race as she looked stunning to Leo.
“What are you doing here?” Mia asked as she walked over to him as he looked a bit nervous but tried to keep calm.
“I was just in the area and,” Leo spoke as he felt his voice crack to cough in his hand to clear his throat. “And just thought to see how you were doing?”
Mia gave a soft smile that made his cheeks heat up, “I’m doing better, thank you for checking up on me.”
“No- no problem,” Leo stuttered for a second as he cleared his throat again looking around trying to act casual.
Mia chuckled as she could see that he was nervous as she moved around watching where her step since she hadn’t any shoes on to sit on the edge of the roof. “You don’t have to be nervous Leo.” “Nervous? I’m not nervous,” Leo spoke quickly trying to shrug it off like it was nothing.
Mia smiled as she tilted her head at him which made him blush as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Okay fine,” Leo admitted as he walked over and sat next to Mia. “It’s weird talking to a woman without them screaming in fear.”
“I knew this city had some weird vigilante going around helping people, knowing the person could look oddly but you look fine to me. Took a second to realize a super strong turtle saved my life was standing in front of me but again I could think if you hadn’t. Those horrid men could have raped me, that would be much worse than a body slam to the ground,” Mia spoke as it relaxed Leo as his tense muscles relaxed.
“My brothers and I try to make sure we can do our best to protect this city from such crimes so I’m glad I made it in time,” Leo replied as he looked to see Mia looking at him.
“Well thank you again, Leo.” Leo nodded as he looked to where her bruise would have been, “Still sore?”
Mia shook her head, “No, not anymore. I went to the doctor that day to make sure nothing was broken as it hurt to breath. Got some medicine and was better in a week in a half. I’ve been busy with my shop the past few days which has been nice,” Mia replied as she pulled her shirt back over her shoulder as a cool breeze passed by.
“Really? What kind of shop you own?” Leo turned to face Mia as she looked up to him.
“I own a tattoo parlor in lower Manhattan few blocks away from the Irving Plaza, the shop is called ‘Enchantment Ink’. Pass week I’ve been booked for several customers to work on their ink and a few new ones as well. I’m currently working on a piece for Quinlan to do for a man but I don’t know what sketch to choose, so I’ve made several different sketches for the man to choose from,” Mia replied.
“Can I see?” Leo asked and the words just came out before he could even think.
“Sure,” Mia turned as she climb down the fire escape while Leo easily just jumped down on his feet as he followed Mia into her loft.
Leo walked in as he watched Mia grab her large sketch book as she showed him the first sketch as Leo took the book from her as Mia explained, “The man wanted his favorite daughters things she likes as she isn’t doing too well. I did four different designs for him to choose from to see what he likes best.”
“These are amazing!” Leo was amazed at the design and line work of the art.
“Thank you,” Mia went and she sat in her papasan chair as Misty lifted her head and softly meowed letting Mia kiss her head and pet her. “I’ve noticed you have some art done on your arms? Who did them?” Leo looked at his then back at Mia returning her book, “I earned them from when I mastered my Chi training; my brother Raphael came up with the designs for each of us.” Mia stood up as she walked over and placed her hands on his arms to look at the design better. Leo’s face started to heat up as her hands were super soft against his skin, “They look amazing in the unique detail of tribal with turtle designs to fit in with the art as he did a pretty good job on them.” She looked up at him with those soft brownie color eyes.
Leo blushed as he smiled and rubbed the back of his neck, “Thanks.”
Mia smiled until he heard a cell ring as Leo dug unto his pants as he pulled his cell out and placed it to his head, “What is it Donnie?”
“Some of the Purple Dragons are robbing some crates at the Docks on the South side of Jersey, where are you?” Donnie asked.
Leo looked at Mia as she turned from her, “I’m in the Upper West Side Don but I’ll meet you there.” Leo hung up before Donnie could talk then turned back to Mia. “I got to go.”
“It’s okay Leo, I don’t mind beside it was good to see you again,” Mia smiled as Leo gave a small smile back.
Leo nodded as he headed out of the before he stopped then walked back inside to Mia, “Um this sound weird but um would it be weird if I could come back?” Leo asked as he was nervous and scared if she said no.
Mia smile big as she nodded, “You can come back anytime Leo.” Leo grinned as he nodded then rushed off and jumped off the ledge as Mia followed him out as she watched him run until she couldn’t see him.
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